Thoughts have the power to create our reality. As human beings, we hold this capacity to shape our thoughts inside, yet we fail to realize this everyday. We just allow the negativity to carry on and ruin our lives. Georgia Ellis is a great believer of this. As the creator of Blue Chip Minds, she shows how truly capable everyone is to shape their lives into the best version it can be, and it all starts with self-awareness. She goes deep into the science of self-awareness with metacognition and guides you into an exercise to turn around the negative into positive, poking into beliefs that hold you back from achieving growth and success.

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Creating A Successful Reality Through Self-Awareness with Georgia Ellis

I have a young lady here with me from Australia. I met this young lady years ago, fell in love with her, and she’s been such a good friend. She’s the Founder and Owner of Blue Chip Minds. Blue Chip Minds is a company that helps organizations be the best. She’s a coach and she does one-on-one training. She does corporate speaking and she does workshops. She’s changing the game in her life and in the lives of others. She’s a wealth of knowledge and she has a heart for people. You’re going to get something from this show because this woman is full of information that she’s willing to give. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Georgia Ellis to the show. Georgia, how are you doing?

Rodney, I’m good. Thank you. It’s such a pleasure to be here. We met a number of years ago, and Rodney has a special place in my heart. It’s Rodney’s voice on one of my mental rehearsals that I play in my workshops.

It was such a pleasure to do that for you. What is Blue Chip Mind all about?

Blue Chip Mind is my baby and it came to me in a moment of inspiration. I have a background in corporate, I worked for 22 years in the corporate industry in finance and banking. I left to start my own coaching business and I kept getting asked, “Can you come back and teach what you teach to individuals to groups?” I said no a lot of the time because I didn’t want to go back into that environment. Through a moment of inspiration, the name Blue Chip Minds came out and I thought, “Maybe I should be doing something here.” I do have the knowledge and ability to speak their language and bring information to the world that isn’t generally taught in corporate training programs. My passion is to build high levels of self-awareness for those working in a corporate environment, so they can change the game, not just personally, but change the game of corporate organizations as well. They start to give back a lot more than what they traditionally do.

Blue Chip Minds has a corporate aspect where I help organizations, but my passion is working one-on-one with people or in smaller groups. I take people through programs to help them understand what are their blocks and the things that are holding them back from moving forward. I also give people the tips, tools, techniques and understanding of the science behind a lot of what I teach. I’m totally passionate about it and I love it.

Thank you for the work that you do. We need more people like that because people are struggling and dealing with all kinds of things and they don’t always know how to get over it. You brought up a particular term that I’m passionate about, which is self-awareness. You talked about the science of self-awareness and overcoming. Can you dive a little deeper into that and let the audience know what you mean by that?

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: We constantly think thoughts everyday and those thoughts end up being our reality at some point.


For me, it was challenging because a lot of the information that I had, I picked up through esoteric means. It was a lot of philosophy and I knew that it worked. I knew that it worked in my life because I was getting results by applying these techniques and the information I was getting. However, if I was to go and teach these, people are very left-brained in a corporate organization and they want to know, “Prove it to me. How does this work?” I spend a lot of time trying to prove it scientifically by either researching myself or finding people who are already doing it or finding the mechanisms within science that could back up what I was teaching. An example would be our ability to notice our thoughts. It’s one of our greatest gifts and this is called Metacognition. There’s a scientific term for it. We constantly think of thoughts every day and those thoughts end up being our reality at some point. The point of power is if you use metacognition, if you can hit the pause button, observe your thoughts and change them at that second, you’re now starting to rewrite your future. That’s neuroscience and quantum physics coming together and it’s all to do with self-awareness.

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That’s the essence of being a creative being. We are creative beings, and what you’re saying is that your thoughts create things. Your thoughts create your future. If you are aware of what you’re thinking and you’re unhappy with the results that you’re experiencing, you become aware of what you think and you can change it.

