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In many ways, traditional broadcast media is an incomparable platform from which you can put your business out into the world. But how do you present your best self as the number one spokesperson for your brand? In this episode, Rodney Flowers brings in a guest who possesses many years of experience working with entrepreneurs in marketing their business on TV. Jacquie Jordan is the Founder of TVGuestpert, a 15-year-old company that handles branding, promotion, guesting, show development, and more. In one way or another, Jacquie has been involved in over 10,000 TV guest appearances. She is also a New York Times Bestselling Publisher and a two-time Emmy-nominated producer. If you’re an entrepreneur who’s thinking about getting some exposure on media, you’re going to want to listen to this. 

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Look The Part: How To Present Your Best Self On Broadcast Media With Jacquie Jordan

I have a very special guest with me by the name of Jacquie Jordan. She is the Founder of the Silicon Beach-based TVGuestspert, TVGuestpert Publishing and TVOnCameraTraining.com. TVGuestpert is a media development company that raises the profile of the guestperts in the media and grows their client scores business. With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with businesses on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development as well as their oncamera execution. For all of you entrepreneurs out there that want more media, want to know how to show up on the media, this episode is for you. WelcomeMiss Jacquie Jordanto the show. 

Thank you, Rodney. That was a great introduction. I appreciate that. I love what you’re doing. I love resilience coaching. That is so fabulous especially right now. The ability to bounce back is huge especially when we’re facing so much uncertainty in these changing times. 

There are lots of businesses out there that are pivoting. There are lots of companies and people that need help from those coaches. One of the things that we want to be cognizant is how we present ourselves in the media to make sure that we’re visible, seen and available to serve the people that need us. I’m glad that you are here with us to share your wisdom, knowledge on the subject and give us some pointers. I have entrepreneurs that’s reading the blog and they are growing their business. Some of them are dealing with challenges like what we’re dealing with. Some of them are thriving, but I always believe that how you show up in the media and on television is a big part of your business as part of your brand. I want to have it, but before we get into that, I know you have an interesting story. I want to hear about how you made the leap to become an entrepreneur, start your business years ago and get to a place where you are now. 

Thank you so much for that. My background professionally is I’m a two-time Emmy nominated television producer. My Emmy nominations come from the Donny Marie Show, but I was also a producer for The Montel Williams Show, Maury Povich, and Geraldo. I produced television for the Wall Street Journal Television, TV and CNBC. I moved out to California from New York to produce a lot of pilots. did a daytime talk show pilot for Bob Saget and actor Sheryl Lee Ralph and a lot of other pilots that never made air. As a producer, you’re naturally entrepreneurial because you’re literally taking an idea from the ether, you’re having to materialize it on a budget and a timeline pretty quickly. Pulling that together, which is the same skillset that entrepreneurs need at least foundationally in order to run and launch their businesses. 

I’ve had my company and I built out the publishing piece of my company, we’re New York Times Best-Selling Publisher but I started that in 2008 during the recession. At the time I started that business, everybody said, “Don’t do it. Publishing is going to be a dying industry. Everything is going to go digital.” They were right about many pieces of it, but I had a niche business. We focused on raising the profiled experts in the media and building out the media at their businesses. They’re using the media and marketing. We look at the growth of their businesses. I thought publishing was legitimized and traditional publishing was still very valuable for the experts that we were working ontheir brands versus self-publishing, which I don’t have anything against. 

Many of our clients are self-published authors, but it was something that we were able to open up in terms of our publishing division. Speakinghere we are again in crazy economical time. Small business owners and businesses took a massive hit here in 2020. I believe that if we can work with the contraction is a moment for potential expansion. What we did for our company in 2020 because we do have a publishing company and we have books and retail bookstores, but bookstores have been closed on and off for most of the year is we took our company podcast show on the road. We’ve met with clients throughout the country. 

