GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Sometimes, life has a tendency of putting us on the hot seat. However, the challenges and the obstacles that we may have in our lives were put there to help us accomplish we should be accomplishing and contributing to the world. Business and life transformation expert and creator of The Miraculous Living Method Wendy Darling believes that you were brought into this world for a very special reason and purpose that no other person can fulfill. We sometimes take for granted the miracles that we’ve been given. Wendy shows us how miraculous we are and the life that we’ve been given, and shares how we can make miracles happen in our lives and recognize what we’re potentially here to do. She also touches on her book, The Miracle That Is Your Life, and reveals the new and better formula for success.

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Miraculous Living: Making Miracles Happen In Our Relationships, Bodies, And Lives with Wendy Darling

I am excited about the show. I have a beautiful young lady by the name of Wendy Darling. You’re going to want to sit back, relax and prepare for some miracles to happen in your life. That is exactly what we’re going to be talking about. I want to say thank you to all of my audience. For those of you that have been following me since the very beginning, thank you. Those that have been new and following me, I want to say thank you. I realized that there are a lot of podcasts out there that you can choose to listen to. The fact that you chose to listen to the Game Changer Mentality podcast means a lot to me. I want to say thank you for tuning in. I appreciate it.

If you get a chance, please leave us a review. We would love to know how you love the show. We want to do it better. If there’s anything that you can recommend to us or you feel that we can do a better job at, please leave your review. We will love to have that. Wendy Darling is a recognized business and life transformation expert and creator of the Miraculous Living Method. She has over 36 years of experience as a speaker, seminar facilitator, management and organizational development consultant, master, healer, and coach. Wendy’s combined the traditional with the nontraditional, allowing you to get the results you want with the greatest ease and speed. Welcome, Wendy.

Rodney, it’s wonderful to be with you and your audience.

It’s a pleasure to have you. It’s been a bit of a challenge for us to connect but nevertheless, we have made it happen. I’m so happy that you are here. I’m happy about what’s going on in your life about your book. I want to just talk about that. I want to talk about miracles that are in your life, miracles that can happen in our life. I had a miraculous experience in my life. For one person who experienced the miracle to another, I’m excited to have you on the show. Tell us about your book, The Miracle That Is Your Life. What is that about?

There are quite a few layers to that but let me share how the book even came about. I had been a writer for many years. It reached a point where I was attempting to write a book. If anybody has ever written a book, I hope that maybe or even those of you that are considering writing a book, you can appreciate this. What happened is I would start writing, I would have an idea and after several chapters, I would stop and then another idea would come about. I’ve never counted up how many books I actually started. The fact that I wrote, finished and published a book would be considered a miracle in itself. One of my closest friends and publisher, Robbin Simons, has a publishing company, Crescendo Publishing. He has a beautiful process to pull out what is possibly wanting to be expressed. I ended up working with her to do that.

GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen: We all have gifts. However, many of us don’t recognize them as gifts because they’re such a natural part of who you are.


What was interesting was we’ve got all these ideas and chapters and I was left with, “What are we going to call this?” I had a very intuitive moment and we had things on whiteboards and stickies all over the room. I was drawn to this one area about my son and my dad. I happened to be raised in a Jewish home. In Judaism, you name your children after the deceased. Their Hebrew name is given. It’s not like in many cultures where it’s a junior, senior kind of thing. When my son was born, my father had passed away a little over a year prior to that and I adored my dad. It was a huge loss when he passed away. His Hebrew name happened to be Nissen. The translation of that is a miracle. My former husband’s grandfather had also passed away that same period of time. We were honoring him and his name was Charles. In Hebrew that would be Haim, which means life.

We named my son Nissen Haim, which translates to the miracle of life. For any that have children, I know for myself, I intellectually knew how this happened. When my son came out, I would stare at him and my brain was going, “How did this happen?” What was so important to me to impress in not only my book but in everything that I do is we sometimes take for granted the lives we’ve been given. I don’t believe in accidents, even though I had a whopper of one that changed my trajectory many years ago. I tried to help wake up that gratitude, that awareness of how not only miraculous you are but the life that you’ve been given. I also believe that the core of my being that you were brought into this world for a very special reason and purpose that no other person can fulfill.

