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There’s never a bad time to think about improving your overall wellness. As cliché as it may sound, health is wealth always holds true whatever walk of life you’re in. Wellness expert Adri Kyser joins Rodney Flowers this episode to share her knowledge and wisdom on wellness as she explains why your health should be at the core of everything that you do. She goes on to elaborate on why taking control of your health would, in turn, take control of your life, be it personally or professionally. Adri also talks about our power to control our thoughts and actions and how it translates to how we experience life as a whole. Also, in this episode, learn some great tips on how you can start to improve yourself, your wellness, and your sense of self.

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Overall Wellness: Taking Back The Control Of Your Health And Life With Adri Kyser

As always, I’m excited about this show. We’re going to be talking about wellness, which is a hot topic with all this going on in our society and in the world. There is no better time to talk about wellness coping mechanisms. How can we remain mentally, emotionally and physically healthy? I have an expert here by the name of Adri Kyser. She’s an international wellness expert who has spent the past several years helping highly driven women stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and start living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. She has her own process called the Enlightened Alchemy method, which she has used to help thousands of women worldwide achieve everything from reduced pain and stress to increase confidence and productivity. She has a host of certificates and trainings. She has agreed to come on the show and share some of her knowledge, herself, her wisdom, her experience with us. Without further ado, let’s welcome Adri Kyser to the show.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m thrilled to be here with you and talking about wellness and everything that wellness has to offer.

Thank you for agreeing to come on the show and spend some time with me and with my audience. We’re living in a world where there’s so much that we have to process, we are dealing with. It can be a distraction. It could be mentally draining, emotionally debilitating. I wanted to talk to you about how do we navigate all of that? What are some things that we can do to put ourselves in a place of health, groundedness, peace with so much chaos and distractions around us? I can imagine that some may find it difficult to experience peace. Before you and I started the show, we were talking about the stats on how many people are stressed. Some are committing suicide. The suicide rates are increasing.

People are feeling overwhelmed, exhaustion and stress. I want to talk to you about maybe some mechanisms, some ideas, some practices that perhaps we can implement to counter those effects, maybe some ideas that you have around wellness. Why is it so important? Why should we consider wellness as a topic to address in our day-to-day lives? I want to get into that conversation with you. First, could you tell the audience a little bit more? Your introduction is long. You’ve done so much in your life, if you can give the audience a little bit about who you are and your background.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where I went to law school for a few years before moving to the US. I truly believe my journey started when I was a little girl. I felt this calling. This is how I know what it is called. Before it was like this deep need, I could feel it in my body at an early age that I wanted to make a positive difference in people’s life. I wanted to fight for the underdog. I wanted to be the voice for the voiceless. I was one of them. I was bullied and abused by a family member as a child. I was slapped in the face and being told you weren’t good enough, all these different things. When I moved to the US then I encounter racist remarks for being a Latina, for having an accent, for looking differently.

All of that led to months of no speaking because I was afraid. First of all, I was embarrassed. I felt inadequate. I felt small, even though it didn’t matter that I spoke multiple languages. It didn’t matter, all the accomplishments I’d done, law school and all this stuff. All I could hear was those, “You’re not good enough. You can’t speak English.” That led to chronic pain for over a decade. People don’t realize how much their mind, health and wellness has to do with everything that you’re experiencing life. For me, even though I try all these conventional treatments to help me find relief from pain, I will only get temporary results. In that moment, I had the choice. I realized that in order for me to take control back of my life, of my health and everything else, I had to go deeper. I had to address the mental and emotional aspects of myself and not just the physical pain. I was willing already to live a future where I had to take medications like I was eating candy to cope with pain.

We all have experienced pain in our life, whether it comes from heartbreak, loss, failure, disappointment, even abuse. What you and I have in common is that we all cope with pain the best way we can with the tools we have at any given time. For me, it meant to bury all those painful memories and emotions while pushing myself harder, trying harder, working harder to prove to myself and others that I was good enough. For some people reading, they turn towards food, hoping that food will feel the void. They eat through their feelings. For some other people, it’s waking up at 2:00 in the morning worrying and stressing since they can no longer control or change, even replaying a situation that happened over and over in their heads. This type of pain eventually catches up with you affecting your health, your relationships, your finances, even your business.

