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How many of you would like to have total sexy health? The question is, how do we accomplish that? Today, Rodney Flowers has the legendary Founder of Udo’s Choice, Udo Erasmus, with him to talk about total sexy health. Having invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, probiotics, and more, Udo talks about some of his creations that have become popular. He has an eight-step process that takes into consideration all the elements of whole health that include your mental health, presence and awareness, life energy, and being in harmony with nature and humanity. Udo is also an acclaimed author, speaker, and expert on total sexy health, and with what he shares here, you can surely get more than just being healthy in the end, including satisfying The Thirst Of The Heart.

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Udo’s Choice: Helping You Achieve Total Sexy Health With Udo Erasmus

We’re going to talk about total sexy health. How many of you would like to have total sexy health? The question is, how do we get total sexy health? How do we accomplish that? I have the legendary Udo Erasmus with me. He is the Founder of Udo’s Choice, which is found in Whole Foods and other health food stores worldwide. He invented the machinery for making oils, enzymes, probiotics and more. Udo is an acclaimed author, speaker and expert on total sexy health. He has an eight-step process that takes into consideration all of the elements of whole health that include your mental health, presence and awareness, life energy, and being in harmony with nature and humanity. You’re going to receive this eight-step process. Please help me welcome Mr. Legendary Udo to the show.

I’m glad to be on. It’s going to be fun.

Thank you for coming on and thank you for the work that you do. When I was reading up on you and I was contacted to have you on the show, I was like, “This dude has invented the machinery for making the oils, enzymes, probiotics and more. You can find his product in health food stores worldwide. Who is this guy?” I’m delighted to have you on the show. As I was reading up about you, I wanted to understand one of the first questions that came up for me. How and why did you get into this work?

I have two stories. One is the long story and that’s the one that led to total sexy health. The other one is a shorter story that led to making the machinery for making oils with health in mind into flaxseed oil and to blend what we call Udo’s Oil. I work with digestion, enzymes, probiotics and fiber greens. The short story in 1976, my marriage broke up and I was upset. I wanted to kill something so I took a job as a pesticide sprayer. It’s crazy but true. I sprayed them carelessly for three years and I got poisoned by the pesticide I sprayed. I went to the doctor and said, “What do you have for pesticide poisoning?” I got the best answer I could have ever gotten. “Nothing,” she said. That was the day the penny dropped for me that my health is my responsibility and not somebody else’s. If I don’t care about my health, maybe nobody does.

I had a background in biological science, biochemistry, and genetics. That’s what I did in my younger years so I used my background to go into the research literature to find out about health, nutrition disease, and nutrition because I understood that your body is made out of food. In fact, it’s made out of food, water, air and light. That’s it. Those are all the building blocks for making the human body. They come from there and I figured, “If something goes wrong with the body, then you need to raise your standard of food, water, air and light. In one year, you can rebuild your body 98% to that higher standard that you set by changing how you deal with what you bring in.”

I was focused more on the food part than the water, air and light. I went through the research literature and I found out how much damage is done by oils to the processing. It drains a window washing acid bleached and fried. That’s the short version of what they do. This is before you buy the oil and before it goes into the bottle. It goes in the bottle, you buy it then you throw it in your frying pan, and you wreck it even more because of light oxygen and heat damage oils in the frying pan all at the same time. Oils are our most sensitive nutrients. They should get the most care and most protection from light oxygen and heat. We give them the least and we turn oil into smoke. When you turn oil into smoke, you’ve changed the molecules from something natural to unnatural. It’s the changing into something unnatural that when you put it in your body, it interferes with what molecules are supposed to do in your body.

When I realized that I slipped out, I flipped out and I said, “I can’t get healthy on oils like that. We should make them with health in mind.” Out of that came developing a method for making oils with health in mind and then the year after I started looking at that, it was established that omega-3s are essential, which means you can’t make them in your body. You’ve got to have them and they have to come from outside. If you don’t get enough, your health goes down. If you don’t get it enough longer, it goes down further and you get deficiency symptoms. They’re degenerative in nature and they get worse with time. If you don’t get long enough, you die. These are important molecules that we need to make sure we bring into our bodies.

