GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World


We are now in one giant marketplace where AI is in control. Everything is new as far as economics.  On today’s show, Rodney Flowers and Berny Dohrmann, an investment banker, economist, and the CEO of Space International, talk about surviving this super changing world. Berny illustrates the importance of giving control to the teachers to take us back to traditional education where AI does not control learning and competition does not intoxicate leaders and nations. Join Rodney and Berny as they invite you to read and internalize the message of Berny’s book called Super Change: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Future.

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Super Change: Surviving A Super Changing World With Berny Dohrmann

How many of you want to learn about super change? A super change is coming. I’m in the studio with a futurist. Mr. Berny Dohrmann is with me. He is the first born of nine children. During his college years, he worked as an apprentice while receiving his postgraduate degree in economics. Soaked with his economics background, Berny founded Invest America, a full-service investment banking firm in the 1960s. In the ‘80s, Berny took over running his father’s global corporate training firm following his graduation and transformed the firm to CEO Space International, which is known as the number one company in the world teaching up and coming entrepreneurs. Berny is a Forbes-ranked top ten keynote speaker alongside top celebrities on stage all over the world. Berny also serves on the board of the Orlando International Film Festival as a contribution to the arts and is a principal shareholder and advisor to unicorn founders in breakthrough technology such as hydrogen production, social hedge fund development and more. Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Mr. Berny Dohrmann. Welcome to the show, Berny.

The new year is 2020. When it’s 2025, when you look back and say, “We’re in the good times,” you’re in the good time.

Thank you for coming on the show. I’m excited about your new book, Super Change. We’re going to talk about that. I want to start with your statement. You’re saying we’re in the good times. Does that mean that bad times are coming? What does that mean?

My blog is BernyDohrmann.com. You can subscribe for free. We put out financial news of what’s to be expected. We’ve been very accurate since the 1980s on predicting and we have a good research group. We’re in 157 countries. CEO Space is the number one business conference in the world ranked by third party press for ten years in a row. When you want to grow your business, if you want to go to something that’s not a seminar, not a workshop, it’s a business building machine. Explore CEO Space; it’ll help you. When you look at the future, we have trade deals and a new world order coming together. There’s cooperation. I know when you look at all the news, it doesn’t look like it, but the actual incidents of violence is down.

There are lots of risks going on out there. The risk is going to affect the market. I don’t think we’re going to see a long correction, but when you have ratios where the earnings per share have gone from 8 to 1, 5 to 1 to 14 to 1 or higher, when you do have a sell off, you start to have a little bigger correction. I want you to understand something. You’re not in your grandparents’ marketplace. You’re in one giant AI marketplace. AI is now in control. Everything is new as far as economics. Those predicting in the news, including Cramer, they don’t have a clue. The market economically has moved 96% to all AI, no humans. It’s the brand new economy.

Super Change defines the pace of acceleration of change. It’s affecting your home space and your workspace. Now, being current and relevant is no longer an option. The tools of how you win in the new age of super change, it’s not going to slow down. It’s only going to get faster, the pace of change. We have to calm down. You get much more objective. Look at our planning and exercise knowing things are going to change. If you don’t have tools and tactics for that, I recommend in the new year, give yourself the book Super Change. Thank your ten best clients and give that to them. They’ll refer you because you acknowledged them and gave them a gift.

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World

Surviving A Changing World: Today, being current and relevant is no longer an option. The tools of how you win in the new age of super change is not going to slow down; it’s only going to get fast.


Super Change is an important gift because it’s loaded with tools and tactics. Bob Proctor, the star of The Secret says, “I’ve made millions from what’s in this book. You’ve got to read it.” Jack Canfield of The Chicken Soup says, “You’ve got to give this to your ten best clients.” Sharon Lechter of Rich Dad, Poor Dad says, “It’s an essential read in your library.” There’s a lot more, but I want you to think it’s well worth giving yourself a new year edge. The winner’s edge is in leadership today. What is your process to remain relevant, current and ever accelerating super change?

