With the pandemic, social injustice, job loss and unemployment, and many other issues going on right now, the world is going through an immense challenge. Rodney Flowers’ guest today, Dr. Steve Taubman, has the remedy and the solution for it all. Dr. Taubman is a bestselling author and world-class speaker who has dedicated his life to showing people how to thrive through their challenges. Today, he explains mindset mastery and how you can enter into the battlefields of life and still maintain a calm, centered, and even happy way of being.

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Thriving Through Challenges Through Mindset Mastery With Dr. Steve Taubman

I am excited about our show. I have a world-class speaker with me, Dr. Steve Taubman. He is a bestselling author and world-class speaker who has dedicated his life to showing people how to thrive through their challenges. He’s written extensively on the application of contemplating of practices in stressful situations and has spoken worldwide on mindset mastery for goal-oriented professionals. Having endured crippling anxiety and low self-esteem early in life, Dr. Taubman made it his mission to understand the nature of happiness and the remedy for emotional turmoil. His search led him to neurology, holistic health, mindfulness, positive psychology, and hypnosis. Each of these disciplines is represented in Dr. Taubman’s system for living a balanced life free of neurosis and rich in accomplishment. Dr. Steve Taubman, welcome to the show.

I feel like I’m back home again. Rodney, how are you?

I’m doing great. I’m truly excited to talk to you especially at a time like this when the world is going through a challenge and emits a crazy never-imagined type of situation. Social injustice and there’s a lot. You have jobs being lost. People are dying, getting sick, being laid off, and I can go on and on. Then there’s you Dr. Steve Taubman who has the remedy and the solution for it all.

Treading water on a turbulent sea. We’re all there but thank goodness you and I both are all about mental resilience. How do we enter into the fray to the battlefields of life over certainly on now and still maintain that calm, centered, even happy way of being? Because being miserable and angry, which is easy to be now, it doesn’t help many people.

Let’s talk about that because we are all on this battlefield. If you’re not on it, you have to get on it because being a spectator is not going to do you any justice. We got to figure out how to maneuver through all of the things that are happening and mindset I feel is the critical piece to it all. If you don’t have the mindset it’s not going to work for you. Let’s talk about some of the things that we need to be conscious of given our current situation. What are your thoughts?

First and foremost, one way to stay happy during difficult times is to bury your head in the sand and pretend they’re not happening. That’s not what you and I would ever advocate. I think we both understand that there are social injustices and things are coming to a head. Some of the anger and outrage that we’re seeing and we’re feeling are appropriate to the situation. We want to still be able to access that. We don’t want to bury all that because sometimes you need a little bit of fire to burn down the old and make space for the new. At the same time, there’s this interesting dichotomy that happens whenever we face any injustice where our compassion and our sense of justice are triggered that we want to do, create, and change. At the same time, if we let ourselves collapse into a sense of being the victim and not feeling like we’ve got any personal power and not being able to access our own inner peace and love, then we end up in some ways contributing to the negative energy that exists out there.

Let’s talk about that because what you’re advocating is that we know we have a role. We have space in all of this and we have to play that role. How does one realize that they have the power? A lot of people feel powerless and helpless. Can you enlighten us on why we shouldn’t feel that way? Why do we feel that we have an important role to play here and there’s an impact that we can cause? What is it that you would say can give us the confidence that, “I can cause an impact?” What is it about us that we should hang our hat on and say, “I’m that person. I can make a difference?”

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The way I look at all of this is that it all starts from inside of ourselves, but from a heightened spiritual plane, we look at the world as if it’s an out-picturing of our own inner state. That somehow we are manifesting the world in which we live. That’s a lofty perspective that most people don’t want to embrace but if you come from that place you say, “If I’m seeing this array, discord, and injustice all around me, how am I creating all those things inside of myself? In what ways am I in discord with myself? In what ways am I angry at myself? In what ways am I disempowering myself?” If we could create almost that pebble on a pond, the experience of creating as much internal balance as possible. We don’t know how. Certainly, our conscious mind has no idea how we’re going to express something that’s going to have an impact.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is trying to figure out a way to have his impact to be felt during the whole year of the Black Lives Matter aspect of things and a lot of the difficulties that are going on and he feels he wants to make a difference. He doesn’t want to be out risking COVID and being in those situations and yet he wants to make a difference. We live in Vermont, a relatively peaceful state. Our police force, the various individual peace police forces up here, many of them are good. They are respectful of all races and they tend to have done a lot of good work. He called up the police chief in his area and said, “Talk to me about what’s going on. What can I do?” We had this conversation about wouldn’t it be great if the police forces that are acting in an honorable way came out with the other people and protested against those that aren’t.

