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Music is life for Jack Stafford and for a long time, it is literally so. Dubbed as the modern day troubadour, Jack left his toy boy lifestyle and set out to travel the world on a bicycle, stopping to give more than 700 mini concerts in exchange for a place to sleep. Jack is a prolific songwriter having written over 400 original songs about his life experiences and diverse subjects. But what binds all these works of art together is an all-encompassing mission to serve others and help people overcome the materialistic message that wreaks havoc on modern society. Writing from Southern Italy during this pandemic, Jack has recently released his latest album, Deeper, a series of self-help songs that help people get perspective on the current crisis. Listen in as he joins Rodney Flowers on the show to share his story and his incredible spiritual wisdom with us.

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The Modern Day Troubadour’s Song: A Deeper Message, A Deeper Spirituality With Jack Stafford

I have a singer and songwriter with me. Jack Stafford is on a mission to serve others and help people overcome the materialistic message that’s distorting modern society. Jack’s new album, Deeper, is a series of self-help songs that will help people get perspective on the crisis plaguing our world. The songs are inspired by his own life experiences and mental struggles. Jack lives in Southern Italy, where he is making music. He’s practicing yoga, teaching meditation, gardening, cycling and studying metaphysics. Mr. Jack Stafford, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Rodney.

I am excited about your message because I completely agree that there are materialistic messages that are distorting modern society. I want to hear about your story, how you got into songwriting, and how songwriting can help us overcome obstacles and challenges in the world. Let’s start with your story. Let’s learn more about who you are and how you got to where you are in the world. 

Where I am in the world is in the most beautiful part of it. I’m in Southern Italy. I look out my window at the Amalfi Coast, across the bay, Capri. There are gentle olive trees blowing in the breeze. Paint the picture of that. I ended up here because before this, I was a nomadic troubadour. I didn’t have a home. I was wandering around the world by bicycle.

By bicycle? Were you pedaling around the world?

I did all around America by car. I had a whole lap of America. I drove across Canada. I went all around Europe by train, and I cycled around Asia. It’s trains, planes and automobiles.

That’s for another show. I would love to know what that’s like, but I don’t want to derail where we’re going with the show.

I was perfectly happy, wandering around the world, playing music, but then I met a girl.

One thing led to another.

She dragged me back to Italy and I’ve been here ever since. It’s not to break anyone’s heart with that story. That should tell a bit coming back from adversity.

I’m still trying to get to Italy. I’m working on it. We’ll see how that works out in the near future. You’re a songwriter. How did you get into writing songs? 

There is no shortage of inspiration if you just go out there and look for it. Share on X

I don’t know. That just came out of me. I started quite late when I was eighteen. I wasn’t doing anything artistic before that. I have a natural talent for it. I’ve written over 400 songs. I spew them out. There’s no shortage of songs. I write songs about anything. I’ve got songs about love, peace, but all the little things in life like taking the dog for a walk or making a pancake.

It’s funny that you say the little things because when I got hurt, it was the little things that I could not do that was the most painful. It wasn’t the big things. It was things that you seldomly think about. One of the things I thought about was if I ever had kids, who’s picking my son or my daughter up, picking them up and holding them in my arms.

That’s a big thing. I’ve been trying to have kids for several years. It’s tough.

That’s something I would think about like getting in the middle of a commercial when you’re watching a TV show. You want to grab something to drink and then come back before it stops again. Little things like walking the dog, I find that those are the most meaningful things in life, but they’re the things that get taken for granted the most. What led you to write songs about those small things? Was this therapeutic in any way? What was that about? 

When you get a bit of a melody and you’re on the guitar, you write about what’s inside your head. It’s rubbish at the time or a little idea that comes into the song. Once you’ve had it, it’s hard to change it. When Paul McCartney wrote Yesterday, it was originally Scrambled Eggs. It took him on a lot of work to get Yesterday and try to make it into something because I don’t think he would’ve had quite as many plays about scrambled eggs.

How has this helped you overcome challenges? 

