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We all reach a point in our lives where we want something more, even when what you have seems comfortable. Zack Boothe went from being a window cleaner—owning his own company and amassing millions of views on YouTube for his tutorials—to a prolific and successful real estate investor. In this episode, he sits down with Rodney Flowers to talk about this pivot, sharing how he made that transition and what strategies he uses to get successful deals. Zack dives deep into driving for dollars, marketing in investing, the importance of mentors, and more. Speaking to those who want to make a pivot in their life to also explore their passion, Zack then gives a couple of advice, helping you figure out your way to produce financial and time freedom through real estate and even build generational wealth along the journey.

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Zack Boothe On Making The Pivot From Window Cleaner To Successful Real Estate Investor

As always, I am excited about this show. I have Zack Boothe with me and this guy has an amazing story. A few years ago, Zack was a window cleaner. You can even find his window cleaning tutorial videos on YouTube with millions of views. However, Zack was a dreamer. He wanted to be a real estate investor. He took the leap of faith. He walked away from window cleaning and with a handful of years of experience, he was making over a million dollars per year from real estate investing. We’re going to talk about how did he make that transition from a window cleaner to being prolific and successful in real estate. Without further ado, let’s welcome Zack Boothe to the Game Changer Mentality Podcast. Welcome to the show, Zack.

Thank you so much. I’m glad to be here, my friend. Thanks for having me.

Thank you for being here. I’m so intrigued by your story and what you’ve been able to accomplish in your life. I can’t wait to dive into that. How were you able to make that transition? What allowed you to be successful? Before we get into that, I want to ask how are you doing?

I’m good. I’ve spent the entire day talking to people about this, so it’s been a fun day. It’s been a full day. This is how I’m wrapping up and hanging up the work boots with this. This is great.

I’m glad you’re excited to be here. Thanks for talking about us as well. For us to be the highlight and the finale of your day, I guess that means a lot. That means something. I appreciate that. Tell us about your story. Window cleaner. First of all, millions of views on YouTube, so you were probably doing fairly well as a window cleaner. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Why transition out of that? I don’t know anyone who could put videos on YouTube and gets millions of views for window cleaning. That’s a lot to talk about to get millions of views on YouTube from window cleaning. Tell us about that part of your life. Why did you make the transition from window cleaning?

Here’s something fun for your audience. Go to YouTube, search window cleaning, how to window cleaning and you’ll see my videos at the top always. The next most viewed videos are 10,000 or 15,000. I’ve got ten million views on my top video.

Here’s the question. What are you talking about? You go to the window and you wipe it down.

It’s like, “What the hell are you doing to get ten million for that?”

What are you talking about? Millions of views for window cleaning. I’m curious.

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Brother, it’s not my looks. I’m not sure. Window cleaning from the outside looking in, I was the man. I was successful. I had three trucks. I had thirteen employees. I had tutorial videos on YouTube. That year that I walked away and gave up, I did $500,000 in gross sales in window cleaning. I started that business when I was seventeen years old. I grew up working and providing for myself. That was a requirement. My dad is a pretty tough dude and he didn’t take no crap from nobody. The profit margin was very low because I had a crazy high turnover. The people that aspired to be window cleaners were not the highest quality of employees. They did terrible work. They didn’t invest in themselves. It was hard. My profitability for those reasons was tough and I didn’t know how to manage people like I do now.

It was a lot of learning and mistakes. I’m barely able to feed my family, honestly. I wasn’t providing the life I wanted for them. I was taking risks with my safety, climbing ladders. I have a picture of me up a 40-foot flagpole feeding the cord through the pulley system for $50. I was like, “What the hell’s the matter with me?” One of the big moments of my life that was like, “I’ve got to do something different. I got to do something more,” was the day my beautiful boy was born. It was magical. It was spiritual. I was so excited to be a dad, the love of my life, married to her and we’re having this beautiful baby boy that I could invest in and have him be my mini-me.