There’s an interesting idea of how we want to leverage change. How can we leverage change if our voices aren’t being heard? Maybe what we do is we find people whose voices are heard and impact them, and then get them motivated in order to get them out there to do something. That’s one example of how a slight shift in the way we think might give us a little bit more power, maybe more of creative problem-solving capacity, even though when it starts, if you do feel powerless. What we do is we say, “I feel powerless. I am not powerless.” This comes back to what I teach people all the time which is don’t believe everything you think. When you think your powerless or you feel that you’re powerless, it’s only that you haven’t yet grasped where you can make an impact. Don’t feel like, “There’s something wrong with me or I’m weak or I’m a victim, but rather I’m still checking in with myself until I can touch that part of myself where creativity and brilliance and a proper response might arise.”

How can we build that muscle? We’re in a space where it may seemingly feel like we are powerless and not just with social injustice, but with COVID and with the natural happenings of life. Sometimes we can feel that there’s nothing seemingly that I can do. How do we get to that space where we’re more empowered?

I love the fact that you started the question with, “How can we build that muscle?” I think that it requires a certain understanding of the process to even use that language because the reality is it is a muscle. There is a process by which we can practice and strengthen our capacity to be present. What is presence? Presence is I see what is. I may want it to be different, but I’m not rejecting reality. Cartel says, “What do you have against reality? Reality is reality. You’ve got to start with, ‘This is what is. How can I frame it differently so that I have some power to do something with it?’” The framing of that comes from this exercise, the focus muscle exercise, the ability to pull yourself away from the thoughts that throw you into a dysfunctional place.

The world is terrible. Other people from other races are terrible. The government is terrible. Whatever it is that you happen to be believing that might be taking you off your center or your game, you have to add simultaneously say, “That’s a thought.” These are thoughts that are taking me astray, and they’re not necessarily thoughts that are a value or powerful for me. What I want to do is I want to develop my inner focus muscle, which is the power of mindfulness. What I do is I gradually learn how to be the witness to everything going on without adding judgment to it. How do I do that? I do it by picking a few exercises every day.

For me, part of it is meditation. Sit quietly. “My mind is wandering, bring it back. My mind is wandering and bring it back.” This constant bringing it back, that’s exercising that muscle. It’s exercising your ability to generate a presence. Do the same thing when you’re washing the dishes. I’m washing this dish, I’m not washing this dish, watching TV, talking to the phone, thinking about the government and I’ve got many things. What if I practice being present? Seeing what is without going into reaction. The more I can do that, the more I start embracing this experience of inner silence. There’s the serenity, the calm in the eye of the storm. If I could find the calm the eye of the storm, that’s where all the gifts come from and where the creativity comes from. That’s where that a-ha, idea. Here’s how I’m going to handle this situation comes from.

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Mindset Mastery: The more you can practice being present, the more you start embracing the experience of inner silence.


It’s also where you start to discover your role in everything. I’ve been working with a woman later who has fibromyalgia, which is chronic pain syndrome. Most people with fibromyalgia, usually women, you can trace it to a particular quality of being like a strongly-driven personality and this neurotic need to have everything in place. That goes along with this physicality. Those people don’t necessarily recognize the relationship between what they’re doing and how they’re thinking and the pain that they’re in. They’re out of there out of a state of responsibility, but when they quiet down in the center, when they exercise the focus muscle, they sit in that center of wisdom and they’re like, “I get it. Now I can see how I’m contributing to this condition.”

