GCM 143 | Raising Your Vibration


It may not be common knowledge, but raising your vibration, energy, or frequency at the right level can help you attract all the things that you want and get rid of all the things that you don’t. Joining Rodney Flowers to discuss what vibration is all about is Shanna Lee, an intuitive healer and celebrity manifestation coach. She is the number one bestselling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, leading the conversation on raising your energy frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. Shanna explains how raising your vibration can help you manifest your own reality and creating your heart’s desires.

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Raising Your Vibration To Create Your Own Reality With Shanna Lee

I am excited about our show. I have Shanna Lee with me. She is an intuitive healer and celebrity manifestation coach. She is the number one bestselling author of The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life and the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, leading the conversation on raising your energy frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment. She is a speaker, businesswoman and a consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers and fashion industry experts. Welcome to the show, Ms. Shanna Lee.

What an introduction. I’m happy to be here.

I’m happy to have you. It’s funny because I was on a show and we were talking about raising your vibration, energy, frequency and vibrating in a space or on a level where all the things that you want can come to you and you can get rid of all the things that you don’t want. You can practice forgiveness, love and gratitude. If you’re not vibrating at the right level, none of those things are possible. I want to talk to you and learn how we can raise our energy frequency and vibrate at a very abundant level. I can’t wait to have this conversation with you. Tell us about The Soul Frequency. What is that all about?

When I began my business, The Soul Frequency, nobody knew what that was about and a lot of people weren’t having conversations about raising your frequency or changing your vibration like they are now. It’s probably one of the areas that’s expanding. I feel like the fastest because it is at the core of the truth of who we are, how we manifest and how we’re able to literally choose our reality and choose our life. For me, the soul frequency was a download that I got, which is we all have an energy that is who we are. It’s like our fingerprint. It’s totally unique to you. I call it the soul frequency and knowing our own energetic fingerprint means that we’re able to formulate our own reality. It’s fascinating because we’re born into a reality that’s not our own given to us by our caregivers, the people around us.

We are born into a certain mentality, a way of seeing the world and what’s possible right now, why many people are starting to talk about vibration and frequency. These are the secrets of the universe and the secrets of the truth of who we are is that we have the ability at this point in time, I call it a technology to be able to change our reality that we were born into. When you think about the far-reaching effects of this meaning things that are passed on from generation to generation, belief sets, ways of being that you say, “My grandmother, grandfather, my mom and my dad were this.” Everybody at this time has the ability to drastically change the reality that they were born into. I feel it’s a superpower. My life, my mission, my call is to help teach people about their energetic fingerprint and how to utilize that to create whatever they want, their heart’s desires.

What is the first step? I too want to know how do we do this? I’m sure the readers want to know. What is the first step to doing this? How do we start changing our vibration?

When I’m working with people one-on-one or even my corporate clients because sometimes people say, “I want to change the energy in my company.” I feel like things are a little off and we’re not jelling together as all of the members of the company. We have to go back and look at our lived experience. It may seem sometimes like, “Why? I want to move forward. I don’t want to think about the past or go backwards.” Yet I believe we cannot change our reality until we can see where our reality came from and be able to understand how to dissipate that energy.

Meaning, when I look intuitively into somebody, it almost looks like a computer. There are things that are programmed into us from the time that we’re little. There are things we’re born with that are programmed into us. There are these energetic ties between the things we experienced now. If I’m bothered about something or I don’t like something in my life, the way my gift works is I can go back and go, “When was this programmed into this person? Where does this come from? Is it because there’s meaning from their life experience as a child or is it something they inherited from their family?” We carry all of these energetic lines through us. Sometimes, the way forward is to understand where we came from and how our programming was built.

What do we do with that? Is that something that we go in and challenge? Is it understanding this is a belief that was passed down? “Maybe I shouldn’t adopt it. Maybe that doesn’t serve me.” Once we have to go back, what are we looking for? What are we doing?

Awareness is key. Sometimes, I’m in sessions with clients and they have a belief system. They think it’s theirs and it’s not. It came from one of their caretakers. The minute I tell them that and identify that for them, that belief starts to have holes in it. It starts to dissipate the energy around it that we’ve been holding it as fact. This is the way that it is. If we can go back and we can look, one of the things I have people do and everybody can do this is take ten-year segments of your life. Let’s say 0 to 10 or your first memory to ten years old, 10 to 20, 20 to 30 and so on.

Go back and look at what are the top five disappointments or sad things that happened or traumatic things that happened in your life? What are the top five amazing things that happened in that ten-year period? The reason that we do this is to unlock that period of time for us. Many times, people don’t even remember certain things in their life or they don’t want to remember, or they don’t want to look back there. I always say all the secrets to what you want going forward, lie and understanding what your lived experiences up until this point. How do we change something if we can’t identify it?