I’ve had my business for many years, which is a little sobering. I can’t believe that many years have passed. I feel like in so many ways, I’m getting started. The name of my business years ago was Thumb Prints International because like your thumbprint, I believe in finding out what’s so unique about you. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be the only teacher in the world but there’s going to be something that you and only you can contribute. We could pick a whole lot of industries. We’re seeing so many new businesses evolve. The miracle aspect of it is not necessarily each day the waters part and it’s some big huge something and it can be. It’s also the moment to moment miracles that maybe slip by that we don’t recognize. When we don’t live or if we don’t nourish that part, I think it leads to a lot of what is happening in our world. There are a lot of frustrated, unfulfilled, sometimes very unhealthy and angry individuals. If we peel back the layers, it opens up a very special appreciation.

This is a very interesting topic. A lot of us, if not all of us want to know why we are here. We don’t know what that special thing is that we were designed to do. We know we’re here. We know we didn’t ask to be here, but yet we are here. When it comes to living and appreciating the miracle of life and the true essence of the awareness of what I’m supposed to do and what I have to give to this life, how does a person go about finding that place? Expressing that level of understanding about the miracle of life?

A lot of people question, “Why am I here? What’s my purpose?” I find there are at least two ways to explore that. First of all, it’s important to take an inventory of what matters to you the most. The things that interest you, the things that excite you and the things that you’re curious about. For many of us, it’s also what challenges have you had in your life? Where have you been hurt, traumatized or challenged in some way? You and I share this in different ways of having to overcome adversity. Because more times than not, that gets us in our lane of where we can do good in the world. Saying that, one of the issues that also happens is we all have gifts. However, many of us don’t recognize them as gifts because it’s such a natural part of who you are. In my case, it wasn’t until I was in graduate school that somebody said, “You are a really great diagnostician.” It was like, “I am.”

You were brought into this world for a very special reason and purpose that no other person can fulfill. Share on X

I thought everybody was like this or I remember begging to be in this one practicum in graduate school. This one professor had a reputation for being awesome. He had this wonderful gift of putting people on what was referred to as the hot seat. You might imagine it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience for that one who is sitting in that chair. Finally, I am watching one by one, people being knocked over. I finally went to him and I said, “When are you going to put me on the hot seat? Can we do it and get it over with?” He looks at me and he goes, “Why do you think I’ll put you on the hot seat?” I said, “It appears you’re doing it with most everybody else.” He said, “The reason people get put on the hot seat is they’re resistant to looking at what’s going on, what they could do differently or what they could do better.” He said, “You’re always open to that.” I remember looking at him and probably pausing for a moment and said, “It would have been nice if you would’ve told me that because I could have been enjoying the experience a whole lot more.”

My point is a lot of times what we’re really gifted at is such a natural part of who you are that you may not realize it’s special. I can remember when my son was a senior in high school and our one of two places of arguments in our lives were he got so addicted to this video game. It was violent and I’m very anti-violence. One day he called me into his room and he said, “Look what I did.” He took a video of this violent gun shooting game where they’re all shooting each other and he put it to music. It totally transformed my experience of the game. I went, “That is a gift of his.” He then later became a filmmaker. He’s doing some other things with technology but I’m sure his worlds are going to come together again. If you’re not sure what you’re good at, ask people in your lives because they will tell you. They’ll tell you’re not good at, but we’re focusing on what you are.

I want to go back to something that you said about recognizing what potentially you’re here to do. You talked about some of the challenges and the obstacles that you may have faced in your life. That’s an indicator of maybe some of your gift or contribution to the world. I want to say that I’m a firm believer that we should be appreciative and thankful for all of the challenges, even trauma that shows up in our life. I agree with you that not only are we here for a reason, I think things happen to us for a reason. There’re several ways of being on that hot seat, if you will. Life has a tendency of putting you on the hot seat.

I believe that if it wasn’t for the challenges, if it wasn’t for some of the obstacles that we face in our lives, we wouldn’t accomplish the things that we’ve accomplished. Some of the amenities that we enjoy in life came out of some type of traumatic experience. It was the result of that. I believe that gaining a higher awareness of life can be had by experiencing trauma. I’m not saying go searching for challenges and obstacles that happen to you, but I’m saying when they occur, if we can be in gratitude and understand that everything happens for a reason, we can find answers that would help us live that miraculous life that you’re talking about.

I don’t know how many of you bowled as a child or had children that you took to bowling alleys, but when they’re really young, they’ll put padding in the gutters so that balls don’t go into the gutter right away. I think life’s a little bit like that. With what you’re talking about with life circumstances, we hit that gutter, but we don’t go in the gutter necessarily. It’s an opportunity to shift the trajectory. What happens though is sometimes we start getting those inklings like something’s not quite right but maybe we don’t pay attention to it. We get a stronger something that something is not quite right and we may get little harder something.

GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen: When you’re driven, usually you’re not taking the best care of yourself and neglecting some of your core responsibilities.


For someone like me, I ended up in a hospital after passing out and falling over a ledge and falling 25 feet. When I was in those early days and even weeks of being in the hospital in Dallas, I was asking myself, “What had I done? What had I ignored that got me to where I was and what was going to need to be different?” The reason in part that I do what I do is I don’t ever want people to go through what I went through cause there’s a whole lot more to that story. I want to wake people up, allow them to be more aware and help them get the results and ultimate success they desire but in a healthy, heartfelt manner.

I know that you’ve experienced some challenges and obstacles in your life. You had a moment in your life where everything changed. Can you share with us what that was and how it has affected your life?

It was quite a period of time in my life and I will preface it, obviously we’re talking about it. I got through it, although it was the biggest learning curve of my life. Very early in my career, I had some beautiful successes early on in my life. I achieved two graduate degrees in counseling psychology. I was Dean of students for a program called Semester at Sea at a ripe young age of 28, being the mom, being responsible for over 700 very highly functioning coeducational college students. It was an extraordinary experience as well as challenging. Training, development and corporate consulting were more in early infancy at that time. I had the wonderful opportunity of getting into that career. I did that internally for an organization for about six, seven years and then started my own business in 1981. I was very driven. I liked the attention I was getting. I liked the results that people were experiencing.

I was also not taking the best care of myself and neglecting some of my core responsibilities. I was married at the time. My son was only three, four years old at the time. I was under contract with a Fortune 100 company, traveling all over the United States and doing work for them. I was to fly out to LA from Texas and I was phenomenally sick. The driving part of me, we could probably say the workaholic within me said, “We can still do this.” I remember going outside the Dallas airport to just get some air. I was sick to my stomach and I walked over to the edge of this level at the airport. The next thing that I know, I’m in the hospital and I see people looking around me. They’re looking down at me and I’m thinking to myself, “What just happened?” As I started to come around a little bit more, you know how movies have these little frames? I was starting to get little frames. I remember being outside the airport. Then I had a couple of frames of being on the ground at the airport. I recall seeing somebody running into the airport. I have a couple of frames of being in the ambulance.

What I discovered happened was I had passed out and I fell over a ledge at the airport. I fell approximately 25 feet. My right leg was shattered. I had multiple surgeries. I didn’t know if I would walk again for about eleven months, which I’m blessed that I do. I had back fractures. I was later diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury that took a very long time to recover from, although I would imagine there are people in my life that maybe are questioning how much I’ve recovered from that. Even though I still have some challenges, most of them are manageable. Quite honestly, that was the tip of the iceberg. If that was not enough around week four, my former husband came, suitcases packed saying he no longer wished to be married. Even though I will be perfectly honest that I take 100% of my responsibility in how that decision was made, the timing was rough. If that was not enough, we finally went to court. What I haven’t mentioned is my former husband happened to be an attorney. He was awarded full custody of our son, who at that time was only four. That’s when I broke into a whole lot of pieces and I’m not exaggerating.

If you're not sure what you're really good at, ask people in your lives because they will tell you. Share on X

Everything at that point in time in my life that could be said, “That’s my identity,” as a wife, as a mother, as a consultant, even my physicality, I was living in whiteboard territory. It was interesting because my mom was the one at some point to suggest that I might want to learn how to meditate. To cut to the chase in desperate times I went, “I’ll give that a try too.” Quieting my mind at that point was an oxymoron. I went to somebody who was teaching a small group of us how to meditate. We were doing this in somebody’s home. I went to my instructor and I said, “It’s really strange. Every time I feel like my might start calming down, I get this urge to sing.” He said, “Sing.” I started laughing. I said, “You don’t understand. I actually had people in my life that request I not do that.” He looked at me and he said, “Sing.” I went back to my little place in the house and I allowed this singing to come out of me. For the first time in a very long time, not only did my mind start to relax but so did my body.

Living in Texas at that time, what they say is true. Some of the things in Texas are a little bit bigger and I had this large walk-in closet. I would do this meditation in singing in my closet. I was very much in the closet with all of this because I was not that girl prior to my accident. Little by little I discovered things had really changed within me. I was with that same group of people and I walked by somebody and I said, “You have a block around your heart.” It came out of my mouth. I’m, “Where did that come from?” I saw it and I spoke it. What was so affirming is somebody behind me walked up to the same person and said, “You have a block around your heart.” I’m thinking, “What has happened to me?” I’ve always been a curious person so I kept exploring. What I’m very blessed and grateful for is that yes, my curiosity allowed me to open up to receive these beautiful healing gifts that I’ve been given.

