GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams


Why do you stop in the middle of manifesting your dreams? The show’s guest today is Andrew Kap, author of the #1 Best-Selling book The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read. Andrew shares with Rodney Flowers how his heartbreaking experiences led him to discover the Law of Attraction. He wrote his best-selling book to help readers identify what blocks their mindset. For Andrew, the book is a mirror to help his readers see themselves in a clearer light. Once you identify what’s stopping you, you’ll know how to overcome it. Tune in and start manifesting!

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What Stops You From Manifesting Your Dreams? Strategies For Mindset Upgrade With Andrew Kap

I am excited about this episode. I have Andrew Kap in the studio with me. His mission is sharing the content he presents in his number one best-selling book, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read. Since it’s released, the book has enjoyed well over 1,000 five-star rave reviews on Amazon, and it shows readers why they’ve had trouble following through on an easy daily routine of gratitude methods so that they can finally conquer their procrastination once and for all. Without further ado, let’s welcome Andrew Kap to the show. Welcome to the show.

Rodney, thanks so much for having me. I’m happy to be here. I’m looking forward to our conversation.

GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams

The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read: The Missing Key To Finally Tapping Into The Universe And Manifesting Your Desires

Why did you write this book? That’s the burning question that I have.

This is where I run the risk of probably the most long-winded answer of our interview. To give a thorough look at where this came from, I learned about the Law of Attraction back in 2004 as a young entrepreneur. A lot of entrepreneurs out there can probably relate to having to, “Kill your own dinner.” Let’s be clear, 9:00 to 5:00, jobs got their challenges and difficulties. With the non-9:00 to 5:00, when you’re a business, if you have a bad week, the money is not coming in. When a lot of people are in those situations, they find themselves gravitating toward positive modality, positive mindset, more esoteric points of view to get their head straight so that they can do the right job.

For me, the Law of Attraction was one modality of many that seemed to resonate. I missed the whole thing for a couple of years. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it didn’t. It was unreliable. I found out years later that I was the unreliable one. 2008 hits, that first business is on the edge of completely failing and I throw it away to almost save a relationship that was also teetering. Three days later, she breaks up over text. The business is gone. I wake up on a Monday got everything and I wake up on a Friday and 90% of my life is done.

We’ve all had our challenges. This one doesn’t compare to most but at least for me, at that moment, it was heavy. I’m looking back on my life, I’m like, “What am I doing here?” I’ve wasted my twenties. I’ve got to get my act together. For some reason, this weird flow pops in my head, all the things I’ve done in my life to work on myself to improve it. The Law of Attraction worked when I did it. I got in this headspace of being stubborn and indignant. I’m like, “I don’t care what, when, why or how it happens. I’m going to go all-in with this.” It’s another way of saying, “I’m going to do 5 or 10 minutes a day of gratitude visualization and this time, I’m not going to stop, no matter what. If things are getting worse or better, I’m not going to stop. I’m going to go full tilt with it because I have confidence in it.”

I’m pissed off in my life that I’m motivated enough to stick with it. Once I had that mentality shift, everything changed. Two weeks later, I feel better, which is saying a lot with a broken heart. Three months later, I’m in a brand new and way healthier relationship with someone that understood me a lot better and who I was ready for. Four months later, I’m making more money than at any point in my life before then. Six months later, I’m in the best shape of my life. Everything is running on all cylinders and everything changed.

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I learned through this hard lesson that whatever this thing is, we’ll call it the Law of Attraction, it works when you work it. It was only ten years later, after doing more experiments, living my life and doing my thing that I made a decision, “I want to do a new business. What can I do that I’ll be engaged with the audience? I’ll look forward to emails. I won’t get bored, to be candid.” I was like, “Here’s this Law of Attraction thing. If I’m going to enter the space because there are countless books out there, I’ve got to do it uniquely.” Hence the title, The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read.

