GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness


Happiness is a choice, but it helps to be reminded of the privileges that come with this in the first place. In this episode, Janelle Christa, celebrity spiritual coach and founder of Le Murian Dreams, joins Rodney Flowers to talk about dealing with adversity, choosing happiness, and being responsible for it. They then define what true choice is and the impact it can have in your life, particularly that of choosing a different reality and a different future. Get to know Janelle a bit deeper as she dives into some of the adversities in her life and the importance of having a choice through that. Tune in to learn tips on how to overcome your personal adversity and be reminded to choose happiness.

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Overcoming Adversity: Choosing Happiness And A Different Reality With Janelle Christa

I have a very special guest for you on the show. Her name is Janelle Christa. She is a Hollywood spiritual coach, actress, producer, screenwriter and creator of “conscious entertainment.” Having come from a history of trauma, abuse, family dysfunction as well as a bipolar diagnosis, she strongly believes that happiness is a choice. Her level of expertise sees her coaching celebrity clients and people from all walks of life seeking to bring fulfillment into their lives. She is also the Founder of conscious production company Lemurian Dreams. Let’s welcome Janelle Christa to the Game Changer Mentality. Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be here and I love that intro.

It’s great to have you here. I’m just excited that we finally got a chance to connect. I know we’ve been trying for a while now and good to have you here on the show. I’ve been waiting to talk to you. You’re such an awesome person. Reading your intro, realizing that you’ve come from some things that I’m not sure we’re going to talk about now but I have a feeling that we are and we’re going to talk about some of those things. To be where you are now as a Hollywood spiritual coach and I’m looking at you. You look relaxed, vibrant and at peace with where you are in life. I really want to talk about how did you create that space for yourself, given so many circumstances that you’ve had to encounter. I’m hoping that we can dive into some of those things, share and give to the audience some tips and tools on what they can do to overcome those types of issues that they’re facing in their lives.

I really think that any kind of adversity that you experience in your life, no matter what it is and I’ve had my share. We’ve all had our own fair share, no matter what it looks like. We all deal with our stuff. 2021 has been crazy for a lot of people. For me, it boils down to one word, which is choice. I think that choosing a different reality for yourself, choosing a different future and choosing to change your life is the most important thing that we can possibly do. Choosing to have personal authority and personal responsibility in our lives. We’ve been trained to believe and indoctrinated to believe from birth that there’s something out there that needs to save us, help us, fix us or has authority over us. That is one of the biggest lies we’ve ever been told.

When we really start to install that or not even install, just awaken authority that’s inside of us, choose to make a difference and choose a new world for ourselves, that’s all it boils down to. From there, it’s taking action on that choice and continuing to make that choice and letting that choice grow and expand. I think no matter what you’re dealing with when you start to awaken that superpower inside of you, everything can transform and change.

Let’s talk about choice because I can hear some people say and I’ve heard it before. People have excuses or reasons that they feel they can’t make that choice. What is your response to that?

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First of all, I should clarify there are a lot of things that happen in our lives that we don’t have a choice over whatsoever. Those things can leave us feeling very out of control. There are certain things that we go through in life that we might feel like we’re powerless to or we don’t have a choice over. I don’t think she would mind me sharing because she’s pretty open about this. My little sister, we both really dealt with a lot of drug issues. When I was 21, I got pregnant. I decided to move in a different direction with my life. She kept going on that same path and it got ugly. I’m so surprised that she’s still alive and thankful she’s still here with us.

I remember at a certain point, I said to her, “When you realize that you have an addiction, it does become a choice to not get help after that.” It was so harsh. She didn’t speak to me for a year because it was mean. That goes against everything that we’re told. It’s like, “Addiction is a disease,” and here I am saying, “It’s a choice.” It’s a choice to not get help from here when you realize that you have an issue. We’re not intended to do everything on our own. Sometimes we do need to reach out and receive help from other people. No matter what the issue is, we can choose how we want to respond to it.

