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Most of us work on things that we don’t like because we learn to work for the money. We had to leave our dreams aside because that wouldn’t give us food to eat and put a roof over our heads. In fact, the consideration and contemplation of living the dream seem to cancel out its positive effect. On today’s show, International Leader Mabel Katz takes a moment to talk with Rodney Flowers about her journey on finding happiness in the Hawaiian art of problem-solving called Ho’oponopono and how she made a series of books based on it. Traveling around the world and building on the initial teachings, she developed Zero Frequency, through which she shares the ways people can find their passions and follow their hearts more than their minds. Here, Mabel takes us all around that and guides us to find balance and being at peace no matter what is going on around us. 

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Zero Frequency: The Spiritual Principles To Pursuing Your Passion And Finding Happiness With Mabel Katz 

I have Mabel Katz with me in this episode. She is an international leader of major stature who has developed a committed and global following for her ability to radically change lives in just a few days based on her profound Zero Frequency teachings. Rooted in the ancient Hawaiian art problem solving called Ho’oponopono, Zero Frequency enables people to be at peace no matter what is going on around them, relieving all the day-to-day worries, anxieties, projections, fears and self-esteem issues. It helps them be able to hear and live by the guidance and the wisdom offered by the universe. Mabel Katz, welcome to the show. 

How are you, Rodney? 

I’m excited to be here and to have this conversation with you. We were talking about energy. We were talking about flow and how you and I love to be in that space. I could feel the frequency between you and me. We’re on the same wavelength. I’m excited about what’s going to come out of this podcast and it leads me to the title of your book, Zero Frequency. I’m interested in how you came up with the title. What’s the purpose of this book and who it’s for? 

We all have unique talents; otherwise, we wouldn't be here if we don’t have something to contribute. Share on X

Let me tell you a little bit about myself first so that you have a background. I used to be a tax accountant. I used to do bookkeeping and accounting. My life changed because I woke up one day and realized I was looking for happiness in the wrong places. A new world opened up for me. The spiritual world that I didn’t know about that changed my life. As you know, on the way, you get distracted. You become a spiritual warrior. We are spiritual beings but now we are here and there are rules, regulations, ways or laws that work in this world. 

Zero Frequency is finding that balance between spirituality and intellect. How do you apply these spiritual principles in your everyday life and even with the relationship with your kids or relationships at work? How do you find your passion? For me, for example, one of the things that my change led me was to find my passion and what I would do even if I don’t get paid because I love it. That would be a perfect world when we do what we love. Zero Frequency is finding your passion, following more your heart than your mind. It is about finding balance and being at peace no matter what is going on around you. That’s what we’re looking for, peace, happiness and abundance. When you are happy and when you are at peace, everything trumps, everything is being added automatically. 

I completely agree with you that it‘s all we want. Finding your passion lends itself to happiness and fulfillment. However, many people find it difficult to find their passion. What is your advice about how we find our passion? 

The question that I already mentioned helped me to find it. What is it that you would do even if you don’t get paid? Many of us went in the wrong direction because we thought that we needed to be successful in something that is titled. I have two University titles. One day, my mother said, “You should be an accountant because you’re good with numbers.” I thought, “Maybe that’s a good idea.” I was a good accountant and I enjoyed my career but I was not happy. That’s not something I would have done for free. What is it that moves you because it gives you satisfaction and love that you wouldn’t even think about charging? 

That’s the beginning. It’s not like you cannot make money with that. That is your compass, something to follow that will open doors for you. Most of us work on things that we don’t like because we learn to work for the money. We have to work for the money. We have to leave our dreams aside because that wouldn’t give us enough money to eat and have a roof over our heads. We settle for whatever gives us some stability. 

I’m looking for the steps to take to get to that place where you feel you’ve confidently found your passion. There’s confusion around your job, your work and your passion. Your passion could require work. It could be something that you do every day and you put eight hours a day. You can get paid for doing your passion. That’s the ultimate goal here. There’s a disconnect between what you do every day, which you may have some passion about and get paid for it, versus what you are truly passionate about or your gift to the world. Everyone has a gift that they can contribute to society and that is evident by their existence. Nature is perfect. She’s not going to allow something to come that’s not necessary. 

