Keynote Speaker on Game Changing Strategies
for Resilient, High-Performing Teams


Keynote Speaker on Game Changing Strategies
for Resilient, High-Performing Teams

The key to thriving – not just surviving – is the art of bouncing back in the face of adversity.

No one knows this better than Rodney Flowers – a man who walks his talk, even when the path appears absolutely impassable.

“I’ve seen literally  hundreds of the world’s top trainers and speakers in action, and rodney flowers is at the top of that list.”

– Adam markel, ceo of love more media, renowned peak-performance training company

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Talented. Dynamic. Star-bound. A young highschool football standout already catching the eye of top college recruiters, Rodney Flowers was used to being described in superlatives. Then, one fateful tackle left him with a grim new label – quadriplegic. 

Doctors told him he would never walk again, but Rodney refused to let adversity define him. Thanks to an indomitable spirit and 18 years of grit, he was able to leave his wheelchair and re-write his story.

Now he’s sporting a few new labels: Role-model. Bestselling author. Acclaimed resilience and reinvention expert. In-demand keynote speaker.

Known for his engaging speaking style and magnetic personality, Rodney’s signature keynotes and seminars do more then entertain – they inspire audiences to take courageous action. Attendees gain skills, tools, strategies, and practices they can immediately put to use, helping them see opportunities where they once saw obstacles.

slogan: lead like a lion
Leaders who profile high in resilience are:
  • 22% less likely to allow stressful situations to take a personal toll
  • 21% more effective at positively influencing others during time of change
  • 14% more engaged in their work during stressful times
How Resilient Is Your Team?

TO see how your team or organization rank on the resilience scale, take Rodney’s free 5-minute online assessment today.

“I recently heard Rodney’s talk on Managing Mindset During Mega Change. I was very happy to have heard it: it is full of important insights on conquering challenges and change in our lives.” 

Jacobo Muller; BNI member from Guatemala


Finding the best speaker for your event is about far more than expertise and charisma. A truly great speaker commands attention, fuels the imagination, and teaches in a way that doesn’t feel like instruction.

Certified by the International Association of Corporate Speakers, Rodney Flowers helps organizations and individuals cultivate greater clarity, resilience, productivity, and performance.

All of Rodney’s keynotes are available as in-person and virtual presentations.

Foresight From the 40-Yard Line: Your Greatest Play for Everlasting Success

If you’re not where you want to be, chances are you’re not tapping into one of your greatest God-given gifts: Vision.
Seeking continuous progress and enduring success? It’s time to make use of your superpower — and Rodney will show you how, step-by-step.

Discover how to utilize vision to:

  • Rebound from adversity and remain resilient, no matter what life throws at you
  • Turn challenges into building blocks to rig the game in your favor
  • Uncover and leverage untapped potential deep within yourself
  • Develop a winner’s mindset and stretch your limits for lifelong growth
The Game Changer: Expand Your Potential, Productivity, & Performance

Excellence lives on the other side of fear, past the confines of your comfort zone. Ready to push through your doubts to achieve greatness? 

Rodney is the perfect guide to help you: 

  • Create a sacred space for positive change
  • Magnify small accomplishments for greater results
  • Look beyond the status quo to envision what’s possible (and manifest it)
  • Define your true purpose to establish a baseline for steadfast happiness
  • Prioritize self-care and cultivate unshakable self-worth
  • Develop strength of body, mind and spirit for a lifetime of success
Managing Mindset During Mega-Change

When things are going smoothly, it’s hard to truly assess your mental strength and agility. It isn’t until a period of mega-change — like a traumatic accident, a deeply-felt loss, or a global pandemic — that these skills really get tested, often revealing a devastating lack of preparation and fortitude.
The good news is you can train your mind to hold up under pressure and stay focused on the positive — even under the most challenging conditions.

In this highly inspirational and experiential presentation, you’ll learn:

  • 5 ways to remain mentally strong through uncertain times
  • How to boost your mental resilience by embracing change
  • Strategies for overcoming uncertainty and making big life changes easily
Keys to Building a Championship Team

Rodney’s scalable techniques will help you solve organizational problems, bring clarity to roles and goals, and inspire your MVPs.  You’ll learn how to organize and train a team that’s positioned to win — and keep winning.

Utilizing the pillars of his Game Changer Mentality method, Rodney reveals how to:

  • Build a culture of courage, resilience, and trust
  • Determine the essential players you’ll need for a winning team and their roles
  • Attract, draft, and train, and retain your roster of star players
  • Inspire a new wave of purpose-driven leadership that empowers and bonds teams
Positive Impacts and Improvements that Make Schools Work

How do we cause a positive impact in our students, schools, and communities? How do we energize and initiate growth and achievement when faced with many challenges? In a powerful address to educators, Rodney Flowers touches on the key traits teachers must consider to make a lasting difference in the classrooms and communities they serve. 

By reframing and revisioning ideas and concepts concerning current circumstances and conditions, Flowers shows teachers how they can lead change, drive opportunity, and advance student achievement in and out of the classroom.  Flowers addresses key topics such as leadership, diversity, and equity in the classroom to empower educators to do what they love best–touch the lives of their students and build the leaders of tomorrow in classrooms of today. 

have something else in mind?

Rodney will customize a presentation specific to your needs and desired outcomes.

“Rodney flowers is remarkable human. he simply speaks to your bigger self and makes you feel empowered to step into action”

– kathleen mujemulta, bioreference laboratories

“Rodney flowers is, bar none, the most inspirational speaker i’ve ever seen. he translates his unique story in a way that makes everyone in the room feel like they have the capacity to actually do something different – to find greater vision, to take bolder action, to create clarity, to be relentless in the pursuit of their goals.”

-adam markel, ceo of love more media

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