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Dr. Sraddha Prativadi, the Founder of Elite Mind Pro, created the book series called Woman Up. It’s a guideline people can use towards changing the future of health by developing awareness of what they are putting in their bodies. As an OB Gyne, Dr. Prativadi has found some common themes that most women complain about when they come to her with issues concerning their genitalia. By changing the way she looks at things and the way she asks questions, she has helped so many women and some men with their conditions. Buckle up and learn more about how she helps women solve their problems and take their power back.

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Woman Up: Developing Awareness Of What We Put In Our Body with Dr. Sraddha Prativadi

I have Dr. Sraddha Prativadi with me. She is the Founder of EliteMindPro.com and creator of the Woman UBook series, soon to be launched through Hay House. She is a triple board-certified physician in surgery and surgeon in OBGYN, integrative medicine, holistic medicine whose passion for serving others ironically led her to take her own health, break down. We’re going to talk about that. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome DrPrativadi to the Game Changer Mentality show. 

Thank you, Rodney, for having me here. It is such an honor to be here with you. 

It is an honor to have you on the showI’m excited about what we are going to talk aboutI’m excited about you. I’m excited about what you are contributing and offering to the world. I want to get into this Woman Up Book series. Can you please tell us what that is all about? 

The first book in this book series actually came out of a clinical work I was doing for many years ago in private practice as an OB-GYNI come from a family that’s originally from India. Culturally we incorporated a lot of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, spices. The whole reason why everyone in the world wanted to go to India to begin with. This whole awareness of another way of aligning your life with the energies of the universe, the laws of the universe for a complete and full life, was part of my consciousness growing up.  

I felt this is missing in American medicine. Watching conversations growing up as a kid in Boston, in Madison, WisconsinRochester, I made up my mind that I was going to bring this consciousness into my work in medicine. Fast forward, many years through medical school, residency and getting to private practice, I start to incorporate that into my work and my nurses loved it because nurses always tend to have more of an expanded perspective than doctors, in general, so in terms of holism, healing and whatnot. I started seeing patient and the words started getting out that, Dr. Pshe knows this other stuff. She’s not your regular type of MD,” which was fun because it expanded the conversations I was able to have with patients in my practice.  

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: Food is the bedrock of Indian medicinal thinking and it is incorporated into culture.


Little by little, people started asking me more questions about holistic healing and incorporating not just drugs and surgery into the practiceBecause of my own transformation many years ago after my divorce, I incorporated principles of personal transformation as well. This created a cool dynamic in the practice and the types of conversations that we’re opening up were leading to breakthroughs. It led me to looking at the people I was taking care of, looking at women, looking at their situations in a more expanded way than what I’ve been trained in medical school and residency 

It’s cool because when you do that, it opens up a space for different questions, a different type of questioning, a different type of interaction and connection with the women I was taking care of and that leads to certain breakthroughs in perspective. I started doing workspecifically with nutrition and the mindset behind nutrition with my patients and started getting more and more patients coming in who had gynecologic symptom. No one talks about this, but one of the most common reasons why women come into a gynecologist’s office is because of symptoms of vulvovaginitis which is basically inflammation of the external genitalia, inflammation of the vaginal canalI have to be honest here and call it our medical training. We don’t get in-depth training about this and I realized that more and more when I hit private practice and I wasn’t seeing the fancy things I saw as we would in the university. 

I saw issues that every day impacted everyday women and it impacted their familiesThere was one occasion which is what created the impetus for a change in my commitment to my patients in terms of how I was taking care of them. There was one particular patient who was referred to me by one of my nurses. She said, Dr. P, I had so much pain down there in the perineal area,” which is an area between the legs in women, that my husband and I haven’t been able to have intercourse for two years because of this pain.” I was like, “That’s interesting.”  