Entrepreneurs have had that thought all along. How do I stay relevant and current? What I’m hearing you say is that the way we stay relevant and current is going to change. The processes and the things that we’ve done in the past, it’s not going to work anymore. We need to look more internal. Is that your recommendation?

It’s not. It’s that you have to have third party processes that are set up. It could be the CEO Space. It’s a continuous process. It’s not an event. It could be Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery. It could be Greg Reed’s Secret Knock. It could be Habitude Warriors with my dear friend Erik. It’s certainly James Dentley keeping you ahead in super change out of Chicago. You have to pick your own process and you have to make an ongoing investment to upgrade the quantum computer above your neck. You get delighted when you have an upgrade here and this is better now. I want mine to stay current and be always current. What about this computer above your neck? Because that’s where super change is.

If you have a brain that’s protecting, “That’s the way we’ve always done it,” you better look at Circuit City, RadioShack, Toys“R”Us, Sears and Roebuck, companies that held the largest market share smashed to the floor because of, “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” They wouldn’t adapt. Those that adapt like Target have the highest retail stock earnings in the marketplace. What did they do? They adapted the super change both in the formats of their stores, their online sales and in their home delivery of groceries. You don’t even have to go in and it’s delivered to your home. That is super change and you’ve got to stay current with it. You then have security and prosperity in everything that’s unfolding.

I know that you live by the golden rule, which is cooperation is the future. It sounds like cooperation is the basis to survive in super change. Could you expound on that for us?

Competition is like warfare. It’s an expression of human insanity. We’ve done a lot of work on it. My big work, which is so thick, is called Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution. It’s read by world leaders all over the world. It embraces that the expression of competition in any form is from your hippocampus reptilian midbrain. None of your higher great states are going to go to that level of threat assessment. It’s primitive; it’s ancient. It’s not needed for our survival today. We can think our way into survival. We need to cooperate. If we believe in all our belief systems that the best of the other side of life is the absence of any competitive impulse, there’s no insanity, just unconditional love and support. If we think of a hell state, we think of it as the absence of any compassion, kindness, generosity. It’s the red extreme of rage and competition for eternity.

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World

Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution

Why would we, starting with K through 12 children, create brain and software and put them eight hours a day in the most violent video games and addicting programs? Why would we do that to our youngest brains and put that in their head when we have to recreate the world, clean up the environment or do all these wonderful things? I’ll tell you this YouTube generation, once they get a little bit of education, they go and educate themselves. They pass us all. They’re super changers. They stay ahead of super change. They’ll come in and take their parents down with information they just got online. They’ll self-educate. I’m saying to all of you, the leaders of tomorrow are all going to be those who master super change and have a process for staying on top of it in community of leaders, masterminds, associations and an ongoing process.

You now have to invest to be the best. It’s not a Wharton, a Princeton, a Beijing or a Cambridge degree. It’s the brains that learn faster, unlearn faster and relearn faster than that. All these techniques are in the book, Super Change, but I’m telling you, those tools and tactics are the essential now. You’re in the age of super change. You know it and you can’t get out. You cannot get out of your super change age. You’re going to be in this age. Your children and grandchildren are going to be in this age. It’s giving the tools on how the coping mechanisms work for us because I’m telling you, as you read the book, we’re exceeding for the first time a human being’s ability to cope with the pace of change we ourselves created.

We no longer can cope. When you see in the deepest ocean reservoirs, we could go that deep in inner space, into these trenches. We see it when we go there. You may not know that the most toxic substances on the planet are all petroleum-based products, with plastic being the worst. It’s like going to the moon except for down the trenches under water with pressure that would bend steel. I’m saying we’re down at this enormous pressure depth. We’re looking at what’s down there. Every animal is caught up in plastic waste because as it degrades, its polymer structure weights go to the deepest possible location. They’re at concentrates because all rivers lead to the ocean. All oceans have currents and all currents deposit and accumulate the worst of the toxins in the deepest of the trenches.

