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Our bodies are more than capable of healing itself. We just need to value its capacity to do so and learn how to make use of its power along with nature that surrounds us. In today’s eye-opening episode, Rodney Flowers introduces us to Quantum Health Activator, visionary, author, and poet, Julie Renee Doering. Emphasizing how the world is currently aging, Julie showcases the capabilities of quantum technology and quantum view to growing younger and achieving healthier bodies. The impact of making cells happy is monumental with regards to achieving healthier cells. She believes that in order to achieve healthier cells, we must learn how to rearrange our particles, meditate, and be one with nature. Understand the power of your body by listening to Juliet’s wisdom about neuroplasticity and so much more.

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Quantum Technology: Achieving Healthier Bodies With Julie Renee Doering

How many of you would like to learn more about your brain? Learn how your brain can help you overcome challenges and accomplish what you want in life. How can you regenerate the brain? I’m here with Julie Renee Doering, Quantum Health Activator. She’s a visionary and poet who awakened a whole new level of awareness and discovery in her visionary, poetic and deeply spiritual work. She’s a creative explosion of beauty, truth and awakening. She brings a new view and focus to all she does. Her signature is love and wisdom. With grace and ease, she helped us know, understand and be more. She is an award-winning poet and Woman of the Year. She has received awards for her gift of leadership, courage and fortitude. Please help me welcome, Julie Renee Doering. Welcome to the show, Julie.

Thank you for that incredible introduction. No one has ever spoken those words with such power and passion. I love it.

I wanted to give you the intro because you deserve it. You’re going to provide so much value and insight. I already know. I did some research on you. One of the things that’s misunderstood and maybe even underutilized when it comes to human beings, human achievement, success, overcoming obstacles, quantum leaps and energy. I can go on and on. I’m excited to be able to talk to someone who’s willing to share their knowledge and understanding with us, so that we can become better and use our brains more effectively. First of all, thank you for coming on the show to share that information.

It’s my pleasure.

How long have you been in this work? That’s maybe a good place to start. I know you’ve written a ton of books. Maybe twelve books you’ve written about the topic. Let’s talk about some of those books and your experience with the brain.

I’ve been in the game of life for many years. I’ve been doing my work for many years. People are always surprised because I look a little bit younger. The regeneration works, the cell regeneration that I do. We have students who are intending to live for 140 years. The human blueprint is designed to live 700 to 900 years. It’s all about how are you caring for your design and life extension is possible. There are five places on the planet right now where there are lots of people over 100. Japan is the largest. Japan has 76,000 people between 100 and 120 right now on the planet. The game is changing. The set point is changing for all of humankind. We have to move along with that. What’s exciting about what I’m doing is that I’m bringing in this quantum technology, which is a type of energy that we access on the field of transformation to grow younger and healthier to restore ourselves and our brain. That presents a new issue too of working a lot longer because we don’t want to be on Social Security from age 60 to 120.

That’s truly a game-changer because the life expectancy here in America is between 70 and 80 years old.

I don’t know any of my followers that are planning to live that short of a life.

What do we need to do in order to set ourselves up to live this long and how does that relate to the brain?

I’ll give you some nuggets of wisdom. We want to look at the whole picture. We want to look at what the mind, spirit, heart and body wants. When you can deeply integrate those four aspects of what you’re thinking, you can get the game right in the brain but maybe your heart isn’t passionate. You get the passion and the brain aligned but you still need to have that agreement of what your spirit wants and came to do. Finally, there’s a depression that is in people’s bodies.

People look at aging and they see people who don’t have good brain function. Their joints are bad. They don’t move well. Their bladder doesn’t work right. They can’t see. They don’t want to get old. People have a mindset. I hear people in my age group saying, “I’ve got about twelve good years left. I figure I’ll go traveling, partying and try to find someone to settle in with before I can do any of that anymore.” They’re thinking that the game is over at 75. The game is not over at 75. The game is not over until you say it’s over. I am living proof of that.

