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Entrepreneurs must be able to assess potential partners, investors, and service providers in order to identify and avoid risk. Corporate counterintelligence consultant Justin Recla makes this possible. Justin is an army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business space. He’s protecting entrepreneurs by helping them make smart and educated decisions. Through Super Power Experts brand, he is also helping people discover and hone their superpowers. In this episode, he explains what superpower means and what the Super Power Experts brand is all about, and talks about some of the processes or systems they use in order to protect their clients.

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Super Power Experts: Honing Your Super Skills with Justin Recla

I have with me Justin Recla and I am excited about the show. Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increased his trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationship and founded the Clear Business Directory to promote transparency in business-to-business transactions. Justin, welcome to the show.

I’m happy to be here, Rodney. I’m looking forward to seeing what rabbit holes we get to go down.

First of all, I want to say thank you for your service. You are a veteran. I want to appreciate you for serving the country. I don’t know how long you were in but it doesn’t matter. Thanks for being that guy to stand and serve the country for us. I appreciate that.

I appreciate the shout out. What do you get? What rabbit holes do you want to go down?

You’ve transitioned out of the counterintelligence world into creating the Clear Business Directory. Tell us how you started it. How did that happen for you?

It wasn’t easy. When we left government, we knew jack and squat about business. We knew the counterintelligence arena well. We wanted to be corporate leaders. We wanted to be trainers. We wanted to take our military training, bring that into the corporate world and train up corporate leaders. When we started diving into the business world, we had a death grip on doing that. The market was telling us something different because business owners were getting ripped off. The fraudsters and scamsters preyed on entrepreneurs.

Our first clients came to us and said, “We need you to do for us what you did for the government.” They shared why. Our first clients had a situation they were involved with somebody that wasn’t who they said they were. They couldn’t do what they said they can do and was out to defraud our clients for about $300,000. We saw an opportunity to be able to help them. We realized our skill set in the military positioned us nice to be able to help a lot of people. It’s transitioned more into a place of self-dominion, helping entrepreneurs and business owners find their own self-dominion within themselves and empowering themselves to make smart, educated decisions.

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You as an entrepreneur, you as a business person can’t go out there and have an impact on the world you’re supposed to be having if you’re getting ripped off, if you’re being taken advantage of. We’ve got an ability to be able to come in, assist our clients, protect them and empower them in such a way they don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of because the processes and systems we use to help empower them in their decision-making process. Our impact is multiplied by every client we touch. Everybody that comes into our purview, everybody that we’re able to assist, the impact that we’re able to have on the world is magnified because you go out and make a change. They go out and make a change. Everybody else goes out, makes a change and we’re the protectors of that.

If I have some entrepreneurs reading, give us a little bit of detail about how you do that. What are some of the processes or systems you guys used in order to protect us?

First and foremost, it’s about slowing down. Business is about relationships. Unfortunately, in the entrepreneur realm, we tend to trust a little bit faster than others, especially when we’re looking for solutions in our business and when it comes to bringing the money, capital or expansion for our business. We meet somebody, they like what we’re doing, we like them, they like us. The next thing you know, you’ve dropped $15,000, $20,000, you don’t know much about the person you hired and spent money with. We make emotional decisions. At the end of the day, counterintelligence was all about the human aspect and understanding the psyche, how people work, how they think, why they do things, how they do things and how they make decisions.

As an agent, we had to be able to manipulate that and other people to get that person to trust me and to provide me with intelligence information. In the business world, it’s similar in the sense that manipulation is happening all the time and people are building trust, but they’re making emotional-based decisions and they’re not stopping. We’ve got a three-step process we teach. You’ll see this at CEO Space multiple times now. This is what we teach. This is what we will continue to teach and it’s a three-step process. It’s what we call the due diligence process and that is what do you know about the person? What do you need to know? How do you verify that information?

That’s critical thinking, asking the hard questions and then verifying the information before you put pen to paper, before you spend $15,000 to $20,000 with somebody if it’s going to break the bank. The due diligence process works in business, it works in dating, it works across the board. You stop, you look at it and go, “What do I know to be true? What do I need to know? Asking questions that get you a response that is then verifiable.” Go out and verify the information up and beyond the person’s website or reaffirming it with them. Get a third-party to verify it for you.