For the past several years, I have dedicated my life, first of all, to heal myself, which thankfully I did. Second, to helping thousands of men and women worldwide, the importance of addressing their health, how they can transform their pain into purpose and their fear into confidence. That’s why the Enlightened Alchemy method was born. It’s the opportunity that we have all of us, no matter where we are. Don’t worry about, “I’m too late. I’m sick. I’m broken,” whatever the stories we tell ourselves. It is never too late to start thinking about your health. To put the Dalai Lama, said that the suppressing the most is men because they will sacrifice their health in order to achieve wealth. They spend all their money trying to get their health back. For me, that’s the cycle we need to break.

GCM 200 | Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness: If you don’t have wellness, it will affect everything else in your life, like how you stand up to the world or how you experience everything, including your health.


During these several years of experience, I discovered there are four pillars when it comes to complete happiness, health and fulfillment. Number one is physical health, how you take care of your body. Number two, mental wellness, how you perceive the world. Number three, emotional intelligence, how you experience the world. Number four, spiritual connection, how you feed your soul. As I mentioned those four things, you think, “I have the cover. I need to work on that.” What makes these different? This is what helped me based in my personal journey and based on those helping people is that we have to work simultaneously on all four pillars. It’s like having a chair. If you only have one leg on that chair, that chair is not going to be stabled. You cannot sit on it. If you only have two, it’s the same thing. If you have three, it’s the same thing. You need all four pillars in order to find that company complete health and wellness that then transfer to all aspects of your life.

Before we get into how do we start to put those four things into play through methods or practices, is there a step one should take to check in? Not everyone believes that they have or need to take on these types of practices. They don’t have a mental issue. They don’t have any emotional issues. They are well. “I’m not sick. I don’t take pills. I get my regular physical. I’m okay.” Is that enough? Is there something there that one should do to check in to see? Is it your recommendation that you should check in any way, regardless of what traditional medicine says or traditional doctors may recommend? What’s your response to that?

I will say checking with yourself every day. Awareness is key. You can be healthy, but are you fulfilled? Are you happy? Is everything that you’re doing in alignment with who you are meant to be? Are you living the life that you desire? Are your relationships supporting you? Are you setting healthy boundaries? Are you waking up in the morning excited for the day ahead? Are you doing what you’re passionate about? If you didn’t have to get paid by during the work that you’re doing, would you still do it anyways? Are you surrounded by the right people? You can be healthy. You can have all the money in the world. Maybe your business is flourishing and fantastic. More power to you. Examine what other areas of your life you can do better. I truly believe that no matter how much experience we have, how much health we have, how much happiness we enjoy, there’s always room for improvement.

I’ve been teaching wellness, coaching, doing energy work and teaching yoga for a long time. It doesn’t matter. Every day I learn something new if I’m willing to. I’m healthy. I don’t have pains. I don’t take medication. I go to my doctor once a year. I have a clean bill of health. It’s wonderful. Address the other parts of your life. I want to change the narrative of the story by saying, first of all, health is wealth. Without your health, nothing else matters. Second, we can measure the success in your life not by the things, the accomplishments and how much money is in your bank account. What about if we measure the success in our life by how much joy, happiness, love we give and receive equally?

I work with so many people. Believe it or not, I work with men and women that they’re in position of power. What I mean by that is they’re executives. They’re business owners. They have it all together to the outside world, yet they’re still struggling with setting boundaries, with speaking up. They’re still struggling with childhood stuff, maybe a relationship with their family or the lack of. Trauma has to be something horrible and big. Trauma can be something as simple as you being in kindergarten or first grade and a couple of kids saying, “Rodney, you’re a baby because only babies wear Winnie the Pooh shirts.” That’s traumatic. As funny as it sound, that happened to my son. He was in kindergarten when somebody was calling him a baby for wearing the Winnie the Pooh T-shirt. I was like, “Words have power.”

