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Learn how to bankroll your brilliance for success. You can be doing something that you love but are earning so little. You know you can earn more, so take the risk and bankroll your brilliance. Find what you’re brilliant at with Nicole Roberts Jones. Nicole is the CEO of NRJ Enterprises. She is a veteran of the entertainment industry and is helping people bring out their best selves. She believes that everyone has their own thing, and you just need to find what is yours. Join your host, Rodney Flowers, and Nicole in finding your individuality. Learn how to shift who you are and find out what makes you brilliant.

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The Mindset Of Individuality: Bankrolling Your Brilliance With Nicole Roberts Jones

I have Nicole Roberts Jones with me. She is uniquely gifted at one thing, which is helping you bring the best out of yourself and helping you take that to the bank. She’s a veteran of the entertainment industry. She has worked in talent management and casting before shifting her talents to help others bankroll their brilliance. She now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple income streams from what they already know to build an empire from their expertise. Without further ado, let’s welcome Nicole Roberts Jones. Welcome to the show.

I’m excited to be here.

I love your energy. I love what you’re all about. I’m all about bankrolling brilliance. We all have talents, something unique within us. If we can find and cultivate that thing and bring it out here, we can change the world. We can bankroll. We can do a whole lot of things.

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What’s interesting is so many of us and this is me included, overlook our brilliance because it’s easy, effortless for us so we think, “Can everybody do this? No.” Even if they can. They can’t do it like you.

How do we draw that out? You’re the expert at that. I’m interested. How can we identify what our brilliance is?

I want to tell you a little context as to why I’m so passionate about this. First of all, I never set out to be an entrepreneur, let me be clear. In 1993, I started this some seventeen years into my journey of being an entrepreneur. First of all, I never set out to be an entrepreneur, let me be clear. What I did was I got clear on the one thing God created me to do and/or to be but even getting clear on that one thing, here’s the thing I want to impress upon those of you that are reading.

Seventeen years in, by 2010, I had done the exact thing I set out to do what I started my business. Back then I had a for-profit and a nonprofit. In my nonprofit, I was working with African-American teenage girls. I had chapters of that program in ten cities throughout the country. I was growing by leaps and bounds. In my for-profit, I had a 100% coaching client roster working with women. I do also work with a few good men that can handle all this brilliance. Anyway, I had a full coaching client roster helping women start and grow their businesses.

GCM 212 | Bankrolling Brilliance

Bankrolling Brilliance: Stop trying to do 20 things too much because you want your brand to be known for one thing.


So much so that I thought, “I’m going to write a book.” I wrote my first book in 2010, thinking that I’d give women the principles that I couldn’t coach anymore so at least I can give them something. That book could be a fundraiser. Here’s what I want you guys to get why I’m so passionate about teaching this. When I wrote that book, I started getting invitations to speak all over the country. Every single weekend, I’m either at a women’s empowerment event, at a church, at a conference or an entrepreneurial symposium. I loved every single minute of it but here’s the thing. I was only making $13,000 a year.

I was not bankrolled in my brilliance. I did not set out to start a business for it to be community service because you can’t do anything with $13,000. That’s not even a deposit on a house. I still had a full-time job because I had to eat. I always said I have a daytime job to pay for my nighttime calling. I remembered this moment like it was yesterday. It was November 7, 2010. I know the date because it was a Sunday night. I had got home from another speaking weekend. By the way, in my daytime job, I was an adjunct professor. My class was at 8:00 AM on Monday. This is bad enough a Sunday night but when you travel, you’re even more tired than usual because you’ve been on a plane.

I got on a plane Friday, spoke Saturday, got on a plane Sunday. I’m exhausted. I’m sitting on my couch. I haven’t looked at the syllabus. I wrote the syllabus and still don’t know what I’m supposed to be teaching. I’m sure I hadn’t read the book yet or the chapters in the books. The women’s in college, you know. My job is teaching Master’s degree students, which means I have several chapters in the books that I wasn’t ready for. I didn’t have the lecture notes. I remember sitting on my couch, tears streaming down my face in frustration, thinking to myself, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do it.” At that moment, I prayed, “Lord, if this is what I’m purposed to do, you better do something.”