I’ve gone through that process. There’s that verification right there for those of you that are reading. It’s not as painful as it sounds, but it is helpful. You do some other things, not only are you involved with the Clear Business Directory, you have this big brand called Super Power Experts. What is that? Tell us a little bit about that?

The Super Power Experts brand is something that stemmed from our due diligence work. It started off as Personal Power Experts. As we started to grow and get some popularity, we realized Tony Robbins might’ve had an issue with that. We rebranded to Super Power Experts. What it came from is that in working with our clients, we realized they didn’t necessarily need due diligence. They need to learn how to get out of their own way. From that, our coaching business was born and it originally started off as Tony and I. We have nine podcast shows that are getting a million downloads a month. We have a huge impact. We’ve got six coaches that work with us in collaboration. We are disrupting the entire personal development industry because we believe in collaboration. We believe you don’t have to break the bank for your own evolution.

GCM 51 | Super Power Experts

Super Power Experts: Counterintelligence is all about the human aspect and understanding the psyche – how people work, how they think, why they do things, how they do things, and how they make decisions.


Tell us more about coaching with superpowers. Is it people finding out what they’re good at or people are superheroes? What do you mean by superpowers?

If you look at the movies, what are all the movies out there? They’re all about superheroes. Understanding how our conscious works, how our minds work. If you were to take a look back in the history of what we know to be true of what we’re using, the fact you and I are talking on video, is these were all concepts and ideas that were born from somebody’s mind that they gotten the download. Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek. Everything we saw back in the ‘50s and ‘60s in Star Trek was a figment of his imagination. Almost everything we see in Star Trek from back then, we now hold in our hand and we use now. These concepts of superpowers, we see some of these things within the movies.

Things like psychic ability, the people mindreading, intuition, empathy. These are some basic things that we as a society have understood. It’s always been out there. What we do is we bring it to the surface, we help people hone that for themselves and tap into it because there’s an element of it they know to be true. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, whether you’re struggling with parenting, whether you’re struggling with money, you have innate abilities on how you’re designed and what you came into this world with to be able to evolve. The problem is we haven’t had the language or the understanding, the coaching and personal development industry have kept it at a superficial level, basic psychology level.

Nobody wants to get in and dive in deep to understand what these superpowers are. When you can understand them and you understand what your empathy is, you understand your intuition. You understand the fact you’re picking up on other people’s thoughts. You know it. You’ve experienced it. You’re blown away when you get that affirmation. You can leverage that to up-level your own life, to better your relationships, to better your position in life to help others in their own journey. That’s what we do. We help people hone who they are, what their innate abilities are, and we get to call it superpowers. It’s fun, it’s mainstream and people get excited about it. Who doesn’t want to have superpowers? You’ve got superpowers. You learned to walk again.

That’s one of my superpowers and I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe the fact that you have an imagination, you have a brain and you can imagine you have a conscious. That’s your proof that you have a superpower because I believe everyone comes into this world with something to give. That is the reason why we’re here. God, universe, call it whatever you want to call it. I happened to call it God, but I feel our lives are taken out of eternity. A beginning and an end are put to it. That’s your life. You have the beginning of your life and the end of your life. Within that timeframe, there is a purpose and that purpose is for you to bring forward any and everything you can bring forward from what’s been given within you. Your desires, your dreams, all of those things are there by design. You didn’t give yourself your desires. You didn’t do that. Something else did that. You came out liking rockets, you came out liking Ferraris, you came out liking money, you came out liking whatever it is you like. There’s an attraction to those things that pushes you. It’s challenging. When that challenge comes, this is what breaks many people, but those that can go forward they express their superpower. They express their desire and that thing they have inside in order to reach what they want.