As an adult, you’re like, “Winnie the Pooh doesn’t matter.” That created a pattern within you that if you don’t have the awareness, it will affect everything else in life, how you stand up to the world or how you experienced everything including your health. I didn’t speak for months because I was so embarrassed about my accent. A couple of people say, “These stupid, ignorant immigrants, why don’t they go back to their countries? Why they don’t speak English?” It left me voiceless. Until one day I said, “Let me show you. Let me do this. I speak English. I speak Spanish. I used to speak Italian fluently. I went to law school.”

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When you realize that you have the choice to take power back, to control your life, when I say control, not control every aspect, but to control what you want to believe, what you want to feel, what you want to achieve, then nothing else can stop you. That’s the number one thing. Checking with yourself. Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? What areas of your life can you get better or find improvement? What areas of your life can you bring balance and feel that you are in a state of alignment and in flow with who you are meant to be?

I feel that’s a struggle for a lot of people. I can’t agree with you more. I check in every single day. Sometimes I’m not happy with some things that I find. We’re going to talk about that too. “How do we start the healing process? Am I doing the thing that I enjoyed doing? If I wasn’t getting paid for this, would I do it?” I can feel that some people were feeling like they don’t have that option. What is your response to them?

I understand people are like, “I have to pay bills. I lost my job. Now, I’m doing this job. I’ll find something else.” I completely get it. One of the pillars is what I call clearing the canvas. It refers to cleaning out all the negativity, all the negative self-talk, all the false belief, all the negative parts that prevent you from achieving the fullest potential. How many of us have grown up to hearing, “Money doesn’t grow on trees?” There are many things that we have heard in the past when we are kids and we’re listening to external stuff that we adopt as our own belief.

Your mind is a powerful tool. You can create wonderful, amazing things with your mind or it can hold you back big time. When you are constantly thinking negative thoughts where you are conforming, when you are comparing yourself, I say, “Comparison is a thief of joy.” When you’re constantly feeding the negativity, guess what you’re attracting. First of all, your thoughts become beliefs. Your belief will affect your biology. Meaning, your beliefs will affect the way your body behaves, the way your body experience health or lack of health. It will affect you. Your belief will take whether you take action or you don’t take action. If you’re born and your already here, you are going to be doing this.

Let’s say somebody say, “I want to be a singer. I want to be an artist.” Your family says, “You’re not. You’re meant to be a doctor or a lawyer. You’re going to that. Art doesn’t pay the bills.” That creates this pattern in your head unconsciously that you’re like, “Maybe it’s right. Maybe I have to sacrifice my dreams in order to pay bills.” Why I say this? We have the power to take control of our thoughts and our actions. We get to choose every single day how we want to live our lives. I understand people are saying, “It’s easier said than done, but I still have to do this job the other way to pay bills.” It’s like, “What about every day sometime whether in the morning or at night time, you can find something to be grateful for that job?”

Gratitude is a powerful tool that can transform your life. “I’m grateful that I have this job that’s helping me pay bills.” During that time, you begin to find all the things to be grateful for and then also actively begin to change your vibration, visualize and think about the ideal job that you can have that not only will pay your bills, that will give you more than enough, but also bring fulfillment into your life. I can be complaining about my job every day, but if I’m not actively working on my mindset and myself and I’m not actively looking for better jobs, nothing is going to change. I feel for everybody in that situation. I understand you. I hear you. I see you.

GCM 200 | Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness: We have the power to take control of our thoughts and our actions. We get to choose every single day how we want to live our life.


There are things that you can start doing even small things like practicing gratitude. It doesn’t cost you any money. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It will begin to change your vibration. As you vibrate, you think, you believe and you attract. Think of yourself as being the magnet. A magnet that’s attracting to your life, whatever it is. “I’m going to change that vibration.” If you’re in a state of negativity, if you’re in a funk, if you were frustrated, everyday it’s like, “I hate this job. I don’t want to come to this job.” Is it going to get better? No. It’s going to get worse because that’s what you’re feeding. That’s number one thing. That’s one of those pillars, it’s mindset.