Awareness is the first step. You could be thinking negative thoughts and be aware of it and not do anything. I’m now aware that I’m thinking negatively, I’m being self-critical or I’m judging people. That awareness does nothing, it’s just awareness. With that awareness, what do you do? You learn to change the thoughts. We’re going to draw on a universal law, which is a scientific law. We then draw on the Law of Opposites or the Law of Polarity. We draw on that law and then go, “If I’m thinking one thing that’s not positive, it’s a negative thought, by law everything has an opposite.” I can’t be inside the room that I’m in right now if there wasn’t an outside. I wouldn’t have an up without a down. If everything has an opposite and I’m thinking in negative thought, the action I can take is to go and find the good. Find the positive in that negative thought. It’s there, I just haven’t been focusing on it. That’s where we’re bringing science into change, self-awareness and changing the game and how we operate in this world. It works.

I want to get clear on what you’re saying because I don’t think I quite heard it that way. You’re saying that even if you’re thinking a negative thought, by way of Law of Polarity, which is a universal law, there’s something good about that thought.

What I’m saying is that by law, there has to be an opposite to that thought and you’re not focusing on it. For instance, if I’m thinking that everybody out there has been terrible to me and there are no opportunities in the world, if I keep thinking these thoughts, then I’m sending signals to the part of my brain. That’s going to filter out everything else that are opportunities. There’s an opposite to no opportunities. Rodney, what’s the opposite to no opportunities?


If you start thinking to yourself, “There are opportunities out there,” that’s the opposite. There’s a part in your brain called the Reticular Activating System and it filters things out for us. Now that you’re focusing more often and telling yourself there are opportunities, your brain is now going to go and find and notice those opportunities for you.

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You open yourself up by changing the thought to the opportunity. This could be with love, finances and your physical appearance. This could be with anything.

Absolutely, with any part of your life. I see people making changes and getting amazing results just by changing one thing. I had one client who came to me and she had no time. She was a single lady at the time. She was working in a hospital as a director and had no time for anything. She had no time for exercise and she didn’t have time to stop and fill up their car with petrol. I said, “Is that working for you? That belief or thought that you have no time, does that help you?” She said, “No.” I said, “What’s the opposite?” She said, “The opposite would be that I have time.” I said, “Even though it feels like you don’t have time, if you start telling yourself that, you’re giving a command to a part of your brain that’s going to open up and find time for you.”

Within two weeks, this lady had more time to study because she was doing her MBA. She now felt relaxed and good, she can fill up the petrol. She started exercising again and started socializing with her friends. She said, “All I did was change one belief, one thought and now I have more time in my life. All that happened was my brain gave me an idea to chunk things down into twenty-minute increments.” Before that, she was too busy not having time but as soon as she told herself, “I do have time.” The idea came through, she went into that moment of insight.

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: Start changing some of your thought by looking for the opposites.


I’ve got a feeling the audience may say, “I have a crappy life. My parents didn’t raise me properly. They didn’t set me up like some of these other people or I have three kids. I don’t have a whole lot of money. It’s not my thoughts, my circumstance. If I didn’t have this circumstance, I could do whatever I wanted to do. I can live better. I’ll feel better.” What do you say to that?

First of all, I would say and I’m going to be a little bit harsh here, is to stop being the victim because while you’re saying that, “It’s the circumstances around me,” that’s blame. You’re not taking on responsibility to look out for the opportunities. If you are a single parent with three kids and you feel like there’s no opportunity, if you are thinking and keep saying that to yourself, that’s you playing the victim role. You’re not going to find the opportunities to get you out of those circumstances. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but all the time we’re creating whether we know it or not. It’s having that understanding that life does good things and bad things and it’s going to be how you as an individual look at those circumstances, and how you find the gold nugget of gold in them and what you do in those circumstances because you can make changes. You can change your life. If you are caught in a cycle of thinking that there are no opportunities or, “I don’t have the ability to do the things that I want to do,” I encourage you to stop and think about, “What can I do?” Maybe start changing some of your thoughts and start looking for the opposites.

How have you used this particular strategy, this philosophy in your own life? Have you had some circumstances and situation that life has dealt with you and you were able to apply exactly what you’re talking about to that situation and change?