It’s funny in our culture, we’d like to roll over the top of everything. We’d like to paint positive motivation like we paint over the rest, except for what happens is the rest seeps through the paint. We can put on a happy face and we can say, “Yes, I want to be positive and all of that’s wonderful.” If we don’t, go back to the bottom of the iceberg and look at what’s driving us. We’re always going to be fighting against that. It’s our programming. It’s going to be rising to the surface. If we start opening the box a little and looking at, “What have I been through? What have my ancestors been through? What have my parents and grandparents been through?” Understanding all the bits and pieces that have so far made me me. We can be in a place where we can choose what we want to take forward and what we don’t. We go into repatterning and reprogramming.

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What does that look like? Does that look like conversations with grandma and grandpa? What is that?

You don’t need anybody else to do this work. You don’t have to engage anybody else in your discovery for it to affect your life. Sometimes people say, “I’ve realized I have this big upset about my father. It’s devastating for me. Do I need to go back and talk to my father? My father has passed away, what do I do with that?” It’s not about the conversation with the person. It’s not even about something as mental as that. It’s understanding what the experience, what the emotion was for you. Part of the work is even being able to move out that emotion. Me in our culture, we hold in a lot of emotion we’re taught from the time we’re little like, “Don’t cry. Don’t do this.”

We get in trouble for feeling our feelings and then we learn to manage them throughout our life. We have a mental plane, an emotional plane, a spiritual or energetic plane and a physical plane. The emotional plane of our being is where we manifest from. If we have all this emotion from things that have gone on in our life and we haven’t processed out that emotion, we’re affecting what can be manifested in this lifetime. It’s funny because we think, “I want what I want. I want this in the future. I want to build this for my life.” We don’t logically understand like how we clean our slate to be able to create the next level.

It’s funny. Sometimes when I talk to people they’ll be saying, “I want to create this business.” I start talking about something that happened when they were ten years old, like a kid on the playground at school. They’re like, “What does that have to do with me building a business?” I’m like, “Everything. The business will build itself if you’re willing to go back and look at the piece of the puzzle and the programming that’s in the way of it.”

Are we asking ourselves a series of questions? I ask you that because this to me seems like the deprogramming process. Up to a certain point, I don’t know how old you may be if you’re reading this. You’ve been programmed up to that point. The purpose of going back is to undo all of that. I’ll be asking ourselves a series of questions about how we processed all the information and experiences that we’ve had up to that time. Are we writing those things down? I want to get into the details of how we go about deprogramming ourselves.

Yes. Depending on how aware someone is or how much work they they’re open to doing personal development work, you can get yourself probably 80% of the way there and have a ton of awareness. There’s always going to be about 20% you’re not going to see yourself. That’s where working with somebody who does any type of work like this would be valuable to you for the reflection of the things that you can’t see about yourself. Everybody has things they can’t see about themselves. We need other people to reflect back to us those hidden spots.

It’s interesting if you do that every ten years, what will happen for you is you will start to remember things that weren’t in your conscious awareness. It will start to bring things up. For instance, people will tell me, “It’s crazy. I was in the shower, all of a sudden, I had this memory pop into my head or I was driving in my car five days after doing this work and I remembered something.” Your consciousness is brilliant. If you invite in and get curious, like you said about questions, questions pique our curiosity about ourself.

In that curiosity state, we’re in a high vibrational state. To ask yourself a question is saying, “I’m asking my consciousness to open this up for me and tell me what I don’t yet see.” When you write those ten-year segments of time, things will start coming in. Whatever comes in, let’s say, you’re in the shower and you get this memory of your childhood is important. You want to write that down. Your consciousness will give you the pieces of the puzzle and it will start to unfold for you.

I always say to people like, “You don’t need to understand it.” Meaning, you could have this memory of your grandma giving you a blueberry when you were five. It seems like, “What is this?” I wasn’t upset. It wasn’t particularly great. It was this random memory. You want to be the record keeper of what comes. Don’t judge it. You don’t need to make it mean anything. You want to write it down because the way the consciousness works is it will start to give you puzzle pieces. It will start to form.

All of a sudden, you’ll read 5or 10 things you wrote down. You’re like, “I get what this means.” When I put these ten things together, I’m seeing these are all examples of how I felt jealous throughout my childhood. Every example is pointing to this root feeling of jealousy. You’ll start to then go, “I was jealous as a kid and I didn’t remember that.” You write that down. Your consciousness is saying, “He’s ready. She’s ready.” They can hear this and process this information. All of that starts changing your vibrational frequency as a byproduct.

I always say that changing your frequency is a subtraction equation rather than an addition equation. Meaning we always want to put more on top of things. Painting all the positivity on top of what’s already there. What we do in raising our frequency is we want to start to identify what’s not who we are. It’s a byproduct of taking things away, our self-defense mechanisms, the ways that we protect ourselves, the ways that we thought we had to be in the world to get love and acceptance.

