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Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong, incomplete, always searching for someone or something to make you feel whole? Perhaps you felt unworthy, always having to prove yourself over and over again. These feelings have plagued Judi Miller most of her life, but she has learned how to let them go. Judi is a coach, speaker, and author of the book called Perfect. On today’s podcast, Judi sits down with Rodney Flowers for an intimate conversation about love, forgiveness, and transformation. She also gives an overview of her book and explains why she’s written it and how we all can benefit from it.

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On Love, Forgiveness And Transformation With Judi Miller

I’m excited about this episode. I have a special guest who has a very unique definition of the word perfect. She’s written a book called Perfect. I’m going to let her explain what that means and the reason why she’s written this book and how we all can benefit from it. I know you probably have some thoughts about it. “Nobody is perfect, Rodney. What do you mean by perfect?” That’s why you need to stick around and read this entire interview all the way through because I’ve had the opportunity to speak with this person.  

This is my second go-round with her. The ideas and the concepts that Judi Miller has is interesting. She started out as an accountant and she went on to excel in the world of corporate finance. Most of her life has been dedicated to personal development and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment. It explains where we are now. She has trained with some of the world’s most spiritual visionaries. She’s an author, a coach and a speaker. She will inspire you to live a more passionate life filled with greater clarity, joy and happiness. Let’s welcome Ms. Judi Miller to the show. Welcome to the show.

It’s great to be here, Rodney. Thank you.

Judi, here we go again. The second time around which I feel is a privilege to talk to you about your book, Perfect. I’m sure the readers want to know, first of all, why would you title the book Perfect? There’s nothing perfect in the world except those things that God has created. We don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t live in a perfect environment. There are obstacles and challenges that we have to face in this field of adversity. Talk to us and tell us your story about the book.  

Rodney, I’m going to ask you and your readers some questions.

That’s not how this is supposed to work, Judi.

Rodney, have you ever felt different like you didn’t belong?

Yes, I felt that way.

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Have you maybe felt incomplete, always searching for someone or something to make you feel whole?

Yes, I’ve been there before.

Maybe you were like me, you felt unworthy. Always having to prove yourself over and over again.

I’ve been there as well.  

Rodney, the reason I asked you and your readers, these questions is because these feelings have plagued me most of my life, but I learned how to let them go. I was born in Trinidad, which is an island in the Caribbean right off the coast of South America. I moved to the US when I was young and I always felt different. I didn’t fit in and it’s not about race or prejudice, I just looked different. I was also born with eleven fingers and I had this unexplainable fear of the night. I started my career as a CPA. I went into finance in the healthcare industry for many years, but no matter what I did, I felt like I was nothing. What I realized is in the nothingness, I can be anything that I wanted.

What I mean by that is when we let go of the stories, the labels and the judgments we could emerge as our true and authentic self. Perfect is all about that. You did a great job introducing the book. The subtitle to the book is called A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation. There are many different definitions of forgiveness but for me, it’s simple. Forgiveness means to forego or to let go of. What I mean by that is painful and unwanted events are going to happen to all of us. We could either experience at once or we could play it over and over again, hundreds, even thousands of times until it becomes stuck or becomes our identity. For me, forgiveness is just letting go of those contracted stories that no longer serve us so we can move forward and experience true and ultimate freedom and happiness. Forgiveness is a gift that we give ourselves. It’s an act of self-love.

Is that why you wrote this book? I appreciate and accept your ideas around forgiveness. That’s powerful. I want to know more about Perfect. When we are in a state of forgiveness, it’s because most likely, we’re in a state of imperfection. There’s something that has gone wrong in our lives and we’re trying to correct it. Forgiveness does play a big part in that. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go. It’s difficult to forgive, and people will say, “I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I mess up. I this and that.” Can you give us some more ideas around Perfect?

If I can share with you and your readers an overview of the book, and then everything will start to fit into place. As many children, I had fears as a child. I was afraid of drowning, but I was terrified of the dark. The reason I was terrified of the dark is I could feel different energies. I didn’t know if they were there to help me or to harm me. Night after night, I would crawl into bed, pull the covers over my head and recite the Lord’s prayer over and over again literally until I fall asleep exhausted. This was my ritual night after night. It was confusing as a child because they didn’t know where these fears were coming from.

