GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times


How do we thrive in these uncertain times? This is a question that is going on in everybody’s minds as we navigate this unprecedented crisis that none of us ever predicted. Jennifer Hough, a bestselling author, seer, and lover of life, joins host Rodney Flowers to share some wisdom around this timely topic. Together with the rest of her team at The Wide Awakening, Jennifer helps people achieve the ability to fully live out their purpose with clarity and confidence by going straight to the source – the consciousness. In this episode, she teaches us how to bypass our need to constantly analyze and connect with our conscious mind to be able to see the world in a wholly different light.

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Connecting With The Source: Consciousness And The Value Of Thrive Mentality In Uncertain Times With Jennifer Hough

As always, I am excited about our show. We’re going to talk about how to play your best game. How many of you want to play your best game? How many of you have been feeling that you haven’t been playing your best game? You felt like you’ve been getting beat up, knocked around, kicked all over the field. Now is the day that we show you a way to change that. I have an expert in the studio with me, by the name of Jennifer Hough. She’s a bestselling author, seer, and lover of life. She made a traumatic transition in her 30s from working for a multinational corporation, doing forecast to see in life, people, and the world as an energy hologram. She travels the world acting as a conduit for those who seek the ability to fully live out their purpose with clarity and confidence. It sounds like some of you. She engages metaphysical tools that fast-tracks our clients and therefore bypass the need to constantly analyze by going direct with consciousness. Help me welcome Ms. Jennifer Hough to the show. 

I’m glad to be here, Rodney.

I’m glad that you are here. 

The minute I met you, I thought, “This dude is inspiring.” We’ve got to hang out some.

I felt the same way about you. I’ve had the opportunity to experience you on multiple occasions, one at the EBC retreat. I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with you, which was life-changing, inspiring, and eye-opening, an awakening if you will. We want to get into that. Before we dive into all the juice in this, I want the people to learn a little bit more about you. I want to learn a little bit more about you as well. I want to talk about the traumatic transition that you experienced in your life. What was that all about?  

I was a type-A, straight-A student. If you were on the football field, I was the head cheerleader, the whole thing. What happened to me was I did everything right. I checked all the checkboxes. I’m like, “Go to university, take accounting and economics, work for a big multinational, checking all the checkboxes.” All of a sudden, I ended up with migraines, depression, and with these welts coming out my skin. Little did I realize I decided to be a bit of a rebel. I lived on my sailboat, believe it or not. I didn’t own real estate. In fact, I didn’t even own the sailboat, the bank owns the sailboat. I lived on the sailboat that the bank owned.

I realized that I was getting incredibly stressed out and then my boat started getting these water bubbles in it. You don’t want that. I had to take it out of the water and it didn’t have the money to finish it myself. I did. I exposed myself to a whole bunch of toxins and I didn’t realize that at the time, but because I tried to refinish the bottom of this boat myself, I ended up with such toxic exposure that it gave me migraines, depression. I start, my lymphatic system was full of stuff, and thank God I didn’t research it then. I researched it afterwards and I should have died. It was bad. What ended up happening was I had a straightlaced family, middle class. I never thought about going to someone who maybe was a little off the beaten path, but I needed to go to a nutritionist.

The first person who saved my life was a nutritionist who is someone that did detoxification and they helped me detox all this stuff that was causing me to be so sick. What I learned as I learned about epigenetics and psychoneuroimmunology, and I know you’ll relate to this, I learned that if you don’t change your perception of life or the way that you look at life, then you’ll have to manage your biology for the rest of your life. You’ll be living as a victim of your biology for the rest of your life. You will never thrive again. You’ll be in survival mode. You’ll be managing everything and trying to control it. It was exhausting when I was trying to do that. Do you ever have a migraine?


GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times

Thrive In Uncertain Times: There is a calling inside all of us, and it is as loud as we let it be.


Don’t ever get one because it does feel like your head is in a vice grip to the point where I was throwing up, that was happening. It was taking up about probably a good ten days a month. I know you can relate to this story. For someone who loves life, I thought, “This has got to change because I’m not going to keep going this way.” Something has to shift. What happened is I was lying in bed one day. It wasn’t even lying in bed. I was on my knees with my forehead on the bed. It’s the only way that I could function. I’ve been that way for 24 hours throwing up the whole thing. I went, “This is the moment.”