It’s funny when you say that because I’ve been doing that through all of this. Even when COVID first started, my immediate reaction to COVID was a distraction and stay focused. There are procedures in order to stay safe. I wanted to practice that but I didn’t want to get caught up in all of the media and all of everything that was going on. I wasn’t reading up on it. I wasn’t paying attention to the television. I stayed the course what I was doing before it happened. I kept doing it and we were months, 3 or 4 weeks into it. I’m like, “It’s here, but it’s not changing a lot from me. I’m able to continue to progress with the goals and objectives that I had personally, and then the social injustice, that incident happened.”

The same thing for me, honestly, as a black man like, “Still distractions. Stay focused.” There was a calling for me to get out and do some protesting. I did that and I got involved with some things, and then there was still this idea that you still have objectives. You still have goals. You still want to stay focused on those things. There were a lot of opportunities to go here and go there. I kept checking in with me like, “Where do I want to play here? What’s resonating with me?” It was always bringing me back to the goals and objectives that I had already set. I was wanting to stay focused on those things. I felt that’s how I would serve. That’s how I would make a difference.

Meeting those objectives is going to have an impact on everything out there, maybe not now, but whenever we get to that place and we have to get there, that’s going to cause an impact. I was using that muscle to stay focused and I found that the symptoms or the side effects that everyone was feeling about all of this, I wasn’t not going to wait. I wasn’t feeling that. I was not okay. Some of the things that are going on in the world are horrible. I felt I’m doing my part and I’m contributing to the best way I know how, and to me as bad as it is, it’s like any other thing that we’ve gone through.

It’s a challenge. It’s an obstacle. We’re going to get through it. To get frantic, panic, or feel like you going to go here and there, there’s no structure or nothing behind it, then I don’t know if I’m impacting the situation in a positive manner. Am I off my game? I’m going to share something with you that goes on in my mind, like playing football, there are things the offense can do to knock you off your game. Things that you’re not expecting, maybe they had certain plays in their playbook. It can frazzle you. It can be confusing and you don’t know how to respond to it, but you feel like, “I have to do something.” You may even forget what you’re good at. You may forget what you’ve been practicing all along because you’re off your game. They’ve gotten into your psyche. If you don’t come back, you’ll never get back in that zone. You’re out. You’re not thinking. You’ve lost your confidence, all that’s gone. That’s what this is for me.

I could relate to what you’re saying. I love everything you’re saying. That’s a great analogy too. If you’re out there on the field and your opponent is razzling or frazzling you, that doesn’t even have to be in the playbook. It could be somebody talking trash to you at the line. All of a sudden, instead of getting to the goal. Now, the goal is you’d make that guy realize he’s wrong. Who does he think he is? He’s taking you off your game. This quality of focus and the outcome that I’m seeking is going to be in the best interest of everybody concerned.

I’m going to keep on working towards it, even though this stuff’s going on around me. I’m not mindless about that. I’m not dismissing it as a reality, but I want to stay clear on what my objectives are. That’s a huge gift to everyone around you. It gets even more interesting than that when you look at back in the day when transcendental meditation first came to this country. They started doing studies where they would get a bunch of people to meditate in a community. They’d go into Detroit into a high crime community. They get a bunch of people to meditate. If they got enough people meditating together, the crime rate would go down. They weren’t doing anything outwardly to make the crime rate go down.

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The concept is that if you create a critical mass of positive energy, it’s going to have an impact on everything around you. When you are doing what you’re meant to do, when you’re playing the role you’re meant to play and you’re not letting yourself get thrown off your game. You are a pebble in the pond. What are you showing the people that meet you? That’s what I ask myself. When somebody comes into contact with me, am I adding to their agitation? Am I somebody who was able to help embrace it? It’s not that the agitation isn’t there, but is there a loving presence around it? That’s about reframing. When I fall off the wagon, when I’m not in my zone, the thing that troubles me the most is our government.

