game changer mentality system

Corporate Resilience Training for Leaders and Employees

game changer mentality system

Corporate Resilience Training for Leaders and Employees

Transfer the skill that enables your team to embrace change, practice agility and overcome uncertainty with courage. When resilient people encounter a challenge, failure isn’t an option. They either win or they learn.
That’s the Game Changer Mentality.

Rodney spoke to our team several months into the COVID-19 pandemic. His message on resilience during times of crisis was insightful and motivating. He wove our organization’s key tenets (client first, agility, and community service) into his training for a very powerful experience. We received positive feedback from our team as well – “I needed to hear this message!”

Barbara Volkman
Vice President, Client Delivery, Artlin Consulting

The Game Changer Mentality System is all about resilience.

Participants practice the skills, traits, and behaviors to cultivate individual and team resilience. This improves their ability to evolve and respond strategically to adversity.


The System covers how to:

  Stay grounded during tough times
Practice rituals and mental routines to manage stress.

  Reframe and refocus
Develop the flexibility to quickly adapt to challenges and overcome them. 

  Find opportunities in uncertain situations
Develop the mental agility to look for creative opportunities in the face of adversity.

  Bounce back from adversity
Build resilience, harness motivation, and reach peak performance.

  Tackle opposition head on
Develop the mindset to manage challenges, obstacles, and setbacks with confidence.

  And much more
Practice skills to navigate uncertainty, drive change, and build your team.

How Resilient Is Your Organization?

To see how your team or organization rank on the resilience scale, take Rodney’s free 5-minute online assessment today

Resilience is the critical skill for your company’s success

Stress, overwhelm and burnout are on the rise. This costs businesses billions of dollars in lost profits, increased employee turnover, and compromised decision-making capability. Research shows workplace exhaustion costs corporations over $62 billion every year.

And it’s only getting worse.

Challenges, setbacks, and change are realities in today’s workplace. They affect every organization. So, how can you and your team succeed?

By learning, practicing and mastering one critical skill.


Resilience is the ability to withstand, recover, and grow in response to stressors and changing demands. It’s a valuable and practical skill-set for employees at all levels of an organization.

Resilient employees bend when others break. They find opportunities where most can only see obstacles.

Resilience training benefits for employees

Research shows employees who receive resilience training can experience:
  • 70%  reduction in depression
  • 48% reduction in stress
  • 23%  reduction in anxiety

Organizational benefits of resilience training

Programs to boost employee resilience have been shown to increase productivity while decreasing healthcare costs, absenteeism, and turnover.

When a company trains its employees and leaders to be resilient, it gets a workforce that’s equipped to overcome adversity. Their people learn to embrace change, evolve with agility, and overcome uncertainty. And these resilient workers enable the organization to bounce back from even the most devastating situations.

In-house or virtual corporate resilience training

Designed for employees and leaders at all levels, the Game Changer Mentality System can be delivered in-house or online.

The Game Changer Mentality System includes:

  • Four three-hour modules
  • Detailed training based on experience and backed by research
  • Practical exercises that release the inner champion
  • Participant playbooks with tools and tactics to manage challenges and uncertainty

“I wanted to thank you personally for the inspiration, motivational & spiritually uplifting talk. You’re an incredible man, Rodney, with a truly enlightened soul. I deeply appreciate your story & superb guidance. I absolutely resonated with much of the insightful advice that you shared.”

Matthew J. Colon
Defense Pricing & Contracting (DPC)

Meet your lead facilitator—Rodney Flowers

Rodney Flowers creates a safe and engaging environment for participants to practice the tools and strategies they need to become champions in the game of life.

With charisma and grace, Rodney blends his experience of overcoming paralysis with evidence-based instruction and practical activities that empower participants to face challenges head on.