GCM 36 | Living Your Legacy


We all want to leave a legacy that is worthy to be remembered, and the best way for that to happen is to live that legacy right now while you are still in this world. Scott Schilling, the Significance Expert and Co-Founder of YouPlus1, an organization committed to living a lifestyle of moments and memories, talks about how we can begin to live our legacy. We all want a better world to live in. However, Scott says the world will not change by itself. It should start with each person living in it.

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Living Your Legacy with Scott Schilling

GCM 36 | Living Your Legacy

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In this episode, we’re going to be talking to Scott Schilling. He’s achieved the pinnacle of success within the speaking, training and business coaching industries. He has achieved the top platforms worldwide sharing the stage with the likes of General Colin Powell, Suze Orman and many more. This presenter commands the information he’ll be sharing here. He has personally close millions of dollars in business while helping clients grow their business closing hundreds of millions. He has helped countless numbers of people find success within their business and passion. If you have a business now or if you just want to be successful now, I suggest that you listen up. Scott is going to provide some great knowledge, some great wisdom, some great tools and resources that we all can use to be even more successful in our lives. Please help me welcome Scott Schilling to the show.

I am honored to be here.

Thanks for being on the show. I was thinking about this show and you being on here and I got excited because you’re making big moves in the world. You’ve done a lot of things. You have a wealth of experience and you can help a lot of people. I’m honored that you’ve decided to come on this show and share your information with us and I’m grateful for that.

It’s always an honor to be able to share what you’ve learned. Problems are pretty much the same for everybody. Once you’ve busted through them with one, you can help another. Isn’t that what it’s all about? We’re supposed to be here serving each other. By that, we prosper and good things happen.

You said a mouthful there because people look for, “What is my purpose here in life?” You didn’t ask to be here. The life that you have was given to you. The key word is given. I believe that you were put here. You’re taken out of eternity. You’ve been given a beginning and an end. We don’t know when that end is going to come each of us however you give of yourself. You produce, you create and what you leave behind is your legacy. I believe that we all are going to leave a legacy one way or another. There’s going to be big legacy, small legacy, a legacy that includes a lot or maybe just a little bit. Nevertheless, we’re going to leave who we are and what we were able to contribute behind, more or less. I agree with you 100% on that.

The other side of it is it’s part of my activities now and what I’m working to do. I truly believe you’re right. We are all going to leave a legacy. As opposed to accumulating stuff and doing things that we leave for others as our legacy once we’ve passed, we should become known for living our legacy and our legacy should be what we’re known for as we live. That’s a big difference now.

Let’s get into that. Let’s talk about how we can begin to live our legacy. A lot of people probably think the way I’ve described it. They want to leave something behind. It’s a list of accomplishments or list of service and contributions. What you’re talking about is something even bigger. Being able to live your legacy. I can imagine at that memorial service and people making that statement that this man or woman lived out and they’re looking at the life that you’ve lived in and what that looks like. We all can create a picture of that for ourselves. Let’s talk about how we can create that.

I think there are a couple of different ways, but one of the things is if you were to write your eulogy, what would you want to be said? What would you want to be said about your life, your time here on Earth? How you served people? How you loved people? How you lifted up people? One of the examples I give a lot when we start talking about this topic is, “You didn’t have to wait for Mother Teresa to pass to understand her legacy. She lived it every day and I think that’s our opportunity. I spoke to a group and they were very kind and generous just like you were when we started this. You’re thanking me for being there. I said, “No, thank you for the opportunity to share,” and it wasn’t a large group. I can’t talk to who’s not here. I can only talk to who is here. If you’re interested in working on you so that you can be more, do more and have more than, then thank you for the opportunity to share the goods and the bads. The ugly of what I’ve been through to hopefully allow you to grab a nugget here that allows you to do what you truly want to do while you’re here. Let’s not wait until we’re gone to have people saying nice stuff. Let’s get them saying nice stuff while we’re here.