There are all these ways. We add all this stuff to our soul frequency that isn’t in truth. As you start to get to know your lived experience, things start to fall away. As things start to fall away, you could think about it as on a hot air balloon where they start throwing the weights off so the balloon can go up. It’s like that with our human experience. We start throwing off these cloaks that are not who we are. We become extremely aligned with our soul frequency and then we start to rise.

GCM 143 | Raising Your Vibration

The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life

What I’m hearing you say, and I want to say it back in a different way, is that we have taken on all of these identities in an effort to either protect ourselves or show up in a certain way to be accepted in life. Over time, they have covered up who we are and that could affect our purpose, our contributions, our value system. Going back and uncovering all of that stuff, stripping ourselves down back to the core. Isn’t that interesting? I love the way you’d set that up if I’m accurate in my understanding of what you’re saying.

To give you a real-world example, let’s say you’ve built a business and you are excited about your business and you’re doing that in the world. We have to evaluate who built the business, like the intention behind the business. We build all these things in the world or we create all these things from a place of not who we are. At some point, in people’s experiences, especially at this time on the planet, we are going to be called to re-evaluate like, “Is this me?” Some people have this, they even call it a midlife crisis where we start to go, “Look at this whole world I built around me. Does it feel good to me? Do I like it? Do I feel resonant with it?”

We’re always growing and changing, so we need to evaluate that. If the answer is no, it might be that, not that the business is bad, but the intention is a little bit off or why we did it is a little bit off. If we can realign to like, “Why am I doing this? Why did I build this business? Why do I care about this?” Understand who we are a little bit more than the business and you are going to become aligned. You’re going to grow. The business is going to naturally grow. Every single person I work with has an expansion in their life as a byproduct of being willing to figure out who they are.

In society, we’re focused on the expansion, “Forget about everything else, I want the expansion.” I’m like, “Expansion happens as a byproduct of being willing to do the truly courageous work, which is I’m going to walk through my lived experience. I’m going to understand who I am. I’m going to know that through the process of doing that, energy attracts itself to me.” Meaning when you become this beacon of light, you draw things towards you without effort. Things start moving into your realm, whether it’s helpful people, whether it’s new business ideas, it doesn’t matter, wonderful relationships. Every area of your life becomes impacted in a positive way.

How do we get to our true authentic selves? This is a wonderful exercise that you’ve explained to us. I still feel that we struggle with identity. The world is in an identity crisis. Social media facilitates that to some degree. In addition to looking back at our past and everything that we’ve taken on, what are some other exercises that we can take to get to our true authentic selves?

Do you want to know the one thing that stands in the way?

What’s that?

It is our connection with the people closest to us, the people we love, our family, our best friends. Here’s why. When we are not in our authentic self, we create a reality around us that is not of our authentic self. We draw people into that reality. We show them who we are, which is not who we are. They hold us in that reality. This is why it’s challenging sometimes when people come home one day and say to their husband or wife like, “I’ve got to quit my job or I’ve got to go after this goal of mine or this intention,” or they want to make big changes. The people around you are like, “What? I don’t get it. Why are you doing this? What’s going on for you?”

It’s our desire as human beings to be loved, accepted and to fit in that causes us to not listen to that voice inside of you that says something needs to be different or something needs to change. We don’t want to disappoint the people around us. We don’t want to feel the discomfort of our close circle of people feeling threatened by our change or worse off looking at themselves and wondering if something’s wrong with them, or if they should change. Human beings do not want to hurt the people they love nor do we want to make them feel insecure or not valuable, or any of those things.

We will cut off ourself to keep other people feeling happy, loved and to stay a part of a group. One of the things I teach people is how to communicate for change in a way that doesn’t threaten the other person and in a way that allows you to keep evolving in the ways that feel good and right to you. That’s one of the top skillsets that somebody needs to develop if they’re going to get in touch with who they are. Especially in marriages or romantic partnerships, things like that, when one person wants to start making big changes, it threatens the partnership a lot of times.

People get nervous about that. Whether it’s allocating money to different places, whether it’s somebody wants to lose a bunch of weight, it makes the partner nervous. We are used to existing within patterns and dynamics within ourself and also with other people. When anyone unilaterally starts to shift the dynamic, the whole dynamic must shift. That’s a Law of Relationship is that if one person starts to change, it’s going to change the dynamic. That is the thing that stands in the way. If I were to say, of all of the clients I’ve coached, the one thing that is the biggest challenge to breakthrough is realizing that they will still be loved and accepted if they know how to follow their own intuition and communicate through that to the people that they love.

After we’ve taken that step to look back and uncover some things about ourselves, what is the next step to raising our vibration?

What happens when we start to look back and see what isn’t ours is that we start to naturally, as a byproduct, become more aligned with what is ours, who we are. At that point, ideas will start coming to people. They’ll come into session and they’ll start telling me, “I know I need to do this or I know I need to make these changes.” It becomes crystal clear when you don’t have the veil over the top of it. It becomes inspired action. What are the actions that you want to start taking in life? Action moves energy. Every time we’re taking an action, we are shifting energy. A little bit like on quantum, I won’t go into this too much. We make 60,000 to 80,000 choices a day, any one human being, it’s a lot of choices.