That’s not going away for millions of years now. As we get these plastic particles that are in the air and the tap water everywhere, no one’s stopping this petrochemical extinction event. We’re going to become extinct because all food supply absorbs it. The plants absorb it. They’re putting out less oxygen and the earth is losing this capacity for oxygen. Believe me, there have been times where the weight of the atmosphere is greatest in the methane traps under the ocean with a 1.5 degree. That’s less than two degrees left. That’s super change. That two degrees is going to happen in the ocean. When it does, the methane traps release all at once. Every vessel in the sea is going to sink and we’re not going to have air to breathe. That’ll be for a long time and an extinction of it.

The earth will then repopulate with intelligence that is not competitively insane and doesn’t compete with the planet but takes care of the planet and has custody of the planet. It’s insane for profit that a few elites and broken financial systems, 1% own more wealth than 99%. That’s not moral, ethical or wholesome. It’s not okay. It’s not in the best interest of humanity. It’s a form of insanity from competition. With money and power, plenty is never enough for a competitive brain. With a cooperative brain, they give it all away.

How do we change that though, Berny? You’ve heard these leaders say that there’s benefit from competition and there’s price reduction. You can drive the price down if you have competition.

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It’s an absolute lie. To give an example, and there are so many, what happens when we cooperate? It’s a Jeff Bezos enterprise. Jeff Bezos adapted the philosophies we’ve been teaching for 30-some years. His philosophy is that we don’t have any competitors. All our employees think like owners. Anyone can go around any vice president if it helps an Amazon customer with zero repercussion. He runs a hub system where everybody’s working for outer wheel momentum. The only competition is, “What can we do for an Amazon customer better that we haven’t done yet? How can we improve what we do in quality for the consumer?” That’s not what’s going to happen in competition. In competition, it’s how can we exploit the consumer, make them pay the most for the least quality and make the most profit for our Hampton house?

I’ll give you the two philosophies. With socialism, which is highly competitive and a totally broken system, it’s a failed economic system since the 1700’s. Never a time has socialism been a successful economic management design as an engineer. Competitive capitalism is the same. It’s corrupt. The 1% own too much wealth. The politicians are bought and paid for. It’s not a system that has integrity. At the top is cooperative capitalism and even between nations, the crisis is in integrity. If we deal with integrity and we don’t compete, we don’t have the mindset for it. We’ll make a planet that heals itself. We’ll discover the stars, have longevity, get rid of illness. None of that will happen competitively. If we keep going competitively, we’ll use our weapons possibly, but for sure we’ll be extinct. We stay competitive for sure. The book says it; we will be extinct.

How do we change that, Berny? Because that competition is set by people above, the leaders in the government.

By an elite who controls education. It takes one inspired leader to reform education from ground up massively and to build cooperative capitalism from there. We’re in a new AI world. We’re teaching our children to be memory bots. We teach them, “We got the War of 1492. We got the War of the Roses. It’s going to be on the test.” You better study up and get that memory bot stuff done so you can work in a factory or you can work in repetitive cubicles to supply the factories. Those educational responsibilities of the 1800’s to move people from the prairie to assembly lines are so out of date by the World War II.

Now, 55% of all jobs and employment is self-employment and we don’t teach one child from K through 12 all the way through higher learning how to start, develop and manufacture their own business and dreams. Worldwide, we don’t teach it. We’re the biggest vault of training for entrepreneurial classic skills in the world at CEO Space. I have seen it for 32 years. We have to reform education. If we don’t, we’re going to become extinct for profits. The profits are by the elite, less than 1% of us. Billions of us are dying when we have plenty of food and plenty of medicines, but the economics won’t let us get the one party that needs it. The crime against humanity is public education.

Let me ask you this question, Berny, because I’m completely bought into the idea of cooperation. I believe that every human being has a purpose. If you can educate individuals how to find that purpose, that purpose is going to serve everyone else in the world. Therefore, you don’t need competition because everywhere we’re all here for each other. Is that part of the super change?

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World

Surviving A Changing World: It takes one inspired leader, one to reform education from the ground up, to build cooperative capitalism.