I couldn’t help but worry about how I was going to pay the medical bills. That experience tore at me because it bothered me that I was worried about the money when I wanted to focus on the experience. I knew I needed to do something more, something different. I started researching. I started listening to books and listening to podcasts. Why is that working? Trying to figure out what could produce financial freedom and time freedom and what I wanted. What I kept hearing over and over was real estate. That’s what pushed me out of that to real estate.

How long have you been in real estate now?

I dabbled in it and failed at it for a handful of years and paid for mentorships. I paid $10,000 for my first mentorship. Not only did I not ever talk to anybody that wanted to sell at a discount. It was a nightmare. I gave up for a couple of years. I walked away from window cleaning with three months of enough money to pay my house bills before I started defaulting. Honestly, that’s the situation I was in.

You’ve been able to experience a high level of success within those last four years. That’s remarkable because typically, people get into real estate, it takes a little bit longer. There are more failures than that and then some people don’t make it. You’re of that small percentage of people who’ve been able to be successful very rapidly. What would you say are some of the contributors to you experiencing that level of success?

First of all, I never gave up. I paid $10,000 for that first coach who didn’t do a deal. I made some huge mistakes, even more expensive than that. I signed a $30,000 contract for a company that was supposed to do my online marketing to produce leads for me. Not only did I not do a deal, I never got a lead from it. I made some very expensive mistakes. I got into debt for a lot of this stuff. It was painful. I had an experience that opened my eyes to the potential. I kept hearing about these guys on YouTube and so forth. The guy was talking about doing deals with motivated sellers or doing things called wholesaling. You find someone that wants speed and convenience for their house. It’s like a pawnshop for houses. Someone who wants to get rid of their house fast and takes a discount. I was like, “Is that real? Are you taking advantage of these people?”

I had these like inner conflicts but I was out washing windows for this extremely wealthy gentleman. I had made a ton of mistakes, tried a ton of stuff on my own, tried with a mentor. I had gotten to the point where I was feeling like I should give up. I felt like I had been put in a blender and then pulled out of the blender and stepped on. It was terrible. I felt like crap, felt like a failure. I was talking to this guy. I found out he’s a multimillion-dollar developer. He was buying land and putting houses on. I was like, “That’s cool.” I was asking him questions because I want financial freedom for my family.

At the end of the conversation, after he told me all about a story and then how he retired in his twenties and being completely blown away by a story, I was like, “That’s so cool. I would love to at least get two rentals by the end of the year.” He said, “That’s convenient. I’ve got these two properties. They haven’t collected rents in four months because I don’t have time to deal with it. Property manager, bell bar me. They need some work. I don’t have time to deal with them. Will you buy them?” I was like, “Sure.” He was like, “$500,000 purchase price,” which was at a big discount. They were two 1-acre properties with beautiful four-bedroom houses. They were probably $320,000 each or more, $350,000 at the time. I was like, “I’d love to buy them but I’m a window cleaner. I can’t get that kind of debt.” He was like, “I’ll finance them. How much can you put down?” I was like, “I’m a window cleaner.” He was like, “No worries. Can you give me a couple of thousand dollars? You need to have something.” I was like, “Sure, okay.”

GCM 172 | Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner: Driving for dollars is basically about driving around to find crappy houses in your area and reaching out to see if the owner wants to sell them.


He deeded these properties over. I was like, “Holy shit.” People trade convenience for price, affluent people, intelligent people. I didn’t take advantage of this dude. I helped him. He liked me and gave me a good price because of that as well. What a mind-opening experience that I had. That lit that fire in me again. I said, “I’m going to find a new mentor. I’m going all in. I’m going into debt. I don’t care. I am going to figure this out.” I went to my business partner with a window cleaning company that had been my partner for a couple of years.

