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Mastering something may have taken you thousands of hours of studying but stepping out and manifesting it to everything that takes place in our lives could be a whole new challenge. Michelle LLC has been through this dilemma, realizing soon after the incredible things that happen when you step out in recognizing your strengths, value, and worth. Now, she is a certified transformational life coach and the founder of Divine Vision Center and Thick Thigh Therapy who has discovered after years of studying and seeking the truth what is called the “orgasmic life” – balancing the trilogy of mind, body, and spirit. Learn more as Michelle shares her journey in stepping out and living in orgasmic life while you also find what best works for you to get there.

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Stepping Out And Living In Orgasmic Life with Michelle LLC

I am excited about another episode. I have Michelle LLC with me. Michelle is a certified transformational life coach, author and inspirational, educational, motivational speaker. She specializes in thought training with children, teens and families. Michelle has a passion and likes to speak life into the lives of all. Michelle LLC, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Rodney. I’m excited to be here.

I’m excited to have you and I know we’ve been trying to set this up for quite some time and finally were able to connect. I know you have a busy schedule. I have a busy schedule and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here with you and learn more about you. I know you have a lot going on. Tell us what’s going on in your world. Get us up to speed on Michelle’s world.

Michelle’s world has been a dynamic experience. It’s been a journey. I have been in the study for years. We’ve been trying to connect for forever and it’s like we haven’t. I’ve been not doing it because with everything else, even though I was in the study, I was saying, “I’ve got to get ready. I need to know more before I do this. How can I step out on this platform? I need to be ready.” I was doing some training with my son’s basketball team and I was telling them to meditate 10,000 hours to master something. It takes one negative thought and one second to destroy those 10,000 hours. I was sitting there like, “I need to get my 10,000 hours.” I have been studying at least since the early ‘90s. If you take all the time I’ve been reading and doing all these things, I have my 10,000 hours. I’ve been working with kids since I was twelve. I’m definitely past 10,000 hours. That would mean that I’ve hit mastery, but I hadn’t taken that in with myself to say, “It’s time to step out.”

Something crazy happened. A gentleman stepped out in front of my car while I was driving. There is nothing worse than watching a body fly off of your vehicle and you can’t do anything about it. The whole situation that came from that, recognizing my strengths, releasing some of my pains and stepping into the fact that we manifest everything that is taking place in our lives. We may not realize it, we may not realize we’re asking for certain things, but we are the guides from day one of our lives. We have a lot of influences that can move us around and whatnot. Until we recognize that we’re allowing life to happen versus making life. I’m on here because I woke up one day and I was like, “I am not starting another day without being proactive and intentional about what I’m doing.” I wanted to be doing this with Mr. Flowers because I’m intentionally going to start off with me.

I’m grateful to have you here. Circling back to what you said about getting started or stepping out and making sure we’re prepared and ready to do a thing. That’s a limiting belief and we all deal with that. It’s important to be conscious of ourselves when we’re doing that. There’s the preparation that’s required with the things we do. There comes that point in time when you have to get out there and do it. You have to take what you know, take what you’ve experienced thus far and then go. We’re always in a place of preparation and a lot of people are stuck in that place. They can’t get beyond it. It’s good that you’re making an intention to step out, expand and go. You can learn so much. What I found is you realize that you’re more prepared than you thought. You felt like you weren’t ready or you don’t know this. Once you get out there, you realize you’re a lot more prepared than you thought you would be.

It’s amazing when you step out. You have a knowing you step out onto something solid. You have a belief you step out on something shaky. We’re stepping. It’s always liquid. Did she fall through something into whatever’s there? That’s one of the things the journey has been finding work. My company, the Divine Vision Center, came after I had a miscarriage. Every time I’ve had something traumatic happen to my life emotionally, it has opened me up to clear out things that are charged energy-wise and are holding me on to a belief system that isn’t serving or isn’t true. It has me trapped. My therapy came from this last accident because I realized one of the first things I said to my friend when we got back in the car was, “I know what I’ve been asking for and how I’m aligned to this. I’ve wanted the front of my carpet.” The signal’s messed up from some stuff and I was like, “What was he asking?”

We aligned at that moment and it was horrific, but we aligned. When we start to recognize that we hold this power and when we see our value, we’re going to make sure we align to things that celebrate our worth. When we celebrate our worth, it’s a powerful thing. That comes back to how I see myself. I see myself as less than because I’m self-conscious about how I look. I grew up in an environment where the shape of the women I was around was all size zeros, twos and fours. Four was big and I was size eight, ten as a twelve-year-old. I was taller than everybody including the boys. I was told in high school that I would be the perfect girlfriend if I were a size two, if I had blonde hair and blue eyes.