We also went to retail stores that were considered essential to set up strategic partnerships to rebuild our book merchandising businesses in order to keep our books viable since now we’ve experienced the fact that bookstores could be closed. That’s what we did as a company. We were faced with the adversity of the change is looking for the solutions. I have had the privilege, especially in Los Angeles of mentoring. A lot of my philanthropy has been helping small business owners especially women start their businesses. One of the things that I always look for in business owner is like, “Is this a hobby or is this a business? How can we start solvent sustainable businesses? I know that there is a big need for a debt business model. A lot of people take debt, funding or seed money. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

I’ve had early opportunity myself to take seed money but there’s something amazing when you can be an entrepreneur and a business owner and you have the ability to create money because you have a valuable idea or service that you can put out into the world. To me, there are no Godgiven gifts more empowering in terms of prosperity that when you can create your own ideas and make money with it. That’s the key behind what we do at TVGuestpert. We’re working with the experts and entrepreneurs, and not all of them are necessarily small business owners, but the business has to be part of the practice. There are very few businesses that don’t require marketing. Even if they don’t require mass media marketing, which is primarily what we work on, they still require some industry marketing to be recognized within the industry in which they operate is still important. 

There are basic skills and tools that we like to work with as a company to help either the business or the business owner get their message out there so that people can find them. Right now, we’re so bombarded with social media, public speaking presence, a written book, television and podcasting. We’ve become our own full-time celebrity influencers in our companies. You’re certainly doing a great job with that as well as I looked over your marketing materials and even with what you’re doing with your show. 

There is no God-given gift more empowering than being able to create your own ideas and make money with them. Share on X

I’m in the middle of a rebrand. The audience hasn’t seen what’s coming. We have a lot of new marketing material and new branding material coming in. We’ve narrowed down even more clarity in our target audience. Many of the people are here, but then we want it to pivot towards corporations and individuals who are leaders within those corporations and how they deal with challenges, how they bounce back, how they remain resilient, how do we have teams, corporations, and organizations. That’s a change that is forthcoming. We’re slowly leaking that out. It’s not evident on the material that you’ve looked at. However, I thank you for the compliment on what we’ve done this far, because it has been very helpful. We’ve experienced a lot of success with our current marketing however we are, we are changing it. As a result of COVID, we’re pivoting as well.  

The service that you’re offering couldn’t be more key at this time especially for corporations keeping teams intact. There’s so much divisiveness. It’s generational, gender, and racial. It’s happening in verticals and horizontals and to keep a team’s wholeness because every team has to have a unified purpose to be successful. Whatever that company is producing and putting out there, yet it’s made up of facets and fragments of individuals, different talents and skillsets. Creating harmony within the diversity of it is going to be the next years of integration is going to be about. That’s where you are. You’re pivoting to is spot on genius and well-needed. Again, talk about hitting a service at a time that is needed. 

We want to build cultures of winning within the teams. The concept of the gamechanger mentality is how can I deal with the adversity that I faced and still win. It speaks for itself. We’ll have to change the game and mentality is all about how you play. 

I love that you say that diversity is real. It’s not a failure. Having adversity does not equal failure, it just is. Some people have collective and personal adversity but adversity just is. Sometimes, in the business coaching world, there’s a lot of like, “Think positive.” I’m like, “That works to a degree but you have to acknowledge what the problem is. You can’t push the problem. Some problems are insurmountable in its moments and the mentality as you talk about the game-changing mentality has to be taken and broken down in bits and pieces. 

What’s the next right action? I can’t change that but this is what I’m responsible for. This is what I need to put my focus, energy and time into in order to move it forward. A lot of people think I have a glamorous business. I got to do an interview on television about MTV Video Music Awards which was fantastic and fun to do. We have a lot of glamour in our business, but our day-to-day business is focused on what’s the bottom line, who can we serve, how do we communicate, what’s the follow-through, and the detail involved in that. That’s not glamorous. It’s funny because when we bring in a lot of interns.  