Our mind is powerful. How do we know that we are constantly thinking negative thoughts? Our negative thoughts are lifting negative beliefs or limiting beliefs that then lead to action or inaction. I had a client that said, “Adri, I know better, but why do I continue to react the same way even when I know and I see myself reacting the way I’m no longer want to react?” That’s what I call being the hamster wheel. That’s your go to pattern. The number one thing to do right there is become aware. It’s like when you are in a room that is dirty, that’s messy, but because the lights are out and it’s dark, you cannot see the mess. You cannot see how dirty it is. Awareness is turning on the light so then you can see the mess and then begin to clean up the process.

How do we start the healing process when we are doing those check-ins and we’re finding those feelings, even the job? I appreciate the gratitude step. That’s important. What are some other things that we can do to start this healing process?

First of all, continuing with this process. One of the things I tell everybody when I do interviews and stuff like this is, “Write in a journal or a journal practice.” When I say that half of the people are happy, half of the people were like, “Seriously?” Why? Awareness is key. When you started writing a book, whether it’s in a journal, whether it’s once a day, once a week, make sure that it’s consistent, you write. Whatever is in your head, write it out then go back, whether it’s once a week, twice a month or once a month. Go back and read what you’re writing because that is going to give you patterns. That’s going to show you that you’ve been thinking about this over and over.

As human beings, we have an average 70,000 thoughts per day, yet only 10% of those are original thoughts. Meaning 90% are repetitions of the thoughts we have the day before, the week before, the year before and so forth. That’s why it’s so important to become aware of your thoughts. When you’re journaling, you go back and read what you’re writing about, you’re going to see patterns. You’re going to be like, “I’m complaining about these a hundred times. I need to do something about it.” It has been scientifically proven that journaling will help you improve your wellness, your sense of self and helps you retrain your brain to focus on the positive.

We have been hardwired. Our brain has been naturally hardwired to concentrate on the negative. Imagine you have 10 experiences, 500 neutral, 4 are positive and 1 is negative. Chances are, you’re going to think about the negative thing the rest of the day to night. Maybe you wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it, maybe tomorrow, the next day and so forth, when you recognize that you’re able to retrain your brain to concentrate on the positive AKA gratitude practice that begins the healing process with the mindset. There’s a free book called From Limited to Limitless that I give my clients and I’m happy to offer to your audience.

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In the workbook, it’s super simple, but it gives you steps and questions for you to become aware of some of the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself. Limiting beliefs is running in the background unconsciously. It’s like when you have multiple tabs open in your computer where you only see the tab that’s in front of you. A limiting belief is something that holds you back, that keeps you playing small, that feed into this stuff. When you become aware of, “One of my limiting beliefs is money doesn’t grow on trees or you’re not good enough.” With that book, you begin to do the homework, find the limiting beliefs.

Number two in the healing process is choosing. Making a choice, even not making a choice is a choice. “Now that I know I have this limiting belief or I know that this is not working in my life, am I going to choose to do something about it and change it or am I going to choose to stay where I am?” The reason I say this because so many people are married to their story. They say, “I want to heal from these. I want to change these. I want to fix this. I want to achieve that.” In order to get all those things, if they don’t make the choice to let go of the narrative of the story they’re telling themselves, nothing will change.

Number one, become aware. Number two, making a choice. Number three, taking an action. If you don’t take action, all your wishes are going to stay as a wish. Taking an action or what I call inspire action is the action that’s going to take you closer to the end result that you want. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary, especially if you’re committing to your health. People tell me, “Adri, I want to make more money. Adri, find my soulmate. I want to lose weight.” It’s fantastic. As we begin to work together, guess what happens. Oftentimes they realize that what they say they want is not strong as a desire to stay in the known, to stay in the safe.

You have to ask yourself, “How committed and willing am I going to be to achieve these?” When I had that chronic pain for over a decade, I was committed. I was going to all this external stuff to help me. It wasn’t until I became fully committed. No matter what, I’m going to face my fears, my doubts, my insecurities, all the stuff that’s preventing me from finding my complete health. That moment I realized how committed I was, I got what I wanted because I committed to it. Those are three things, awareness, choice and take inspired action.