I watch someone like Stedman who’s been an athlete and made $1 billion on his own. I’ve been fortunate enough to advise on a board of advisors his process with Bobbi DePorter for Super Camp out of San Diego. If you want to look it up and support that not for profit, they could use a nice endowment. They’re going to whole school districts and in one week, they call Success Weeks, they get the school district to understand every learner and teacher, their core purpose and their results on test scores, how they stay in school, how they finish because they’ve got the purpose defined. Steadman wants to bring that to the inner cities of Chicago and the Bronx where a thirteen-year-old in a holiday is beat to death going to school with an aluminum baseball bat on the West side because he won’t share his chewing gum.

We’re in America and we are going to cut the funds for those schools because they’re not turning in the performance under No Child Left Behind. No Child Left Behind is the worst educational act that has come down the pipe. We can’t have the state dictate the sequence and the quality and the learning. We need to let teachers have their power back. We also need to trust them and we need systems because systems always replaced and verify. We do need an inspired leader from ground floor up and the Teachers’ Union needs to be embracing it, not resisting it. We need to change education. We’re going into an entirely new AI world. If you don’t think it’s going to happen, you are going to have chips in like you see in The Matrix. They’re going to push a button and you’re going to be a golfer or able to play tennis or surf or have a skill sets you that would take forever to acquire. You’ll have the skillsets and you’ll have them from the masters and it’ll be direct inducement to your brain.

We’re going into super change whether you’re ready for it or not. It’s coming and you can’t stop it. The problem we have right now is that the masses of us aren’t part of the conversation. That’s why there’s a lot of election all over the world where heads of state are leaving because the people turn out as too big a number. These are countries where they kill you. These are countries where they’re shooting hundreds and they still turn out and the leader has to leave. The person firing the bullets has to leave. Remember, the world is super changing and people are getting involved and will not let go of their own voices today. The whole world of billions of us can roll it up into the insanity, punishing, the tapestry of golden threads of what’s different about us. I marched on a bridge with Martin Luther King when I was fifteen years old. I’m saying I did that march and all the marches since so we can celebrate what’s different about us.

Celebrate, don’t punish. Competition always punishes what’s different about us and cooperation celebrates it. That mindset is the future that’s going to define extinction are not for humanity. Are we going to cooperate and be in integrity? Are we going to compete without integrity? You know which road leads where. You can go down the competition road and you want to be insane. You chose a road. I, my team and CEO Space all over the world can’t travel with you. If you want to be a leader on the other road and a community of switched on, turned on cooperation-based leaders helping each other stay ahead of super change, that is CEO Space. That’s what CEO Space is.

I don’t want to give away a much of the book, but what is one skill for the listeners, if they want to take ownership of their part of this super change starting today, would recommend they start to practice?

5G. It’s the biggest convergent of industry since the 1850s and the internal combustion engine is 5G. 2G got us off the fax machine but it was about as slow. It was terrible modem slow. Remember, we had competition keeping those copper wires. They didn’t want to give us fiber. Then we had a 3G. That made bigger files much faster, much better. Then we had 4G. We could send video, telecoms, 4K, 8K, 12K. Now it’s slowing down 4G and that was a two-inch pipe, a three-inch pipe, a four-inch pipe. Now comes 5G. This is important. It’s a 100-foot pipe. To give you examples, they’re working on AI with 5G. 5G is the highway for self-driving cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships. All those jobs are going to AI. It had to be done through a 100-foot pipe because of real time information exchange.

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World

Surviving A Changing World: Joining the cooperation revolution prompts you to drop out of the life of struggle and move over to surplus.


The AI research and development around the world for self-driving locomotion or human trade and transport is $7 trillion a year. That’s more than the national budgets of almost all 200 nations on the earth. That’s just for AI and self-driving, AI managing money. When you read about economics, investors are doing this. Investors are doing nothing but putting their money in AI-managed pools. Now, 96% of $440 trillion settles because of AI and it’s never happened in human history. There is no regulation, there’s no nation in charge, so all the trades are in the cloud and all the regulations are blue sky to a nation. AI doesn’t pay attention to that and trades outside that loop.

