GCM 184 | Sweat It Out


Do you want to become physically stronger? Then you need to sweat it out! In this episode, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from professional fitness coaches and entrepreneurs Anthony Mendez and Joshua Evans. Sweating it out not only applies to your physical health but to all areas of your life as well. Just as you need to have a strong mindset and commitment to your optimized schedule with your fitness goals, so too should you have both in your business and relationships. But that’s not all; you’ll also learn how to be more resilient when things get tough and how you should listen to your gut to navigate life’s challenges. Tune in and learn from Anthony and Joshua as they sweat out the details to becoming stronger in any area of your life!

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Sweat It Out: Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Anthony Mendez And Joshua Evans

We’re going to be talking about sweating it out. What I mean by that is getting your mind and your body right to succeed. I got two gentlemen here from the Sweat It Out podcast. They have stopped by to share their knowledge and information with you on how to increase your business and how to get your body right. I firmly believe that if you want to be successful in life, your health plays a major role in your success. If you’re not feeling good, if you’re not fit, then how can you expect to be fit in your finest, in your relationship and overall in your life? You have to have your body right.

A strong body leads to a strong mind, and then a strong mind leads to success. I have Anthony Mendez with me. He is an online business coach, helping health and fitness professionals maximize their social media accounts to drive sales in their business. His partner, Josh Evans, is also an online fitness coach, helping busy professionals reduce the stress of getting healthy with a simple approach to exercise and nutrition. Without further delay, let’s welcome Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans to the show. Welcome to the show guys.

That is one of the best intros that I ever had in my life.

I need you doing that to everyone. Thank you for having us.

Thank you for being here. I realize you are busy running a podcast. I know what that’s all about. That’s a grind. You have stopped by to hang out with me and my audience and share your knowledge, your inspiration and your experience with us. I’m delighted and grateful to have you here.

GCM 184 | Sweat It Out

Sweat It Out: You need to have a strong mindset and create a high optimizing schedule if you want to succeed.


We’re super hyped about it. We’re ready to go.

I want to talk about, first of all, how did you meet? How did you get together? How did you get to a place where you wanted to partner up and create Sweat It Out?

We both come from the similar backgrounds off the bat. Way back in the day we always say we’re a bunch of thick fat boys and that was the start of our journey. We both played sports, different states but same sports. From there, it was the working out the whole fitness mentality that came out of that to be able to catapult us to where we are now. We both have taken different journeys, but at the same time, you’ll come to realize there are similarities as well. As for me, football was my catapult, off an injury made me realize that I had to get back on my feet through a sports medicine coach who helped me to strengthen myself again to be at an optimal level again.

Through that process of me seeing how they work with individuals made me see that I want to help others too. For me, that was pretty much my calling moving into the training realm. Leaving as a senior, once you’re done playing football, you aren’t coming back the next season unless you’re going to college. I had to find a job and I had to keep myself in shape. For me, luckily, I had my mom who taught step aerobics for over 24 years. She got me my first job at Bally Total Fitness when these two exist. I went to LA Fitness then I went to Equinox and continued my career through there, expanding and growing as a trainer. The one thing that I would say that set me apart was I dove into the social media game hard.

That was during my Equinox time, where I took it seriously. I saw something that there’s tremendous opportunity here for this to explode and to take myself and my business to the next level and create a brand for myself. I knew that if I took the full opportunity at its infancy, I knew that I was going to reap the benefits later. Being with Equinox, I grew my social media. There was some tension going on between there with Equinox and me, them not liking what I was doing, but thank God I made the right choice, and I took the leap of faith and went on my own.

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Having gone on my own, joining some other ex-coworkers of mine at Equinox, we decided to come together and open up a gym. We had that for about a year and three months until the owner sold it to another person. We were booted out of there due to the cost of the rent. I kept pushing my social media and I kept driving that hard across the boards. It gave me opportunities to become an athlete with Puma. I’ve been an athlete with them for three years, giving me other opportunities as well to collaborate with some tremendous individuals and also expand my online fitness coaching, which I did at the time.

It wasn’t until things started before COVID happened that I realized there was a gap I wanted to fill, and that was business coaching. I wanted to dive into helping the health and fitness coaches to be able to do what I was able to do and how they can generate a six-figure income business or more knowing how to utilize their social media the right way and be able to create optimal success on their online business so that way they don’t feel burned down anymore. They can take vacations. They create freedom for themselves. There are no more worries at a high level when you’re a one-on-one coach. You don’t have to trade time for money anymore and that’s what I continue to focus on and now mainly, is helping these health and fitness coaches do what they love, yet feel free and they can pour into their passion.

What are some of the common pitfalls that you find social entrepreneurs fall into when attempting to get their business off the ground?