One of my favorite writers, his name is Viktor Frankl. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him. He’s a four-time Holocaust survivor for those that don’t know who he is. He went to four different concentration camps, lost all of his family and he came out. His list of credentials is just crazy. Basically, most of his materials that he wrote about was on choice and your ability to respond to situations in your environment. We don’t get to choose what happens to us a lot of times. I’ve had some terrible things happen to me in my life. There’s this whole belief like, “There’s no such thing as a victim.” That’s not true. We are victimized at certain points. Things happen to us that can make us be a victim in that moment. It’s a choice if we want to continue to stay in that mindset for the rest of our lives.

The name of that book that you mentioned just for our readers is Man’s Search for Meaning. That’s the title of that book by Viktor Frankl, which is a good book. Thanks for plugging that. You’re right. I think that’s where the power is, Janelle. I was on a show right before this one and we were talking about this very thing, thought patterns, beliefs, your feelings and the decisions that you’re making about a certain thing. That’s what a power is. The most powerful people or if you want to be more powerful than you are now, is really gaining control of those decisions that you make. Every response to what happens to you, that is the game-changer.

I teach a course. It’s the Game Changer Mentality Training System and part of that introduction really just talks about the response patterns that we have when things happen. Whenever you’re marching down your path, everything is seemingly wonderful and then boom. There’s this tree right in the middle of your path. You’re upset because it’s a big tree. It is like, “How am I going to get around this tree? How am I going to get around this obstacle? As a matter of fact, why is this obstacle there? Who plants a tree right in the middle of the path? Who does this?” All of that is great. It is a normal response to something that’s uncommon down our path but it’s a total waste of time.

When we are trying to figure that out or having an issue with the fact that the tree exists, we’re essentially giving our power away to the tree. The tree is in control. It has this power over you versus who do I need to be? What is the meaning of this? What can I learn from this? Whatever I’ve got to do to get on the other side of that tree, how is that going to be beneficial for me versus just being upset that the tree is there? That’s what power is. When we make those choices or we’re at a place to make a choice, it’s a pivotal moment because it really dictates where we go from that point on.

GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: Choosing a different reality for yourself, a different future, and choosing to change your life is the most important thing that you can possibly do.


It really does. We can make those kinds of choices every single day. When we become conscious of our choices, I think our whole lives can transform. When we become intimately conscious of why we make the choices that we do, that is where the breakthrough happens. We go through life and we will make choices without thinking about why we made them. Maybe we saw our mom make them or that’s what we were taught in school or whatever. We don’t ever question it. When we can become intimately conscious with why we make the choices that we make, we can get to know ourselves on this profound level. It can be very vulnerable but it can be quite amazing. We then can make choices that are truly from where we are and who we are in that present moment.

There is this funny little story about this family. This woman moved in with her husband and they were having their first Thanksgiving. She was preparing the turkey for her husband and she cut the ends off of the turkey. He said, “Why are you doing that?” She said, “I don’t know. It’s just what my mom always did.” He says, “Why did she do that?” “I don’t know.” She called her mom. She was like, “Mom, why do we cut the ends off the turkey?” She’s like, “I don’t know. That’s what your grandmother did.” She calls her grandma. She says, “Grandma, why do we cut the ends off the turkey?” She said, “Our stove is too small, so we had to.”

It’s a funny little story but it’s so true. We all do these things without having any idea why we do them. We start to dig a little bit. That’s a funny story but when we look at the harder stuff like why can’t I make a relationship successful? Why can’t I lose weight? Why am I stuck in this financial debt and really start to dig into it, we can uncover some big blocks that we can work with then release and change.

I really believe in challenging your programming. It’s very simple. I love my mom. I love dad. I believe that the things that they taught me when they were teaching me that it was working for them for whatever reason and it maybe was working for a time such as that time. As I get older and time goes on, there’s a newer, more beneficial, more efficient way, a more empowering way of thinking about certain things. It’s believing, challenging certain beliefs or limitations even about myself as I evolve and as I grow. I thought about myself at that time that I developed it and I took that on, that was beneficial for me. I needed to think that way about myself at that point. As time goes on, it may not be serving me now.