Once we've passed, we should actually become known for living our legacy, and our legacy should be what we're known for as we live. Share on X

That takes some work. It requires a different level of thinking, maybe a different way of being if you will. At least for my audience, I want to make sure that they understand how to do that. We can come up with ways and I would like to learn from your experience because I would imagine if this is your philosophy, which I truly appreciate. This is a way of being that you’ve adopted for yourself. Maybe we can learn something from your experience.

You and I have never met personally, but some mutual friends of ours suggested that we talk and we do this. That’s the way to a certain extent business should run. It’s the way our lives should run. The fact of the matter is, I want to have think you hung the moon status with everybody I know. If somebody says, “If you have somebody with good and solid information and could serve the audience on my podcast, who would you recommend?” To have your name as one of those people? You’ve created so much impact in their life that they’re like, “Let me help share this message by putting you two together.” Think about it. It’s funny because sometimes when you haven’t met somebody personally and all of a sudden you reach out to somebody and you say, “I hear you got this rocking podcast, I would love to be a guest to serve you any way I possibly can.” Too many times in this day and age, it’s like, “What’s he after? What does he want from me? Why is he trying to get my people?” As opposed to, “That’s really cool.”

Here’s somebody who’s volunteering to share the good, the bad, the ugly to serve me and my mission, what I’m doing, how I’m doing it in such a way that provides value to not only myself, but he knows that by providing value and advance value will come towards him. I come out of the Ziglar camp. I was blessed to know Zig and share the stage with him and I still speak within for the Ziglar Corporation from time to time. When I was seventeen years old, I read See You at the Top and there was a quote in that book that forever changed my life. That quote is, “You can have everything in life you want when you simply help enough other people get what they want.” I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with Zig and I asked him, “Zig, when I read that, that forever changed my life. That’s got to be gratifying for you, but I’ve got to ask if you’d allow me, when did you come up with that?” He said, “Scott, I didn’t come up with that. My Mama taught me that when I was five. It was part of my christening when I was twelve.” I said, “Zig, can I share that story?” He said, “I’d be honored.”

This is how we can carry the torch from greatness to greatness, from one place to another. We used to laugh and one time, we were backstage and somebody said to Zig, “Zig, every time we go from city to city, you tell the exact same stories and your message is the exact same. We got to ask why?” He said, “Two reasons. Number one, the people in this city have never heard this story and they need to. More importantly, I teach truth and truth never changes.” That’s the real piece. It’s an honor to be on here with you and share to a new audience for me about truth. How mentors share with me and how people have taken information and invested in me. My statement to my mentors has been, “Give me all you got and I won’t keep it. I’ll share it with my students.” I’ve got an amazing relationship. I’ve written checks to nineteen different mentors in my life and with the statement to each and every one of them, “Give me everything you got and I won’t keep it. I’ll share it with those I get to share it with.” That’s why it’s such an honor to be with your audience because to me it’s a new audience that needs to hear the truths that I’ve learned along the way.

I appreciate that and I’m going to be transparent here. We haven’t met and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to research. I went with spirit and the universe and God and we’re just going to let things go. That’s how I run this podcast. Nothing structured. I do have some questions that I asked, but a lot of times I don’t use them unless I have to. It’s very organic. Meeting you, this is a very genuine and authentic and somewhat vulnerable conversation because I’ve haven’t had an opportunity to speak with you prior to, but that provides the best environment for us to speak with one another in a recorded environment. It’s going to serve the audience a lot better instead of staging the conversation because I’m genuinely passionate about what I do and the work that I bring forward. I only want people on the show that are as passionate about serving people. I want to be successful and all of that but I’m in love with the process.

I can talk about the process and what I’ve experienced about the process through my injury and all of that stuff but I’m a firm believer that success is a result of you executing the process. There’s a process to success, a process to being that type of person that you want to be. It’s things that are required like growing crops. There’s a process of growing the crop. If you want to yield a certain crop, there is a process that you have to go through in order to bring that crop forward. I believe that applies to life. This is the same thing here, being able to speak with you. I see that you’ve done a lot of great things in your life and that you are a giver to this industry and to people to be successful and accomplish what they want out of life. It’s even more than that. I’m working on my language because I talk a lot about being successful. It’s more than that. I’ve been successful with overcoming paralysis.