I’ve had numerous ones, but I can share the very first one. The very first moment for me was I was 29 at the time in my life and I knew nothing about what I now know. I was just doing a normal job. My husband, at the time, we had a business together. I was working part-time in a bank to try and bring more money in. We didn’t have a lot of money, we had a startup business. We couldn’t even afford to have a takeaway for dinner. I was working two jobs, working hard and having a stressful business with the business we had. One night, my husband came home and said to me, “I think we should separate.” That came as a shock to me because we were building a business together, it was very stressful. We had been trying to have children together and that wasn’t happening either. Life for me was pretty rotten, there was no money. I wanted to be a mom, there were no children. Then my husband comes home and says, “I think we should separate.” In fact, he was having an affair at the time, which I didn’t know.

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Here I am, a 29-year-old and all of a sudden, my life’s been turned upside down. I didn’t know any of what I knew now. It took me a number a couple of months. I went down into the depths of despair, I lost a lot of weight, I was very depressed, and I thought my world was all over. By chance, my oldest sister invited me to come to a seminar. Before that, I had never done personal development. All I had ever done was study at school, I’ve done nothing else. I went to this seminar run by Bob Proctor. I went to this seminar and I sat down, and my mind was blown. All of a sudden, I realized that I no longer needed to be a victim. I no longer had to live this life, to take these results that I had and claim them as my own. I had the ability within me to make changes and from what I’ve learned over in those three days, I started to apply. Those things were simple like, “What’s your thinking? Your thinking creates your reality.” I went from being somebody whose husband had come home and left them. I was not earning a lot of money, I didn’t have the best job and I had no family. All my dreams had been shattered.

Within twelve months, that all changed except for the child piece. I had a new job, I moved to a country town, I had a great new circle of friends, and life started to take off. I continued to apply it and continued to learn. For me, the pivotal point was investing in myself. It was investing in getting more knowledge because I thought when I left school, I didn’t need to read any more books. In fact, up to age 29, I’d never read a book outside of school. If you’re looking at my office now, there are books everywhere. I found that to be able to take the lid off myself and start to see all of these limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I gradually started to change them. I started to change them one by one. In changing those beliefs, my life changed.

You went to the seminars and you learned some information. I’m sure over time you’re a professional at applying this information so much that you teach people how to do it. What would you recommend as the first step to changing their mindset, changing the game and changing thoughts?

First of all, get honest with yourself. Get a blank piece of paper and write out your current situation in all of its truth, blood and goal, whatever it is, write it out. It might be that, “I’m a single mom and I’m not earning any money. I’m in a terrible relationship.” It could be anything, just write out that situation. Then get another piece of paper and write out what you’d like it to be and what would be the opposite. This is using the Law of Polarity. Imagine that the world that you want was your truth. You write that out in the present tense. Then you start by looking at the two and you start to think and ask yourself, “What have I been saying to myself on a regular basis to get my current results? What are some of the beliefs I have that are getting made those current results? Which one or two of them can I change that will start to change my mindset?” That’s one way of doing it.

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: There is not a human on this planet who is fooled to the tipping point of negative beliefs.


There is another way if there is something specific in your life that you want to change. For instance, a lot of people tend to not have very good belief systems when it comes to money and therefore, they don’t have a lot of abundance of wealth in their life. In some of my workshops and with some of my clients, we get a blank piece of paper. If you want the life that you’re dreaming of, you’ve got to do work to get there. You can’t just wish it, that’s wishful thinking. You get a blank piece of paper, circle in the middle of the paper and write money in that circle. Then put your phone on timer for two minutes and write everything that comes up for you when you think about money. It could be, “Money’s hard to come by. There’s too much debt. It changes my life. It gives me freedom.” Whatever comes up in those two minutes, write it down and you’re going to have a mixture of good and bad. Not all of our beliefs are negative, we always have some great beliefs in there.