I love the fact you put the beginning and the end to it because there are many people that go through this life on cruise control. 9 to 5, wake up, eat, breathe, sleep, pay bills, whatever. They’re just here and they exist. When you can identify what your superpowers are, you recognize there’s something more than you. Identifying the fact you have superpowers, what are you in service too? If it’s to be enslaved to a job, I’m a firm believer that’s one of the reasons why we see many problems in the world now is because everybody’s enslaved to a job and they’ve lost purpose. They’ve lost focus. They don’t know why they’re here. When you can help people unlock their superpowers, when you can help people identify what they’re in service to, we can change the world. We can change the way we do things because it’s not about us. At the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about helping as many people as we possibly can. That’s what is going to change, what’s going to allow for change.

I like to put it this way. I feel it’s the contribution that’s missing. I do believe there are some people in certain jobs and that’s what they’re supposed to do. That’s their contribution. Some of these jobs that exist, the service they provide, we need that in the world. There are people that are designed to do that and they’re perfectly fine with that. They’re happy. For those of you that sit in traffic saying, “Why am I doing this again?” Maybe that’s not for you. There’s a certain level of contribution you’re not fulfilling within yourself that are causing you to feel that way every single day. The key is to find what it is that sets you on fire. What is it you can do every day even if you weren’t getting paid for it? You would get many rewards out of that. What’s that contribution?

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You can always do more. We need those people to show up in their jobs. We need them to play their roles. We need people to be honest with themselves and recognizing if that no longer feeds them to give them hope. To show them there is something more, they can have an impact, they can be fed by doing something different and giving them the courage to be able to do such. That is where the personal development industry is glossed over is appeasing those like, “It’s okay even though your 9 to 5 and happy wife, happy life.” It doesn’t work for people anymore, especially for those that are having an awakening. Rick recognized there’s more to life than what they’ve been experiencing. That’s what Super Power Experts is designed to do is to help people get to that place.

For someone in that situation, what do you recommend?

Start asking questions. Question everything. Challenge everything. Start reading and start learning. Listen to podcasts. Start consuming the information that challenges your consciousness. Here’s the thing. This is the one principle we stand on at Super Power Experts is you don’t need anything. You already have everything at your disposal that you need. We’ve got the technology, you can go learn, go Google something. Expand your mind, expand your consciousness and start exploring other things. When you tap into something that resonates you, find the guide. Find a coach. Find somebody that can help you in that, but recognize you don’t need anything. You came into this world with everything you need. We’ve got the technology. You just need to know what questions to ask.

You need to start questioning everything because the reality you think is true, what you’re being told, what you’re being fed, what you’re being shown on social media and the news is not the truth. You can only find the truth for yourself. If you’re reading this and you’re at the place of wanting to know more, start asking questions. What does it look like? Where can I go find this? What does this say? What is this? What is that? Examine everything from different perspectives, find what resonates with you and tap into that. Focus on that and then figure out what you’re going to do with it to put more good out in the world.

I know someone could possibly be thinking, “It costs money to chase money. It costs money for me to survive. If I stop what I’m doing, I’m going to struggle. I’m going to fall. You’re saying I have everything I need. In order for me to survive, I need money.” What is your response to that?

Do what you’ve got to do, but do it from a place of appreciation because there are many people out in the world that don’t have the ability to make money. You go to countries like Africa, South Sudan, all these other countries are struggling to make money because they don’t have that means. In order for you to have an impact, your own coffers have to be full. You have to be able to provide. Do what it is you know how to do before you take that final leap. I did things completely bass-ackwards. When I left the government, I burnt the bridges, I burnt the ships, I took a leap of faith and made things happen. I ended up in Afghanistan for a few months afterward because I fell flat on my face. If you’re in a position that you have a job where you’re able to pay your bills, keep stretching yourself. Keep learning before you take that leap off the cliff and fall into something you’re not aware of and you’re not certain of. You can’t have an impact if you’re worrying about where your next money’s coming from, how you’re going to pay your bills and that stuff.

You can expand your mind. You can start questioning and you can start doing things differently. The key to it is to start taking steps in that direction because there’s no such thing as an overnight success. If you want to shift from point A to point B, the only way to get there is you have to take steps in that direction. If you don’t like what you’re doing, that’s fine. Recognize that. Call that out. What are you doing differently? What are you going to do differently to start taking steps to start finding something else? Before you take that full leap, make sure you can sustain it. Make sure you can bring in money. Make sure you can get paid in whatever new direction you’re going to get paid in before you say, “I’m done with it.”