They see our materials, what we’ve done and what we’ve created. They want to do these big things and they’ve got scripts and ideas. We want to teach them basics like, how do you answer phones professionally? What is the company voice in email communications that we want to put out? They’re like, “This isn’t fun. Those are the things. The impeccability of integrity comes from the simplicity of the next right action. That’s not always sexy or fun, but when you do it well, it creates the advantage of the rewards that people like to experience. I like to experience those. 

I love a business that’s based on the fundamentals. We look at sports players or very successful individuals to have the stuff for you. Things that they revert to that they do well every single day. It’s not the glamorous things that you were explaining. It’s simple, basic things. I’m like this when you’ve been hit and shaken up. Where do you go? I believe you go back to those basics. A lot of times, we’re out there. We’re running full speed and we’re doing this, we’re going here, we’re looking at all the opportunities and then we get hit. All of that stuff that we were doing before seemingly doesn’t matter anymore. We got to go back to the fundamentals. 

GCM 167 | Present Your Best Self

Present Your Best Self: The business owner’s personality is a big deal. It has the potential to become a relatable commodity for consumers.


You have a strong foundation. Fundamentals are solid. It makes you pivot a lot easier because where you were before was based on that foundation, you were able to take that. That was your jumpoff point. Now you may need a different direction to jump off. You can’t jump off over there anymore because COVID-19 is over there. You jump off over here because this is giving you daylight. This is where the coast is clear, if you will. Having the basics and having that foundation to revert back gives you the ability to do that. 

Very well said. I believe that foundation and keeping the foundation solid is important. Entrepreneurs got hit with things this 2020. We were able to access money from the government, whether it was unemployment, PPP or small business loan and things like that. That was a great temporary solution, but every temporary solution also could potentially have long-term consequences if you’re not carefulwise and smart especially if you’re incurring a loan in regards to it. Knowing what your foundation is, knowing what your bottom line is and those basics make it important for running a successful business. 

The part that I work with entrepreneurs iswhat your business expression is? What’s the expression that you want to put out there to the world? What is the problem that your business is solving that people can benefit from it? How are you communicating that? What choices are you making to communicate that message? Were getting ready to publish one of our client’s books. She’s fabulous. Kim Nolan herself ran a global cash card business, but her son had an accident which led to paraplegic. She’s writing a story and started a foundation. She wants to advocate for spinal cord injury victims. 

She’s doing a lot of works. That’s one of the books that will be out from our company. I’m so proud of it. We’re going through our printers. It was funny because when I looked at one of our printing websites that we were using, they had a lot of the same marketing that we use for our Front Center PodcastsI love that a big printing company defines itself with a personality. Just on basics, you wouldn’t necessarily think the printer would be that fantastic. How we communicate in terms of branding, imprints, images and messaging iimportant. 

Let’s peel that onion back a little bit more as well because a lot of people think that branding is just that. It’s the expression. It’s the image and logo, but I’ve learned the hard way that branding is a lot more than that. Give us a quick crash course on what’s the true essence of branding. What are some of the things that entrepreneurs do to make sure they think about when it comes to branding their business? 

That’s a great question and distinction. One of the things I look for when we’re working with clients is if the messaging and branding all in unison. What’s important for us as a company is not about Jacquie, it’s about the company TVGuestpert. It’s the entity of TVGuestpert that has its own voice. We speak even as a company internally to our customers and our clients. It’s a unified voice. Whether it was me speaking, my VP speaking, my lead booker or Laura speaking, whoever speaking, we would sound alike in our written communication and in our verbal communication because we’re speaking as a company, as a voice. We were participating in the voice of the company. 

That becomes true also for the image that we put out. We have a lot of gold and purple and we use those company themes even through our subsidiary branding pieces of TV Guestpert, TVGuestpert Publishing and Front Center Podcast. We’re getting ready to do an online course for On-Camera Training. All of them have the threads of the coloring. Even though they’re separate entities and they have their own distinctions, you can tell the flavors. Those are the type things that become important in terms of at least visual branding. We’re also talking platforms now. We’re required to show up and have a presence on many platforms whether it’s LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube.  

