GCM 175 | Soul Resilience


The key to resilience is already within us. It’s in our soul and it has been waiting for us to recognize it, have a relationship with it and let it lead us to achieving wins in the game of life. But the soul can also be so amorphous for us, mere mortals. How do we make something so intangible tangible? How can we connect with it at a deeper level and let it show us the way to our destiny? Jennifer Urezzio helps people achieve this through a unique paradigm called Soul Language. Listen in as she joins Rodney Flowers what this concept is all about and how it can help you build a profound relationship with the guidance that has been whispering to your ear all along.

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Learn Your Soul Language And Achieve Soul Resilience With Jennifer Urezzio

I am excited about the show. I have a very special guest here with me. We’re going to talk about your Soul Language. Jennifer Urezzio is here with me. She is the founder of Soul Language, which is a paradigm that puts tangibility to the soul, so that connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for success and where we are now. Everyone is looking for how we can get over what we’re dealing with, the obstacles and challenges. It’s important that we get crystal clear and hear from our soul. I am excited to have Jennifer with us, so she can show us how to master that technique without further ado. Jennifer Urezzio, welcome to the show.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here. I love this topic and it’s important that people have those tangible tools to learn how to hear that inner wisdom, so they have a deeper sense of safety and a deeper sense of peace. We are in like no other times in my lifetime. Those tools need to be constantly upgraded and turned towards, or people are going to fall into that hole, and have a hard time getting out of it.

 Jennifer, tell us how did you get involved with the Soul Language? Tell us your story.

First of all, I went to school for photography because I had this desire to be hugely creative and coming from Westchester County in New York State. I only had a very small perspective of what that meant. That meant the arts. I went to art school, and then I realized I liked it. It wasn’t so hot about being in the spotlight at that time. You’ll hear the progression of my evolution. I went to a company for a PR firm. I went as a secretary and I build my way up to being at the top of my game in publicity. I was called a bulldog. At one point in my career, I wasn’t allowed to talk to clients because I would tell them the truth, but the media loved me.

I could hear what people were saying about what they did or what they offered, and pick out that secret sauce for them. I felt that there was something bigger inside of me. I was like, “I’m angry.” Where are my people? There must be a better way because I’m crying at my desk all the time, and I’m not a crier. When you’re asking big questions, you get big answers. I had a client which was coaching. They were a couple of coaches, and we did not get along. I would say, “Please pass the pen.” They’d be like, “Why are you so angry?” I’m like, “Really?” At one point, the male half of the couple was yelling at me on the phone like, “Don’t you talk to me like I’m a child.”

I got off the phone and at that time, I was like to my best friend who I worked with, “I don’t know anything about anything, but I know I can’t make him feel anything,” so what’s going on? I started asking big questions, and we had to go out to dinner with them, which I was not looking forward to. They were bringing along a friend of theirs who sat next to me. I’m like, “What do you do?” She goes, “I do this thing called hand analysis.” I was like, “I don’t know what that is, but I know I need to have it and experience it.” She came to my house, which is absurd now because where she is in her career, and she analyzed my fingerprints, which is a work, which tells your life purpose based on your high-value prints, and your life lesson based on your low-value points.

She’s like, “You’re a powerful healer and teacher of service in the spotlight.” I was like, “I feel that. What the heck do you do with that?” More questions, and years go by and she calls me up. She goes, “I know you do this essential oil life purpose thing. Can you come, I’m hosting my first event, and speak at the event.” I was like, “Sure.” She’s like, “There’s going to be a lot of speakers.” I was like, “Okay.” I get there and there are no other speakers but her and me. I do my thing and I get off the platform, and there are people lined up to talk to me. They’re like, “Can you tell me about this?” I’m like, “I can feel that.” “Can you help me with this?” “Yeah.”

I worked with many people that I paid for the flight. I paid for the hotel and I was taking clients home. At that time, I continue to ask that big question, “Where are my people? Why do I feel so alone?” This woman sat next to me and went, “We’re going to be friends.” I went, “Totally.” My inside voice went like, “Why her?” This other woman across the way looks nice, but in reality, I don’t care if I ever see her again. What is that? What I heard through divine guidance was, “That’s soul language.” I kept asking questions. Before long, I had this way of putting some tangibility to something so intangible, so we can connect as humans, so we can create more consciousness, so we can receive that wisdom from our souls because humans like words.