You’ve got to have a strong mindset. The first two things I teach in my course, and this goes for anybody whatever business you’re running. Any business you run, you can apply these, especially on a health and fitness online business. The first thing to the first two things I teach is bulletproof mindset and create a high optimizing schedule. If you don’t have those two things down packed, you’re not going to succeed. I tell people all the time, “There’s all these sexy, juicy tools that you can use that are going to give you the results, that are going to teach you the tricks, the tips, what you want to call the secret sauce, but that secret sauce isn’t going to work if you don’t have a bulletproof mindset and optimizing schedule.” It starts right there. You have to have a mindset so strong that you don’t allow your fears, your doubts, your ego, your low confidence, your fears, your belief systems to come up and creep up on you and hinder on the progress you’re having on the process you’re in of what you’re trying to build.

What I tell people all the time as well is, your doubts, your fears, all those mindset problems, they’re never going to go away completely. They’re engraved in us since our childhood, since our past experiences, the way we develop and grow. Somehow, they’re always going to stay there. The most important thing to understand is how you manage them. Learning how to manage those mindset problems is the key thing. How to work around them, how to work through them and how to learn to identify the triggers that triggered those mindset problems, and learning to accept that, “I have these mindset problems, but I know how to work around them. I know how to allow myself to get through them and not get the best of me so that way it doesn’t consume me.” When you can do that successfully, you’re going to start seeing you can start growing your business to the next level. Moving over to creating your optimizing schedule, you need to have a schedule that’s so optimizing. If you don’t respect your schedule, your schedule won’t respect you.

Off the bat, you got to understand what’s most important to you in your life, you need to put it in your schedule. What doesn’t serve you, you need to cut it out, which I like to call, cut the crap. Cut all that shit out, take it out of your schedule and then whatever you can automate or handoff, have somebody help you with that. For example, if you are somebody who is taking time to maybe go to the grocery stores and it’s an hour and a half out of your day, why don’t we want you to start ordering your groceries online and have it delivered to your home? You now have an extra 1 hour to 1.5 hours for you to plug that into something for yourself, for your partner to spend time with or for your business. There are ways that you can automate things in your schedule to get the best out of the time.

Moving forward on top of that, you can hand things off. Maybe instead of you spending time cleaning your house, why don’t you pay somebody to clean your house? Now that you’re growing your business, you need more time. Pay somebody to help you. It’s okay to ask for help and pay other people for their services because that’s why they offer those services. That way you have more time on your hands. Hand things off, get an assistant or even your friend or significant other doesn’t mind helping you and you can pay them to answer your emails, to listen to your voicemails, to do all these miscellaneous things so you have more time to focus on the big picture. The most important thing as well, when you put your most important things and tasks in your schedule, you respect them, do not change them.

When I say the most important things, it’s from the food you eat, to the break you take, to your gym time, to your clients, to your work hours, to even the time you spend with your family. If you blocked out from 5:30 or 6:00 PM, all the way through to spend that with your family, you better not put a client on that slot. If that’s important for you and that’s part of your success, then treat it as your success. The same thing goes if you have worked during this time, I don’t care if it’s your family or friends, they do not go in that time because that’s your work time. If you can respect that like that and be intentional with each of those time blocks and you can make the best out of it, that’s where you’re going to see the true results.

I was listening to a speaker not long ago. He was in the military. He was injured. He was in a wheelchair and he was talking about getting help to this new way of life he was adjusting to. He talked about how in the military, there’s a lot of movement, you may be in one place and they station you somewhere else. He looked that fact that when people move, what did they do? They hire you hire a moving company. It takes me back to that session I heard from him because it makes so much sense, whenever you want to go from one place or another in your life, when you want to move in, what do you do? You should ask for help. You need to move a company. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Sometimes we take on these Herculean efforts, especially in business, because the ego gets in the way.

We feel a certain way about asking for help, which is a mental block in and of itself. Anthony, I believe you’ve been reading my blog because I’ve been talking so much about what challenges and obstacles come up, even mindset challenges and obstacles, fears, what have you. It’s not so much we want them to go away because the primary reaction is, “I want this to stop. I want the challenge or the obstacle to leave.” It’s more so, “How do I manage what’s in front of me?” That’s such a powerful statement, idea and way of life. From one football player to another, when we’re in a tough game, we don’t ask the defense, “Can you forfeit now that you are kicking out, but can you stop so we can win.” It doesn’t happen that way. You have to figure out how to manage what’s in front of you in order to win the game. Josh, how does being fit helps us have a strong mindset to manage the challenges and obstacles that are thrown at us?

Sweat It Out: You have to have a mindset so strong that you don’t allow your fears, your doubts, or your ego to come up and creep up on you and hinder your progress.


This is a whole underlying theme of our podcast, is that fitness breeds the life that you want to live. You were mentioning adversity and obstacles, you find those in every single time you hit the gym, every single time you pick up a weight, that’s an adversity, that’s an obstacle. You have to move out of your way or move in some certain way in order to be able to achieve the result you want to achieve. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to come quick. You, losing 50 pounds, isn’t going to happen in 1.5 weeks.