Each one of those platforms have a different personality that the followers expect to receive from people who are providing the content. Those pieces become a tremendous amount of work for a business to keep up on and consciously communicate in various sectors the different images. LinkedIn is very professional. Personal opinions and personality don’t work in the LinkedIn format from my perspective. If you’re going to be on LinkedIn, you hold the highest form of professional integrity in the representation there. With Facebook, it’s a little bit more friends and family, peers and colleagues. Facebook for me is about showing the dog, not necessarily your bedroom. 

Adversity does not equal failure. Adversity just is. Share on X

I always say to my clients, what is the boundary of your conversation that you’re willing to have? What are you willing for people to see? We’re responsible now for the little box, the window that we put out there so how do we want to present ourselves. Instagram is a little bit more lifestyle. They’re owned by Facebook and it has a little bit of flavor of Facebook. It’s like, “What are you eating? What are you drinking? What’s your favorite fashion? It’s got a little bit more of that. TikTok has got the hugest following. Pinterest is also been successful for many of my coaching clients, building up a following on Pinterest. The way you format the graphics for each one of them is differenthow you hold your camera or your iPhoneMost of our clients tend to be Gen Xers who are not necessarily the first who want to be in front of the camera. They’re like, “Do I really have to do this? Having to learn all of these little nuances is quite hectic for different clients. 

When you started answering the question, you mentioned how the business needs to take on a personality. I want to touch on that a little bit. Should there be a consistency between the business owner and the personality of the business? How important is that? 

In the way we market our clients, I’m very interested in the business owner. I want to know who the business owner is as well as the business that they’re selling. I’m very interested in that. A lot of businesses, when they come to me, they come to me for the business and not necessarily the business owner. People want to identify with a business. Even though we know a little bit about Ben & Jerry’s, we know that Ben Jerry’s is a very specific personality. The personality becomes a relatable commodity to consumers, customers, and clients, whether or not they want to support that. It is a big deal. 

I think where sometimes business owners get into trouble is, they are very fragmented on their overall message. It’s like, “It’s a little bit too much for everyone, or they can’t finetune it. I’ve had lots of examples because we deal with content especially at TVGuestpert. A lot of our clients are having to provide content on a daily basis answering all sorts of media calls that we receive. We’re blessed to receive about 300 media calls and inquiries a day. We’re constantly filtering out. I have a clear idea of what the landscape of the media conversation is going to be. Our clients have to respond with content. The clients who can wrap their brain around clever content are genuinely more successful in the media and marketing. tend to be a real big teacher in that with my clients because when we learn how to jump into the ocean wave of the narrative, we have way more opportunities. 

A good example that I like to use is Mark Cuban. Mark Cuban has been successful. He’s no different than any other entrepreneurial CEO, but he has made himself a celebrity. Now he comments on a wide variety of business owner topics. I knew him and his team when he was engaging and building out Landmark Theaters. He brought a team in to help build that personality out for his business empire. It’s a lot more popular to do that now than it was in the past. The biggest CEO or the celebrity we know is Lee Iacocca or something like that. Now, it’s a lot more popular and it’s necessary for all small business owners to participate. 

They say content is king or content is your currency these days. How could someone increase their ability to create content or to increase the value of content they’re putting out every day? 

great example is we lost the wonderful celebrity actor Chadwick Boseman from Black Panther. In this particular case, I would say this would be a good opportunity as a resilient coach for you to write a blog about him. This is a good moment for you to capitalize on the loss of a young, great talent and to spin it with your resilient coaching. My bookers or producers ask me from a pop culture point of view. My content will then come in from a pop culture perspective about the impact he had in his roles, movie placements and his awards. You can see how your perspective in a media landscape would already be different than mine, but we also have equal room in the media landscape to put out that type of perspective. 