There’s not a human on this planet who is full to the tipping point of negative beliefs. Have that piece of paper, after the buzzer goes off on your phone, put your pen down, don’t think about it anymore, and have a look at what you’ve written. From what you’ve written, there will be some negative beliefs that are holding you back when it comes to money. There will be some supporting beliefs which we want to keep. We don’t want to change those ones. You circle or highlight the ones that are negative and choose one or two and flip them around to something positive. Start telling yourself that, “Even though it’s not true right now.” Every day, when we do this, we’re using another neuroscience law, we’re using the Law of Repetition. The Law of Repetition states that with any skill or thought or feeling or action that you repeat over and over again, it becomes fixed in the subconscious mind. Then you begin to take actions based on those thoughts. It becomes automatic and it becomes your new you.

You’re talking about a complete transformation. Little by little, one belief at a time. It’s practical. This isn’t hard to do. Sometimes, that’s the problem. Because it’s very simple, it’s not complicated to do, a lot of people will feel that, “That’s not going to work. I’m not going to do that because it has to be a four-year curriculum that I have to go to. I get a degree, I walk across the stage, and that’s going to change life.” Go spend four years and $40,000 a year to go to college when you know the simple exercise here can give you the results that you want way beyond what you could probably experience from college.

I’m not discrediting college by any means, but my point is that a lot of times we won’t do these simple things. We want to hear from people that are getting results. We want to hear from the millionaires, the athletes and the people that are making it happen. When they give us these types of tools and strategies, we don’t believe that it works. I’ve done this exercise several times and I’m going to go do it again, it’s been a while since I’ve done it. I thank you for bringing it up because I want to see what I am thinking about money, love, my body, my life, my podcast and my business. I’m going to go and look at this stuff again and I’m going to tackle any belief that is not congruent with where I want to be in the next three to five years.

Anything that I teach or coach people with, I have to have walked the path before myself because I don’t feel authentic and congruent with what I’m doing unless I do it. I can’t just read something from a book and then teach it. I have to apply it first and get the results in my own life. What I’m telling you here, I know it works, I do it. It’s a simple exercise, a piece of paper, a circle in the middle, you put any topic in there. You can put your relationships, business or health. Put anything in there and start to find what you’ve been telling yourself all these years.

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There’s this thought about who we are as human beings and a lot of us know that we are created in the likeness and characteristics of God. When I hear this, this to me is the link between using that God-like characteristic and creating the way I was designed to create. This is the seriousness and heaviness of this gift. A lot of times, we walk around and we don’t realize how our thoughts are creating things and driving our lives. What you’re explaining is the God-like part of us, because we have imagination, we have a mind. We are God’s greatest creation and no other thing on Earth has this type of ability. A wasp can only be a wasp, a cow can only be a cow, a tree can only be a tree.

Human beings can have a trajectory in their lives and they use their minds. This is how you use your mind to change the game in your life. A tree can’t change anything about itself, it’s just a tree. The leaves are going to fall off and come back on in the spring, but a human being can be going in one direction. As a result of using these tools, whether or not you’re conscious of it, wherever you are in your life is a result of what you’re thinking. If you want to change that, you have to change your thinking and that is the power that you possess as a human being. It’s not over for you as long as you are alive, as long as you have the ability, you can become aware.

I love that you brought up Bob Proctor because he has had an impact on my life. I never thought that I would be doing anything like this. Now, I want to teach what I’ve learned and what I was doing unconsciously. I didn’t even know some of the strategies and things that he was teaching were the things that I had been doing for years. I went to walks, I visualized walking every day. I visualized being able to be independent every day. It wasn’t just the wish, it was deliberately looking at myself walking with the mindset that it is going to happen one day. It’s not just wishing on a star, it wasn’t that type of thing. I know we wish we had $100,000 or a new job. That’s not the same thing. I’m saying visualizing it with a purpose that that’s going to happen and you’re taking action on them. You can want something but not take action on it. It’s allowing the activities and tasks to come to you so you start thinking, “I should go do this. I should go try this. Let me do this.” Then you start finagling your way to your destination.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for how powerful we are. I love that you said that we’re created in the image of God, therefore we are creators and we get to create our world. The world we’re creating now, whether we like it or not, we’ve created that. The people out there that aren’t getting the results they want, you have been playing a part in creating that. Rodney, I have a question for you. I love your story about how you would visualize yourself walking. You are applying a lot of these things unconsciously. You didn’t know that this was how you transform your life. My question is when you’re visualizing, were you just thinking and visualizing or were you feeling what it would feel like to walk again?