I had owned the company for about $10,000. I told him I quit. I said, “If there are profits, you can pay me. If not, I don’t care. I’m done. I would like you to buy me out.” I said, “I was done.” He was like, “You’ve been trying this for years. You’re not going to do it. You’re not going to be successful.” That experience told me there were more deals. I was holding it as a rental. A couple of years later, I sold those two properties for over a $100,000 profit. I had that little bit of cashflow. I would maybe make some money off the window cleaning company and not a ton.

I figured with that income going towards marketing, I had enough in savings that I had 2 or 3 months before I couldn’t pay my mortgage. I’m not afraid of hard work. I’d go pick up maid service jobs. I’d pick up furniture and sell it. I’d find ways to feed my family if I had to but I was going for it. I walked away and got a mentor. I walked away on my birthday. I sat my partner down and said, “I’m done. This is what I want. This is my birthday. You can’t tell me no.” Anyway, I did that first traditional wholesale deal. What that means is I did some marketing. I found someone that wanted speed and convenience for their property.

The situation of the seller was two investors held over 100 properties at one time. The partnership had gone sour and they had one property left. They didn’t want to deal with it. They got my marketing piece. They were like, “Sweet, take it. Whatever, take it.” I ended up selling that purchase contract. I didn’t have money to invest in a house. I didn’t have money to close on the house. I didn’t have a way to get the debt. I got the purchase contract, which was assignable and sold it to a fix and flip guy. I made $10,000 selling the paper. That was the easiest $10,000 in my entire freaking life. There was no risk. I was like, “Holy shit, I’m going to be rich. This is going to happen.”

By the end of the year, we had generated about $115,000, which was pretty darn good money. I fed my family but I was confident. I was feeling good but then deals started drying up. How I was finding them wasn’t working anymore. I started digging and looking at YouTube and learning, anything I could find to figure out how to find more properties. I happened upon a strategy called Driving for Dollars. You drive around, find the ugly, crappy houses in your area. You reach out and see if the owner wants to sell them. It’s that simple. We’ve perfected that model. That’s the gist.

At the end of that year, we did shy of $500,000. I was like, “My life has changed.” I walked into the bank, wrote over a $50,000 check to pay off my debts. I took my wife to Hawaii. We went to Maui and Lanai. I took my kids to Phoenix and the zoo there. We spent all the time with them. We started traveling. We spent a whole month in Brazil. My wife is from Brazil, so we spent a whole month with her family over Christmas and New Year’s. We got to have a complete life change. I bought my wife her dream car. I bought my dream truck. I still had money left over. I was like, “Holy crap.”

What a wonderful success story. That’s everyone’s dream is to get to that place where they can do some of the things that you’re talking about. I want to back up a little bit because I want to highlight a couple of things that you said. One was you picked up maid jobs. You picked up anything you needed to do to get income. This is the gap. This is the in-between where you were at one point and where you are now. This is where a lot of people lose it. This is that grunt work. First of all, what were some of the gulliest things that you had to do to make ends meet during this time?

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It’s been my whole life. My dad required me to take care of myself financially. By the time I was seventeen when I started my first business, I had done taxidermy. I had mowed lawns. I had worked in Nova Scotia, Canada, doing landscaping. I worked my tail off always. I was taught there’s no work beneath you and I still believe that. I still go home and do my dishes for my wife. There’s never going to be work beneath me ever, never. I take pride in being able to work and to provide for my family. There is nothing that’s beneath me. It’s funny. I remember when I was out washing windows, I had an old high school teacher. No one liked her anyway. It shouldn’t have upset me but it upset me. She said, “Zack, what are you going to do when you grow up?” You should be going to college. “Why do you have a business?” I was like, “I’d make more money than you.” That bothered me.