Long story short, I did all of the standards of care to evaluate her and initially, found some things and treated them, according to how we normally treat people, got better and the pain came backIt finally got to a point where I said, I think I need to send you over to the university to my own mentors because they are going to put you on some medicines that are going to help immunomodulate this area. I think that’s the only thing that’s going to really help this tissue here that’s causing you the pain,” and she flat-out refused. She said, “No, your nurse referred me to you because she said you know something and you have a way that is not there in the system. She flat-out refused 

The beautiful thing about when that happens is your mind unlocks. Your mind unlocks and you start looking for other ways of how you can achieve the desired result that you want, and for her, it was making her pain freeI said, I’ll send you to the university. We will put you on medicines that immunomodulate your body. What that means is, the immune system is acting in a certain way in her tissue and that’s what’s causing this pain. Remember the body wants to protect you. Intercourse is seen as something that could be potentially dangerous because of infection, pain or inflammation. The body creates symptoms to stop that from happening. Pain can actually be our friend here.  

The ultimate level of sophistication of thinking in a culture is when you have the knowledge that are for the betterment of every citizen. Share on X

I said, “We can do medicines, but the way on Ayurveda and in Indian culture, the way we talk about the immune system is through food. We can work together to modify your immune system and to immunomodulate your immune system through your food because the gut is the biggest interface. With the external environment and in Western science, it’s starting to become obvious that this is the case, but this is the bedrock of Ayurvedic thinking, Indian medicinal thinking for thousands of years. It’s incorporated into the culture. It’s not just in the medical system separate from how people live. It defines how people live. 

Ultimately, that’s level of sophistication in any type of discovery should make to benefit humanity. It should become an integral part of the culture. It shouldn’t just be a discovery that’s commercialized over here and then you sell it to people. The ultimate level of sophistication of thinking in a culture is when you have the knowledge and universal principles that are for the betterment of every citizen of the society for their health, wealth, relationships and their spiritual advancement incorporated into the cultureNot as a commercial entityThat’s the type of consciousness this came from 

I said, I will work with you and I can work with you to immunomodulate your body through the food, but you have got to stick with me. I am making a commitment to you. You have to commit to this path with me for at least two to six months because I don’t know how long it’s going to take for your body,” She said, “Sold. I said, I’m going to take a look at this differently than I have in the past.” I implemented the care plan that I’d created for her. I didn’t even think that this was going to work because even in my medical training, I have been taught that this particular situation, it’s called vulvovestibulitisit’s a very challenging situation. I was like, “There’s no way that I’m going to be successful in treating this patient even though I understand the principles and all this stuff. She followed my recommendations to the tee because remember she didn’t commit to me. She committed to herself. 

She committed to herself and her belief kept her fueled down this path. Two months she came back into the office and she said, “You made my husband a very happy manI don’t have pain and we have resumed our marital activities.” I was like, “What did you do? I have been limiting my perspective on what this situation actually is.” As I move forward, I started changing the types of questions I was asking women when they came in with any gynecologic symptom. I saw these underlying patterns of eating and lifestyle that were showing up 

What’s the most common complaint that people come in with? It’s burningit’s itchingI have discharge and of course, these are all the things that people are very ashamed of to mention to even their doctors because of the fear of being judged. Afraid that these symptoms somehow only have to do with a sexually transmitted diseaseI’m a very moral personI’m a Christian woman. I would never get an STD, but I am so ashamed of the judgment that I’m going to come under, so I’m not going to talk about these symptoms with anyone. Other people, I know I’m a virgin. Why would I have these symptoms? I’m so afraid my father igoing to kill me.”  

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: Some people are afraid of their condition because of the fear of being judged.


These are real things that people go throughor I’m afraid I have cancer. I’m so afraid of that. I’m not going to mention this and I’m going to hope it goes away. As I started expanding the questions that I was asking women and working with them, I started to see that I was doing a disservice to women who are coming in with these most common complaints in a gynecologic practice if I did not ask questions about their gutabout their eating habits, about their major stressors. All of these things came together and manifested itself as symptoms in the vulva which is external genitalia and the vagina which is the canal. 