I talked to God like I am. I’m sassy. He knows that he made me. I had the nerve to say, “You need to do something because I’m tired. If I’m going to continue, you better show up and show out because I can’t do this anymore.” Literally, at that moment, to make a long story short, I went to a conference. I met my coach at that conference. Up until that point, you could put sweat equity or cash equity in your business. Sweat equity means you’re working harder. Here’s what I was doing you all, which is not smart. I was working extra hours in the evening.

My bone is at church. It’d be after I’d made dinner for people and try to be a wife and a bonus mom. I’d do all that stuff and then I’d come in my office exhausted. Trying to work extra, I’d work on Saturdays. First, it was a whole day, Saturday and then I work four hours on Sunday. What I was doing was adding all this extra sweat equity to do with the same thing thinking that it’s going to produce a different result. It wasn’t until I invested at the level to which I wanted to see the return, somebody needed that. My coach costs $30,000. I made $13,000 in my business. Could I afford it? No, but I couldn’t afford not to do it.

Fast forward. At that moment, what my coach taught me, she began to show me. What we all have are blind spots, Rodney. When you’re driving, you can look in the rearview mirror but there’s a whole car in your blind spot that you will hit if you don’t look. I’m an adjunct professor. I’m teaching, I taught at Boston University and at USC, not one but two prestigious University so “I should know how to do this.” There’s a level that you don’t know because they’re new tools when you’re on a new level. I had to go get those tools. When my coach began to show me, I went from $13,000 to over $200,000 within six months. That’s why I’m excited about what I teach because I’ve been growing by leaps and bounds. What I would do is show others the same way how to take their brilliance to the bank because there are certain principles of what you be that you don’t even realize what you’re being.

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You said a lot there. For those people who may feel like they want to check out at the $30,000 because that’s a huge number for a lot of people, it’s like, “I’m not going to risk it. I’m not going to do that.” What your response to those people?

You got to risk it all to gain at all. When Oprah left her TV show, she was successful, 25 years on Oprah’s show. When she went to start her network, do you all remember how badly she failed? She had never had a network. That network was the worst. The lowest five cable networks were owned in the first year. That is no small feat to put millions of dollars into a network and it’s failing. Her friends probably said, “Go back and do your TV show. We miss you.” At every level, if you’re not willing to risk, this is what I say to that, your comfort zone is where your dreams go to die.

You’ve got to be willing to take a risk. I took a huge risk when I hired my coach but I said, “God, this is going to be it. If this doesn’t work, I’m out.” I did everything she said to do. I applied it all. I didn’t work any harder than I was already working. I just needed the tools that I didn’t even know existed. That’s what happened and the coaching did for me and what I know coaching does for everybody. It gives you new tools.

Nicole, what are you teaching now? How do we bankroll our brilliance?

The first thing you got to do is get clear on what your brilliance is. I say that because that sounds so simple. Rodney, when you woke up, you didn’t have to say, “I want to be Rodney.” No, you’re Rodney on autopilot. There are things intrinsic to who you be that you only realize that you’re being because that’s who you are. You’ll do what you do to you. It’s hard for you to understand and conceptualize how to explain it to other people. When I started working with my coach, she started looking at all the ways that I had been functioning as an adjunct professor and the curriculum I had written and the programs I had been teaching. By the way, in classes, I taught Program Development.

I’m from California before. I moved to Boston for love because my husband got moved here. When I moved here, I started teaching at Boston University. The dean of the school in California called Boston. I didn’t even know. Your gift makes room for you. I started teaching Program Development there but I had the consultancy in California. I went into businesses and developed programs. I’m telling you that because my business was failing. Here’s what my coach said, “Nicole, you don’t have any programs in your own business.” I was overlooking my brilliance. You’ve got to get clear on what your breath is. The second thing is, what’s the predictable result it creates? People don’t care what you know. They don’t care what you’re even going to do.