I don’t want to lead on the sides here or anything but there’s been a lot of injustice and crappy stuff that’s been going on. I look at the way people go along with things. That makes me crazy. From the perspective of me feeling like things should be this way, but instead they’re this way. I’m powerless to make them go from this way to this way. I start to tense up versus, “Let me pull back from it. Let me pull back to life is a tapestry.” Every tapestry has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Part of our DNA, part of our history, and part of our ancestry for generations and eons past, there’s never been a time when there wasn’t injustice. There’s never been a time when there wasn’t violence. There’s never been a time when there weren’t people trying to dominate other people. It’s always been here. It’s in our face. The reality is it’s always been there in the tapestry. If I could step back a little bit more and say, “This is part of the tapestry.” A part of the tapestry is me trying to do what I can to change it. Part of it is also realizing it’s always going to be here. It’s always going to be some of this going on. I’m not going to make myself miserable. I’m going to get back to what I’m supposed to be doing.

In that, as a black man, I feel the same way. There are some things I want to change. They need to change at a high level. They need to change at a constitutional level. At the same time, I go back and I ask myself, “What can I do?” There are responsibilities that I live here upon myself as a black man that I need to ensure that I do in order to represent not defeat, but prominence to represent within myself the goodness of my people and myself. Put myself in the best position to succeed and be a representation of what’s possible when you do that, not for my people and for anyone who wants to be in that space. Create a path for generations behind me to follow whether it’s my kids or someone else’s kids. Create an avenue. Create a path like a fallback. Go set something up for someone to have a headstart in life, to be in a better position when they get ready to go out and achieve independence in their life. They have some tools. They have some assets and be in a good position.

In terms of what’s going on in terms of social injustice, it does exist. One way to combat this is economical strength, intelligence, being a voice, and speaking up when necessary. A lot of it is how you handle challenges and opposition generally and teaching others how to do this as well. There’s going to be some level of social injustice, it’s not right. I wish it would go away. I wish it would end now. If I could go and rewrite the constitution, I would do that.

I’m sure you probably would too, but that’s not the reality. What can I do? There’s going to be some level of opposition in life because that’s life. There’s another race that’s trying to dominate you or prevent you from rising up, then you have to do what it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen. As an African American, we’re one of the most resilient races out there. We’ve come a long way. We’re still talking about this stuff in 2020 and yet I see how resilient we are. We will not go away. We will not be denied. We are still here. We’re in a better position than we were many years ago. I am sure that we’re going to be in a better position in a few years than we are right here now. Things are getting better. We’re progressing. It’s not the end goal yet. We still have some more fields to cover but yet things are looking good in my opinion. We have to keep treading forward.

I love the optimistic approach. This is a game and one of the things that we could do is you become the best version of yourself that you could be so that you can share. You bring the adult Rodney to the table to show and demonstrate to other people. When you’re a parent and your kids are having a tantrum, you say, “Use your words.” You teach your kid how to direct all that frustrated energy in a way that’s going to get the outcome they see. In the same way, you continue to build yourself to be the person who was the model and a representative. People learn more from modeling than from what you say to them. You become a model so that the people who are frustrated and are lashing out have a better way of learning how to express their frustration.

I’m not saying that lashing out is wrong.

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Mindset Mastery: If you create a critical mass of positive energy, it’s going to have an impact on everything around you.


Everything has its place.

Absolutely and yet, let’s harness that energy and use it in the right way. Some people play sports angry. Some people you don’t want to piss off in a game.

There are other people that you get them so angry, they don’t even know what direction they’re running.

Be smart about what’s going on. If you know you are the type of person who pissed me off, I’m like, “It’s going to increase my productivity.” Let’s use that energy to take action. Even if the action is working on yourself. It could be getting out of debt. It could be starting that business. It can be putting your body in the best shape possible. It could be repairing your marriage. It could be a number of things. Every great version of you is a step forward for not one race but for humanity as a whole.