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: Noticing your thoughts and then changing them is the first step to success.


Yes, I was pulling into the sand underneath my feet. I was feeling the movement of what it would feel like to move, what it would feel like to lift weights again, to do squats, what it would feel like to put on a shirt, what it would feel like to take off my shirt. It was the feeling of all of that. Sometimes I would visualize it without the feeling and then I would do with the feeling. The feeling part of it was deliberate because I had no sensation in my body. I visualized what it would feel like. I would have people touching my leg. I’m looking at them and I remember what it felt like for someone to touch my leg. As they’re touching my leg, I would revisit that thought of what that feels like. That is the difference between me being where I am right now and staying in that situation. I still do that to this day.

We’ve been talking about noticing your thoughts and changing your thoughts, that’s the first step. Then when you change your thoughts about what you want, you can’t just sit here and think, “I’ve got $100,000 in my bank,” through repetition. If you don’t feel like you’ve got $100,000 in your bank, imagine what would it feel like to have $100,000 in your bank. What would it feel like to be having the success that you want? What would it feel like to be having a healthy body or to be running a marathon if that’s what you want to do? You must attach a feeling to it because if you don’t attach a feeling, you’re not changing the neural networks. You’re not changing the part in your brain and the subconscious mind where that program resides.

The feeling is important. It’s the crucial part. Without it, you’re not doing the work. It can be a little bit difficult to start because you think to yourself, “I’ve never had $100,000, I don’t know what it feels like.” This is where you need to use your imagination. How would you feel? You’d probably feel safe and secure. You’d probably feel happy and abundant. You’re probably feeling at awe that you’ve got that start and you probably feel grateful too.

What you’re bringing up is critical. When you’re doing these exercises, it’s very easy to say, “I see what I’m thinking and I want to change it. What do I have to do to get what I want?” It’s not much what you have to do to get what you want, it’s more so who do I have to become in order to have what I want? It’s the person that you are being that’s producing the results that you’re getting right now. In order to produce a different result, you have to become a different person. It means that a person thinks this way, acts this way and that is this way, whenever you become that person, you’ll begin to experience the results that a person like that is supposed to experience.

I want to make another point that’s important because in the circles that I move in, some people talk a lot about, “You’ve just got to be.” Imagine yourself being that person, then you hear other people going, “It’s all about the hustle. It’s all about the doing.” It’s both. You’ve got to be then you’ve got to do. You’ve got to be that person and you start feeling and embodying your future self and then you start taking action towards that with what you have and what you already know. The rest will then turn up. The rest of the instructions and plan will unfold. Just go with what you already know, and you’ll always know the first one or two steps.

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You’re right because sometimes we get caught up in the doing. If you’re not doing the right things, then you’re still not going to get the result that you want. It’s all about, “What does a person do that gets those types of results?” The key is understanding, “If I’m going to be this type of person, this is the type of stuff that I may have to do like working out every day.” If you look at a truly fit person, what does a truly fit person do? You have to be okay with doing things that a truly fit person does. They’re doing what they’re doing because they think in a certain way. A lot of times, we’ll try to impose those activities on ourselves and it doesn’t work because your mindset hasn’t changed. Your thought process hasn’t changed. You can’t force it. You have to change on the inside. You have to adapt those same types of thoughts and be okay with it becoming part of your being. As it becomes part of your being, the doing is easy. It’s by nature because of what’s in your subconscious mind.

A great example of how this plays out in life is you can be sitting here and wishing that you had a $100,000. If you look at people who didn’t have a lot of money to start with, and they may have been on welfare, then they win the lotto and win millions of dollars, do you know what happens to those people after three years?