I always think about the elephant. You probably heard this story. They tie the baby elephant to a pole. The baby elephant isn’t strong enough at that time to break the rope that they tied around his leg. It comes to a point when the elephant just stops trying because it knows that it can’t break the rope. As the elephant gets older, it doesn’t change that thought pattern. The elephant becomes strong, big and powerful. It doesn’t even really have to try to break the rope because he’s that strong but he doesn’t believe he can break it. He never even tries to break it when he has the power to break free. That’s us at times. We have the power to break free but we’re caught into that old way of thinking about ourselves.

I haven’t heard that before that explanation but I love it because it’s so true. It’s applicable to all of us in many ways. We just have no idea what we’re capable of.

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What is the thought of conscious entertainment? We brought that up during your intro. I want to learn more about that. What is that?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved movies and television. I think there’s tremendous power in it. We’re seeing it on a really big scale now with everybody having their own YouTube channel or their own whatever. It’s this incredible medium that we have available to us that can reach mass audiences. The thing about television is that even that name itself, you’re telling a vision. You’re programming people like television programs. To go even a little deeper, television, movie screens or flickering lights and they’re paired with music, sound, emotion, color and all these different elements that put you into a hypnosis. They put you into a hypnotic, trance-like state. I believe very firmly that filmmakers have a tremendous responsibility to be conscious about the messages that they’re putting into their films, television programming and videos.

Even coming down to all of the stuff that we share on TikTok, it can be very fun and mindless. We’re hypnotizing people and the next generation that’s growing up on these phones and iPads attached to them. By really having a sense of awareness of what you’re putting into this messaging and that doesn’t mean that you cut out all the sex, drugs, rock and roll, all this stuff that humans experience. It then becomes like a faith-based film. It’s cheesy and nobody likes it. It’s just important to have a lot of consciousness in what you’re putting into your programming. That’s been a big mission of mine to spread that and to make people more aware of the fact that we are hypnotizing people when we have them captivated on a screen. What are we trying to deliver to them?

I’m so glad I have a positive message speaking to you. You’re right. That’s heavy what you’re saying. It’s a lot of responsibility because I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, a show. That’s six different platforms. That alone, so six different ways that I’m putting out messaging. You’re programming. All of that is media. We all have that to some degree, maybe not six platforms but everyone has some level of media that they’re putting out. That’s something to evaluate. What are you putting out there in the universe? We have the responsibility to make sure what we’re putting out is value. Constructive not breaking down but building up.

Can it lift people? Can it awaken people? That doesn’t mean that it’s all new age, woo-woo, happy, don’t be angry, all the different things and emotions that humans experience. It’s not ignoring any of that stuff or the darkness that happens in our world but really making sure that you’re conscious of what you’re putting out. It doesn’t mean you’re always going to be right. You have to be willing to be wrong. If your intention is that I want to help people, awaken people, give overall a positive message, then I think that’s the best place we can start from.

That goes beyond just the filmmakers. That’s all of us.

GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: No matter what you’re dealing with, when you start to awaken that superpower inside of you, everything can transform and change.


Everything that we put out there for sure.

How can creativity heal or kill?

You said in my intro I’m a spiritual coach. That means I work with people. You don’t even have to believe in God or anything like that to benefit from a spiritual coaching because it’s really just looking at things from a state of connectedness and higher meaning. I do believe that when we access our creativity, that is our greatest gift from our creator, whoever that may be. It’s been embedded in us. It’s the way for us to live out our creator’s fantasy through our creativity. It’s the most wonderful, greatest, most awesome experience to be in your zone. It doesn’t matter.

You could be in the NBA. They talk about being in the zone and you have to be so creative. You’re running across the court. You’re dribbling the ball. You’re going to have to look all around you where you get to go. Be creative in your movements. Maybe you are an artist and you’re painting a picture, a performer or you’re a businessman. That’s a tremendous amount of creativity going into run my business and create different products or whatever. Creativity looks different for everybody. It is one of the most healing energies that we have available to us because it puts us in touch with that higher power, whatever that is.