It knows all the laws and it doesn’t break them, but it trades at velocities humans couldn’t imagine. It leverages and borrow in ways humans have never done before. We’re in a new economy called the AI economy. Those running the starship are in a Model T Ford in a museum. They’re at warp speeds looking in a rear vision mirror of a Model T Ford. That would be like the people at the top who just want to quote charts from the 1960s and say, “That’s our guidance for today.” They are going to be in trouble because the super change economics has passed the leadership’s coping mechanism and congressional systems. We need brand new laws so the FCC can have five times the budget and it’s working with AI globally and AI regulates AI. If we don’t have that, all nations are at risk.

What are your thoughts about legacy? I know you’re passionate about leaders making legacy decisions. Now that super change is here, everything is changed. Everything is different. How do we leave a legacy? How do we make legacy decisions?

Here are the rule books. First, your life is the most important wealth that you have and it’s your lifetime. That is your wealth, how you use or squander your lifetime. That’s your wealth account. You want your life to matter most to other people. If you serve them and you are full, you cannot serve more than you serve in a week. You have a certain level of compensation for the number of people you serve. If you’re on the faculty of CEO Space, it’s the number one business conference in the world. You’re at the top of the public speaking pile and if someone buys you, they get extraordinary. They get a keynote that’s unbelievable.

We’ll have lasting effects inside that community because of how you’ve honed your skills. I’m saying when you’re looking at this model, you are able to speak before millions. Wealth comes from the number of people you’re helping with this podcast and other vehicles you choose for making sure millions can have better software for their quantum computer. That’s what you’re doing. I want you to keep thinking, how does my life make legacy? Where does it matter most to other people so that your life thrills you in doing it?

Finally, let me give you the red sea parting. The last 10,000 years have been elites owning and controlling all the wealth and make the most profit for themselves in the shortest time at any expense to humanity, including causing us to go extinct. It’s not that they’re evil; it’s that the system makes it happen. If you don’t change the system, it’s going to repeat. That’s the problem of competitive socialism and capitalism. Let’s part the red sea. With cooperative capitalism, I’m talking to you now. When you’re listening to me, this is you. You want your life to matter to more people. You want to leave legacy and you’re going to organize to do that. You’re then going to obsess about how you can do more for your customers at every interaction and help that customer ever increasingly while you’re making a profit. That’s big difference than making the maximum profit in the shortest time at any expense.

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That is the way education is teaching us. It’s broken. It leads to extinction, fake news, bad education and bad software for the brain. We need to get nations to have a harmonized development in the AI world of brains, quantum computers, until they’re adults. We don’t need to feed them a bunch of violence addiction and competitive programming, which we see adults are incapable of overcoming that. Bad brains take Uzis into schools and McDonald’s and all over the world. There’s the stabbing on the London Bridge. This is because we’re not celebrating what’s different about us, which is sane. We’re insane and punishing what’s different about us. That’s a form of insanity.

I believe some of the top leaders know this. Do you feel like some of this programming is happening deliberately? Is there a need to keep people in this programmed state of mind in order to rule the world? What are your thoughts about that?

First of all, all the leaders are doing the best job they know how to do, aren’t they?

I would hope so.

They’re a product of their bad education. They’ve been taught since they were little to knock their best friend out of the box so they could win the trophy or their award to get the best test score. They’d been competing like dogs all through education. When they get out into the system and their software is defining their box, they’re in a paradigm. They can’t see the paradigm. If they want to change the world, they got to start with their world and they’ve got to change beliefs that for them are absolutely real, that were given to them by people they don’t know and can’t remember. Those people got their software from other insane people and there hasn’t been a government-inspired leader that was willing to take on the mission of reforming human education.