It’s been my golden ticket to a life of traveling. I used to do Couchsurfing, the website. Have you heard of that?

I haven’t heard of that. 

It’s a hospitality website. You have a couch and you put it on the community and travelers can come and sleep on it. There’s another one for cyclists called Warmshowers. I took it a step further. I’d come to the house and also play a concert. I sell CDs. I was playing in bars when I was traveling around the world. In the end, it was a bit of a disappointment. I could get booked in Philadelphia. I was excited, so I came up and played a show to the sound guy on his own. Nobody knew me. If I wanted to do these couch concerts, then everyone has a house, and everyone has twenty friends. I could play these little shows. I went around the world doing these little house concerts. I overcome the problem of having no audience by coming up with this solution of these house concerts.

That’s amazing that you did it. You are talking about game changer mentality. You had to think outside the box here to make this happen. What do you feel was fundamental to you having the mindset to execute that level of play? 

One of my problems is sweet problems. You give me a problem, then you form something creative to overcome that. If you give someone a blank piece of paper with no barriers, no hurdles, they’re not going to come up. If you look at all the most successful people, it could be businessmen or artists. They weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Usually, they started at the bottom and got some momentum. When they got up to the middle with everyone else, they already had a huge momentum mentally, and they could push straight through. They kept on going. It wasn’t that they reached these middle management ranks. They stopped because it’s the Ok Plateau. It’s another one of my songs.

We’re talking about it, maybe there was a particular song in a particular area that has significance geographically. When you create a new board game, maybe you get to these places on the board and then play a song. 

I have about 400 songs in my song list on my website, about fifteen albums. It starts here with Every Day’s a Joy. That’s when I was having a terribly boring job, a very sarcastic song about how the coffee always tastes divine. Meetings are a precious use of my boundless time.

These are like an affirmation.

I condensed that one like Troubadour Chronicles. It tells a whole story when I was a troubadour and when I was traveling around. I would tell stories at the last town where I stayed like a logging protestor who used to climb up into the trees to stop the trees being cut down. I write a song about him. You then go into the next town and you’re staying with a chef and you write something about him. It’s documentary.

What’s the name of your website?

It’s JeffStafford.org.

You were talking about how the songs would help people get over challenges.

I always write what I’m going through. Once I’m done traveling around the world, I write hundred songs. That’s done once you stop traveling. Traveling is a huge inspiration. If you can’t write a song, you’re stuck for inspiration for painting or whatever your creative outlet, go on a trip and you’re filled with inspiration. Once I came back to Italy, it was stuck in my head. I had to deal with my own mind. First of all, I had a lot of health issues after traveling. You’re sleeping in a different place every night, eat different food, you’re not looking after yourself. I got into Ayurveda, Indian medicine, as a way to get back into balance, living with the seasons, eating according to your dosha, balancing the elements in your body.

I wrote an album about Ayurveda, taking these ancient sutras. They didn’t write things down then. It’s father to son, from guru to student. They would write the whole thing in a poem, which if you recite the whole thing, it takes a few days. It’s huge and long, but you can remember because the mind remembers these songs. That’s how I remember to recite my own lyrics. I updated these Indian sutras into modern songs. It’s three minutes, catchy songs you can remember. If you’re having problem, having a cold, you can do this. If you have diabetes, you can do this. I condensed it down into an album. That’s body, and then I did My Mind, which is songs about meditation and Background Worry. It will be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not yet the end. Are you the master of your mind? The next album I’m working on is about spirits because we’re in body, mind, spirit. Once I fixed the body, it’s good enough for me now. The mind is a work in progress.

How did you stay in momentum? You mentioned momentum. What were some of the things you did to stay in momentum or build momentum? 

It comes and goes. Coffee is pretty good. Keep reading and listening to inspiring shows like yours. Meet inspiring people. There’s no shortage of inspiration these days if you’re looking out there. I was living in the countryside in Italy. I’m on a stimulated basis, I went through some big dips because you’ve gone to traveling and stimulation of choice. A lot of people are experiencing this with lockdown and the COVID isolation. They have to have some adjustment because you’ve had all this stimulus. You’re used to a lot of things going on, suddenly you stop. I had been in quarantine for years, so I’m used to it. I’ve been in isolation, but self-imposed. Everyone’s coming around to my lifestyle.