I’ve died twice. I pushed my spirit back into my body and came back. I had two kinds of cancer. I survived the atomic bomb testing in the Nevada desert when I was a child. I had seventeen surgeries and multiple cancers. I was in a wheelchair for a year. They told me I would never walk without unbearable pain in canes. I discovered through that journey the human blueprint and how the body regenerates. I know that it’s aligning all parts. We can regenerate the cells but if the mind, spirit and the heart aren’t there, it’s not going to do you a whole lot of good. You can have a physically younger body for a while but you’ve got to line up all of those parts of you.

I know you have a process on clearing and regeneration. Tell us first about the clearing. How are you using the quantum view to clear?

There are two kinds of physics. There’s Newtonian physics like gravity and apple falling from a tree and there’s quantum physics. I am not a scientist. I am a person who had these terrible experiences where I was so sick and I discovered this. I’m going to speak in very much layman’s terms because that’s who I am. I can see it and so I’m going to describe what I can see. The quantum field as I understand is a field of particles vibrating that we’re all part of. Based on how those particles are vibrating, you get a better or a not so good result.

GCM 97 | Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology: Quantum technology is a type of energy accessed on the field of transformation towards growing younger and healthier bodies.


What we’re doing is getting into a high enough frequency in the field of transformation and of unconditional love if you want to think of it that way. We can transform how the particles are vibrating to vibrate in a better circumstance for you. Even though it gets categorized in energy work, it’s technically not energy work. We’re rearranging the inside of you. That’s why people never have healing crises when we work with them because there’s no foreign energy. Sometimes when you do a particular energy work, you’ll have a healing crisis, meaning you’ll get sick to your stomach or you’re achy or something like that.

With working with the quantum field, we’re working with what you already have. We’re rearranging it so it’s better for you. That’s a simple explanation of how it works. The next level of that is we have a chart. The clearing chart or the regeneration chart, we make contact with our eyes. What the mind can conceive and believe, it will accomplish. We’ve known that for all the time. All philosophers have said that. We’ve made contact with our eyes. We see that chart. I’ve created that chart out of muscle testing and it’s a huge chart. There are over 1,000 things that we’re clearing on the clearing chart. We’re making that intention with the mind, then we’re doing a hand movement.

There are thirteen movements. One simple hand movement that we’re doing is basic quantum pump. The elbow is down at your waist and your hand is in front of your shoulder, about six inches and it is falling forward. Your wrist is falling forward. This is a simple first quantum pump technique that anyone would learn. This one works for regeneration, since this is what we’re doing. Once we’ve done a deep clear out, right permission and ability to fully in all aspects of my blueprint permanently with 100% great results, get the clearing and cleared all the things that were under it that showed up and were blocking good health, for example, the brain or the muscles or whatever you’re working on. We then go into our cellular neogenesis chart and do a process.

There are a number of steps. If you look at it, there are probably seven steps, but there are three main steps in cellular neogenesis. There’s making contact with the master and stem cells. The master cell, people ask me about this. It’s like, “What is that?” Seven days after conception, all of your information is assembled in what’s called a blastocyst. Those are master cells. It’s somewhere 140 to 170 master cells. Those are super-duper cells. They’re like stem cells but they hold the information to grow a cellular gland in an organ.

We know stem cells because they are so popular right now. Stem cells also hold the information to grow new cells. We’re making contact with the stem and master cells in the area. We’re bringing them back to 100% function. A few years ago, I did a study of 5,000 brains. I used kinesiology and read 5,000 brains over the course of about a year and a half. It was a big job. What I discovered is that the five parts of the brain that I was looking at, survival, emotional, logical, creative and genius frontal lobe, function somewhere between 7% and 27%.