They want to know, “What do I get?” Many of us get excited about, “We’re going to do this then we’re going to do that.” They’re looking at you like, “That’s a lot.” They don’t realize what they get when they do that. You’ve got to be able to articulate what’s the end result. I help women and a few good men create multiple streams of income from what you know. That’s where I got bankroll your brilliance from. That’s number two. The number three thing I see, you guys have heard the saying, many people are a Jack of all trades, which means you’re a master of none. You’re trying to do twenty things because you are scared you are leaving somebody out.

What happens when you do that? A confused mind does not buy. You’re trying to be everything to everybody. You are nothing to no one. When I meet people and I’m like, “I want to do this. I want to have a sales agency. I’m going to be marketing. I want to be an image consultant.” I say, “Sit down somewhere. You’re doing too much.” Brand you too. hen you’re trying to do twenty things because you want your brand to be known for one thing. If I say American Express, everybody in their head is saying, “Don’t leave home without it.” They made a whole name for themself. Nike, what would you say about if I say, Nike?

Just do it.

You’re not thinking about anything else. That’s the one thing. Even though to me, as a bankroll your brilliance expert, that doesn’t speak to the result they create but still, we know their brand. You’ve got to get clear on that. That’s the biggest mistake so many people do because that’s the foundation your business is on. Without that, everything would fail.

If we peel the onion back on this a little bit, Nicole, are we addressing the identity of individuals? Is that what we’re talking about here? Understanding who we are.

Bankrolling Brilliance: What does life look like when you stand in all of you, and you stop caring about what other people say? You go after the distinct natural ability that God placed inside of you. That is what differentiates people.


When I worked in the entertainment industry, I’m not going to name names, one of the things I worked in was comedy. One of the things that used to get underneath my skin was comedians trying to be like Bernie Mac. If you all remember him, all my comedy fans out there were vulgar but that’s who he was. As I began to see other comedians try to be vulgar, that’s not who you are. You don’t have to be nasty, talk about certain body parts and call women certain names to be funny. If that’s who you are intrinsically, great. That’s why Cedric the Entertainer came out. He disrupted the comedy of field when he came out because he’s clean.

He doesn’t have to talk about your mama. If he does, he says, “Your mama’s hair fell off.” It’s not vulgar. I want you to realize that you don’t have to shift who you be. The question is, one, do you know who you are? Number two, are you comfortable with who you are? I call that living your fears. I was watching Beyonce several years ago. I was having a full-on jealous moment. I was hating Beyonce. As I’m watching and hating her, I hear, “You have fears, too.” I’m like, “I know this is not God talking to me while I’m watching Beyonce.” Here’s what then started to flood into my mind after that. Think about why Beyonce created the Sasha Fierce. I also have not yet met Beyonce so these facts may not be right. I read articles. She started doing this at nine. She was always with a group of girls. She might’ve been a leader of that group but she still was in a group. Every time she stood on stage, she’s with someone. The next level of her gift is calling her to stand on stage alone.

Was she scared? Yes. In order for her to be able to push through her fear, she conjured up this alter ego, like Clark Kent in Superman. She conjured up this alter ego, Sasha Fierce, that allowed her to stand in the full power of who she is. I want you to think about what that looks like for you. Everybody’s not meant to be on stage whether that’s a classroom, a ballroom, a boutique, a corporate office, whatever that is for you. What does life look like when you stand in all of you and you stop caring about what other people have to say and think and you go after all the DNA, the Distinct Natural Ability that God placed inside of you? That is what differentiates people.

One of the things I teach when it comes to overcoming challenges, which is a part of getting to the next level, is who are you going to be on the field of adversity? What type of player are you going to be? Understanding the identity that you have to take on to accomplish what you want to accomplish, which you explained with Beyonce. She took on the identity of Beyonce. “This is what Beyonce will do. This is Sasha’s things. This is how she acts.” She took that on and she was able to take that to the top.