I gave myself permission to articulate what I got in my own way, hopefully, in a way that everyone else reading will connect with them. The more personal your problems are sometimes, the more universal they are. That’s led us to this point. I published it at the end of 2019. Ever since then, I’ve been enjoying this so much that this is where I’ve done all my business because it fills my days and it’s a fulfilling thing. I’m riding the wave in the meantime.

What is the message that you are attempting to get across with this book?

Since it’s a Law of Attraction book, we’ll compare it that way. Any Law of Attraction book worth of salt is hopefully going to explain the Law of Attraction in a clear, replicable way, which I’m happy to do in this conversation. Also, any Law of Attraction book worth its salt is hopefully going to give you user-friendly methods, whether it’s gratitude, visualization or whatever it might be. I’m also happy to do this conversation. The third thing that I wanted to do here that most of the books haven’t done or any I’ve seen is holding that mirror up to the reader and explaining to them what the block is in their mindset in this specific piece.

In the past, they go book to book or program to program. It’s one of those things where they even get excited about the content, they even start to do it and get results but they still stop. I wanted to explain that. That was pretty much like what I wanted this book to show people where they’re getting in their way so that they can get out of their way long enough to get a result. When that happens, it’s not me or the book teaching them, it’s their personal life experience teaching them. Once that happens, they’re forever changed and they can never go back and then it’s up to them from there.

Let’s talk about the Law of Attraction. Everyone has experienced the Law of Attraction in some way, shape or form in their life and maybe consciously or unconsciously have experienced it. For you, what is your definition of the Law of Attraction? What is it for you?

GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams: Get out of your own way long enough to get a result.


The Law of Attraction is based on the premise that everything is energy, you’re energy, I’m energy, everything in the room that we’re in is energy including our thoughts, which are also energy. All energy vibrates at a frequency and just by the way things happen, “Like frequencies attract like frequencies.” Meaning, with this understanding in mind and of how things work, knowing that our thoughts also have frequencies and that we have somewhat control of our thoughts at least consciously, we can choose certain thoughts and feelings that are going to invite a better result, manifestation, events, circumstances or people into our lives.

To extend this answer a little bit, I know a lot of people are saying, “That’s nice but I think about my job promotion every single day and it doesn’t come. Where’s your precious Law of Attraction?” To which I answer, “Are you thinking about that job with a sense of fear, uncertainty, frustration, impatience and anger? If you’re thinking about it in that way, you think you’re thinking about the job promotion but you’re thinking about the lack of the job promotion. You’re putting out the energy and the vibe of the lack of it, which is why you’re upset. Whereas if you’re thinking about that job promotion with a sense of satisfaction, anticipation, certainty, confidence, enthusiasm, now you’re thinking about the job promotion and inviting it in.”

I’ve experienced this. Many people that are reading this have read my story before. The life I’m living, I created it. Where we are right now, everyone created it. It’s based on your thoughts and feelings. Where you are today is a byproduct of what you’ve been thinking and saying yesterday. Wherever you want to go is going to be based on what you’re thinking and saying today.

A lot of people look at the Law of Attraction as a way of making their life perfect. Theoretically, it is possible to do that. In reality, if you’re trying to make everything perfect, you’re putting so much pressure on yourself that you’re always going to pull it away. Knowing that having tried and failed many times before I sorted this out for myself, I’m more of a strategy guy. I’m sure you can relate to your football days. Strategically, how do you move that ball up towards the end zone? For me, it’s like, “Strategically, what can I do to think as many good feelings as possible and as few bad feelings as possible? What can I do to inject this in a way where I’m not putting stress on myself not judging myself, I’m inviting more and more?”

For me, I can rush my way to $1 million and put so much pressure on myself that $1 million doesn’t come for twenty years or I can have a thought that six figures is way easier and get there in less than a year. All of a sudden, $1 million seems more possible. I’m strategically getting myself there sooner by not rushing or forcing the results and also by embracing the process and enjoying the journey on the way there because that’s one of the key secrets. You can’t be looking at whatever you want as this be all end all that’s going to finally make you happy. The four words, “I’ll be happy when,” should never be put together. It’s a recipe for disaster. What you want to do is say, “Maybe I’ll be happier when.”