If you think about increasing that function, matching it up with 100% cell function, that would mean that those cells were functioning between 7% and 27%. What we’re doing is matching the stem and master cells in a divine blueprint to 100%. Once we get the stem and master cells there, we use the light of the cell, which is something that also is used for mirroring when somebody smiles at you. It’s like, “She likes me. She thinks I’m cute.” That’s mirroring. It’s the light of the cell so we can make all the cells happy. We’re going to shine a light on all the surrounding cells. Finally, in the third main step of cellular neogenesis, we’re working with the mitochondria.

It sounds like a big word, but it is this fuel generator of the cell. It looks a little bit like a caterpillar. I’m a visionary, but I’m a visionary in a cute way. Years ago, I saw everything as it was and some of it was scary looking demons and junk like that. I turned that off. I see things in cartoons now. The mitochondria looks like a little caterpillar to me. I imagine tickling the caterpillar’s tummy and out spirts a bunch of new cells. You can look at it in a scientific way. It is in the shape of a caterpillar. The program for new cell growth is in the mitochondria. When you want that to grow is when the cells are now matching 100% function. The cascade of new cell growth based on where it is in the body, the brain is 180 days. The heart is more like 78 days. Each organ and gland have a number that goes along with it.

We want all those new days of cell growth because the first day you’ll have a few cells. The second day, you’ll have a few more and the third until you get to six months. We saw rapid improvements. We did this study of 200 people for six months. Each month they would fill in their questionnaire about how things were going. By the second and third month, we’ve seen huge leaps in brain function. You have to also know that we’re working with the function of the cells. If you’re improving the muscle, you want to work the muscle. If you’re working the brain, you want to work the brain. You want to learn new things. You want to open those pathways. You want to exercise the brain.

Are you finding that there are a lot of people that are blocked in this area and they don’t realize that they are blocked?

I think everybody is. Some people use neuroplasticity and that’s great. They work their mind. We’re working all the layers, not just the mind. There are blockages for every single person across the board. I started out saying you’ve got to integrate all the parts of you. Neuroplasticity works with the mindset and that’s fantastic. I love that. That’s just a piece of the puzzle. It’s not the whole puzzle.

How is this compared to energy work? I know that’s starting to become more prevalent in the marketplace now. How is this different from that?

Energy work is moving some energy. It might be from the person’s body or from something else into another person’s body to change something. When a person is getting energy work, they’re getting the energy that is not related to their field or body to rearrange something. If I was working on you, I’m not putting any of my energy into you. What I’m doing is I’m rearranging what your configuration is. You are younger, healthier and smarter. Your organs are functioning better. We’re rearranging what you already have. We’re not putting anything new into you. Even though we’re in that category, because that’s as close as you can get, we’re a new phenomenon.

It’s probably the most ancient because we’re working with the original design, the original blueprint. The book that I published was Origins, talking about how humankind came into being from the God cloud to this development of the spirit, to the integration of spirit and body. Adding to that the energy fields, chakras and things like that. We do work in such a profound way. We work in a very deep way. We work with what is already there with you. It’s interesting. I was teaching a class. I have an academy. There were a lot of people who had missing chakras. The thing with this is because they exist in the blueprint, they can be restored. They can be grown back.

With this work, even surgically removed glands and organs, medically documented, we’ve grown back for people. There’s a beautiful video on YouTube, an interview with Caroline Steven’s talking about what happened to her where she was dying. We did go on a year and a half after that interview was done and grew back her colon. She did a short little clip saying, “I had the colostomy bag removed.” It’s a very touching interview. This woman was a nun and she was a professor at a religious college. She saw her divine complement in the audience where she was lecturing.

They got together and he was fifteen years older than her and she was already in her 40s. It’s unbelievable. They got married and had a baby in her 40s. He was in his mid-50s. He had a baby. She got profoundly ill when the little girl was eleven. She was dying. The doctors had given her a few days to live to go to the funeral home and make her arrangements because there wasn’t any hope for her. It’s a beautiful story about how I got her healthy enough that she could live. She said, “I’m not going to be okay with just living. I waited so long to be with my husband. I can’t be with him with this poop bag hanging out of the front of me. I need you to fix me.”