With that being said, it’s identifying how you can contribute. What is your contribution to life? That’s what I’m getting at. Once you find that thing, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. Although work is involved, but you’re in a space where you have bliss and you can do it all day and it feels good. It’s rewarding because you know that you’re doing exactly what you’re designed to do and it works. You don’t even have to try. You’re in alignment with your purpose. That’s what I’m trying to get to. If someone is reading this and maybe they’re struggling with identifying with their passion is, what’s your advice for them? 

There is no formula or “This is the way it is. I want you to know that I was not looking to change careers. I was happy being an accountant. I always make good money back in Argentina, where I’m from, and here in the US. My life was working professionally or so I thought of. I was looking more for happiness in my personal life. Because I started letting go, trusting and I allowed myself to be guided, doors started opening. This started being like a hallway parallel to my career. Suddenly, one day I woke up and I said, “I’m not preparing any more taxes.” I realized even my brain was no work. It’s a path, Rodney. It’s not like, “This is my passion. I quit everything.” It starts on the path. 

GCM 168 | Zero Frequency

Zero Frequency: Zero Frequency is finding that balance between spirituality and intellect.


You said something important. There is a formula for something else and that is what you would call success. What will make you successful? What is it that you will do even if you don’t get paid and how that can help you and heal others? There is something also in between and that is, how could you give your best in what you do that it could be of service and that it could be a product and how you can contribute that this can help others? 

I was not looking to change careers. I was happy and I was helping a lot of people because a lot of people are afraid of tax, the government, auditing and things like that. For me, it wasn’t that I was looking. This is what happened and this is how it happened and this is how it’s going to be for you. We all have a different path. We all have those unique talents. There is something that we came to do. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here if we wouldn’t have something to contribute. 

I completely agree with that. I love your thought about letting go and be open to ideas and open to newfound concepts about an identity about who you are and what you can contribute. A lot of times, when a challenge occurs, immediately, we don’t see that as an open door for us to explore who we are and walk into something different than what we’ve been doing. What we want to do is move the challenge out of the away and keep going in that direction. That’s a human thing. 

I love what happened to you. Something happened and you’re like, “How do I navigate this?” In understanding how to navigate it, you identified something new about yourself, maybe even a new identity about yourself. That seems to align with, “This is my passion. This is my purpose and I didn’t know.” What I appreciate most about that is the fact that without the challenge, adversity, shift, obstacle or whatever it was that caused us to open up our minds to something else, that would not have occurred. 

Getting out of your comfort zone. Especially in the times that we are living, it is imperative that you get out of your comfort zone. You open your mind. You let go and allow the universe to guide you. To let go and trust is my tool. When something is scary, when I don’t know where to run, or something, I repeat mentally, “I let go and trust.” Things get resolved every time. The thing is we are our own obstacles in our life because we don’t trust. 

Getting out of your comfort zone many times is letting go and trusting for some of us. Stopping the intellect, connecting with another part of us that has all the solutions toward seeing problems as opportunities. This is what Ho’oponopono taught me. Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving. This is what I found and I said, “This is my path.” I’ll tell you why. It talks about 100% responsibility. When I realized I was 100% responsible, I said, “If I’m 100% responsible, that means I created it, then I can change it.” It’s recuperating the power and the control. It depends on me. How many of us are going through lifeblaming, expecting or waiting for somebody to change outside? It’s up to you because it’s only when you change that everything changes. 

Everyone is dealing with the pandemic and maybe they’re having a hard time getting through this. If they’re reading this and you’re saying, “You’re 100% responsible.” That may bring up some uneasy feelings for the person that has heard that. Walk us through why we would want to take responsibility even in a situation like this. 