You mean I can’t take a pill and lose 50 pounds?

You always said that if there was a way that you can work out for your clients and make money like that.

I’ll do it in a heartbeat.

You have a lot of clients lined up for you.

Physiologically, the serotonin and dopamine rush that you get from achieving a workout, we’ve all been there, we’ve all felt that “pump” that you get after workout. I did something to better myself. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you took another step towards a new life, a new direction that you want to head in. Building resiliency, grit or resiliency is the number one thing, whether you’re in the gym, whether you’re talking about your nutrition because I like pizza too, but I can’t eat it all the time. I see my friend eating a Publix chicken, I’m like, “That looks good.” I can’t eat that. I have to go with a salad because I have certain goals that I want to achieve. Whether it’s in your business, if you work for someone as an employee or you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you’re going to come across problems that are big and need a lot of attention and your health is no different. We go through problems.

You were talking about building out a podcast and how difficult it can be. We’ve had to take a step back from where we were with our training in order to be able to do the things that we need to do with the podcast, but it doesn’t mean that we’re stopping. We continue to go. We might have to make adjustments. We might have to move from city to city. There might not be a grocery store there. In terms of our health, we might not have a gym. When the gyms are shut down, do we stop training? No. We have to make adjustments. Learning in a controlled setting, which is what a gym is, I train my clients outside, wherever you train, it’s a controlled setting where you can learn to adapt things that happen a lot more chaotically in real life.

When I look at society and some of the challenges that people have to deal with and the fact that there’s a struggle at times with those things, I feel that what’s lacking or what’s missing at times is the training and that repetition of mental toughness. That’s one of the reasons I love that I played football. It’s taught me so much. Even going to the gym, I believe that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is go the gym. Whether you want to be fit or not, it’s a difficult thing to do. You have to overcome some type of challenge in the gym if you’re doing it right. The fact that you do that, you’re training your mindset to overcome adversity and push beyond normal limitations.

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Even delayed gratification, you’re not staying up until 1:00 in the morning watching the latest Netflix series like your friends are. You’re going to bed at 9:00 PM because 4:30 rolls around early. I hate the sound of my alarm clock in the morning, but at the same time, I love it because it means that I can go out there and attack the next day.

Getting over adversity, tackling challenges mentally and physically, it gives you the edge that when other things come up, it’s not like you have to dig so deep to find the grit or the toughness to overcome that. You’ve practiced this. You do this every day. It’s an immediate go-to. You don’t look outside, because when you’re in the gym, it’s you against you. If you’re going to push this weight or you’re going to go that extra mile, you have to do it. The trees and the birds are not going to help you. The pain in the gym is not going to help you. The bench is not going to help you. You have to do it yourself. There’s this tendency to look within, to tackle the issue. Having that mindset and personality gives you an edge when situations like COVID.

We hit it head on. That’s how this podcast started. We had been putting this on the back burner for several years now. We were both training clients in person at the time or we’d be shooting content for companies or shooting content with each other, be going to seminars and traveling with our families, “We’ll have time for that later.” COVID hit and we’re like, “I’ve never watched this much Netflix. We need to do something about this. We’re both sitting inside, I’ll run you down a mic. We got the equipment. We’ll do audio only until this shakes out a little bit.” The rest has been history several episodes later. It’s been a ride. It never would have happened if we didn’t have the time through COVID. We say this a lot but we are not downplaying the negative sides of this pandemic either. A lot of people have suffered a lot, but we also have heard a lot of stories about people that have used this as an opportunity to double down on personal development and have grown throughout the past months.

It’s going to test a lot of people’s character. This time is going to touch people’s character and see what people all are about. We are not downplaying that people have certain situations and people have gone through a lot of things yet at the same time, there are people who are waiting around for an answer or waiting around to be told to do something, waiting for something to fall in their lap. It’s like, “Wake up. That’s not going to happen.” You don’t need permission from anybody to do something. Go do it. You want to improve your relationship with your partner? Use this time to do it. You want to spend more time with your kids? Use this time to do it. You want to be able to start that side business you always wanted to? Use that time to do it. There’s no excuse. You got to go and make it happen. Like the saying I always like to say over and over again, “The world doesn’t stop for you so why are you going to stop for the world.” You got to keep moving.

What do you think is the issue with folks that can’t seem to turn the corner on that? It seems to be so distracting that it’s the focal point every day of their lives and they can’t seem to concentrate or shift their focus to something else. What would you say to that person?