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The third part of it is if your health is going down because you’re not getting enough, before you die, you bring enough back into the diet that’s too low enough, then all of the problems that come from not getting enough are reversed. Life knows how to make a body that works, provided we take responsibility for making sure that all of the building blocks that are essential land in the body in optimum amounts so that life can do its job of making a healthy body for us. I found out 99% of the population does not get enough omega-3. Every cell needs them. They’re essential and they’re a nightmare to work with because they’re super sensitive to damage. I said, “If we could make omega-3 oils with health in mind, no damage from the processing, then we could help many people because there have to be tons of the symptoms from not getting enough.” Like low energy levels, dry skin, cardiovascular risk factors go up, you get more inflammation, your mood goes down, and you age quicker.

There’s a ton of them and I had an orgasm. We could help many people and I was like, “I finally found something worth doing. I have finally found a purpose for my life,” and that’s how that happened. We went out in a van without air conditioning and slept on the floor in the hottest months in the US, July, August, half of June, and half of September in 85 cities, 35 states, and 17,000 miles by road. We talked to anybody who would listen. We developed flaxseed oil that became the second-best-selling oil in the health food industry within a couple of years because we were on fire for getting the word out that there are oils that will make you healthy. At that time, everybody thinks fats and oils are bad, and you should avoid them as much as possible. We were saying the opposite. The book was called Fats That Heal Fats That Kill because there are two opposite stories on oils. If you get that, then you have to figure out which are the good ones and bring them in. Unless you want to kill yourself, in which case you figure out which are the ones that kill and you bring those in. You have a choice.

What did you create? You made this popular flaxseed oil.

That was the first one.

Tell us about this flaxseed oil. What did it do? What are the benefits? Talk about what you created.

The reason why flaxseed oil is because flax, of all of the plants, is easily available because it’s used in the paint industry. People were growing flax to make paint out of because it’s chemically active. When you paint it on furniture, it reacts with light, oxygen, cross-links and hardens, and then protects your furniture, but we didn’t want that version. We wanted the version that was fresh. That’s why you need protection around the machinery. Flax oil is the richest source of omega-3s that is affordable and easily available to us. They used to call it linseed oil, which was the paint version. We decided, “Let’s call it flaxseed oil to make a distinction between the dirty old damaged stuff for your furniture and the fresh health-promoting stuff.”

GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: Life knows how to make a body that works, provided that we take responsibility for making sure all of the essential building blocks land in the body in optimum amounts.


We started doing that and we saw all kinds of stuff. People’s energy levels went up and their skin was nicer but then after a while, some people got problems again. That’s because flax has a lot of omega-3, but not enough omega-6, which is the other essential ingredient of flax. The balance between the two is important and I became omega-6 deficient myself. I got dry, I skipped heartbeats, arthritis-like pain in my finger joints and thin papery skin. Those are classic omega-6 deficiency symptoms. I ate sunflower seeds that have a lot of omega-6 to fix it and then I developed a blend that is better balanced in omega-3 and omega-6 and that’s called Udo’s Oil. That’s what I work with.

You created this oil and it is helping people. You found some deficiencies in the oil you created that caused you to create a different oil which was wildly successful, became popular as well, and fix the problems that first of all, create it to some extent. What happened next?

I spent several years living out of a suitcase. Six to nine months a year, I went to 40 countries and told the story. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing other than developing the method. I don’t want to run the factory. My best use is I’m a good educator and I have a good background in science. I love learning about things and I love passing on the learning because knowledge gives you a choice. If people lie to you, they take your choice away. I educate people about how things work, not because marketing is an exercise in lying because the only goal is you want people to buy stuff. Education is about getting people the truth that they can use to make better choices for the quality of their own life. I’m totally in love with that possibility.

There’s something else about you that I learned from researching you. You recognize something within human beings that you call the Thirst of The Heart. What’s that all about?

Have you ever been dumped by somebody?


Did you feel heartache?

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A little bit.

Like you feel it in your chest?


Before you get it in your head, you’ll feel it in your chest?


Have you ever had somebody close to you die?


GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: When you don’t live from wholeness, you are wrecking the world. Wholeness is the foundation for building a world that works for everybody.


