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No matter how much you are doing good in your business, if you are not putting it out there on social media, you are missing out. Joshua Munoz believes this to be true with almost 70% of Millennials going on Facebook before Google to check your business. As the CEO of Grow Now Social Media Agency and as social media’s black belt, he knows how much social media can create an impact to your business, specifically if you are doing it the right way. He gathers from his experience how important authenticity, establishing relationships, and engaging with your customers are. Discover some misconceptions about social media as Joshua breaks it down while sharing his own inspirational story of changing.

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Putting It Out There: How Social Media Impacts Your Business with Joshua Munoz

I’m excited about another episode. I have my boy in the house, Joshua Munoz. He is the owner of the Grow Now Social Media Agency, also known as America’s social media black belt. Welcome to the show, Josh.

I appreciate you having me on the show. I’ve been on a line to be on this show. I’m waiting to get on it so I’m super excited.

I’m glad we finally got a chance to connect. I see that you’ve been all over the place on social media doing your thing. How are things going? Catch me up. What’s up?

Everything’s going great. Since the last time we met, I relocated from Boston to Arizona strictly because of the weather. I read a good book 4-Hour Workweek and they explained how to set your life that you want to live and the life that you love. I knew that I didn’t like snow or cold, so why not move to the desert? It’s the complete opposite. I’m in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can come to visit when it gets cold.

When we have something that we want to do, we come up with this fear that we put in our own head. Share on X

I love Scottsdale. I’ve visited there in March and May. It is one of the most beautiful places in the wintertime. Every time I go there, it trips me out in my mind because I live in Maryland. At the wintertime, it gets cold here. Everyone is wrapped with big bubble coats and everything. You go in the land of Arizona in the middle of March and people are walking out in flip flops and shorts and tank tops. I’m like, “This is the life.” Scottsdale is a great place right next to ASU.

I live in South Scottsdale. I lived down the street from ASU too, so it’s a great place.

How has life been since you made that transition?

Life has been great. Sometimes when we have something that we want to do, maybe if it’s a new job or relocate somewhere or take on a new task, a lot of times is that we come up with this fear that we put in our own heads of things. Why work out or why will work out in a way? Once you get over the fact that you’re making up these obstacles in your own head, most of the time it’s just made up. When I made the move, it gave me that reinforcement that, “No matter what big decisions I make, it’s all going to be okay.” That’s been the biggest lesson so far. It’s going to be okay. When I was preparing to get ready to move, you get the butterflies in the stomach for weeks. I was waiting for my mom to downgrade her house back in Boston. I said, “Once we did that, I had nothing holding me back. This is the time.” Twenty-eight days later, I moved to Scottsdale and I pulled that trigger.

GCM 38 | Social Media

Social Media: To be a game changer is to have that level of mentality to deal with the challenges and obstacles that show up in our lives.


It was scary at first because you pull the trigger and then figure it out. Within 28 days, I booked a one-way flight. At that time, I had to figure out what to do with my car, how I’m going to live, how I’m going to do this and that. Sometimes your life feels like it’s breaking down, but it’s coming together. I can’t explain how much of a great practice to step out of your comfort zone. Since I’ve been here, life has been awesome. It’s always been something that I’m either growing or moving forward towards. It’s because I positioned myself in the right place and being the right person at the right time. Those three factors make a huge point and part of it. As entrepreneurs, we grind every day. We’re not scared of fear and we step out of our comfort zone.

It’s something that you said and this really affects a lot of people is the fact that we make up stuff. A lot of times, we make it as though it’s a life and death situation in our lives. It’s like, “I’m not going to do that because that might kill me.” I challenge people and say, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” Even the worst thing, even if it happens, it will still be okay. It may be an experience that you have to go through, perhaps an uncomfortable one but in the end, you’ll get through that. I appreciate you taking the stuff out and sharing that with us on the show. I believe that in life, to be a game changer, to have that level of mentality, to deal with the challenges and obstacles that show up in our lives, living by that philosophy, “It’s going to be okay. It’s not going to kill me. I’m going to survive this.” There’s so much to be gained from thinking.