How that power can kill you is we stuff emotions and states inside of us. We all know that we stuff depression, anger, rage or violence down. It’s like, “I want to go hurt that person. Shove that down. I can’t believe I just felt that bad, terrible feeling.” We know we do that. We also shove down these really positive states, too. People don’t talk about that. I don’t ever hear anyone talk about that. The truth is we do as much as we shove down those more uncomfortable “negative feelings.” We shove down our creativity because we’re embarrassed. We think someone’s not going to like it, we’re afraid of rejection or humiliation. We’re afraid to apply ourselves or our creativity looks so different from somebody else’s. We’re afraid it’s not going to be good enough or whatever. We shove that creativity down inside of us. I think that is one of the most detrimental things that we can do for our health and well-being. We’re then adding all of this energy stuck inside of us that we’re not able to release and put out into the world. I do believe that can kill you. I believe that.

You’re bringing up so much for me. Is it okay if I share some of that? I like to study nature. When something isn’t useful like a branch on a tree that has died, the tree is alive but the branch just seems like it doesn’t look like all the other branches of the tree. It becomes un-useful. What nature does is it will cut it off. If there’s a litter of pups and there’s one that’s kind, nature has a way of eliminating the one. It’s a sad thing. However, nature’s intent is to go out and upward, to contribute, to be whole and useful. If something isn’t that good, it has a tendency to cut it off, kills it if you will. That comes up for me when I hear you speak about creativity and how it can harm you. When we push our creativity down, nature doesn’t like that. If you’re going against the will of nature but not fully expressing yourself, which is part of your creativity. Literally, it’s like you’re killing yourself.

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It’s true. I love the comparison to nature because we are nature. We’ve just lost touch with that, with our real true nature.

The second thing that came up from me is that we’re all physically on a course with death, if you will. No one has defied that. We haven’t got that creative that we can get around death. We all physically have to die. What lives on is the things that we were able to create during that one lifetime. When you’re not creating, you’re dead before you die. You didn’t get a chance to leave anything. When you die, you die. There are a lot of people that are dead. Einstein, he’s dead, been dead a long time but he’s still alive. Martin Luther King, he’s still alive. It’s because of the creativity that they were able to express during their lifetime. It causes them to live on. What came up for me when you were speaking about this is this is important.

When you were just talking, I felt myself get really emotional thinking about getting to that point where you’re dying and what lives on. That would be the saddest thing in the whole world.

Janelle, that’s what’s happening to a lot of people. They’re literally dying because they are not expressing or creating. When you were talking about, “This part of us, the creative part of us. It’s the God-like part of us. That’s what I think it is.” It’s the God-like part of us. That’s the part that is so underappreciated. You hear people talking about this creative process, human beings and their ability to procreate, to take a formless substance and turn it into thought and to take that thought and turn it into action and take the action and turn it into a result. That’s a creative process. There are only a few people that really talk about that.

This is something, in my opinion, that should be taught in schools. This is why I feel like we have an identity crisis. I was just on another show talking about the same thing. This is what’s missing. It’s the mastering, the understanding of this part of us. I think each of us when you talk about God, spirit or energy, which is to me are the same thing. When we were created, part of that lives here. Part of that is in you. We have the same ability as energy, spirit or God. We possess characteristics of that image. With that, we’re able to produce and contribute to society, our lives and the world. I really believe that your existence here, your timestamp from here to here, whatever that is, your charge during that time is to express yourself to master this process. That when you do physically move on what you have created utilizing that process can remain here in this space as we know it because we don’t know what happens on the other side. We don’t know what happens after. It could be a place where you need to be prepared on how to do this because it’s going to be necessary somewhere else.

That’s so true. That would be a total paradigm shift for people to look at life that way too. Everything that you’re saying is resonating deeply because creativity is who we are. That’s where we get all our power from. We all are individual and unique. Every single one of us is different. The way that we bring that creative force into the world is going to be unique and different. It’s supposed to be that way. It’s set up that way. When we start to compare ourselves to other people and the way that they’re expressing themselves, we shove down our own creativity. We lose that connection.

GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: Filmmakers have a tremendous responsibility to be conscious of the messages that they’re putting into their films, television programming, and videos.