The cells can be regenerated, but if the mind, spirit and, heart aren’t there, it's not going to do a whole lot of good. Share on X

She said, “I will do everything I can. I’ll pray to the angels every day. I will do what I can, but you have to help me.” I was able to grow back her colon for her. She has a normal, healthy, happy life and sex life too, a healthy body. We’ve done that with a variety of different things where I had tonsils and adenoids removed when I was three. I grew them back. I was wearing glasses from age 18 to 46. I corrected my vision. I don’t wear glasses. I don’t need glasses on my driver’s test. I grew back a woman who had failed adrenal. She had 26 tumors in her body and her adrenal on a PET scan said it was the size of a raisin. It had dried up and was dead. Four months later on a PET scan, she had a size of a plum fully functioning adrenal.

Even though I don’t pursue the medical reports because what I’m interested in is helping people, I don’t care about that. I get bogged down with doing medical documentation. It gets documented over and over again because people are seeing medical providers and they’re going, “What the heck is going on?” Numerous people have come through our program because of the deep level of clearing. They come in with stage 3 or stage 4 cancer. A month or two months, they don’t have cancer anymore. Whether they’re working one-to-one with me or they’re going through one of our points of mastery programs, the clearings are so profound that cancer disappears. We’re rearranging how your particles are vibrating so they’re working for you.

What causes your particles to become disorganized in the first place?

That’s an interesting question because we look at what causes toxicity. It could be spiritual toxicity, but physical toxicity is one of them. Core DNA programming, a very small amount of DNA is malfunctioning in the body and doing nobody things, so to speak, programming on this. I also think trauma in the body where you don’t resolve something. It could be that you don’t have the injury anymore. You went past the injury but the trauma still lives there. The memory in the body still lives there. The body fights against whatever else you’re doing. Have you ever taken a supplement that’s supposed to do something but doesn’t do anything? That might be because there’s trauma that has to be healed so that it can allow for the next shift up? That’s going to be the easiest way to say it. Toxicity and trauma are the two largest issues. Injury can make things malfunction too.

What would you recommend the audience to do at home? I don’t know if they can do the clearing all on their own. Maybe they need an expert or professional to help them with that, but I’m sure there are some daily practices that we could take to help us. Could you give us some pointers on some things we could do on a daily basis?

First of all, go to my website, JulieRenee.com and grab the free Quantum Mind Meditation. It’s JulieRenee.com/quantummind. While you’re on the website, grab a few free resources. Go to the free resources. There’s the Fatigue to Fabulous if you want to regenerate something. You can start learning how to do regeneration. That’s a longer meditation. Either of those I would start with. I want you meditating every day. I want you drinking water differently than you’ve drink water before because everybody’s pretty much drinking water the wrong way. You’re drinking 2 to 4 ounces every 30 to 45 minutes.

I developed this method. I call it the Sip Sixteen Method. There is no bladder in your brain and it’s not anywhere near your brain. If you’re gosling twenty ounces, it’s going way down there. It’s not getting to the brain. After about 45 minutes, the brain is dehydrating. The brain and the hormones work from hydration. If you’re not hydrated every 45 minutes with 2 to 4 ounces of water, you’re dehydrating. You’re making it harder for your body to work for you. Water will clear out toxins. It’s also going to make everything run better.

The formula that I use, Sip Sixteen looks like, “How much water should I drink?” Some people say drink a gallon or two gallons or whatever. An easy formula is half your body weight in water. I’m 125 pounds so that’s about 62 ounces of water divided by sixteen or your waking hours, but about sixteen times I should be taking some water. If you’re drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages, you’re going to need to make more. Every time you drink a caffeinated beverage, add another cup of water. That’s because it dehydrates you. Caffeine will suck the water out. You’re thinking, “I’m going to use this as one of the things that count for fluid.” You can do herbal tea. Herbal tea can count, but caffeine like coffee or black tea cannot count.