I went back to that person and I was like, “I’m doing this weird thing called soul language can identify your soul languages.” She’s like, “Sure.” I had already identified mine. Hers and mine, we had one language in common, so I recognized her. She would tell a story and I’d be like, “The details are different, but that same experience is exactly what I’ve experienced.” There was this profound like, “You get me. You’ve been there.” I started identifying people’s soul languages. I was on the phone with a woman who knew nothing about soul language. I said, “One of your soul language is a partner, how does that resonate with you?” She said, “Before I got on the phone, I asked myself if Jennifer asked me what my soul languages would be, what would I say? I wrote down the word partner.” I burst out hysterically crying. She’s like, “Are you okay?” I was like, “You told me I’m not crazy.”

I hear the same thing time and time again, whether they’ve been people who’ve been on the path for a minute or years, “This makes so much sense. I can accept this. I can connect to this part of me. I can love this part of me.” I’ve been hearing this divine guidance all along, but because of my human experiences and my programming, or what I’ve experienced in my career, or my parents, I’ve been pushing that aside. There’s such a deep profound acceptance. People then start listening to that wisdom, and they become unstoppable freight trains.

GCM 175 | Soul Resilience

Soul Resilience: And then people start listening to the wisdom of their soul, they become an unstoppable freight train.


Let’s talk about that because this topic isn’t the most common topic in the public space, and I’m sure you know that. We want to keep it real here on the show. For many reasons, people think this is flighty is foolish. There are people out there. Bring the importance of listening to your soul language and this whole philosophy.

Everyone, think about a moment where you heard this inner guidance and you didn’t know why you were listening to it, but you listened to it. All of a sudden, you were aware if you didn’t listen to it, where you would be. I’ll give you a very tangible example. I’m in the airport and I’m at the checkout, and my wallet is blinking at me. My soul goes, “Wallet.” I go, “No, I’m busy. I got things.” “Wallet.” “No, I’m not going to listen to you, soul, because I got things to do.” I go through checkout. It goes through smoothly. I go through all the way up to the gate. This water bottle starts blinking at me and I hear my soul, “Water, wallet.”

Now I’ve got water and that guidance is so loud in my head. I’m like, “Fine.” I go in to get my wallet, and it’s back on the counter. Here’s the funny thing. When I get back there and everything is there, including all the money and all the credit cards. The woman was like, “We’ve been calling you. Have you not heard on the loudspeaker?” Not only was I not listening to the inner, I couldn’t even hear the outer. We all have those examples where there was that inner knowing. That is your soul speaking to you. When you don’t follow it, you can backtrack and go, “I should have listened.” We all have that. I’m so glad I listened to that inner knowing because look at all of the amazing stuff that happened.

It might seem woo-woo and impractical, but in reality, it’s extremely practical because that inner guidance system is directing you. It is pulling you in a direction for your greatest good, and to have a life with much more ease and grace. It’s unexplainable. When we pause and start to listen to it on a regular basis, it allows for something unexplainable, but you can also keep track of it. You start to rack up all of the ways. I listened to that guidance. Let’s plot it out and see how practical it is. It might seem woo-woo, but a lot of your listeners are already doing it. They’re not doing it with full consciousness or full intention.

Is listening to your soul the same with intuition?

That’s the way your soul speaks to you. It’s like the chicken and the egg. Your intuition is how your soul is going to get through to you through those little things we call clairvoyance. That’s intuition speaking. That’s the way the soul speaks. That’s the way it gets through to you. Often, people don’t understand that database. My soul speaks to me through my intuition, through cartoon references, and movie references because I love those. I love the Star Trek reference, so I’m going to pay attention to it. Most people also want their soul to speak to them in a way that it’s not. They think that they’re not getting those messages. People are like, “I don’t get visuals, but my stomach always aches when I’m about to do something that’s not in my greatest good.” Let’s pay attention to that. If you listen to any highly successful individual, they talk about gut feelings all the time. That’s the soul. That’s your intuition, moving you and supporting you. What I get to help you do is put a structure around that, and put more intention around that, so it’s not such a moving target.