Les Brown says, “Public service announcement. No one survives this game called life.” What’s moving going to do? Moving across the country and maybe adjust a few things. Is it going to kill me? That might happen anyways. We’re not going to survive anyways. The quicker we realized that not in a negative way, but in a way to realize the fear we’re putting in our head is just made up. We’re not going to survive anyway. If it was your last day, what would you do? Having that reconditioned in my mind keeps me in the state that I can tackle the things I want to tackle. It takes a long time to have that mentality. This is not my first year in personal development.

Six years later of studying personal development, reading books, going to seminars and being around the greats and understanding their philosophy. Now, I’m finally able to put that into action. A lot of times, a lot of people say, “You’re so lucky, Josh. You’re so lucky you could move. You have a career or business that you can work from anywhere.” I said, “That’s what I was preaching years ago. You should set up the life you want to live.” If you know you want to travel, don’t get a job. Find a way to make a business or work a job so you have enough money to fund the business. All of it is a mindset and we make up these things in our head.

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How do you get to that point? I feel that a lot of people are like, “I would like to do that, but I’ve got to feed my family. I’ve got to eat. I’ve got to put clothes on my back. I’ve got to do this now. I’ve got to make this decision now and I can’t go do that. That costs money. I don’t have that money.” Maybe you had support to make that move and they’re like, “I don’t have that support.” What would you say to that person?

Find a strategy that works for you because everyone’s mindset is different. A strategy for someone might not be appealing to someone else. I don’t have any kids at this time. If I had kids, it would be challenging. Would I still do it? 100%. Would it have been challenging? 100%. It’s a different way and we have to become better and smarter on just not changing our goal, but changing the methodology of the strategy to get to the goal. Seeing that in your head is false because the time you spent on your job is great and that’s perfect. You need to do that. You need for your family to do this, but what are you doing the spare time? Are you coming home after your job and watching every Netflix series? Are you watching every Patriots game? Are you watching every Red Sox game? It’s a slight adjustment but it makes the biggest difference. If you’re watching the game, do something productive on your laptop or on your phone. There are so many ways to get creative this day and age and that’s why I believe that we’re drowning with information and we’re starving for wisdom.

Because of that, we have so many ways to do different things. That’s why life has become more stressful and there’s anxiety these days. We didn’t have that before because you just get a 9 to 5 job and you have a family and that’s what you do. You thought that’s what happiness was. As people and adults are realizing, “I’ve been in the job for 40 years and I got cut or I’m not happy or I’m getting divorced because I rushed into a relationship because I was pressured by society.” There are a lot of things that we are conditioned for a long time. In order for us to start seeing things in a different way, we have to do something different. Turn off the TV for 30 minutes. Maybe stay up an extra 30 minutes to read a book. Watch a YouTube video on how-to. People go, “Josh, how do you get this knowledge out of this specific area?” I said, “Have you YouTubed it? Have you googled it?” It’s a lot of times and that’s why people are missing the wisdom part. The wisdom side of it is how you go to realize what your true self and what you truly want. When you get so deep core of it, you have all the answers.

I’ve been around you for a little while. I’ve gotten to know you from our different passings and any events that we’ve attended together. I’m looking at you now. I’m listening to you and there’s a little difference in you and it feels that you are a lot happier. You’re a lot more at peace with where you are in your life and what you’re doing. You’re in your passion. As we talk about having to do the job and taking care of the responsibilities, those things although necessary are separate from your passion. We can blend the two with that passion then you can experience bliss. It seems like that’s what you’re experiencing right now.

GCM 38 | Social Media

Social Media: Everything has an incubation period. You can know or hear something, but it may take time for you to actually start working it out.