Is caffeine not a toxin? Is it okay? Is it healthy?

There are caffeinated beverages that are good for you. Green teas are good for you. They are high in antioxidants. I recommend one caffeine drink a day if you’re a caffeine lover. One is fine. When you start, depending on caffeine, you’re shutting down the natural vitality and the natural energy producers in your body because you’re relying on the caffeine to take over. Eventually, you’re shutting off your own systems. I have people ask me all the time how I can take care of my little three-year-old. I adopted Adelia when I was 58. She’s a handful. She has special needs with a whole lot of rambunctious energy. I have no problem taking care of her. At most, I have one caffeine drink a day. Sometimes, I don’t have any caffeine.

It’s what you’re telling yourself. The other thing I’m going to say is why does the body malfunction? It’s like black magic. When you say things against yourself, it’s like black magic. It’s like you’re cursing yourself. I think about this woman who’s exactly my age. Our birthdays are two weeks apart. She’s always saying things like, “I’m getting older. I could never even babysit Adelia for an hour. I don’t have enough energy.” She’s saying she’s a couple of years away from retirement. It’s like this nonsense talk about you don’t have the energy. That might be true that your body is tired and you haven’t listened to it.

You haven’t released whatever grief or toxins you have in the body. You might be going along with the group mind and what group mind beliefs. If you want to live a long, healthy, vibrant life, give yourself some good reasons to live a long, healthy, vibrant life. I would have had a baby too. I lost little Virgil in February. He was born blind, deaf and cocaine-addicted. I’m committed to the process of helping children. I got everything beautifully set up for them. I am committed to being a youthful and healthy mama who is wise. I am bringing in the wisdom that a lot of younger parents can’t. I can bring in continuity and steadfastness that a lot of younger people can’t. Use your energy and your mind for good.

How do you deal with the energy of other people? I know you talked about group mind and being around people that may have adopted this mindset. I’ve encountered people older than me and they say, “Wait until about 10 to 15 years, you’re not going to be as vibrant.” The body has a natural tendency to decline. I’m doing everything I can to stay vibrant, healthy and mobile. How do you deal with that type of energy?

The first thing is to say, “I can see what you’re saying,” and let it go. Don’t fight with them. If you create a push, they’re going to be wanting to convince you. It’s like, “I understand that. I get that. That’s a challenge.” In your mind, you say, “That’s not my challenge. That’s not happening to me.” I know my mother would say lots of things, “You’re young.” She’s been saying this for a long time. She’s now looking at me and going, “My daughter is a senior citizen.” She can’t say, “You’re young,” anymore with that excuse of, “your body is going to break down.” She can’t say it. They don’t know. Meditation is good. We did water meditation.

Getting outside and hiking, I took my daughter on a two-mile hike up the mountain and back. We got her to a sitter for a few minutes so I could do this interview. Being outside in nature is important. It heals you. If you can walk on the beach, on a mountain or around a lake or a forest, that is fantastic advice. You want to take great care of yourself. I’m interested in building more power. I’ve lost some weight. I was working on that consciously. I want to strengthen my muscles. I’ve been working on my flexibility. You need to make your self-goals, stay active and involved with your life.

GCM 97 | Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology: Meditation promotes the regeneration of cells.


You talk about being out in nature and the effect that it has on your life, but what’s happening behind the scenes with that? There’s an energy exchange that’s going on I can imagine. At least it feels that way for me.

Yeah, there is. About twenty minutes in nature will reorganize your negative and positive ions. The positive ions are the ones that make you feel gray, cloudy and depressed. The negative ones are the ones that are happy. This field around you gets reorganized so you are supported with the happier fields. In addition to that, your brain chemistry, your body chemistry takes a leap. You’re releasing happy endorphins in the body as you exercise. As you ask for that vitality and energy moving through the body, there’s yummy and fun chemistry released into the body. You want that.