Think about what that is. It’s an alter ego. You have all heard the Law of Attraction. I believe Jesus. I’m not going to this whole universe thing. I believe in God. I want you to get this. When you put your God mind, you start to trust who God created you to be instead of downplaying it. I believe when you downplay your gifts and talents, you’re telling God, “You create a jug. You don’t know what you’re doing.” When you create this other being so you can be all of you if that’s what you need to do then do it. It allows you to let go of fear. Fear is the greatest enemy of your gift or even familiarity too because you can get comfortable. When you’re in a game-changer and you’re going to your next level, you’re going to have to push past failure.

When I was failing in my business, I was failing because I needed new tools. I laugh at it now. It took me seventeen years to get a dark, old clue that I was doing the same thing over and over, expecting something different. If you look up insanity in the dictionary, that’s the definition. Doing something over and over, expecting some difference. I was insane for seventeen years. You either get bitter or you get better. We could do a whole episode on all the relationships I had before my husband because I kept feeling like I was in the same movie over and over. It’s like, “Please get me out of this movie. I cannot let go of the script.”

What happened is I started to learn the lesson. What I keep having the same things happen in relationships, I can’t blame them because the common denominator is me. I started looking at myself. As soon as I shifted who I be, I met my husband. The same thing happens in our business. As soon as I shifted who I be, not what I know my know-how but who I was or my fears in it, I began to generate revenue.

What were some of the things you shifted about yourself?

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What shifted for me is I stopped caring about what other people had to think of what other people had to say, number one. I remember I was on a Facebook Live once and a woman said, “You’re a lot.” I said, “I’m a lot for you,” because you’re not everybody’s answer. When I’m too bright for people, you have 1 of 2 choices. You can either put out some shades and deal with it, deal with my brightness or you don’t have to be around me. I’m not saying it in a negative like I’m full of myself kind of way but you’ve got to be clear that you’re not for everyone. The second thing is I stopped downplaying myself because I was looking for other people’s approval. The only approval I need is from God. If God is saying, “Nicole, you are supposed to be this thing and do this thing.”

When that shifted inside of me, when that fierce little moment happened, I was like, “Lord, I get it. I’ve been playing small. I’ve been looking at other’s expectations of me instead of your expectations of me.” I began to go full-out. I stopped caring about perception and what the cookie-cutter version of who Nicole should be that everybody else to find. I’m from South Central LA, all about that, I’ve seen Boyz n the Hood. That is pretty much where I’m from and maybe ten blocks from where they filmed that movie. If my neighborhood had his choice, my life should have been defined by jail, drugs or drive-by shootings. Trust me, I was doing some of those things and it should have been defined by but. I made one different choice. I kept making a different choice.

There’s no way I should have a Master’s degree. There’s no way I should be a CEO of a six-figure company working until my million-dollar year. There’s no way I should be here doing this if I had lived in perception. The biggest shift was that and the second biggest was learning from failure. It took me seventeen years to get a clue. I laugh at that because it took me too long because I kept doing the same thing over and over. It is having the guts to learn from the mistakes and then ask for help. If God intended you to know how to do it by yourself, you’d be on Earth by yourself.

A lot of people don’t know what their brilliance is. If you don’t know what it is, you don’t know what result it can create. Help someone who may be feeling like, “I feel that what you’re saying, Nicole but I don’t know what value I could bring.”

People call you all the time and say 1 of 2 things, “Can I run some past you? I’m going to pick your brain.” Some of you people come into your office and work and sit down and talk to you for hours, the people you want to get out of your office because they come in about every day and ask you some of that. I have to have some of those. What they’re doing is they see what I call the lighthouse effect. There’s a Bible verse, Matthew 5:16, that says, “Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” That light in you is your DNA, your Distinct Natural Ability.

People are seeing it and they come and they draw it to you automatically. It’s your boss that keeps putting you on the special assignments. It’s the people at your church that put you on committees and whatever that looks like for you. I want you to start to pay attention to that. When people start to ask you things, write them down. I bet you, they might not ask it all the same way but all have a common result that you’re getting them to. You’ve got to pay attention to watch your day and what’s coming to you.