Of those questions that you would ask them, what was some of the common things that you found in terms of answers that were causing those types of symptoms? 

Some of the common things had to do with a couple of different things. It had to do with certain cravings, candy, sugars, other types of foods. The other thing also I would find is that alcohol was major problem especially with the collegeage women or around the time of different holidays. The number of calls that we get for certain symptoms would flareup. The other thing also that I noticed was people not giving themselves enough of the nutrients that supported the immune system and supported all of the hollow organ immunology as we call it or supported the gutThose were the most common things.  

I changed the way I looked at things and this one particular and where the name of the book comes from it’s called The New Vagina Diet. That actually came out of a conversation with a patient. There’s a young woman who came into my office and she had seen every other doctor in the practice and finally came to me. They sent all the challenging people, all the challenging cases to me to figure out. She came in and when we do the gynecologic exam, I don’t think we’re trained well enough. A lot of doctors do this cursory examination of the outside and they use the speculum to do the internal examThe point of parts of my book are that there are a lot of messages that are being given to us from that skin on the outside because skin is our largest organ and it’s an immuno organ. When I looked at her, I asked her“You’re having all these painful symptoms like burning, itching and stuff like that,” and I started asking her about her bellyShe goes, “My belly is inflamed. It’s painful. It’s very bloated. The other thing I started asking people about was GI habits, not only eating but poopingWhat goes in needs to come out. 

People are so ashamed to talk about pooping. Are we adults? Everyone poops, let’s get over it. It’s an important function, so let’s be adults about it and talk about itPhysiologically, it gives us a lot of information about how the person’s body is functioning from digestion, microbiomedetoxification, even emotional, even from a neurologic neurotransmitter standpoint. There’s so much information we can glean from asking people the right questionsShe’s like, “That’s off a little bit,” and that’s okay. I pressed on her belly and it was totally bloated and everything. I said, “You and I over the next two months are going to work closely. We are going to get to the bottom of this.”  

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I do my inspirational Oprah’s speech. I call it this is my Oprah moment. I’m going to inspire you here to prioritize yourself and so she did itShe followed the recommendations which I may draw it in detail in the book and the accompanying course that goes with them for people who want to work more closely with me. She did it and she came in two months later, and her eyes were like saucers. I walked in and she’s very angry with me. I was like, “Are you okay?” She was like, Dr. P, can’t you tell? I’ve lost twelve pounds. My belly is flat for the first time in years. I’ve lost my belly. My skin is better. I’m not breaking out anymore. I don’t have headaches anymore. My memory is so much better. My head is not in the fog anymore and sex feels great. It’s like I have a new vagina.” I’m like, “There you go, it’s the new vagina diet. You’ve got to write that because it could help so many of my friends. 

That’s how the name was developed through that experience of your book? 

Every chapter of the book has to do with a conversation that I had with patients. I’ll share with you a couple of the chapter names. The first chapter one, these are all real questions people asked me in the practiceChapter one is, “Why are you a crotch doctor? A patient asked me that. Another patient asked me“Are you a doctor or a healer? which I thought was powerful. The next chapter talks about what does an OBGYN actually do. A lot of people think we just deliver babies and it’s all happy, but it’s a very sophisticated aspect of healthcare and practice. It’s so important because a woman’s physiology and what’s going right or wrong in her body impacts seven generations down the line which is why women’s healthcare is so important 

One of the things I mention in my book, it’s also important that we change and we elevate our attitude towards women’s bodies. Particularly towards the vulva and the vagina. From my experience, it’s that part of the woman’s body giving us early signals of things that could develop into chronic disease and chronic inflammatory conditions that can then put multiple generations at risk. It’s an increased risk for things on everything from diabetes to autoimmune disease to even obesity. You can start to see how if we miss the boat early on here and if we can fix iwith lifestyle, cultural attitudes, and cultural priorities in terms of reducing stress. Creating our American lifestyle in a way that’s in harmony with health, happiness, community and creativity rather than destruction, disintegration, disease and competition. We are going to change the health of the future generations of Americans and I think that’s one of the most patriotic things that we can do. 