GCM 142 | Forgiveness

Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation

I started my career as a CPA. I would go to work every day, and then at night, I would be crawling back into bed terrified of what I couldn’t explain. I met my husband at work and we got married and we had two kids. The exhaustion of raising two incredible children, commuting three hours a day to work, and working 40 to 50 hours a week. Everything stopped. The terror, the fear, everything. Then my kids grew up and they went off to college and the house became silent. In that silence, everything returned that terror, that fear. I must’ve looked comical to my neighbors because I tiptoed around my house afraid of what I might bump into. I would wake up in the middle of the night, terrified, clutching at my husband in fear. Soon we both began to lose sleep.

Around the same time, I started to bleed uncontrollably month after month. My doctor said that I needed a hysterectomy and I was terrified of this surgery and I couldn’t understand why. I’d worked in the healthcare industry for over many years and I trust modern medicine, but it felt like the same terror that I had as a child and the same terror that returned to me as an adult. A good friend of mine recommended that I read a book called Light Emerging by Barbara Brennan. Barbara was a former NASA physicist. She studied the human energy field. What she learned, she was able to heal people. Days before my surgery, I was googling healers near me. As I sat across from my healer for that very first time, I heard the click of a lock. Everything in my life was clicking perfectly into place. I didn’t know the role that my healer would play in my family’s history at that time.

My healer helps me heal after my surgery. In the following months, we continued to work together to explore this uncontrollable and debilitating fear of the darkness that I had. We started looking at my childhood. Was there anything from my childhood that triggered this fear, but nothing came to light. She introduced me to Past Lives. Past Lives was something that I had never even heard of. She introduced me to the amazing work of Dr. Brian Weiss. He was a reputable, prominent psychiatrist. He studied at Columbia and Yale, and he had a patient named Katherine with these similar unexplainable fears and phobias. By accident during hypnosis, he was able to go back to her past life and figure out where these fears had come from. We started to talk about this and it was intriguing, but then we also started to talk about my parents.

We know that we inherit many things from our parents. The color of our hair, the color of our eyes, the shape of our nose. Many physical characteristics, but the science of epigenetics tells us that we could inherit the pain and the trauma from our parents, not only our parents but our ancestors who went before. They’ve shown in studies, Holocaust victims, where the survivors, their children, their grandchildren, the same pain and terror that they felt was triggered in their children. That pain and that terror that I felt each night wasn’t my own. It was a cellular memory from my mother. It was the exact pain and terror that she felt as a child. They say that every female baby is born with 2 to 3 million of their reproductive eggs at birth. The triumphs and the traumas that your mother experienced in her life on a cellular level, you are there.

There’s a shocking past life connection to that healer that I trusted in this lifetime to heal me. In a past lifetime, she was the person that inflicted the pain on my family. In that moment of revelation, I could have felt fear, anger or betrayal, but I didn’t. All I felt was love and perfection. I saw the perfection of the universe. I saw how all of our lives across lifetimes are interconnected. I saw how unconditionally loved and accepted we are, and I saw how we could be healed at any moment. That’s why the name of the book is Perfect.

What do you say to someone reading this who’s feeling what you are explaining? They’re feeling those hurts and those pain. They know for sure that they’re experiencing some level of trauma or difficulty that has been passed down from generations before them. They are feeling stuck. They feel like they’re unable to get beyond this difficulty. What is your message to them?  

I have an acronym that I use and I call it NEST. The N stands for Notice. Become aware, observe those thoughts and those feelings that you’re having. We have 60,000 thoughts a day, 95% of them have the same ones we had yesterday and the day before, and 80% of them are quite negative. As humans, we’re hardwired to see, observe and remember the negative aspects of a situation. Millions of years ago when we were hunting and gathering for food, it served us. It was important for survival, but we no longer live in that reality. We need to retrain our minds. The first step is N, to notice and become of our thoughts, our labels, and our stories.