The word I was thinking of is distant. For a lot of people, it’s not the foremost mode of communication. Through my work, I’ve experienced that little voice in my head. It’s not loud. It is very soft and gentle. Everything else around you is loud. It’s crazy, chaotic, and a lot is going on. It’s important to pay attention to that voice. It requires you to be still so you can hear. As you practice that, you become even more tuned to hear that voice. You can hear it in the chaos, but first and foremost, for people that may feel that voice is distant, or was not available when I need it. You tell me, that’s my practice, but how can we get more connected to that voice?

The easiest way is in the morning, when you’re taking a shower because your hands and mind are busy. You’ve got things to do. If you tune in for a second and you could tune into your heart and go, “What do I need to know today?” Listen and make some notes because you want to plot it, and then go about your day. At the end of the day, come back and go, “I was told to grab an umbrella, and I grabbed an umbrella in the rain. I was told to take the shorter way to work and I avoided a traffic accident or a big traffic jam.” Each day go, “What do I need to know today?” Start to listen and build up.

It doesn’t have to take sitting on a mountain going, “I will start to listen.” It takes a second pause slower. Also, what happens is that quiet voice in order to get your attention in big things will start getting louder. Things will happen where it becomes a free train. It becomes so loud that you can’t avoid it. That usually happens with distress disease and huge breakups. All of that is not listening to those small things. It took a car accident several years ago for me to break up with someone. All along, I was like, “This is not going to work.” I remember the exact thought I was having as I hit that other car. It was like, “What am I going to do about this? Why am I not letting,” then bam. I was like, “Okay.” All along, I was getting those little warning signs within me. That Dodge ripped out that day. I wasn’t listening to it, so that understanding and paying attention a little more will allow those people that are mind-focused to pay a little more attention to the heart-centered, the soul-centered, and make a huge difference in their life. You don’t have to go all woo-woo, tune in a little more and ask a different question each day to receive that guidance.

Let me ask you this, how does one truly trust the soul’s voice as it relates to logic? Because sometimes you hear things and you’re like, “Logically, this doesn’t make sense.” We avoid it, and then it happened more than once. We were like, “I’m not doing that because it’s still logical.” Most people are logical people. It has to make sense. How do we build trust?

Trust is feeling safe in the unknown. Share on X

You start with small things. You start with the listening and leaning like, “Tell me a little thing of what I need to know today,” a little step. When people hear that thing that they can’t trust, it’s that big vision. It’s the, “Quit your job, becomes this and that,” because the soul talks in huge pictures. When I get a huge answer, I’m like, “I’m not there yet. Give me the first step.” That first step could be as simple as let’s go to the library, or go this direction, or have a willingness to be open, or you might get a calling to talk to someone you’ve never talked to before. The illogical goes they feel that big thing. They then don’t know how to get there because they can’t do all of the steps right away to get to the big thing. Start with number one.

Often, we’re listening to our soul and they’re giving us the big answers. We don’t know enough to ask another question or to say, “Thank you so much, soul. That part of me, that’s divine. I’m not there yet. Show me the first step, or show me what’s in the way of getting there, or let’s build up some trust.” Trust is this weird thing. Everyone thinks that you have to trust, and when you trust, then exactly what you want to happen will happen. Trust is feeling safe in the unknown. With clients, I’m like, “Let’s start feeling safe within your body because it doesn’t have free will.” If everything works, it must raise its hand. It can put us in a consciousness level that will automatically go there even if you’ve never felt it.

I’ll say, “You’ve got this big vision. You’re not ready for it.” Each day, in the morning or the night, tune in and go, “Divine intelligence body. Fill me with the feeling of knowing of safety.” Let’s start there because that will allow that vibration to hum through you. That’s going to build trust inward. When we’re looking for something to build outside of us, we’re always going to fall short because this is all an illusion we create. It’s building the internal structure first before you make external steps.

You are talking about spirituality here. This is a relationship. It’s not only a one-way connection. It’s a two-way connection. Talk about how do you build your spirituality? How do you build that relationship?