You’re talking about that creative process and that connection to that God part of us. They said a long time ago, “We’re going to take God out of schools,” but then it’s like, “Let’s take all the creativity out of schools, too.” It’s sit down, shut up, sit in this desk, memorize different things, fill in bubbles and you get half an hour to play or whatever. By having this conversation, it’s important to awaken in all of us whoever went to school, had that taken out of us and removed on some level. That we can take it back, overcome that and get in touch with that. We don’t have to be ashamed of it either.

I think that we have been stripped of our power for whatever reason to institutionalize people.

Domination or control.

I think there has been a shift. Because there has been a shift in technology, now even more there needs to be that shift in the understanding the creative process. This is such an epiphany that it’s difficult to articulate. We have platforms where you can express your personal individual self, the individuality. You can express that and that level of control that existed is not as prevalent as it used to be. I’m not going to say it’s completely gone because it still exists. It’s not as prevalent as it used to be. There’s liberty. There’s more freedom to express yourself, if you will. With that being said, it allows you to get more in touch with yourself. As you get more in touch with yourself, you have the ability to understand just how powerful you are.

As you understand that, you’re able to produce more. You’re able to create more. You’re able to contribute more because of this understanding and awareness of who you are. I really think everything fundamentally comes down to identity. I’ve been saying this for a while. I think the world is under identity crisis for this fact alone. If I’m a carpenter and I know I’m a carpenter. One thing about a carpenter is he knows how to build. He knows how to create. He can have an idea about, “I want a build a house and this house going to have this, going to have that.” In his mind, he’s already got it. He knows he can build it because he knows the tools that he has. He knows if he’s going to have a roof, I’m going to need that. If he’s going to have a deck then I’m going to need to have this. If he’s going to have a pool then I’m going to have whatever because that’s who he is. That’s what he knows about it and he’s experienced. He’s very in tune with who he is as a carpenter, as a builder.

Now, as a human being, put them in that space. Do we really know about this creative process? When there’s a challenge, “I know how I’m going to do that because I can.” When there’s a goal, “I know how I’m going to because I know this.” It’s the opposite. It’s, “There’s a challenge. I’m defeated, I’m a victim. I don’t know how I’m going to go on. I can’t believe this happened to me.” When there’s a goal, “I don’t know if I can do that. That’s okay for them but I don’t know.” That’s identity. We don’t know who we are as it relates to. We were talking about during this lifetime that we have the ability to practice this creative process or get more familiar with it and not die. We don’t know if this is going to be necessary during the next phase. I feel that the environment that we’re in, the fact that there are challenges and obstacles, is conducive to us mastering this process.

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I 100% agree with you. A few years back, I remember, it’s embarrassing. I fell to my knees, full drama moment like total self-pity. I was just crying, “God, you are a masochist and I hate you.” I was like, “What is up with all these issues, problems and these things all the time?” I think that all of a sudden, it’s good and then this thing pops up like the tree you were talking about. I was so deep in it. I got this feeling like, “That is part of what all of this experience is all about.”

What I got was it’s not really just the challenges. It is prevailing the challenges and all the good stuff that comes with that feeling of being able to prevail in something that you didn’t think you possibly could. That was a whole shift of like, “I guess you’re not a masochist.” I guess I’m not a masochist for wanting to come here and experience this. It does come down to accepting that part of the hurdles is making the hurdle an art. It’s like when a track starts, learning how to jump the hurdles. At first, they fall, they bang everything up, they’re bloody and bruised. Over time, you learn how to jump them and they don’t go away. They never go away. They get bigger but it’s an art. You learn how to go over it like a dancer. That’s life.

The challenges and obstacles are like pressure. It stresses us but it’s okay. If you look at everything in nature, I don’t know if anything and maybe I’m just not smart enough. Most things that I’m aware of at a minimum, you have to put that seed in the ground. You have to put that idea under pressure. You’ve got to put the growth under pressure. You’ve got to put that goal and that objective under pressure. Even a baby is incubating. It’s in a tight, little space. That has pressure and it’s growing in there. It then gets to a point where I can’t stay here any longer. I’ve got to come out. It then has to face the pressure of the world. Everything goes through pressure. Take the pressure away, we might not have anything. We’re not going to have anything but now you have a tree. You’ve got to put that seed in the ground. It has to relieve the pressure.