What about individuals that have attachments to the past or attachments to the story? These are emotional attachments. I’ve found that some people, maybe something happened to them in the past. I hear you and I completely agree about the limiting beliefs. I have encountered individuals who have deep rooted identity attachments or profiles because there are some serious issues. There are levels to this. I want to go deep on this, if you’re willing to go with me. Some of my clients that I’ve talked to have dealt with some heavy stuff talking about sexual abuse, physical abuse and things like that. Those things are traumatizing to individuals. Sometimes you have to take it a step further, maybe a couple of steps further, to dis-attach from the belief and the trauma that happens from those experiences. Do you have any suggestions and recommendations regarding those types of experiences?

Let me share my story a little bit more. I was bullied and beat up by my aunt when I was a little girl. Nobody knew. When you are physically abused by a family member or somebody older than you, you think it’s your fault. You think you are the one that deserve that, especially when you’re threatened, “Do not say anything to anybody.” It wasn’t until later where my entire family found out what happened. What they didn’t realize is that for me, I completely erase the abuse out of my conscious memory. My coping mechanism was never to be a victim. It was burying, go harder, try harder. How that affected me though? It was years of unconsciously not being able to trust women, why? It’s because it was my aunt, women that were in position of authority.

GCM 200 | Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness: It has been scientifically proven that journaling will help you improve yourself, your wellness, and your sense of self.


Even though I wanted to have girlfriends, friendships and sisterhood, at the same time, my limiting belief was, “Be careful. They’re going to hurt you. Be careful. You cannot trust them.” It became a self-fulfilling prophecy. It wasn’t until my son was about the same age I was, we’re playing. All of a sudden, something triggered the memories. In that moment, I could see that particular timing and place when she’s pulling my hair, slapping my face and not doing all this stuff. My back locked up. I couldn’t even walk. In that moment, I realized the connection of my physical pain, chronic pain for over a decade with the trauma of being abused as a child, being you’re not good enough and all this name calling.

It wasn’t easy. There was a time in my life where I couldn’t even talk about being abused without crying, without having a knot in my throat, without having pain in my stomach or a physical reaction. That goes to show how your emotions affects your health and your body. You will have a physical reaction, especially to strong emotional roots. How did it start? This is to answer your question. What happens to these people that are married to their stories or they have attachments, they sink, “Because this happened to me, I cannot achieve, this happens to me, I have to do this?” I had to do my personal work. That meant doing personal development. That’s how my process of healing. I started practicing yoga and meditation. I did all the trainings of holistic stuff to help me heal.

One of the things was forgiveness. When I say these people’s like, “What did you mean? Forgiving like what you do as a kid? It was not your fault.” I understand that forgiveness wasn’t for somebody else. Forgiveness was for myself to break me free from the emotional attachment to that particular event that was creating more hurt than good. It’s like holding a hot stone in your hand, wishing and hoping somebody else gets burned. You’re the one that’s getting burned. Your hand is getting burned. When I did this forgiveness work, I started by writing a letter to my aunt. I wrote it a million times and I burnt it a million times. That letter was never meant to be sent to her. That letter was for me to finally find an outlet to let go of whatever it was I was holding onto.

Forgiveness also gave me the freedom to take my power back and to say, “This is not mine to carry anymore. This is her stuff. I hurt people. This is her thing to deal with. It’s not my thing anymore.” It comes back to the choice. If I was in this chronic pain for so long, if it’s like holding to the grudge and anger towards my end was more important or stronger than healing, I would never have been healed. I have to change the narrative of my story and recognize that, “I am worth it. I’m more than good enough. Look at all these amazing things I’ve accomplished in my life. I’m not longer playing small to feed somebody else’s more expectations.”

That’s why I work with the four pillars in the Enlightened Alchemy method. It’s not just working on the mindset because also you have to work with your body. I believe movement is medicine. Your body keeps track of everything you ever experienced, every thought, every action, every word, what you’re eating, how much you’re sleeping. We have to work with the body because that’s the most tangible thing. Work within mindset, work with emotional intelligence and even the spiritual aspect of it. That’s why I do all this stuff because it helped me. When I was concentrating on one thing, I was getting results but not everything. When I was working on everything instead of using this tool to help others, that changed.