First of all, responsibility is not synonymous with guilt. You are not guilty. Responsible makes you powerful. Ho’oponopono says, “What is it in me that this is happening?” It’s like you’re watching the monitor on your computer or the screen on the movie theater. The projector or the movie is not out there. The program is not on the monitor. It is inside of us. It’s our subconscious mind. This is an amazing opportunity to erase and not to have to replay. Not everybody is living this pandemic in the same way. Some people are having the time of their life because of opportunities coming. Others are binding to their fears. Honestly, I feel this is not about the virus. It’s about the fear. It’s a pandemic of fear. It depends on what you believe and practice. 

I came back from a vacation with my family in Mexico. We couldn’t believe that we were able to do it, but we were able to do it. It depends. We could’ve canceled. We could’ve said, “No way.” As we say, “If the plane leaves, we leave.” Suddenly, everybody is creating in their own reality. These are exciting or scary times and you decide. These are times of change or transformation. What is it that you want to end up after this is over? The world, as we knew it, is no longer the same. It is time to open up. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Bruce LiptonHe is a scientist. He explains what I’m telling you more scientifically. He said, “Now we know that they don’t have to hook you up to know how your thoughts are affecting you or what part of the brain.” They don’t need to put it here. The thoughts are not inside your head. Where is the information coming from? He also said something beautiful. He said, “We work with two antennas. You are always deciding the channel. You’re giving control on what channel you’re listening to.” 

Let’s go back to Ho’oponopono. It is about stopping these channels and changing the stations because this one is the one that thinks it knows but it doesn’t know and it’s always having opinions and judgment. It doesn’t always talk to you. You have another channel that you can connect that has all the solutions to all of your problems. That you are going to be protected and that there is nothing you need to worry about. You will live that at the right time, with the right people, in the perfect place. 

There’s so much chaos around us and many distractions. The fight or flight mechanism kicking in telling us, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” It’s attempting to protect us. How do we tune in to that frequency or that voice that will protect us that’s going to have all the solutions to the problems? How do we connect to that? 

I let go and trust. Connecting with each other, moving yourself and taking action from inspiration instead of replaying memories. We need to unlearn to be able to relearn. For example, we learn that when we had a problem, we have to think or we had to worry. We were told if we didn’t worry, we were irresponsible. You know that it’s the worst thing you can do. You close yourself completely. You are completely by yourself. It is definitely scary. When you let go and trust, you’re opening to all possibilities. You never know where it’s going to come from. We need to come back to being children again and trust. We don’t care about the choice than trusting right now. 

Do you believe that we can create what we want in this situation? I’m one of those people that have been having the time of my life. There’s a lot of beautiful things that have happened to me since this happened. I remember when it first happened, I’m cautious but not fearful and there’s a difference. I’ve been open to a lot of things happening and they have been happening for me. I’ve said it before on multiple episodes, living from in here versus living from out there. With something like this, it’s difficult to not be distracted by the media. 

There’s a lot of bad things that are happening and it’s close to you. Maybe family members are affected by their job. Perhaps they get laid off or whatever. It is easy to say, “This is in control. I need to bend to this because I have to figure out how to deal with it.” The best way to deal with it is to accept it as reality and live with it. It makes you feel that you don’t have any other alternatives when it’s completely wrong. It’s all about the thoughts that you have about this. You can have two people that are dealing with the same thing. One person is striving and the other one is barely surviving. 

The difference would be the mindset towards that. Even though you go, have to wear a mask and have to do all this stuff, I still think there’s a part of this that if you think you’re going to get it or you’re paranoid you’re going to get COVID, you’re putting yourself and increasing the likeliness for you to get it. Even if you get it, you say, “I’m going to die. I have COVID. I’m dying,” because people have died from it. Now you’re creating that because you’re speaking it and thinking it. I have a trainer. It’s funny. My trainer and I work out every day. We haven’t stopped during this pandemic. We keep working out together. He would tell me stories with how people will come to him because he owns a gym and people were still wanting to work out. 