That didn’t tell me everything about who I am naturally is bad along with all the imagery and all the other things that I’m already getting. My worth was depleted. That’s the outs of the human existence of feeling that we’re not worthy and we’re for less than. My therapy came from a place of being in the gym one day and saying, “I got some beautiful thighs.” My beautiful thighs, not attractive thighs, have nothing to do with the value of who I am. I am beautiful beyond my thigh. It was the minute that I was like, “I love you just the way you are.” I found that I love myself. It’s in that thing that is keeping you from feeling that you’re enough. The thing that sticks out in front of you that this could be, “If I had this, that would be priceless.” It’s like, “You already are.” Thick Thigh Therapy and understanding we’re worthy beyond measure.

Thick Thigh Therapy was the company that you used to go out and help the youth and their families in the community. How did you utilize Thick Thigh Therapy?

Thick Thigh Therapy is more adult, like my book title. I talk about orgasmic living energy.

I want to know what you’re talking about when you’re talking about orgasmic energy. I’m sure the audience is like, “What is that?” Let’s get clear on Thick Thigh Therapy. It’s more towards adults and making sure that they love themselves regardless of their outer appearances. Can you explain that to me?

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It started with me looking to connect with other women that are judging their bodies. They’re allowing how they look to determine how they feel and then determine how they judge themselves not only in the world but how they compare themselves to other women. The reality is that when I’m looking at myself and I’m like, “I am not judging her.” A lot of women get caught up in this thing where they’re looking at other people and they’re like, “I would never wear that. I would never do this. I would never do that.” I do agree. I do not think that you should wear yoga pants without underwear at the gym.

There’s a judgment when you see this woman and she’s doing this and she’s doing that, depending on either side, negative or positive like, “She’s too big. She’s too small. Why does she think she’s all that?” The reality is we’re sitting up because we don’t feel we’re enough. Let’s talk about my hair.” My hair did not want to work for me this morning. It was okay and then I got on camera and I was like, “You have to let it go.” That’s a personal judgment. That’s me sitting here feeling like, “Some may not even care. What does it even matter? Who cares? If someone does care, I shouldn’t. Their opinions should not define me and should not be what I operate off of.” The thought behind it was I have spent much time hiding because I was uncomfortable with my thighs and my lower half together from my butt and my thighs and it’s that thick. In the environment I grew up in, it was judged in a way and not only from that environment but also the people in my community. The girls used to pull my hair, they used to tell me I was this and I was that.

Who do you think you are with that, referring to me as a big butt girl? I’m like, “I did not create this.” The brothers are like, “Damn.” Now I’m a piece of meat. It’s like this belief system. I’m judging and looking at this person over here like, “I’d be better.” The reality is I am enough. I’m perfectly created. Not perfect, but I was perfectly created. We all were. Once you get into this space, life is an amazing experience with the spirit because we start to recognize what created us is perfect and is within us. We can connect to it without judgment and experience some of the most amazing orgasmic experiences in life because that’s where we should be. It originally was for females, but I’m finding a lot of males are enjoying it as well for all different reasons. It’s reaching a cord in all of us because the reality is no matter what your gender, your race, your beliefs, worthiness is something we all battle with. It’s the human existence of walking through your worthiness to life.

When you are feeling a piece of meat or feeling down because people are looking at you and judging you a certain way, how did that affect your identity?

It created an identity that I didn’t see myself as priceless or valuable. I literally gave myself away and I poured into the kids that I worked with, I poured into my job, I poured into my family. I always put myself last. I never took care of what I needed because I was the last thought. I had a conversation and it was interesting because we are talking about growing up in the Christian faith. I’ve gone through a spiritual journey from growing up in the American Baptist Church to going in learning about Buddhism and learning about Confucianism, Hinduism, hanging out with the Hare Krishnas and joining the nation of Islam and being a part of that for a while.

Coming back to space where I was, “I’m going to church,” but I was going for the energy and feeling like the message wasn’t as big as it should be for me. Coming to a place where it’s like, “I am the church.” In this conversation, we were talking about the fact that we are all, whether you’re Christian or not, no matter what your faith is. You’re brought up in a community that has this belief system about God. If there is this underlying story that God sent his son, he died for our sin, that we weren’t worthy, that through his sacrifice, we have been granted this love from God. I’m going to tell you something. Before I even was pregnant, I didn’t drink. If you met me at a bar and you asked me if I wanted to drink, I’d tell you what I would like.