It really does and you’re not going to get fruit the same day that you plant that seed. There’s a creative process that goes into it. It’s beautiful when you can stop taking everything so seriously. I think that’s part of what it comes down to is just trying to learn how to consciously have more fun with the whole process, even when it’s awful, terrible and if you feel like a masochist enjoying the sickness of the world or the pressure that goes into it. It’s when you can learn how to have fun with that. That’s true freedom. That is the best choice you can possibly make.

We all enjoy breathing. It feels good to breathe. If you couldn’t breathe, like if something was preventing you from breathing, you go into a whole other state because something’s trying to stop you from breathing. When we’re breathing, we feel good about it. We’re breathing in that normal state of being to breathe. I think it’s not abnormal to experience some pressure, to experience a little challenge because that’s where the growth is. You were talking about the hurdles. What I really appreciate about that story is the growth. You said the hurdles get bigger. If hurdles are getting bigger and I’m still jumping them then that means I’m getting stronger. If my hurdles never got bigger, I would never even challenge myself to jump higher. Why would I? When I can jump hurdles faster and higher, I can thank the hurdles for getting taller and more frequent.

As we’re talking about this, I’m thinking of myself even a few years ago. If things are just going to get harder, why am I even going to try? Why do I want to put in the effort? I feel like that’s why a lot of people do get stuck sometimes. We’re probably more afraid of our success than we are of failure on a larger scale because success is big.

GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness

Choosing Happiness: It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you love doing it and you’re passionate about it. If it touches you, it’s going to touch other people.


I really think that goes back to identity. You don’t see how big we are. We don’t see our ability. When we say, “Why would I keep going if the challenge is going to get bigger?” Because you’re bigger than all of that already. You just haven’t used the tool that allows you to build a big house beyond the house that you’re currently living in. Because you’re only familiar with the tools that are available to you to build that size house and yet maybe a little unfamiliar for you to use those different tools to build a bigger house. If I don’t put pressure on you, you would never pick up that tool in order to build a bigger house. You don’t want to use that tool because we like to be in a state of winning and on top all the time.

Let me tell you a very true story, Janelle. I’ve been walking around. You know my story. I got hurt plentiful. I couldn’t walk and in a wheelchair for several years. I started walking around a few years ago with two crutches. I thought it was the best thing in the world. I felt like I was born again. I started walking with one crutch. Now, it’s great to walk around. I’m like, “I’m going to walk around with one crutch.” I have this goal. I’m going to walk around with one crutch. That’s my goal. My goal ever since I got hurt was to walk. I want to walk with no crutches, so I got two. Now, I’m trying to go down to one. It’s difficult. It is like starting all the way. I’m like, “I could walk good with two. Why is walking with one hard?” It is difficult. No, it takes a lot of effort. It takes a lot of concentration and it is not functional as compared to two.

Now, here’s what I’m learning. Two crutches are really handicapping for me now. It’s causing me to lean and rely on those crutches more so than I’m relying on my legs and own strength. I have the ability to walk with one crutch but I got to build those muscles up. In order for me to build those muscles, I got to use that one crutch more than I use those two crutches. That is challenging. Sometimes, I’m just going to be honest, I don’t want to use the one crutch because it feels more comfortable to use two crutches because it’s easy. I can get to where I’m going a lot faster. In order for me to get to the place where I’m more functional and efficient with one crutch, that’s the process and the pressure that I have to go through in order to get to one crutch or I can be stuck with two and live happily for the rest of my life. It comes back to what you said in the beginning. Choice.

It’s amazing. I love when I heard your story, I was just immediately in awe. It’s remarkable what you’ve done and created. You can be an inspiration to many people. It’s beautiful.

I think we all have a proverbial wheelchair. We all have that theme that challenges us, that keeps us right below where we really want to be. In order for us to get to that, to conquer that mountain, it requires that extra creativity. Mastering that process, that God-like part of us, the part that’s edgy and keeps us on edge, to realize what we’re truly capable of.

