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Are you seeking to challenge the status quo? Looking for proven advice from expert team leaders? Join Rodney on The Game Changer Mentality Podcast.

The Game Changer Mentality Podcast is the perfect companion for team leaders looking to shake things up, challenge the status quo, and change the game. Through interviews with experts and a focus on problem-solving, navigating change, and enabling innovation in the workplace, you will gain the insights and strategies needed to become a true game changer. Listen to interviews with experts who have faced similar challenges. Hosted by Rodney Flowers, The Game Changer Mentality Podcast will help you develop an environment of growth and success.

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GCM 252 | Identity Shift
  Sometimes, it only takes one small shift to change the course of your life. That’s what inspired Anthony Trucks to develop The Shift Method. Anthony is the creator of the Identity Shift Program and author of Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your Life. As a foster kid turned NFL athlete and now serial entrepreneur, Anthony has his own life as proof of why one change, a single shift, can become the
GCM 251 Robert Towle | Don’t Be Dumb
  As a leader, you have to own up to your mistakes. Adapt the “Don’t Be Dumb” mindset. When you’re building your team and you hire someone who underperforms, own up to that. Some people are just not a good fit for your culture or organization. They could be better someplace else. To talk more about this unique mindset is Robert Towle. Robert is the Senior Program Manager of PrimCorp and the author of Don’t Be
GCM 250 | Resilience, Diversity, And Inclusion
 Burning out is something that all entrepreneurs contend with. What you need is mindset, resilience, diversity, and inclusion to tie it all together. In this episode, Rodney Flowers talks to author, keynote speaker, and owner of Finlee & Me, Angela Henderson, about mental strength, burnout, and the strategies to beat it. Angela talks about working through grief and workplace bullying before launching her own business and succeeding! We also hear about how Angela was introduced to
  You can be the person you have dreamt of becoming. Join your host Rodney Flowers as he talks with Russ Yeager on developing a strong and positive mindset to achieve your goals and reach success. Do you want to stay fit? Then you have to program your mind to do it. In this episode, Russ emphasizes that he enjoys what he eats 20% of the time but still maintains the right physique and fitness.
GCM248 | Reimagine Leadership
 Now more than ever is the time to reimagine what leadership is and should be. The expectations on leaders have changed from what they have been for so many years. The value of diversity and inclusion is now paramount. In this episode, Wendy Ryan joins Rodney Flowers to share her thoughts on what leadership should look like in this new era. Wendy is the CEO of Kadabra, a team of leadership and organizational change experts based in Silicon
GCM 247 | Resilience And Transformation
  We can transform our lives for the better. All it takes is imagination, heart, and the resilience to take on your past feelings. In this episode, Rodney Flowers talks with podcaster and coach Christina Medina as she discusses transforming your life. With the right mindset, imagination and support, you can change your life too, transforming to become a better version of yourself. Be inspired by Christina’s resilience and passion in this special episode. — Listen
GCM 246 | Self Care
  As a leader, you must work hard, but you must not sacrifice your health. Self-care is essential, especially if you want to achieve success. Rodney Flowers sits down for a conversation with Giulia Cian Seren about taking care of your mental health to boost performance and drive change in your organization. Giulia is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and speaker. She started her entrepreneurship journey as a self-employed digital marketing consultant. She specializes in helping
GCM 245 | Life Is So Precious
  Life is so precious, but it’s easy for us to forget just how blessed we are to be living the way we do. Even little things that we take for granted are privileges that not everyone can enjoy. Alton Pete is here to remind us not only to be grateful but also to face life’s challenges head-on. Alton is a retired military man who faced the adversity and struggle of protecting the country in
GCM 244 | Spiritual Awakening
  Many people anxiously await for COVID-19 to be gone so that everything can return to normal. But perhaps it will be better not to wait for the endgame and instead see this crisis as a spiritual awakening. Rodney Flowers talks with motivational speaker and author Forrest Rivers about the COVID-19 pandemic’s silver lining regarding self-empowerment and motivation. They discuss how today’s crisis has halted everyone’s growth to present fresh – and sometimes much better
GCM 243 | Tribal Mentality
  Our innate tribal mentality causes us to be protective of our beliefs and ideals, sometimes so much than what’s typically expected. But noble as this mindset may be, it can be pretty dangerous if used against us – which is what the news nowadays is actually doing. Rodney Flowers dissects this topic with author Peter Montoya, who highlights the major takeaways of his book, The Second Civil War. Peter explains how news outlets spark