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In the meantime, while I invite that, I’m choosing to be happy now with everything I’ve got. I’m choosing to look around and see what can I be grateful for if nothing else for my heart that’s beating in my chest, for that one friend that’s always been there for me, for food on the table every single day, for a roof over my head. It’s the simple things, this device that I’m reading to this show on, which I also have to use for my email, my texting, running my business, for entertainment, it fills a lot of gaps in my life which keeps me from getting bored and lets me research. It goes on and on. What I’m strategically doing is I’m putting myself in a place of receiving. I’m enjoying the moment in the meantime. I’m winning now and future. I’m inviting more wins as I move into that.

Let’s talk about the process of the Law of Attraction, which is the creative process. In my mind, that’s what that explains. Controlling your thoughts could be difficult for people. I heard someone say that one of the most difficult challenges for human beings is to think. It’s like, “We think all the time.” It’s deliberate thoughts, concentrated thoughts towards a thing. There’s a process to that. When you’re thinking, you’re always creating. When you’re trying to create something deliberately, it may require a lot more energy than one might think. There’s so much going on in your brain and there are many distractions. How were you able to master this process? What is your advice to the audience?

Here’s my secret and it’s referencing The Secret but it’s not to bad mouth The Secret. When I first saw The Secret in 2006, I’m already two years into this. To their credit, they accelerated my process. It took me another two years to figure it out. I remember watching that DVD and even though they advise me not to, I still thought to myself, “I’ve got to think good thoughts nonstop every single day. I’ve got to watch out for the bad ones. When the bad ones creep in, that’s pulling me back. I’ve got to do everything I can in my willpower to force this into reality.”

What I learned the hard way when all this turned around was, believe it or not, this only takes five minutes of work. It doesn’t take five minutes of work. It takes five minutes of prep work. What I mean by that is you wake up every day and start your day with five minutes of gratitude. That gratitude is done, you’re going to get to your day and maybe something bad is going to happen. Someone’s going to get you in a bad mood. Someone’s going to yell at you. You’re going to remember that girlfriend that dumped you years ago. Something’s going to throw you off, like, “This doesn’t work.”

The next day, you do another five minutes, then maybe something bad happens and maybe something doesn’t. The next day, another five minutes. What you’re doing with five minutes a day of feeling gratitude is you are programming your subconscious mind to lean in that direction. You’re programming yourself to send out that vibration on default. When you’re patient with yourself and you’re enjoying as much as you can at the moment, over time, you are beginning to predispose towards positive thinking, seeing the glass as half full, seeing the bright side of things.

I wrote this thing and something happened that annoyed me. What I did was I even gave myself permission to feel it. What I didn’t do is I didn’t dwell on it for days because I knew that was counterproductive. I also knew, “Tomorrow, I’m still going to get back on my gratitude process.” Strategically, it’s making my life better and better not only in ways that I can notice but I also end up avoiding negative things. You never know it because you never see them. By going through this process, you are bypassing a lot of negative experiences and negative outcomes that you’ll never see or appreciate because the beauty didn’t happen.

I never have to worry about having a basketball slammed in my face on an NBA court because I’m never going to be on an NBA court. I can think of that but there are many other things that are less ridiculous that aren’t happening that are bad that I’m avoiding by the virtue of the fact that I’m keeping myself in a positive vibe. I know this is a long-winded answer. The thing is, through the five minutes of work, you end up making a more consistent thought process of positivity in an easy and almost more automatic thing. As time goes by, you get better at it. You get more emotionally mature and resilient as you do it. You wake up one day and like, “I still got a way to go but I’ve come so much further now. I can feel it and I can notice it. All these cool things are happening in the meantime.”

