Once you’ve created your game-changing vision, set a game plan, and accepted the changes ahead, it’s finally time to live your vision.

Living your goals, dreams, and aspirations is all about sticking to your vision and never giving up. Wake up every day with renewed motivation and continue to pursue and persevere.

“The most important thing is to never give up, never give in to circumstances, believe in yourself, and to soldier on, no matter what’s in your way.” – Luka Modric

The CEO’s, the Nobel Peace Prize winners, the revolutionaries, the authors, the leaders… the game-changers.. are the ones who never give up. Follow their example. If they can make a mark on the world with their accomplishments, and I can overcome paralysis when the doctors told me I most likely would never walk again, then you can also do anything you set your mind to. No matter what your vision is, never stop taking action to achieve it. Put your vision in front of you so that daily you can see it. Create an action plan of actionable items that can be met to help you achieve your vision, have patience with yourself in completing those actions and instead of getting discouraged – allow the vision you see for your life to be the very thing that motivates you to keep going. To get up and say yes another day, even when you feel as though you don’t want to.

I must say though, don’t let the idea of these successful entrepreneurs make you feel somehow less. You are not them and they are not you. You are wholly unique and have something special to offer the world that no one else does. You have your own path and only you can succeed on it. True happiness and fulfillment will come to you when you live the life that’s right for you. So don’t live someone else’s vision, and never be something you’re not. Be your authentic self.

Play your part.

You’ve committed to your vision – your new role – so play it. Be it. Become the person you want to be and let go of the parts that no longer fit with what you see in the future. You will find that as you shed the old and step into who you’re meant to be, you will feel free and like new. It’s kind of like being born again.

“As long as you are being true to yourself, you will always find happiness.” Amber Riley

Only you can live out your vision. Don’t be what others think you should be or do what others think you should do. Follow your true north, your true vision, and remember there’s nowhere you can’t go.