You can call it spirituality or soul. You can call it your essential nature or your piece of the divine. You can call it God, universe, tree, Bob, rock. I don’t care. You could call it the force, but when you realize, or when you have this knowing that you are not alone, that there is a force that is supporting you and collaborating with you, what happens is you get to start to experience, know, and see. There are many tangible examples of that force in action.

I will give you an amazing experience. I’m in my car driving and I’m pissed. I’m like, “God, I want you to prove to me that you exist right here. I want to prove that my dead dad is working for me on the other side. I want proof.” I turn on the radio and there’s a song on that my dad loves. I was like, “That’s too easy.” I switched the channel. There’s another song that my dad loves. The announcer gets on and I’m driving and I’m still mad. As I’m driving, I’m starting to notice the shifts of clouds, where the sun peeks through. Since I’ve been a little kid, every time I see that, my heart goes right. I’m like, “That’s too easy too.” I was driving along and the announcer goes, “Thank you so much for all your requests, and all of the exciting rocking with the oldies, and remember all those great clubs.” He starts listing all the clubs. I was rolling my eyes. He goes, “Don’t forget about Brothers Three,” and I go off the side of the road.

Brothers Three was the name of my father’s bar that he owned with his two brothers that I forgot he owned. There is something out there that’s helping me drive the bus. If that’s not an example, I don’t know what is. To this day, I talk about it. I still get choked up like, “That’s incredible.” I heard this great saying about, “Coincidence are patterns revealing themselves.” That’s not something that in a million years, I could have ever come up with a scenario for. You can call it whatever you want. What I want people to understand is they are not alone. They are whole and complete, and they are profoundly safe.

When you accept those three things on a deep level, it creates a way of being that helps you rise to any challenge. It helps you to know that you’re still going to be safe, even if you’re in fear, even if the house is burning. When people are trying to change their external circumstances, what they’re trying to do is change how they feel inside. When you feel that deep sense of connection and safety inside, then the external circumstances are a reflection of that. They’re something that you go, “Hurdle, let’s see how we want to get over that.” You always become in the consciousness of the solution, and not one with the problem.

What you’re saying right now is so powerful. I don’t know if people realized the weight of what you are saying. I would highly recommend people that are reading, go back and read that one little piece right there because it’s so powerful. I believe that you are right, and we trust in this relationship. I was talking to someone the other day. I’ll tell you a story now. We were talking about relationships, and how you get into relationships and fall in love. You’re fearful of what tomorrow looks like. Is he going to leave you? Are we going to break up? You’re fearful of what could happen. It’s a reflection of what’s going on the inside. It’s fear of the unknown. You have that certainty. You have that relationship because if it’s something inside is nudging you on, and something inside has gifted you with that feeling, and gifted you with the experience to experience that feeling that you’re experiencing, then it’s there for you supporting you.

We have to know that whatever happens tomorrow, regardless of what it is, you’re going to be okay. What’s happening now is an indication that we are going to be okay tomorrow because I gifted you today. I’m here for you. I’m supporting you. I’m giving you an experience that you want, and that we’re sharing. Knowing that, regardless of what happens tomorrow, it’s still going to be okay. We can’t put the faith and the trust in the experience because it’s what it is. It’s the experience, the constant, the foundation, the thing that we can depend on is the relationship. It’s still going to be there regardless of what happens. That’s your go-to.

GCM 175 | Soul Resilience

Soul Resilience: Pay attention to your soul to bring yourself back to a deep feeling of safety. Then you can make decisions based on that rather than based on fear.


Often, people try to eradicate the fear, and fear is going to come up. It’s about what happens when the fear comes up. What do you do? Do you tune in? Do you connect to that relationship? Do you connect to the wisdom inside? Do you start to get into the energy of the fear?

It’s funny that you get into the energy of the fear. We could talk about harnessing. We could talk about channeling and all of these. Let’s touch on that a little bit.

The perfect example is, I’ll give you a story. In July, I get a call at 2:00 in the morning. It’s my brother who lives six minutes from my mother by car, not even six minutes. He’s like, “Mom’s house is on fire.” I’m like, “What?” He’s like, “Mom’s house is on fire now.” That’s a huge spike in fear. He’s like, “I got to go now.” A huge spike in fear and now, he’s got to go, so I have no more information.

Where are you? 