I said to myself, “I’m going to put my pain over here and put it to the left of me because I am not my pain. I’m Jennifer. My pain is going to be over here.” I put it to the left and I said, “My cells know how to breathe. They know how to exchange vitamins. They know how to eliminate their breathing. I am not telling them anything. They’ve got to know what it is that I need to know in order to get over this thing.” This will shock you. It’s an amazing story. At that moment I heard my dad and I’m like, “Why am I hearing about Dave?” I could feel in my body pressure. I got Dave and pressure and I’m like, “Dave and pressure. My dad puts so much pressure on himself.”

He was also a football player. He was a hockey player. He was such a type A and I realized that all the pressure he put on himself, he also pushed towards me. I took it on myself and I realized that it wasn’t mine. They said, “Give it back.” All I heard from my body is, “Give it back.” When I say they, I mean myself, I heard myself say, “Give it back to him right now.” I gave back all the pressure that I had taken on from my dad that I was somehow going to be happy if I type A-ed everything, if I killed myself over everything. I gave it back. It was three years after my first migraine for the first time in three years, I caused the migraine to go away by giving back the pressure from my dad to try to get somewhere back to him.

By pressure, you mean all the pressure over the years? I don’t know how old you were at the time but over the years all the pressure that your dad had. 

It was in my twenties. We get taught stuff by our parents and the craziest stuff that we get taught is like, “In high school at the top of your class, you’re not going to be happy.” “If you don’t find the right dude to marry, get the best job when you’re going for interviews, and don’t graduate from college, you’re not going to be happy.” I believed all that stuff. The truth is I’m not doing anything that has to do with my college. There isn’t a college for what I do now. Even my marriage was one of those type-A things. I married the president of a company. I checked all the boxes. I checked them all and I was not happy. You can check all the boxes you want but there’s a calling inside each of us.

There is a calling and it is as loud as you’ll let it be. I highly recommend letting it be loud because then you won’t put up with anything less. I realized that I couldn’t put up with anything less. I left a beautiful home. I left a marriage with a man who loves me. I left all of it because I knew that my soul was calling me to something. I wouldn’t be doing this for a living if it weren’t for all of those things that happened. That story is the one that got me to realize that I don’t have to splinter myself out to other people and let myself be pulled by their wanting. I am a sovereign being with my own knowing of what I need to do for myself. If I consider everybody else in the mix, I’m going to mess myself up.

I know that’s a game that a lot of people play. Match it up to the expectations that someone else has placed upon you, ignoring and disregarding your own. It’s not a pleasant game to play. I played that game before. I knew what it’s like and it hurts. I’m assuming here, this was a sense of relief for you and awakening for you as well. It led you to want to be this conduit for other people. Talk to us about, how did you get where you are now? Why are you doing the work that you do for other people?  

I go into nutrition because I figured nutrition saved my life. Instead of giving my power away to my father, I’m giving my power away to nutrition. Are you a nutrition eating guy?

I try to eat healthily. I’ve been trying to do this vegan thing. I’m about 90%. For the most part, I’m good. I watch what I eat.  

When we’re in alignment with the reason why we are born and start saying yes to whatever is in front of us, solutions will start to appear. Share on X

Your skin is glowy. It’s working for you.

It’s the water. I drink plenty of water. 

I started to give my power away to nutritionists. It’s like, “I’m not going to eat gluten and sugar. I’m not going to have dairy and corn. I’m also not going to have fun.”

You went to the extreme then, didn’t you?

Yeah. No drinking, no whatever. Remember it was suitable because I was filled with toxins. A lot of those things are hard on your biology. At first, it was a brilliant thing to do, but then my body was clean but then everyone needs to do three cleanses a year. I was militant. I gave my power completely away. This was the answer for everyone. I had nutritionists following me. I was on TV for this stuff and I was all over the place. The a-ha came when I watched the husband that I left eating steak, dessert, and a glass of wine one night and I got angry at him. All of a sudden it hit me. I said, “Gary.” He said, “What?” I said, “I realized something.”

He said, “What?” I said, “I realized that you’re happy and healthy and your body works and you eat whatever you want.” He said, “Yeah, because I don’t judge myself and I’m not stressed out about it.” All of a sudden it hit me the thing that I’ve been teaching all my clients. The number one cause of disease is stress. The number one cause of disease is not food. It’s stress, it’s cortisol. It is oxidized cortisol. The more cortisol you produce, the more oxidized cortisol there is, which is an oxidant. It rusts and ages your body. That was the next life-changing moment.