We’re going to get back to that because I want to dive into that a little bit more. Before we get to that, I want to ask you what are some of the common general recommendations from your book that the audience can best get and could put into practice right now? 

The biggest thing and I’m not the only one saying this is to develop an awareness of what you’re putting into your body. For men and women, you want to live your life in a way that’s going to reduce inflammation. What are things that exacerbate inflammation? The obvious thing is food because you hear about all the anti-inflammatory diet, but on top of that it’s also stress increases inflammation and when you’re inflamed, it increases stress. They start to potentiate each other. It’s not only changing your eating in a way that reduces inflammation because that will also reduce your stress physiology. You also want to take a look at your life. This is why my work now has expanded past just regular old nuts and bolts medical practice.

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: It’s important that we change and elevate our attitude towards women’s bodies.


You’ve got to take a look at the larger structure of your life and the larger paradigms of your life and ask yourself, “Am I in alignment with who I really am?” Otherwise, you’re always going to be in friction with yourself and friction with other people and that creates stress and this constant go attitude as well. Become aware of physiological cycles, live in harmony with physiological cycles. When you live in harmony with these biological laws and physiological cycles, you create health and health is our first love. If you’re constantly fighting these things, you put your body under a lot of stress and unfortunatelywe have the thing that allowed us to become “successful as a country like the go and I conquer this, I conquer that. Unfortunately, it is the very thing that is going to lead to our defeat now. The data is there, we’re one of the most unhappy, unhealthiest nations on the planet and it’s this.  

I would say nutrition, the biggest inflammatory thing is, know what you’re putting into your body and take out high fructose corn syrup, take out the refined sugar. If you do just that one thing, you’re going to learn a whole lot about your food and you’re going to make a big impact for you. In terms of the stress piece, take a look at what gives you joy. Are you doing things because it gives you joy? Are you doing things because of the way it’s going to look to other people? A lot of us do things because we are afraid of what it’s going to look like to other people. Rather than falling in love with yourself, your potential and who you really are, and living from that place and aligning with your joy and with gratitude to have the opportunity to be able to live your life in alignment 

Those are the two biggest keys. That’s for women and men because when I started doing more of this work and start having these conversations, the husband started coming in. If I’m changing her paradigms of eating, they’re a unitthey’re a team. What’s good for her in terms of reducing inflammation is going to be good for him too. I’ve met many couples who, because the man didn’t take care of his symptoms and his inflammation, it actually impacted his sperm and they weren’t getting pregnant. Because he didn’t have the courage to go and evaluate what was going on with him and then one day when he took care of that, boom babyThis is not just about women, this is about men. I knew that I needed to get this book out when the men started coming in and saying, “She committed to this for two months and this is amazing, so I’m doing it too.” I had to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. 

I have a big appreciation for what you’re doing because what you’re explaining based on my experience in this business as a resilience trainer are what you’re explaining is resilience practices. You hit it right on the head when you’re talking about this go attitude, being relentless, not stopping and taking a breakI’m all for giving it all you’ve got and going and even going the extra mile and a mile after that if you have toI think what’s not said enough is in order to be resilient and bounce back from all of the stress, all of the things that happen to you as you go, you have to do things like this. You have to take those moments to take care of yourself and that’s what gives you resilience. That’s what gives you that bounce that ability 

This is in line with Game Changer Mentality because in order to maintain a certain level of performance, a certain level of productivity, in your relationships, in your body, these things in my mind are absolutely necessary. Awe can raise our consciousness about these things, we can practice them and teach them and I’m so with you. When you talk about the seven generations, there are things that I’ve learned about nutrition my mom and dad didn’t teach me. Mgrandma didn’t teach me. As a matter of fact, it taught me the opposite types of things in terms of cooking and meal preparation and things likthat. I don’t do a lot of the stuff that I grew up with. I don’t do that anymore because I have a higher level of consciousness and then the things that I know, I can pass those things down to my kids and generations after me. I appreciate the recommendations that you’re providing here on the show. 