Since you’ve known me, I am at a way better place. I’ve heard this from a social media influencer. He was talking about why he moved from East Coast to West Coast. This is a video I was YouTube-ing to get some motivation for myself while I was making the switch. He goes, “Live where it sets your soul on fire.” He says, “Think of what truly makes your soul at peace with itself.” My parents were immigrants from the Dominican Republic, my dad moving over here moving to Boston, Massachusetts. I realized that we moved around back then for a job opportunity. If you take that out of the equation, there’s a filter that was in the way where you go, “I have to stay here because of the job, family, prior commitments or I’m scared of this.” When you take that filter away, you’ll realize that’s not an issue anymore. If I could work from anywhere, this is what makes me happy. For me, making that decision makes it easier.

I am super happy because I work all day every day. I work all the time. Nothing has changed when it comes through my grind or my work as an entrepreneur. I’m in a place where after I’m done working, I’m able to just to walk outside and go to the gym and it would be sunny out. If it’s still nice outside, I could still go for a run in the morning or night. Being around the environment that I enjoy makes a big difference. That’s what’s been helping me stay at peace. I have been meditating every day. I might have missed a day or two, but there’s not one day I don’t fall asleep to meditation or wake up with meditation and start meditation. Since that process, I felt that’s what’s helped me manifest everything I wanted. I get my negativity and my thought process since I was younger as a kid out of the way and go into my true self of what I truly want. That’s been the procedure. For the past few years, I meditate every day and I did it and it worked. I’m not a genius, but I do know trial and error. If I do something and it gets the result, then I would keep doing it.

Everything has an incubation period. You can know something or hear something, but it may take time for you to start walking that thing out. The sooner we can get to it, the better. It goes to say, “You’ve got to make that transition. You’ve got to go through that process.” I’m sure it required some discipline on your behalf and say, “I’m going to do this now and I’m going to do it tomorrow. I’m going to do it every day.” That commitment has to get in there. That’s the perfect example for the audience of what that looks like. You are a social media black belt. You’re the Owner and Founder of Grow Now Social Media. That’s how you are serving the world. That’s how you’re giving back your gifts to society. Talk to us about that.

I love that I was able to get into the social media marketing game for two reasons. First, I love helping. If I’m in a position where I’m able to help a business market in a way that they may not have seen it before, maybe change the strategy or understand that if you do one, two, three, you get ABC. That’s the first thing. The second thing is social media. It’s me being developed into social media. I’ve seen people businesses go from zero to billions from social media. The founders of Instagram, the founders of Snapchat. Even the guy who made the face recognition on Snapchat made close to $1 billion. Getting into around where life is going, it is exciting. At the same part, I’m able to apply everything I’ve learned while managing a brick and mortar business and apply it to help others market.

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I managed a karate school for about five years. Some of those years I was teaching and the majority of those years I was managing the school. I was doing everything. I was in charge of income, I was in charge of gross and I was in charge of marketing. I was doing everything and teaching every class too. That gets you in a position where you want to focus on teaching. We had systemized parts so we maximize our time. We get to the milk and butter, which is the teaching part. Because of that, I got obsessed with business. For me, gaining more business and gaining more karate students, felt like I was getting more impact. The more students that came into work with me, the more people I can impact.

I was studying business. I was only watching Shark Tank and The Profit for 40 years. I didn’t even have cable. A lot of times I was obsessed because I realized, “I want to help more students. I have to get better at business.” As business owners, we forget that no matter how good you are at this day and age internally or as a business, if you’re not portraying that on social media, then you’re going to lose and you’re losing a majority part of your audience. About 70% of Millennials will check your business on Facebook before Google because they’re on Facebook. They’re on Instagram, they’re on Snapchat.

I get super excited to work with certain companies that already are great internally. I turned over this one company out here in Arizona. The way they treat their staff is awesome. They give back. They give community service and I’m like, “This is great.” Only ten of you knows it because it’s only ten of you inside. No one’s posted on social media. No one’s highlighting the strengths and the skills to show the true authenticity of a brand. That’s why I come in and help a lot of businesses to have a brand story so they can speak from their true self. A lot of times it can be good or a bad thing. It can be a good thing exposing your business and it could be a bad thing exposing if maybe your business is not where it wants to be.