Some people will look down on you for having certain jobs but you should be damn proud of yourself that you are working to take care of your family. That’s what makes a great country is when we take care of our own, when we take care of our communities because we’re not afraid of hard work. We’re not looking for handouts. We’re looking for opportunities to build value and to take care of our communities and ourselves. Some of the jobs that I did when I had my window cleaning company in the beginning, I didn’t have contracts. I didn’t have work in the winter. I was doing maid service for some of those higher-end clients. I was cleaning toilets. I was cleaning houses. I was doing maid service on top of cleaning windows.

One of the other things that I did is I found out about Ana White Farmhouse Tables. If you go to Pinterest, you’ll see what I’m talking about. They’re made with cheap 2×6 pine timbers. These are super simple kitchen tables, benches and entertainment stuff. I had finished carpentry experience and I started building and selling those. I was doing that. I was building furniture at night and doing that. For my wife for Christmas, I built her a whole bedroom set bed and everything because we couldn’t afford much. I built her one and it turned out awesome. We still use it to this day. I was like, “Shit, I could sell this thing.” I started taking pictures of it and posted it on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. I started taking orders and half upfront. I started building them in the winter.

I’m not afraid of work. I have a cool story. I’m not the only one that has this kind of hustle. There are so many amazing, beautiful people out there who are willing to do this. One of my employees, Miguel, I love him to death. I met him when I was living in Brazil. He moved here and he’s working for me now. He gets married to this American girl then COVID hits. She loses her job. They’re stressed. He’s an immigrant, got attorney fees and paperwork. What do we do? She came up with the idea to sell some stuff around the house on Facebook Marketplace and local listings. In a few days, she makes a whole month in her previous job. She was like, “Shit, that worked.”

She gets on places like Craigslist and a thing called KSL, which is similar here in Utah. She starts seeing that there’s a bunch of free stuff, free furniture, free tables, free chairs, free come-pick-them-up. She starts running around picking shit up. They’re making $6 to $7,000 a month picking stuff up for free and selling it. That’s what she does now. I interviewed Miguel. He’s on my YouTube channel. I interviewed him about how at the time, they were making $5,000 a month. I shared that story of how he was able to make that kind of money. If you are struggling, that’s the thing. I talk to people and it’s like, “I want to invest in coaching. I want to invest in this. I want to get into real estate but I don’t have money for marketing.” It’s like, “You don’t want it bad enough.”

That’s the common theme. I’m glad you brought that up because I was going to call you a hustler. That’s exactly the word that comes up for me to describe you best. When I talk to other super successful people, the thing that they all have in common is the hustle. They don’t mind putting in the work, putting in the hours and not looking for some secret knowledge or some secret thing to come down and say, “You’re going to be successful tomorrow.” It comes with hard work and that’s something you can’t skip if I think about the work part of it being removed from your story then you’re not here.

You’re not on this show. You don’t have success. You haven’t visited those places during vacation. You haven’t done all those things that you shared with us because without the work, none of that is possible. We can’t skip that portion of the journey. You can meditate. You can do all of those things. At the end of the day, you still got to put the work in. You have to do that. Let me ask you this. For someone who’s reading this who wants to get into real estate or wants to make a pivot in their life, to explore their passion, their dream. What would you say to them?

GCM 172 | Window Cleaner

Window Cleaner: What makes a great country is when we take care of our own, when we take care of our communities because we’re not afraid of hard work. We’re looking for opportunities to build value and to take care of our communities and ourselves.


First of all, you can get tons of free information on YouTube. As you start listening to podcasts and that stuff, you’re going to get overwhelmed. I promise this happens to everyone. You’re going to start learning about all the different ways you can make money in real estate. You can do multifamily. You can do single-families. You can do flips. You can do wholesaling. You can do subject to financing. You can do AstroFlipping. I can go on and on. You’re like, “Where do I start?” I want to put this down as simply as I can. I got this because I was reading a book. It’s called Multi-Family Millions.