GCM 36 | Living Your Legacy

Living Your Legacy: In all parts of life, whether that be business, personal, or spiritual life, there is always a process involved.


I’ve been successful in my career as an author and a speaker and there’s more I want to do in that. When you start talking about legacy, it brings a different connotation to the message. I’m also working on the language when we talk about leadership and what is leadership? It’s really the service. I want my followers and the people that listened to me to gain something, to bring value to them that will allow them to be successful and overcome the obstacles and challenges that they have in life. I also want to work on providing an example of what it means to leave a legacy, what it means to serve, what it means to be a leader. The cars, the vacation and the money, all that stuff is great. I’m not going to say I don’t want to experience those things because by being a human being, you have a right to that. You should live abundantly but that’s not the focus. The focus is the service and as a result of that service and the leadership, this is what happened. It’s the order of things in my opinion.

We live in immediate gratification; me, me, me, now, now, now society. The intuition or what popped up for me as you were sharing that is everybody wants and loves a dozen roses. They love the bouquet of roses, but a bouquet of roses doesn’t just show up. You first have to condition the dirt and then you’ve got to plant the seed and then you’ve got to weed and you’ve got to water and you’ve got to attend to it and prune and trim and weed the garden and do everything and a single rose is born. Then you have to put multiples together and make the beautiful bouquet. Unfortunately, too often we’re in the just give me the bouquet mode as opposed to understanding the process. Nature shows God has laid it out for us what has to happen. You don’t have a baby that all of a sudden, “I want to have a baby,” then it pops out. There’s a process. The point is in all parts of life, whether that be in business, whether that be your personal life, your spiritual life, any of those areas, there is a process involved. Once you recognize the bigger picture, that’s when you start to go, “If I think through all the people who have served me across my career, what an honor to accept that role for others.” It’s an honor.

As you were talking, I’m thinking about a beautiful forest. It’s gorgeous but it catches fire and it burns like the California fires. It burns and obviously, the California fires are horrible. People lost their lives and they lost their homes and things like that. That part of it is bad, but if we focus on the forest, it’s a new beginning. Those things burn off, it’s ugly at that time. It’s disgusting and it takes time for all the new stuff to grow again and then we feel certain ways about that. No one wants to visit the forest in that condition. It’s crunchy, it’s not lush. It’s not the most favorable thing. Before long, what we find is the forest comes back even more beautiful, more luscious and more desirable than it was before the fire. That’s the process and I’ve beaten the horse on the process. Had the fire not happened, we will only experience a certain level of beauty or a certain level of success of the forest, but because it did happen, it created an opportunity.

You mentioned that word when we first started this, it created an opportunity for so much more. I mentioned that because things that are not so good, that doesn’t feel so good, that are not the most comfortable things are also part of the process. When we talk about leaving a legacy, one that’s worth memory, one that’s worth talking about. When we talk about those things, we’re opening ourselves up to growth. If you want growth, that’s what you’re saying. You’re saying, “If I want to have that legacy, if I want to be that leader, if I want to be that person. You can point to any person that you feel is successful and say, ‘I want to be that.’” You’re pointing to the prettiest part of that, but because of the law of polarity, you have to flip over the other side and look at what’s allowing it to be that beautiful.

It’s interesting because I shared this on another show. I was backstage with John Maxwell at an event and I said, “John, I get all sorts of questions all the time. What kind of questions do you get or what things do people say that bug you a little bit? I know you’re John Maxwell and all that, but you’ve got to get some of that.” He said, “You know what’s interesting is the biggest thing I get is everybody wants what I have.” I said, “I guess that’s probably true. Everybody wants the end results. Everybody wants whatever. How do you address that?” He said, “I just take it head-on.” I said, “I’d love to hear how you do that.” He said, “It’s pretty simple. Scott, I love the fact that you want what I have. I only have one question for you. Are you willing to do what I’ve done to get it?” All of a sudden, there it is. I said I have written checks to nineteen mentors. I’m not suggesting you have to write checks to nineteen mentors, you start with your first one in a specific area. If you want to be the best in an area, then work with the best. The best is available, they always are because the best got there because they did the exact same thing.