Social media does help. People go, “Josh, you’re everywhere.” I was like, “I know and all I do is document as much as I can and there’s still more to document.” I tell people that my next goal is to have a full-time videographer to record my life. I’ve always said this to my karate students when I used to teach karate, “If you’ve lived with me, your life will be different. I didn’t have to say anything to you but based on the actions I do, your life will be different. If you live with me for 72 hours, you’ll see the disciplines I make. You’ll see the things I do. You’ll see the things I sacrifice. Maybe a little bit of pleasure for some knowledge or instead of doing something on the weekend, maybe I would just stay in.

GCM 38 | Social Media

Social Media: You can use social media as a way of displaying your authenticity because being transparent about where you are in life is huge.


That transparency is huge. That’s the number one thing. Understanding social media is transparency and highlighting what you do whether it’s right or wrong. If you’re maybe doing something that’s not as much or you should be doing, then you should have to post more. You have to just get better and get it out there. That’s why I want to talk to a lot of companies about the mindset behind social media marketing. Yes, you have to do nicely converting funnels. Yes, you have to split the AB test on Facebook ads. Yes, you have to learn how to do retargeting Facebook ads and how to target demographics, interests and behaviors which is great. You’re getting in front of the right people, but if you’re not the right person in front of the right people, it doesn’t matter. They’re not going to buy. They’re not going to listen. They’re not going to read. They’re not going to do what you want. It’s understanding the structure of it and once you understand the structure of how you want your social media out to the world, from there, it’s execution.

People can gather all types of conceptions about what people post out there on social media. It has a lot of stuff out there. A lot of people think that it’s inauthentic, it’s not real and people are staging and things like that. What is your thought about the misconceptions about social media agencies?

It’s like anything else. This is a new industry. I don’t know how they did it back in the ‘40s or ‘30s or ‘20s or when real estate started, but there was a point where real estate agents and real estate was an industry. It was like, “I don’t know all this complex stuff about real estate and all the liens and this and taxes and that and closing and this.” What happened was, an industry came up with real estate agents. How is someone going to want to work with you as a real estate agent compared to someone else? Real estate agents, if you pay $500, if you pass the test, now you can buy or sell houses. It’s the same with social media marketing agencies where you’ll get an LLC, you have a website because you know how to build a website and now you’re a marketing agency.

The misconception is all social media marketing agencies are the same, which is incorrect. You have to understand the person behind the marketing agency. You have to understand what results they’ve given from other people. They have to understand that they have to be able to provide some type of result in order for them to keep working with you. A lot of times marketing agencies has a lot of people who are smart with a laptop, smart at creating websites but never ran a business before. The communication from business owner to business owner is different. When you have someone who has experience running a business and now in a position to help businesses, they are able to see the outside perspective that sometimes we can’t see. I’m allowed to give feedback or some marketing agencies that ran well can be able to give feedback to truly help a business strive or move forward.

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In this day and age, it’s important to be able to display your ability to engage and establishing that relationship. Even though it is virtuous over a social media, there’s still a certain level of engagement and connectivity that occurs through the post, through the visibility and through the display. That’s what creates the sale nowadays versus the big banister or the pretty poster. Now it’s, “I’ve got to feel. I’ve got to be able to feel you via social media.” That’s the competition now. What are your thoughts on that?

As you said, not portray but display. I feel like a lot of influencers or big marketing agencies, because it’s picture perfect that we get to feel but when you meet the person in real life, there’s a disconnect. There has to be some type of congruency of who you are. I tell people, “If you think I’m positive on social media, meet me in real life.” I always see people posting a quote because it’s cool and sexy and everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and digital marketer. We portray a life that we’re living so display it. If you’re congruent, people respect you 100% more. They see you on social media, they meet you in person and they go, “This person is truly like you are online, on Instagram.” I’ve met people and go, “You’re like how you are on Instagram stories.” I’m like, “That’s exactly who I am.” I’ve met big influencers and I was like, “I think I liked you better on Instagram.” They’re portraying a lifestyle or maybe a life to live and it’s foolish. I did a post and I was like, “If you go back to 2012 on my Instagram, my fourth or fifth post was a motivational quote.” I was doing that in 2012 when it wasn’t sexy. A couple of years later, people are forgetting the core of it, that it takes time, it takes patience and it takes knowledge.