There’s the injustice that’s been foisted upon the black community over years is a raging boil that needs to be dealt with immediately. When those changes take place, that can be the impetus for justice to start to reign supreme for everyone. I grew up in a Jewish family and Jews have had their history of oppression. If white supremacy disappeared from the planet tomorrow, I would not cry a tear. In this particular moment that you’ve got to work on yourself because it’s what you have the capacity to do. It might’ve been Zig Ziglar who said, “The best thing you can do for the poor is not to be one of them.” The best thing you could do for the undirected angry is not to be one of them. I’m going to be directed. I’m going to have my anger. I’m going to use it to fuel the change that needs to happen. Behind it is also never losing sight of how I want it. I’m not thinking about how I don’t want it to be. I’m thinking of how I do want it.

That’s important. When we can focus on the ego and instead of what’s being done wrong. What do we want? Let’s focus on those things. At the end of the day, if social injustice went away, there’s still work to be done on both parts. Change a law doesn’t change a heart.

There have been laws in effect to create equality of races for a long time. There were laws to that effect for a long time before blacks were even able to get into the polling booths to vote. How are we individually changing ourselves? Being the best version of ourselves. What’s the dark part of you? We all have a dark part. Is it anger? Is it insecurity? Is it that you expect too much of certain people? If we all were working on ourselves in that way, that’s the next step if we want to have a good world. There’s plenty of people I know who live in a bubble where there are no racial issues because there’s no racial diversity in the first place, but some of those people are walking through life miserable and making other people miserable.

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We have to embrace our differences. We need those differences. Nature is smarter than us. Here we are in this world, we are different. We’re not smart enough to realize that we need each other. We feel that we have to dominate. I don’t think that’s the right way to go because there’s something about you, Steve, that may cover a weakness that I have. On the contrary, there’s something about me that may cover a weakness that you have. I want to get to know you in every aspect of you and embrace you because I’m going to need you and you need me. You do. Napoleon Hill talked about the mastermind and putting the batteries together.

Two batteries are better than one battery. Two brains are better than one brain. Getting a brain that’s from a different background that sees things a little bit differently. When you can couple that with your brain, your background, and your perception, we can have a conversation and communicate about a common goal and how to get there. When you collectively bring all of that in, we increase our chances to get in that together. If you kill me or I kill you, I’m causing harm to myself. I’m making it hard for me. It’s all on me. It doesn’t have to be all on me. If it was meant to be all on me, then I would be the only one that’s here. If not, then the universe is telling me that this is not just for you. The sun doesn’t come up for one race.

The oxygen isn’t only for one race. There is no discrimination on oxygen. Everyone gets to breathe. Why not utilize the person to the maximum extent possible, freely, together, and all of us? We can accomplish a whole lot more. You talked about focusing on the end game. If there was no white supremacy, if there was no racism, and we were truly inclusive not just for African Americans, but to everyone. What could we accomplish? What would that look like in the world?

What a different world would it be. Without the strain. Without stress. Without the feeling of isolation and emptiness. I feel like you’re part of a family. Everybody’s together. I gave the chills thinking about that. We have an opportunity. We’re interdependent. My friend Jenny Landon, she’s a great author and speaker. Jenny says, “You can’t be your best self by yourself.”

Someone said it, “Everything that was accomplished was accomplished with a team. It wasn’t just one individual.” If your team looks like you all across the board, then you’re at a disadvantage especially if you’re compared to a team that has diversity all across because they have different ideas and views and perspectives that can go into a decision.

You need mutual respect in order for everybody on that team to treat each other equally and open to what the other person has to say.

The fact that we are different, we should be able to get to that space a lot faster because we should be able to see the strengths in our diversity. We are blinded because what we see, “He doesn’t look like me.” We’re immediately on the defense because you feel like something’s going to be taken from you instead of you feel like it’s an ad because they’re different. You already got what you got. You are a representation of you are. You can bring that part of the spectrum to the table. You need someone who doesn’t look like you and doesn’t have your perspective to bring theirs to the table.

GCM 145 | Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery: Sharing deep true experiences with another human being will allow you to see the greatness of who they are.