I’ve done over 2,000 live events. If somebody wants to better themselves on stage, go to somebody who’s been on stage. They can tell you the good, the bad, the ugly is stage events. I can tell you how to make it work and how to make it not work. I can hear a word, a single word that somebody says that totally shuts off an audience. You’ve done 2,000 events, you listened to enough people and you’ve heard enough stuff. We’ve all been given a great opportunity. Whatever our past is and I truly believe that God’s plan and timing is perfect. I’ve been through a near-death experience. Would I have preferred to not go through a near-death experience? On one side, of course. Nobody wants that. Yet what an amazing learning experience to come out the other side and go, “Thank you, God, for saving me. Now, how would you have me use this?”

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Part of it was a prayer in the midst of it where I said, “I don’t believe your desire is to call me home and I don’t believe your desire is to maim me or disable me. I’m choosing to believe your desire is to wake me up. Duly noted, you got my attention. I’m supposed to use this event to serve and save myself and others physically and spiritually for the rest of my life. If that is your will for my life, I ask for your wisdom and guidance going forward so I can implement that appropriately. If it’s not your will for my life, just understand whatever you got planned, I’m good with.” What popped into my head earlier was Garth Brooks’ song Thank God for Unanswered Prayers. We tend to think we got this thing figured out. I can tell you for a fact, the only thing I got figured out is I haven’t got it figured out. How do I know what could come from our interaction here for either you or for me? There’s no way of knowing that. Stop pretending you do. Simply continue to put good work out there. Simply do it for the right intention. Live your life the way you best have it designed in your thought process. Evaluate it, modify it, do it again, next.

I believe in being thankful and grateful for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. I don’t know any other way to be. Just be grateful for everything. Even the things that don’t work out, that don’t feel so good, just be grateful for that. I find that so freeing for one because you put so much weight on yourself when things don’t go right. I’m guilty of this, I’ve had to deal with it in my life, but I found that when it doesn’t work out or it doesn’t go the way I want it to go, I’m just grateful anyway because it’s just what it is. If you’ve given your best effort, if you’ve done all that you can do and that’s the way it turns out. If you find yourself in an accident, if you find yourself in a place where it’s not most desirable. If this was some type of domestic violence thing, obviously you got to move out of that. You don’t stay in it. The fact that you’ve experienced it, you just be grateful for it and then move on. It’s like the prayer that Jesus just demonstrated, which was beautiful. You figure out, “What can I take from this?” I’m a firm believer in harvesting the good out of everything that happened. There’s something to gain out of every experience that we experience in life. Life in itself is an experience.

What I developed for my clients, for my students, for the people I speak to are five questions to ask in any situation. What was the lesson? What was my gift? What did I do to create it? How would I modify it next time to make it better? How is this going to serve me for the rest of my life? “I just had a car accident. You’re telling me if I ask those five questions, I’m going to benefit from having a car accident?” I said, “Probably more than if you don’t ask those questions.” Let me give you an example. What’s the lesson? Maybe I should have been paying a little more attention. What’s the gift? The only thing that was hurt was my car and my ego. What did I do to create? I might have glanced down at my phone? What would I modify next time? Understand that no phone call or text is that important. How is this going to serve me for the rest of my life? I’m going to share this story so I not only served myself, but I should serve my kids, my family and all others that get behind the wheel. Your car accident did you some good.