GCM 163 | Modern Day Troubadour

Modern Day Troubadour: If you look at all your thoughts, no matter how big or small, they’re always this desire for change.


I felt the same way once COVID happened because after I got hurt, there was an abrupt isolation. I gained an appreciation for that. I imposed isolation on myself daily.

Isolation is bad and solitude is beautiful. It’s just grammar.

What are some of the benefits you have gained out of solitude? 

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Many songs. Meditation practices improved dramatically. I went on this Ayurveda trip to India. That was a long process of unwinding. I don’t want to give the impression that I’ve been several years in this room. I’ll have still been around. When I was in India, I got deep into Ayurveda and they have incredible treatments there. They are more managing about the prana in the body. When you have an issue with your body in the West, you have a thumb specialist, a forefinger specialist, a brain specialist, a heart specialist, then a toe specialist. We’re a bit more than that. That’s being a bit simplistic.

They deal with it on a more pranic level. There are many different techniques, but the one I went through are these oils. I had 40 days of intense oil massages. It sucks all the blockages and the toxins out. We think we’re quite materialistic. This is bringing me back to my main war on materialism. We think that the brain makes mind, but it’s not true because science is coming around to it now. If you take a psychedelic drug, it puts your brain to sleep. You then have amazing visions. People have death experiences. They’re physically dead but they have incredible experiences.

They’ve got no brainwaves, but they can come back and tell you incredible stories. You add all these things up. Particularly in Ayurveda, they treat the energy or the prana because that’s blocked. When the prana flows, it makes nerves and blood vessels. If there’s a blockage, it materializes in the physical form as cancer, immobility, arteries closing or a cold, wherever there’s a weakness in the body. That’s what I understood from the Indian approach. It is much more holistic, but a completely new level than holistic medicine in the West.

We’re diving a bit deep here. I’ve also heard that the mind is in everything. You’ve probably heard that too. The mind is in the toenail, the hair follicle, as well as the hair. Educate us more on your knowledge about the mind. 

Mind makes matter. We exist in a sea of mind. If you speak to a psychic, they can tell from their own experiences that 90% of your thoughts are not your own. They are coming from external. Your brain is a radio receiver or in other ways like a pin cushion. When you push a pin in the first time into a pin cushion, it goes in quite difficult when you’re learning a new skill. Once you have this hole there, then mind from outside can come inside. Whenever you get interested and obsessed about something, more mind from outside flows into that other people’s thoughts from other realms and entities. They come in and you’re receptive to that channel. Your mind is like a radio. You’re tuned in to hear those thoughts, if they’d be bad or good. Mind is an external thing. There are all these veils you have to get rid of. Many people get to that and they say, “I’m not my body. I understand that I’m reincarnating.” If you try to take the mind away from them, “It’s not even my mind,” which is WTF. It takes some getting used to.

GCM 163 | Modern Day Troubadour

Modern Day Troubadour: If you feel like you’re stuck in your creative endeavors, going on a trip can fill you with inspiration.


What changes do you think needs to happen to put modern society back on the right path? We talk about how materialistic messages are distorting modern society. What’s the corrective mechanism in your opinion? 

It’s been based on philosophy. If you accept that this is all materialism and I created all of this, then that’s incredibly liberating. If you accept that you’re reincarnating and everything is a lesson, “I’m experiencing this and I’m going to come back again.” You reincarnate on the astral rounds. You go and live there, and then you come back here, and then you go back there, then you come back here. You’re all the time the same personality. It’s like twins, they have different personalities even though they’re from the same parents and the same DNA. Imagine how different the world would be if you don’t buy into this material things. You don’t buy into, “We need to have all these materialistic things.”