We cannot change our reality until we can see where our reality came from and be able to understand how to dissipate that energy. Share on X

Let’s say any one of those 60,000 to 80,000 choices has multiple probabilities. You are at a stoplight. You could decide to go right, go left and go straight. Those are all existing in time-space as a probability. If I choose to go right, there’s another set of choices down that road. If I choose to go left, there’s another set of choices down that road. It’s vast that the human brain can’t even imagine that 60,000 to 80,000 choices and all of these probabilities with every choice. It makes your mind go whoop. I’m out of this discussion.

These probability clouds, meaning they are possible futures, all exist. When we start making different choices and taking action. You usually go right and now you’re going to go left. You open up another reality. There are streets and things you’ll see to the left that you wouldn’t see to the right. We start popping out of that old reality that we’ve evaluated by starting to make some different choices. Therefore, we’re going to change the energy in our life. Sometimes it’s simple things, even how you get ready in the morning, people usually do it the same way every day.

We can start changing our reality by changing up our schedule, the way we drive to work, the way we brush our teeth first, do we have breakfast second, whatever we do. We get very patterned. People do things the same way. We want to start breaking things up because you’re breaking down the matrix that you live within. We start making bigger choices that are in alignment with the a-ha moments that people start to have. Like, “I need to be doing this. I need to be going here.” As you start to do that, you’re naturally aligned because you’re in this pure state. You don’t have all the veils around you. You’ve gone back. You’ve done that work in your life.

I call it the land of little miracles. When I started experiencing this in my own life, it blew my mind. I didn’t have anybody to tell other than my husband, who was on the journey with me. A lot of my clients talk about this and they come back and talk to me about it. They talked to each other about it, which is you start having events happen in your life that make no sense. Meaning you did nothing to create the event happening. Let’s say you’re in business and the biggest account you have ever worked with, some huge company you wouldn’t even thought of going after, they call you out of the blue. They say, “We want to work with you.” You’re like, “What? I didn’t even call on them. I didn’t even ask for their business. How did this happen?” That stuff starts happening quite often.

At that point, you would consider that person is aligned. Are they aligned with the universe? I’ve heard that saying before. What is that?

Everything within ourself is without ourselves too. When we are aligned within ourself, we are also aligned with the universe. We have that alignment. When we are willing to look within ourself and make the changes, we want to see outside in the world, we affect the vibration of what we see outside in the world. I always say inner is outer. Outer is inner. The quickest way to affect change is through doing our own inner work. Reverberating that vibration out to everybody that you talk to all the paths you cross. When we get an alignment, it’s a constant process of staying in alignment for one, which is getting mindful about the choices that you make and why you make them and the intention behind why you make them.

Let me give you an example on that. I could decide to sell my business from a place of fear. I could say, “We’ve had this crazy time in the economy. It seems like a lot of things are changing. I better get out. I better get my money now. I better sell my business.” I would be out there panicked, looking for buyers for my business, or I could decide to sell my business from a place of love. I’ve built this business. I feel proud of it. I want to spend more time with my family. I want to pass this along to someone who’s going to love this business as much as I had. The action is the same. I’m going to sell the business. The intention is entirely different. When you start tapping into higher energetic frequencies, you understand that the intention is the most important thing. How you are living your life and what intention you’re living from? Usually it’s either based at a root level from love or from fear. When you start living more from the intention of love, you stay in alignment with all of the miracles starting to come in and stay in alignment with the universe.

Not so much what you do is who you’re being and you’re doing what you’re doing. How do we find purpose? A lot of people struggle with finding out what it is they’re supposed to be in life. Does this process work for that?

We go after purpose like it’s something we want to hunt down. We want to hunt down money or success or whatever. Purpose is a natural byproduct that rises to the surface when we are clear. At that point, we’ve gone through our past and we’ve cleared our energy and gotten clear on what our soul frequency is and what it isn’t, who we are, who we aren’t. Purpose rises to the surface naturally. It will come in the idea of, “I’ve always had this idea. I’ve always loved this. I feel like I’m supposed to build this business.” The brain will be like, “No, you can’t do that. What? That’s crazy. You never did something like that before.” It becomes a process of listening to the soul intuition over your egoic mind.

There’s a point in time for people where most people are ruled by their egoic mind, which is largely fear-based. We listened to that voice more than anything. There’s a point in the process that I take people through where we start listening to our soul self, our soul voice, more than our egoic mind. They switch position where the ego will always be there. We wouldn’t want it to go away. It serves a purpose, but it’s not running the show. More becomes listening to your soul self, moving forward, having the miracles come in and the mind is there. It’s saying things to you sometimes, but you’re not giving it a lot of power.