It would have to be a lot of what we’re exposed to on a daily basis. We’re always being told by different things in marketing, this and that, to do this, to do that, this is the best, this for you, this is not the good time, this is the best time. There is no best time. Do what you feel down in your gut that feels like the best thing to do and roll with that. Don’t wait, “This is the best opportunity to do it.” Just do it. At the end of the day, we all know that there is no perfect time. Don’t listen to all the noise being thrown at you. Don’t listen to the marketing schemes and tactics or listen to what other people are telling you because they feel like they have the best opinion. No. What do you truly want?

Do you want to create this business? Do what it takes to create this business. Buckle down, do the research, start building it and go. You’re going to learn in the process. You don’t need the best business plan or the best prepared blueprint to start anything. Along the way, you’ll perfect it, and you can increase your results by then. If you don’t listen to yourself, one day you’re going to get old. You’re going to regret the fact that you were listening to everything around you instead of listening to your true self that was trying to tell you something powerful all along.

You have to hold yourself accountable. Everyone’s down to praise themselves when they take this sick Instagram photo or get some cash in their pocket and they want to flex a little bit, but no one’s out in the forefront standing up on a soapbox telling people when they fucked up. No one’s saying, “I’m going to use this as an opportunity, not only for myself to learn, but for other people to learn.” Sometimes I feel like we’re too open of a book.

People are always like, “Thank you for being so open and honest.” We’re like, “This is how you were supposed to be.” I’m okay with my successes and I’m okay with my failures. We say all the time, you got to fail often and fail fast and learn from those failures. Too often, people are looking for that scapegoat. They set these lofty, vague goals for what they want to accomplish because they know that there’s an easy out, “I didn’t make it to the gym. I told myself I would go four days this week.” You didn’t tell yourself what days you were going to go. You didn’t say what time you were going to go. You didn’t even write down the address for the gym.

You didn’t put it in your calendar. How are you going to hold yourself accountable if there are so many different ways where you can look and say, “It was this person’s fault? My boss made me stay after work?” No, you decided to stay after work. You could have told your boss, “My health, my business and my family is important.” You’re making the choice not to do the things that you need to do. If you want to be successful, understand you have to give and take and you have to start doing the things necessary to make yourself successful.

GCM 184 | Sweat It Out

Sweat It Out: We all go through problems, but it shouldn’t stop you. Just keep going and make adjustments.


What would it take for people to commit? That’s what you’re talking about. This is the commitment part. This is the burning the ship part. There’s no escape. There’s no other way. This is you either do this or you die. What would you say to people that would encourage them to commit to their goals and dreams?

It’s as simple as starting with what you can control. What do you have 100% full control of? Start with that little thing, that little new habit you can implement, apply that new habit, and also too, you can slowly start removing the bad ones. If you can implement something good into your life, every single day that you’re like, “If I implement this, I know I have 100% full control of. I’m going to start doing this.” If you tell yourself, “I can’t have 100% of control of this and this is too much right now.” You probably shouldn’t do it. Back it down. It’s going to be worse for you. Do what is 100% controllable for you right now, from there, you start increasing that, because if you can do that, you’re going to feel good about it, you’re going to feel accomplished. It’s a numbers game.

The moment you start adding that every single day, whether it’s 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever it is, that adds up throughout the week. Next thing you know you did it 6, 7 times throughout the week, at the end of the month, do the numbers, do the math. That’s 30 to 31 times you didn’t do something before that you’re doing now. That’s when you’re going to get the benefits. After 60, 90 days, it becomes a habit. You’re doing it out of reaction. It’s instilled in you. When you can start with something so small that you know is beneficial for you you’ve been wanting to do for a while and you have control of it, start with that one thing. Later on, you’re going to get better. You’re going to be like, “I can add this now. This wasn’t too bad.” You do that and you repeat the same cycle again. In the end of the year, you’ve implemented all these amazing new habits that you’re in full control of.

I like how you mentioned habits, because too often, people, even when they set goals, they’re focused on gauging the success of these goals based on tangible things like, “How much money did I make? How much weight did I lose? How many salads did I eat throughout the week?” Think about the habit instead of the outcome. You spend five minutes to go fill up an extra water bottle is a big deal. Celebrate that. The fact that you, while all of your friends were eating pizza, decided to order the only salad in the group, that’s a big deal. You decided to wake up ten minutes early, that’s a big deal. Don’t take those small wins lightly. If you’re going to celebrate making six figures by going to the club and popping bottles, then metaphorically when you wake up on time every day for a week, you better be in your head popping damn bottles like you’re in the club. It’s got to be that way so that you can continue having motivation.

We give too much attention to the end game because the end game is a byproduct. The end game is almost predictable. If your process is correct, you can almost count on the end game. The focal point where you should do all the celebrating is within the process. It’s not A because A is your starting point and it’s not a Z, which is your end point, but everything between B and the rest of the alphabet, celebrate those stuff. Without that, then you can’t get the end game. If you’re not getting your 10,000 hours in, if you’re not putting the one foot in front of the other, the fundamentals.