At this day and age, you can’t fake it until you make it. You have to act to make it. Being transparent about where you are in life is huge. I always tell people where exactly I am in life. Even when I work with marketing clients, I tell clients all the time too. I go, “I want to make sure I want to work with you too. That’s how I want to run a business. I’m going to be super honest with you, be super honest with me.” Having that transparency and the congruency is what’s going to separate a great marketing agency compared to a marketing agency that just started because a person created a website and they can run some Facebook ads.

Businesses use social media as a billboard whereas, you can use social media as a way of disciplining your authenticity like, “This is who I am. This is what I do. I’m going to lay it out there for you. Come and see us and if you don’t like us, somebody out there will.” It’s not like, “Let’s use this and maybe we can get some clients.” It’s a different game-changing mentality. That makes the difference between sales nowadays. I want to work with people that feel me. I want to attract the people that get me. I’m not even trying to get everybody. I don’t want everybody. I want the ones that I can connect with and we can vibe. I feel that energy. There is connection and chemistry. Those are the people that I want to connect with me and I connected to them. You mentioned, “You think I’m a positive person on social media. If you met me in person, you’ll think that I’m a positive person.” You have this thing where you’re happy every day. This is who you are. A lot of people out there may feel that it’s impossible to be happy every day. There’s a balance. You got the yin and the yang, the polar opposite. First of all, what do you say to that? Secondly, how do you maintain such a consistent level of happiness and positivity?

GCM 38 | Social Media

Social Media: The longer time you spend with a certain feeling, the more attractive it becomes.


My question to them is this. When they go, “Can you truly be happy every day?” I’ll ask them this question, “Have you seen people being depressed every day?” I’ve been in that position where I felt like that. I’ve been in the position when I was in a rut for seven days straight or fourteen days straight. There are some people who are still in the rut five days from now. My question to them would be, “If you believe you can be depressed or unhappy for a month straight because you broke up in a relationship or something must have happened, then why can’t you be happy every day?” It’s just an emotion. The issue is, we’ve never been taught emotional fitness growing up as kids. We’re taught school and education, physical fitness, but no one’s ever taught us how to become emotionally fit, which our brain is the most complex thing in the world. We can’t even fathom to think certain parts of our brain and how it does certain things, but yet we don’t take time to realize how it works.

I don’t wake up happy every day. We wake up and get myself happy every day just like how people wake up and get themselves depressed or negative every day. Because we’re so conditioned, we sometimes wake up and we go automatic. The majority of the population is not meditating. You’re getting a chance for the body-mind connection and the heart to connect. Feel and take the time to look at yourself outside of the picture of life. Because we don’t do that, that’s the cause of the mindset to think that we can be positive every day and all this is emotion.

If you could be depressed every day because you wake up and you think about three things you’re unhappy for. You wake up and you look at Instagram and you see a sixteen-year-old billionaire because he created a new app, you go, “I’m 38 or 45 and I’m just working on my dogs every day so I don’t feel good.” I’m not saying that something is wrong with that but it’s a perspective. For me, how to be happy every day is perspective. Perspective is key and that’s what I’ve been good at is understanding my own perspective and ask myself better questions internally to get a better answer.

You know this perfectly, Rodney. They told you that you weren’t going to be able to walk again. They told you that you won’t be able to do this because of the football injury. Look at you crushing life and doing a podcast. Maybe you’re not everywhere where you want to be, but you’re happy. You’re moving forward. You’re living the life that you’re progressing. It’s perspective. If I’m in a bad mood or someone’s in a bad mood or something happens to me, I go, “If I took the time to walk to my local hospital and sit in the kid’s cancer unit, when kids only have two to three weeks to live. If you’re going to tell me that you’re upset because you popped your tire or you’re upset that your boss told you that you’re fired or you’re upset that something happened in your family. You guys got into an argument. That’s why I’m happy every day.” I wake up grateful because people don’t take life seriously. I was like, “Has anyone not been to a funeral?” I’ve been to my grandfather’s funeral, I’ve been to a friend’s funeral who committed suicide in high school. I was like, “This is all it took.” Seeing this, life is not a joke.