The E stands for Experience the Emotion. Many of us are not trained to deal with our emotions. We think we are, but we’re not. We’re avoiding them or we’re thinking about them, but emotions are meant to be felt. Jill Bolte Taylor was a Harvard neuroscientist. She wrote a book called My Stroke of Insight and she has the 90-second rule. She says, “Whenever an event happens, either good or bad, it only takes us 90 seconds to truly feel those sensations through our body and then let them go.” It’s up to us, whether or not we just let go of it or if we create a story. We could create a story based on love or we can create a story based on fear. The S, we are So Powerful. I know that you know that, but we play the same stories over and over again like on a record player, the grooves on a record.

We have to scratch that record. We can’t play the same stories over and over again. Some of the things that you may have even heard, or even used yourself. Whenever you have a negative thought, don’t let it take root, flick it off. You could say, “Cancel, cancel.” You can say, “Cancel clear.” You could replace it with a more empowering story. You could put a rubber band on your wrist. Many people use rubber bands where that negative story. Whenever you have a negative story, just snap. The reason it works is that it disrupts our story, gets us out of our head and back into our bodies where truly we’re meant to live. The last one that I teach is from Tony Robbins.

I learned this many years ago. I call it Zany Crazy Thing. When you get stuck in that cycle, do something so zany and crazy that it disrupts that cycle. When my husband and I get into an argument, whoever remembers will reach over and grab the other person by the nose. Rodney, if somebody did that to you, what would you do? It’s absurd that sometimes you probably even forget what you were arguing about. It’s getting out of that cycle. The T stands for Tender Loving Care. What I mean by that is I feel that the loneliness and isolation that many of us feel is not because we’re isolated from each other, like in COVID-19. It’s because we’ve become isolated and disconnected from the creator and the essence of who we truly are, which is love. Especially during this time, it’s important to reconnect and to have self-love and self-care. Many of us have abandoned ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is our opportunity.

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You explained forgiveness eloquently, and I know that there’s more than just forgiveness as it relates to Perfect. Could you give us the other element of your book?  

We were just talking about how we feel alone and isolated. One of the first questions I asked you is, “Have you ever felt incomplete always searching for someone or something to make you feel whole?” The reason that I asked that question is that the essence of who we are is love, but many of us look outside of ourselves for that. During one of the experiences that I had that I explained in the book, my healer put me under hypnosis, and I felt myself rising. I first went through a purple mist and then into this bright white light. I felt this overwhelming sense of love. It does sound like a near-death experience, but it was unbelievable. It was every sensation of love magnified a million times. I can’t even explain it.

I started to cry because it overflowed from me. The message that I got was that we can all go home by loving and accepting who we are exactly as we are. The joys and the remembrance and in the reunion of who we are. We don’t have to look for love outside of ourselves. We could create it at any moment. I discovered this by accident. As I laid there on the healing table week after week, I would close my eyes and I invite you to do the same thing if you want. I would imagine a person, an animal, a place, a thing that I love. I would see it, hear what I was hearing, taste, touch and feel it through every cell of my body.

I would bring in another image or memory. It could be a beautiful sunset. It could be the first snowfall that I’ve ever seen, the first kiss. I would feel it in every single cell. I would imagine my dog. He thinks he’s a cat. Whenever I think of him and all the cat-like things that he does, it makes me laugh. It makes me smile. My vibration would increase. One of my mentors even taught me this afterwards. She said, “Magnify that ten more times and put your hand on your heart and say, ‘This love is for me. This love is me.’” I realized at that moment that all of us can create those sensations of love at any moment at any time, not dependent on anyone or anything.

You mentioned vibration, and I loved this exercise because it does help you change the vibration. Why is that important to you?

You mentioned that I started my career as a CPA. I didn’t mention to you that my mother and my father are accountants. My sister is an accountant. My husband is a CPA. My daughter is also a CPA. I grew up in a left-brain mental environment. The reason I was able to go through this amazing experience, because there are many different experiences in this book, is that I learned how to truly feel and to live from my heart. In that exercise that I described for you, as I laid there on the table, my heart began to open. When we live from a place of love, when our heart is wide open, miracles happen. That’s when we begin to drop the stories, the labels and the judgment.

This is powerful because you’ve seen it many times and I’ve seen it many times where the stories that we create for ourselves, we believe them and then we get attached to them. Things that happened when we were young, in some cases, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago, those stories are dictating how we see ourselves. How we live, the decisions we make, who we date, who we marry, what jobs we take. I’m a firm believer in challenging all that. My mom did the best that she could to raise me and instill certain principles and values in me. I’m appreciative for all of that. There’s a side of me that says, “Revisit those values, revisit those beliefs, revisit your consciousness that you are leveraging from that experience.”