When you die, everyone has the regrets that they didn’t spend enough time with their family, they didn’t do enough to help, or they didn’t do enough spiritual activities. Nobody, when they die, send back messages and say, “I wish I had a better car or I wish I had a bit more money.” It’s always that they wish they treat other people better. When you die, you get that summary you experience the way other people felt when you treated them badly or good. You get that empathy on a completely another level. Imagine if everyone lived in that way, we wouldn’t have this fear-based society. This need to have material things which we know are not there, but we have to have them anyway.

What are your thoughts about desires? I asked this question because there are two sides to the coin when it comes to desires. The desires that one has pushed them to a place. Desire is a strong emotion. If you have a desire, that will push you beyond your normal limits or limits of society. It stretches you into something beyond what you thought you’re capable of, but you take that desire where you take the emotion away, and the person may not push as hard. I feel that the manifestation of some of those desires, not all but some of them, have been beneficial to society in its own right. I’m not disagreeing with you. However, I am asking your perspective on one’s desires in general. It could be for a nice home or to reach a goal. Within that goal, there’s some materialistic reward, but yet the actualization of obtaining the goal could be beneficial to all of us. There could be some level of contribution or service that the person provides as a result of reaching a goal. What are your thoughts about that whole process and the idea of having desires? 

Luckily, I have had asked more intelligent people than me so I can try and quote them, and get their answers. If you look at your thoughts, you have two types of thoughts. They’re either, “I want this,” like how the baby grabs it or pushes it away, “I don’t want this.” You have craving or aversion. If you look at all your thoughts, even the big ones or the small ones, they’re always this desire for change. They’re always about, “I want this to be happy. I want this to go away to make me happy.” It’s this push or pull. If you look at the times you’ve been unhappy, you’re usually unhappy for something that’s happened to you.

It’s hard. Not many people stay up crying for the Syrian refugees or the people dying of COVID somewhere else. You can be a bit. Sure, you care but you’re not happy. You watch the news, that’s more fear. You fear for yourself, for your own, for your loved ones, the people that you care about. It’s selfishness. If a desire is truly altruistic and you’re 100% like, “I must get this orphanage built. I will do anything,” you’ll be so much happier. That’s the way to happiness. The purpose of life is the pursuit of happiness of not your own. It’s easier to achieve as well.

If you serve others continuously, your needs will be met. You’re worrying about where everyone else is going to get lunch. There will be a bit of food leftover at the end for you. People make an effort to make sure you’ve got food, because you’ve spent all morning making sure everyone’s got lunch. This desire, it creates this craving. It fuels our constant rebirths. We go to the astral realms after this realm. We die here and we’re reborn there. Our astral body is in the same place, it’s just in a different frequency of light, a different vibration. It’s like a parallel realm. From there, you’ll go to the realm that you vibrate, not punish, but if you’re a violent person, you’d go to a violent place where you can burn off those desires for violence until you get bored of violence and you realize that it’s not making you happy.

You eventually die and you come back here. If you’re a spiritual person, you go to a high realm where it’s peaceful. It’s the same thing on this earth. If you want to go to a library, you find peaceful people there, you don’t want to go on a rock concert anytime. We’re all here to burn through our desires and you say, “I wouldn’t want to be reborn and burn all my desires.” If I say, “You can come back next time as Mick Jagger or a famous fashion photographer or a successful businessman, “I’ll come back.” Those people are burning through their desires as well. They’re not getting happier as they get richer. They’re burning through their desires, but their bills and their levels of stress increase at the same rate. Once they’ve bought this skyscraper and sold it for many billion, then they do the next one. There’s no fulfillment. Their desire does not satisfy them. It’s like throwing petrol on a fire. The way to stop the desire is to stop having more desire or have a completely altruistic way.

What do you feel is the purpose of that though? That’s the perpetual thing. It’s the desire. You continuously have a desire. You continuously burn through a desire, but as I burn through, the desire still remains. Based on the way you’re explaining, it has higher levels of it or frequencies. What, in your opinion, is the purpose of that? 