Orgasmic Life: We have a lot of influences that move us around until we recognize that we’re allowing life to happen versus making life.


The question would come, “Why don’t you drink?” No, I don’t drink because I’m protecting my womb. I was that person. From the beginning, I’ve always seen it as a sacred space. When I found out my son was developing, I became like, “This space right here is the most valuable space on the planet.” When I labored and had him, it was the most amazing experience on the planet. I birthed him. He could be a kid and he’s the most valuable thing on the planet. When I held him for the first time, I threw him onto the couch and I was like, “Trash. You can’t have my milk because you haven’t been saved yet. You need to be saved because you’re a sinner.” I can’t say that to my son. What is she talking about? No, I held him close. I did everything under the sun to protect him. I gave him milk. I gave him love. I gave him everything he needed to grow and become this dynamic young man that he is now.

Why would I ever think that the same process of creation, which is the creator created me, that he would somehow see me like trash? That he would see me as worthless? When the reality is he sees me or she sees me, I was created in that perfect energy because I am that. I am perfectly created. I would never be discarded. I would never be thrown aside or seen as less. That is where this conversation, I’m like, “Go reread the Bible or the Koran or whatever. If you pick up the lack in us, that we’re somehow this lowlife creation, then you’re reading it wrong or whoever’s instruction is because it’s written for the purpose of control and power.”

I work with a lot of women and this is a common theme. There are a lot of women that have been divorced and perhaps their husband cheated on them, had kids outside of their marriage. Long story short, they feel worthless, they feel less than, they feel they’re not enough. Though they go on and it’s admirable because they go on and they raise kids, they have careers. They are strong women, but there’s still something on the inside that they feel less than, they feel unworthy. I believe there’s, even more, they can accomplish, but they have this low sense of self. I didn’t say low self-esteem, there’s a difference. It’s a low sense of what they’re capable of loving or being all they want to be as a woman. They experience that. Based on what you said and your experience, what would you say to them?

When you introduced me and you said I work with children and I do, this is a thing I’d love to explain. I work with children and bodies all the way down to their mind. These women you’re working with are children somewhere and there is a pain. The reality is I’ve been married. I’ve been divorced. He is a good person. The choices he made were painful to me because of things that he chose that were a priority. The reality is the reason why that even took place was that I never made myself a priority. We have to take responsibility for the fact we’re there because we are drawing something that is knowing within ourselves versus a belief.

I have a mantra that explains the man that is going to be my king and it is beautiful. This man is in love with my voice. I’m a talker. He is in love with my essence. The way that I do this is he comes to me for counseling. He is my pillar and all these wonderful things that I can say this all I want and you can feel it like, “This is going to be the king. He’s going to be ruling the world.” The problem is on the outside, you see the woman body speaking, but on the inside, the little girl that was told she wasn’t enough is still sitting in the corner by herself feeling like she’s not enough. The knowing is I don’t deserve it. Knowing this is I’m not loved. Knowing is why wouldn’t she respect me? Why am I not good enough? What did I do? What do I have to do better? Knowing is fear of being found out that you feel you don’t belong here and you don’t deserve breath.

That is something and it’s not just a woman. This is what happened when I hear these people tell their little kids like, “He’s bad. He doesn’t do this.” If you would find the spirit in that child and encourage them to soar, you would see a child that would become their greatest self. Not fit in this category, this little, “It’s got to be here.” We are all supposed to come to school and make A’s, be this scholar and be this perfect person. It’s like, “If you don’t fit in this line and somehow you’re not it, you didn’t get good grades. You’re the problem kid, you’re the class clown.” You get labeled. You’re outside of the line. Here’s the crazy thing. If you were to see a rainbow it’d be red, yellow and orange all the way down. A rainbow is a spectrum. If you’re here on the spectrum, you’re beautiful. I’m a spectrum. You are a football player. Do you swim?

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Yes. I don’t anymore, but yeah.

Have you ever bungee jumped off a bridge with a coil on your foot?

I’ve jumped off of a plane.

Say you’re an amazing cook. I am going to test you to see the value of your person. We’re going to go into the kitchen and you feel comfortable about going into the kitchen because you can cook. I take this box out and instead of having food, it has pieces and you’d have to build a blender. Can you build a blender? No instructions. I’m not talking about the blender. I’m talking about the motor needs to be put together. The coils need to be put together. The buttons need to be established. The electricity needs to be brought in. You think of a person that their specialty is building blenders to go in there and knock it out with that.