I’m an hour and a half away from my mother. I’m like, “Do I get in the car?” At the time, my puppy was nine months old. I’m like, “What do I do? Do I put her in her crate?” Getting into the fear cycle is you can start to feel your heart raise. You could start to try to plot all the things. You feel a sense of safety. You’re starting to complete the worst-case scenario story. All the things that you’ve ever fear are starting to come up. Here’s how it worked in my brain for five seconds. Here’s the funny thing. The day of the fire is on the anniversary of my father’s death.

I’m like, “I’m going to lose another parent. What if her husband is down? Does my mother have insurance? Is she going to be destitute?” Fear cycle right up the fear. You name it, I started thinking about it. I added every lump into this little bowl of fear that I could. Even as in, “I’m not enough. I should have called my mother. I should have been over there more.” Look at all my stuff getting in there. That happened for two minutes. If you want to picture it visually, you’re adding all of this thing into this giant tin bowl that’s going to roll towards you and roll you over. I’m like, “Pause. Take a deep breath,” because as soon as we’re in the fear cycle, we stop breathing. That puts your body in extra trauma. Take a deep breath and be like, “What do I know?” “I know that right here, right now, I am filled with love. The only thing I can do right now is keep offering love into the energy field or into what’s happening 90 minutes away.”

I did that. Take a deep breath. Let’s do that again. I start to move into a place where I can hear guidance, because when you’re in that fear cycle, the universe, tree, Bob, God, cupcake could come down and sit next to you and go, “Jen.” You’d be like, “I can hear you.” Your best friend could say, “I think you should do this,” and you won’t be able to hear it. It’s important that you get into a place where you can hear and experienced something new, that solution. The phone rings and my brother’s like, “Mom’s out.” We’re searching for another cat. One cat is out. I’m like, “Should I come?” He’s like, “No, stay. There’s nothing to do.” Now I can feel his fear so much. It goes up, then I do all my practices and it goes back down.

I hear, “Call your friend, Monique.” Monique is in California. I’m like, “Let me text her.” I’m like, “Are you up?” She’s like, “I’m up. What’s up?” I called her right when I heard, “Call Monique.” I was like, “This is what’s happening.” She was like, “These are all the things you need to know because I’ve been in this scenario with a friend of mine. I’m going to give you the list of stuff that you need to start doing and knowing as soon as next day, so you’re ahead of the game.” If I was still in fear, I would not have made that call. My next day would have been harder because I would have been running around like a chicken.

The fear cycle, you can start to fear it energetically. You know when you’re in fear. You know when you’re getting on the bandwagon of fear. You know when you’re like, “I can’t read Facebook because of all that fear.” You know that. It’s about paying attention to it and using structures and tools to bring yourself back down to a deep feeling of safety. You can hear the wisdom and you can make decisions based on that, rather than based on fear.

This is a beautiful and wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Is mom okay? 

You are not alone. There is a force that is supporting you and collaborating with you. Share on X

Mom is okay. We lost a pet, which is very sad, but the other pet is fine. She’s in a condo. We’re at the point of getting construction for the house. We’re good. In reality, it brought our family closer together, which is what was needed. We could have done it differently, but for whatever reason, we chose not to.

There are examples of COVID-19 that we can talk about, but I want to highlight the fact that you said there were tools and strategies that you can use to help yourself self-regulate. This is the key. This is the crux of listening to the soul, resilience, bouncing back, game-changer mentality. The first step to resilience in my mind is self-regulation. That’s the hardest step though. What are those tools and strategies? When those emotions start going, and you’re talking about a fire, your mom, pets, the house, those can get you thinking like fight or flight. 

What you’re doing, you are thinking. Your mind is cooking up all the scenarios. The emotions are coming at the forefront. What you want to do is to step deep back into that knowing and that heart space.

How do we bring that level of calmness in such a dramatic and intense chaos? Help us out with that.

The first step is you want to take a deep breath. You want to belly breath. That will automatically lower everything in your body and get you into a deeper sense. That’s why in the old movies, they give the woman that’s panicking water because it gives her a chance to breathe. You want to take a deep breath and you want to breathe. You want to connect to your heart, and you want to use your body’s consciousness to support you. My tool was, “Divine intelligence, fill me with a feeling and knowing that I am safe.”