I’ve done the passion on meditation courses and they explain it well. You sit there in silence for ten days and they explain how the Buddha explained that everything is desire. Desires are reacting to sensations on the body. Before your mind gets the message, you experience a sensation on the body. There’s this fast electrical stimulation. You sit on the mat for ten days in complete silence and try not to go crazy. You experienced these sensations on the body. Once you don’t react, that sensation arises and falls away. When you react, it fuels it and you keep going. When you react to these things and if you look at these things in your daily life, if you have a person who is annoying you, you react to them but you keep the relationship going. If they come in all angry, you let them finish and burn up and you don’t react, then that relationship will dramatically increase. They’ll be lost for words on why you are not giving me anything back here. It’s this fuel for desire, which keeps the whole situation going. If you look at your daily life, all your thoughts are repetitive. You’re thinking the same shit every day, you’re hardly ever thinking new things. You’re in this rut mentally. It’s when you have these periods of advancement that you experience this. Your desires change and you get these new thoughts. They’re not forever, you’ll burn through those as well.

How do we change that pattern? We think the same thing every day, which I don’t think is healthy and wise unless you’re visualizing something. There’s a purpose for being repetitive in our thought. Outside of that, what are some things we can do in order to help change our thought patterns? Patterns can be habitual.

Thinking of other people, if you’re constantly looking for other people’s needs, your problems will disappear. You’ll be brainstorming ways to help that person and get that better job they want or how you can help that person get out of that relationship, or that person needs a new house. You make other people’s worries your own. You start to think, “How can I solve this?” That will help you tremendously because that’s something you can solve. If that person moves to a new house or gets out in the relationship, then you can move on to other people. You’re still in the material as well. You’re still struggling, but you will evolve tremendously and you’ll be happier.

What is the pinnacle here? Is the pinnacle to not live in the materialistic world at all? You’re living in this world, but you’re not of the world. That’s what the good book says. How do we get there? 

God is everything. We are all evolving back to God. Share on X

Service to others, 100%. We’re in this reincarnate to recycle here through millions of lives because we have limited ourselves. There’s this book called The Nine Freedoms. When I was in India, I had this spiritual graduation. I got into these teachings. This small society called the Aetherius Society. The Buddhists say, “You get enlightenment and you can leave. You don’t have to be reincarnated yet.” Reincarnation was taken out of the Bible in about 600. The Pope at the time realized that he’d got to get a lot more money and built a lot bigger churches if people didn’t realize they were coming back, “I’m not going back, so I just give it to the church.” They were a lot easier to control. The Nine Freedoms takes us even further. We get enlightenment. We’re here to raise Kundalini up the spine and gain control of matter. Once you’ve done that, you can achieve enlightenment, cosmic consciousness. Essentially, you can leave the reincarnate lifecycle of this Earth, and you go on to interplanetary existence. We think all the other planets are not populated, which is crazy how we’re the only one. We’re at the bottom of the pile, the other ones have evolved to other realms and higher vibration.

As we die, we don’t think there are other realms here because the electromagnetic frequency spectrum is huge. It was about 1,000 miles long. We can see about 2 inches. Matter is solidified light. Atoms or molecules are vibrating, rising and falling. It’s just energy. We think it’s solid but it’s just energy. Every spectrum of light is different. When you tune your radio, you change the channel, but you still get the bass notes and the high notes. The sound is the same. The light is the same as sound. There are all these other realms. That’s why the aliens can blink in and out of existence. If we go to Mars and we don’t see anyone, it’s because they’re all on a higher level. Once we graduate from this classroom, we can go and learn on these other realms. We evolve and evolve. This is the purpose of life. We’ve limited ourselves with materials to this, “I’m a baby. I’m an old man.” That’s it. That’s crazy.

You mentioned Kundalini. Can you educate us on what that is? 