Sometimes we look at people and say, “They’re living these awesome lives. It seems like they’re doing it effortlessly.” It’s a byproduct of them mastering the process. They have habitually created positive vibes for themselves that they can snap into without a lot of conscious effort. It happens because of the Law of Repetition. They’ve done it over again. It has become a way of life and therefore, they can reap the benefit of that. A lot of times, the expectation is, “I read The Last Law of Attraction. I start practicing this. My life is going to change and I’m going to get everything I want. All those visions that I have are going to come true immediately.”

The key here is to remember that there’s an incubation period. That energy has to be pressed upon over a period of time in order to produce a result. It’s like a garden, you plant the seed. The energy is there for the seed to become a seed but yet it takes time for that energy to work its magic and a product to be produced. It’s the same thing. It’s the holding of that energy on that thing. It’s the holding of the thought towards a certain outcome. The environment has to be right. It can’t be toxic. It can’t retain it. It has to support the intention of the energy. If there’s anything there that doesn’t support it, then you hinder, prolong or even sometimes prevent what the outcome could be.

GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams: Your whole purpose of being is to be unapologetically you.


It’s important to enjoy the process and that’s profound. I’ve learned that the process is more important than the destination because the destination or the outcome is the thing that the process produced. It’s not the most important thing. If you take away the process, you don’t have the thing. The process is the most important. It’s the vehicle to which wherever you want to go, whoever you want to be, whatever you want to have, which makes it more important than anything. Mastering that, being able to think of a thing, press upon that thing or create an environment for that thing to come forward, hold it long enough for it to manifest, which is to create a process.

This is the God-like side of us. I’m not a super religious person. I’m a spiritual person and I do believe in God. We are made in the likeness and kindness of God. We have his characteristics. What does that mean? We have the ability to create. God is a creator. In the beginning, there was the spoken word. God spoke and it became what we consider now as the universe. If you’re a scientist, you don’t believe in Theology and you say there was The Big Bang, this energy that existed and then it produced all this other stuff.

Regardless if you believe in God or in science, whatever this energy is that created us, it put part of itself in us because we have that ability to create. When we talk about the Law of Attraction, that’s what it always takes me back to, it’s the ability to hold something in the mind and then bring it forward. If you can hold it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. It’s talking about the transmutation of energy. Energy flows into form, back out of form and then back into form.

You mentioned the key to enjoying the process, which makes a lot of sense. You spend the majority of your time in the process because even when you get that result, you’re still in the process for something else. I view joy as a manifestation and a result as much as anyone else but I also view it as a strategy. If you can make joy a strategy, all of a sudden, it isn’t this far-off thing that can never be attained. It’s something that you can sample every single day. That could be as simple as calling up a friend, a hug from a loved one, a minor win at work, coming up with a cool idea for a book and saying, “I’m going to publish this. I don’t have to wait for an agent if I don’t want to. I can go on Amazon or Lulu and I can upload this thing. If I’m that nervous about people finding out, I can use a different name. They let me do that.”

There are always all these cool things that you can do for yourself easily. You said that this is the God-like of things because we are an extension of that. By embodying and embracing that idea, it gives you a certain freedom and a certain space to say, “This is okay now. This isn’t something that I have to force because I’m not begging something external to receive this, I’m embracing something internal to enjoy it.”

The energy that created us had the intention and it’s not by accident that we have this ability. This Law of Attraction, in my mind, is a privilege and a responsibility. The privilege is I get to create things, think and go through the process of building and constructing. I have the responsibility to build, construct, create and produce by the nature of being here and that alone, the bare minimum, the fact that I exist. God and energy, in my opinion, are intentional. You don’t do anything because there’s order to everything that it does. If there’s order to your existence, the question is, what is the purpose and intent for that?

To understand what the purpose and the intent of the thing are, you go look at the characteristics that it has. What can it do? Do you understand what it can do? That’s probably what it should be doing at a maximum level because that’s the gifts and the characteristics that it has by the nature of its existence. If I’m a creator, then I have to think about what it is that I’m supposed to create. If I go back to what my origination is in terms of being from energy, energy supports itself. It is the cause and effect of itself. It can’t be created nor destroyed. Its intent is upward, outward to produce, create, to support and sustain life. Therefore, whatever I’m creating should be for that same intent. I have the ability to create things in my mind and produce it with my hands that should, in my opinion, support the sustainment and evolution of life.