That’s an example of my near-death experience. You’re telling me there’s good that comes out of that. What’s the lesson? The lesson is after you get hit in the head in your SUV and you have a headache for days, you probably should go to the doctor. What’s the gift? The gift is the full-blown stroke that I had, did not incapacitate me or kill me. What did I do to cause it? I didn’t go to the doctor. I didn’t really treat it. How would I modify it next time? Next time, I’m going to know that if I’ve got an eight-day headache, it’s not normal. How is this going to serve me for the rest of life? Not only am I going to know more, but I’m going to share the story of my situation. By sharing the story, hopefully we educate on stroke and on the effects of stroke.

We’ve already raised three-quarters of a million dollars or more for the American Heart and Stroke Association because we’ve told the story. How’s it going to serve me for the rest of my life? It’s going to allow me to inform other people to serve them and raise money. It’s all okay. You understand that stuff’s going to happen in life. We’re not going to keep the stuff from happening. The point is what do we do with the stuff? Do we use it to sharpen our skills, to polish us or to buff us off? There’s a good book that talks about walking through the fire to truly become the shining gold we need to be. Sometimes we’ve got to go through fire. Nobody likes it. I’m not saying, “Let me look for the fire.” My point is once that happens, we can be grateful for it happening and come through the other side better for it.

There are a couple of things that come up for me when you say that. The first thing is power sharing. Whatever experiences you have gone through, I believe that experience is not for you, it’s for someone else. Whether that be on television, radio, podcast or the lady down the street across the queue, sitting next to you at a bar, whatever. It’s not you. It’s you to understand that and then share it, give it away, give that experience away because it can help save someone else. The second thing is perception, which is key here because those five questions can shift your perception of the event that happened to you. We make up stuff. Unfortunately, we do especially when things happen to us. We make up horrible stuff about the things that happen to us. Just because it’s horrible, it doesn’t mean it has to be horrible. If you follow what I’m saying, it could turn out to be a beautiful thing. If your perception of it is you are wearing the horrible lens if you will, then all you’re going to see is what’s horrible about that situation. If you can change the lens, you change your perception, you shift in your viewpoint of what has happened and then you can begin to see a different point of view, a different light. That’s what your example had brought up for me.

GCM 36 | Living Your Legacy

Living Your Legacy: You need to find out what people need, and if that’s in your bandwidth and area of expertise, do everything on the planet to help them.


The other side of that is I got a great friend that said one day and it’s one of the best lines for our time right now, I truly believe is learn to be unoffendable. People are almost working to be offended right now. Most of the time they don’t admit that but they are. It’s like, “I want to point out why you’re against me.” You and I are different. I can tell we’ve never met, but you and I are different. We could be offended by those differences. The fact that you’re a Panthers fan and I’m a Packer fan, we could be offended by that. We could just say, “That’s cool.” Congratulations on supporting who you support. That’s where you grew up. That’s where I grew up. It’s just the way it is.

Then now you move into Dallas after growing up in Wisconsin. You’re a Packer fan living in Cowboy country and they choose to be offended by it. Really? Root for who you root and God bless you. My point is that so many of the things that are tragic issues are people choosing to make them issues. That is not saying there aren’t some topics that need to be discussed and fixed or bettered. I’m not suggesting that. At the same time, instead of saying, “There are some topics that need to be discussed and bettered,” it’s “I’m going to be against you because you’re whatever,” pick a reason to be against somebody. Stopped being offended, become unoffendable.

Isn’t that freeing when you’re unoffendable? It takes to being open. Being open to other people’s thoughts and points of views that may be different from yours. That’s what diversity is all about, having that somewhat of an acceptance. We haven’t talked about diversity, but we’re moving into it. Isn’t that when you’re unoffendable, you can accept or have an acceptance to those differences? You can deal with things that are different from your points of view.