The more we focus on it, listen to it to all end, we are supplying it energy, which means we are powering it. We are making it bigger than what it’s meant to be because we’re supplying all this energy in the form of thought to our egoic mind. There’s a switch that happens. We start listening to our soul self, the wise part of us. We start supplying that energy. That voice gets bigger and that energy starts drawing in everything that you need to build or create whatever you want to build or create.

That was my next question I was going to ask you is how do we strengthen that communication with the soul or even the subconscious mind? What practices would you suggest for us to strengthen that?

GCM 143 | Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration: If we have all this emotion from things that have gone on in our life and we haven’t processed out that emotion, we’re affecting what can be manifested in this lifetime.


Think about it like this. I don’t think we understand the power of some of these things at a fundamental level. What you focus upon in thought and feeling is what expands in your life. If you go back and track your life from this lens that you’re looking through, you will see this present. If I’m always thinking about what I don’t want in my life or what bad thing is going to happen or could possibly happen, then I am supplying energy to that. My powerful life force energy and I’m expanding that in my energetic field. Most people think of what they don’t want rather than what they do.

Our brain, our egoic mind always skewed towards the negative, “I don’t want this. I don’t want that. I’m afraid of being broke. I’m afraid of losing this. I’m afraid of losing that.” We’re thinking about it and then we’re having feelings about it like, “I’m scared of that. I hope that doesn’t happen. I’m feeling panicked and fear.” We want to shift our focus to always focusing as much as we can on what we do want, what we want to create and the excitement about that, joyful feelings, happy feelings. What would it feel like if you had everything that you say that you want? There are a couple ways to do this. One is through repetition. Let’s say you write down a sentence that is a mission sentence for your life like this is who I am. This is who my soul frequency is. Let’s say you write that sentence like 100 times in a row.

In the act of doing that, you are taking action. You’re writing something down. You are using repetition, which our subconscious mind likes. You are reading this as you’re doing it. You’re integrating it into your beingness. Let’s say it took you 1.5, 2 hours to do this. You’ve now spent two hours of your time, supplying energy to what it is you want. Anything that will take your time, you can even record things like affirmations or sentences of what you want in your life and listen to them over and over again. This is repatterning.

Another thing you can do is for twenty minutes a day, lay down in bed or sit in a chair and play the movie of the future you. That one that you’re stepping into, that reality, but frankly already exists. If it’s something you truly desire, it already exists. You want to align with that possibility so that you can bring it into the three-dimensional reality. When you lay there and you walk through your life like you’re watching a movie like, “This is the car I get in. I get in my car. I go here. I do this. I meet with this person.” You look at your phone and on speed dial are all of these amazing people. You’re going to be friends with in the future. You go into the ultimate detail of every little thing like, “What does your house look like? What’s your bathroom look like? What is it like when you’re looking in the mirror, getting ready in the morning? What clothes do you see when you open your closet door?”

All of the detail that you can put into that twenty minutes a day, every morning, you are drawing that reality towards you. You’re watching the movie as your eyes are closed. You’re getting excited about it. You want to think about what are the repetition activities that I can do to take up my time where I am 100% fully focused on what wants to be created and through thought and emotion. It’s excited, joyful, thinking all of the thoughts.

The reason that people don’t do this, they’re like, “What if it doesn’t happen? I don’t want to get excited about something and then it doesn’t happen. We want proof that it’s going to happen. You show me what’s behind door number two and I’ll walk up to the door.” You have to understand from a quantum physics level this is a principle. Meaning if you truly desire something like you’ve done the work and you’re not desiring it from your ego or in regards to a wound. Some people want to be successful because they’re wounded in a certain way. They think success is going to heal that wound. That’s not in alignment.

If you truly desire something like from a pure place because you’ve done the inner work, that is a possibility cloud out there for you and your job, if you want it, is to draw it towards you through your thoughts, your feelings and your inspired action that you take based on that. I talk about this in my book, The Soul Frequency, there’s an equation. I call it the creation equation. It’s the thoughts plus feelings plus action equals experience. If we are thinking about, “I want to start a business. This is what’s going to be like,” and we’re getting all excited about it. We start writing things down. We start taking action.

We start calling around for locations, getting pricing on that. We start going, “How am I going to get financing for this?” We’re taking all of these actions in alignment with the thoughts and the excitement. We are starting to make this a reality. This is how everything on the planet gets created. We want to use these principles and forget about your egoic voice of doubt or your egoic voice of fear, of disappointment and show up to it each and every day. If you truly desire it from your heart, it is possible and you will draw it towards you by doing this work.

I don’t know if any of the readers have heard about humans and their ability to co-create because what you’re explaining is our creative process. The human innate creative process that we have, which is greatly underutilized, in my opinion. Maybe it isn’t it. You’re always creating because this process, you can’t shut it off. Based on what you’re seeing, you can look at your life right now. You can take a look around and you can tell what you’ve been thinking, what you’ve been feeling, because what’s there, you created it. Is that an accurate statement?

