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Bounce Back From Any Setback Stronger Than Ever- Rodney Flowers, a High School star athlete, in a split second on the field was paralyzed and told he would never move again.

Rodney is a true Miracle, and teaches – Master the Art of Bravery, Determination, and Positive Mindset, and You Can Bounce Back From Any Setback—Stronger Than Ever
Rodney believes, his purpose on earth, revolves around finding answers to this question:

How can we live better, more fulfilled lives regardless of the scars of our past and the setbacks of our present?

We all have challenges—His biggest one yet has literally been the inability to move in the direction of his dreams. The problem was overwhelming at first, but the options in front of him were actually quite simple: take the hit and stay down, or resolve to get up and change the game.

His choice made all the difference in his quality of life and has allowed himself to be a positive influence on the lives of others (probably more so than if he made it to the NFL!!). A tragic incident redirected his dreams; He didn’t give it permission to dissolve them. His renewed passion is helping people become the engineers of their futures instead of victims of their circumstances.

Sure, his past is part of my story, but it doesn’t define who he is. The same goes for you. He says, “An extraordinary life is waiting for you just over the horizon of your self-defeating beliefs, your doubts, and your excuses. I promise you that.”

Are you ready to reinvent your reality?

Listen to Rodney Flowers – his life – his story:


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October 28, 2019

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