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When I look at athletes, especially star athletes, like Tom Brady, he is great and they celebrate him because he’s so good, but we don’t look at what it takes for him to be at that level. What is he doing? The hours that he’s spending watching film, the hours reviewing plays or doing repetitions over and over again with his teammates. That’s what makes all of those star or professional athletes in the first place the fundamentals. That’s the part we don’t like because it’s seemingly grunt work. No one wants to do that. You have 71 podcasts, but no one was there when you guys were at podcast 5, 10, 25. I’m almost at 200. It’s a grind.

Congratulations on that.

Thanks. It’s doing it over and over again.

We were horrendous when we first started. I’m scared to go back and listen to those sometimes.

That’s the beauty of it though. I know exactly what I’m talking about. When I go back and listen to them, it’s so painful. All of it is an indication of growth. You’re at this level now, it’s painful to watch you when you were at a lower level. You don’t want to see that. All you want to see is the good stuff. You don’t want to see the bad stuff. Hundred shows from now, you won’t want to listen to this show because you have grown and this isn’t going to sound as good. That is the game. We’re talking about being successful, getting to the next level in our health and in our business. When it comes to getting over COVID or any challenge, the fundamental thing is being willing to do the grunt work, being willing to take the small steps and add them up to the big steps.

That’s what I tell people all the time too is you got to understand. There’s that whole notion of like, “You got to only do what you love, because if you don’t love it, don’t do it.” When people do things, they started, they’re like, “I love this.” They get hit with an obstacle. They get hit with a challenge. “I don’t like doing these little things. I don’t know if I love this anymore.” The problem is not that you don’t love this anymore. The problem is you don’t understand that you have to do these little things to get the love result you want from it, to do exactly what you love. To get the end goal of that overall thing that you’ve wanted so bad. You have to go through those steps and put in that work. That goes for anything. Out there, understand that as much as you love something, you have to put in the work. These basketball players, these football players, do you think they love going to practice all the time and working through the same drills over and over, running through these scrimmages and waking up early in the morning to do this? Do you think they love doing that every single day as much as they love the sport? They’ll tell you no.

I’ve trained a bunch of pro and collegiate athletes. They don’t like being in the gym. They want to be out there balling. You got to do these squats and do these broad jumps, you got to do power cleans. It’s like, “If you want to be able to be healthy, you got to be able to do all this stuff.” You can’t have all your cake and eat it too at the end of the day.

I look at athletes and how many games they play in a season? They play ninety something games.

How many shots are they taking in the off season?

If you think about 90-plus games a season, it may be more than that, your body has to last. That’s a lot on the body. When you get into the routine of doing this over and over, then that makes the endurance and the stamina possible. It’s because your body and mind are in a position to handle it. It’s a beautiful thing when you think about achieving goals. There’s a process. If you’re at destination A and you want to get to destination Z, you have to go through these steps to get there. What I love about going through those steps is it prepares you for the thing that you want. If you did not have to go through all of those steps to get to your destination, I don’t think that you would be able to handle the receipt of getting what it is that you want because your mind and your body and everything around you is not in a position to handle that. It’s the becoming that’s so critical, becoming the type of person that can have what it is that you want.

This whole process, all the little things we’re talking about, it is for your benefit. You’ve probably heard it before, “Success is a result of who you are.” You have to become what it is that you want. What is it that’s going to cause you to become the type of person to have what it is that you want? It’s the process. It’s only certain type of people that can get to that level. It’s the people that can get through that process. Anybody can do it, but not everyone will.

You got to think about what the true definition of the process is. It’s a refinement of a defined set of skills over a period of time. We’re talking about interviewing people. You don’t just become a great interviewer. People always look up to Joe Rogan. Joe wasn’t that person when he first started podcasting. It took ten years and 1,500 episodes to get there. LeBron James doesn’t become the greatest basketball player of all time, other than Michael Jordan, by showing up to the league one day and saying, “I’m going to dominate now.” You know from playing football, once you get to a certain level, you’re at the top of your game. You go from high school, you might be the best high school player in the state. You go to college, you’re nobody. You’re going against the real grown men. Let’s say you played at Alabama. You’re on one of the best teams that’s ever-played college for. You go to the NFL, everybody that plays in the NFL was the best player in college football. You got to step it up. You got to refine those skills even more.

There’s always continuous improvement.

People got to take the notion of, “It’s too hard. I can try.” Life is hard. If you keep saying things are too hard, then they’re going to be hard, but if you allow yourself to do the hard things over and over again, they become easy. The recipe to success is doing what’s hard until it becomes easy because you’ve done it so many times. That goes with anything. You throw your talent on that, that’s when you got a superstar. Those talented players, performers and business individuals who don’t put in the work, they only get so far. You see that guy who might not be as talented, he might have enough time, but he put fucking work. That guy worked it out. That guy’s putting that work ethic. He bypasses this guy who had all this talent because that guy only was worried about, “I can do what I can do off my talent.” At the end of the day, you’re going to hit a threshold where your talents only going to get you so far, especially when you’re competing with the highest of the highest. It’s that extra work. It’s that mamba mentality that you can push all the way through, put those extra reps every day to become the best version of yourself.