GCM 51 | Super Power Experts

Super Power Experts: You don’t need anything. You came into this world with everything that you need.


You go off, do something else because you’re going to fall flat on your face, you’ve got to pick yourself up and start all over again. It’s a lot easier if you start taking steps in that direction. Start learning, start reading and start exploring what it takes. How do I do things differently? What is needed? It’s that due diligence process that helps people through that transition. If you’re in a job you don’t like, you sure don’t want to be stuck in it for many years. What steps can you do? What skills do you have? What strengths do you have? What drives you? What feeds you? Start taking the steps in the direction that will get you on a different path and start walking that way.

What you’re describing is a pivot. A pivot doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to pivot as a process of multiple steps and actions that put you on a different course. That’s what we’re talking about. If you’re on a certain course that’s going to lead to a destination of death with no fulfillment in your life, we can change the course, the trajectory of our lives to allow more fulfillment and contribution to others. Ultimately, there is an end to this. We talked about the beginning, the end of the beginning, and the idea is to experience as much fulfillment and contribution to our lives as we can. Express those superpowers that we have. There are a lot of people out there that know they have certain types of superpowers, but they can’t express them in the current vehicle they’re in. That in itself can be challenging and frustrating.

It is because the thing you have to take into consideration too is the construct you’re in, the vehicle you’re in, the job you’re in. The reality in which you exist is being reinforced by everybody you surround yourself with, your employer, your coworkers, your friends and your family. Intrinsically, in the heart of who you are, it’s what you know to be true. This is the whole thoughts become things conversation. It’s one thing for you to believe something, but it’s hard to shift your reality if the people you’re surrounding yourself continuously reinforce the reality for you. It comes down to examining your life at every level. I get it, Friday night, your coworkers are going out, hanging out, partying, drinking and whatnot. Does that serve you? Is that going to get you closer to your next step? Is that reinforcing a reality you say you no longer want? If you want something different, then why do you keep doing the same? You have to be able to have the courage to look at your coworkers in the face and go, “Not my reality. I’m doing something different. I’m learning something different.” You can invite them to come along with you, but ultimately, at the end of the day, you can’t bring them with you. This is where it gets tough, especially in relationships.

In relationships, you’re either growing together or you’re growing apart. If you’ve got somebody in a relationship that wants to evolve and the other person is content at where they’re at, that’s going to challenge the relationship. How do you do that then? You’re only given so much time on this Earth and you get to choose on how you spend it. For me, for Tonya, our own evolution comes above all else. There’s nothing else more important than getting back to oneness with ourselves and having an impact on others. Don’t buy into stories that feed the lower frequencies of ourselves that hold us back because the only way we can go out and have an impact is to make sure I’m standing solid in myself so I can help others stand solid in who they are.

What is bigger than personal evolution? We make up stories and we put things ahead of that. When you sit down and you think about it. There’s structure around this. There’s only a short amount of time we have here on Earth. Evolution, you become the best version of you, expressing the best side of you, helping as many people as you can, contributing as much as you can. That’s living. What’s bigger than that? It shouldn’t be anything bigger than that in my mind.

That’s the lie we’ve been told. We’ve been told living is working a 9 to 5, saving some money, going on vacation with the family, making sure you pay your bills on time, making sure your credit score’s good. All this doesn’t matter. What impact are you having? How are you showing up in the world? Have an impact on those that are around you, whether it be your mission, whether it be your purpose, whatever you want to call it. Are you stepping towards that? Are you truly living or do you just exist?

That’s where happiness comes in that. A lot of people are looking for happiness. They may look for happiness in the job, in the Ferrari, the money and whatever. You can Google. You can do a search on people that have all of that but are seemingly unhappy. They don’t have that true sense of happiness. They may be happy for a moment, but they’re not completely happy. They still feel unfulfilled because there’s something missing. When you are able to express who you are unapologetically, walk at your superpower, there’s a feeling in it that can’t be unmatched by any amount of money. The money is a result of you walking in your greatness. For some people, it doesn’t happen that way because they’ve chased the money to get the money, but they forgot who they were. That’s a different story. When you are truly walking in who you are, the results you get materially, all of that’s the result of you walking in your greatness and expressing your full self in your super powers. What are your thoughts on that?