I appreciate you, Rodney. You’re so inspiring to me and your journeyI’m grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to share these ideas. There are things that people can do to take their health back into their own hands. I found that many of the conversations I was having with patients when they were coming to me for helpthere are certain things that distinctly I can do. If there is a surgery that’s needed and whatnot. Obviously, we can’t do surgery on ourselves neither will I recommend it, but there’s so much of their own power that people give away and abscond to the medical system and you can take that power back. I think one of the first steps is seeing yourself in a divine light and elevating your consciousness 

You've got to take a look at the larger paradigm of your life and ask yourself, “Am I at all in alignment with who I really am?” Share on X

You hit the nail on the head. It all starts with elevating your consciousness of who you really are. When I started doing this workit bothered me. Why we weren’t shouting from the rooftops that we need to be paying attention to these most common symptoms that women present to the office with. Why we weren’t focusing on the nutrition part. Why we weren’t even recognizing some of the early symptoms is because we weren’t recognizing the vulva vaginal canal as a sophisticated communicator. We don’t have the attitude that it even could be intelligent. It’s just this passive recipient. 

Why don’t you dive into that a little bit? Explain to the audience what do you mean when you say a sophisticated communicator? 

It’s a sophisticated communicator in terms of things happening in the immune systemWhen someone comes in and they say, I have itching down there, what our general approach is, “You have a symptom down there in the vulva, so there must be an infection right there. What I discovered in my work is that women would present with a symptom in the skin, on the outside of the body, but the heart of the problem was not there in the skin at that site. It was actually up higher in the gut, and so when I started to change the food, the symptoms in that skin went away. I started to realize that when I saw redness, when I saw inflammation there, it didn’t mean that it was an issue just there. That happened to be the messenger. 

The more I got into this work and opened my mind to this, I realized that there were many other symptoms as well that were coming up that were showing signs elsewhere. This, by the way, is not a completely newer form of idea. For example, if people have inflammatory bowel disease, it can show up as a rash on the outside of the thighs called dermatitis herpetiformis. Wrecognized other instances in which the gut gives you skin symptoms. Alopecia alsothere have been many cases reported where people lose their hair in patches. You go in and you work on the gut and you replace the microbiome, the hair totally comes back 

When I started doing this work in gynecology, I realized that the vulva is similar. That it is giving us signs, but the work that has to be done is further upstream in the gut anresearch study after research study shows that regardless of probiotics, regardless of all these other things that you can do to intervene. The number one sustainable way to positively impact that health and your microbiome and what I would like more people to talk about which is vulva vaginal health is actually food. That’s what it comes down to. What I realized is that overall, I needed to be part of the conversation to elevate the perception of women’s bodies, so that’s where the Woman Up Book series came into being. When I started writing The New Vagina Diet, this larger issue was bothering me about why isn’t that we don’t see women’s bodies as this divine manifestation of universal principles.  

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: When you’re feeling stressed, take a look at what gives you joy.


The more I worked with women and birthing their babies, I realized a lot of these things that I talk to women about in labor, childbirth, pregnancy, and even getting pregnant are principles that I talked to people about in terms of birthing their dreams. The Woman Up Book series came into being because I started to connect how these different processes that women go through can teach us about birthing our dreams. After I get out The New Vagina Diet, the next book that’s coming out is called The Powers Of Pregnancy. Igoes through all the different phases of pregnancy. It shows how it’s this beautiful example of how we bring out our potential and how we make our dreams come true 

The next book after that is called Birthing Your Richesso what’s the actual process of bringing out your richesI explain to the readers how we can learn from birth and pregnancy, some universal principles about birthing our dreams. The sad thing is, after we’re born from our mother, that’s the last birth a lot of people take and they really have to work on them. Wall have to work on ourselves and keep birthing ourselves. Birthing YouRiches talks about that and don’t let your exit from your mom be your last birth on earth. 