Yes. Most people are using the same process to create what they don’t want. Let me give an example of that. I feel like I’m overweight and I don’t feel good in my body. What I’m thinking about is, “I’m fat, I’m overweight. I don’t feel good in my body.” I’m having all these thoughts. I’m feeling depressed, sad and upset. I’m putting an emotional feeling with that. I get myself upset and depressed about my body that I keep thinking I’m so depressed about. I take an action. I say, “Forget it. I’m going to get burger, fries and shake. Nothing is ever going to change. This is the way that it is.” I eat that and then I feel worse about myself. I say mean things to myself and I feel worse. I’ve created an experience. The experience is I’m overweight and I don’t feel good about myself.

We are using this process unbeknownst to ourselves to create things we don’t want in our life because the egoic mind is skewed to the negative. We don’t even realize that there’s a process going on. We don’t see ourselves as creating that because in many different ways we have a construct. This is a humanity construct called other people have the power. Other people can tell us what to do. We think all of manifestation is out there. We’re basically the victims of what humanity or other people say we have to do or how we have to be or whatever.

The reason why nobody likes to even address any victim mentality within themselves because it’s painful to think about that. We have to look at that because if we stay thinking that it’s all outside of us and that someone else is controlling it, or someone else knows better than us, then we don’t step into the driver’s seat of our life. We don’t see ourself as the creator of our life. It has us be able to not do the work because what’s the point. Why would I do the work? Everybody else makes choices for me. Everybody else is telling me what I have to do. Everybody else is telling me my worth.

If we live like that, we stay in the back seat of the car, hoping the car would go a different direction, but having no control over that. The only way to become a powerful creator in your life is to take responsibility for your life and to take responsibility for doing your own work. It doesn’t matter what anybody else has done to you. If people can do horrible things to other human beings, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t know any human being that hasn’t had some terrible experiences. At some point, if you want to start powerfully co-creating, you got to say, “These are my experiences. I’m an adult now and I get to heal these. I get to learn about these. I get to move forward.”

Everybody has things they can't see about themselves. We need other people to reflect back to us those hidden spots. Share on X

What happens in that process is you start going, “It’s not up to everybody else. I get to make the choices. I get to step powerfully into my life.” When you make that switch over and you start truly manifesting like your dreams, hopes and wishes in the world, there’s no better feeling than that. It is like, “Look at me.” You start to see how powerful you are as one person. I say that all the time on my own show. I talk about it because from my vantage point and with my intuitive gift, the thing that blows me away far beyond anything else is how powerful each human being is. When I look at somebody’s soul frequency and I see what is possible with that person’s energy, if it is healed and if the rest of the stuff has gone, life changing. Any one human being could change the world when they’re fully aligned in their power and they know who they are and their power to create. It’s not for some people, it’s every one of us.

What role does challenge and obstacle play in this process? I’ve witnessed it and maybe you have too that a lot of times, we don’t awaken to this power until there’s something that disrupts us. It causes us to want to wake up. You would walk around like zombies until that point. What are your thoughts about the challenge and the obstacles and the bad things that happen or what’s going on right now? What role did it play in this process?

It is the beginning of all transformation. You don’t enter into transformation without pain. We would walk around. If we’re not in pain, we don’t care enough. We’re not paying attention. People need to work. They want to make money. They want to take care of their families. People are busy. Life keeps us busy up until a couple months ago, very busy. There has to be something painful enough that calls us to pay attention, to take the time, to do the work. It does take focus, time and care. The way human beings are built is unless something rattles our cage, we go about taking care of ourselves like making a living, taking care of our family, status quo until something shakes us up enough to wake us up.

I sit and I think a lot. I was thinking about how the universe is perfect. God is perfect. In all of that, there’s still tragedy. There’s still challenge. There are still obstacles. There’s still pain. I couldn’t help but think that there’s a purpose for all of that. A lot of times we want to avoid it. We don’t want it to happen to us. When it does, we want it to go away. We don’t want to process it. We don’t want to deal with it. Yet, I don’t know anyone who has said, “I’m going to face this head on. I’m going to deal with it. I’m going to process it.” That has to come out better than they were before the incident occurred. In my mind, it is there for a reason as oxygen is here for us to survive and the sun is here for us to survive. Without that, I don’t know if life would be worth living or it will be the same or even exist at all. It serves a definite purpose in our lives.

It absolutely does. As a soul, we come here to learn these lessons. We don’t come to exist and sit on a rock for 80 years. We come to experience polarity, which is the light and the dark, the good and the bad. Would we know good if there weren’t things that weren’t good? Will we truly know to be joyous if we didn’t experience what lack of joy was? This is part and parcel to the human experience and why souls come to this playground is to have these experiences. Even though to a human being, it’s unbelievable. Some of the things that people experience at the hands of other humans.