I was talking to a commander in the Navy SEALs. We were talking about the difference between those that are good and those that are great. He says, “You don’t have to do much to be great, to separate yourself from those that are good. It’s a small little percentage that you have to do that.” Good people are not willing to do it and it’s maybe that one extra mile or 500 extra feet or ten extra pushups. It’s this very small amount of effort. You got a guy that’s talented and he’s good on the court, but because he won’t go that extra mile, he won’t put in that little bit of extra work, it prevents them from being great.

GCM 184 | Sweat It Out

Sweat It Out: You don’t need the best business plan or have prepared a blueprint to start anything; just do it.


The message here for the readers is that it doesn’t take much for you to separate yourself from the pack to stand out in your field, whether it’s in health, fitness or business, because most people don’t want to do that little bit of extra work. They say exactly what you said, “It’s too hard.” When they start getting uncomfortable, they start feeling the burn and now they’re ready to stop. If you can push through that burn a little bit longer, if you can go that extra mile, put in a little bit more effort, that mamba mentality, you can separate yourself from others.

We get it all the time with young trainers and young entrepreneurs, “How’d you build your community online?” I post 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for years. We have like, “What type of content?” You’re missing the point. Don’t worry about what the content is at first. “I don’t think I can post seven days a week.” You’re not willing then to do what it takes to build a community. People rely on you to put out your podcast. People rely on us to show up to our coaching calls. If we don’t show up to our coaching calls, people aren’t going to buy our services. If you don’t put out podcasts on a consistent basis, people aren’t going to be listening to your podcast. If you’re not willing to do the smallest thing, the easiest thing to do is throw something up on a post.

If you are in a position of a business owner or a team manager, some leadership role, parent and you want your team to excel, you want your team to be the best, you need to understand that it first starts with you. If you’re not the example and you don’t practice what you preach, everybody coming after you who you’re leading, they’re not going to be able to perform because they’re going to feed off your energy, performance and work ethic. If you’re calling yourself that position, you better own that position.

We know it and I’m sure you do too. People were like, “I don’t know how you do it. How do you put out all this content?” The people that work for us or work on our team, I want them to be thinking that like, “I don’t understand how you do it.” That’s okay, we’re going to teach you. You’re going to become successful through working under us. We didn’t build this work ethic overnight. It’s pure determination. We’re still learning.

We mess up all the time.

This is a good point to me because this language is even telling me something. I don’t understand how you put out so much content and it’s an indication of the limitations and the mindset that much content can’t be put out, but it can be put out.

Someone like Gary Vee posting seven times a day, it can be done.

I want to go back to what you were talking about, Anthony. I was with my dad, he and I were talking about business. He said something to me that stuck with me. He was talking about how you build a business, you have this unit and it’s ready to stand on its own. It has people that you’ve put in place and you’re going to go somewhere and you’re going to start another unit in a different location. He said, “The most important thing when you make the decision to do that is that you leave your spirit in that unit before you go to the next unit.” That is so profound because that’s what you were talking about, is making sure that people do it in a certain way.

You lead them and you guide them, and they take on your spirit, your attitude and your leadership style. They buy into your system and then they implement that system in your absence. It’s sage advice because sometimes we’re leading a team and we have expectations, but we haven’t implemented the spirit of ourselves or the spirit of whatever it is that we are imposing on them in a way that they can carry that forward. If you don’t do that, then expectations aren’t met. You can’t lead the team. You have to have to buy into your system and you have to be the type of person that can introduce it in a way that people are willing to buy into the system and execute it.

I’m thinking off the bat of some perfect examples that is sports-related and using the Heat as an example. What you see what the presidents, the owners and the high executives, what they’ve built is a culture. They’ve built a tremendous unit of the person who you would say the janitor all the way up. They all love each other and help each other, and they do their role to the best capacity. That’s why some of these players become then coaches, executives, they’ve become assistant coaches, because they love the culture there. That’s why you get a team like the Heat who don’t have all the superstars, but they have the dog mentality, they work as a team. They’ll go out there and they’ll brawl on your ass. They’re going to make you feel them.

They might’ve not won the championship, but nobody thought that the Heat we’re going to take out the number one seed. Nobody thought the Heat were going to make it to the championship and win two games. That’s the mentality you have to have. You got guys like Tom Brady when he was with the Patriots, that’s another team. You have teams and units like that and they know how to operate because they build a system. That’s what I tell people all the time. If you have a system in your business, you have a system in your life, that’s what’s going to resonate and stick out. That’s how you’re going to be able to lead your team because you have a solid system that you created amongst other amazing individuals and now it pours out to anybody that comes in and they know how to apply this to their life, to their team, their unit. That’s what makes people great.