That’s their specialty.

We pick one line of specialty. I’m dyslexic. When I read, I would read it this way. I was told later I was gifted, but I struggle with reading. Comprehension and all that stuff are horrible for me. If you want to ask me if I read, absolutely not, but I read all the time because I’m constantly listening to books. I am listening to books all the time. I read through my ears, not through my eyes. If you want to test me in reading through my eyes, you’re not going to get the same score if you test me through reading through my ear. My gift is my ears, not my eyes. When you sit up and you try to qualify me under one guide that doesn’t work for me and then you tell me my value is based on, “This grade shows how good you are.” When it’s like, “You didn’t test me because had you let me be my best in my area, you would have seen that I’m a star. We’re all stars in our area.”

GCM 44 | Orgasmic Life

Orgasmic Life: We’re constantly being told that somehow we’re not enough when the reality is we’re way more than enough.


It’s this whole thing where we’re constantly being told that somehow we’re not enough. The reality is we’re way more than enough. I have a friend. She was uncomfortable. Her chest was tight. There are two reasons to get them because I’m excited about them, I’m giving this to myself and I love it versus I want somebody to see me. I want to feel better about myself because I don’t think I’m enough. They’re going to be two vastly different experiences. One is trying to be something. Another one is celebrating a person that’s already there. That’s the mindset of getting to that child and saying, “I love you and I’m sorry that these things took place.” We can’t go back to that. What we can do is we can qualify it and remove the charge.

I’ve worked with individuals that have been raped. I’ve worked with individuals that have done the abusing in terms of sex predators and worked at a treatment facility for you. You had a totally different mindset around sex offenders when the sex offender was eight years old. You realize he can’t come up with this on his own. He’s going to start when he was eighteen. He’s going to start when he was twenty. This started when he was six and somebody was not protecting him and showing that he was worth it because if you dropped a toothpick in an outhouse, out the mountain, would you get it out? You’re not going to stick your hand in all that to get a toothpick out. You’ll be like, “I don’t need it.” People move on.

If you’re trying to get home and your keys to your car fell in that hole, I guarantee you’re going to get those keys out to get back home because they hold value. What do we tell our children when we don’t protect them? What do we tell our children when we put them in a classroom with somebody who mishandles them? They tell them over and over again they’re not enough. What do we tell our children when we allow someone in our family to mishandle them and we say, “We’re not going to talk about this. We’ll deal with it in-house?” What do we say? What do we say when we watch our child being bullied? Instead of dealing with the emotional feeling of what that feels like, you better get out there and handle yours. What are we saying? These things matter where we are weighing in the ego instead of in the spirit.

I feel that the youth age when we’re children is when the practice of knowing who you are and developing that strong identity. Understanding what your strengths are, understanding the areas where you are strong. When we become adults, I feel there’s still some uncertainty about those areas. It shows up and it shows out in relationships. It shows out in marriages and other behavior.

That’s where that all comes from because the reality is you were mishandled from conception.

Explain that for the audience when you say mishandled from conception. What do you mean by that?

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When two people get together, there is a powerful energy when you were in balance. I use a trilogy. There’s always this trilogy: spirit, body and mind. When the three come together, when we’re in balance, we create this orgasmic life. It’s because it’s balanced. When you are concepted, I guarantee you one person, at least, had an orgasm. I’m not saying two, that’s a good day, but I know at least one did. When you have that experience, the reality is that experience is a body experience because when you have that the first time, you want it again. When you have that experience, you’re like, “This is amazing,” and that energy explosion makes the body want to move. Without that, there’s no motivation for movement. On the body level, you can have this experience. When you have the mental capacity work, you’ve woken up mentally and the body and the mind are like, “Tell me that does not make things even better?” It gets better and better.

When you guys are spiritually alive and mentally alive, that body comes in, it makes it even better. In terms of on the physical level, when you’re in the orgasmic state, you are naturally in alignment with your creator. That’s why you can’t talk. That’s why you can’t think. That’s why you elevate into the space of pure bliss because you have essentially gone to the creator. I liken it to going to the most amazing restaurant, you’re hungry and you have samples outside. When you get a sample and you’re like, “I’m hungry,” but you can’t come in because you don’t have your mind right, you don’t have money in your wallet and you’re not dressed right. You can’t come to the restaurant.