The ways human beings have treated each other, I cry about that sometimes. It breaks open, but it’s also like there is always a bigger purpose in the lessons that we are learning as a soul from that experience. As a human being, one of the most valuable perspectives we can have is if things are not going good for you or you’re going through a challenging time, or it feels like your reality is breaking apart or life isn’t stable as it used to. There is importance in that process. I talked about in my book, I went through a massive transformation in 2013 where almost everything in my life changed overnight. I thought I couldn’t make it through it. I was like, “I am shattered in this experience.” I went through a year of my life of intense emotion and confusion.

In the middle of that, I was like, “Is my life going to end? Is this the end? This doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere positive.” Looking back on it, I am grateful for that experience. It is one of the most incredible processes of transformation that I called myself up to in this lifetime. I own every piece of it. I see the value in it. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing in the world without that experience. I wouldn’t be who I am and who I am now feel so much better than who I was prior to that. Wherever somebody’s at in their own process, one of my major messages I share with people is realizing that there’s a beginning, a middle and an end to transformation.

We don’t stay stuck in the hardest parts forever. Knowing that helps us continue to move through the immense and valuable transformation that our world is undergoing at this time, it’s unprecedented and it’s going to continue. I always say, instead of on a lake, which is what it might’ve felt like before fishing on a lake where it’s all placid. If we can be on a boat, out in the ocean and we can bend our knees and we can find our balance, even when the waves hit, then we can move through this transformation. Meaning, just because a wave hits, doesn’t mean we have to fall over on the boat. We bend our knees. We find our balance. We get used to riding the waves as our beautiful planet and all of its inhabitants go through this birthing experience of something new together. We all chose to be here at this time. It’s a powerful time on this planet. If we have the perspective of we can ride the waves together, then we can and we will.

Let’s talk about getting to the end for a lot of people that means success. I want to talk about fulfillment. How do we go from success to fulfillment? That is the ultimate goal here.

A lot of people when they arrive to a point of success, realize they don’t have fulfillment. It’s like, “I got here and now I have success, but I’m not feeling particularly fulfilled by it. If you look at the word, success, it’s like sucking excess. The word, fulfilled, is like fully filled up. We all desire to be filled up by what we do in the world and what we create at a very fundamental level. We sometimes end up at success when our intention was in the wrong place. We’re building something so that someday it will heal parts of us that don’t get healed by building something.

By going back and doing some of this inner work, no matter where you are, whether you feel like you’ve reached success or whether you feel like you’re on the path there, we can always stop and say, “What feeds my soul? What fulfills me on every different level? How do I pivot a little bit such that as I continue to walk down this road of growing and building things that when I reach the level or the goals that I want to reach? I’m ultimately completely filled up on every level of my being. Sometimes people end up with financial success, but their relationships are in shambles or they end up with the success in a relationship, but they feel like they can never master money. We have this idea sometimes in our constructs and in our consciousness that we can have one, but not all of it. We sacrifice everything for the one. We get there and we’re like, “I have this financial success and no one to share it with.”

That’s not fun. First is realizing like, “I can have all of the beautiful things I want. I can have love. I can have care. I can have financial success. I can have a business that’s aligned with who I am.” Even saying that and breathing that in, it’s emotional like, “I can have this.” Sometimes we have to sit with that for a while and be with that thought so that we don’t create our way into one thing and out of everything else that we ultimately desire. When you think about relationships, the more you know yourself, the better you will be in relationships, in business, be with children or other family members. The better you’ll be with money.

GCM 143 | Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration: Changing your frequency is a subtraction equation rather than an addition equation. It means we always want to put more on top of things.


At the root of looking within is everything that we say that we want and it takes courage. I will say that most of my plans, many of them reach a point of success and they feel like pieces of themselves are missing or missing this idea of fulfillment. You can go back and claim that. Do you want to start all over? It’s not like that. It’s realigning some things and shifting some stuff so that your life reflects ultimately the truth of who you are.

Shanna, if they wanted to work with you, learn more about you, how can they connect with you?

Our online hub is TheSoulFrequency.com. You can find out we have a blog there. We also have The Soul Frequency Show podcast. I always leave a couple openings on my calendar if anyone feels super called to this information, I’m happy to have a deeper conversation with you about it. If you wanted to get on the calendar, you can go to TheSoulFrequency.com/foundation. If anything is available there, you’re free to take it. We can talk more about your specific life and what your goals and intentions are.

You talk about getting to know yourself a lot. You’ve said it several times during this interview. When I think about the situation that we’re in right now, quarantine, a lot of us are forced to be in isolation and practice doing this and be with ourselves. I’ve been processing that. The universe is putting us on a time out. It’s almost calling to do this work. It’s an opportunity. You can’t say you don’t have time now because we’re in a space where all you have is time because the world has been shut down.