That’s what makes this a lot of fun and powerful in terms of messaging. We’re going to have the MTV Video Music Awards. I assume that we’re going to do some tribute for him as well. It’s still a great time for different experts or entrepreneurs to do some content about it. What I would do if I were a fashion expert or a lifestyle expert? I would be talking about it from the perspective of the fashion or the lifestyle because that’s what you love about the award shows is that they provide that color. You then bring in your own unique business offering, service or point of view that you would only hold because of your proprietary information in the business you have in order to do that. That’s how we cultivate and craft meaningful content and we match it then with timely opportunities. I feel like that’s the alchemy and the gift of what we do at TVGuestpert. 

What would you say to someone who’s feeling, “That’s a little bit inauthentic? Taking advantage of a strategy and using it for your gain. Is that something real in the industry? Do people deal with that? Do you have a comment about that? 

That way that’s shown up for me before is because they’re like to exploit something. I’m an author of a book called Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing The Universe To Be Your Business PartnerIn that book, I break down the difference between tacky selling. That whole sticky, tacky, I’m trying to sell something, which is manipulative energy. I‘m trying to schmooze you into liking what I have to sell. We carry that as business owners and in our professional. Ifeels slimy and gross but it also shuts us down because we don’t want to engage with people. My point is we don’t want that, but what we want is service. We want our companies to align with the highest available service that we can put out to others to be of service in the world.  

GCM 167 | Present Your Best Self

Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner

If you have a heartfelt message of value and service that would be helpful to even connecting with other people who might even be grieving about something that’s sad or tragic and genuinely offers a moment of hope or inspiration, then why hold back? Who are you playing small? Who was that helping? Who was that servingIt comes from the place of the authenticity of it. We have to let go of results. Whenever we approach the gate to either put ourselves out there or in old terms, sell ourselves, we have to go to the front door of it. We put ourselves out there, which is always the vulnerability, the risk, and we have to release the outcome and the results.  

It’s clinging to a specific result that makes it start to make it energetically tacking. That’s literally the word I use in the book. It’s how to avoid energetic tackiness. As a customer and consumer, you know it, Rodney, what it feels like when someone comes up to you. They’re friendly and nice. They leave you with a little bit of a slime. I wanted my business. If someone can connect and they make a genuine connection, they present their service like that is the presentation with neutrality. I never mind hearing about it and receiving it. I’d also don’t even mind the follow-up from it. If I have no engagement to offer the person who’s presenting it to me and they can’t respect that, then it gets a little wonky, we have to put ourselves out there. 


What are some of the tools and tactics you’ve gained that level of engagement and connection? Especially in your world and everything is digital now. We’re going into even a more digital world. How do we get that connection and engagement that you’re speaking? 

A lot of expectation comes to us as a company. People have, “We’re going to engage you as a company, Jacquie. I want you to get Oprah Winfrey on the phone.” The big part of my job is to manage expectations realistically. The way I do it is I don’t make promises. We’re happy to talk about possibilities or potential, but what I like to do is talk about my track record and show results of what I have done. I can tell if a client is only interested in what I can do for them and not interested in listening to how I did it for other clients. This could be a challenging relationship for me because they’re going to expect miracles that might be unrealistic whereas in order to stay in business, I have to provide transparent measurable results in the work that I do. I work to manage that right up front in preliminary engagement as a company so that people know what it is they’re paying for, since what I sell is a non-tangible result. I keep it on my track record and we post our gains all the time. That’s my way of transparency. You can find it on our YouTube channel and TVGuestpert Facebook page. It might look like a lot of bragging, but what I’m doing is building up a library of measurable, tangible results that are on record. 

That’s the credibility because that’s what people are looking for. They’re looking for credibility. The know, like and trust factor. They want to know that you’re able to deliver what you’re promising. I totally get that. Getting over the idea of bragging, that’s a personal thing. 

I’ll tell you what’s the biggest fears that everybody has. I don’t care how successful. I’ve worked with massive celebrities. You can see my celebrity list on our YouTube page. Everybody is afraid of going out there and looking stupid. Nobody wants to look stupid or made a fool off. Nobody wants to be rejected and abandoned. Those are universal. I even still get a little bit of the willies right before I’ve got to put myself out there even when our company newsletter goes out. 