You can go eat some ramen noodle, you’ll fill your stomach up, but it’s not going to give you the nutrients or the satisfaction that eating that delicious meal will give you. It will subside. It will keep you moving, but it’s not going to fill you. It’s the same thing with interaction sexually. On the body level, you’re going to have this experience. You might have this orgasm. The reality is there’s a whole lot still missing if the mind and the spirit are not aligned. This child is created. They’re in the womb. You have higher vibrating individuals that are pregnant. You have lower vibrating individuals that are pregnant. The people are like, “This is happening to me. This child is in an environment that is not being cultivated. That is whatever the environment is.”

The truth is that you were created perfectly. In the womb, you are connected to the spirit, the period you are with God. This child comes out and they’re sitting there and doing their little thing. Their babbling to themselves and all those things are in this space called imagination. Imagination is God’s playground. Yogananda says that. They’re in this God space where they’re sitting there. You see little kids walking through the store, take a pose and they’re in this place where they are creating their identity of being powerful. “Togo, let’s go to the candy aisle. Stop saying that there’s nobody there.” You just told this child their imagination isn’t okay, “Stop doing that. Quit playing around.”

We send them to a school where we put them in a school and we say, “Sit down. Be quiet. Listen to the teacher. You respect the teacher. Whatever the teacher says you listen to. That’s the voice you need to listen to.” In their head, they hear, “Get up and go get the scissors.” They come back and they’re like, “What are you doing? You’re not listening. Stop doing that.” Now we’re telling them not to listen to the voices speaking to them, which is sad. We’re not guiding them in these voices. We’re telling them to turn it off. We’re telling them to stay in this box over here, not be their spirit over here. This is the time where we are connecting with our ability to close our eyes, meditate and get into this visual state of what we’re going to draw into our magnet.

We are that, we’re a magnet. We’re telling the children to stop. We send them out to play and they get in trouble for playing because they did this and they did that. They’re trying to learn how to bump into each other without killing each other. We sit them down, shrink their excitement and then the big one happens. Hormones and puberty come. We’ve killed their imagination. We’ve told them to turn it off. Now puberty comes. We’ve already oversexed them with visual stuff that they see on TV, songs and all of these things around. A lot of these kids early ages are exposed to stuff that has already started the clock and the little juices flowing. They’re like, “She’s fine. He’s fine. Look at that.” They’re in this new energy called the vehicle. You’ve got the driver, which is the imagination. You’ve got the vehicle, which is now the body.

GCM 44 | Orgasmic Life

Orgasmic Life: Once you get into a place of love, you find you, and you love you, the world opens up to you.


What we do is we take this kid, we put them in this car, take them to the top of the mountain and we say, “You’ve got to get down to the bottom of this mountain without a ding on this car and you’ve got to make it alone. No passengers. Don’t pick up any passenger.” We push the car and you say, “Make it down. We’ll see you at the bottom.” Kids starting to ride the car, there are no breaks. There are sharp turns, cliffs and all this craziness waiting for them. There’s no steering fluid. They’re trying to get this steering wheel to turn and the worst thing is there’s no seatbelt. A handful of them make it, but all of a sudden some of them come down and say, “Where’d you get this baby up from? Who is that sitting in the front seat?”

There’s been no guidance. There’s been shame and guilt. If you feel this, if you feel that, the reality is it’s the first thing we’re taught is in our imagination. The next thing you were taught is these feelings and how to get those thoughts powered with this feeling. When the body aligns with the mind, we then get to harvest or we end up at the finish line. I liken it to seed as well. You got your seed, the soil and the harvest. That’s why we’re out of balance because we don’t have an imagination anymore. We’re sitting up and watching everybody else’s imagination. Video games are robbing us of our imagination. Social media is robbing us of our imagination. It’s robbing us of our time.

We’re no longer in a space where we’re in our head seeing rainbows and unicorns, maybe not everybody. I don’t know if everybody has Harry Potter dancing around in their head, but whatever it is that is dancing around in your head, that’s between you and God. The feelings you’re feeling within your body are the power to help those things manifest. When you align those two together and then you tell God, “Thank you so much because you’re in this place of gratitude. You thank the sun for coming in landing on your stock and you thank the water and you thank the environment for being beautiful and awesome.” All of a sudden it’s like, “What do you get? You get through the week and it’s great.”

When you combine all of those, you’re in an orgasmic state, but we’ve taught that orgasmic or orgasm is something that happens when you penetrated somebody and you hit the right spots, whether it’s the penis or vagina. That’s what we think of it. It has nothing to do with that. That’s the body friction, but you’ve left out the mind and the spirit. You can get into space where you are inside having those orgasmic experiences. It changes how you walk into everything. You see somebody that’s hurting. You’re not going into judgment like in a parent. They say something crazy to you. You see they’re hurt. You see where they’re coming from, you love them, and you give them compassion because you love you and you’re in that space.