It’s so attractive, too. When you see somebody that is just in their creative power, no matter what it is, they’re like this flower, you’re a bee and you want to go over there to them. It’s one of the most beautiful things. It doesn’t even matter who they are, what they’re doing. I remember one time, this is random but I was going to get my dog. We got a new rescue and I wanted to train her. I took her to a dog trainer. I remember watching him and going, “He is into what he is doing. He is channeling this force. He’s training dogs and he is in this power.” It stuck with me forever because I never really would’ve thought about something like that before but he was connected. It was a divine force that he had inside of him that he was radiating outward.

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It was so beautiful. It was amazing. Imagine every single person on earth able to connect with that divine force inside of them. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you love doing it, you’re passionate about it and it touches you, it’s going to touch other people. I don’t know if that guy ever would’ve thought about me and my dog ever again but I never stopped thinking about that moment because I was like, “That is just remarkable.”

I’m going to take it a little further because I believe, first of all, everyone is able. Whether everyone will, that’s an individual choice. I believe this is the responsibility that we have. We have the responsibility and the privilege to impact the world just as you were describing. He’s a dog whisperer but look at the level of impact that he has on you as a dog whisperer. Whatever you are, I think truly that’s why we’re here. The tree has an impact. It gives off shade. It gives off oxygen. The fish have an impact. Everything in the air has an impact. Truly the insects have an impact. That roach that you squashed, it has an impact. In some way, form or passion, it has a purpose and an impact. The question, “Are you allowing your true impact and expression of the god-like part of you to come through?”

Whether you are or not, you are impacting. When you are, you’re giving off a great, positive, constructive impact like what you’ve described. When you don’t, that impact doesn’t exist. I think we’re living in a time where we’re not getting enough of those positive impacts. It’s causing a lack of hope, creativity, connection and awareness because there’s not enough of us giving off that light. Having that impact and showing the world here’s what’s possible and this is how you can stay in this creative state and connection with the universe and with God. When we do that, it gives off this positive, feel-good vibe that people can feel and it’s attractive.

People want to draw themselves to you because they want some of that. We can create. When there’s darkness, “You turn the light, the darkness goes away. That’s impact.” When we turn on our creative side, we can remove a lot of darkness. That to me, that’s our privilege and responsibility. I read somewhere where it said be the salt of the earth. That’s the flavor. That’s the impact. We’re talking about illuminating the earth with who you are.

It’s so good. It’s true. We have an impact. We can have a positive one, a negative one or an ambivalent one. We have an impact whether we’re trying to or not. To take that responsibility, own it, play with it, have fun with it and make a decision and a choice on how that’s going to show up in the world, how you’re going to show up, forget about it.

What side are you going to be on? Are you going to be on the side of light? Are you going to be on the side of darkness? Because those are the only two sides that we have. If you’re on the side of life, you have to be in tune with your God-like part of you, that being that can bring, create and contribute to the earth. I think for every Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan and whoever, there are millions of other people that have the same capability and power to truly express themselves. That’s what they’ve done. They expressed themselves to the utmost ability that they could. That’s why we love them so much because we’re attracted to how they’ve been able to express themselves.

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It’s beautiful. It’s the most remarkable thing that we can do. It’s just to be ourselves.

We can stop being bees and be more flowers. Maybe we have some bees stop by our camp. I’m having fun.

I love it.

Janelle, great talking to you.

It’s so good talking to you.

I love your spirit. I love your energy. As soon as I connected with you, I see you. You know life attracts life. Your energy is really good. I feel like you’re my soul sister.

Thank you. I feel the exact same that you’re my soul brother. I really do, good energy.

GCM 197 | Choosing Happiness

Man’s Search for Meaning

It’s really good energy and I just appreciate this time. How do people if they wanted to get a piece of you themselves, they want to smell your flower, how can they connect with you?

I released to a free course that anyone can take. One of my best friends passed away in February of 2021. During his dying process, I was able to spend a lot of time with him, guiding him through meditations and just helping him connect more spiritually in this transition. I remember we did this meditation and it really was all about identity. It was about releasing his identity that he had become attached to in this lifetime. It was about releasing the job, the clothing that you wear, the house that you live in, the car you drive, all of these different things and eventually releasing the body. When he opened his eyes from that experience, he said, “I wish I could have done that sooner.”