I find it ironic and important to do the things that you’re talking about, especially when we started the show. We talked about how spiritual awakening, energy, work and the conversations about energy, vibration and how they’re prevalent now. We’re in a space where we have the time. As a human race to practice stillness and do the inner work that you find is important. Have you had those thoughts? Do you find something that’s been resonating with you during this whole COVID process?

When you think about it from an expanded vantage point, there’s nothing that could have happened on the planet to cause everybody to pause. No matter who you are, you have to take a pause. Even a financial collapse, it doesn’t cause everybody to have to pause. If you think about the intelligence of the universe, knowing that it’s necessary at this time, even to preserve our Earth, that we all take a pause and take a look at who we are, how we’re living and to be able to start to process so much emotion. If you’ve noticed there’s been a lot of emotion being shared and coming up for people at this time.

I like to explain that we store all this emotion in our body. If we don’t process it out, we will cause cellular changes in our body that cause us to have health issues. We let it seep out in places we don’t want to in certain conversations. This is a great emotional purge as well, which is part of transformation and clearing. I spend a lot of my time in prayer, holding space for the emotional purge that’s going on for our planet. It doesn’t look pretty all the time. Emotional purge feels erratic, chaotic and all of those things. It’s scary for the people that are purging a lot of emotion because they’ve been suppressing it for so long. Sending love out to the world so that people can feel energetically held as we move through this time.

On the surface, it looks wild. At the beginning of any transformation, it looks like chaos. If you understand transformation well, you know that it’s all for the greater health. This stuff has to come out of us collectively for us to start to see ourselves. If we’re full of anger and rage and sadness or any of those things, then we can’t look within, we don’t even have the capacity yet. We have to get to a place of being able to be with ourselves and get comfortable being with ourselves and get comfortable looking within, even though sometimes it’s uncomfortable for us all to evolve.

It’s almost the burning of the forest in order for the new growth to come in. As we move forward through this process, what is the Game Changer Mentality we all should adopt in order to ensure that we come out better than we were before on the other side?

Being courageous with yourself, being willing to look at the places within yourself that you have not wanted to look. Realizing that courage will not only expand your life, but it will cause you to help other people. By the energy that you are, this pure, bright, light energy that everyone that comes in contact with you will feel inspired by that. They will feel inspired to go, “What does that person have and how do they get to live like this? I want to know more about that.” It’s a wave of energy that we send out when we are willing to be courageous in our own life.

Thank you for coming on the show. This has been amazing.

There you have it. Let’s be courageous during this time. Being courageous raises our vibration so that we can show up as our best selves. That’s the responsibility that we all have, to be courageous. We are being called to a higher vibration. We have to answer that call and it may be a little fearful. You may have to deal with some things internally. We may have to go back and share some of those things that we’ve taken on in order to deal with some of the past experiences that we’ve had in our lives. There’s no time like the present. Now is no better time than ever to be courageous. Until next time, peace.

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GCM 143 | Raising Your Vibration

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When I am at the end of my life, I will look back with the knowledge that I lived half of mine asleep and the rest of it awake.

I spent most of the first half of life fixated on some idea of perfection trying desperately to get somewhere, be something, do something, attain something and other fruitless endeavors.

I was obsessed with chocolate chip cookies and never met a carb or a dessert I didn’t love.

I felt betrayed by my body and was never the right weight at times resorting to drugs to ease the pain, and all the while growing more depressed and spiritually disconnected which as you can imagine, was a real big downer. Behind the outward laughs, the good times displayed on social media, and the many wild things I did and still lived to tell, I was pretty lost on the inside and acting overly confident on the outside.

After years of creating a real estate business that garnered a lot of external praise but left me feeling empty inside, this contradiction took its toll on me physically, emotionally, and mentally.

One day my body simply gave in to the years of unhealthiness, and a diagnosis of skin cancer stopped me in my tracks. The word “cancer” uttered from the mouth of my doctor was no laughing matter.

I was going to have a scar down the bridge of my nose forever; a scar that symbolized how long I had ignored my body and my spirit. A reminder that I kept running in circles when I should have stopped and listened to my inner voice gently whispering to me to re-evaluate, re-define and re-connect.

At the doorway of my 30’s, in a desperate attempt to heal my body, I embarked on a journey of self-realization disguised as eating healthier – but what I had no way of knowing at the time is that in the eight years that followed, I would end up transforming every perception I had formerly held about myself, and reinventing every aspect of my life.

Along this journey, I realized many things. The most important of these discoveries were that my lifelong preoccupation with weight, food and success…

In the course of healing, and starting to honor and integrate all of the pieces of self, I came to understand what I now refer to as “the anatomy of transformation,” which is comprised of four distinct phases; truth, release, experience and align, which I have since guided hundreds of women through.

The clients with whom I work seek me out for support in dealing with all kinds of conditions ranging from I am not happy, I want a new relationship, career or a brand new life. But regardless of the various goals, my intention is always the same.

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