You’re speaking to the soul right then. You’re breathing and now you’re going to the relationship. You’re like, “Okay, let me check in with soul.”

I’m using the body to put me in that consciousness because it knows. I haven’t even started talking to the soul yet. I’m working with the physical body to break us down, so we’re dropping levels. Your body will put you in any consciousness if you get on that bus. All you need to do is ask it because it doesn’t have free will. Your soul and your personality, that’s all the freewill. The bodies know where to pump the blood. It never has to ask you where to pump the blood. First, “Divine intelligence or your body, placed me in a feeling of knowing of deep safety,” then I can tune in. What do I need to know now? What I heard was called Monique. I called Monique. I had a key practice saying, “Put me in a place of safety.”

I had to keep breathing. I had to keep practicing those tools because I was going in and out. Often, people want to instantly feel that they don’t realize that it’s going to fluctuate, and that you have to keep practicing your tools because a lot of us are empathic, which means we feel the energy in other people’s emotions. We don’t know, we’re scooping up all of this other energy that’s not ours, and we can’t move that. By putting yourself in this calm state, all of that will fall away. You can start to hear what you need to hear.

I feel that this is the space where the most attention is required to mastering resilience, even mastering the soul language based on the conversation we were talking about. It’s either we lose it or we gain control because it’s a conscious effort until you make it a habit.

It’s always conscious because you’ll get into anything. Look at it as muscle training. Your muscles to start to get used to that weight. What the soul is always saying is, “I want to experience more joy. I want to experience more fun. I want to experience more.” We always misinterpret that as not enough. The ego does. You’re always going to want to expand. All of those little fear things are going to come up again so you can build that new muscle. If you think of our vessel, our body as a water glass. We’re always inviting more goodness into that more soul, more good experience. That means all of the patterns of fear need to go somewhere, so you can fill that space. You’re always going to have to be upping your game. You’re always going to have to be practicing. There are parts where you’re going to hit a plateau, but like muscle training, you wouldn’t want to stay at the same weight for the entire length of your life.

How can people connect with you if they wanted to work with you?

GCM 175 | Soul Resilience

Soul Resilience: To invite more goodness into your soul means your patterns of fear have to go somewhere so you can fill that space.


They can find me on all the social media channels @SoulLanguage. My website is SoulLanguage.us. To anyone reading, I’d be happy to offer you a discovery session. We’ll identify one of your three core energies of the soul. That’s under the tab Soul Language discovery session. It’s my gift. You’ll walk away with tangible tools to change your own game. I love doing it. That’s how you find me.

How can we harness this energy whenever we are in a fearful state or fight or flight mode? I believe that useful energy is how we use it, whether we abuse it or we use it effectively. What are some of your suggestions or ideas about how we can harness that energy when we’re in those states?

You want to start with Sacred Practice. Often, people think that sacred practice is like, “I got to meditate for 30 minutes.” I don’t like to meditate, and I don’t do it. It’s starting with a Sacred Practice that works for you. When you’re in those times of great challenge, you already have a strong foundation, whether it’s reading something inspirational, creating your own prayer, tuning in, pausing and going, “What do I need to know today?” When you’ve experienced a challenge, that will give you a strong foundation. You’re already going, “I know I’m good. My soul has been telling me all along like, ‘You’re good.’” When you’re in that, “My house is on fire,” the most important thing that you get to do is you get to say an I am statement. We use an I am statement many times a day so incorrectly. An I am statement means that your entire being is that thing. Every fiber, every cell of your being is that thing I am. “I am hungry.” Are you full, completely, totally with hunger?

I want something to eat.

I always pull out an I am statement. The perfect one is when challenging times are happening, “I am safe.” When you can’t feel any sense of safety, you can say, “I have a willingness to know I am safe,” which creates, even if you feel that energetically, you can feel an openness. You want your I am statement that you can pull out. You also want your support team. You want those people that you can call when you’re freaking out that are going to hold that consciousness level. They are going to step right in and go, “I’m here.” That doesn’t mean that they can’t freak out later for themselves, but you want those core people that you know, that can stand up and be your pillar because we all need them.