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We all come into this world with different challenges. For some, it’s relationships. For some, it’s money. We’ve all seen the stories or seen the people that money comes to them naturally. When you look at who they are as a whole, they’re broken. They’re standing on top of the stage. They may have millions of dollars, but when you look at it, do they have a life they want? We tend to idealize the cars. We tend to idealize the money. We tend to idealize that it if had $1 million in my bank, my life wouldn’t be different. You look at people that have money and you’re asking me what the relationships are like? What’s their consciousness like? What feeds them? Money to them might be nothing.

We think money is the answer and that’s not the case. We have to be able to examine our lives and recognize you may never become a millionaire. Who cares? Money doesn’t exist. It’s not real. It’s fake. It’s energy. Half the money that’s in the world that’s in “circulation” is digits on a screen. What does that mean? What are we chasing? What are you working for? You’re working for nothing yet we’re told that the goal is to get our bank account as big as possible. That to me, is a life of emptiness because what’s the impact? Who have you touched? Who have you helped grow? How have you made somebody else’s life better, easier, more advanced? That is what fills you at the end of the day.

It doesn’t matter what level of financial success you have. If you can’t sleep well because you’re not complete, you don’t have the things you want. Your own evolution has been put to the side. You’re not willing to explore your own consciousness of what it means to be a person, be a human and to help other people. If the only thing you’re motivated by is money, you’re going to attract more of the same. We’ve all heard the story of the 80-year-old millionaire lying on his bed, having that moment of awakeness going, “I didn’t do anything with my life.” I don’t want to live my life that way. I don’t live my life that way. I make sure I wake my life every day going, “How can I be in service to my mission, to my purpose, to helping as many people as I possibly can?”

I had a mentor of mine, Michael Pritchard, an Academy Award-winning actor. He did a role back on a TV show called Taxi back in the ‘70s. He was Robin Williams’ best friend. I was working with Michael on a project and he was a veteran in the Vietnam War. He was a medic. He looked at me and said, “Justin, there’s a lot of wounded up there in life. Our job is to triage the wounded, help those we can and move on to the next. That’s what life is about, helping those we can. When you can recognize that it’s not about you, the world shifts. Your world shifts. Your reality shifts. That is ultimately what feeds us as humans. It’s that connection and having an impact on other people’s lives.

I want to take a look at nature because when you say it’s not about you, that makes me feel my existence and everyone’s existence is for everyone else. To get personal, I felt like what I went through in my life, my accident and learn how to walk again, it wasn’t for me. I feel that was for everyone else. I’m not trying to toot my horn here. I’m just contributing to the conversation. You don’t see many people recovering from an accident as tragic as this. Here’s an opportunity, at least how I see it, to be an example of what’s possible. The world needs that.

You nailed it on the head right there. How many people would have gone through an experience you did that would have folded up into themselves and realistically been dead, not have survived, not learned to walk again? The fact you’re able to see that speaks volumes as to who you are because you serve as that beacon of hope. It’s not about you. You agreed to play that role and show people our minds are a lot stronger than we think they are. You are the living, walking proof of that. You are the example that superpowers are real because everything we knew to be true, everything you knew to be true in your reality so that you weren’t going to be walking again, yet you are walking again. For those that are reading, if you don’t think that’s a superpower, if you don’t see the miracle in that, that’s the level of examination of our lives we have to stop and look at. We have to appreciate and we have to honor those that are playing that role. It’s not about us. The fact you and I can have this conversation is huge. Had you not gone through your experience, you would not be doing this show and you and I would not be connecting.