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His family members will say, “You’re not afraid you’re going to get COVID?” He was like, “No, because COVID is not on my list of things I want to accomplish. It’s not part of what I’m trying to manifest. It’s here, but it’s not part of what I’m doing. It’s not part of who I am. It’s not part of what I’m creating.” That’s the mentality. That speaks for itself because if you walk around in the confidence in the universe that, “I’m in alignment with you. I know the plan you have. I’m going to fulfill that plan. I’m confident that nothing is going to affect me to the point where I’m not going to be able to fulfill that plan.” This walking in that confidence shields you from a lot of the things that happen out there. 

What happened is we are energy and you are trying based on that. You are trying based on your vibration. We don’t realize yet consciously. For example, fear, guilt and those kinds of things are vibrating low and that’s where the virus is vibrating. You have to elevate your vibration. Thinking positive is one way, but the thing is letting gothe trusting part and the commitment to say, “I’m going to work on myself.” The courage to get out of your comfort zone. Believing in something that you cannot see or trust can make a huge difference. Just letting go and put to neutral. 

We attract based on our energy, our thoughts and what we believe or not believe. Definitely, there are a lot of people that are not going to get contagious or they will have the virus, but they’re not going to die from it. Even before the virus, I always gave this example to people because doctors can tell you that the patients that are believers survive somehow. They cannot explain why. It’s different between believers and non-believers. Everybody’s living their own pandemic thing. There are not two people resigning because it depends on your decisions and what you are buying or not buying. 

I’ve read something that said that your mind is the center of divine operation. You have a brain and that’s in your head, but your mind is everything above. It’s the entire human system. Even the energy around you that’s part of your mind is controlled by the mind. When your mind is affected by something and it’s doom or gloom. You’re telling yourself and your being they’re going to die. It’s following the thoughts. I get that not everyone that has thought positive things and have completely allowed positive things to happen that will mean people will live forever and they wouldn’t die. People die and they have positive thoughts. We don’t know what happens with that energy after that takes place. There’s still something to discover even more about a person’s mind whose body has reached the end of its lifecycle. They have this positive, high vibration type of mindset. What happens after that? 

I do believe in reincarnation. I do believe most of our problems come from other lifetimes and clearly, anything has to do with the lifetime. We are living in times like never before. Humanity never had an opportunity like we are having. What glasses you are looking at the situation, too because even though that there is a lot of darkness or a lot of things that we don’t like, there are a lot of positive things that are happening because it’s an opportunity for humanity again like never before. The people that are leaving, maybe they chose not to do what they had to do. Maybe they did what they had to do and they had to leave. 

I am told a lot of souls are going because they can fill more from the other side up than from here. It depends on how you want to look at it. We have to also realize that the real percentage of death was low. We have to be cautious because there is a virus, but it is not about the virus. We are in a war and in a war, there are always casualties. How can we didn’t worry before about the amount of them because of wars or other viruses? There will always be people dying from the flu or from other things. How come we didn’t worry before? 

This one is different because this one escalated to the point where there is a big transformation coming for all of us. It’s like a kind of death for everybody. We’re all going to die. I don’t know exactly when because of the transformation. You’re going to transform into a butterfly. We are going through all these transformations, but we can become butterflies and this is our opportunity to fly and freedom. We were talking about the power of our minds. I don’t know if you know of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a brain scientist and she had a stroke in the left hemisphere. She had to learn how to see after rehabilitation. 

She had surgery and rehabilitation. She had to learn everything again, how to write, read, talk, walk and everything. She wrote this book, My Stroke of Insight, where she describes how the brain works and it’s unbelievable information. She says that the left side is always talking, comical and always making stories. Even if it doesn’t know, it invents the stories. She doesn’t allow the left brain to vent anymore. She always says, “Thank you, but I’m busy.” 

This is what I was telling you about the two antennas. You can always change the station. You can always perceive this pandemic or whatever is happening in the world in a completely different way. You can see it as God sees it or as your intellect sees it. The other thing about something that you mentioned that is important is I don’t know if you know about HeartMath, but HeartMath Institute made a lot of progress of finding out that our brain is in our heart. The heart is the one that gives good direction to the brain and not the other way around. The heart is the one making the decisions. The heart knows what is coming before it comes. 