Did you feel sad?


Did you feel that in your chest, too?


That feeling in your chest that you have when something that you love, close to or depend on ends is not about the person who dumped you or the person who died. These people, in a way, are substitutes that we try to get to fill our hearts by. “I want my girlfriend to fill my heart.” It could be impossible to do that because if your heart is not full, to begin with, how can she crawl inside of your heart to fix it and fill it up? That thing that I call Thirst of The Heart is that feeling in your chest. I have ten pages of different words people use for longing, striving, emptiness and restlessness, and people feel it in their chest. That is your heart, calling your awareness to come back home to life because we mostly live from here out into the world. Is that true?


We live mostly in interaction with whatever comes at us. We don’t spend much time. That’s where our awareness is because we’re always serving the environment, “You’ve got to survive. It might be dangerous. Is this friend or foe? What do I need to do?” Every time something changes, it draws your senses out to see it because you have to assess it. Decide what you need to do about it if anything. In being busy doing that, we hardly ever spent any time saying, “I’m going to take time for myself. I’m going to sit down and I’m going to get quiet. I’m going to sit still. I’m going to try to become aware of what is within me. I’m going to see how deep I can go into that silence and what I will find there.” If you practice that long enough, you will discover that everything you look for on the outside, you have always had on the inside.

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If you want love, life loves your body unconditionally. 24/7, 365, it never charges you, it never holds back on you, and it never goes on strike. Even when you’re sleeping, it keeps taking care of your body. It never takes time off. When you bitch, it doesn’t become vindictive. Even if you hate your life, it continues to take perfect care of you. When you’re involved in drama and trauma, it continues to take care of you. Even though you’ll be focused on the drama and the trauma, your life is taking perfect care of your body through everything always. It doesn’t matter whether it’s rape or war. I was born in a war. It doesn’t matter whether people are threatening you. It doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake and you’re not sure where you should put your feet. Anything that’s going on the outside that shakes you and rattles you, on the inside, there is something that is totally not affected by any of that and is unconditional and loves you perfectly.

The Thirst of The Heart is the call to learn how to bring your awareness inside because we’re not that good at it. We’re always going out and we hardly ever go in. It’s your invitation and call to bring your awareness back home into the unconditional love that you want from your girlfriend. You should be in that before you have the girlfriend because it’s not the girlfriends’ job to fill your heart. It’s your job to find the fullness of your heart and then share that with your girlfriend. By the way, it’s her job to find that fullness in her heart and then share that with you. You can have a relationship that is totally awesome.

I also know that it’s a difficult thing to do for a lot of people. At heart, most people know that. It’s not new information for people. Most people get that fundamentally but yet still, we reach outside. People have some level of lack when it comes to being fulfilled, all in up themselves and there’s something out there that they need in order to experience the feeling of fullness.

I’m saying that’s not true. What most people try to do is they want to feel fulfilled, but they don’t want to feel the ache. I do this talk on the Thirst of The Heart. If I were to talk to you about the Thirst of The Heart, what would that mean to you? I found out what their word for this is. We talked about it and I asked them once they know what we’re talking about, “Do you like that feeling?” They all say no. “What do you do to distract yourself from it?” Their short answer if you summarize it is, “Whatever it takes.” People can’t stand feeling restless or empty. “I’ve got to do something.” Sitting in that ache, not judging it, just feeling it, being with it, and allowing it is the starting point for the journey. That far behind it, you can’t even measure it, is close and that close behind it, if you can slip behind that ache by sitting with it, that’s where the fulfillment is.

Few people want to sit with that ache so they want to distract themselves. I asked them, “What do you do?” “Take a cold shower, have sex, read a book, go on an adventure, run around, play basketball, drink some beer or take some drugs.” Addicts are famous for having an aching heart. Sensitive people have an aching heart and don’t know what to do with it and because they don’t know what to do with it, they won’t sit with it. They medicate but that doesn’t make it go away because when the drug wears off, you’re back to the heartache. You need another fix. If you could sit with that ache, you could slip behind it and find the fulfillment that drugs make for you no longer necessary. Alcohol for you is no longer necessary. Being frantically active is no longer necessary.