Sitting still, I’m a writer so I’ve had to change my ways a little bit. I have to get up at about every half an hour and move around a little bit, move your body. If your brain is active, but everything else is sedentary, your brain is going to start getting inactive too. It’s going to start getting sleepy. Getting up for 90 seconds, moving around, taking ten deep cleansing breaths, getting your water again, getting yourself hydrated, and then you can jump right back in. Those are some things that you can do.

I want to jump back to the conversation about the caffeine because I have a lot of readers that work out. I want to talk about energy drinks, the supplementations and things like that. Are those things dangerous for us when it comes to the energy field? What are your thoughts for those that work out?

I know because I’ve been there. I was an athlete. I lettered nine times in high school and continued on with athletics for a long time. I’ve been there. I’ve used the drinks, tablets and whatever. I think that you start shutting everything down and off that your body is naturally going to give you. You’re thwarting your efforts if you’re depending on that. There are strategies for nutrition that are excellent. I know I changed my strategy around food and it was hard at first, then it’s been amazing. I went into a keto diet, which has worked for me. It’s amazing. I dropped seventeen pounds over eight months without any effort. I’d say the first three weeks were a little tough because I love sweets. After that, it sorted itself out. I feel like I have a strength that I didn’t have before. You’re not being beaten down by the wheat and the sugars. That takes you out of your game. Sugars, I would stay away from. Stevia is good, but the sugars break down your cells. They’re very counterproductive.

I want to talk about the story about Melissa. She had these migraines. You were able to help her overcome these migraines. Could you tell us a little bit about that?

She’s a sweet gal. She had a radio show and I was working with her. She’s an amazing woman. She came in for a one-to-one transformative program. You work with me for five hours and rearrange you in a lot of different ways. One of her complaints was migraines. While I was working with her, which was hilarious. That was a five-hour session and now we have them a little shorter and we do five hours over a little more time. She got up and used the bathroom and she came back and said, “What did you do to me? I look like a twelve-year-old.” She’s 46.

I was rearranging her cells rapidly and how her body responded is she did look like a twelve-year-old and to me too. It was funny. Over a course of time, we did a couple of follow-up sessions with her to end the migraines and we did put a complete end to them. That was the brain regeneration process that we talked about, the cellular neogenesis. The other thing was when the pattern would start. It would start because of her cycles. It was slowing down her hormonal cycles. The coaching I gave her was speak to the pattern. Starting the little fuzzy thing in the eyes and a little bit of the pressure in the head, right away just say, “That’s not me.”

She would do that for five minutes. The headache wouldn’t even come in. It wouldn’t even start. It got this little indication she’d spend five minutes saying, “That’s not me.” With five beginning starts of the migraine, that was the end of it. She had zero after that. It was over. It attempted to come back. It’s like sometimes there’s a pattern in the body. We’ve cleared it and we have to acknowledge that the way that we talk about ourselves, “I have a headache, I am in pain.” It claims it. It lets it embed in our bodies. If we say, “I’m experiencing some pressure in my head, that is not me,” that’s a very powerful way to use your thoughts and your words.

How do you recommend we quiet and learn?

Meditation is good. It’s funny, but the brain regeneration that I do quiets the mind. It turns off all the voices. The mind goes quiet. It’s very pleasant. Men have an advantage because men can sit quietly, women cannot. Sometimes women say, “What are you thinking about?” A man is not thinking about anything, that’s never possible for a woman. She might not understand that you’re not thinking about something, that you’re zoning for a moment. Women have constant chatter in the head. That’s somewhat related to the way our hormonal body and the chemistry in our body works. Women are wired for social-emotional where men are wired for accomplishment and survival. The way that the brain works is slightly different because it was marinated differently while we’re maturing.

