Get Up! I Can’t. I Will. I Did…Here’s How!

A gripping story of victory over adversity, Get Up! is an essential resource for anyone who aspires to shed the weight of their struggles and step into an extraordinary life.

Discover a powerful set of tools that will help you:

Break free from the self-imposed shackles holding you back
Let go of limiting beliefs and allow a “can-do” attitude to become your default mode
Awaken the amazing power you have within to conquer any challenge
Turn adversity into an opportunity for growth

Here’s what readers are saying:

“This book is a must read for anybody interested in succeeding in life and rising above near-impossible circumstances.” – Judy O’Beirn, creator & co-author of International best-selling book Unwavering Strength

“An amazing story of inspiration, Rodney presents a remarkable book filled with insights, actions and recommendations based on his own story of personal healing and growth! A must read!” – Georgia Ellis, founder of Blue Chip Minds

“In life we all have moments when we get stuck as to which way to go, and how we will get there… His insights and experience were a sure boost I needed to get up and do more so that I can get to my finishing line. Rodney is that loving inspiring push that everyone needs at some point in life to get up and pursue greatness… Get Up is a superb life success manual.” – Dr. Stem Mahlatini

How Resilient Is Your Team?

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Essential Assertions

Loaded with inspiring stories and actionable tips, Essential Assertions is a valuable handbook for anyone who’s ready to commit to discovering their innate power to claim the life they truly want.

Learn how to:

Recognize your maximum potential
Uncover and leverage your hidden strengths
Commit to taking control of your destiny
Use your unbreakable spirit to capitalize on life’s opportunities

Here’s what readers are saying:

“Rodney Flowers has done it again with his Essential Assertions Book. By journeying with him, you will find your purpose and not only feel, but be more empowered. Each chapter is filled with wonderful stories and techniques that lead you to the essential truths of a more empowered and fulfilling life. Don’t let the past or your limited thoughts interfere with you living the life that you’ve dreamed. Read the book and follow the course that Rodney’s strategically mapped out for you and you won’t be disappointed.” – Dr. Jo Anne White, international best-selling, award-winning author and speaker, executive producer and host of Power Your Life TV & Radio, and founder of the Power Your Life Network

“People want to get to the nitty gritty of how greatness happens…Well, you will receive it here. This book is an investment to your future and self-growth.” – Michael Brown

“Rodney’s inspirational journey is a roadmap for us all. This book is a must read for anyone ready to set aside limiting beliefs and self-constraints, and replace them with a knowing that you are deserving, worthy and able to have the life of your dreams! I recommend it highly.”

Banafsheh Akhlaghi