Take that and multiply that because we play on that level. We say, “I’m good enough to do this on this level that they are coming to ask me.” That’s your talent. Let’s take that, cultivate it and play it out on even a bigger stage and then even a bigger stage beyond that. That’s how you blow up.

You also have to not take it for granted because some people would say, “Everybody knows how to do that.” There could be a dentist on every corner but there’ll be a dentist that’s a good fit for you. You’ve got to be clear on, other people do what you do but nobody does it like you. Get clear on what it is and then do it the way you do it.

That person that’s doing it, they can’t touch everybody so they’re going to touch and affect the people that they’re going to touch and affect so you do it. Their audience isn’t your crowd. You’re going to go touch the people that you need to touch. We may need 2, 3 or 4, how many dentists, doctors, lawyers or whatever we need because they’re going to support certain people. You got to think about the people that you are designated and assigned to.

Even with that, you’ve got to be able to niche it down. If I use an example, I have a client who is an event planner. Event planners come a dime a dozen. I’m not minimizing anybody that’s reading that’s an event planner but you’ve got to find what is the thing that makes you different from all these other event planners is. She came to me and she was already a vice-principal of a junior high. She was playing big. When we did the work and peeled back her layers to get clear, we realized that she’s an event filler. She’s not someone that plans your event. She’s the person that helps people to get to the event, which you can’t have an event if nobody’s at it. That differentiated her and her market as soon as she did that. Mind you, her business was struggling before that. As soon as we figured that out, she got a five-figure contract that next week. I’m not saying that because I’m here with Rodney. That’s real.

It’s funny how when you fall into your space how things start to happen.

It’s that confidence. It’s not like Beyonce wasn’t already fierce before she was by herself. If you guys watch her even now, she doesn’t even say Sasha Fierce anymore. She don’t need her because now she’s standing at all of her but before she was scared. She was timid a little bit then she got a little more powerful. Now I love watching her because when you watch her career, she’s always out doing her own self. Now, she’s into doing these movies. She did a movie, Black Is King. Even Coachella, she’s always outdoing herself because now she’s standing confidently who she is. She’s not looking at everybody else. She’s only looking at her own self.

GCM 212 | Bankrolling Brilliance

Bankrolling Brilliance: Understand that fear comes anytime you’re playing bigger than you ever have before. Your faith doesn’t get activated until you’re in the face of fear.


When we look at someone like Beyonce, we praise her and be like, “That’s awesome. It’s good for her,” but when it comes to us being a Beyonce, Michael Jackson or whatever, there’s this hesitation, limitation and lack of belief. What is that? Why do we do that to ourselves?

It’s our mindset. I call it weeds in the seeds of your garden of purpose. Think about what a weed does to a seed. It chokes out the seed so it doesn’t grow. There are ways that get planted in the seed of our garden of purpose in our lives. I’m a light-skinned African-American woman. When I was little, people used to call me a white girl. I’m going to keep it real you all. Being from South Central LA, being called a white girl is not a good thing. I didn’t know what to do with that. My parents were both light-skinned so everybody around me, except for my friends or my family, looks like me. I didn’t think I was different until. I’ve been to counseling, by the way.

I worked through all kinds of stuff. I didn’t remember this when I was in a counseling session. At five, I come home one day and back then, there were no black dolls. My doll was white. I said, “Maybe I am white.” I go on and tell my mommy, “Mommy, I’m white like my doll.” My mother was in a bathtub. She jumped out of that bathtub so fast, dripping wet, scooped me up and started saying, “Black people come in different shades and colors.” At five, I’m thinking my mother’s yelling at me. I’m sharing this story with you because I never repeated that I didn’t feel like I was enough again until I was in counseling at 23. That weed, every person I dated and every decision I made about my career, I never felt good enough.