He’s talking about doing giant multimillion-dollar deals that you do one of those deals every ten years and you are the shit. The thing with real estate investing, if you can’t get this between your two ears, you won’t be in business for long. Real estate investing is marketing. That’s it. It is marketing. It is getting good at finding discounted off-market. When I mean off-market, it’s not listed to the general public. You find that seller as they’re wanting to start to think about selling. You’re negotiating directly with that person and you’re getting properties at $0.50, $0.40, $0.30 on the dollar.

My biggest wholesale deal is over $80,000. That means I took a piece of paper and I sold the piece of paper for $80,000. That’s life-changing hours of work, not days, not weeks. My student has the record. I have a student who has done a bigger deal than me. He was assigned a contract for $113,000. That was his first deal. He’s able to quit his job and do this. It’s very simple. If you can get good at finding discounted properties then you can say, “We’re going to wholesale because we don’t have the resources to flip it. We don’t have the experience.” That’s why I started wholesaling because I could sell that piece of paper without worrying about it. The cool thing with wholesaling is you build a business around finding these discounted properties frequently and then you go, “I’ve got some money coming in. How about we pick up a rental now? How about we flip a house?”

You can do that. Unless you have discounted properties coming to you consistently, you’ll never be successful. Whatever you do, if you want to get started, learn and focus on finding discounted properties. The rest follows. Many of my students and people who reach out to me were like, “Zack, what do I do when a seller wants to sell but they owe more than the house is worth?” I was like, “Do you have someone that has that situation right now?” “No but what if?” Find those motivated sellers. Quit worrying about what I don’t know. Get discounted properties. That’s what I’d say is where you need to start.

What were some of the mental challenges you had to face to make this transition?

First of all, I thought there’s too much competition. I’m a window cleaner. How am I going to be successful in this competitive business with very intelligent, smart, experienced people and people that have deep pockets and rich uncles? How do I compete? There are many people doing this. Is there enough space for me? Can I be successful? That was hard especially when I kept having year after year of failure and thousands and thousands of dollars in mistakes because I didn’t get a good path. I didn’t have the right person teaching me from the beginning.

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There was a level of stick-to-itiveness and a level of determination. When we started, you talked about meeting that investor who wanted to offload the two properties. That brought me back to the power of networking, collaboration and relationships. Sometimes because we felt like we are the little guy or we knew we’re getting started, we won’t approach a guy like that or we’ll talk ourselves out of doing business with that person. What caused you to go ahead and take that plunge other than it was a good deal? Before you realized it was a good deal, what caused you to establish that relationship with that guy?

He genuinely cared. The world is to make money. You get success and love because you provide value. Why do I have ten million views on that video versus another window cleaning video that has 15,000? Why do I have ten million? When I created that tutorial video for my employees, I did it with passion and with purpose. It’s not because I have good thumbnails or because of any of the other stuff the gurus tell you why you’ll go viral. It’s because I did it with passion. Have you ever seen that girl who has the Chewbacca mask? She starts laughing hysterically. It blows up because she’s full of love and joy. She blesses other people’s lives with that love and joy that she has inside of her.

If you want your cake, you want to eat it too. You want to have money. You want to have relationships. You want to have a purpose. You want to feel good about yourself. Every time you put your head on your pillow at night, you have to give. You have to love. I truly spent an hour with that guy hearing his story. I’m completely amazed how he went from a civil engineer to retiring in his twenties and hearing about how he built his rental portfolio with his boys and how he taught his boys how to work. I listened to him and I said, “That’s so cool. I would love to pick up two rentals.” That’s all I said. I didn’t pitch. I wasn’t hunting for a deal. I was authentically caring about that person.