They don’t have any money. All the money is gone.

Why is that? Some of them win $40 million. How can $40 million disappear?

Because they’re not $40 million people.

They didn’t change the mindset first. Their program and belief systems are that of a poor person or somebody without any money, therefore their actions are not aligned with their beliefs. The money disappears, and you see this over and over again. For somebody who thinks, “It will be easy to win once I win the lotto, all my problems will be solved.” No, you’ve got to work on yourself first. You’ve got to do the heavy lifting on the inside and that’s through the repetition of creating a new program, undoing the thoughts and beliefs that we’ve inherited from parents, teachers, preachers, and society in general.

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: Make sure that the thoughts you are thinking serve you.


We tackle these things on and without questioning them, we believe them to be true. We never ask ourselves, “Are these true?” Check your beliefs. You may have a belief that’s been handed down from generation to generation that doesn’t allow you to be fit, healthy and wealthy, that doesn’t allow you to have loving relationships. You’ve got to get that sucker and rip it out. It doesn’t serve you anymore. No matter if it’s coming from the family or where it’s from, if it doesn’t work for you and it’s not getting you results, you have the creative power to change that. It’s through repetition and attaching a feeling to what you do want, the opposite and imagining that it’s your truth now.

You can ask yourself about your thought patterns or the things that you’ve been thinking. Ask yourself, “How are they serving me?” Your thoughts should serve you because they create your life. You want to make sure that the thoughts that you’re thinking serve you. Some of you may be thinking, “I can’t help I think the way I think. I can’t help that I am the way I am.” I want you to stop because it’s not your fault. We develop these thought patterns from when we were kids. When we grow up, the things that have been important to our subconscious mind and the things that we’ve been exposed to, all of those things shape the way we think. They shape the person that we are. There’s no point in having blame or I’m looking at that as there’s no hope because of that situation. I want you to let that go because the truth is you can reprogram yourself. You can change your thought patterns.

Your greatest power is your ability to choose. Your super power is choice in the ability to be able to notice your thoughts, that’s the first step. Then ask yourself, “Does this serve me? Is it true 100% of the time?” Because you might be telling yourself, “There are no opportunities out there for me,” over and over again. If you ask yourself, “Does that serve me?” “No.” “Is it true 100% of the times?” “There have been some opportunities in my life.” You start to notice them and go, “It’s not true 100% of the time, why do I have that belief?” Then you change it.

It’s the awareness, then changing it and using repetition. There’s a neural connection in your brain for each one of those beliefs. What you want to do is rewire your brain to the new you. Through repetition, doing it every morning and every night is the key time. Your brain and your mind during those times are naturally receptive to new information where the inner critic doesn’t start saying, “You can’t do that. You can’t be that.” Those are the moments for you to take advantage. The two important times of the day are as soon as you wake up and just before you fall asleep. These are the times that you want to tell yourself these new affirmations for your life.

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I’m studying neuroscience and what we’re finding is that the brain and the mind are very plastic. They’re not fixed. A lot of people think that after a certain age, your mind is developed to the maximum capacity and that is not true. You can continue to think and develop new thought patterns, neurons and connections in your brain. All of this happens through the Law of Repetition. I’m writing a book about that. It’s such a beautiful thing to realize that we’re not trapped by our thought patterns. A lot of people may be thinking, “I practice these exercises. How long does it take for this stuff to start working? Is this like a drive-thru type of exercise where I place my order and then pick it up in a few seconds?” Talk to us about that.

It’s going to be different for everyone because your beliefs are going to have different neural connections in your brain and that will have connections to other beliefs. To undo some of them may take a little bit longer for one person than it does for the other. There is no hard and fast rule. I used to believe that it takes 21 days to change a habit or a belief. I couldn’t find any proof of that. I did find a study that was done, and it mentioned how long it took a group of people to change their habits. What they found was it takes anywhere between eighteen and 254 days to change a habit. The average was 66 days. If you want to change something and you’re doing it for three days and go, “This is not working,” you’ve not even done it yet. You’ve got to commit. You’ve got to want the end-result enough to put in the work. I did some work on myself and it took me about five to six months of reprogramming the subconscious. I did that every day. I rewrote things and I had things recorded that I listened to every day.