There’s something called the inner child. The inner child can be there. Rodney, that was 5, 20, 30 years old. That inner child is going back to healing those aspects of yourself that experience those traumatic events. When I talk about trauma, it doesn’t have to be big things. It could be something small that became so big due to the belief system that we created around it. How can you change the narrative of your story? Forgiveness is one. Number two is it comes back to taking action and choosing, finding the right mentor, finding the right coach, finding that teacher, find the support system that can help you overcome that obstacle. I truly believe that obstacles are simply things put in our path to help us get stronger, wiser and get to a higher level.

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If you want to make more money in your business, but you don’t know anything about stocks or the market like, “I’m clueless about that.” Would I hurt somebody that’s clueless as me or can I find a mentor or someone that has experience in the field who can help me grow financially? The same thing happens when it comes to our health and wellness, whether it’s mental health. Mental health doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you. Anxiety, stress is a mental illness that leads to other stuff. Being open and understanding is like, “I do need help.” It takes a tremendous amount of strength. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help.

When you recognize this is a part that keeps happening over and over. “How can I change this? Let me find the right mentor, the right people, the right support system to help me get there.” Once you change that, don’t be surprised if other aspects of your life begin to fall in place. Example, people that are in your surroundings may disappear because you’re no longer in the lower vibration. You’re growing. You’re up leveling. Those people that are staying in stock disappear in order for the people that match the new vibration to enter your life.

You hit on a little bit about how we can use our bodies in this healing process. How can we do that? Why is that important?

Our bodies are meant to move. I like to call them a movement medicine or medicine movement because there’s a right way to exercise. If you are doing extreme exercises over and over, your body’s going to shut down. It’s going to get compromised. Movement is meant to heal you. That’s why I’m so partial to yoga and Pilates. That’s why I’ve been doing this for a long time and continue to do it because I’m passionate. I saw the impact it had in my life. First of all, it helps to move your body in a way that you become aware. It’s not like going to a kickboxing class and you’re paying attention to the instructor. You’re not even looking at what your body’s doing. You’re just following along with the practice of yoga and mindfulness. You’re listening to your body. You’re connecting mind, body and breath.

Breath is a powerful tool. When you are doing this type of practices, what I’ve seen in myself and my clients is that they get a tone firm body. They get more flexibility. They get stronger, they get to see that they’re sleeping better. They’re able to go to sleep at night without pain. They start to feel more confident. Their posture improves. Pain begins to go away. I had one particular client. She’s a lawyer. I didn’t know at the time she was having a hard time at work. Her marriage wasn’t good. She was having some health issues. We started practicing yoga regularly. Around 2.5, 3 months, she comes to me and says, “Adri, I’ve realized I’m lactose intolerant.” I said, “What do you mean?” She says, “I’m finally recognizing what that feels like. I went and had ice cream. I felt bad and I ignored it. The next time I had a cheese, I felt bad again.”

GCM 200 | Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness: Understand the difference between feeling good and feeling bad. The thing is, sometimes, we feel bad for so long it becomes our new normal.


You understand the difference between feeling good and feeling bad. The thing is, sometimes we feel bad for so long that it becomes our new normal. How can the yoga practice help her become aware that she’s lactose intolerant? You begin to get in tune with your body. It’s a mindful practice. It helps you to deepen your spiritual connection, whatever that belief system is for you. It helps to pay attention to the quality of the thoughts that you’re having. It trickles out in all aspects of your life. People will say, “I’m too old. I’m not flexible. I don’t have time.” I say to everybody reading if that’s you, “Are you breathing?” “Yes.” “Do you have a body?” “Yes.” “You can then practice yoga.” That’s it. There’s no other excuse.