The final one was where I put 2 and 2 together. I realized that our alignment with the reason why we were born if we’re living in that space, it provides the environment to be magnetic to the answers that are required for us to thrive. When we are born, if we imagine that God, life, the universe, physics, I don’t care what your beliefs are, but whatever it is that creates stuff thought you were a good idea. The good idea that you are, were and are, and always will be has a reason for being. As we aligned to that reason for being, as we say yes to whatever is in front of us, you yes your way through the circumstances you have, which you’re a great example of. What happens is solutions, answers and people start to appear that want to assist, that is going to offer us insight, that is going to give us what we need because that’s how physics works.

As I started to realize that I started to understand applied physics, the science of how magnetics work and how we have instincts and I’m not even going to call it intuition. I’m not a woo-woo person. I’m more of I love scientific backing for what happened. I started studying how photon packages of light work and how people have instincts about each other and life. I wanted to know how to master that communication between me and life and how I could get in the flow with the reason why I was born. That was the game-changer. That was everything. I went from struggling and wrestling life to the ground to being in the flow with everything because I mastered a skill. That is a skill that for me was a huge game-changer.

What is the relationship to the struggle then? I don’t know if you view it as a necessary entity that existed in your life in order to get you to a place of awakening. That’s the question, is it? 

Do we need one struggle or do we need lots of struggles?

GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times

Thrive In Uncertain Times: In this lifetime, contrast happens so that we can get clarity.


That’s my question to you. That’s where I’m going. What is that relationship? How should one view struggle, migraines, or this stress?  

There are two ways of approaching. I’m going to call it to contrast. I relate to struggling no longer like a struggle. I relate to struggling like it is an opportunity for clarity. When I get an opportunity for clarity, I am curious. In other words, my approach to that, the struggle is first of all, gratitude. I don’t even know what going to give me the struggle, but I’m already grateful. If I come at it like, “Why is this happening again? Didn’t this happen? Why am I going through this?” I haven’t even trained. Another understanding of life that’s switched the entirety of the way I related to everything that was this, there isn’t anything in life that happens to you. Everything happens for you.

If the entire universe, God, creation, physics, doesn’t care what you call it decided that I was a good idea. I’m an extension of that creative force, then I’m here to create and I am here to have in the image of that creative force here to have a life as a human being, which is cool. I’m forwarding consciousness through my life like you are and everybody on the planet is. If that’s the case, there couldn’t be anything that didn’t happen for me. I realized that in this lifetime, contrast happens so that we can get clarity. Contrast happens because if you never had contrast, Rodney, what would happen is you would get complacent. We’re here to create. If you don’t have contracts, there’s nothing. I’ll give you an analogy. Water is always perfect. It’s always on my table. Everyone is always happy.

Everyone knows how to flow. The grass is always green. It’s always mowed for some reason. I don’t know how that happened, but that’s all the stuff that could happen. Who has a job or how do we evolve our computers if everything’s already perfect? Why would we even want it to go faster? We’re here to create. “My upload speed sucks where I live.” One of the things that happen is, “I want faster upload.” Someone came along and said, “We’ve got to have faster upload speed. We figured out a way how to deliver it through your system.”

I’m like, “Someone invented that.” We’re creators and their creation made me happy. I talked to the company and they’re looking to see how my expertise around flow can help their company. I get to go and teach them how to flow better. That’s how we co-create together. That’s how fun happens. My relationship to contrast or struggle is, the first thing I do is thank you. I’m saying, “Future, thank you retroactively now in my space of already knowing that I’m going to get something from this contrast.” I’m already lined up with the solution.

My biology is lined up with the solution because my biology is already going, “I wonder what that’s going to be?” Now, I’m in curiosity as opposed to, “It isn’t ever going to happen. I’m never going to get the answer.” It’s not that I’ve ever done that. I understand and how I started to do that, I created an evidence journal. Thank you, Natalie Ledwell, for the idea. I created an evidence journal for all of the evidence, how anything that I thought was a struggle happened for me, and the clarity I got from the situation. I’ve trained my brain. Imagine never getting taken out by a struggle. I’m never taken out by a struggle. That’s why I can’t call it a struggle.

I believe that challenge opposition struggle. These lives a way of communicating with us or nudging us to the next level. 

It’s interesting too.

You talked about, if we didn’t have a struggle, we couldn’t evolve as humans because there wouldn’t be a need to. The struggles, the challenge, or the need for something else that doesn’t exist is what drives or pushes us forward. Those two powerful emotions, pain and pleasure. Pain as a serious motivator and so is pleasure. If you’ve never been in a position where that’s an opportunity to decrease the pain or increase the pleasure, you don’t have the motivation to do anything because you’re in a place of complacency like, “This is nice and I don’t ever want to change it.” 