How do you develop that confidence? A lot of people would love to do what you’re doing. They would love to be the celebrity, to have the visions of living this lavish life, or the life where, I’m putting myself out there. I’m still in my product. I’m showing up. However, this part right here scares them. How do they get over that, Jacquie? 

I’m so sure you’re a fine man, Rodney Flowers. I imagine you go to the gym. Anybody who goes to the gym knows that not every day we go, we feel it. Not every day we come out of there feeling like a superhero. Sometimes, they come out there feeling like, “This is terrible. That’s what putting yourself out there as exactly like. It doesn’t feel, “Do I have to do this? Do I want to do this? Do I want to expose myself? Do I want to be criticized? Do I want to be commented on?” We do it and it’s the consistency of it. The biggest reward for me is when a potential client comes in and says, I am impressed with what you did for Dr. Gayani DeSilva. I want results like her.  

That means that what we’ve been doing a consistent, measurable basis works. We’re addressing this in the upcoming online course that we’re doing for On-Camera Training because our generation didn’t grow up. We weren’t the generation who has a photograph in vitro. We had the Polaroid camera, disposable camera and then we had to integrate cell phone cameras. We were not the selfie generation. I don’t think we are naturally comfortable with exposure. We’re more comfortable being smart behind the scenes people. Now, we’re faced with technology as business owners to be putting ourselves out there in a way that we have to show up and do it. It’s not naturally comfortable for us and me. 

I’m going to be honest. There was a self-image issue because I am the image of my business. For megetting over the hump was making my business, what I do and who I serve more important than my role. 

If you get that, you are successful. It will work. That’s exactly it. Get over yourself and do it. It’s like it is in the gym. 

Who is your ideal client, Jacquie? 

I love small business owners and entrepreneurs who have a message, burn, fire and passion within themselves that they know inside themselves that they can only influence so many people a day in small groups and that they want to get the message out and are willing to be teachable. I can only bring the level of opportunity to a client that they are ready and willing to receive. Some people are like, I want to be on Super Bowl Sunday with Oprah Winfrey,” but their business doesn’t quite match the level of the opportunity. Again, I like measurable, transparent steps to success. Over time, you’ve upped a scale of opportunity as opposed to I hand you a lottery ticket and you lose that.  

They have a great message that is of value and of service. There’s so much chaos and pain in the world, especially in the world of media that when I have experts and entrepreneurs that we can offer solutions and put it out there. I can reflect back to my client or my expert like, “Let’s do it. Let’s tell the story this way so we can make an impact for you. We can get the message out there.” It’s so emotionally satisfying. Even when my company team, when we see our clients on air and successful, it’s so incredibly satisfying as it is, I’m sure for you when you see your clients grow and have those results. You won’t take the credit for it. You just provided the opportunity. 

They do all the work. I’m there coaching them on and coursecorrecting. That’s all I’m doing. Jacquie, you mentioned something about the process and you didn’t want to give someone a lottery ticket and then they blow it. That makes the process very important. I want to hear your thoughts on the process, especially in your business so people understand how important it is. If you want to get to this space where you’re a celebrity, it can happen, yet you have to go through this process. We like to hear a couple of words from you on this. 

I always use Ryan Seacrest as a big example because he’s been around way longer than he has been successful on television. When I was an up and coming producer, everybody was kicking around this want to be talk show host named Ryan Seacrest. It took him a long time. Even with his most current success, that guy’s got a morning radio show and he’s doing American Idol. He’s got the production company. He was a hardworking man to do it. The process is important and the overnight successes don’t ever last.  

For business owners, I always say, “You don’t need to be Oprah Winfrey to be successful. Even halfway, Oprah Winfrey is going to make your business remarkably successful. Getting you out there and finding who your audience is, getting the clients to come to you, and getting your message to other people who would never find your message otherwise to find you is what’s important. The process is significant in terms of learning. Some people who are perfectionists will hear this message from me and they will shut down and they will say, I’m not ready. I’ll start when I’m ready. They do the gym analogy of like, I’ll go to the gym when I lose weight.” It doesn’t work that way. You got to be in the game. You got to do the measurable results. Because we’re business owners and the fear is genuine, if I go out there and make a fool out of myself, it will reflect on the bat on my business.  