That’s one of the reasons why for me, I’ve been building a large library. I have over 200 classes online for 5 minutes to 60 minutes from easy classes to hard classes or anything in between. Whatever you want you’ll find there that you can do from home. It’s not an excuse. Time, money is not an excuse anymore. It’s affordable. It’s in the comfort of your own home. Most importantly, what I tell people is don’t wait for your body to break, to fall apart or for your doctor to tell you something’s wrong in order for you to think about your health. Remember what I said at the beginning, “Health is wealth.” If you have health, you will have everything else in life. Don’t wait until you have to spend thousands of dollars into a surgery, doctors, in medications to fix something that you could have prevent easily just by investing time in yourself because you are worthy. You deserve to live a happy, healthy life, for sure.

How can people find you, Adri? If they wanted to connect with you, take your classes online, how can they reach out to you?

I’m in all social media channels, same name, Adri Kyser, website, AdriKyser.com. My online studio, I have a free app. It’s called Sacred Movement Studio. You can find it in iTunes and Google Store. You’ll see some free classes there. If you go to my website, you’ll find how to access the library. I truly believe that you deserve to become the person that you are meant to be, that you were born to be. If you are ready to try something new, if you’re ready to invest in yourself, if you’re ready to achieve your goals and dreams, it’s the time for you to do so more than ever. The world needs more people doing what they love and people living fully. When you empower yourself, not only you heal yourself but you heal seven generations up, seven generations down. You heal your ancestors and descendants. In addition to that, you become an inspiration for others to bring for themselves.

This makes doing so a privilege and a responsibility in my mind. Adri, one of the things we did talk about is the importance of water. You talked about moving your body, but then there’s another element of what you put in your body. I’ve learned over time that certainties can make you feel a certain way that you eat and even affect the way you think about certain things. It can affect your mood. It can affect so much. Could you talk to us a little bit about that?

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The number one step or the pillar when I’m working with clients is I start with the body. It’s the most tangible thing. It’s the one that’s going to give you results the fastest. The body keeps track of everything. When you are experiencing aches and pains, when you’re experiencing indigestion or insomnia, all this stuff, it’s your body’s telling you. It’s sending an alarm system saying, “Adri, pay attention. You’re not taking care of your body.” One of the things to do is paying attention to your diet. You’re here. In order to be healthy, you need to do diet and exercise. That’s important. I’m here to tell you that’s more than a diet. It’s 25% of the healing process. It is important to eat right, but it’s also more important to eat right for you.

I’m vegetarian but not everybody can be vegetarian. Some people need to eat meat. I’m not here to change people’s diet in that way, but I’m here to say to you what you feed your body matters. Our bodies, depending on our age and constitution, we’re up to 70% water. Our cells need water. Our brains need water. Everything needs water. If we’re dehydrated, we’re lethargic, ourselves don’t function properly. People get constipation, all these different things, all the health side effects. Water is important. We’re in an age where we have to work from home, working in front of the computer a lot more. Set a timer on your phone so every fifteen minutes you get up and drink water. You get up and maybe do some things in your chair, twist or point and flex your feet.

It’s important to break that seating pattern. Seating is the new smoking, believe it or not. Back in the 50s, 40s and 30s, people were smoking. We had all these things about smoking. Seating is the next smoking. Everybody’s seating so much. When you’re sitting, your digestive system cannot work positively or be activated. We gain weight. Water is important. Number two is what I call the morning elixir. It is every morning. I start my day with drinking warm water and then I have a cup with warm water, half of lemon and a teaspoon or tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar. I like the one that’s organic. It says with the Mother. Why is this so important? I believe that every little ritual that you can do for yourself, for your health and wellness, will set you up for success.

This not only helps to balance the pH in your blood. It brings some more alkaline rather than acidic. Acidic means inflammation in your system. Inflammation leads to aches and pains. This morning elixir helps to balance the pH. It helps to boost your digestive system, so you become more regular elimination system. It prepares you to eat breakfast. The other thing about the morning elixir, if you make it a little ritual is you can see it in front of a window and make it more like a meditation practice. Number three is probiotics. The quality of our food doesn’t matter if we’re buying organic and stuff. The quality of our food is not the same as it was many years ago. The quality of the soils where they’re growing is not the same.