Isn’t that the mind? 

GCM 168 | Zero Frequency

Zero Frequency: It is imperative that you get out of your comfort zone. You open your mind, let go, and allow the universe to guide you.


No, the study shows that it’s the brain. At Ho’oponopono, we work with the subconscious mind. That is where everything because even though I mentioned positive thinking, I want you to know positive thinking is limited because you are using a small part of your brain, the mental part. Life is happening in your subconscious mind and that’s what we’re working on Ho’oponopono, transmuting. “What is it in me?” That’s our 100% responsibility. “No, because I’m guilty.” “No, because I’m a sinner.” What is working in my subconscious mind? Our subconscious mind is the manifester in our life. Life is happening in our subconscious mind and we all share a common subconscious mind. When you do this work, you’re helping everybody. 

When you say our life is shaped by our subconscious mind, if someone is reading this and they say, “That’s where I want to work. That’s where I want to change,” what are your recommendations? 

For example, in Ho’oponopono, we use a lot of the thank you and I love you. What are we doing? Mentally, I don’t have to feel it and I don’t need to think about it. I want to let go because I need to realize I’m never present. I’m always affected. My emotions depend on things that trigger from the past that I’m not conscious of or I’m worried about the future. All you have is this moment. You can change your life at this moment because you decided to let go instead of reacting. Life is like a monitor. When you do thank you and I love you, the famous phrases in Ho’oponopono, when you use the I let go and trust or I’m not going to worry, you’re pressing the delete key in your computer. 

Realizing that it’s something playing in your subconscious mind. It’s a program that you don’t know. Maybe it’s from another lifetime. Maybe it comes from your ancestors. You will never know. That is projecting and showing up on the screen of your life. If you don’t like it, there is no way that talking will do. It’s just pressing the delete key. When we do this, you’re allowing God, a more intelligent mind than yours, nature, universe, I don’t care how you call it. There is a more intelligent mind than ours that thought of the human body, ocean, flowers and mountains. We are arrogant when we think. “Let me think about it. Let me think how I’m going to solve it.” That creates more problems for us. 

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When you let go, allow this part of you to guide you and you connect to this other antenna, your life transforms completely and there is nothing you need to worry about. The problem is not the problem. Your reaction to the problem is the problem. Another is the reaction to our memories that are playing in our subconscious mind. Do you know why I love Ho’oponopono? Because I don’t need to know what memories. I don’t need to know how I work on their subconscious mind. My part is just to let go, allow, ask for help and allow the help to comeIt’s not to do it my way, but go with the flow. 

That’s living in Zero Frequency. I’ll tell you why I created Zero Frequency. I’ve been with my teacher Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len for several years and I started teaching Ho’oponopono as a hobby. As my career, I let go of my accounting practice and I started practicing. I tried to be as truthful as I can the way I teach it and the way I learn it. I still am an intellectual person and a practical person. I feel God will resolve. I wanted to be able to convey these in a more practical thing for people. 

Ho’oponoponospiritual. How I bring these to practical, day-to-day things, challenges and everyday problems. I created Zero Frequency framings. I’ve been doing it around the world for many years. I can give more information or more experiences to the intellect because the intellect is the one that has free choice. He’s the one that chooses, “I let go or not.” “I react or not.” “I got the last word or not.” “I convinced the other person of my point of view or not.” 

All those things create unhappiness. Why would you like to be right if you’re unhappy? It’s better to let go and choose to be happy and not to have the last word. Who cares who’s right? Why don’t we go for happiness? Why don’t we choose peace? Peace, for example, is out of our comfort zone. I discovered that in Mexico. I have a world peace campaign, “Peace begins with me. Peace within brings more peace.” I went to a prison in Mexico. It was my first experience in a prison and after that, I got many more. That was my first one. It was a women’s jail. I left them so much in peace that they called us from the jail to let us know that they thought they escaped because they were so quiet. They were always screaming, having fights and things like that. They went to see if they escaped. 