I was in an interview one time and we were talking about how human beings evolve. As you go through different experiences in life, you’re not the same. That experience has an impact on you. It changes you. Especially when you get on the other side of a thing, there are things that cause you to grow and develop. The trauma that you went through 20, 30 years ago, or the upbringing that you had may not serve you now in the current experience that you’re going through, the things you’re currently experiencing. I think it’s necessary that you challenged. A question that I would ask myself, Judi, especially when I went through my accident. This was a question that I thought was powerful for me is, when I’m noticing I’m thinking a certain way. I would say, “How is this serving me?”

What impact does this have on where you want to go in life, what you want to become, and what you want to accomplish? When you’re authentic with that question, you evaluate what comes up for you. There lies an opportunity to address the thought or address the consciousness, address the way you think. It’s okay to fear off because there are many things that we learn in life. The things that you’ve learned at a young age was relevant for that time, but it may not be relevant right now. Something that you learn even yesterday may have been relevant for yesterday, but it may not be relevant now. It’s up to us to have that level of discernment and to ask those questions. A lot of times we are on autopilot and, “This worked. I don’t know why it’s not working now, but I’m not changing it because I know it works before.”

GCM 142 | Forgiveness

Forgiveness: Forgiveness is just letting go of those contracted stories that no longer serve us so we can move forward and experience true and ultimate freedom and happiness.


We have to create space for new information, new growth, and new levels of consciousness. That is an ongoing thing. Someone asked me and said, “What’s your definition of sustained success?” I said, “It’s the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn,” because you can’t fail when you have that level of capacity, that level of mentality to let go of something in order to pick up something else. That is the hardest thing for us to do, yet once we can get that and do it and we master that, I don’t think anything is a problem per se. Things happen, but you have the ability to overcome. What is your response to all of that?  

I think what you just said is beautiful. You said we often respond on autopilot. Between stimulus and response, there’s a gap. In that gap is our greatest superpower. We get to observe what we’re creating and we get to decide what we do so we can come from a place of love or we can come from a place of fear. We can create an empowering story or a disempowering story. We can let go of the stories that no longer serve us. Between stimulus and response is our greatest power, the power to choose. I loved what you said about autopilot. We know from the law of attraction, what we think about is what we bring into our life.

There’s a story that I’d love to share with you that’s in my book. I mentioned to you that I’ve always felt different. What did I attract into my life? My husband is racially, culturally, socially, religiously different than me. I attracted what I felt and when his mother died, there was an experience that I described in the book. I am not a medium, but I was communicating with her. I think the reason is that my heart was totally wide open. She showed me every scene and interaction that I had with my husband and his family. It went by like that in seconds like a near-death experience. What I saw was I felt different so I made myself different because the stories and emotions that we hold that we don’t let go of is just reflected back to us and the experiences that we have in life.

How can we let go more readily? I find this difficult. This is difficult for many people. There may be people reading that are saying, “I would love to let go.” Even when I felt like I let go, it pops back up and it’s there. It’s difficult. We’ve heard meditation before. We’re heard replacing the thought of something else, but is there something else that we can do maybe a little more impactful or effective that could cause us or allow us to let go of things even more quickly? I get the rubber band thing, but since the pain is over from the rubber band and the thought might come back, so you’re smacking yourself all day. Practically, could you give us some ideas on how we can let go?

Emotions are meant to be felt. We experience life through the emotions of life, so we need to take it to the body. When a negative contracted event happens, where do you feel it in your body? When people said hurtful things to me, it felt like an elephant sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breathe. When that happens, I acknowledge that feeling. Rodney, it’s important to acknowledge our emotions. Where do I feel it in my body and truly acknowledge it? For some people, it might be crying or screaming. What I do is I put my hand in that specific area. It could be my heart. It can be my solar plexus or my throat and I breathe into it. Our spirit is our breath.