Everyone has one at the bottom of the spine. These atoms of Kundalini on your spine is like a particle accelerator. We’re using Kundalini to talk and move, but we’re using a tiny fraction of it. We have enough Kundalini in our body to take down a mountain or shift the Earth off its axis. When they split the atom, they can create a nuclear explosion, but that’s just one atom. If you destroy all atom, if you take it out of existence, that’s how you can destroy a whole planet. There was a fifth planet, Maldek, which is the asteroid belt. That’s where we came from before. We destroyed a whole planet by destroying an atom. That’s why humanity has such bad karma, because we’ve been taken by the Mother Earth to keep evolving. She has taken us on her back, even though we killed her brother.

That’s the theory of society. Dr. King was a master of yoga. If there’s anyone reading who knows about yoga, raising Kundalini is the most dangerous and painful. It has to burn through the spine to go up to sushumna. Most people stop there, but once the first chakra opens, it’s the sex chakra. You become a sex maniac if you don’t control that. That’s why a lot of spiritual people can do bad things or become perverts because they get this Kundalini as a natural spontaneous rise. If you don’t control it, you get this. It moves up to the solar plexus chakra, and the heart chakra, and keeps going up. It’s difficult because once you take it out of the bottle, you have to put it back in.

You have to have incredible powers of concentration. It’s difficult. Once you’ve rise it all the way up, you have the knowledge of the universe. It’s incredible. You’re not supposed to do yoga exercises like Kundalini yoga because it is dangerous. You’re supposed to do the path of service to other, so that over a couple of a hundred lives, you can naturally evolve in this way. Not just spend your time in meditation or doing pranayama or mantra, but in service to others. You’re not supposed to go into a cave anymore. The masters had said, “Service to others is the way to achieve advancement in this new Age of Aquarius.”

How does purpose and contribution play in that for the audience? I believe that is the key to life. Understanding purpose, understanding what your contribution is so that you can serve. I think a lot of people want to serve, but they don’t know how, where to start, or who they are as it relates to being able to serve. If you have someone that is having those types of thoughts or those types of struggles, what are your comments to them?

Take the guy at the bottom, take a homeless guy who has nothing, only his own cosmic pattern, which is bore in there. He’s got nothing. He just got his body. He’s watching people walk by all the time. He might see an old lady with heavy shopping. He can help her. He can help clean the street. He can find ways to serve. If you look around, everyone has problems. Find people first. Come out of the jungle, but that’s the thing. We never stopped serving you. You go into all these other realms. You work your way back to God. You serve all the time. You go to the sun, you greet sunlight, and you serve. You evolve to being a planet. You combine your consciousness with others into a planet eventually and then into a galaxy. The galaxy is a living conscious breathing being. It’s always serving. You’re never going to stop serving. The way to help others is through this constant service.

There’s a big misconception about God. People think, “God spoke to me. God is this and that.” There’s a huge misconception brought on by the materialistic church also. God is the absolute. God is everything. You believe God is this microphone, cup and the universe. If you don’t believe in God, you miss a definition because God is everything. We’re all trying to evolve back to God. There are people higher up for us. When you die and you go through a tunnel and hear a voice, it’s somebody working there whose job is to welcome people. If somebody’s giving you a message, it’s a spirit working for you or a diva. Jesus was the son of God, but we’re all sons of God. The God in the Bible is the son. The God spoke the word and the word was the aum mantra. We’re all evolving back to God. You always got to serve continuously to get there. It never stops, so you might as well start now.

You experienced a major spiritual evolution in India according to your background. Could you tell us a bit about that?

It was from YouTube. It’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the modern day and age. I came to it through synchronicities. Everyone started mentioning Kundalini. My doctor, taxi driver, it’s in the newspaper, and I never heard of it before. I Google it and a doctor says, “Read The Serpent Power, it’s an amazing book because Kundalini goes up the spine like a serpent.” It’s a complicated book. He recommended it and I watched a YouTube class about it. I found Nehemiah Davis in Miami. He’s this American guy that looks like an American football player, a huge guy. I’m learning this from an American in India. I’m watching these YouTube videos. He was born into a yogic family. He’s never even been to India, but his father was a Yogi.