Sitting still is hard for people and it’s only because we’re not used to it. As people say, “It’s boring.” Yeah, because you’re addicted to action. Why are you addicted to action? Why can’t you be addicted to contentment, peace, silence, and being? When you think about it, we are either being or doing and we’re mostly human doings instead of human beings. You’ve probably heard that. If you think about it, you can be without doing but you can’t do without being. What does that say to you? Being is the foundation and the foundation is more important than doing. If you don’t have that foundation, everything you build without understanding the foundation is going to be off somewhere. It’s always going to be about, “If I do that, maybe it will take care of me.” You’ll do all the things you think will take care of you and none of them will.

GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: Being is the foundation and the foundation is more important than the doing.


When you become good at sitting with yourself, being with yourself, experiencing that silence, discovering the light and discovering the world you are in that silence, you’ll say, “I feel whole. I feel cared for. I am loved unconditionally. I don’t need anything more. I’m free to say, ‘What needs to be done around here? Where can I help?’” Until I feel taken care of, I’m always going to try and take care of myself. When I feel taken care of, I want to help you feel taken care of too. It’s simple but it’s core. Everything you build without understanding your foundation is off. I’ve done a lot of personal work and most of the time, the people who are good at selling you on their scheme do not deliver what they promise because they themselves are not fulfilled. They’re using personal growth as a way to extract money out of your pocket because they think if they make more money, they will be happier. If you’re higher than $70,000 a year, it’s not true because money doesn’t make you happy. Happiness makes you happy. Money just needs your money.

I want to go back to something you said about, “If you’re not fulfilled, you’re doing out of desperation versus doing out of love.” You’re doing in order to fill your cup versus doing because your cup is full. It’s such a profound difference. When you’re giving and your cup isn’t full is different than giving from your overflow. It takes me back to a conversation with Stedman Graham. He is a good person and he wrote the book Identity Leadership. I was having a conversation with Stedman and he is big into identity. We were talking about leadership identity and he was talking about how it’s important to be with, understand, and get to know yourself.

We started talking about my accident and one of the things that I talk about to students when I talk universities is the opening statements that I make. You’re looking at me and you see my disability, what you would classify as my handicap. I tell them, “I have an advantage over you.” You may look at all my disadvantages, but I have an advantage over you because I’ve had something happen to me in the life that put me in isolation and in a place where I had no other choice but to go in and understand who I am.

My accident at fifteen years old happened and I was in the hospital for a long period of time. My life changed and I wasn’t hanging out with friends and doing all those things. A lot of times, I was somewhere, lying in bed and trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life and I couldn’t move. My mind was in isolation. I said, “You guys that haven’t had that experience, and I don’t wish it on you, I want you to know that you aren’t distracted by life in and of itself.”

If you’re distracted by life, you’re distracted by the world.

The environment of life. That situation allowed me to understand who I am and myself to a core. I want it to contribute to the world and how I was going to go about doing that. It gave me a perception of why this has happened to me and what I can do about it. I was able to pull out all of the good and I’m still harvesting from that situation. It came back to identity and understanding who you are in the midst of. I said that because what you said about getting to that place where you’re able to slide behind is true. You’re able to sit with yourself and be in that place where you find a certain level of fulfillment and be you.

When you are in a place where you can find fulfillment in being you, there’s a lot that comes with that. Understanding who you are, what you have to give, and how you can help and serve. It takes away the “need” because we feel the need. “I need to make more money. I need to do that.” When you get to that place, you don’t need anything. It’s you’re doing. It’s different when you do it because you need it or you’re doing it because you want to serve, you want to give or you have something to offer, your personal value. It’s different.

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It’s true when you’re not feeling whole, you’re a taker. You’re always trying to figure out, “What can I do to make me whole?” When you feel whole, you become a giver. It’s like a flip. When I feel whole, “I’m taking care of. It’s not about me anymore. What can I do? How can I help? What needs to be done?” It’s clean, even when I don’t feel whole, I will say, “I can give you this. I can give you that.” There’s always an element in everything I do. What can I extract from this situation for myself? When I feel whole, there’s no extraction. I got to this early. I was born during World War II so it was crazy. I got left behind so I had abandonment, fear, anxiety, terror and hunger. When I was six years old, I watched adults argue and I said, “There must be a better way to live in this and I’m going to find out how.”