What happens in this thing called life is things happen to us. People do things to us. Those kids that were doing that back then, all they were doing was placing on me something someone had placed on them. We’ve got to be willing to do the work to get those weeds off of us. It might not be enough it doesn’t go away. Now, I’m playing bigger than I was before so that negative chatter comes back as, “How are you doing this? They can find that you don’t know what you’re doing.” It’s like, “Let me remind myself of who I am and stand in it.” You’ve got to constantly be willing to do that work. Look at what is keeping you from your greatest self. Is it something somebody said to you? Is it something that happens to you? Rape and abuse were not a choice you made. It was a choice of another person made to violate you but every day that you choose to let it keep you, even writing your story, which is phenomenal, let that keep you where you are instead of rising above it, you’re making a choice. You’ve got to fight to get the weeds off of you.

There’s a lot of work that comes with that. You went to counseling. You had some help and support to help you navigate that. That’s inspirational. That’s something we can’t take away from you. It’s okay to go and get that help. A lot of us are dealing with some horrible things, horrible stories and horrible experiences. If we don’t deal with that properly, we can’t allow our brilliance to come forward because we have our own thoughts and ideas about who we are because of that experience.

I want you all to look up this bible verse. I’ll try to say it by heart because I don’t have my Bible in front of me. I did not go to ministry school. None of that. This is me studying the Bible. That’s why I might say it wrong. It’s around John 10:10. In this part, we know, “I have come that you have life and have it more abundantly.” We all know that Bible verse but the same Bible verse, the first part says, “It becomes to kill, to steal and to destroy.” All those things that came to you before the moment that you realized you had a purpose and brilliance are the enemy coming to steal, kill and destroy. That thing somebody said to you steal, kill and destroy.

That thing that somebody did to you, steal, kill and destroy. Whether it was divorce, somebody cheating on you, your boss had not appreciated your brilliance, rape, abuse, whatever that is, that’s the enemy coming to steal, kill and destroy so you will not stand in your full fears. The more you can dim your light, the less you’ll be able to help all the people that need that gift inside of you. That’s why I became so passionate about it. You’ve got to fight. You’ve got to be willing to do the work. I’m from California so my counselor was in LA. When I moved to Boston, I was traveling a lot. When I met my counselor, I said, “Let me catch you up. I don’t have time to go back through all the stuff I worked through.”

I talked all the way through to where I was. She went, “Wow.” My father was abusive. I lived in a domestic violence household. I had to work through that. I can go through all the stuff I’ve been through. In addition to that little five-year-old story that I told you, I got stories for days. As long as we are in this world, we will have trouble so you’ve got to be willing to do the work to not let it affect the brilliance that’s inside of you. A diamond has to go through fire to shine. I’m going to let that fire make me that much shinier and learn the lesson so I can be better.

We can’t just look at what’s on the surface. You don’t only see the stories of all of these people that we may look up to. I’m grateful that you’re sharing your story and letting people know, “I’ve been through it, too. Here I am, look at me.” That’s a testament to, “You can do it too, despite your experience,” because we all have that. It’s not prevalent. We don’t always see that when we’re looking at these people that are very successful but they have it too. You can’t get to the top without going through adversity. I believe that we’re all in the field of adversity. We are all playing how we navigate that adversity to get to where you want to go. That’s a skillset but you got to get out there and play it. You can’t get there and stay on the sideline afraid, not wanting to get hit and not wanting to fight. You got to get out there on the field and play.

Look at Venus and Serena. If you look at one of them, as hard as they work, even though they’ve won, they still work out. Tom Brady, at 43, he’s still a quarterback. My husband and I were talking about this. At 43, he is working his butt out. He has not stopped. That means he has been working out since he was 10 or 12 or something like that. I don’t know because I’m not a football fan but I am a Super Bowl fan so I know about Super Bowl. Think about how hard he works out on a daily basis. He didn’t get to a level and then stop working out. You got to stay in it. My pastor used to say, “The bigger the level, the bigger the devil.”