We’ve been talking about contribution and expressing. That’s what drove me. That’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t quit. Not that I didn’t quit, but because I couldn’t quit. Once I came to the realization there’s an opportunity to serve and show people what’s possible, that was it from me. That lit a fire underneath me that it still exists now. That was many years ago. I understand it’s not about me. The struggle, how hard it was, it’s all worth it because I see it now. I understand that the entire struggle was for what I’m doing now, for the books I’ve written, for the stories I’ve told, for the stages I’ve been on, for this show. It’s to help people see that whatever you want out of life, you can have it. I didn’t want this. I want to play football. That’s all I ever wanted. I didn’t ask to be a three-time international bestselling author. That wasn’t my goal. It wasn’t to have my own show. It was none of that. It was an opportunity. When I saw the universe giving me that opportunity, I walked in it. It drove me to go forward even in all of the struggle, all of the pain and not being able to walk. All of that hurt, this was hope for me until I could do it.

GCM 51 | Super Power Experts

Super Power Experts: The superhero’s journey is recognizing that the path that you’re on serves a purpose.


That’s the super hero’s journey. It’s recognizing the path you’re on serves a purpose. It’s stopping, recognizing, and appreciating the miracles, appreciating what it’s serving. Most people are caught up in the 9 to 5, the stories, the BS, the media, whatnot. They don’t stop and recognize or appreciate where they’re at because they think it’s serving money. They think it’s serving a way to pay their bills. When you can stop, shift that and recognize it’s serving something else. It would’ve been easy and understandable for you to go into a woe is me situation because of your accident. You saw an opportunity to serve, it’s almost like you didn’t have a choice in the matter because this is what you were designed to do. This is the role you agreed to play. That inspires many people to say, “If he can do it, I can do it too.”

I was in that place, to be honest with you. They think I was going to be a vegetable for the rest of my life. That was the diagnosis. To have a 9 to 5, I was fifteen at the time. I was looking forward to adulthood and all of those things, being independent and making my own money. I wanted the 9 to 5. I strived to get the 9 to 5. I wanted to make sure I had the physical ability and the intellect to do the 9 to 5 despite my ability, despite my disability, despite the injury. I got the 9 to 5, having accomplished that with all the struggle and the obstacles I had to go through, then I realized I could do more than that. I can do the 9 to 5 plus some. I can do the 9 to 5 and be on stages. I can do the 9 to 5 and work again. I can do 9 to 5 and get to a place of financial independence. It kept going the more I walked into it. I trusted and I understood my superpower. My opportunities kept growing and getting bigger. My influence, my level of service to others and my contribution are unlimited.

The beautiful thing is when you unlock that, it is unlimited. The life we’re told, the life we’re sold, the life most people go through their life is limited. When you come from a place of service, when you unlock your superpowers, your potential to experience life at all new levels is abundant. There is no top because it gets bigger. It gets more. Every life you affect, every life you have an impact on, when you connect with those people in that space, you feel it. You understand it because you recognize it’s bigger than filling up your bank account.

You talked about the self-development industry, which has been around for ages. What do you think is missing?

The big thing is the self-development industry has become corrupt with those who think they have the answer and their way is the only way. That you’re going to have to pay a ton of money to work with somebody to get through their own evolution. While I understand and I can appreciate the value of working with a coach one-on-one, we can’t have an impact on the masses. The problem is you’ve got a bunch of people out there in the personal development industry thinking they have the only solution. They don’t play nice together because of their own fears, because of their own money fears, because of their own survivability fears. The biggest issues are the personal development industry has been fragmented, and that the coaches that are out there continue to pit themselves against one another and constantly trying to upsell people.

It goes back to the fact that we tell people all the time, “You don’t need us. You don’t need a coach. You’ve got everything you need.” By all means, can you go further with somebody? Absolutely. Can you go further with the team? Absolutely. You can appreciate that. You played sports. A quarterback on the field can’t do it by himself. He’s got to have the team there with him and you’re going to go further. You’re going to win the game. You’re going to get more wins if you got people in your corner. The personal development industry, we see a lot of people downplaying other coaches. We see people downplaying other modalities. It’s gotten ugly and it’s left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Anybody and everybody in the world nowadays considers themselves a life coach.