That’s good and articulate. What’s the most important thing a person should do to create a new life for themselves, to be more orgasmic in their energy and in their everyday life?

If they’re finding somebody to work with that can help them get back into where it starts, but probably take them back to the point of pain and look at it as a moment. Not something to relive. The victims that I’ve dealt with in my life and even the predators, they reinjure themselves by the thought of it replaying. They have an act that happens one time. It might happen multiple times, but the act only happens one time. Every time they think about it, they’re reacting, reenacting that act. They’re re-hovering that space. Once you realize you don’t have to get power to these things anymore, you can stop and start a new day, the stock comes in.

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I always tell about when it comes in, what are you coming to tell me? What is this? I ask the spirit. I said, “God, I need the guidance on it. I need to have clarity on this. I need to know where this is, what I need to release and what I need to elevate.” In doing that, I’d get clarity around a lot of different things that are happening. It comes in meditation. Meditation is huge and I realized I could meditate in a powerful way. Not in a way that it’s shown on YouTube by this person. I meditate my way. It works for me and that’s one of the things is I show different people techniques. When you find what works for you and being okay to be crazy and talk to God like we’re talking. Talk to the angels like we’re talking.

I asked somebody for a sign about somebody to speak to me, come into my life. I said, “I need you to show me who I am.” When I think about this person or start showing me lions to make me think about this person. I’ve seen one lion. The number one thing is you have to be open to the fact that there is no judgment on you if there’s something you did wrong. This isn’t a thing about beating you up. This is the thing about becoming clear on letting go of what doesn’t work and moving into what does work. It’s a difficult thing to find out that your foundation is not solid. It’s a scary thing. It’s not a reflection of you. It doesn’t make you a bad person and you’re all going through that. The foundation we were built on was not solid because it wasn’t when it was built in love. It’s built to control. Once you get into a place of love, you find you and you love you, the world opens up to you.

Michelle, tell the audience how they can get in contact with you if they wanted to work with you. Your name, Michelle LLC, may be mistaken as a corporation. Could you break that down for us as well?

My name is Michelle LLC. The LLC is a Limited Liability Corporation in terms of the fact that I am my own corporation. It is the initials of my middle name, my last name and my married name. I kept because I married into a family and I divorced a husband. My son and I carry the same last name. I carry a family and even though we’re no longer married, he’s still family. He’s my son’s father. All the uncles, aunts, the grandmother, my mother-in-law is still my mother-in-law because we’re family. I kept the last name. When I saw it, I was like, “I’m an LLC.” You can reach me via Instagram at @ThickThighTherapy. You can reach me at Divine Vision Center at DVC_coaching. You can also reach me at ThickThighTherapy@Gmail.com. You can also look at Michelle-LLC.com, which is one of my websites and DivineVisionCenter.com is another one of my websites. They can call me. I’m also on LinkedIn.

This was enlightening and I love the orgasmic energy that you’re coming from. It’s important that we get the right education on the fact that we are created perfectly. Coming to the consciousness of that, knowing we’re created perfectly however you look, however tall or short you are.

Wherever you are in space, you’re always perfect. Nothing is ever wrong with how you are and how you would stand. You’re beautiful.

Do you have any final words for the audience?

Get the mirror and start saying, “I love you.” Look in your eyes and say I love you because sometimes it’s the hardest thing to do is be yourself. If that’s hard, say, “Thank you so much for creating me. Start saying that.” Say it before you go to bed and when you wake up. Look for things to be grateful for because you will find things to be grateful for. The world will surround you because gratitude is the highest level of magnificence.

Thank you, Michelle, for being on the show. This was amazing.

Thank you.

There you have it, another great episode of the show. Thank you so much for reading. Remember, greatness is your birthright. Peace and love.

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GCM 44 | Orgasmic LifeLiving an ORGASMIC life is our birthright. Understanding and learning how to master ORGASMIC energy is the key. We have been miseducated about the power we were created in and have flowing through us.

Michelle has been studying and seeking the truth for over 25 years. What she discovered blew her away. Our thoughts, feelings, and Spirit connected is vital. ORGASMIC energy is the power behind creation and SYNERGY is the fuel for Manifestation.

Michelle has been able to lead her clients through real-time release and healing, creating a foundation of trust and new found freedom. The answer is always within and it all starts with LOVE.


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