It’s funny because it’s such a good question that you asked. When I hit that $500,000, I said, “How am I going to grow this? I feel like I’m going to lose it all next year.” I feel like I hit the lottery. Can I sustain this? Can I even grow this? I wanted to do $1 million. I set a goal of doing $1 million but I had no idea how I was going to get there. You’re never going to believe what made me get there. This still blows my mind. This happened truly accidentally. I have this goal and I’m looking for ways to accomplish it. A friend reached out and said, “I’m going to do a Living Your Best Year Ever Journal by Darren Hardy. The first 100 pages go through creating three big goals for the next year. If I’m your accountability partner, we’re going to go through and do this.” I was like, “Sweet. I need something like this because I have some big goals.” In that first 100 pages, I have to give away whatever I want to receive. If I set a goal, if I want more connections and more friends, I have to give more love because I want to receive more love. If I want more money, I have to give more money. I was like, “Shit, I have to give away $1 million.”

I’m serious. I was like, “How do I do that? I don’t have $1 million but I wanted to take it seriously.” I was like, “What can I do?” I was like, “I know. How about I start teaching? I’ll find ten people that I can deal with that I like. I’m going to teach them my marketing channel that made me $500,000. Let’s test this theory.” The craziest thing happened. The more I taught, the more I learned. The more I taught, the more questions that I got that I had never thought of. I found mistakes that were almost embarrassingly simple in my business. I quickly went to that $1.2 million. It was because I was serving and teaching other people but the best part of all that was my students started crushing it.

My students started quitting their jobs and changing their lives as well. Not only did I have money but I also had a purpose. I was able to lay my head in bed knowing that I was adding so much value. I was changing lives. I was changing the future generations of these people’s families. I was creating generational wealth not for me but for other people in my community. I was adding value not to me but to my country, to other people who also didn’t grow up with financial stability. It is amazing the importance of giving to receive. You have to give.

There’s something so profound that you said. It’s the missing link for a lot of people that make a lot of money. It’s the purpose.

You can make a shit ton of money taking advantage but you lose it because you lose it in heart.

Zack, if people wanted to work with you, how can they connect with you?

GCM 172 | Window Cleaner

Multi-Family Millions: How Anyone Can Reposition Apartments for Big Profits

I do limit the number of students that I take on. I hate that I have to do that but I’m only one person. I’m running my wholesaling business. I’m running my coaching. I have my students. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Every student that I take on, I have a picture with their name and their market. I put it on my wall in my office. This is my recording studio. In my office, I have all my students around me. I want to remember who I’ve taken on and who I have a responsibility to, to put them out in the main success wall. I have a success wall once my students are doing deals. You can apply to become a student but there is a ton of free resources too. I wanted to add so much value. I was like, “I can only limit how many students. Why don’t I also give free stuff?” I have a free wholesaling course available. I paid $10,000 for my first wholesaling course and $9,000 for the other one. I feel like this wholesaling course is a hell of a lot better than both those courses. It’s free. You don’t have to pay $19,000 to learn what I learned.

That is free on my website. You can also book a call and apply to be a student where you get access to me. You get access to not only that course but all my other courses that teach you negotiations, how to do your marketing and how to scale your business to have similar success to what I’m having. The website is DFDMastery.com. In there, there’s a link that says Free Resources. You can go there for the free stuff or you can book a call if you want to apply. There are also links to all my social media accounts, so you can get access to my YouTube account and all those things.

I want to say thank you for coming on the show and sharing your story. Now, I feel like you and I are so similar because my mission in life is to be an example of what’s possible. I feel like that’s what you’re doing as well. You’re showing people how you can go from a window cleaner to a multimillion-dollar real estate investor. That doesn’t happen every day. There’s a small percentage of people who pulled that off. You’re one of those people. The point is it’s possible. We need more examples of that. People can take that initiative, take that plunge to become that possibility, to live out that possibility, to experience that possibility. I appreciate you sticking to it, moving forward, not giving up and then providing so much value to people to give them that same opportunity. You’re reaching back to pull people up. That’s what it’s all about.