GCM 163 | Modern Day Troubadour

Modern Day Troubadour: The galaxy is a living conscious, breathing being, and it’s always serving. So you’re never going to stop serving.


He started doing mantra and the Pranayama at three years old. He keeps him psychic quickly. He could do healing, see spirits, see dead people walking through the room. A lot of psychics, they get spontaneous. Their chakra will open up and they are from the past life. They have a bit of power. They can heal or they can have clairvoyance. When you do the mantra and the Pranayama, you put pressure on your psychic centers, you merge your psychic centers with your physical senses. You get these powers as the power strides up. He could do these things from a young age. It needed intense practices.

It resulted in him being a yogi. He could heal people with his hands, send out white light, and all these crazy stories from his childhood growing up. His brother could send up a beam like a laser from his palm and he felt it going up and down. One day he was sitting out on the porch or walking down the street, and he had some other psychic friends. They could do astral projection. He is with his brother and sister running around the neighborhood at night when everyone’s asleep in their astral bodies. Hundreds of stories like this. When you watch his channel called Mystic Knowledge on YouTube, it’s very dry and academic. He explained methodically, even a bit boring, about the cosmic constitution of man and how your chakras play out. It’s metaphysics, it’s beyond physics, and he explains it clearly. You’ll understand the science behind it.

I’m in India watching this guy in Miami. His guru was a Yorkshire man from England who was a Western master of yoga. After World War II, he started doing ten years of intense yoga practices. He raised his Kundalini up all the way to the crown chakra. He became a master. There are not many and it’s difficult. He could receive these transmissions from other masters on other realms and other planets. He gave these incredible teachings like The Nine Freedoms and The Twelve Blessings. You can see them at Aetherius.org. You just Google The Aetherius Society. It’s beyond science fiction. If you look at science fiction from 10, 20 years ago, you watched these movies and this seems crazy. You look from 100 years ago and it’s steam-powered robots. Science fiction is only ever ten years ahead of what people can metabolize, but this stuff is far beyond that. It’s a small society because it had to be kept under the radar. The dark forces would want to take it down because of the war that was going on. That’s my next album.

This has been an interesting show. I wasn’t expecting this. 

I know you weren’t expecting that. You would have been clairvoyant if you were.

I invite this type of conversation and information because I feel that in society, we’ve been lied to. We haven’t been told everything, and you don’t know what you don’t know. We’re living in an era where a lot of things are being uncovered. There’s an advancement in evolution for humans. There’s an acceleration and advancement of the evolution of humanity. This is part of that. This is a level of awareness that many people are being exposed to. Some people can handle it and some can’t. It’s being exposed. If you can’t handle it, just listen, digest and process it, and then going back for more to get all the information that you can to see how you feel about it. It’s associated with your feelings. There’s so much in here to unpack here. There’s creativity. You’re talking about how does that relate to us? What role do you play in that? What is your purpose in that? Who are you in all of that? I feel that this is worth exploring. I enjoy listening to you.

You didn’t have much choice, Rodney.

I did. You went and that was okay. It was entertaining for me and educational. I want to learn more. I want to hear more.

The game of life is not just one game. It’s season after season after season. Share on X

You don’t have to believe in any of that, but you have to serve other people in the best way you can. Whatever religion you are or whatever your beliefs, that makes sense. You can pursue money, riches and fame your whole life, and I guarantee it. Read any biography of anyone, it’s miserable. That’s what you’re saying, society is waking. More people believe in aliens probably than God. We’re all on in this shift of awareness. There’s a raising of consciousness. That’s what we need to see.

It’s exciting to see what’s on the other side of it. Where are we going? Where are we going to be in five years? Where are we going to be in ten years? I’m excited about that. That leads me to how people can connect with you. I’m sure people that are reading may feel the same way I feel. They want to know more, and they want to reach out to you. How can they connect with you? 

Check the Aetherius Society first. I was just trying to remember little bits of what I’ve heard. Aetherius.org. It means the one who travels through the universe, or Nehemiah Davis, the American yogi. His website is MysticKnowledge.org. My website is JackStafford.org. My songs are on Spotify or YouTube or all the usual places, iTunes, Deezer. You can also sign up on my website. I have a free album to give away if you sign up on my website. You can have me around chewing your ear off all day.