That’s been my driver all my life because I was born in a war. People say, “You were born in a war? How terrible?” No, it was a gift. The war was a gift because it rubbed my nose in it early. That’s what happens when people don’t cultivate wholeness, peace, health, and love when they can and have the luxury and time to do it. That’s what happens when you don’t live from wholeness, you are wrecking the world. Wholeness is the foundation for building a world that works for everybody.

I find a common theme with challenges and obstacles. You mentioned the war, the situations you were born into, and the fact that you’re grateful for it now. Because of it, you fill in the blank. I’m finding there’s a common theme with people experiencing challenges and obstacles in their life as such because when that happens, those that are able to harvest the good out of that situation take it for what it’s worth. It changes their perspective, raises their conscious awareness, and understands that this happening is not so much. Something is happening to me but more of an opportunity for me to become better than I was before the thing happened to me. There’s a common theme with this. It happens. When you go talk to anyone and if there’s some story to something that happened in their life that caused them to pivot or caused them to change some direction, put them on a newer, more enlightened path to discover more of themselves and be more of a contribution with you.

It wasn’t always like that because the war ended when I was three and I was still bitching about it when I was 27. One day, I was sitting on the porch in the sun. I remember the day in summer and I had nothing to do. It occurred to me at that moment, “I’ve been thinking about the drama and the trauma for many years. The whole time, something has taken perfect care of me. I’ve never given that any acknowledgment and gratitude. I’ve never even considered it.” I thought, “Whatever it was that took care of me, maybe I ought to get to know that better. Maybe that’s a good friend to have.” That was a big turnaround for me to start to spend more time sitting on the porch doing nothing and then asking the question of, “How can I get more in touch with this incredible thing that took perfect care of me through all of that mess of war and of my childhood, my antagonism with my father and my mother having to leave me behind?”

Imagine what that would be like for the woman, for the mother to have to leave your kids behind. It wasn’t about, “She left me behind.” It’s like, “Imagine what stress and desperation she must have been under to have to make a decision like that.” I also started when I said, “I chose to be born at war.” I never used to say that. People would say that to me and I’ll say, “No, I didn’t choose to be born in a war. The reason I was born is my parents had sex.” I decided, “Let me try it on. What if I chose to be born in a war? What if I chose a woman who would have to leave me behind? What if I chose a father who would not protect me and be antagonistic?” If my purpose and mission in life were to find peace and to make peace real in my surroundings on this planet, then being born in a war would be an absolute gift early on, so that it would get me thinking about it and make me aware of the importance of it.

If my mother and father couldn’t protect me and if my mission was to stand on my own feet, be responsible, confident and competent from within myself and come up with my own life’s wisdom to put into the world and make the world a better place, then that’s a perfect way to set it up. Sometimes, when you get taken care of too much, then you get spoiled and then you become entitled. You think everybody should do everything for me and me not do anything for myself. Everything has an upside and a downside. Looking at it as taking responsibility for things that were not my responsibility was helpful in making all of those experiences usable for me to bring clarity to other people.

GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: Eight billion people could live their lives lit up from within because the lights are already there. It’s a matter of looking into instead of looking away from.


We need to evaluate our desires and what’s in life and correlate them to the challenges and obstacles that we may be experiencing in life. There we find the gift and lasting gratitude because if you desire something, you will want that thing but then it challenges us in a way. That challenge may be the thing you need to exercise the muscle in order to get you over to heal to the thing that you’re after in life. That process doesn’t discriminate and it’s mandatory. You can’t escape it. You can only accept it or be frustrated by it. Those are the options. It is one of those things that you cannot go through and accomplish anything in life without experiencing and going through the process. Whether you’re attempting to accomplish something deliberately or not, the process is still taking place. Where you are in life now is a byproduct of what you’ve been thinking and what you’ve been doing, whether you have the consciousness of the relationship between where you want to go and the challenges that are showing up or not is happening.