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This is a burning question I have. Would you choose someone with talent over someone with dog mentality these days? Which one would you choose?

I’ll choose a dog. One of the things that I choose dogs any day and I appreciate everybody who believed in me, because I am not the smartest individual. I am not the one that knows everything. I’m nowhere near to a genius, but I will work until I die.

I’ve never seen a harder worker than this guy.

If somebody believed in me, those are the people I believe in, because what I’ve been able to see that I can create, I know that those same people can create because they had that dog mentality. That’s what I want on my team, because they’re willing to go that extra mile, they’re willing to put in extra work. Somebody like Josh on my side as well, I know that if I’m down, he’s going to help carry my load. If he’s down, I’m going to help carry his load. When you have that dog unit around you, you know you can’t lose. You don’t need that one talented player to face up everything. You need a bunch of dogs to take out the talent. If you have a squad of dogs, then you can take out that talent. That’s what you need.

That’s where the system comes into play. You know the exact person. When you’re interviewing them, you know like, “This person is going to smash it for me. The exact person I needed to take over my marketing.” They understand the products that we’re pushing, and they understand the messages that we’re trying to send. Once you find those people, then it is about how you treat them, the respect you give them the, the autonomy at times that you give them and then the rains that you have to pull in sometimes.

Do you feel like it’s a shift in how we select players and teammates? Do you think that shift is going to become more evident? You’ve seen it. The Golden State Warriors is a team of talent. Those guys, all of them were talented. The team was seemingly put together based on talent. “I want the best guy here, best guy there,” and not so much the dog. LeBron James and the Cavaliers, LeBron is talented, but yet there was still some dose of dogs on that team. Do you feel like there will be a shift in how teams are put together even at professional NBA or football, at those levels? Even in corporations, what do you think is going to happen in the future?

It gives you a lot more options. You don’t have to be the most talented, and you can still win. If you look at the Toronto Raptors, they only had Kawhi. You could have a team the year before like the Warriors were undoubtedly four perennial all-stars.

Don’t discredit all the work. They worked for it. They worked hard.

Compared to the fight that the Raptors had, it gives you more intrinsic motivation. We have different backgrounds. He took a much more unconventional road, where I took a more formal education route to get to where I was. He took the more dog mentality grind it out, but we’re sitting here together. It shows you that you don’t have to be the smartest. You don’t have to be the most well-connected. As long as you can fight and understand how to maneuver your way through the “season” so that when you get your moment, you make the goddamn most of it, then you’re going to win. You might fail sometimes, the Raptors didn’t win every game, but they won the only games that mattered. That’s all you need to do.

You got to not be selfish. You go back to the Heat too, back when they had LeBron, Bosch and Wade, that’s a talented team, they came out to be an unselfish team. Wade in himself had to give up the ball a lot, Bosh himself took on a different role, they knew LeBron was their talent. That’s another thing too, when players or team members in your business can identify how they can each be unselfish so that way they can also carry on, maybe there’s somebody who’s most talented, “How can I be the best version of myself to carry our two talented guys so we, as a unit, can get to the top?” How can we support our biggest piece here? Without us, he can’t get on there on his own. He might be the talented, but he still can’t get there. How can we also not be selfish to try to fit his shoes, yet support his shoes, knowing that we have a strong role as well to play?

Why don’t you think it’s important to face adversity head on?

It’s how you build character. All of the most pivotal and important moments in my life have come right after some of the worst experiences I’ve ever been through. I had to dig deep. Mendez could tell you the same thing. You got to dig deep and fight through those hard times. Going through difficult situations in life reveals your weaknesses, reveals the cracks that you need to fill on your own life, whether it be with your mindset, your body, the people that you put around you or the systems that you put in place. Going through those tough times and coming out on the other side, being able to look back and see those cracks allows you to make the adjustments you need to make so that you can improve day in and day out, year in and year out.

Out of everything that we’ve said here on the show, we said a lot, we provided a lot of value. What you’ve said is probably the most important thing that someone can take away from this show. When adversity shows up, our natural reaction is for it to go away. We want it to end. We don’t even realize what it has done for us because we’re too focused on what it’s doing to us, to recognize the cracks that you need to fill in. It’s like a great team, then they go against the team that they thought they were going to win and then they get hit in the mouth and they lose. They’re like, “What happened?” They can clearly see somewhere in their game, whether it be emotional or physical or not taking every game serious, something is there that’s a weakness that they need to address. Without that loss or without that experience, you don’t get the opportunity to do that.