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When you create or engage in a process like this or physical activities and life out of inspiration rather than out of a feeling of lack, a lot of that supports itself automatically. When you’re inspired by an idea, you’re like, “Cool.” This book was a labor of love. I wrote it in 9.5 weeks. It’s not like I sat for an hour every day and I’m like, “This is easy.” I went all day, every day. I was fueled by inspiration. To me, it wasn’t a chore. It was an honor for me to put words to paper that are popping out of my mind with the intent that they would reach at least one person in some beneficial way. Not even be their answer but be their excuse to finally embrace the answer that’s within them already.

That’s the cool part also about why I say do five minutes a day of gratitude. Inspiration will find itself to you more easily because you’re almost like clearing the pathway or cobwebs and the false illusions of negativity and lack, thereby inviting more ideas to creep in, more little nudges to your gut like, “Now this feels possible. I always knew this was a good thing and I was always down. Now, there’s something about it that feels more possible to me and real. I can now give myself permission to walk down this path and see if I want it or not.”

It’s like a garden, you plant seeds in the garden and the garden produces the plants. You go and harvest the plants but yet the garden remains and you can still go plant something else. As a result of planting what you planted, you learn about what the garden is capable of doing. There are some plants that are good and the environment is not conducive to producing this particular plant at this particular time of year. Yet you learn how to maneuver around this garden or this piece of energy to produce certain things. This process that we’re talking about with the Law of Attraction is what happens to us.

As we initiate and execute it, we learn more about ourselves and how we relate to it and what we’re able to produce. Even more importantly, how it relates to the world around us, contributes and supports when it tears down. We get a feeling about that and then we can determine whether we want more of that or not so much. Do we want to produce something different? How does that resonate with us? All those things are connected. This is the thing that, in my opinion, we’ve been put on Earth to do. To me, this is our purpose here because we have this innate ability. Understanding is our charge and then executing, initiating, creating, producing, to me is what we’ve been designed to do.

There’s an extra piece where a lot of times people don’t see themselves as worthy of things or they see themselves as selfish because they’re trying to get all this stuff. You mentioned contribution. It’s like that old thing about the airplane mask where the plane is going down, mask drops down and you put yours on yourself first. You’re then at a place of power and influence to put those masks on other people and serve other people.

When people engage in this way, give themselves permission and understand, as long as their intent isn’t to hurt someone, why not go after different things that they want? All of a sudden, they will be operating at a higher level and it’ll be natural. They’ll want to serve more. They’ll want to help people more if they haven’t discovered already that when you’re helping someone else, you feel good. Going back to strategy, feeling good is a huge part of this equation. It ends up becoming almost like an upward snowball where you feel good, you help others and because of that, you get more and it goes on and on.

You wake up one day and find yourself about to take two hours on the call to help somebody out with something. They’re not paying you but you don’t care. You don’t feel like you’re getting shortchanged. You don’t feel like they owe you. You feel, “I’m happy to be a mentor, a guide and contributing positive factor in this situation. It’s fueling me up more and it’s bringing more into my life.” That isn’t just financially but that is even materially. It’s everything in terms of feelings, tangible, intangible, across the board.

I was having a conversation with someone about the parts of a car. There are several parts that make up a car and allows the car to operate and function properly. We were talking about, “Which part of the car is the most important. Is it the battery, wheels, ignition or motor?” Long story short, at the end of the day, there’s no part on the car that’s more important or less important than any other part. Each part in its own right has to perform for the car as a whole. That goes to say, “Whatever it is that you’re attracting, contributing and bringing, we need all of it. We are on the same team. We need you to be an expert at this Law of Attraction and creativity. We want you to benefit once you feel good about life and enjoy life because that’s going to help you be the best teammate that you can be. The most important thing is that your contribution is coming forward.”

GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams: We all have an opportunity to be that part of the entire piece that receives and contributes.