Probiotics are healthy bacteria. Our immune system starts in your gut. When you have healthy bacteria in your stomach, it helps to boost your immune system and also is where serotonin with the feel-good hormone that’s related to your mood starts. Having a good digestive system helps you to boost your immune system and your mood. You can buy probiotics, but not all probiotics are the same. I like to look for one that’s double capsulated and time-release. If you buy the tablets and capsules that are not coded and time-release, the moment the probiotics healthy bacteria hit the stomach acid, most of them die. You want to make sure you buy the double capsulated time-release. It’s a bonus if they have more than ten different strands of probiotics and if they have that prebiotics. It provides a healthy attachment to the healthy bacteria to attach to your stomach. Those are three things about the body. The fourth will be movement. It’s water, morning elixir, probiotics and movement.

GCM 200 | Overall Wellness

Overall Wellness: Change the narrative of your story. If you encounter obstacles and challenges in your life, know that you’re stronger than you think and see it as a lesson or opportunity for growth.


Adri, thank you for coming to the show. You have been a wealth of knowledge. I’ve enjoyed sitting back listening to you. I felt like I went to a seminar. You filled me up with so much wonderful information. I’m happy to have met you and to have experienced you. You are a light in the world. I’m grateful for your presence being here on the show with me. Thank you.

Thank you so much for having me. I feel the same.

Before we wrap the show up, I always like to ask our guest this one question. How can we bounce back from our challenges, dominate our game and consistently win at the game of life?

I will say changing the narrative of your story. Meaning, if you encounter obstacles and challenges in your life, first of all, know that you’re stronger than you think. Number two, see it as a lesson or opportunity for growth instead of something that prevents you from whatever it is. Number three, you have all the tools you need to achieve the life of your dreams. Remember, your mind is a powerful tool that can help you create amazing things or hold you back big time. It is your choice where you choose to be from a place of love, from a place of fear, from a place where you see you have the power to change the narrative of your story. You’re stronger than you think. You have the power to overcome obstacles because they’re simply lessons to help you grow in life.

Adri, thank you again for coming on the show.

Your mind is a powerful tool that can help you create amazing things or hold you back big time. Click To Tweet

Thank you for having me.

There you have it. It’s another successful episode of the show. Perception is everything. I’ve heard the saying, “Perception is reality.” That story we tell ourselves can dictate how we live our life. That’s why mental health and wellness is so important because it could cause you to go down a path that’s not conducive to your purpose, your gift and your contribution to the world. To take care of yourself, to be mentally aware of what you’re thinking, the identity that you are connecting with, the story that you’re telling yourself, the narrative, as Adri mentioned, is key. I want to leave you with checking in with yourself.

It’s so important. You’ve heard me say. We have this privilege and responsibility to take care of ourselves, to be the best version of ourselves. Players spend a lot of time in the gym preparing their bodies, preparing their minds to play the game. If you’re not mentally prepared, then you can’t play well. If you can’t play well, then there’s not that expectation that, “I can win.” Health and wellness are so important to you living out your dream. It’s so important to you being that light impacting the world. Adri gave us so much. This is one of those shows that are worth replaying over and over. You can pull out everything that you need to ensure that you are moving your body.

She even gave us some supplements that we can take. We’re changing the narrative. We’re checking in with ourselves consistently. She recommended every day that we’re checking in, making sure that we’re full of joy. It’s also that we can give the best of ourselves to the world. It’s so important that you are healthy and you’re aware. There’s a lot that’s going on in the world. We get that there’s a lot for you to take on and that makes it more important for you to check in. The more you take it on, the more you need to be checking in and taking care of yourself.

It’s so funny. When I’m on a plane, I always chuckle going through the process of getting everyone prepared for the flight to take off. They always say, “If we reach an altitude where there’s loss of oxygen and the face mask come down, make sure you put your face mask on first before you put the face mask on of your child or a loved one.” You have to take care of yourself first. Taking care of yourself is part of caring for others. If you can’t and don’t take care of yourself, then you can only give a limited amount of care to others. Let that sink in. As a game changer, take on that privilege and that responsibility to take care of yourself. Until next time. Peace and love.

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