GCM 168 | Zero Frequency

Zero Frequency: You can always perceive this pandemic or whatever is happening in the world in a completely different way. You can see it as God sees it or as your intellect sees it.


I went back to Mexico and I’m feeling, “Maybe we can go back to the jail again? I like this.” They said, “No. We’re not interested. We don’t want them to be that quiet.” Can you imagine that you feel uncomfortable when things go right and when things are at peace? When I found out I was on my way to a preschool where the teachers were my students and they practiced Ho’oponopono with the kids in the school. They brought the parents for me to explain to them what this Ho’oponopono was all about. That’s when I found out I wasn’t going to the jail. 

As I was talking to the parents, I said, “Isn’t it weird that when your kids are quiet, you’ve got to check them out because you feel they might be doing something wrong.” Do you realize that we don’t trust peace? If everything is quiet, you’re thinking something bad is going to happen or things and realizing that is important, because you have to choose peace. It’s a choice and it’s a moment by moment. It’s not about when things are going to be okay outside. You have to be okay. 

I can completely relate to that. There have been times in my life that, to be completely transparent, things were so good that I felt something bad had to happen. 

We all got it. It’s a problem. 

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What do we do with that? Think about this. I want you to answer that and I want you to address the fact that something shows up that you manifested. You knew something must be around the corner, or something’s going to happen, and it does happen. I’ve been in situations where I realize that I’m thinking like this, “Things are so good. It seems something’s going to happen.” I realized that and I’m pushing those things away. I’m putting up a wall to protect and to maintain what’s here and yet something happens. Has that happened to you? How do we address that? Because I’m sure everyone can relate to that. 

I’m trying to think because not long ago, that happened to me. I’m trying to find what happened and now I don’t remember. First of all, it’s realizing we all have that program. We don’t trust it. It’s too good to be true, we say yes or things like that. We were talking about the power of our thoughts. This is important what I’m going to tell you. If something scary happened to me which is, “I don’t know what to do. I live on trust.” That doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the fear or worry anymore. When you are consciousyou have to become more conscious. Making choices from a conscious part of us instead of going into the replay memories and keep allowing our subconscious to keep replaying and choosing for us because we are asleep. 

I had the thing and I cannot remember exactly what happened. When you have those thoughts, something scary or whateverit’s not like you’re thinking bad anymore and you’re positive all the time. No. We go through everything but because we are conscious you can put some distance with it. You can observe. Our true essence is to be the observer. It’s the one that came to have the experiences but we identify with everything. We are the problem, we are the fear, we are this and that. We don’t know how to put distance and observe things. We are too much engaged. We become part of the problem. 

When I have the thoughts, “It’s too good to be true. Everything is so good right now so something bad is going to happen.” I also say to let go and trust. I don’t allow the fear, the worry, or the thought that something bad is going to happen to control me. Believe me, I could not remember what happened exactly. I wish I could. What I remember is that I feel something bad came. What does my intellect say? It said, “I told you so,” or things like that. I kept letting go and trusting. Do you know what happened? I was able to realize that whatever bad that didn’t look bad to me, was good. 

GCM 168 | Zero Frequency

Zero Frequency: You have to choose peace. It’s a moment by moment choice. It’s not about when things are going to be okay outside. You have to be okay.


It’s like this virus. This virus is a teacher to all of us. It’s an opportunity to transform. We were all going in the wrong direction. Our priorities have to change. Many things got to change. Unfortunately, we were not listening. Even though there is a lot of darkness in all of this and the reason, a plan be behind this, God is also in this plan. There is something good for us but it depends if we react or I give the power to that or I let go. Believe me, I’m going to contact you and I’m going to tell you what happened. 

How can we get to a place where it doesn’t happen at all? I’m still surprised. 

I don’t think so, Rodney. It’s life. If we don’t have problems, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing. 