If we have one member who’s not performing on all cylinders or we don’t have his/her contribution, then we all suffer as a whole. We talked about all the things that we’ve enjoyed in life. Everything that we enjoy that’s man-made, someone thought about that. They used this process that we’re talking about to create it, from the lightbulb, airplane, cellphone, all of these things were thoughts at one point. Someone held that thought long enough to produce it and we get to enjoy it.

I think about the people who didn’t bring their contribution for whatever reason, maybe they died before they could bring forth the thing that they were designed to bring or that service, product, business or that idea that they had. That’s something we don’t get to enjoy because it wasn’t brought forward. That’s something to think about while you’re here on Earth. All of us have a timeframe that we’re operating under here and we never know when that’s going to end. What we leave behind is our contribution, our legacy, the things that we were able to create using this process. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave behind something that is useful, serves and causes an impact that supports the overall mission and goal of energy itself?

Also, knowing you might be doing that or you are doing that fuels you. To touch really quickly on the car example you’re giving, not only do those parts have to operate but they have to do so unapologetically. The wheel can’t be like, “Do I spin or not spin?” You got to spin. The engine can’t be like, “Do I run or not?” You’ve got to run. Your whole purpose of being is to be that unapologetically. The car isn’t the car unless you’re doing that. It’s a lemon if you’re doing that. You’ve got to be working because the car needs all the parts to unapologetically be what they are and engaging in the process that they were meant to engage in.

What are you getting out of this? You have over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Tell us being on the other side of the process to produce the book. The book is here and you are seeing the impact that it has on others. What is that doing for you to have gone through the process and be on this side of the process for this particular book in your life?

It’s a bit surreal in a good way. I waited over ten years to write the book. I never thought I’d write the book. It never occurred to me when I was going through this. When I was figuring this out, I never thought that I’d share it or make any statement about it. To make this decision, to have this nudge, inspiration, this direction and to get not 1,550 reviews on the US for Amazon. The emails I get from people are highly personal and crazy. I’m a guy. They’re using the combinations of my words and the way I’ve presented this material as an excuse to finally use what they’ve already known.

For me, it’s a surreal but awesome thing because I get emails every day. The only thing I can say that I’m getting out of this is a level of fulfillment that I could be wrong about this but I don’t think I would have gotten without knowing that other people are being served. If it was about me, maybe I’m wrong about that but I don’t think I could have been getting this fulfillment. It’s a communal, visceral, large and pervasive feeling of fulfillment that I had never anticipated but I’m certainly not going to turn down.

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Let’s talk about that. Your gifts, the things that you’re good at are not just for you. I would even believe that your challenges aren’t for you. The sole purpose of energy is outward and outward. It’s to sustain life. It’s to sustain creativity in and of itself. The thing that it has given you is for the support of that mission, the sustainment of that mission. It’s giving you something that it needs in order for life to continue, for energy to continue, for the transmutation of into form, out of form and then back into form. It’s all of that to support itself. You play a part and a role in that.

It knows that there’s a part that it needs that you need to play. What you have is for you to give like the motor. It has the ability to run, so it can’t say, “I can’t run.” It has to run because that’s what it’s been designed to do. It has to run for the whole car. The wheel, trunk, doors and seats benefit from the motor. In turn, the motor benefits from all those other things too because it’s a part of the whole. We need each other. We’re on the same team with the same goal with different roles but those roles are needed for us to get down to feel collectively together and win as a team.

We’re one big car. A car can afford to be missing a seat, for example, as long as the driver seat is there. It’s not the car could or should be without that seat. We all have a privilege and responsibility but also an opportunity that we wake up to every single day to be that part of the entire piece that we simultaneously receive and contribute to.