I decided to create this little course on expanding your consciousness, getting to know your true essence and who you are beyond whatever we think we are, whoever we’ve been told we are. I made that available for free on my website, which is JanelleChrista.com. If anyone ever wants to just connect with me on Instagram, I love when people shoot me messages and say hello. That’s also @Janelle_Christa on Instagram.

Thank you for creating the course and offering that for free to the audience. I really encourage all of you to check that out. You’ve probably heard me say and others say they don’t teach you how to understand and work this process or understand me. They teach you all these other things but you have to wake up and think about what are they teaching you? What have you learned in school? How is that useful for you? It helps me get a job. Let’s peel the onion back on that because you’re more than just a worker. Be the owner of the job that you’re working. There’s so much more that you can be if you had the right knowledge and teaching.

Here’s a course that allows you to get more in tune with who you are. Maybe that’s worth just checking out for free to see where you are, who you are. You don’t pay thousands of dollars to go to college. I did the same thing. I can’t say I paid because I had a scholarship but it happens. I went to college and I’ve done a lot in college. I’m really grateful for what I’ve learned in college, what it taught me and allowed me to do after getting a degree and all of that. The most valuable things I’ve learned is what I’ve learned going through my accident and through my work and studies and how when we talk about consciousness, awareness, identity and understanding who I am as it relates to the God-like part of me, the universal energy or God. There’s nothing that can compare to that level of understanding and insight that I’ve learned. I think everyone should know that. Thank you for creating that course. I hope everyone checks it out. Thank you for coming on the show.

This has been nice. Thank you. This was just the absolute highlight of my whole week or month maybe. This has been great connecting with you. You’re such a beautiful soul and offers so much. I’m glad to have met you. Thank you for having me on. It’s been an honor.

As we wrap up so reluctantly, I wish we can go on. We always ask every guest on the show how can we bounce back from adversity, dominate our challenges and consistently win at the game of life?

I’m going to bring it back right to where I started, which is choosing to. It’s really that simple. I believe that we have the gift of choice. You want to call it free will or whatnot that we’ve been gifted with, which is to be able to choose how we respond. Even scientists who believe in determinism, which is you don’t have a choice. There is no such thing as free will, it’s just repetitive patterns. Even scientists will say, “When you bring consciousness into it, you can break the pattern of determinism so you can choose.” That’s how you win in life. You choose to and it is that simple.

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There you have it. You can choose to win. If you’re not winning, let’s check your choices. Janelle, thank you once again for coming on the show.

Thank you so much.

There you have it, another successful episode of the show. This is one of those shows that you have to go back and read over and over again. There are some really good stuff in here about you, how you relate to the universe and reading this can help you make the choices that you need to make in life to win. That’s what it’s about, winning. What is winning? Winning is expressing your true self to the point where you can feel that you are in the space that you have been created to be in, you are fully expressing that and contributing that. People are positively and constructively impacted by you.

Here’s the thing. I really believe that is your responsibility for being here and it’s your privilege because it’s beautiful when you’re in that space. Janelle talked about being in the zone. You can be in the zone and doing what it is that you know that you have been gifted to do. You just illuminate whenever you’re doing it. People can feel that energy coming from you when you’re doing, I’m not even going to say supposed to do, it’s what you do. All of you know what I’m talking about, that feeling of that thing that you have that burning desire to do it. Maybe you haven’t taken that step yet. If you were doing that, you would be in ultimate bliss and that energy that you would feel, other people would feel that.

That’s the thing. I really believe that when you’re doing that, you don’t know the level of impact that you have on other people. I truly believe that your gifts are not just for you. It’s for those around you as well. When you don’t do that, not only do you rob yourself, you robbed the entire universe. Life is like this. It’s like a domino effect. The impact that you have may have an impact on someone else. They may have an impact on someone else. It all started with you. That’s the responsibility and the power that you have. Don’t take that lightly. What are you going to do now? What choice are you going to make now to ensure that the impact that you have is a positive game-changing one?

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