Adelia is three and her brain is being marinated with estrogen right now. Her little boyfriend who’s three also, his brain is being marinated with testosterone. They’re being driven to do different activities. Adelia will not let go of Dolly. She sucks her thumb. She’s got her Dolly against her chest all the time unless the Dolly’s in the stroller. She says the Dolly is crying. It’s this constant because she’s being flooded with the estrogen, but she is out doing the same activities like running like crazy with him. He is a Destructo man with the trucks. He wants nothing but trucks. It’s not because they’re being raised differently because Adelia has trucks and cars. He will play with Adelia and they’re well-suited energetically. Their brains are being fed something different. They’re developing differently. How we behave when we’re adults and how the mind works a little bit differently is because of where we started and how we go through that chemistry.

I want to thank you for coming on the show. This has been a wonderful conversation. I felt like there’s so much to this to cover. There’s a deep level to all of these of which we don’t understand. I would like to invite you back again to the show to talk about this even more. Before we leave though, I would like you to tell us, how can people reach you if they wanted to work with you and find out more about you?

It’s JulieRenee.com. If you want to grab the Quiet Mind. It’s JulieRenee.com/quietmind. That’s a little free five-minute meditation. I know that some of you are very busy, but getting an even five-minute meditation does help vibe the mind. Go onto the website and seek out. There are lots of free resources there. If you want to work with me one-to-one, you can find all the information there. I’m on Facebook. I’m everywhere so you can find me anywhere.

Do you focus on healing, Julie?

Quantum Technology: Achieving Healthier Bodies With Julie Renee Doering Share on X

I focus on full self-expression. I don’t want to do too long of a conversation, but there is a notion out there about enlightenment and ascension that is from an old era. We’re now in the new era of the age of androgyny and equality. We’ve moved from the Piscean into the Aquarian age. Ascension now is full self-expression and full human mastery. I do focus on wellness, but I focus on all aspects of human wellness. From the mind to the body, to your wealth and your love, we look at the big picture. We want to have human mastery. We want to raise that understanding of humankind so that we’re all in that frequency of love.

What does human mastery look like?

It’s being successful in your money life, your family life. It’s being divinely connected, being in joy and happiness, aligning the aspects of blueprint in the simplest way of saying like your mind, heart, spirit and physical body. Having your financial life in good shape so that’s not pulling on you and having functioning your entire existence. It’s having your body work well and having everything in a beautiful alignment.

What are three tips you can give us to keep our brains healthier and happier that we could start doing?

Drinking more water, meditating daily and getting outside and exercising. The last one I want to tell you is if you are not sleeping well, your computer may be the closet bed. If you’re looking at a bright screen, as the sun is going down, the light is going into your eyes and back to your pineal gland. Your pineal gland looks like a little coffee bean. A light goes through the eyes and the pineal gland doesn’t get triggered to release melatonin. If you make a practice of watching the sun go down for 30 days and turning the screen off, maybe twenty minutes of watching the sun go down, you can reset your pineal gland and get the melatonin working again.

What is the game-changing mentality message you would like to share?

If I could say anything at this moment, it would be to encourage you to have moments where you slow down. I know what it’s like to be an athlete. I know what it’s like to drive and be driven. If you could slow down enough occasionally, maybe a daily basis of having twenty minutes where you’re calm, quiet and listening to all aspects of your body, it’s a practice. You will gain such wisdom and such strength that you had no idea was possible. I heard this somewhere where it was like a threat. In a movie like, “You have no idea who you’re dealing with,” but I think you have no idea who you are. You are a miraculous being of light. You come with this incredible system and you’re meant to regenerate and heal and live for hundreds of years. You have no idea of the power that you wield. If you can slow down a little bit and make a practice of listening and maybe taking on learning some of this information, it’s time.

A good place to start learning it is on your website.

Come to my website. I teach 4 or 5 classes a week so I’m teaching all the time.

You have books online as well.

I do. There are twelve on Amazon right now.

What would you recommend?