It’s not something bad. I’m not saying that. It’s controlling the thought and the mind. 

It’s much easier than what you think. What happened is we’ve been programmed the other way. You have to choose consciously. 

We’re so accustomed to something bad happening so frequently, that if we have a period of time where everything is good, it’s out of balance. It’s like, “This isn’t supposed to be. Something bad has to happen because that’s the normal way.” It’s by the definition of what we consider normal way that we allow that thought to have its place. 

I tell you the things that changed my life. First of all, I was a person that thought that what other people thought of me was important. Allowing myselfletting go and trusting has helped me to accept myself the way I was. It’s not that I don’t listen to other people but it’s not as important. It’s not what my life depends on. I always put people first and I was unhappy because I was paying attention. For me, it was important that people liked me. I didn’t like myself. 

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The other thing is to forgive. When you don’t forgive you stay in the past. Naturally, you stay with a person that you hate and you don’t want to have anything to do with them. You’re living with that person because you don’t forgive. It’s like drinking poison. You have to get to a point where you love yourself enough to say, “I’m not going to hurt myself anymore.” The other thing is not putting money first. It’s a big one. We were talking about doing what you love. God is also in the money but we learn incorrectly. We were programmed to work for the money and put it on a pedestal. 

There is nothing wrong with money, but it’s about doing what you love. Otherwise, it’s hard or finding what Rodney said, “What would you do even if you don’t get paid?” You cannot call it work. Many of the things were getting out of my comfort zoneallowing me to feel the fear but it’s not going fearless. It’s allowing me not to be afraid of fear and allowing fear to be in your life but don’t give it the control. One book that helped me was Feel the Fear…and Do it Anyway. You realize that everybody goes through fear. 

It’s the management when it comes to obstacles and fear. 

All of those things are choices. In one secondyou have to choose. You choose to react or not to react. You change your destiny because you chose differently. 

It has been able to manage your thought process in those because we lose it at times. There are so many thoughts. A lot of things are happening so fast and you’re looking at what other people are doing. You have multiple choices to make in short periods of time. It’s practicing managing that and choosing properly within this. That’s why I love the game-changer mentality. It’s like a game. 

In Zero Frequencyalso talk about a lot of breathing. The first thing you do when something scary or something happens, you stop breathing. always tell people, laughter is breathing. I tell people when the telephone bill comes you say, “Ha-ha-ha, the telephone bill came.” Maybe you cannot laugh, but at least you’re moving energy. You’re breathing. You can now breathe for the past or the future. It is important that we live a more conscious life and that’s what Zero Frequency is all about. It’s all about the choices that you make more from a conscious mind being asleep and replaying memories. 

Mabel, how can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you? 

First of all, they go to see ZeroFrequency.com/book if they are interested in getting my book Zero Frequency The Easiest Way to Peace, Happiness, and Abundance when they buy it, they can get $100 in different bonuses. One is my first Zero Frequency training ever here in Los Angeles with my teacher, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len participating on that one. Also, another training that we did here with Don Miguel Ruiz, DC Cordova, Gary Quinn and many more. It also gives you a lot of peace, a lot of processes that you can use to find your passion and be successful in life, personal and professional. 

We don’t trust peace. If everything is quiet, we tend to think something bad is going to happen. Share on X

When I was in Japan, when I did a business training, I didn’t say it had a spiritual component. I said, “In the US nobody would hire me now because they don’t confuse spirituality with religion.” The answer came, “In Japan, we wouldn’t hire you unless we knew because of the spiritual component because, in Japan, we know that the foundation of any successful business is spirituality.” You understand how much reprogramming we have to do. You come back to this page after you buy it and you can get access to the $100 digital resources. Also, the book comes with ten videos that I did in order to support you on this journey, what I call Zero Frequency. Also, Mabel Katz Fan Page on Facebook. Also, @MabelKatz on Instagram, LinkedInTwitter and everywhere else. Thank you. 