I breathe our breath of life into that area. Slowly but surely it begins to soften and to dissipate. One of my mentors is Dr. Sue Morter. One of the things that she teaches is a more elaborate version of it. We breathe through our central channel, through our different chakras. We start above our heads. We go through our eye, our throat, our heart, our solar plexus down through our pelvis and into the earth. We breathe up and down that and grab in your imagination, that area where you feel that contracted story, that negative story, and bring it into the channel and breathe it up and down. The more you do it, you will feel that story begins to soften. People might be thinking, “Why is that so important to let go of these stories?” Around us, we have the human energy field and those stories, traumas, and pains that we don’t let go of becomes stuck in our energy field. It distorts how we see the world. The pain that we feel in our bodies manifests first in our energetic field and then shows up in our bodies. That’s why it’s important.

I think that does it for me here. That’s the tipping point. There’s an expensive cost to hold on to those feelings and emotions. If I can be transparent, there are some things that happened that came up for me and they are not the most pleasant things. They were challenging and difficult. I can tell that throughout the day, even in preparation for this, my energy wasn’t where I wanted it to be. It still isn’t where I want it to be. It’s because of this thing that’s still playing in my mind. It’s still there. I’m telling and smacking myself, “Let that go.”

It wasn’t devastating like my accident, but it’s one of those things that affected me emotionally. I know that there’s something that needs to happen to correct this because it’s going to happen again. It’s going to have an impact on other things in my life, my relationships, career, goals and objectives that I want to obtain. That’s why it’s heavy. I know life is working for me. I know it’s an opportunity and a privilege for this to happen. It’s an opportunity for growth. I’m looking for areas, I’m asking the questions, how is this serving me doing all of that? Yet still, it’s in the energy field, which you stated. This is the reason why I’m bringing it up because it does affect your energy.  

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I think that’s the most important thing here because energy is everything. We’re all created from energy. We give off energy and people can feel that energy. Your energy dictates how you show up or not. People may need you to show up in a certain way, but something that happened years ago or a week ago, or an hour ago, is preventing you from showing up. I’ll be honest. I looked at my calendar. I’m like, “I wish I didn’t have to do this interview,” because of what I’m feeling. I’m not in a space where I want to go and do this, but I’m going to do it anyway because I have that responsibility. I’m here, but I’m happy to have this conversation with you and then use myself as an example of how important it is to let go and manage these emotions because they show up in our energy field.

To make sure that you feel and acknowledge that emotion, Rodney. The only reason I say that is because many of us truly don’t feel our emotions. We think about them. We try to deny them. I know that I have for a large part of my life.

I feel it. I know it’s there. I’m not denying it because I believe in flow. If you allow me to offer up some knowledge on the subject around the importance of letting it go. It’s because of the flow. I believe the energy is flowing to and through us. It’s a continuous string and we can disrupt the flow when we hold on to things. The beauty of this is if you can imagine a stream of energy, and sometimes that stream of energy has that energy or emotional disrupting energy in it. It’s just what it is. The beauty of it is it’s a stream. It’s not a lake. It doesn’t stand still. It’s okay for you to experience that emotion. It’s not okay for the remainder, because now you start backing up the rest of the energy that is flowing to and through you.  

It’s important in my mind to just be conscious of that alone because you want that flow. Have you ever been in a space where you felt the flow? I’m sure we all have, but maybe haven’t consciously realized, “You’re in that flow,” and you can tell you’re in that flow, then you can tell me out of the flow. It’s like, “I can’t seem to get anything because nothing seems to work. I’m off today.” It’s not that you’re off, you’re just in a state where there’s energy there that is a little disrupting. It’s not congruent with who you are and what outcomes you want, the results you want, but it passes. It doesn’t remain if we allow it to. The time that it takes is up to us on how long did it stays with us.  

You may know the late Louise Hay. She was the founder of Hay House Radio and Hay House. She talks about that. A lot of the contracted energies that we have in our body manifest in different places in our body for a reason. Our bodies are infinitely intelligent. We’re like a giant blueprint. For example, this is just a generalization. A pain that we may have in our elbow may be situations that we’re still hanging on to where we don’t feel safe. A shoulder where we feel that we have too much responsibility or we’re not worthy. It could be a leg where we’re struggling to move forward in our lives. Those energies that you’re talking about that don’t flow get stuck and attached to different parts of our body where it’s associated with. We are intelligent.