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Every time you grow to your next level, it gets harder. That means you’ve got to stay in the gym and work out. That workout for me is always having some personal development coach. Now, I have an accountability partner that I can call to say, “Let me tell you, let’s talk it through.” I have a prayer partner. You have to listen. I got a trainer because my body is not the same. If I want to stay in this race, in this thing called life, I’ve got to be willing to do the work. That’s for all of us.

It pays off. That’s the thing.

If I could call my trainer and say, “Can you work out for me? I’m going to sit right here while you workout and drink my water but I want to look like J-Lo so workout hard.” I wish I could do that but it doesn’t work like that.

I feel like that’s the privilege and the responsibility. We have to take that on and be at it. That’s our responsibility because of that gift that you have. You talk about God. God gave you that. I believe it’s your responsibility to bring that forward to cultivate it. It’s like a seed that gets planted in the ground. The fruit is in the DNA but it has to go through the process in order to bear fruit.

Here’s my question about that. If God gave you gifts and talents, when you die and you get to go meet God face to face, what’s his return on his investment in you? What’s he going to get back? He gave you a gift. He’s not going to do the work. You got to invest in it to grow it. When you do, that’s when that abundance comes back to you but if you just sit there and be lazy, you are not getting anything.

There’s also a scription the Bible said, “A man that doesn’t work should starve to death.” How can you expect anything if you’re not working the process?

No pain, no gain.

This has been a wonderful conversation. How can people connect with you if they want to learn more about you?

I love to give out gifts. Those of you that think you cannot bankroll your brilliance, I have a free eBook for you. It’s called Bankroll Your Brilliance. Go to BankrollYourBrillianceBook.com. It walks you through fifteen ways. It walks you through the three areas you’ve got to cultivate. I’ve talked a lot about it here. It gives you a little more in-depth and then it gives you fifteen ways you can profit now from the genius I got placed in you. My new favorite thing is Instagram. Follow me on IG. I’m @NRobertsJones. My website is NicoleRobertsJones.com.

Thank you for the free gift. I appreciate you offering that up for the readers. It says a lot about you. My dad always says, “You only get one shot at this.” You want to take your best shot. You want to make sure that it creates a positive impact that it makes a difference for people and for yourself. To understand who you are, understand your gift, understand your brilliance and bring that out, that’s taking the best shot. One more question I want to ask of you. This has been a great conversation. You’ve dropped so many nuggets on us but if you could tell us one thing that we could do to overcome adversity, dominate our challenges and consistently win in the game of life, what would that be?

Every day you wake up, you’ve got to be willing to do it afraid. What I mean by that is fear doesn’t go away. Fear not is in the Bible more times than anything else. It doesn’t say, “Don’t have fear.” It says, “Fear not,” which I believe it says don’t let fear stop you. Understand that fear comes anytime you’re playing bigger than you ever have before. Your faith doesn’t get activated until you’re in the face of fear. Anytime I get scared, I’m like, “Lord, what are we going to do?” I’ve got to do whatever it takes to not quit, to not give up, to not second guess myself and to understand that there’s a gift in me that’s bigger than me. My gift is here inside me for me to be the answer to a group of people that need me. I’ve got to be willing every day and so do you, to step through fear so that you can be the answer to all those that need you.

Thank you for coming to the show, Nicole.

Thank you for having me. This has been fun, Rodney.

There you have it. Another successful episode. Fear not. Do not let fear stop you. I know fear is a strong emotion. If we’re not strong in who we are, not strong in our purpose, not strong in our contribution, not strong in the difference we want to make in life, fear will win. We have to be stronger than that. The question is, how can we create an emotion within ourselves that could overcome fear? It’s by gaining a strong attachment to what you want to contribute in life and being so passionate and adamant about it that you would get up early and go to bed late. That you would have the type of passion that Nicole is displaying over this show. What are you passionate about? What will cause you to create a Sasha Fierce about yourself and push beyond your limitations that you may have right now? That’s something to think about. That’s something that you want to know and you want to, not only to know it but feel it every single day because it can drive you to where you want to go in life. Maybe that’s the thing that’s stopping at this point. Until next time. Peace and love.

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