We all saw what happened to Elon Musk when he smoked pot on The Joe Rogan Show. His stock prices went down and he hasn’t lived that reputation quite fully down yet. We’ve seen what happens when the business owner doesn’t make the right choices or doesn’t say the proper thing in the media. For me, again, that’s why I want to be careful and train. A lot of training is a big part of what we do. Knowing what your opening soundbite is and to handle interviewers, hosts, and this new medium that we all beholden to now which is Zoom and technology that goes behind that and making it fun.  

Overnight successes don’t last. You need to put in the work and go through the process. Share on X

I always say when a client is coming or enrolling with TVGuestpert, I said, I want to be the fun part of your business. If you see an email from us, I don’t want you to go like, I got more work to do. I want you to be like, “That’s my reward for doing my work.” I want to be that part of your business where we reflect back to you. You should be walking away from us going, I’m smart. I didn’t know I knew as much as I know. I know a lot. I am in demand. People do want to hear what I have to say. People do want to see me on a regular basis. That’s what I want my clients to walk away from after a year of working with us. 

That’s beautiful because you bring up Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest. We already have the Oprah Winfrey and the Ryan Seacrest. We need the next best thing, the next talk show host, the next Joe Blow, or whomever it is. That’s what we need. For people that are reading, what would you say to them? They have the desire to become an icon, celebrity, or public figure. They had this idea they want to serve and be in the space of TV and media. What would you say to them? 

There is a tremendous demand and opportunity in television. I’m a big advocate of television. A lot of the skills that we teach in television are transferable to social media and being public in social media and on camera. I still like the machine of television. Your audiences will find you that others find you. You end up in search engines in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise be searched. There’s a lot of power in traditional broadcast media. There’s a lot of opportunities. That’s why we receive so many inquiries a day. I don’t fulfill all the inquiries that I receive. I don’t have enough qualified experts on a regular basis to fulfill. The demand is bigger than the fulfillment. 

Most people don’t know that. They think that getting on television is impossible. Sometimes, it’s impossible to get your own show. We do a lot of show development at our company. It’s not impossible, you just have to be smart and educated about it. These companies and production companies that we work with have their internal development teams to get paid a lot of money to come up with ideas. That’s why it’s sometimes hard for outsiders to break in. If you break your platform based on your visibility and your efforts, they will find you. That’s the beauty of it. There are lots of opportunities out there. That’s why content is king, as you said. 

Jacquie, how can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you, work with you, even make the decision to take that first step towards media and TV? 

GCM 167 | Present Your Best Self

Present Your Best Self: There is a lot of opportunities to get into traditional broadcast media. You just have to be smart and educated about it.


We got lots of ways you can find us. Our website is TVGuestpert.com. That’s our basic and easy. Our podcast is FrontAndCenterPodcast.com but you can find us on Instagram under @TVGuestpert or @FrontAndCenterPodcast. I’m @Jacquie_Jordan on Instagram. Our company page on Facebook is @TVGuestpert. We’ve got multiple platforms. We’ve been pushing our YouTube page TVGuestpert. You’ll see all of our client videos out thereOur TVGuestpert Broadcast Podcast is where we host all of our client, videos, podcasts as well as our own Front Center show. There’s a lot of ways to find and cross-reference us. 

Jacquie, thank you for coming on the show. It’s maybe a little bit different than your everyday podcast. 

You were so specific. I appreciated it and enjoyed it because I don’t get this level of interviews. 

Thank you so much. Before we end the show, we always like to ask our guests this one gamechanging question, if you will. That is, how can we bounce back from our adversity and dominate our challenges and consistently win at the game of life? 