An easy read would be the 100% You Formula. It’s like sitting in the living room and having a chat. That doesn’t take very long. You could get it on audio if you’d like to. It’s on our website on audio. You’d want to like Your Divine Human Blueprint. It’s 600 pages. It covers a lot of material. It has thousands of stories. People are blown away. There’s poetry. There are sacred texts. This comes from me. I’ve got seven planets in fire so I got to do it. Those two are good to start with. Balance Your Life Now!, you can read in an hour and it has the twelve-week program to help you incorporate some of the concepts you’re learning. That’s another one and it’s a little one. It’s super easy.

Thank you, Julie, for coming on the show, sharing your wisdom about brain rejuvenation and how we can start practicing that. I’m grateful for the work that you do. We need more people like you to do this. I want to learn more about the quantum field and brain rejuvenation.

I’m going to hold you to that.

GCM 97 | Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology: Twenty minutes in nature reorganizes your negative and positive ions.


Please do. I love accountability. When you say you have no idea. You don’t know what you’ve done. I think about what I know and what I’ve been able to accomplish for what I know. There’s this piece that I don’t know. What if I could become more aware of that and utilize that? Maybe I can live up to 120.

You definitely could. You could say I will. You could live for 150 years. You’re at a perfect point to do that.

If you read the Holy Bible, they talk about individuals who lived 700 years.

Babies being born to women in their 90s. I met a woman who gave birth to her ninth child when she was 69. She was a medicine woman. She said, “Nine kids is enough.” At 69 years old, she had her last child.

Did she have complications?

No, it’s natural birth.

It’s almost unheard of.

Somebody gave me an article and said, “This is so fantastic. An infertile woman who was going through menopause at 40 got pregnant.” I thought, “What are you talking about?” One of my friends who is from Pakistan, one of her relatives who is a 65-year-old man married a 54-year-old woman. She was a virgin. She had been taking care of family members and they died. Now she got married off. She immediately got pregnant and had a baby boy at 54 years old. She had never had sex before. I think we are mistaken. We have to think about our bodies and our lives completely different than what we are.

This goes completely against the grain. This is completely a game-changer. I can imagine some people who are reading this or they’re exposed to this type of stuff for the first time and they’re like, “Get out of here. This lady is crazy.” How do you deal with the critics and the naysayers?

I don’t have them. You go on the website. There are hundreds and hundreds of testimonials all over the place. People are saying, “This change and that change. I can’t believe how fast that did.” We don’t have anybody. If people don’t come to me until they’re in some sense of possibility. If you’re willing at all to look, you will see. There’s a scriptural content text that says we’re supposed to do this and even greater works than these. You should also do that. We’re supposed to do this. We’re supposed to own our power. We’re supposed to create a new world, a new reality, a new Jerusalem, however you want to look at it. We’re supposed to have youthful bodies. We’re supposed to live much longer. This group mind is to me a virus. It’s an illness that needs to stop. We don’t need to catch it. We can say, “That’s not me,” and we don’t need to catch it.

Is your work spiritual-based?

It’s not a religion because we have all religions. I do occasionally quote scripture because I follow the Christian path, but I also have a mantra that we teach for people who love that. It’s for everyone. I feel like living a Christ-like life is including everyone in the miracle. I don’t feel that it’s appropriate to exclude people and some of the readers may, but I feel like the life that I saw Christ with was one that was all-inclusive. He never said you can’t come to me because you’re green or purple. He didn’t say that. I had a very humble Islamic woman who wears a shroud and has six children and stays in our house. The husband is married to multiple women. She asked permission, “Can I study with you?” I said, “Absolutely, you must study with me.” I feel that it is the right of every human on this planet to have this wisdom and knowledge, be blessed and to experience the blessings of the divine God and the angels. I’m passionate about including everyone.

Thank you so much for coming on the show.

You’re welcome.

I appreciate it. There you have another successful episode. In all our doing, we must understand and understanding who we are at the cellular level, how our brains work and how we can rejuvenate is very important. Maybe we’re missing out because of that lack of understanding and awareness. Let’s take the time to become more aware of who we are. Until next time.

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