The transformational processes allowed me to find the root of anything holding people back or interfering. We take care of that. We retrain the mind and we close that gap from where you are to where you want to be. It took me a while to actually be comfortable with that. There are even times where part of what I do is I sing. I can see people’s energy. I don’t walk around looking at people’s energy. I feel that that would be intrusive and out of integrity. Although I got to say there are times that would be a little tempting. The other reason that I had to get out of my comfort zone and share this with people is tying back to what we talked about. This was a gift that I clearly was given. Was it because of the trauma? Was it because of the brain injury? I don’t know how or why. I know I had been given this gift and who am I to not share it. Even though my circumstances were rather extreme, I share it because I want everyone else to be willing to share who they are, what they can offer in whatever capacity that might be. I honestly believed that the more we do that, we will have happier, healthier relationships, happier and healthy bodies, happier and healthier lives.

Do you feel you would have discovered this gift had you not gone through those experiences?


GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen: The miracles and the gold that can come of our experiences is what really make our lives rich.


What is your attitude towards those challenges though? Those are very hard things to deal with in your life at one point.

They are very hard. I have a wonderful relationship with my son. He was probably my biggest teacher in experiencing what I would call unconditional love. He was awesome as we went from one home to two homes, two cities and ultimately two States. It was quite the journey that I don’t wish anybody to experience. In the beginning, “Was I grateful?” “No.” “Was I confused?” “Yes.” “Was I curious?” “Absolutely,” because even at that time, I didn’t believe in accidents and yet I had a whopper of one. I remember when the judge awarded custody, something literally snapped in my brain. That night my brain wouldn’t stop. It was like a hamster on a wheel. There was an event that was trying to find a file in my brain and there was none. It was a pretty scary and unsettling time.

I was pretty amazed every now and then that my sense of humor would pop up, which I was grateful for. The body has amazing abilities to try to create equilibrium. I remember thinking, “I hope and I’m pretty sure this is going to make a really great story someday.” There was a part of me that believed there was light at the end of this big dark tunnel, which I’m sure you can appreciate knowing what you have gone through as well, but it was tough. There were days, probably weeks, I don’t remember any longer collectively where I wanted to pull the covers over my head and sometimes I did. I explored a lot. As I mentioned, I have always been a curious person. When I was younger, I was one of those kids that was always asking questions. I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t call it curious, they probably called it pesky. In high school, my nickname happened to be nose. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I had a big one, but that was my curiosity.

If we open up ourselves to be curious, it’s my curiosity led me down my career path. My curiosity led me down, my healing and recovery path. To be willing to do that, to be willing to open up to what we’re talking about, the miracles and the gold that can come of these experiences is what makes it rich. I would not be this person had it not been what happened. Obviously, my trajectory needed to shift because I mentioned, I was formally workaholic. I wasn’t taking care of my physicality. I wasn’t taking care of my family. I changed things, which leads me to a philosophy that I live and offer others of, live, love and lead which I believe is the new and better formula for success.

I believe that the things that you go through are not specifically for you but it’s for other people. That’s what you’re describing. I want to make this a little bit more practical for people. Can you give us some things to do? I got the meditation but what are some other things that we can do to be curious? Think about someone lying on their bed, they’re in a courtroom and they lost custody of the kid, it’s difficult to think. What are some practical things that people can do? I’m sure someone is probably going through a tough time.

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In my world, when things go off track or the challenge presents itself, more times than not we are either needing to reboot in some ways. In business, we’re always dancing with what we need to do. It doesn’t, but it’s an opportunity to reposition ourselves. One of the things that I always have people do quite honestly, whether they’re a corporate client, whether an individual client is I have them look at what matters to them most. That’s the live part. I have a list of 400 values. There are other values that you can find on the internet and take inventory of what matters to you most. More times than not, when people are having challenges or something has gotten out of alignment, I believe that’s what happens. It’s like, “Where did I get away from what matters to me most?” The second segment, which I label love is “How are you really putting your oxygen mask on?”