You definitely have experienced some things in life that I have never experienced. There’s not a doubt about that. There are also things that I’ve experienced that you’ve never experienced. The fact is there are things that my wife has experienced that I’ll never experience. Whether it be male or female, whether it be color, whether it be this, whether it be that. The point is ultimately we’re all people and we’ve got to learn to love and appreciate. I don’t necessarily understand everything you’ve been through and I’ve got no clue what you’ve been through. I don’t but I got an idea that you’ve probably been through some things that haven’t always been right. At the same time, I can appreciate your situation. I can love you as a human being. I can do everything I can to help you because you’ve made a decision that you want to serve other people. If you’ve decided you want to serve other people, then I’ve decided I want to help you because what you’re doing is noble and honest and true and working to make the world a better place.

We can all scream about the fact of the wrongs and the injustice and this and that. We all can, believe it or not. What good does that do? Let’s figure out how to get the good stuff going. There’s Yin and Yang. There are polar opposites. There’s this and that. For every good, there’s got to be an ungood. How I say that, it’s good and not good not good and bad. It’s just good and not good. Let’s do more good. Let’s try to get it swayed that way. That’s a mentality and isn’t that what your show is all about? It’s the mentality of it? How do we describe the difference? Unfair? Life isn’t fair for anybody. I stood in front of a room one day and I said, “I’m an old white guy. Give me the laws that are written for me.”

I didn’t say that to put anybody else down. There are certain portions of certain things that aren’t fair for anybody. My unfair is worse than your unfair. Maybe it is but unfair is unfair. Let’s work towards right. Let’s work towards just. Let’s work towards good. Whatever we focus on, we get more of. If we focus on good, we’ll get more good. If we focus on not good, we’ll get more not good. We yell about not good, which takes our focus that way. Like Mother Teresa, let’s look at the good. Let’s look at the actions she took and let’s replicate those actions. It sucks that she had to go to the very poorest of the poor to do what she did. Instead of focusing on the poor of the poor, focus on the action that she gave the love to those to make it better.

Everyday is an opportunity for us to live up to our legacy. Share on X

I define that as cultivating. She had an idea and she went to great lengths to cultivate that idea, which is an example for all of us to follow. Scott, tell us about the work that you do. If people want to work with you, what are some of the different services that you work with people?

I’ve been very fortunate. I’m a sales guy by trade. In other words, I started selling life insurance when I was eighteen years old and going to college and playing big ten football. I did it because I wanted to have face-to-face communication ability. I knew the education was going to be great, but what was going to be the differentiator, the ability to talk to people. Basically, I’m a sales professional, a sales trainer, a sales coach, a business coach. I help people grow their businesses. I also consult. I help people that have ideas. There are seven areas of life. My desire is to serve people in each of the seven areas. I never know what that means. Sometimes spiritually, I might disciple somebody. Professionally, I might mentor somebody. Physically, I might coach somebody. Personally, I might teach somebody.

With legacy, I might inspire somebody. Socially, I might just be your friend. Financially, I might be an advisor. That’s where we launched the brand, YouPlus1. It is all about, “How can I plus you up? In what area of your life can I lift you up? How can I be of service to you?” What’s interesting is with every interaction, that changes. l coach, I teach, I consult, I help people formulate their strategies and their ideas. If you want to be a speaker, I’ve spoken on over 2,000 live stages to over a million people. I can probably help you be a pretty good speaker too. The way that I work with people is to find out what they need and if that’s in my bandwidth and my area of expertise, I’ll do everything on the planet to help them. Obviously, they retain me to do that. I’ve learned all of this stuff not to keep it. I’ve learned that to help others. Two telling two, telling two, telling two covers everybody on the planet. If you do that 32 times, it covers everybody on the planet. Nobody wants to start with the first one. That’s why we created YouPlus1, “How can I plus you up? How can I lift you up in your endeavors so you have a desire to lift somebody else up?” That’s two telling two, telling two, telling two. We do that 32 times. We hit the tipping point. The world becomes a better place. We all love, live, matter more to each other.

How can people find you if they wanted to reach out to you?