How are you going to get world peace? How are you going to have all of this cooperating and helping each other? I came back from Pakistan. At the core, there’s one virus on human consciousness. Think of us as a collective software and the one virus is competition. Everything that comes from it is toxic. There is nothing that you would bring from competition to your idea of heaven. Kevin would be the absence of any of that competition. I want to see an inspired leader get the leaders of the G8, then the G20, then the G100 to celebrate what’s different about us and to make education cultural where we don’t permit insanity. We don’t permit people to be part of our tribe if they lack integrity, because the DNA of cooperation is integrity. You’ll cooperate with me and I’ll cooperate with you as long as I’m in integrity. If I have any breach and qualified tension and I correct it and I didn’t realize it, that’s the best you can hope for humans.

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing World

Super Change: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Future.

We’re not perfect, but we don’t even teach that. We don’t teach those values. We don’t have people thinking that way. We’re teaching the one aspect of humanity’s potential to be insane is competition. That’s a form of human insanity. We teach that and we institutionalize it. We have young brains that are five, seven and nine playing eight hours a day on games to destroy and kill each other. That’s every day for ten days. That’s 80 hours of programming into young brains. It’s total insanity. What parent doesn’t need to think about this? What government doesn’t need to change it? Why don’t we? Because what’s the biggest export from America to the world? Our food is the garden bread basket of the earth. We’re the number one oil producer, but it’s not even close. It’s not food, not energy, none of that. Our number dollar for dollar export is our violent games and our filthy sex.

That’s not what we should be known for around the world. When you see the world say we’re the great Satan, they don’t want that. They control their internet and we call them bad and immoral. They don’t want that for their children. They don’t want those games. They don’t want that immoral lack of innocence to young children. They want to have their culture and their value and their societies have a high moral standard. I’m not saying there isn’t plenty to do better from Chile to China to anywhere in the world and all over Africa where I do a lot of work. Probably most Americans around burger King think Pakistan is about as big as Rhode Island. Pakistan is as big as America. It has over 120 million people. Its average age is 23 years of age and they’re all educated through high school. They all speak English and they make $3 a day. You talk about the best, highly-trained, all speak English labor pool in the world and they say, “It’s violent.” I don’t know.

I was over at all the museums. I was in the largest city, Karachi. I went everywhere and I ate in outdoor restaurants. I had the greatest time. The people are so cultural, so giving and so kind if you come in as students. They are looking for investors. They will incorporate you in 48 hours. They’ll give you five years of no taxes for your business. On the silk road touching China, there’s no better country in the world. Everybody out there thinks, “It’s all violence there.” It is not. They have some marches where they wanted to replace President Khan who’s wildly popular and there’s no violence at all. Nobody’s killed, there were tens of thousands in their democracy protesting and the leader is protecting the protest. You can celebrate what’s different about you. You don’t have to punish it.

It’s beautiful what you’re saying and I’m committed to it. We need other leaders too to adopt this philosophy and bring it forward. I feel like the responsibility lies with the up and coming leaders of the world. Some of what you’re explaining to us are very fundamental things that are in my opinion are easy to change if the right leadership is behind it. This stuff has been going on for generations and nothing has changed.

My family founded the human potential industry in the 1940s. I grew up with Walt Disney, Napoleon Hill, Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King and people like Zig Ziglar at 22 over at my house to be around my father with Warner Erhard. I was there at the beginning of the human potential, real birth and industry and was raised in the family where we were taught all that. Napoleon Hill worked with my dad’s company until he died to be around dad. I’m saying from your standpoint and as you know, I have coached almost all the thought leaders you can name whether it’s Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Kiyosaki, Greg Reed to James Dentley. It’s an honor to coach Tony Robbins or any of the tribe out there. By the way, they all coach me back too.

In the human potential industry, it’s very small at the top. We’re all comparing what would be best for humanity. If you want to join the cooperation revolution, you want to drop out of the life of struggle and move over to surplus, what I call effortless abundance. Read Redemption: The Cooperation Revolution. Give that to your law maker or to the head of your company. It has reformed more corporations and it’s influencing more nations than any book in the market today for leaders. It’s for those that are part of a revolution to truly and really change the world. We’re 32 years doing this, Rodney. We have hundreds of thousands we’ve influenced that are heads of companies that employ millions. That’s all over the world in a cooperation revolution. To different degrees, it’s had influence from Microsoft, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, to Instagram and to the cultures of Amazon and how cooperation cultures are wealth-passing generations. Ten generations of mining and minerals are being passed by not what’s going on in the mine, in the ground, but what’s going on in the minefield above your neck.