Everybody has the opportunity of helping other people. It recognizes your way may not be the only way. That’s why we built a collaborative model because we’ve got people, we’ve got guides and we’ve got people where if it’s an area I’m not strong with, you’re going to get a session with somebody they are strong with it. I have no attachment to being your solution. The only attachment I have is I know I’ve got a mission, and that’s to help you find your highest, to get to your highest self, whatever that looks like. At the end of the day, does it matter how you get there? It matters that you get there. That’s one of the biggest issues we’ve seen in the personal development industry is there are a lot of coaches that think their way is the only way. It’s just a way, it’s not the way. There are multiple ways, there are multiple paths. It’s a matter about finding one that works for you and recognizing that if it’s not working, find something that does.

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You’re in the business of doing background checks and verifying these coaches you’re talking about. What would you say to the audience if someone is out there looking for a coach? What are some of the things they should look?

Examine their life. Truly look at where the coach you’re looking at hiring is sitting. If they don’t have something you don’t want, if it doesn’t feel good, do you feel like you’re being sold? That’s a great place to start. Trust your intuition. Trust that you know best for yourself and you don’t have to get sold into anything. I see a lot of people that are stepping into programs and they’re paying their coaches $5,000 to $15,000. Some people they’re paying $75,000 to coach with. I examine it and go, “I would never pay that person that kind of money because I look at their life and their relationships are jacked up. They bounced back and forth. They’ve been through three divorces. They’ve got all these issues. They wear their insecurities on their sleeve and they’re constantly feeling like they’re trying to sell me.” I’m not interested. There’s the thing that if it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t resonate, don’t buy especially from a coach.

Does that mean every coach has a clean history? Don’t they have any blemishes or anything like that? Is that what you’re saying?

It’s how do they show up in it. If they own it, they’re operating from a place of transparency, and they’re using it to teach you, absolutely. What I’m talking about are the people that show up and you can feel they want to say everything’s perfect, but they don’t. You can tell because of the way they talk or every time you approach a conversation, they’re jaded around whatever topic it is. For us, it’s about transparency. Transparency expedites trust because everybody knows nobody’s perfect. How is that coach willing to show up in the situation? Where are they meeting you? Are they honest? Can they truly help you? If you’re seeking relationship guidance from somebody and they’re not in a relationship, how are they going to help you?

If your goal is to make $1 billion and the person you’re learning from hasn’t made $1 billion, how are they going to help you make $1 billion? If you’re looking for balance, find somebody that has balance in their life. Find somebody that says, “I messed up over here, but this is what I learned and this is what I’m going to teach you on how to do it.” The problem is there are a lot of coaches out there that get niched down and they’re saying they do one thing. Coaching, in my opinion, is coming down to balance because life is not about one thing. Life is about how you show up in all of it. How do you show up in the money fears? How do you show up in the relationship fears?

There are too many coaches out there that are still in the midst of their own growth and they’re wielding their superpowers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bodies that are hitting the floor. There are a lot of people that are getting hurt along the way because the coaches are using those clients to bounce off of to build up their own cellular confidence. While that’s going to happen, to some extent, as a consumer, if you’re looking for a coach, does it resonate? Do you feel like you’re being sold? Do you feel like the coach is trying too hard to convince you that you need them? It’s that balance piece. It’s asking the hard questions, especially when it comes to a coach of what have you done. Who have you had done it for? How have you done it? Somebody asked me, “Have you made $1 billion?” I haven’t made $1 billion, but I’ve built three businesses. I can tell you about them, I can tell you where they’re at and how we’ve gotten there. I can coach you from that place. I can teach you from that place in business. I got relationships in spades. I’ve got my consciousness in spades. There are other coaches that have all these pieces. You have to be looking for a coach that’s willing to be authentic, operate in transparency. You’ve got to be able to trust your own intuition and call BS when you know something doesn’t check out or doesn’t feel right.