The problem is that if you’re insecure, if you’re not sure of your own point of view, or if you’re clinging tightly to your beliefs, which is why if I’m clinging tightly to my beliefs and they happen to be that white is better than black. That’s going to color every interaction but because I’m hanging on tightly to it, no external proof is going to change that because I’m essentially hypnotized into believing something. I was programmed to believe something when I was younger. I’m too insecure to face the possibility that I’ve been walking through life with a faulty belief system. If I do the inner work on myself and I become less attached to my beliefs and more open-minded, I walk into a room with you or with people who are different from me, I’m like, “I’m cool. I know what I know.” It’s the beginner’s mind, I’m also completely in the dark about what you know and I’d like to know what that is.

That was well said. I want to say it’s 2020. I’m willing to sit at the table with you. If I had the limiting belief that I’m not going to sit at the table with you because of what happened in the past. All I got to do is go turn on Netflix or open up a book and I can read what happened to me back then. If I held that against you, I’m limiting myself again. If you’re going to hold onto that belief and not open yourself up to not just me, but there are other races in this country and around the world, then you’re limiting yourself. You’re limiting your own growth. It’s been attempted to hold us down.

There has been some level of success, but it’s slowly dwindling away. Look at the progress that we had with the incident that occurred. We’re still making progress. We’re not going backward. If you think that’s going to happen. We can say, “Let’s make America great again all we want.” We’re not going back to that because that wasn’t great for everyone. We won’t do that. We have to, in order to go forward and everyone experiences success, we’re going to have to do it collectively. We’re going to have to do this together.

It’s been years since I’ve done this before, a chunk of my life, I was hungry for a lot of personal development. I went to a lot of seminars and even retreats where there were processes that were put in place where you’d be in a room full of a bunch of people, diverse, and people who came from all walks of life. We’re all trying to heal up their old wounds and heal up their inner child thing. They’d have you go through different things together. You’d walk into the room at the beginning of a week. I’m sure this is even true with sports. The first time you walk into a room with these people who will be your teammates, you’re judging everybody like, “That guy is this, that guy’s that, or she’s a wimp.” There are all these things that you do in your head about these people.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the experience. I’m getting the chills thinking about it. Is that by the end of a week, sharing deep true experiences with another human being, you see the greatness of who they are. You start out being like, “I’m me,” All of a sudden, you start finding all the ways in which you’re similar and all the ways in which you can value what they bring to the table that you don’t. You start to feel compassion and love. What did it take it? It took sharing and experience like sharing a common objective, which is why in sports you’re sharing a common objective at the beginning. Everybody’s separated based on race, size, experience, things like, “This guy’s a newcomer, he’s just the kid.” The next thing you know is you’re a team. That happened because you were all focusing on a common objective and starting to notice the strengths of everybody around you. You needed them.

The fight wasn’t within you. The fight is out there. That’s where we’re competing.

If we all had a common enemy. We all suddenly come together. To some extent, some of that has happened in conjunction with the Coronavirus, as a common enemy. You could die from it. I could die from it. My mom, my dad, and anybody. We’re all trying to live our lives. Most people more respectful of one another, I need to protect your space and my space so that we don’t extend this thing. We’re all having a common experience that can bring us closer together. For a lot of people, it has.

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Steve, how can people connect you?

My primary website is SteveTaubman.com where you’ll find information about my speaking, resources, books, and whatnot that I’ve written. I’m offering a free gift to your folks if they want to go to BestOfSteve.com. It is a landing page where I’ll give you a free digital download of the first chapter of my latest book. It’s called Bulletproof. What if everything that bugged you, blocked you, or brought you down didn’t. It’s timely for what we’re dealing with and for the conversation we’ve been having. Grab the first chapter of that online. If you like it you can grab it on Amazon.

Thank you for that. I appreciate that. How can we live bulletproof lives?

The first thing we want to do is we want to make a commitment that at the end of the day, we want to be happy. Looking at the outcome we want. Picture the outcome. Imagine what it would be like if your life was the way it was meant to be. Don’t let your happiness be conditional. Don’t be angry. Happiness in the journey along the way as you’re moving towards it, you’ll be more effective. We then need to strengthen your focus. You need to be able to bring your attention back and not merely let the circumstances determine how you feel or how effective you are.