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The quicker you realize that, the quicker you can appreciate and live more. They even got to say, “You’re just positive.” I go, “No, I got myself positive every day because I realized positive vibes attract positive things. If I’m going to take up space in this life, I only have a certain amount of time. We had this much amount of time and then at the end, it’s done in this physical world. Why not feel the feelings and emotions you liked the most while you’re in this time? Because I asked them these curious questions through tons of books behind me. That’s all I do. Through all those times of me doing so, it makes sense for me to wake up and practice gratitude and practice appreciation. It’s not that I feel don’t negative or I don’t feel depressed at times or I don’t feel things. I minimize that feeling because the longer time I’m in that feeling, the more I will attract it.

If I’m in a negative, depressed, downstate, I’m going to keep track in it. Sometimes I still play around with that where I’ll think negative. I’m like, “It’s all you had.” If I’m thinking about it so much, it happens to me right away. It’s either good or bad, but being consciously aware of that is key and that’s a great exercise that people should do. Wake up and go to a hospital and realize how lucky you are in this world. Og Mandino said, “I complained about my feet hurt until I saw a man with no legs.” Something in that nature gives you this perspective of good or bad. It’s always good or bad, but if you condition yourself to be in a good perspective, that’s why I’m happy every day.

I’m always aware of it, thinking about it in my head because I made it such a habit. A lot of times it was because of my experience teaching. Because of being a black belt instructor, I had to show up. No matter what day I had, I had to show up for the kids because it wasn’t about me. That’s what life is about. It’s not about you, it’s about others. When you’re truly aware and present and you have yourself out of your own head, that’s how you can connect with others. That’s how you can build a relationship. That’s how you can scale a business or mark yourself because you’re being who you are. Because of teaching, I happen to show up every day, six days a week. It conditioned me to do the same thing about life. When I stopped teaching, I gained that depression. I lost that fulfillment. There’s a period where I was transitioned from teaching. I had to get a few jobs before I started my agency and I gained 30 pounds. I was losing my mindset. I was angry and I was broke. I didn’t know what to do. That’s why a lot of times people go, “You’re just happy.” I’ll go, “Years before this, I was happy every day. Then this happens and I lose it and I was like, ‘Why did I lose that mojo?”’

There are certain things I did in my head to create that. There are things to get out of it that we have to understand the practice. My thing to people about being positive is not a one-step or one strategy. There are certain steps you have to take in order to live this type of life every day, which I recommend to anyone. This time is going to go, so why not experience happiness and positivity? It’s going to go anyway, so why not enjoy it? That’s why I challenged people. If you’re depressed every day, why not be positive and happy every day? It feels better alone. It’s like Christmas morning. We used to wake up Christmas morning ready for presents. It’s that kid-like feeling. As we get adults, we have to be serious. The ones who are the most successful are the ones who have kid-like tendencies, not in the way of irresponsible, but more of being in a way of not allowing your mentality and your fear to stop you.

GCM 38 | Social Media

Social Media: Sometimes, we make things harder than it really has to be.


You’re going to be leaving a legacy behind. It’s your own fire. Talk to us about that. You’re on a mission. What is this legacy you want to leave behind?

For me, my legacy is not to be positive or happy every day. My legacy to leave is to get people to realize that you can be positive and happy every day. Majority of times, we only do things because we think of what we can or cannot do or if someone has done it before. It’s like the person who broke the four-minute mile. The moment they broke it, high school kids were breaking the year after. My legacy wouldn’t be like, “Live positive and happy every day.” My legacy is that I want people to understand that you can be positive and happy every. My legacy is going to be that. I’m going to be me and I’m going to live my life happy and positive every day. Maybe it will get me the results I want and maybe it won’t, but going through the process of life, I’m going to feel.