Before we end the show, we always like to ask our guests, how can people bounce back from adversity, dominate the challenges and continuously win the game of life? 

GCM 163 | Modern Day Troubadour

Deeper (Album)

Remember, it’s not just one game. It’s season after season. Imagine if you accept reincarnation, how different you would live your life.

I love the whole season after season because I believe that we are charged with serving others and evolving. Those are some of the things that I’ve taken away from this interview. There’s resistance. We’re not in this free flow and this is all we have to do. There’s something that is putting up a barrier, resisting you, hindering you, challenging you to do those things, to serve others and to continuously evolve. They come in different forms, fashions and colors. It could be COVID-19, social injustice, some accident, some pain in your body, but you’re still charged with serving others, evolving, and contributing to life. 

All these obstacles they say are put there by your higher self, deciding that you need some more resistance. When you get your past life judgment, there’s nobody doing it. It’s you and your higher self discussing how you did last term, where you need to improve, and what you can do. Nobody is judging anybody. It’s having taken this, know it and do better.

That creates a different perspective. You’re confirming what I’ve been saying all along. That’s why I’m into this. That puts a different perspective on what we consider challenges. Challenges are as necessary as serving others, as necessary as evolving. If you take that away, I don’t think you can accomplish the goal here. I don’t think you can score and win. You can’t play the game. It’s like the Law of Polarity. You’ve got to have both sides in the Law of Polarity. It’s a law. That’s the way it is. 

These things are trying to keep us on the path. If we’re not doing better, we get these things to help us. Everything is happening in the right way and the way it needs to be. It takes some faith to accept that. It’s easy when I’m talking to you about it, but if I’m going to see my girlfriend in 25 minutes, I’ll be upset if she’s not ready or if I stub my toe. Having this conversation like this with you stimulates and I get so much from it.

Is it those moments, indicators of our level of maturity playing though? We find ourselves in those spaces. That’s how we’re playing. That’s our authentic selves playing a real game, and yet that’s our indicator where we are. 

It’s paying attention to that.

I’ve been on this authentic spiel about what is authenticity. When we can be not our real selves, but be real with ourselves. That’s when we’re authentic.

You went deep on me.

Thank you for coming on the show and sharing, being yourself, open and trusting. I appreciate that.

No problem. It’s my pleasure.

There you have it, folks, another successful episode. There’s so much in this show. If it was challenging for some of you, I would advise you to go back and read this again. Don’t judge anything that you’ve read. Assess how you feel and maybe do it again. If there’s something in this that doesn’t resonate with you, that’s okay. If there’s something in this that does resonate with you, then accept it. Process it and allow it to do whatever it does to and for you for the purpose of serving others and evolve. Until next time. Peace and love.

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GCM 163 | Modern Day TroubadourJack Stafford is a British singer-songwriter renowned for his thought-provoking lyrics. He is on a mission to use his songs to serve others and help people overcome the manipulative, materialistic message that is distorting modern society. Jack’s new album Deeper is a series of self-help songs that will help people get perspective on the current Corona crisis. The songs are inspired by his own life experiences and mental struggles.

Jack previously lived a toyboy lifestyle in Amsterdam, working as a copywriter, musician, and fashion designer. However, this led to burnout and breakdown, so Jack set off on a bicycle tour through 45 countries as a nomadic troubadour, playing over 700 house concerts in return for a place to sleep. Jack grew through all these experiences, countless self-help books and podcasts, and Vipassana meditation. As a documentary songwriter and modern-day troubadour, he writes non-fictional songs with a goal of instructing, educating, or maintaining a historical record.

Jack lives in seclusion in southern Italy. When not making music, he is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, meditation teacher, Acroyoga dilettante, permaculture gardener, racing cyclist, founder of Copywriter Collective, student of metaphysics and Italian representative of The Aetherius Society.

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