One more thing I thought about. There’s even more value that I can bring to your readers. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I felt like I wasn’t showing people enough that they can do it. Many people might read this interview and be like, “Zack was made differently. Zack was born differently.” If you see me as a window cleaner and you’re like, “He’s good at washing windows but what do you do? He’s no one special.” I still don’t feel like I’m a different dude. I make more money but I’m the same guy. I am. I was up late one night, I was like, “How do I encourage more people to take that leap and to go for it?”

It was 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep and I had this idea popped into my mind like, “Here it is. I got it.” What I’m doing is I’m going to take $1,000. I’m going to move me and my family to Florida, which I live in Utah. We want a whole new market. I’m going to take that $1,000. I’m going to turn it into $40,000 in 40 days. I’m going to take a film crew with me and we’re going to film the whole thing. You’re going to see exactly how I do what I do. We’re going to put it all on the YouTube channel for free. I want to show people I’m no one different. It’s not that hard.

What is your YouTube channel so people can go and watch this?

My YouTube channel has got the same name, DFDMastery. That’s going to be played on there. There’s a ton of content. I’m uploading three videos a week in there. I have videos on how-to real estate, motivational stuff, separate business stuff. The other day I went out and I wanted to show people how easy it was to make money. I did a mobile pawnshop. I want to show you. You don’t need logos. You don’t need an LLC. You don’t need crap to make money. I went and pulled $500 out of the credit union and took my film crew. I went door-to-door in an affluent neighborhood because I wanted to show people even intelligent people trade convenience for the price all the time. I said, “I’ve got a mobile pawnshop business. Do you have any junk you want to sell? Maybe something in your garage kicking around?”

In an hour and a half, I bought a go-kart, a porch swing and some furniture. I turned around and sold it quickly. It took me a couple of weeks to sell it, putting it in my front office right here. People came and picked it up. I made over $500. I gave that money away on a giveaway. There’s stuff like that in the YouTube channel. It’s not real estate. There is a lot of cool stuff. You can check that out. Of course, I interview all my students and hear their stories, almost died, get sick. She asked to come home. Gets all these medical bills. Her family is struggling. She jumped in as a student, did her first deal and made $30,000. You can hear stories like that. It’s the most beautiful thing ever to hear stories like that over and over and to be a small part of their journey.

I’m so looking forward to watching your journey myself as you go out to Florida with $1,000 and turning that into $40,00 in 40 days. I even want to bring you back on the show to talk about that because there’s going to be some lessons learned and some things that you can share about the hustle mentality. You have to have a certain mentality to pull that off. I want to dive into that after you do something like that.

Hopefully, I won’t fail.

I have absolute confidence in you. You’re going to pull this off.

Even if I don’t hit it, people will get to see exactly what it takes to have success in this business and to have success as an entrepreneur in general. It’s like all these successful entrepreneurs that maybe make millions, billions, lose it all and have it all back in a few years. It’s a mentality and they learn certain business skills. I feel like regardless if I don’t hit the goal or if I hit the goal, there’ll be a ton of value. I figured out, it was like, “Should I go out and do it and film it and keep it hush-hush?” If I failed, it was like, “No, let’s post it. Let’s show my failures. I’m okay. I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for them. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it.”

I love that because I live by that code as well. I either win or I learn. I never lose ever. Whenever you fall short, there’s so much to gain from that. That’s where the gold is. When you win, it’s a result of everything that you’ve learned along the way. That’s not the gold. The gold is when you fail. All of those challenges that you had to overcome. That’s when you picked up the knowledge, the education, the know-how, all of that you needed to learn to win.

Did you watch the Michael Jordan documentary?

The Last Dance?

Yes. He didn’t win every championship. He didn’t win every season he played, yet we consider him the most successful. He brought so much to the sport, how much the NBA grew because of him not how much he made, not by his accolades, not by the personal success he got out of that. He blessed everything. He touched everything around him. We don’t have to succeed at everything we do. Did you see sheer determination always to do his very best to bring the very best results to everything he touched? He pushed his teammates. He pushed his managers. He pushed his coaches. He wanted the most he could get out of every waking breath. I think that’s what made him great. It wasn’t that he always won but he gave everything he had at every chance he had.