Thank you for coming on the show. It’s been a wonderful conversation. 

It’s very profound. Thank you, Rodney. 

Before we end the show, I want we always ask every guest this last question and that is how can people bounce back from adversity, dominate the challenges and consistently win at the game of life? 

Loving themselves, trusting themselves and being themselves. For me, the most important thing is I learned to be myself no matter what other people thought. That is easy. It’s much easier than you think. Be yourself. 

I love it. Mabel Katz on the show. Thank you for stopping by with us. 


It’s another successful episode of the show. Go out and get Zero Frequency. We all have the responsibility of elevating our game. How do we do that? We elevate our frequency, our consciousness. Here we have a product and a person, Miss Mabel Katzwho can help us with that so look into that because we need all the resources so we can play our best game. That’s what we call peak performance. We have to prepare. We have to get our minds in the right place so we can perform at a high level. What are you going to do to step up your game? Until next time, peace and love. 

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About Mabel Katz

GCM 168 | Zero FrequencyMabel Katz is an international leader of major stature who has developed a committed and global following for her ability to radically change lives in just a few days, based on her profound Zero Frequency®teachings. Rooted in the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving called Ho’oponopono, Zero Frequency® enables people to be at peace, no matter what is going on around them…relieving all the day-to-day worries, anxieties, projections, fears, and self-esteem issues. And clearly able to hear and live by the guidance and wisdom offered by the Universe.

It was in discovering Ho’oponopono — studying for 12years intensively with the Master Ihaleakalá Hew Len, Ph.D.– that Mabel transformed her own life. Born in Argentina, Mabel moved to Los Angeles in1983 where she became a successful accountant, business consultant, and tax advisor. In 1997 Mabelstarted her own company, Your Business, Inc., which grew to prosper. Nevertheless, she was not fulfilled and found herself discontented. When Master HewLen retired, he encouraged Mabel to take up his work, and she immediately found herself at home…Helping people transform their lives had been at the core of her personal dreams.

Traveling around the world and building on the initial teachings, she developed the body of work that is Zero Frequency®. Fluent in English and Spanish, she has now taught workshops and seminars in 40+ countries and is a sought-after keynote speaker for corporations and other organizations. The best-selling author of The Easiest Way; Solve Your Problems and Take the Road to Love, Happiness, Wealth and the Life of Your Dreams and several other books, Mabel has seen her books translated into English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Romanian, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Croatian, Polish and Hungarian. Her children’s book The Easiest Way to Grow, Messages You Will Be Glad to Know, filled with beautiful illustrations and inspiring messages for children ages 3 to 100, has also been in great demand around the globe. Now her newest book Zero Frequency®, The Easiest Way to Peace, Happiness and Abundanceencapsulates her full body of work, and brings forward her mastery more fully to the English-speaking world.

A star in LA’s Latino community, Mabel hosted the popular radio and television program, called Despertar(Awakening), and the Mabel Katz Show where she empowered Latinos by giving them the tools to start or grow a business, have fulfilled relationships, and find financial success. She was Business Woman of the year by the LA Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. She has also received the Sol Azteca Award and the prestigious Latin Business Association’s Members Choice Award. Her work has naturally led Mabel from the micro-world of inner peace to the macro world of world peace. Mabel was honored as a Peace Ambassador for her world-peace initiative, Peace Within Is World Peace, which was launched at the United Nations in Vienna. On January 1, 2015, she was awarded the prestigious Public Peace Prize.

She has spoken in front of national senates and other influential government bodies and has presented at the United Nations, as well as addressed multi-cultural audiences, including those of diverse ethnicities in the Middle East. Mabel has expanded her peace work to teaching children, including special needs children (Down Syndrome etc), and their parents, as well as men and women currently in prison. In 2013, she was recognized for her humanitarian works by being knighted in the venerable Order of the orthodox Knights Hospitaller of St. John—Russian Grand Priory, bestowing upon her the title of DameMabel Katz. Mabel continues to travel extensively throughout the world, helping countless people find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives.

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