You said you wanted things. Part of the exercises that I described in the book, there are two forgiveness prayers. If you’re not religious, you can call it forgiveness recipes as John Newton likes to call them. There’s a famous quote, “Resentment is drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Meaning, that we’re hanging onto it. These forgiveness prayers and recipes help us with that flow and help us dissolve those feelings that get stuck in our bodies. The first one is to become extremely famous. It’s the Ho’oponopono prayer, which is a Hawaiian prayer. It became famous with Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len book called Zero Limits. It’s, “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

You just keep repeating that and they’ve shown the miraculous things that happen when you could close your eyes and you could imagine people, things, situations that have happened. You have to forgive yourself and you can say this prayer over and over again. It helps that energy flow. The other one that I include in my book is John Newton’s Forgiveness Prayer, forgiveness recipe, but it’s not dependent on our religion or anything. It helps us dissolve some of those stuck energies that we carry.

What I’m taking away from this, Judi, is that in just about everything that we face in life, the answer resides within us. It takes us going back to ourselves. It takes a certain level of isolation or a long time with self. It takes a practice of self-care and it takes a willingness to look within and then be authentic within that practice with ourselves, be real with ourselves. I feel when we do that, it’s like an athlete. Every great athlete has a trigger and this is their go-to where either a long time to get by themselves and they go within. We don’t practice this as individual players in the game of life. We’re seeking answers from the news or media. We looking for direction from out there.

We don’t go to that place. Seemingly we don’t feel that there’s a need to do that. Many people will feel that this is foo-foo flighty type of practice, but yet we were seeking answers to seemingly insurmountable. We’re fascinating human beings. That’s not an uncommon statement. All my life I’ve been hearing that. I grew up in a nondenominational church, and a preacher would say those things all the time. My mom and my grandmother were very religious people. We had this practice and you hear those things, you can do anything you want to do. You have superpowers, you can overcome anything.  

You hear those things, but no one tells you how. You have these feelings, you have these thoughts that people told you, “You can do this, you can do that,” but then how do I do it? You set a goal and you go and you do it. You make progress from doing that, but there’s something that pops up and there’s seemingly no answers like the coach, doctor, your mentor doesn’t have an answer, or it’s the same answer that you’ve been hearing. You’ve tried that already. In order to manifest what you’ve been told or this idea about how great you are, is putting in work, understanding ourselves, knowing ourselves. It’s like extrapolating the perfection of our creation.

GCM 142 | Forgiveness

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing

That’s why I love the book Perfect because you talk about a lot of the things that prevent us from experiencing the perfection that we have been given. The perfection of which we have been created, we have been made. Not only that, the ability to impact circumstances the way we think, what we say is not a common practice. That’s hurtful for me because I sometimes imagine, what if I was taught this in elementary school? The thing that accompanies those thoughts, all of those wonderful things. This is how you manifest it at a young age when my mind is just open and fragile to be molded. Imagine what that would look like, the impact that would have, not only on my personal life but on society. In a collective, we were institutionalizing this level of information, teaching and consciousness, the impact that would make.  

I do think the world is changing. More people are becoming aware of this. We will come to a time where people will be learning and teaching this on a more consistent basis, especially when people are young and impressionable.

I hope so. It’s certainly something I’m going to teach my kids when I have kids. We’ll have these discussions early on. If you look at certain athletes, there are studies that demonstrate that when athletes go into this place where they do have those triggers, they study high performers. These guys go on the field and they’re are facing adverse situations in the game, but yet they’re able to perform and rise to high levels of play. There’s a distinction between those that can go to that place of getting in the zone.

It’s a spiritual thing, it’s psychological, it’s a personal thing. They have their triggers and they understand that. They can out of switch go there. They can flip that switch at any time. As individuals, you and I or maybe someone reading, it can be challenging. We had to learn. I know how to do it, but yet I still have challenges. I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m still a work in progress to be able to go to that space and flip that trigger because I know who I am. I know where my source of power comes from. I know how to manage the negative thoughts and remain in a state of flow and bliss, even in the most adverse situations.  