Like the airlines, they say in times of emergency, you put your oxygen mask on first. It’s taking care of yourself before you take care of others, which we are not taught to do in life. Some of us are attempting to shift that. First of all, self-love is so important. I almost said critical but what I want people to do is to be less critical and more accepting of themselves. If you have a health challenge, if you have a life or career challenge, where have you been neglecting to care for yourself or possibly others that have taken you out of alignment? The love piece is important. I would say every single private client that I’ve had over the years is restricted to a certain extent in receiving love and support. Many of us have become masterful, me included at giving and offering ourselves. If we don’t open ourselves up to receive, we minimize what we can offer our world.

To look at where might you be off? I had to create new friendships. When my marriage ended, some people were extremely supportive. There were surprises. Other people vanished out of my life because they were uncomfortable for whatever reason. I had to cultivate better support. I was not used to asking for help. I was always the strong one. I was the taskmaster. Asking for help was like help was literally a four-letter word in my brain because I go, “That’s a weakness.” No, it’s necessary. I have to say, even today there are moments I go, “There we go again.” Look at how well are you caring for yourself, how well are you open to receive? Are there people in your inner circle that you can reach out to? I openly shared that I’ve made a gazillion mistakes in my life and yet I’m open about the mistakes I’ve made.

I’m open about my vulnerabilities even when I speak to audiences and it’s happened before. There are times that I will have a second or two, I don’t think they last long that I blackout. I come back and I have no idea what I was talking about. I personally leveraged that because I tell my audience, “You need to listen because I may come back and you’re going to have to tell me what I was saying.” It’s also being okay with not being okay. I was just talking to a beautiful client of mine who’s an extremely successful engineer. She had formerly worked for a company in Canada and oversaw 250 other engineers. She is in a newer position in Australia. There was something that happened that first of all that was stressing her out, that was making her feel sad and she didn’t want to feel that.

I believe it’s important to get the gold out of those feelings. Sometimes I believe we attract experiences into our life to help us heal the old wounds from many moons ago. It doesn’t mean we have to go down a deep dark hole. That’s one of the things I’m grateful for my processes. I’ve worked with people who have been abused, traumatized and have had extreme challenges. I also work with many people that have not, but it’s important to be with those feelings, to give it a voice. I’m a big believer in journaling. There’s an exercise that I think is very effective. If you’ve got this niggle, sadness or even anger inside of you, give it a voice because it too is trying to take you to a place that opens you up so that you can be more authentic, you are able to be clear about what it is you can best do next. We were given all of these feelings. I was at someone’s event, a mutual friend of ours Adam Markel and his Heart of Enrollment. He teaches variants where you have to get into all these emotions. I let it rip. I hadn’t felt anger in a long time and I got to tell you, it felt good.

GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen: We have too many people that are suffering in silence, and that is not okay, especially when there are so many people out there who want to help.


That pain in my shoulder blade went away and it was like, “I need to be okay with opening up.” I think we all get in our comfort zones. Don’t be afraid of your feelings. God only knows how long I was sad. I had a close friend at the time, she looked at me one day and she said, “You are the best crier that I’ve ever met.” I’m thinking, “I never knew that was going to be one of my claim to fame.” There was a whole lot of sadness that had to come out. It wasn’t like I was in the depths of it every moment. If it does get to where you’re a little nervous or afraid, please reach out and get help. We have too many people that are suffering in silence and that is not okay, especially when there are so many people out there who want to help. I could even pose this question, if you knew somebody in your life that was suffering, wouldn’t you want to help them? When you’re there for them, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do here on Earth.

I want you to know, every single person that I’ve asked gives the same answer so why would you possibly deny me of offering that for you? It’s the same thing that we were talking about, where we can be good at giving. That’s part of the receiving. When we recognize that other people feel good supporting us, then we can get over. There was a period of time in my life, I did not want anybody to know I was suffering. I was good at masking it. At least I thought I was, I don’t know how good I was. It’s like, “I do not mind telling you I’m a bit of a hot mess right this moment.”

I believe that when we mask it, we stop the flow. A lot of people think that the harmony of life is on a straight line. The harmony of life is not a straight line. It’s ups and downs. There are bends and curves, but the problem is whenever you get into that dip or you’re in that curve, it doesn’t feel so good and then you bottle it all up, you disrupt the flow. Now, you can’t get those feelings out. When they come behind it, they can’t come because you’re stuck in that dip. If you let it all out and go get the help you need, talk to the people you need. Be okay with not being okay because eventually you’re going to get back and you’re going to hit that peak and you can ride the wave.

It’s like an emotion. It’s something within you that’s raising your hand that wants to be acknowledged. That’s all we as human beings want. We want somebody to see us, appreciate us and acknowledge us. Your emotions are exactly the same.