I want to piggyback on something you said about the self-development industry. There’s a shift, a change. There are people you can go to help support the team or support the goal or the objective. It took me back to the Golden State Warriors and the championships they’ve won. I did some research on them. When they were selecting that team, traditionally, the NBA teams look for people to fill slots that are skilled in one particular area. You have the point guard. He was good at running to point. He couldn’t play the power forward position. He couldn’t play any other position because he was an expert at that. He didn’t have that skill set. The Golden State Warriors, if you look at their starting lineup and their players on the bench, they deliberately selected players that were skilled in multiple positions. Going back to what you said, some of these coaches are niched down and they’re selling you on one particular thing, but they can’t support you outside of that area. There’s a shift that’s going to happen in the self-development industry and that even if it hasn’t happened yet, as an individual, what I’m looking for are people that can help me on multiple fronts when I’m looking at a coach. What I try to provide to my clients is multiple areas of expertise. It’s staying within that, but being able to be versatile in the skill set I can transfer. That’s what builds a championship team.

GCM 51 | Super Power Experts

Super Power Experts: Coaching comes down to balance because life is not about one thing. Life is about how you show up in all of it.


That’s where the model for Super Power Experts came in. We’ve got six people that we work with that are coaches that are part of our team. While each one has a specialty, whether it is relationships, money or managing the mind, they’re all holistic in their power and their approach. That’s why we’re able to serve people in that arena because we put together that team that while I may not be your alternate solution, we’ve got people on the team that can assist you. It’s about bringing that holistic approach to it. Many people in their desire for their own evolution are going broke because they’re hiring out one coach. That one coach is focusing on one area in their life. They go master the business thing, but they burn out because of relationships. Life is not about one thing. Life is about how you manage it all. Life is the basketball team. You have to have all those pieces and parts and when you’re working with the coach, how do they show up holistically? Do they have resources to be able to guide you to somebody else? Do they have the courage to be able to say, “I can’t help you anymore? We need to find you somebody over here.” Are they putting your own evolution above their own financial gain?

Justin, how can people connect with you? They want to reach out to you, work with you, and learn more about you, how can they find you?

They can reach me directly at Justin@SuperPowerExperts.com. They can go to SuperPowerExperts.com. We’ve got a contact form on there. They can find us there. They can find us through our due diligence work at ClearBusinessDirectory.com.

I want to thank you for taking the time to be with us. This has been a lovely conversation. I appreciate everything you’ve done in the past for us as a veteran and what you’re doing for businesses as keeping us safe and helping us understand what our superpowers are. It’s amazing you’re doing this work and I appreciate how you’re using your former intelligence to impact the business world of now. I want to say thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate it.

I appreciate it. You are one of the biggest beacons of inspiration I see out there in the coaching world now. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for agreeing to play the role you played. For those that are reading, go out and have a change in the world. Go have an impact.

There you have it, another successful show and another successful episode of the show. I want to thank you, Justin, from being on the show. For the audience, you all have something to contribute to this world. If you’re that person sitting on the interstate dreading to go to work because you know there’s something greater you can be doing in the world, I ask you to do what Justin said. Start asking yourself those tough questions. Ask yourself if what you’re doing is serving you. Are you doing what you’re designed to do, what you would love to do in this world? If not, start your pivot and start with your environment. Start now because we need you. The world needs you. You are a game changer. Start changing the world. Thank you.

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GCM 51 | Super Power ExpertsJustin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent who successfully transitioned counterintelligence techniques into the business world. As a corporate counterintelligence consultant, he increases trust and certainty for his clients’ business relationships and founded the Clear Business DirectoryTM to promote transparency in business-to-business transactions.

In addition to changing how business gets done, Justin courageously embarked on the Super Power Experts® adventure with his wife, Executive Director, Tonya Dawn Recla. As the Director of Operations, he provides the much-needed balance to her cosmic persona. Ironically, as a channel and medium, he plays an integral role in connecting her with information and entities valuable in the pursuit of higher levels of mass consciousness. Together they model synergistic co-creation at levels few couples dare to tread while raising their daughter, Neva Lee Recla.

Justin’s clients benefit from his practical approach to transformation and evolution. He’s assisted more than one person in assimilating information provided during a session with Tonya and can empathize with those who experience her no-nonsense, “Ass-Kickings from the Abstract.” Whether it’s learning how to utilize the abstract frequency in business, managing logistics while maintaining a high vibration, or accessing information from different realms, Justin is the Expert to call on.

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