If you think about taking yourself back to the times we didn’t have careers or times we didn’t have an economy, it will put us on this world where we’ll hunt and live. There’s no right or wrong way to live life only to think that there is a right way to live is the issue. My legacy is to get people to realize that you can be happy and you can be positive every day. You have to find a strategy and I challenge you to do so and that’s pretty much it. Besides that, fame and money, do I want that too? Of course. Am I going to scale my business and do I want to make millions of dollars? Of course because that gives you total freedom. However, who I am as a person would never change. That’s where sometimes a lot of people are associated with the outcome, but they don’t get the chance to enjoy the journey. This is fun. I love enjoying the journey.

When I first moved here, I lived on a couch for three weeks. I didn’t put that on my Instagram. I was putting outside pictures and people go, “Josh, you’re living life.” I was like, “You wouldn’t even know.” My life is awesome. They’re like, “How do you live?” I was like, “I’m living great. The couch feels horrible on my back. I’m worried how am I going to make this payment. I’m worried about doing this. I’m worried about how my clients are. I’m worried about this.” I kept on being positive and being happy and that helped me overcome everything. It still is to this day and it’s still going to this day. If we’re quicker in getting that state of mind, then all obstacles become minimal.

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You describe the game changer mentality because it’s all about how you think. It’s your mentality towards all these outward environmental factors that occur in our lives and it’s a choice. You can wake up and choose to be depressed or you can wake up and choose to be happy. The most beautiful thing about that is there’s always something to be happy for. I don’t care what position you are in or how bad it makes me. There’s always someone somewhere in worse shape than you. If you are alive, it’s better than the alternative and that’s not being alive.

Someone somewhere took their last breath and you, regardless of how bad it is, you still have breath and that means you still have the opportunity. That is something to be happy about even if that’s all you have as an opportunity. If all you have is your breath, wake up and be able to see the sun. Someone can’t see and someone has lost their sight. Someone can’t feel and someone can’t get up and walk and you have that. That is something to be grateful for. Putting these things into perspective, that’s the key to life. That’s the key to success. Josh, how can people find you? If they wanted to connect with you or find out more about social media marketing agency, how can they reach you?

If you’re on Instagram, you can reach me at @JoshMunoz__. For Facebook, you can follow me at Grow Now Social Media Agency. You can also connect with me as Joshua Munoz on Facebook as well as LinkedIn or whatever platform it is. Make sure you connect with me so you can day in and day out of what I go through and how I drop some knowledge when it comes to happiness. That’s what I like to do on my social media. At the same time through that, you’ll see marketing. I do marketing directly. People go, “Josh, you don’t talk about Facebook ads and converting funnels and sales funnels.” It’s like, “I don’t. I talk about who I am.” Through that, I’m going to attract the people I want to work with.

I want to say thank you for being on the show. I personally enjoyed having you here during this time and I know the audience did. This was a very powerful and impactful show. I want to say thank you for being here. Maybe you might need to come on the team.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my story.

Anytime we can serve you and help you spread positivity across this country and across the world, we’re all about that. What you have is very positive. It’s very life-changing and it’s simple. This is not rocket science. Sometimes we make things harder than it has to be. Taking that trip down to the floor of the hospital that has those cancer patients, you talk about putting things in perspective. You got to do it. Thank you for that. We appreciate you. Thank you for our audience. I want to remind you to go check us out on Facebook, The Game Changer Transformation Community. You’re going to want to join us. It’s a network of people that have the same game-changing mentality that you have. We’re all trying to develop and taking it to a whole other level and making sure we have the right perspective on life. We’re here to help and support each other so we can leave that legacy that Josh was so passionately talking about. I want to thank you and I hope that you will visit us again. We appreciate you being here with us with so much love and gratitude. Josh, do you have any final words for the audience?

Be happy.

There you have it. Short, sweet and to the point. As we always say, I want you to remember that greatness is your birthright. Peace and love.

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