It’s very complex. You can go to ScottSchilling.com or if what have we spoken about here trips a trigger with you, send me an email at Scott@ScottSchilling.com. That is my real email and yes, I answer them. People say, “There are hundreds of thousands of listeners. Why would you give out your personal email?” I’m serious about helping people. I can’t control whether you use it. I can only control whether I offer it. I would love to work with your folks because just our time together here has proven to me that you have people tuned in to you that want to make the planet a better place. I’m all for those kinds of things.

I wish we had more time because this has been a wonderful conversation. I definitely want to continue the conversation with you some other time because I feel that there are so much more that you and I can talk about. I’m looking forward to collaborating with you, getting to know you a lot better, and how can I serve you as well? I think YouPlus1 is such a beautiful brand. That’s just amazing because we all need help, we all do. To know that there’s someone like you that is willing to lend a hand to help us, that’s amazing. The fact that you’re offering that to my audiences is appreciative. I thank you for that.

Actually, I just thought of something. Go to YouPlus1.Kyvio.com and we just put this up that’s why I wasn’t thinking about it, but you can get 101 Speaker Hacks to Make More Money. Just go there. It’s free. It’s a piece that we produced because I want to see people be able to share their message better. That’s why we created it.

That’s the game changer. I think you are a game changer. For our audience, this is a valuable resource. Go to YouPlus1.Kyvio.com in and get that information. I know there are some wannabe speakers out there. There are some speakers that are currently speaking and they want to increase their message. They want to expand and reach more people. Here we are providing a resource for you. Take full advantage of this. This is how I got started. It wasn’t rocket science. I went and I took the information that was given to me at the time in order to get where I am here now. I never thought I will be doing some of the things that I’m doing. The process that we’re sharing with you, the information that we’re sharing is going to be game-changing. I’m going to take a look at this for sure. Please take the time to go do this. Scott, again, thank you for being on the show. This has been a pleasure. I really enjoy it. For this to be our very first conversation. This is pretty awesome. I’m looking forward to more conversation with you.

I look forward too. Anytime I can serve you, I’m here.

Are there any last words that you would like to say to the audience?

I’m honored to be on the show because I love the fact that you’re helping people become game changers. The bottom line is they already are game changers. Everybody out there is a game changer, if they make the choice to want to. I can teach a lot of things, but I can’t teach want to. If you’ve got the want to, be the game changer God put you on the planet to be. You got this. We’re here to support you.

Check it out, YouPlus1 and Scott Schilling. He’s amazing. We’re going to have him back on the show for sure. I just want to say thank you for tuning in. Thank you for another episode. You have really made this show successful.

My pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity.

This is another successful episode. I want to remind you, please visit our Facebook community, Game Changer Transformation Community. Join the community. It’s going to be a network of other game changers just like yourself with the same mentality to change the world. I want to thank you for tuning in and as we always say, remember, greatness is your birthright. Until next time, peace and love.

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About Scott Schilling

GCM 36 | Living Your LegacyScott Schilling is The Significance Expert and Co-Founder of YouPlus1, an organization committed to living a lifestyle of moments and memories through his TV Show, Podcasts, speaking, training, consulting and coaching. Scott helps individuals and organizations systematically grow personally, professionally, financially and spiritually. No matter where you are in your path from Survival to Success to Significance, Scott gives the guidance, direction and actions steps necessary to get from where you are to where you want to be!

Scott brings a unique combination of 35+ years of life experience in sales, marketing and training to corporations, business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals. He has presented at nearly 2,000 live events sharing the stage with General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, former first lady Laura Bush and many more.

As an Internationally accomplished and entertaining presenter, Scott has spoken to hundreds of thousands of attendees across a range of industries. Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the airwaves, board room, podium and print. Scott has written 10 books to date including the recently released “Without Customers…Ya Got Nothin’!”

Scott is a highly sought after Significance Expert because of the results he produces. His training propelled one client’s business to grow from approximately $8 million annually to almost $80 million in just under 6 six years.

Schilling earned his B.B.A in Marketing and Insurance from the University of Iowa.

Scott’s Life Purpose is to Inspire and Empower others to serve humanity through living their life’s purpose in Spirit, Love and Joy!

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