I have learned more from my failures than I’ve learned from my successes. When my marriage broke up, that got me into thinking about relationships because I thought I knew relationships. I hadn’t studied them or anything. I had a relationship with my parents and probably wasn’t the best but when my marriage failed, I realized I needed to learn about relationships. When I got poisoned by pesticides, that led to flax oil, Udo’s Oil and that whole thing. My failures have been more helpful to me than my successes and they’re homemade and tailor-made. I made those failures myself. By my activity and the choices I made, I created situations in which I needed to learn something more.

The war certainly was a failure and that led me to my big mission, which is the idea that nature, health, and human nature need to be understood. We’ve been on the planet for 200,000 years and we still don’t know what human nature is. We like screwing and jumping around with it. Even the experts on emotions can’t tell you what emotions are. What exactly is an emotion? They don’t know but I know because I’ve had to go much deeper. Emotions are a composite of the eight key parts designed by nature that lead to total sexy health.

In emotions, there’s an aspect of internal awareness, life energy and inspiration. It’s always that or the lack of connection or disconnect from something that’s real in our nature, or it has an aspect of physical, which is food, fitness, sleep, rest and all of that detox. It has an aspect of survival smarts, social group, environment and the big picture that the body is an infinitesimal, tiny speck in an endless universe and is a terminal condition. Cancer is not a terminal illness, but the body is a terminal condition. You come in, you’ve got to go out, and you make a form to form a breakdown. That’s a fact of life but something in you cannot break down. Something in you is formless and indestructible. It’s in the realm of the energy that is your life and the realm of awareness that is the container for everything.

When you live in line with all of those and you give each its due, that’s how you get total sexy health. Each one of those areas confers something to your sexiness. Sexiness is showing up and being present, energized and being there, and that’s attractive. Sexy has a much broader range than getting laid. We talked about sexy technology. What does that have to do with sex? Nothing, but it’s attention-drawing. Sexy lines in art and sexy architecture. We use the word in a much broader definition than sexy. The reason I call it sexy is that sex is the power word in human society. Sex is used to sell everything and it works. That’s why it’s used because it works and it is the power word. It’s about time somebody took sexy and used it to sell people on themselves and their own magnificence and I get to do that. That’s why total sexy health.

When you give each one of those eight areas there do, you’re going to show up full, you’re going to be fully present in all of your being, present in your environment at the same time and not lost in thoughts in your head. Most of us spend most of our time lost in thoughts in our heads. Thoughts are not real. Everything you believe is not true. Everything you believe is either you made it up or your parents, culture, religion, country or somebody with a gift for stringing words together made it up. If you can go into your being beyond your mind and where words live, and you go a little deeper, you can come up with insights into life from your perspective that is completely original. You can create the world you want to create. For me, it’s always eight billion people could live their lives lit up from within because of the lights are already there. It’s a matter of looking into instead of looking away from.

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When we do that, we will feel so taken care of that we won’t steal each other’s stuff. When we stop stealing each other stuff, we can live in harmony. When we live in harmony, it is simple to make sure that everybody’s basic needs are taken care of and are met in a sustainable way. To me, that is the picture for humanity that all the masters talked about like Buddha’s, Krishna’s and Christ’s, even some of the philosophers like Socrates. It’s within you. Everything you’re looking for on the outside is within you. Dig it out, see how rich you are in your being, see how whole you are, how loved you are, and how much peace there is. Peace is everywhere all the time. It’s not a ceasefire. It’s not like when the gun stops shooting, that’s peace. That’s a ceasefire.

There is a peace that is real as an experience. It fills you, everything around you, and the entire universe. Out of that peace, the entire universe came because it’s everywhere and has always been everywhere. Why is it that people don’t experience it? Because only peace knows peace. If you don’t see peace everywhere, then it’s because peace in you is not looking. You’re not looking from peace to see it. When you find peace by going inward deep, you recognize peace everywhere in the middle of all the war. There’s complete peace inside the soldiers, outside the soldiers, around, above, and everywhere, but they’re not focused on the peace. They’re focused on its idea. “You’re my enemy. I’m going to kill you.”