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Where can people find you if they want to connect with you, want to work with you and find out more about you? Where can they go?

My website is WendyDarling.com and my email is Wendy@WendyDarling.com. I have worked with organizations for over 40 years now. There is a brief assessment called What’s Your RQ, your Relationship Quotient. In our world, creating relationships has become not only more important but also because of our social media, everything else and high technology. It’s also become more of a challenge. If you want to see maybe where you sit, to spark some ideas, you can easily opt into that. If you’re curious, there’s a place that you can schedule a brief, what I call heart to heart with me, to talk about what might be going on in your life. We’re always interested in also speaking to individuals and teams within corporations, to help to heighten the engagement within an organization so that they can be more productive and profitable.

What is one of the most common problems that you see with teams and organizations that you’ve worked with?

The willingness to be open, to create a safe environment where people can freely share their ideas, play with it a little bit and be more flexible. I was reading an article that mentioned Jeff Bezos of Amazon, the ruler of the world. He was saying that when he’s looking for people that he hires to be a part of his team, he’s not looking for somebody that’s got it all together. He wants people that recognize that a lot of their learning has come from their mistakes. I believe that’s true too because what it shows is flexibility and a willingness to explore. In our very fast-changing, innovative oriented world that we live in now, we need that. The cultures that value that level of openness and collaboration are the ones that are getting quite exceptional results. Working with the culture and the team in that way, takes a little work. It’s important that the executive, the leader makes it safe for people to share. That’s not always the case because just like what I talked about, we don’t want to necessarily show, “I don’t know. Maybe this is a silly idea.”

When we get there, there’s no silly ideas and respect whatever, including being open about, “I’m a little challenged with what I’m working with or I’ve got a little something going on.” It makes a huge difference. That’s why I’ve always been a relationship person. I’ve always been a collaborator. My early work in companies has always been in the lane of executive and team development and that has not changed. Some of the ways I do it has probably changed over the years. I would say the biggest issue is creating an environment that fosters engagement. Interestingly enough, it’s one of the biggest challenges most companies face now. I’ve seen an estimated 70% to 80% of employees now are dissatisfied and disengaged. That’s a lot of unhappy and disengaged people that not only are just going through the motions but then on top of it, how’s that impact acting the company? How aware are you of what’s going on in your own organization or your own team?

GCM 42 | Making Miracles Happen

Making Miracles Happen: Our heart has way more wisdom than we give it credit. When we come from our heart and use our mind in alignment with our heart, that’s where the magic can be.


We’re getting into a different topic right now, but I believe a lot of that is because of ego-based leadership. I feel that there’s not enough care. In organizations, you don’t hear the word love a lot. It’s, “Work, work, work, get the job done.” I think if we can take a step back and step out of the ego and care about the employees, that’s the start of getting that engagement. When people know you care, they’re willing to be more open and that’s what you’re talking about creating that space. It’s hard to create a space if you’re leading from ego. It’s easier to create a space when you’re coming from a place of love, you’re coming from a heart space.

Love, compassion and kindness, it goes a long way. Many years ago, I was extremely instrumental in creating one of the Quality Circle groups in the country. We created hundreds. One of the themes back then was to move slow so you can move faster. It was a Japanese phrase. There’s a lot of gold in that. There’s a myth in our culture more in the United States for certain that I can speak to, that we’ve got to be driven. We have to just pound the pavement. We have to get all these things done. We’re not hard-wired to be that way. What I found out even in my own life, because I do things very differently now than I did back then, I’m actually more productive than I used to be. I’m healthier. I’m happier and I can get my results even faster. If we demystify that myth, it will also make a difference. Just like you said, “To take a step back, create the space, have more compassion, openness, kindness, love, it makes a big difference.

Wendy, I want to thank you for being a guest on the show. This has been beautiful. I can continue to talk to you all day. You are so full of knowledge and so easy to talk to. I love your energy. Thank you for being on the show. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate you.

It was both enjoyable and I’m grateful for the opportunity for us to connect as well.

Do you have any final words for the audience?

I’m going to keep it simple. To do what’s best for you, I encourage you to follow your heart. Our heart actually has way more wisdom than we give it credit. When we come from our heart and still use our mind, but more in alignment with the heart, that’s where magic and miracles do happen.

There you have it, folks. The game-changing message for now is to follow your heart. Thank you for reading. This is another great episode. I love you. We’ll see you next time.

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