I believe that the way we’re made is so sophisticated and awesome. We have so many desires that go through our minds and in our hearts. We never reached that point of conception where we say, “This is the thing that I’m going to bring forth. This is the thing I’m going to express in my life. That’s when that conception gets rooted. It’s in there and it starts to grow into this thing that you want to bring forwardI’ve been through that process multiple times and it’s such a wonderful thing. It’s almost like when I’m not pregnant with something I’m worried. I’m like, Hold on. I believe that in life, you’re supposed to be bringing something forward all the time. You need to be cultivating something. You need to be working something in order to bring it forward. 

We have a common mentor as well, Bob Proctor. He says, “You’re either creating and growing or you’re disintegrating.” You’re disintegrating and being destroyed or destroying. What side of the equation are you on? I loved what you mentioned about conception. Sometimes we conceive of things but it never grows. I explained while conception can happen but that conceptus needs to implant into the uterus. Once it implants, it starts to get the sustenance and the resources that it needs to grow. I explained how each of those processes is literally a physical representation of the stages that we go through in birthing our dreams. I think it makes it more tangible for some people. Having that physical like, I get it now,” otherwise a lot of what we do in personal development can be very ethereal, because we’re dealing with the invisible. We’re bringing the intangible into the tangible.  

The next book is calledYou-terus. Before we started this, I said my name is Dr. P and I’m not a urologist, but I am a “You-ologist, I help you study you, so this is called You-terus and it’s birthing your riches during parenthood and beyond. Although I’m an OBGYN, I love the conversations I would have with the husbands and sometimes the brothers, sometimes the fathers that would come in. I know men want the space to explore their own divinity and go deeper into themselves as well. That’s why I call it You-terus and the issue comes about with womenbecause women most often are giving up on their own individual path for parenthood 

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: The vulvovaginal canal is a sophisticated communicator.


got a message from a patient of mine who said, love the talks that you’re doing Dr. P on your Facebook Lives because I feel like I’ve lost myself and you’re helping me find myself. That’s called You-terus. It’s birthing your own riches during parenthood and I think that’s important that we support people in that. What I do is I go through the different parts of a woman’s reproductive anatomyI write out what we can learn from that part of the body in terms of this process of birthing ourselves. The next book is called Cervix and it’s opening up to who you are meant to be in order to be of highest service to the world. Because the cervix is a part of the uterus that opens up for birth, so that’s about in that process of opening up to yourself and doing that. A lot of people never open up to themselves. 

The next book is about the tube and it’s called The Connection Between Infinite Possibility which is the ovary. The ovary has all these pluripotent cells, but the tube is the connection between that and the uterus where it takes physical manifestation. The tube is understanding what is that connection between the infinite and where things take physical manifestation. The ovary talks about the infinite field of potential and the power pluripotency. My hope is that this first book will open up people to this idea that there’s more to women’s bodies than meets the eye and it’s more than just sex and childbirth, and all this stuff. When we truly respect it and respect the innate intelligence, there’s a whole world that opens up to us of possibility. My hope is that people will enjoy the future books because I’m going to show how all these processes and literally women’s unique anatomy teaches us about very fundamental principles of personal development. About how thoughts become things and about how each of us can bring out our best and then when we do that, we create a better world. That’s what I think we’re all after, leaving a better world for our children. 

Let’s back up to culture and the attitudinal and social barriers that exist within our consciousness to do some of the things that we’re talking about. What are some of your recommendations to change as a culture and raise our consciousness to be better people? 