That’s why I feel the way I feel about my accident. I’m grateful for that happening to me. Why? It revealed so much for me now. It was terrible in the beginning. If you can imagine, I am fed up with life. I didn’t want to live anymore. I was like, “Let this be over.” Over time, I learned and have grown to appreciate it because of what it’s done for me, because of what it has exposed about me and allowed me to correct, cultivate or experience that I wouldn’t have been able to experience if this wouldn’t have happened to me and that holds true for everyone. That’s the beauty of life if you ask me. Imagine going through life without those things.

When you get older, we all get older, we have our grandkids, we’re bouncing them on our knees, those are the stories you’re going to talk about, “I went through this when I experienced that.” There’s so much juice and goodness that comes out of those things that are not only for us, but we can also share it and it can enrich someone else’s life.

It’s those things you don’t talk about how everything was good. You go back, “I remember when this.” It leads up to that finale that’s an amazing thing to share. Without the buildup, without the experience, then the finale is meaningless. It doesn’t have any weight to it. The person you’re telling it to, even yourself, you get to carry that on. You remember the lessons, the values and everything that you got out of that. It makes that experience worthwhile. There’s so much value in that. When you take that away from life, you’re essentially taking the value out of life. What is life if there’s no value?

You go about it like that, and you can share those experiences, you’re living a legacy.

I believe that when it comes Friday Night Lights, game on, it’s time to roll, it’s time to play. Realizing everything isn’t going to go well. This isn’t a game that we’re just running up to score, this is a game where you got to be locked in. You can’t make a mistake, you got to be on your game. These guys are good. They’re playing well, they’re executing. It’s not like you’re losing, you’re in the game. You’re scoring too. You’re right there. It could go either way, but who wants it more? Whoever wants it more is going to win this game because both players are good.

I feel like that’s where we are in life. You are good in life and then life is playing your back. Whoever has the strongest mindset is going to win today, and then tomorrow, life is going to hit you again, it’s going to come up with something. Life may not even play. You might have like, “This is great. It seems like everything is going well.” How many of you’ve had those days? “This can’t get any better than that. There’s no adversity today.” The next day, they put all their good players on the field. It’s like, “I can’t gain a yard. Everywhere I turn is resistance.” It’s mindset.

It’s also, too, like that Rocky quote in the movie, “You got to take the hits and keep moving forward.” When you can take those hits and learn from them, and every time you get hit, you get feedback. You get hit here you get feedback. You got punched in the mouth, feedback. Hit in the eye, feedback. Hit in the stomach, feedback, you start collecting that feedback, what’s going to come out of the other side.

That’s how you build star players, and eventually champions. How can people connect with you if they wanted to work with you and learn more about you?

First of all, we appreciate you. This has been great. With me, you can go on my Instagram, @MendezFitness. it’s probably where I will be spending most of my time in. I also have my YouTube, Mendez Fitness, my Facebook, Anthony Mendez Fitness. You can also reach out to me on my email MendezFitnessPro@Gmail.com. My website, MendezFitness.com. The Sweat It Out is Sweat It Out podcast on Apple, Spotify, YouTube. Our Instagram is @SweatItOut.Podcast.

Best place to find me, Instagram, @TheMVMTCoach, my website, same thing, and TheMVMTCoach.com.

I want to thank you for coming on the show. This has been a great conversation. You are super cool and knowledgeable. You are dogs. I love hanging around with dogs. When you are hanging around dogs, the conversation, the outlook, and the energy is different. It feels good. I love what you are doing. Thank you for stopping by. I love the whole Sweat It Out brand.

Thank you for having us.

Everybody out there, be that game changer.

You have shared a lot with us. Some of the stuff that you have dropped on us, there are golden nuggets in there. People can take that and excel in their life and in their business. We always ask people to stop by one final question. It’s the Game Changer Mentality question. How can people bounce back from adversity, dominate their challenges and consistently win at the game of life?

You want to be able to do that, take action. It’s a go. That famous saying of, “Ready, set, go,” switch it around, and is, “Go, set, ready.” Start attacking. Keep moving. There’s no other way.

Sweat It Out Podcast, Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans. Thank you again for stopping by.

Thank you.

There you have it folks, another successful episode. Take action. All things can happen whenever you take action. It doesn’t matter what it is but start taking action. The beauty of that is you get feedback from whatever happens when you take action. That feedback can prove valuable to you in your quest to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish. This is all about mindset. It’s not about getting it right the first time and never ever failing. It’s not about being the number one guy all the time. It’s about taking experiences, learning from those experiences and gaining a mentality that makes you unstoppable. That allows you to change the game. Whenever resistance and opposition show up in your life, it doesn’t defeat you.

You’re able to change the landscape, change the momentum, change the flow, shift the focus of game of the environment of the thing that’s happening to you. You get the shift it into your favor but if you don’t have the mentality to do that, then the resistance wins. How can we develop that mentality? We have to get in there and play. The more we play, the more we learn how to play. The more we learn how to play, the more we learn how to win it. Until next time, peace and love.

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