We also need to make a commitment. We all could make that commitment to be the best version of yourself. Live a decent life. Live by a code of conduct. What is that for you? How do I want to be in the world? Regardless of how others are treating me. There’s abuse. There’s hatred but I’m not going count to that. I’m still going to be the best version of myself. I’m still going to operate based on high integrity. I’m not going to cut any corners. I’m not going to lie, steal, cheat, or kill. I’m going to do it the best I can. That’s an important component of the process, otherwise, where’s your North Star?

We’re not in this alone. We need to come together. We need to treat each other as each other’s lifeboats. Sometimes I’m drowning. I want to be able to reach out. I’m suffering. I’m struggling. I can’t make sense out of this thing. I can’t get out of my own way. I know that you’re a voice of reason when I’m not being reasonable and I’ll be the same for you. That’s an important thing. Lastly, we need to be willing to lean into our pain, not to run from it, and not to go into fight or flight, but be resilient enough to sit with our own discomfort so that we’re not like the picture of the person who’s got the coattails are on fire and they’re running around, the fire gets worse instead of being like, “Let me stop. Let me notice the fire and figure out what I need to do to put it out.”

How can we bounce back from adversity, dominate our challenges, and consistently win at the game of life?

GCM 145 | Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery: Regardless of how others are treating you, still be the best version of yourself and operate based on high integrity.


Always have a vision. Always picture when you notice that your mind is taking you into, “What doesn’t work? What can’t be? What feels wrong? Be aware of the part that you need to be aware of to motivate you, but no more.” Go back to a vision like what Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.” What’s your dream? What’s the picture? What’s the vision of where I’m going? As long as I hold firm to that dream, I’ll navigate the dark waters. I’ll stay in the eye of the storm. The storm will be there, but I’m going to keep on moving it down the line.

Steve, thank you for coming on the show. This has been an awesome conversation.

Me too. I’m looking forward to seeing you again sometime, Rodney.

There you have it, another successful episode. What is your vision? That’s an interesting topic. How many of you have taken a step back and looked at your vision since COVID? Since all of this social injustice? Are you in your game? Are you knocked off your game? Are you distracted? Are you bulletproof? Have you been hit? Vision is important. It can be a compass and to think about it is we have that vision if you are distracted. If you are knocked off your game. Go back to your vision. You recalibrate. Refocus. Reframe. Get back in the game. I challenge you to go back. Take a look at your vision. Take a look at where you are. What is your mindset? Where’s your attention? What has your action been? What has your behavior been? What are your thoughts? If you’re off your game, let’s get back in the game. Let’s develop that game-changer mentality. Until next time. Peace and love.

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About Dr. Steve Taubman

GCM 145 | Mindset MasteryDr. Steve Taubman is a bestselling author and world class speaker who has dedicated his life to showing people how to thrive through their challenges. He’s written extensively on the application of contemplative practices in stressful situations and has spoken worldwide on mindset mastery for goal-oriented and helping professionals.
Having endured crippling anxiety and low self esteem early in life, Dr. Taubman made it his mission to understand the nature of happiness and the remedy for emotional turmoil. His search led him to neurology, holistic health, mindfulness, positive psychology, and hypnosis. Each of these disciplines is represented in Dr. Taubman’s system for living a balanced life, free of neurosis and rich in accomplishment.
Dr. Taubman’s works include his bestselling book, UnHypnosis, his sales mastery program, The Magic of Inner Selling, his online productivity masterpiece, Procrastination Annihilation, and his latest book on thriving through stress on life’s battlefields, Bulletproof. He’s also written hundreds of articles for major publications and has produced specialized hypnotic programs for business professionals to remove mental barriers to success.
Dr. Taubman continues to enrich his understanding of the science of happiness and its impact on achievement. When not writing or speaking, Dr. Taubman enjoys spending time with his dog, Woody, in and around his home on the beautiful Burlington, Vermont waterfront.
To learn more about Dr. Taubman’s writings and teachings, visit his website, www.stevetaubman.com.

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