For me, what I discovered is what I described before. I know it does sound a little woo-woo or fluffy, but when I truly opened my heart and experience love and everything through the eyes of love, everything becomes easy. Everything truly becomes a miracle. I know it sounds fluffy, but the more you try it, you’ll see, that’s how I get into the zone quickly.

Even in and of itself for me, because everything is love. To have that level of consciousness is a choice, but you know there’s benefit and value from being in that space regardless. I think that’s an issue too. Let’s be real. You’re going through something traumatic and the last thing you may want to think about is love. You’re like, “No.” I’m just being realistic because people are hurting, they’re going through things. I know where you are, you can jump into that space of love instantly, yet I’m thinking about the person who is in so much pain. They haven’t practiced this the way you and I have practiced this and they’re starting out and trying to overcome. All they want is for the pain to stop. What’s your advice to that person?

How to make the pain stop? Everything comes with practice. I know that you know from sports that you don’t become a great athlete overnight. Practicing this feeling of love and opening your heart is important, but also feeling the emotions and processing the emotions is important. When I described my story to you, the person that was healing me in this lifetime was the person that caused the pain. Rodney, do you know what that means? That means that’s how I saw the perfection of the universe. We are unconditionally loved that we get to come back and we get to heal in this lifetime or in any other.

The pain was your identifier. It’s an indication.

When I feel pain in my body, a contraction, an elephant sitting on my chest, I say, “Thank you because I know it’s something that I need to process. It’s an opportunity for me to get rid of that block so my energy can flow again.” There’s so much contraction on the planet, just with everything happening with relationships. All of that contraction for me is a sign that it’s time to heal. It’s time to heal the planet and our relationships. That’s why I say, thank you whenever I feel a contraction in my body. It’s an opportunity to heal.

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What’s the next step after you’ve said, “Thank you? This is an opportunity to heal?” How does one, in your opinion, begin that process? What does the person do next?  

If they can follow my NEST acronym. Truly acknowledge that feeling. I mean it. I know that I sound like a broken record, but we are taught to think our emotions, not feel them. Painful events can happen once but what happens? We keep playing it, and we become trapped in that cycle of victim mode. It’s not saying that we’re going to get rid of those events. It’s just saying to let go of them so we don’t keep playing them. As you said, you play them over and over again until it becomes your identity until they become stuck.

How can people connect with you, Judi, if they want to learn more about you, or if they wanted to buy your book?

You can buy the book at Amazon or any other reputable retailer, but I invite them to go to JudiMiller.net. When they go there and buy the book, it will take them to Amazon immediately. They also get five free bonuses from top transformational leaders, people who sit on the Transformational Leadership Council. They have gifted these items with the purchase of the book. Also, on my website, I have my free book called Awaken the Creator Within. No purchase necessary, just my gift to your readers. All my social media handles are there as well.

Thank you for doing that. I appreciate you creating and offering these gifts to my audience. We appreciate that.

No problem. It’s my pleasure.

Judi, as we bring the show to an end, we always like to ask our guests the question of the day which is, how can we continuously bounce back from adversity, dominate our challenges and win in the game of life?

A lot of perfect is about letting go of our stories. I believe when we change our perspective, everything changes, our life changes. We can no longer look at life the same way. Rodney, when we let go of the stories, the labels and judgments, we see everything through the eyes of the creator through love and we realized that what a blessing it is.

I love the fact that when we let go and we can see through the eyes of love, you realize there’s no separation and we’re all connected and we’re connected with source. Judi Miller, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for coming on the show and being with us and sharing with us. I appreciate you.  

It’s great to be here, Rodney. Thank you.

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GCM 142 | ForgivenessJudi Miller started her career as a Certified Public Accountant and went on to excel in the world of corporate finance for over 20 years. Most of her life has been dedicated to personal development and helping others excel in a constantly changing environment. Over the past several years, Judi’s interest shifted toward spirituality. Her growth was no longer aimed at making herself better; instead, she began to focus on finding her intrinsic wholeness.

This shift brought her numerous lessons around the nature of the creator, forgiveness and the trajectory each soul follows throughout the course of many lives. Today, sharing these lessons is an integral part of her journey. As a coach, speaker and author, she shares her relatable and heartfelt messages with others who want to awaken to their true greatness and experience lasting happiness.

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