It’s great to get things. It’s great to have the money, material things and all of that. There’s a bigger picture, a larger thing at stake here or a bigger mission. If we are only creating for what we can get out of then that’s a small game. The big game is how can we support and help? First of all, teach others. This is a big deal. You’ve taken the initiative to create this book. You take one step further. That reaches far beyond what you’re going to gain from writing the book. If you teach a man to fish, he can go teach someone else. You can feed a lot of people from that one lesson that you’ve taught because it’s something that can be transferred. If you feed him, he eats one time and now he has to be fed again because he doesn’t know how to fish.

When you’re teaching, you keep yourself in the process long enough that they don’t need you any longer. The purpose is to teach and not to become a crutch that they’ve always got to rely on. I love that perspective. I couldn’t agree more. It’s all about making sure that the content presentation and combination of the content that you present, hopefully, is clear and easily understandable but also easily implementable way. They’re fishing that day, that same hour and they’re doing it proficiently. They’re doing it with a level of confidence, ease and joy because that’s what it all comes down to. You’re speaking my language on that in terms of our purpose, especially if we’re putting ourselves in the role of a teacher, a guide, an author or whatever wording you want to use. I couldn’t agree more.

We’re all teachers and leaders in our own right. At a minimum, we have to lead ourselves. The first step to leadership is self-leadership. That’s another show. Andrew, how can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you?

I keep things pretty simple. If people want to check out the book, they can go to LastLawOfAttractionBook.com and that will force them to the Amazon listings. They can read the preview, check out the reviews and got it in Kindle, paperback or audiobook. If they’re looking for some free content, I do that also. I’ve got a YouTube channel, it’s YouTube.com/AndrewKap. I teach new methods there, in addition to what’s already in the book. Sometimes I’ll feature a Law of Attraction expert or two. I try to keep another bunch of fun surprises. Whether they find me through the book itself on Amazon or on my YouTube channel, it’s only my intention that they are served by the content in some way, shape or form.

GCM 222 | Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting Your Dreams: When you teach, you keep yourself in the process just long enough that they don’t need you any longer.


Thank you for coming to the show. It’s been a great conversation. Thank you for writing the book. It’s a great read. It’s something that we need to explore in terms of exercising the Law of Attraction. As we end the show, I would like to ask if there’s one last thing that you would like to leave with us as it relates to bouncing back from adversity, dominating our challenges and winning in the game of life.

First of all, thank you for having me. I appreciate it. The one thing that comes to mind the most is understanding that everyone’s got their level of adversity, you’re not alone in this. Choose it and make this an opportunity to not only improve your life but simultaneously lead by example through not even the success but the effort of moving your way out of that adversity. Invite joy in any which way you can. My perspective is it will sound ridiculous until you do it. If you do five minutes a day of gratitude, that might not automatically take you out of the adversity but you might find yourself coming up with ideas that will get you out of the adversity. You might be pleasantly surprised. Five minutes a day, thinking of things that you’re grateful for, you will be amazed. Give it a shot.

Thank you for that, Andrew. I appreciate it. Thank you for coming to the show.

Thank you, Rodney. It’s been a real pleasure. I love the intentionality and the depth of your questions in the conversation. Thank you.

There you have it, another successful episode of the Game Changer Mentality podcast. The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read, why don’t you go check it out? Give it a shot. This is a responsibility that we have to master this process. We talked about the secret to being successful, the secrets of living our best life, the secret to having our dreams. You’ve read the sayings over and over. This is the fundamental process to have a life that you can look back and say, “I left my legacy because I was able to master this process. I was able to pull out everything that I had and leave it all on the field because I was able to master this process.” You owe it to yourself to understand this process more than anything else in life.

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Sometimes if you play sports, we look at the flashy things, slam dunks, long passes, these maneuvers that are seemingly amazing. It’s because these athletes have mastered what you would call the basics, the fundamentals. This is fundamental to living the life that you want to have. Once you get this down and you can master it, then you can go out and you can add your personality to it and that’s where all of that other stuff comes from. It’s the mastering of the fundamentals to the point that, “Now I can be flashy or I can add my personality to it and make it unique to me.” Check the book out. Give it a shot. Give it a read. If it resonates with you, see what you can do with it. Until next time, peace and love.

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