What I would sum up from this episode to answer that question is to admit and feel the adversity. Sometimes pound the pillows because adversity is not fun. Sometimes, we didn’t do anything to cause it or we did some do something to cause it. We get ourselves up and then we fetch water, chop wood, and keep moving forward. It‘s the next right action to say. 

I love that. Sometimes, it’s the next step. As you said, the next action and then the one after that, but the next one is the most important one. 

I’m so glad I got to meet you. 

Thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate you. 

It’s my pleasure, thank you. 

It’s another successful episode of the show. What a great interview. There is so much energy and information about being that media icon. As a gamechanger, sometimes, you have to put yourself out there. It’s like you’re the star on the field. People are looking at you. They’re looking at you to perform and to do what it is that you do. We want to make sure that we show up in the best way possible. Sometimes, we have to show up on the big stage. It’s the nature of who we are and how important our work is to the world.  

The best thing that we can do is make sure that we are prepared for that. It’s not just knowing how to get up, not being able to have the right mindset and making sure we played the game. It’s making sure we show up in a way, that were presentable. We looked apart and we have the credibility. Sometimes, we have to do that as well. Check out Jacquieget some tips, find out how you can up your game in branding, promoting, marketing, producing and developing your business, whatever it is. There is a one-stopshop where you can get all that you need to be a star that you are. Until next time, peace and love. 

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GCM 167 | Present Your Best SelfJacquie Jordan is the founder of the fifteen-year-old Silicon Beach-based TVGuestpert, TVGuestpert Publishing and TVOnCameraTraining.com. TVGuestpert is a media development company that raises the profile of the Guestpert in the media and grows their client’s core business. With TVGuestpert, Jacquie works with businesses on their branding, promotion, marketing, producing and development, as well as their on-camera execution.

Jacquie has been involved in booking, supervising or producing as many as 10,000+ television guests. Her reign has come from successfully launching and executing many syndicated daytime programs and cable shows. Known for her ability to find the heart of any story, Jacquie garnered her second Daytime Emmy nomination for Best Show on Donny & Marie (Sony Pictures Television).

Jacquie’s foray in talent comes from her time in the trenches as a nationally recognized producer in broadcast television. As Showrunner of the long-running AMC series Sunday Morning Shootout, hosted by Hollywood Icons – Chair of Mandalay Entertainment, Peter Guber and Former Editor-in-Chief of Variety, Peter Bart. Celebrity guests produced by Jacquie include Steven Spielberg, Charlize Theron, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie, Peter Jackson, George Clooney and Dustin Hoffman.

Simultaneously, as Executive Producer, Jacquie launched the copy-cat formula of Shootout for the TVGuide Channel, Square-Off with a focus on the television industry hosted by Andy Wallenstein and Brian Lowry of Variety. Jacquie vetted the best the industry had to offer – from NBC head Ben Silverman, Shonda Rhimes to known television stars like Jon Cryer and Mark Harmon.

As a New York Times Best Selling Publisher, Publisher’s Weekly is quoted as saying, “Jordan seems to have succeeded at her goal as laid out on the TVGuestpert website,” when talking about the success of The TVGuestpert Publishing orchestrated, The Art of Having It All hitting the coveted list.

As a published author of the new, The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers (TVGuestpert Publishing 2019), along with her previous books, Get on TV! The Insider’s Guide to Pitching the Producers and Promoting Yourself! (Sourcebooks 2006) and Heartfelt Marketing: Allowing the Universe to be Your Business Partner (BurmanBooks 2010), she has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Feedback Magazine, Emmy Magazine, and the cover of Woman’s World Magazine. As a commentator on television regarding the business of the industry and pop culture, Jacquie’s appearances include Fox Reality, Good Day New York, Fox, ABC Family, CBS’s Big Shot Live, TV Guide Channel, CBS Evening News, FX and countless radio shows. Jacquie is a graduate of the University of Delaware, with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in theater.

She currently resides in Los Angeles spending her free time practicing yoga and raising awareness around animal neglect.

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