If they experienced peace, that is the core of their being. They would sit down and share the coffee or whatever the cane rations, whatever it was. We don’t get real in and fully present in our own lives because we don’t do our homework. We’re screwing up everything in our own lives in terms of health, relationships, international relationships, and the environment. We’re trying to take from everything that is around us to try and fill ourselves up when the whole time we’re full, but we’re not paying attention because we’re not doing our homework.

Fundamentally, the master’s message was, “Do your homework. When I talk about it, you’ve got too.” Every master said that they didn’t say, “I’m the good guy and you’re screwed up.” They all said, “What is in me is in you. How do you dig it out? You have to do what I do. I sit down, shut up, get quiet and explore what’s within me.” That’s what I’m talking from and when you do the same thing, then that’s what you will discover. That’s what you will then be able to live from. What if eight billion people did their homework? What a planet would this be?

I was reading a stat about an eye-opening study and it said, “92% of people don’t accomplish their goals and visions in life.” It wasn’t so much because they didn’t accomplish and achieve those goals and visions. It more so knew that only 8% of the people are making things happen in the world, bringing visions and things that have been planted inside of you forward. I look at everything that we enjoy, all the amenities, computers, cell phones, airplanes, and all the things that human beings have created that make life easier and make life good to some extent. I thought about the 92% of people that are not bringing those visions forward.

When I was a kid, I started all kinds of projects and the moment I saw that they weren’t going to get me what I needed, I would quit. I don’t know how many people. There’s got to be millions, probably billions of people, that start stuff and then they quit. I always quit because I could see that once I got into it, I was gung-ho to do it. I would see it isn’t what I thought it was and then I would quit. My parents were worried, they’re like, “You always start things and you never finish anything.” It’s because I was good that I quit, you could also end up with a life that is not satisfying forever, and you decided that finishing it was more important than not finishing it. On the other hand, you also got to set goals. One of the biggest things is setting goals.

GCM 102 | Udo’s Choice

Udo’s Choice: There’s no reason why everyone on this planet can’t live a fulfilled life because all of that is built into us but most of it is internal.


I’ll tell you one story. I’ve had some relationships and I was married. One day, it occurred to me that I had never loved a woman unconditionally. I decided, “I want to, once in my life, love a woman unconditionally.” I had a woman in mind and there was something about her that spoke to me. I decided I am going to love this woman unconditionally. What does that mean? It’s like life. Life loves my body unconditionally no matter what I do. Life is not asking for something back, that would be a horse trade. I decided to love this woman unconditionally and accept whatever came from her voluntarily but not expect anything from her, and see what would happen if I did that. The first thing that happened is I saw all the places where my love was not unconditional.

If I hadn’t set the goal, I would have never seen that but because I set the goal, I saw whenever I fell short of the goal that I had set for myself and then I got to process. That was unbelievably the learning that begins when you set a goal and make it like a heartfelt, sacred, lofty, and heroic goal and see what happens in the process of you trying to practice that thing. I learned much and I’m glad I did it. It’s amazing. That’s the other thing. One is we quit because we’re not getting what we hope to get from the goal we set and the other one is, a lot of people don’t set goals. They’re busy reacting to what’s coming at them that they don’t create any space for setting a goal and then seeing what it takes to go after. It’s not even how you’re going to do it, but that you’re going to do it and then the how’s will show up.

If it’s a goal and you keep pursuing it, how will you show up if you are clear about the what? It’s hard to set a goal that is a worthwhile goal. If you’re not in a place where you can sit still and feel taken care of because the only goals you see is, “I want to do whatever is going to take care of me.” They’re always going to be small goals but if when I feel taken care of, I can set impossible goals and still attainable. That’s the way the universe works. When you have a goal and that goal is aligned with life, the planet, truth, love and heart, it is absolutely attainable, and you will learn everything you need to learn to dissolve what gets between you and accomplishing that goal.

In the end, they say, “You developed a method for making oils with health in mind.” I don’t remember anymore that it was an effort because I was on fire, it was a good goal, and I felt taken care of at that time. It was like, “I get to do something for the world.” I get all the accolades and all that but honestly, there are many things that happened that were not in my control that made that possible. I can’t take it personally like, “I did that.” I did not make myself rich. It’s not my accomplishment. I was in a flow and I was in the right place at the right time. Thousands of people were involved in making that success and situations happened that were out of my control that enhanced the ability to get that done. It’s almost like, “When your goal is clear, then all the obstacles get out of your way.”