Fundamentallyit’s making a committed decision to the things that we know create health and happiness. What are those thingsThis is nothing that I’ve come up with. These are things that have become self-evident to me through my experiences. Honestly, these are things that every integrative holistic physician talks about, every Ayurvedic physician talks about and things that are implemented into truly wisdom cultures. When we as a culture choose to make decisions and structure our activities for the betterment of the health of our population, I believe things will change. By health, I don’t mean absence of disease by certain benchmarks that we use to analyze our society. That’s not what I’m talking about. I‘m talking about something much deeper here. I’m talking about each person living a life of peace, living a life of abundance. We truly understand the meaning of abundance in all of its respects because it’s not just currency. Currency is a tool that we use for commerce and commerce is important. Trust me, I’ve been to places that don’t have proper commerce in their society and it’s an ugly situation.  

The commerce is a structure as vehicle for people to share their best with each other and then I’m talking about something even beyond that. I’m talking about the wealth of connections. I’m talking about the wealth of deep emotional understanding between people. I’m talking about the wealth of connection to something larger than yourself and your own potential. I’m talking about the wealth of connection to your creativity. I’m talking about the wealth of respect that you receive for who you are, for the divine being that you are here on the earth. Not because of what monetary gain you can create for yourself or other people. Ultimately, it is seeing past the superficial manifestations of who we are to get to that place and each other, where we are one and the same. Once you get to that connection, that’s the greatest wealth of all that a nation can have. I think we’re getting thereOur consciousness is slowly changing, but do you know what it requiresIt requires courage at the individual level. It does, because our courage determines our conversations, and our conversations determine our commitments, and the commitments that we make collectively determine the culture. It’s a bunch of little C’s. 

I want to say I agree with everything that you’re saying and I think we have to create community that stands on those things. There’s an individual responsibility and that’s the surface level, but to take it even higher, we’ve got to get to a place of where we’re collectively as a community moving towards this objective. 

GCM 65 | Woman Up

Woman Up: A lot of what we do in personal development can be very ethereal.


It’s a cultural decision. It’s a paradigm. A culture is paradigmThe culture should be so elevated that people are doing and thinking in ways that are consistent with their health, well-being and creativity without them having to read a guide book or go to a seminar or a doctor. That’s the level of sophistication we need to get to is that it was the tacit knowledge of the culture of the people. 

How can people reach you if they wanted to learn more about you, connect with you, maybe collaborate with you? How can they find you? 

You can certainly email me directly at EliteMindPro@Gmail.com. One of the best ways though is you can go to EliteMindPro.com and grab your free eBook that I have put there. It’s called Your Inner Genie. You can also find me on Facebook at Elite Mind Pro and look up my page. I’m on Twitter as well. I look forward to hearing from you. Please do reach out to me. If you want to be alerted about the Woman Up Book series, go to WomanUpBooks.com. 

Dr. P, I want to thank you for coming on to the Game Changer Mentality showI’m sure you provided some knowledge and information that is helpful to those in the audience. I think men and women, we all need to take more care of ourselves. That’s a big part of being resilient. Pay attention to those symptoms, pay attention to all of the symptoms whether it be our sexual organs or skin or whatever it is. We need to be very in tune with ourselves and raise our consciousness on how to be a more healthy resilient human being. I want to thank you for your contribution. Thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate it. 

Thank you for the opportunity. I salute you for this amazing work that you’re doing in raising consciousness. 

Any final words for the audience, maybe a game-changing mentality message? 

Keep powering your positive potential, and every day commit to yourself because you’re important and your gifts are important. We’re all here waiting for you to become who you are meant to be so that we can live our best life. I for one, am waiting to cheer you on in your journey. 

Keep pushing. I love that keep pushing your PP, your positive potential. Thank you for reading this blog. As always remember to remain resilient in your pursuit for greatness. Thank you.

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