What was the actual habit that you wanted to change then?

It was my self-image and what I believed about myself. This is when I first started my business. I thought, “I’ve been an employee for 22 years, I’ve got a whole belief system around being an employee. I don’t have an entrepreneurial or a business mindset. I have to create it.” I wrote out, in the present tense, my future self and it was about four pages long. I rewrote that every day for three months and then for the following three months, I had recorded it on my iPhone and I listened to it every morning. The good thing about this was fourteen months later, I was living 80% of what I’d written. I wrote down that I wanted to have a global business where I’ll be teaching my own programs around the world. At that time, I didn’t have a training program created, I didn’t have a global client and I wasn’t even doing it. Fourteen months later, I was. I did the work, it wasn’t easy. You’ve got to want it, you’ve got to want the end result. Eighteen to 254 days, you’ve got to put in the effort.

If you want to believe in this process, I’m going to give you an exercise where when you do this exercise, you can commit to this. There’s nothing to lose here. It’s going to take some work, but you will see it change. You will see it happen in your life. Once you know that, you can change anything that you want. Whatever your dominant hand is, I want you to try to write with your non-dominant hand. I want you to write a page of whatever, you could be writing your name over and over. I want you to do it every day for 30 to 60 days. I want you to write with your non-dominant hand every single day.

We’re talking about using the Law of Repetition and changing your subconscious. A lot of us first think, “I can’t write with my nondominant hand.” That is such a lie, you haven’t taught yourself how to write with your nondominant hand. That’s just like with everything, we think, “I can’t have the money. I can’t get the job. I can’t get the promotion.” You just haven’t become the person that’s ambidextrous. You haven’t become the person that can write with your non-dominant hand. It’s going to take some work. It’s going to take some effort to do it, but your brain can learn to write with your non-dominant hand.

If you do that, you will see that this process works. You can, without a doubt, apply this to any other area of your life to produce the results that you want. I guarantee you if it doesn’t work, you write me, you call, you email me, I’ll have you on the show. I want you to be on the show, face me, and tell me that it did not work for you. That’s what we’ll do if it doesn’t work for you in 60 days. I have that much faith and belief in this process that it will work for you. Keep writing and keep the pages and in 60 days, your handwriting will be tremendously different than it was when we first started. Georgia, is there anything else you want to say?

GCM 18 | Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness: Regardless of what’s going on in your life right now, you will find whatever worth that you’re seeking for.


Regardless of what’s going on in your life right now, you are worth what it is that you’re seeking. You’re worth the results that you want and you’re worth putting in the effort and doing the work. Even if it’s just one belief that you are changing and putting the effort with that, you’re worth it and you need to believe in yourself and move forward. If I can do it, if I can change my results and go from being a victim to a creator of an amazing life, so can you.

How can people contact you if they want to connect with you?

You can contact me through my website, which is If you’re on social media, on Facebook, I have a group called Conscious Architects of Life. You can ask to join that and you can reach out to me through there. On social media as well, @Georgia.Ellis. Send me a message and let me know that you are on Rodney’s podcast and I’ll accept your friend request and through my LinkedIn also. Thank you, Rodney.

Thank you, Georgia. It has been a pleasure having you on the show. You’re such a lovely lady. You dropped quite a few nuggets on the show. Thank you for sharing your time and your knowledge with us.

It’s my absolute pleasure. Thank you for having me on. It’s been a joy.

I want to thank you all, and remember that greatness is your birth right. Have a great one.

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Georgia’s mission is to help you thrive and to be an integral part in building a world where more of us experience exponential growth. She see’s self mastery as the cornerstone to raising consciousness and knows that by leveraging from others passions and expertise we can all cause a positive ripple affect in the world.

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