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Wednesday, April 29 2015 @ Noon (Eastern)

Rodney Flowers: “Grit Up” Rather Than “Give Up”

Rodney Flowers is no stranger to struggle. After a traumatic high-school football injury in 1993, Rodney Flowers was rendered a quadriplegic, bound to the confines of his wheelchair. Although he was told his prognosis for recovery was unfavorable, Rodney knew he would turn things around, make an impact on the world, and walk again. This incident caused Rodney to embark upon a journey… one of self-discovery, self-discipline, and re-creation – in spite of debilitating logic and expectations that he would never, ever recover. He’s the author of the life-affirming and highly-inspiring bestselling book, Get Up!, I Can’t, I Will, I Did.

Listen here: http://www.drjoannewhite.com/rodney-flowers/


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February 1, 2018

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