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Remember too though, Rodney, I’ve got to say this, we’re creators. That’s a fundamental thing that has to come into the ingredients. It’s part of the fabric of life. It must be there. We signed up for it. It was assumed.

It’s almost a missing link because I don’t think we have that as part of our identity as human beings. We are human beings but to me, that part gets left out. That we’re creators. You may know a lot of people, but if you would’ve asked the average person, how many people who know that walks around and feels like they are a creator every single day? 

I’ve worked with probably well over 100,000 people around the world I can say that at least 90% of people do not lead in their lives. In other words, they don’t have the skillsets to be able to be in fluidity with life. They do feel life is happening to them and it’s not happening for them. When you feel life is happening to you, what you do is give your power away to other people. You hope that your boss is going to help you out. You hope that some political leader is going to be the answer to your prayers. You hope that your mayor will do it. In the end, you’re the living magnet. Until we learn the skills to thrive, we’re surviving better and better. We can learn skills to survive better and better.

I call that the zero operating systems. You can find the steps and there are books written about it to be able to survive better. Thriving is an entirely different operating system. It requires the skills of people that thrive. Meaning there are basic understandings. If everything happens for you, could you imagine the decreased stress that occurs in your life? You’re constantly in curiosity on the adventure. If you start being interested in the skillsets to be able to communicate in such a way that you co-create in conversations and you can lead and contribute in conversations, if you learn those skills, now you have the confidence that you can have conversations that lead to positive outcomes and solutions.

In survival, you’re trying to manipulate and get your piece of the pie and hope that nobody steps on you. In thriving, you know that whatever you say and whatever you do, it’s always going to be a win for everybody. I know it sounds a little bit Pollyanna, but in my experience, as we do that one of the things you asked me before was about, “How do I win in life?” How you win is you make sure everybody wins. You win, but everyone comes along with you. There’s a dude named Buckminster Fuller that talked about it a lot. I know that nobody has to lose for you to win. Thriving looks like that. It looks like a different way of approaching life.

How do we get to that point? We live in what you would call the dog eat dog world. It’s competitive. I get why people would feel that you have to be in survival mode. If you’re not in survival mode, then you might not make it. You’ve got to be on edge. This is a two-part question. First of all, how do we get to that state of thriving on purpose? When I say on purpose, I mean literally on purpose because you’ve gotten to a point where you know what it is that you need to do in the world to win, to bring light, to support life, and to support the universe. I feel a lot of people because they’re in survival mode, it’s, “I’m going to do what I need to do to get my knees to miss. I’ve got to take care of the essentials.” It’s a trap if you will. How do we get out of that?  

Here’s the thing. I want everyone to know that where I started was that sailboat or, “Look at her living on a sailboat.” I was $40,000 in debt. I have migraines. I was depressed. I wasn’t doing what I love. It was a salesman. I became a business consultant, but then in my desperation, I became a sales manager, which was a problem. My boyfriend had gone. It sounded like every country song you ever heard. It’s like, “My dog died.” It was no fun for me. I want everyone to know and I should have died from the stuff that caused the migraines in the first place, which is quite miraculous in and of itself. It’s not like I’m this chick, that’s always been full of piss and vinegar, positive, happy and uplifted that I’m trying to spit out some stuff with how I’m happy.

It’s not that. We have to bridge ourselves into that new reality. Honestly, one of the things is that evidence journal we have to start connecting, collecting evidence for what is working. You have to start getting your left logical brain, the part of your brain that collects evidence. You have to start showing it that you have evidence that there are things that are working for you. I don’t care how hard it is at the fact that you are breathing or reading this blog is a thing that you go on the ledger. It’s like, “I’ve got to read that now.” I even have that, I can read, speak, communicate, and that I have people that have access to information, which leads me to the second point. I hear you, Rodney, about the practicalities.

I had a woman post on my page, “Jennifer, we’ve got bills to pay. That’s nice you’re talking about vigilance for the good in my life. Thank you.” I said, “Listen to me, if you’re not playing loud music while you’re paying your bills, there’s something wrong.” Everyone complained about the music. I don’t care if you live in a studio apartment, you can play music and pay your bills. You can uplift the cashier at the grocery store and make a difference to someone’s day. Everyone can do that. As you do that, you start to retrain the world around you as to who you are. What happens is it’s also retraining your biology to be magnetic to different circumstances because of how instinct works.

GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times

Thrive In Uncertain Times: Nobody has to lose for you to win.


I’m not arguing that it’s not harder for some people. It is harder for some people. I’m blessed, even though my dad is a total pain in the colossal butt, and type-A hard ass. My mom’s a saint, but my dad was hard. I know there are people that have it a million times worse than I ever did. I am not saying for some people it’s not hard, but I promise you, the answer is always the same. It doesn’t matter if I’m a multimillionaire or if I am living in the woods with no electricity, the answer is the same. Your 75 trillion cells each give off these little photon packages of light. Photon packages of light, if you don’t know anything about them, travel around the world seven times in one second.

The information about who you are and how you relate to life is coming out of 75 trillion cells every millisecond. Imagine how important communication of yourself must be in the world. That’s how often your beingness gets communicated. That is the grace of life. Life’s grace is good that you have the capacity to make a change. Even if you’re the most miserable human being, you can make a change five minutes from now and start doing some of the things I’m talking about. Seven times in a second every photon travels you’re giving off trillions of communications a second. Your life can change quickly. The key is going to be consistency. The biggest problem is that people aren’t consistent. The grass is growing.

Put the grass seed in the dirt and it grows and grows out but you can’t see the grass yet. People give up before it pokes its head above the dirt. It’s physics. You can’t upbeat physics, you can’t be physics. The smallest particle of you is a metaphysical particle and that metaphysical particle forms the foundation of how your life is going to go. If you tell those foundational particles that your life is not going to go this way anymore, it’s going to go this way after you’ve been convincing life that you’re this way. It might take a few weeks before life starts responding. You’ve got to convince life that you’re not fooling around, but for goodness sake, don’t kill the grass seed before the grass has a chance to poke its head up above the soil. Consistency is the ingredient that is by far the most important.

What does that consistency consist of if someone is reading this? What should they be doing consistently?  

I’ll give you an example of what I do every day. I wrote a little report on this, I’ll give you some of the things from the report. One of those things is, you have to have a tribe, and you have to have a community. You need people that remember who you are when you forget you do. Even in the EBC you talked about, they used to call me the lone wolf which means that I was giving off those photons where I don’t need anybody, I got my stuff handled. The thing is that nobody has their stuff completely handled. Who’s kidding who? Everyone needs somebody. I love my piece in EBC, it’s so much fun. New tribe, I have my posse, I love my peeps. I love them so much. They’re fantastic. They remember who I am and they call me out on stuff all the time and they will tell me the truth. That’s the first ingredient.

We’re going to come back to the second agreement, but what’s coming up from me is for the person that’s reading this isn’t a step that should be quickly jumped over. We all have that a little voice in your head. Sometimes it tells you, “There’s something different for you. That’s something better for you. Maybe this is the path that you should take. This is what you’re designed to do. This is what you can do. This is why people need you.” If you don’t have people around you that you can have that conversation with, that will support that, that could be a major killer to your dream, destination in life, and purpose to life. This is the reason why I wanted to bring this up because that’s what’s missing for a lot of people.

I know for sure, because for me if I didn’t have people telling me often, “You can walk again. You’re not going to stay in that chair and there’s something greater for you. You can have something that you need to do in this life. This happened, it was bad, but there’s something good that was going to come out of this.” It was ingrained, programmed into me, like my name. I believed it. That made all the difference in the world. When you don’t have that, you can’t develop that level of faith because you’re the person that’s you’re feeling this, but then there’s the environment. You’re hearing these thoughts. You’re feeling this inside, but then there’s the environment and the environment is the reality that’s around you at this time. 

It’s the dog eat dog world that you talked about that wants you to stay the same. It wants you to not disrupt everyone’s belief. I want you to not go against, what’s already known. It doesn’t want you to evolve what’s possible. As soon as you start questioning what happens as you disrupt the matrix and people get upset with that. It’s those people that remember who you are when you forget, they will save your life. They see you when you can’t see yourself. The cool thing is you and I have those people and we’ve become those people.

We know someone did that for us. We get to pay that forward to other people. I love that you didn’t fluff over that one. We’re social beings. I always say to people, “The number one cause of depression is not lack of certain hormones.” What I’m about to say causes the lack of those hormones but it’s a lack of being social and connected with other people. There is TED Talk after TED Talk on the subject of depression, and depression is the result. It’s not having people who love you around, not having a social network, number one cost.