People say, “Did you get blowback from the big oil industry?” No, not that I remember. “Was it tough?” No, I was inspired. It was a play. We had long days and short nights. I couldn’t wait to get going. I was so inspired by it. That’s why I say I had an orgasm. I was turned on that I got to do this like, “I get to do this. How incredible is this? We can help many people.” My view is like, “Anything that I can do that helps people live richer lives internally, I want to do that.” The Book on Total Sexy Health is an overview of all the things that we can do that make our life richer and fuller. There’s no reason why every human being on this planet can’t live a fulfilled life because all of that is built into us but most of it is internal.

We’re looking everywhere except internal. It’s like, “You’ve got money in your left pocket but you refuse to look anywhere except in your right pocket where there is no money.” If you want to look for what’s possible, you’ve got to look to the place from which it is possible and that requires us to sit still, get quiet, and feel how incredible and magnificent it feels to be alive. We’re dust and water, and a little bit of air. We get to have the human experience which is magnificent. It feels like the right thing when you’re there. It feels like, “I’m home.”

This has been a magnificent conversation with you. I don’t want it to come to an end. If they wanted to learn more about you and they want to receive this eight-step process to total sexy health, how can they connect with you?

When you're not feeling whole, you're a taker. When you feel whole, you become a giver. Click To Tweet

The products are on a website called UdosChoice.com. Total sexy health is a website called TheUdo.com. On that, you can download the e-version of The Book on Total Sexy Health: The 8 Key Parts Designed by Nature. We’re in the process of building that good courses and we’re going to eventually give certificates for people completing the courses. It’s about the stuff that we’ve been talking about how do you get to the place where you yourself fully present in your life and in your surroundings. If you live here, that’s the way to be here. That’s the total sexy health concept. Anytime you get out of line with any of it, it takes away from your sexy. Anytime you come back in line with it, you get your sexy back. The eVersion of that is about 260 pages, small book and densely packed with inspiration and information.

Thank you for offering that to my readers. I appreciate it. One of the things that I’m taking away from this conversation is that many people are busy responding to be in the things that the environment is placing upon them versus going with it and having an impact on the environment. That is one of the most profound things that I’ve heard and it rained so much truth. It shapes and holds a perspective on life. If you can do an assessment every day when your day is coming to an end, you can ask yourself, “Was I responding to the things that were coming to me or was I having an impact?” That is a check. That’s one of the things I’m taking away from this conversation here with you. It struck me and it’s funny because it’s not something I don’t know but to hear it again in the way that it landed, it resets some things from me. I appreciate that. Thank you.

I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing. I’m glad you’re providing an amplifier for the message, your message, my message and whoever your guests are. I could be sitting in my living room talking to myself and wouldn’t make much difference to the world. You provide something where more people can benefit from something and these may be people I never meet. Maybe something like one sentence or one word makes a small difference in the quality of their life and you amplify that. That’s a cool way to spend your life.

Thank you. What is the game-changer mentality you would like to leave with us?

It’s a goal. The goal is to bring all of yourself into every situation. Don’t listen with your ears, listen with your whole body. Don’t look with your eyes, look with your whole body. Don’t feel with your skin, feel with your whole body. Bring all of your totality into everything that you do. When you do that, you will transform not just your world, but the outside world as well.

By the way, it’s sexy.

It’s sexy when you do.

This is the sexy thing to do. Thank you for the oils. Thank you for the machinery that you’ve created. Thank you for your knowledge. Thank you for being you. I do appreciate you for being here. Most of all, thank you for taking the time to be in still.

Thank you for doing what you do.

That’s another successful episode of the Game Changer Mentality podcast. Bring all of yourself to whatever situation that you may find yourself in. Think about the difference that it would make in your life, that one small change. If you would set a goal every day to bring all of yourself in every situation that you find yourself there, what would that be? What impact would you have on your environment? Who would you be? Who would you become as a result? By the way, I’ve got to add, it is quite sexy. Thank you, guys, for reading. Be sexy in everything. That’s the Game Changer Mentality.

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