Foresight From the
40 Yard Line

Keynote Speaker on Game-Changing Strategies For Overcoming Business and Life Challenges.


Rodney Flowers transforms audiences with his inspirational story, magnetic personality, and actionable strategies for success.

Booking the best speaker for your event is about far more than finding someone with expertise and charisma. A truly great speaker commands attention, fuels the imagination, and teaches in a way that doesn’t feel like instruction.

Certified by the International Association of Corporate Speakers, Rodney Flowers delivers keynotes and seminars that do more than entertain – they drive audiences to take courageous action.

If you want to thrive – not just survive – in life and business, you must master the art of staying grounded, bouncing back, adapting quickly, and keeping your eye on the prize despite the obstacles in front of you.

No one knows this better than Rodney Flowers – a man who walks his talk, even when the path appears absolutely impassable.


It was a pleasure to be a part of the audience in Rodney’s presentation at CEO space. He is obviously an inspiration to us all but so much more as well. He really helped me personally get some of my “road blocks” down on paper. Thank you Rodney for helping point me in the right direction.
Candice Nottingham-Ross

Rodney’s personal story of tragedy turned triumph

I’m Rodney Flowers, and I’m no stranger to struggle.

On track to become a football superstar, a tragic accident on the field instantly rendered me a quadriplegic.

With that fateful tackle, the strong and able body that once promised to carry me to the NFL became foreign territory. In a flash, my dreams were shattered and my life changed in ways I’d never fathomed.

This horrifying incident would have thrust many into an abyss of hopelessness. In my case, it opened up a world of possibility.

Choosing to view what happened as an invitation to explore my potential rather than as a life sentence, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-discipline. Against all odds and doctors’ prognoses, I’m walking, driving, and fully enjoying life on my terms.

Out of tragedy, a new dream was born – a dream to help others find their inner strength and seize the life they want, regardless of the challenges they face.


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🏆 Rodney’s Keynote Playbook 🏆

Foresight From the 40-Yard Line:
Your Greatest Play for Everlasting Success


If you’re not where you want to be, chances are you’re not tapping into one of your greatest God-given gifts: VISION. Seeking continuous progress and enduring success?

It’s time to make use of your superpower – and Rodney will show you how, step-by-step. Discover how to utilize vision to:


  • Rebound from adversity and remain resilient, no matter what life throws at you
  • Turn challenges into building blocks to rig the game in your favor
  • Uncover and leverage untapped potential deep within yourself
  • Develop a winner’s mindset and stretch your limits for lifelong growth

The Game Changer:
Expand Your Potential, Productivity, and Performance


Excellence lives on the other side of fear, past the confines of your comfort zone. Ready to push through your doubts to achieve greatness? Rodney is the perfect guide to help you:


  • Create a sacred space for positive change
  • Magnify small accomplishments for greater results
  • Look beyond the status quo to envision what’s possible (and manifest it)
  • Define your true purpose to establish a baseline for steadfast happiness
  • Prioritize self-care and cultivate unshakable self-worth
  • Develop strength of body, mind and spirit for a lifetime of success

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
as the New Currency for Business Growth


Hiring diverse talent is no longer enough. Smart companies must now ask:
How do we engage and mobilize our talent to serve the needs of diverse customers?

Learn how to prepare your business for prosperity during the Cultural Demographic Shift by:


  • Redefining the true significance of diversity and inclusion
  • Educating leadership to evolve and commit to what your teams are solving for
  • Embracing mutuality to convert diversity of thought into opportunities previously unseen to benefit everyone

How to Speak With Impact & Integrity


To win hearts, open minds, and form connections essential to both personal and professional life, you’ve got to know how to communicate effectively and empathetically.


  • Learn Rodney’s closing-the-gap mindset trick that builds rapport, enhances communication, and dramatically increases sales results.
  • Discover scientifically proven methods of accelerated learning that you can employ to engage an audience of one or many, so they retain more of the information you share.
  • Get tried-and-true tips for speaking from the heart to maximize the impact of your message and achieve win-win outcomes.

Keys to Building a Championship Team


Whether you’re hiring from scratch or already have employees in place, Rodney’s scalable techniques will help you solve organizational problems, bring clarity to roles and goals, inspire your MVPs, and organize and train a team that’s positioned to win … and keep winning.

Utilizing the three pillars of his Game Changer Mentality, Rodney reveals how to:


  • Build a culture of courage, resilience, and trust
  • Determine the essential players you’ll need for a winning team
  • Attract, draft, and train your roster of star players

Powerful Practices that Ignite Student Interest and Engagement


How do we engage, connect, and cause a positive impact in the lives our students? How do we energize and inspire them to persevere even when faced with many challenges?

In a powerful address to educators, Rodney Flowers touches on the key differences teachers can make in the lives of students by examining their own motivations, intentions, experience, and inspiration. By shifting the onus away from mandated curriculums, intensive testing, and extensive bureaucracy, Flowers shows teachers how they can drive participation and interest from their students while meeting and achieving the targets set for them in the classroom.

Flowers asks educators tough questions and helps them find the answers that will empower them to do what they love best–touch the lives of their students and build the leaders of tomorrow in classrooms today.

Have something else in mind?

 No problem! Rodney will customize a presentation specific to your needs and desired outcomes.


It was a pleasure to be a part of the audience in Rodney’s presentation at CEO space. He is obviously an inspiration to us all but so much more as well. He really helped me personally get some of my “road blocks” down on paper. Thank you Rodney for helping point me in the right direction.
Candice Nottingham-Ross