That web, that matrix of not being able to plug in. Before I got introduced to the EBC, I was in the late 30s. That’s how long it took. Even getting into this industry, it was the early 30s. There were other good people in my life, but it was family and people that expectation was labored upon. It’s not like you can go around a corner. You find people that will pat you on the back and say, “There’s something good in you. There’s something that the universe and creativity need you to do. I need you. I support whatever you’re doing because I know that I need you and I know you need me.” You don’t find that everywhere. The illusion is that those types of people don’t exist or you don’t have that support system outside of your immediate tribe. It’s just that. It’s an illusion because there are people out there. 

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Here’s the deal, do you remember I talked 0s or 1s? In the land of ones and the land of thriving, I’m going to use a different word flourishing. When you flourish as Lisa Nichols says, “You’re giving from your overflow.” I want to tell you, it’s not like you have to change all your circumstances to give from your overflow. For me, the most successful people I know are also the most generous people I know. I’m going to tell you, it’s an ingredient of thriving. People who thrive are incredibly generous. I could give you story after story.

They’re not generous because they’re thriving, they’re thriving because they’re generous.  

They are grateful for their life that they want to give away the goodness. It’s self-regenerating. It’s not like you’re giving it away and then it goes away.

You come to a point where you know what comes to you was given to you is from the universe versus out there. If you feel like it’s coming from out there, then you’re going to feel there’s a limit on it. You’re going to be restricted in how much you’re able to give because you don’t know how much you’re going to get. When you know it’s coming from the universe is infinite, which you can give it away because you know it’s going to be replenished over and over.

That’s one of the other ingredients we were talking about, how do you get to that? It’s around that generosity. There are ways to be generous if you perceive you don’t have a lot. Trust me there are tons of ways to be in that giving from my overflow. You look for places where you do have an overflow. It feels good to be generous. It also feels good to receive too. You have to be willing to do both be generous, but be a gracious receiver. Don’t be one of those people that say, “No, I got it. No, don’t help me. No, I’m the man or I’m the woman, I don’t need anybody.” It’s like the independence thing that I had. It’s an interesting thing.

Let’s get back to your list about how to transition out of that. We talked about having a track. That was the first thing. Secondly, what do we do? 

What I was going to get to there is around what I do every day. I’m going to do the second thing, then the third thing. The second thing is every night before I go to bed, I’m grateful for all the things that happen that I do with my husband. I call it the gratitude exercise. It doesn’t matter. You don’t need someone in front of you, but it does matter that you say it out loud and you hear yourself say it, or you write them down, but there’s something about saying it out loud. I say it out loud and then I say, “God, universe, all that is take command. My day is complete. I declare my day complete.”

When I declare my day complete in me and I give it all to the powers that be, when I go to bed, consciousness gets to take over and I have the best sleep. Consistently I do this every night and every morning, no matter what. The third thing is when I get up in the morning because I’m vigilant about my frequency. I’m vigilant for the radio station where I’m tuned. I don’t want to be on a radio station that’s going to give me all hurricanes all the time. I want a radio station that’s got some Bruno Mars on it. Your photons are tuned to a radio station. You want to be in that. When I get up in the morning, you would never get up in a bad mood.

Where I start is I imagine the things that I’m going to do that day or the people I’m going to meet so I imagined you and I’m like, “We’re going to have a conversation. What’s that going to be like? I have no idea, but I know we’re going to have a good conversation. I know it’s going to be filled with curiosity. I know there are going to be people reading. I can feel them already, the people that are reading. I know that the answers that we both give and the questions that get asked are going to be their questions and their lives are going to be made better because we had this conversation. They’re going to start on something that wasn’t going to be started unless they heard this show.” I’m having this like, “Okay.” I do that with every interaction. When I first talked to my husband, how’s that going to go and everything? I imagine all of that and then at the end, this is my favorite part, I put the words ‘or better’ like, “It’s going to at least go this way or better.” I leave room for consciousness, life, the universe, physics to give me an even better answer. That’s how I start every day. That’s 1, 2, 3. Those seven steps, it’s interesting. Life is simple.

I want to go back a little bit, because what I would like to highlight here in that step of creating your night and then waking up and creating a day. It’s how you’re seeing yourself in relation to the universe or to God. You can do these things and then, “It’s not working.” You feel a certain way. Maybe it feels cheesy. Maybe it feels like a waste of time.

GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times

Thrive In Uncertain Times: Be generous, but be a gracious receiver, too.