Super Change: How To Survive And Thrive In An Uncertain Future is coming out January 7th and is now available for pre-order. Can you tell people how they can get it?

At the core, there's one virus on human consciousness - competition. Everything that comes from it is toxic. Share on X

They can get it right now from Amazon. They’re buying it for thanking their clients all over our space in 150 countries. It’s five-star and bestselling already. It hits the bookstores on January 7. We’re doing a holiday launch for Amazon and it’s been off the chart. Leave me a five-star review. I’d appreciate that from you. That helps us.

How can people connect with you, Berny, if they want to learn more about you and maybe get you to mentor them on this super change?

They can look up Deborah Benefield. She is one of our leaders. You can go to CEOSpaceInternational.com. If you’re a professional or you own a business or you’re in a management responsibility in a fortune company, we have corporate memberships that are great for you. You come to the number one place to upgrade your software and also grow markets, customer base and capital resources, it’s CEO Space International. We speed up reaching your growth goals in less time for less cost. It’s all a tax dollar that returns a multiple. You’ll make a lot of money if you explore CEO Space and you’ll grow faster if you’re an entrepreneur in the entrepreneur world, including all professionals with a license to practice. We specialize in that space and we’re in 150 countries over three decades ranked ten years by the press. It’s worth a click if you want to have options to make much more money in the new super change that’s coming to us over the next five years.

What is your life mission, Berny?

I’m trying to right rebalance the debt loading of nations and we’re doing that. Go to my website, BernyDohrmann.com and search super bond. A super bond takes all the debt of that country and it takes their infrastructure for that educational upgrade, the hospitals, the roads, the 5G, the warehousing, all the different things we need in that country. It finances them on one new bond that they pay back in 100 years. Time comes in and resets debt loads for Chile, Brazil and Italy. It takes countries like China that have to do something on the debt loading to keep the growth going and it gives them the one option, a new class of sovereign wealth bond. Economically it’s probably the greatest race to see if we can avoid collapse from debt so we don’t have war. That’s what I’m doing with the final part of my life.

Thank you for coming on the show, Berny. This has been a wonderful conversation. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to cover all of this right now because I would like to dive into some more of your ideas and thoughts to cope with the super change. We have your book, Super Change: How To Survive And Thrive In An Uncertain Future. It’s available on Amazon. Check it out if you want to get ahead. If you want to accelerate, if you want to make money in the next five years in this super change, you’re going to want to read that book. I’m definitely going to check it out. Berny, thank you for coming on the show.

Everyone, have the most prosperous and healthy year.

Thank you, Berny, for coming on the show. I appreciate it. It’s another successful episode. Super change is coming. The question is, what are you going to do? How are you going to survive and thrive in an uncertain future? There’s a book that’s written by Berny Dohrmann. It shows you how. Go check it out. Super Change is available on Amazon right now. Thank you for reading. Until next time, peace of mind.

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About Berny Dohrmann

GCM 80 | Surviving A Changing WorldBerny Dohrmann is Founder of what Forbes and Inc call the #1 “Must Attend” Business Conference year-after-year. By trade, Berny is an investment banker economist having run a public Wall Street investment banking firm prior to his work for 30+ years with CEO Space International.

CEO Space teaches up-and-coming entrepreneurs through up-close and personal interactions with the CEO Space faculty who are made up of real-world proven CEO’s and business owners.

These experts are educating from a position of experience, success and helping problem solve everything from how to raise capital, to growth strategies, and mindset.

Every faculty member has been vetted and researched through a due diligence process that separates CEO Space from every other company. When you become a CEO Space member you will not only be inspired but you will leave feeling both nurtured and empowered.

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