Sometimes we look for a blueprint on how to do things. We want the way, show me the way. To me, that’s the blueprint. I don’t care what field you’re in. I don’t care what you’re doing whether it’s window cleaning or real estate, if you’re giving it your best, you will be successful.

One thing that I understand as well is the reason you will be successful is that you’ll be making mistakes because you’ll be taking the wrong approach but you have such determination and effort that you will be introduced. You will see that door and walk through it because you haven’t given up. I was reading a Tony Robbins book the other day. There’s a part of our brain that’s constantly scanning because there’s so much information that goes by us, colors and everything. How does our brain know what to focus on? How does it know what is relevant? How do we not freak out with all the information overload? It’s because we have this part of our brain that’s subconsciously scanning for what’s relevant to what’s important to us.

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It’s why when we’re looking into buying a new car and we’re debating like, “Do we want this car?” All of a sudden, we start seeing that thing freaking everywhere. I was like, “Holy shit. Why is this car everywhere now?” It’s because our subconscious brain is like, “This is now relevant to Mr. Conscious.” We start seeing it. When you want something and you’re working towards it and you’re reading books about it and you’re listening to podcasts and all of a sudden, your subconscious brain is scanning. It’s going to take where you’re going for it. I made a lot of mistakes. I believe that there are strategies and skills and things that we can do to find success. You can’t be like, “I’ve got $3,000 to spend on marketing. If I never do a deal within that $3,000, I guess this is not for me. God doesn’t want me to do this.”

I’m not mocking religious people. I am a very religious person. Maybe what God wants for you is he wants you to struggle and grow and then be damn grateful for finding that success and grateful that God is a part of your life and that it’s allowed you to struggle because it built character. Don’t go at something half-hearted because you’re going to get half-hearted results. You’re going to be like, “See, I knew I’m not going to be successful.” You’re going to have a bad attitude. You’re going to go to the next venture with a bad attitude. You’re going to give half-assed efforts. You’re going to get half-assed results. You’re going to spiral downward in a downward success spiral and you’re going to feel sorry for yourself.

I want to ask you one more question. We ask every guest that comes on the show this question before we wrap it up. How can people bounce back from adversity, dominate their challenges and consistently win at the game of life?

Decide what you want and don’t give up. That’s it. Go for it.

Thanks for coming on the show. This has been a good conversation. I appreciate you.

I appreciate you. Thanks for having me, my friend.

There you have it. Another successful episode of the show. Find out what you want and then go forward. Go for it. I know sometimes we are afraid to take that leap. We are afraid to let go of what we currently have because what we have is working. We’re afraid that if we get out there and we try something new, we may fail. We may be less successful than where we currently are and that paralyzes so many of us. I believe if your heart is pushing you, your heart is nudging you to take that leap. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to your community. You owe it to your neighbor, friends, everyone in the world to take that leap because you may have the answer. You may have the solution. You may be the next problem solver for whatever issue someone is facing. They are depending on you. They may need you. You will never know what it would be like to experience your heart’s desire.

You have to get out there and you have to try. You have to take the leap. That is the first step you have to, try. Realizing that it’s okay to know you’re going to fail. You’re going to fall. That’s natural. It’s a part of life but there’s gold in there. There’s so much that you can learn from those barriers. They are necessary for you to go through the process of getting where you want to go because I get it. You don’t know everything. You don’t have all the resources. You don’t have all the knowledge but that’s the point of failing forward so you’ll learn. That’s the point of making the mistakes so that you will learn and gain that knowledge. It’s not easy to think you’re going to have all the knowledge going in to make it all the way without failure. It doesn’t work that way. Find out what you want and then go for it with 100% confidence in yourself that you can change the game. Until next time. Peace and love.

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