I used to think that. When I was sick and I used to come home to my husband I used to say, “I’m going to the stupid crunchy granolas again but it’s helping a little bit.” I remember judging the people I was going to. I was going to a network chiropractor and all cool people with advanced techniques. I used to judge the things I teach now.

How are you seeing it? What is that relationship between you and the universe now? That’s the critical element in understanding why you do this process.

Once you understand the science of how existence works. For me, when I went into nutrition, I went into it through the portal of biology. When I started studying lots of people who taught in psychoneuroimmunology, a guy named Dr. Hamer, who did brain scans and showed how scars in the brain were directly related to poor decisions you’ve made in your life and how you could change them, the scan changed. It was amazing. I started seeing all this evidence of how science supports it, even The Biology of Belief with Bruce Lipton. Dr. Bruce Lipton is a geneticist. All these guys and women are all people who studied science and the smallest particles of science, they started studying physics. The reason it changed for me is that once I studied the science of it, I realized a real game-changer. Have you ever watched the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know!?

I haven’t seen that one. 

I suggest you watch it, it’s quite something. In What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a bunch of physicists trying to make a story that shows how physics works in your life. It’s practical. I’m watching this movie and this will get jets. It’s primo how this works. They did this experiment where they shot something like a tennis ball machine. What they did is they shot multi-dimensional particles or metaphysical particles. Many would have been electrons at a wall, but the wall had two slots in it. It’s a big wall, two slots and then there’s a wall, a few feet behind that with no slots.

If you put wet paint on tennis balls, put them in the tennis ball machine. I fired them at the wall and there were two slots big enough for tennis balls to go through. If the tennis balls went through and hit the wall behind it, there would be two straight lines. If the paint was red, there would be two red straight lines after you did about 1,000 tennis balls. The theory is if you fire electrons, which a subatomic particle of us, you fire those through the thing, the two slots, and then they should land in two straight lines on the wall. They had a way of measuring that. Imagine that we’re made of these tiny particles.

They wanted to see how one of the tiniest particles of us behaved if you fire them through two slots. Here’s the fun part. The scientist didn’t want to affect the experiment so they had some random, weird way of doing the experiment over a long period of time where they didn’t have to watch. What happened was interesting. The particles went through the slots, but they did not land in straight lines. What happened was because their electrons on the other side, it was more like there’s a sea of electrons everywhere. If you fire electrons at a sea of electrons, it’s more like water, you fire it and then waves get created on the other side. The pattern on the wall behind was like waves hitting the wall.

The issue when the guys came back and they did the experiment themselves while being in the room with their thoughts, intentions and their preconceived notions, the particles landed in two straight lines. With you in the room with your beliefs, how life lands are exactly the way you expect it if you don’t disrupt the way you think. If you are not in the room, every possibility exists for how your life can land. The tennis balls could go anywhere. As soon as you get in the room with all of where you think your life’s going to go based on your history, if you don’t do anything deliberately to change that, that’s why I get up in the morning and do those visualizations.

This is pure science. It’s an experiment. One of the smallest particles of you, it could go anywhere if you’re not in the room with your thoughts, but because you land in the room with your thoughts, they land exactly as you expect them if you want to change your life. That was one of those life-changing moments. That little experiment is in that movie. You can take a look at it, but that’s one of the fundamental reasons why I teach what I teach. What’s the point of living? I’m right about my bank account. How are you ever going to get a new bank account?

That’s thrive mentality right there. Speaking of thrive, and I know you talked about it, what are some of the characteristics of people who thrive? 

People who thrive are incredibly generous. They're not generous because they're thriving; they’re thriving because they're generous. Share on X

People who thrive are willing to question things, they relate to life like you’re curious about the adventure. One of my favorite people who thrived her name was Dottie Walters. She’s long passed, but she was one of the first women inspirational. She worked in corporations. If she was talking to you, she’d be asking you all the time, like, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.” She meant it, “Tell me more.” People who thrive are always saying, “That’s interesting. Tell me more.” Instead of trying to tell you how it is. People who thrive generally have creative projects. They like to create, but they like to co-create even more. We go back to generosity, my friends they’re generous with their time or sometimes with their money. People who are generous with their knowledge and their time, I find that an even more powerful form of generosity.

My time is more valuable than money. 

You can make more money. You can’t make more time. They have a practice, like what I was sharing, they always have practices that they do to keep themselves expand. We talk about sustainability in this world. Sustainable is okay, but what we want to be is self-generating. We want to be regenerating, which is a different way of being, that’s a thriving mentality. It’s like, “How can I generate more? How can I create more?”

Even of ourselves, how can we regenerate ourselves in our thoughts, our emotions?  

When I heard your story, I’m such a fan of that because what I know about cells is that even your bone regrows every seven years. You get all-new bone cells every seven years. Every three hours, you get new inside of your mouth cells.

I didn’t know that. 

You should go and look it up, Rodney, because it’s cool. If you understand how quickly cells regenerate themselves, it gives you even more fuel for the fire of being healthy again. That’s why I laugh when I said, “When I’m 86, I plan to be the same as I am now.”

I’ve interviewed some people here. Julie Doering, who I interviewed, she’s talking about living until she’s 120 or more. Her minimum is 120. We all know the life expectancy is 80 or so. She’s like, “No, there’s evidence that we can live well beyond that if we take proper action, practices, and things like that.” It isn’t unheard of. Jennifer, how can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you, maybe hire you as a coach or a mentor?

People can get in touch with me and they can email us at DivineOrder@TheWideAwakening.com. That’s a personal assistant. They can also go to TheWideAwakening.com. One of my favorite places is on Facebook. I’m on there all the time. We do Facebook Lives. That’s Facebook.com/wideawakening.

I want to ask you another question about the struggle in the flow and we talked a lot about that. A lot of people, if you would ask them, may say that a lot of their life has struggled and they want to get into a place where they can get into that flow and they want to experience that. What can we do? What are some things that we can start doing to shift from struggle to fill up?  

GCM 118 | Thrive In Uncertain Times

Thrive In Uncertain Times: Leave room for consciousness, life, the universe, and physics to give you an even better answer.


That 7 Steps manual has all the steps in it. Those are seven things anyone can do and you can find it at TheWideAwakening.com/7steps. Get it and start doing those things. It’s some of the things that I talked about but there are several more and none of them take a lot of time and every single one of them retrains life to respond to you differently. You retrain life to be in the flow with you and you start to get the skills of being in the flow with life.

You said something interesting, I’m observant. You said, “Life responds to you differently. Not you respond to life.” We spend a lot of time responding to what’s out there, but life responds to you differently.

You train life and that’s a cool thing. We’re in the power seat, Rodney. Life is always wanting you to flow. Life is going, “I’m going to make you feel crappy right now because you’re being a bone head. You’re going to feel bad. It’s because you’re being stubborn and you’re not listening.” Life loves us so much that when we’re out of the flow, it will tell you. Sometimes people last years in that space, the cool thing is life is gracious. All it wants is for us to flow and create. By changing our actions, it’s a conform of communication to life itself saying, “I don’t want to focus on all the things going wrong anymore.” It’s 0s or 1s, that’s it. I think of it like a computer, you’re either in this operating system or you’re in this operating system. It’s simple.

First of all, thank you. This has been a great conversation. We can keep going on and on.  

It’s fun. Thank you for having me.

No worries. It’s my pleasure. What would you consider the game-changer message?

The game-changer message is to consider that everything happens for you and not to you. The question is how would it reframe everything that’s ever happened to you? How would it change the rest of your life if you reperceived everything that it happened for you and not to you if that was the true? If you combine that knowing with living life, curious on the adventure, so much more will become available. That’s where I would start. For me, that’s a huge game-changer.

Thank you for coming on the show. 

Thank you for having me, Rodney. It’s nice to play with you. Hope we can do it again.

There you have it, readers, another successful episode of the show. Sometimes changing the game, being the star player, being a champion, it doesn’t have to be complex. When you think about some of the most successful players in the sport, some of the greatest champions, I’ve listened to many interviews about how they are, where they are. They will always revert back to something that’s simple and basic. It’s the fundamental things you do every single day. We talked about the practices, the rituals, these are all game-changers if we can look at life differently and things are happening to us looking at it from a lens of happening for us versus to us. Thank you, Jennifer, it’s truly a game-changer. It can make a big difference in your life, in the trajectory where you end up where you go from this point. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes we think we have to do this, we have to do that.

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, pressurizing the situation. Something as simple as taking a pair of glasses off, picking up another pair, and putting those on and taking a peek in the path can be revealed from that small, simple act. I challenge you to change the lens. That’s my challenge for you to pick up a different pair of glass, whatever it is, you’re going through, you feeling, and then invite someone else. Invite your team members and other players on your team to do the same thing, to see it from a different light point to it for them. It’s a game-changer. Until next time, peace and love.

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