You want to select your team, and tend to one of those teams. Members aren’t family members. It can be a coach or it can be a best friend that goes, “Take a deep breath. How can I support you? What do you want? What do you need?” Those two questions, what do you want and what do you need, are very profound. When anyone’s in crisis, that’s the first two questions I ask them, what do you want and what do you need? From there, you can go, “Let’s talk about how we can experience those two things.”

Why is this work so important to you?

I would like to say this because I want to be of service. Honestly, I’m doing this work because it feels good. I know the power it has in my life. It’s important for me to do it. Therefore, I want to give everyone the opportunity to experience it. It’s generally what we’ve been taught as long as humans have been around. We’ve been misusing it. All of the spiritual scriptures aren’t wrong. There’s something to it. You might as well harness it. It’s like the wheel for human peace connection.

It’s so profound. As you were saying that, I think about this work, spirituality, and understanding yourself and your connection to spirit, and how to cultivate that, and how to work that, especially in a time of crisis. We’re not taught those things. We go to church and sometimes they teach it. Sometimes it’s unclear depending on the teacher, but it’s not a practice where the world is right in this game. This is the way to go. We’re going to train everyone to have this skill. You have to get this as you go along. A lot of times, it’s like what happened to you in the fire. Something has to happen before you tap into that. It’s unfortunate.

It’s like a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing that something did happen, and you are able to wake up and then recognize, “This is a pretty cool way of life.” The fact that you don’t know, if you weren’t brought up with that, if you haven’t had that experience, no one told you, you walk around in a state of disarray, you’re unaware. You’re like a zombie, a slave of a power that resides in you. You’re unable to operate. It’s like having $1 million but you don’t know the account number.

When you accept where you are, that’s when you really hear and receive the opportunities waiting for you. Share on X

It’s a difference between being in the matrix and being out of the matrix. It’s okay that I was a zombie twenty years ago because it got me where I got. I got to learn a lot of great tools and great people. I had a lot of experiences. Here’s the thing. If I look back, I was being guided. I didn’t get the full strength of that information because there was a lot of mind in it. Now I get to utilize it. People who are reading can start using that connection immediately. They can start forgiving themselves for any challenges or the way that they were being. This is your game. You get to play in any way you want. Let’s keep giving you tools so you can pass, go, and collect $200 more frequently.

You mentioned three identifiers of your Soul Language. Give us a little bit without giving away too much. What are those things? Talk to us about that.

Each one of us has three core energies of the soul. You have one core energy in three different categories, your mission, how you feel that mission, and then your soulful personality. My three core energies are my mission is here as an equalizer. It’s to create that perfect formula balance, first for myself and then for others. I do that through my Soul Language called Teacher of Integrity. All my life, I’ve been able to see where people are out of the consciousness of love. I offer them the chance to get back in, which means they are imbalanced and unstoppable for each energy.

How my soul prefers to go through life is called Graceful Warrior, action, movement, and courage. I can give a one-liner to every soul on this planet, and that becomes my mile marker of consciousness. That’s what I hold myself to in a loving way. My one-liner is I create balance for myself and others through love, integrity, and courage. That’s how I live my life. If I’m not being in doing that, I’m going to create a struggle in my life. I teach people that are one-liner and how to move from struggle to ease and grace.

That becomes a beacon for you, or how does that serve you?

Every day I go, I am creating balance? Am I acting with love and compassion for myself? Am I too warrior like? If I’m too warrior like, what do I have to offer for myself to move from being at war within and everything, to knowing that I’m full of strength and courage, and I don’t need to make war to have what I want? It gives me a lot of questions to ask for guidance. It gives me a lot of ways to see where I’m trying to push my way through life rather than utilizing and listening to my soul to create a life of ease and grace.

That’s beautiful. In the work that I do, I’ve seen a lot of clients and talk to a lot of people who are in adversity. One of the common things that I found with going through adversity or the inability to handle challenges is not knowing yourself well, not knowing what you’re capable of, and the strength that you have, and your emotional barriers, and even how to expand those, your spirituality, much of what we talked about here. This is exactly what we’re talking about here. It’s getting to know yourself, and getting to know first yourself to the point where you can handle anything. You’re not afraid of what life is going to bring. You get to a place where it’s not that life is doing things to you. Everything that happens, you understand it is all for you. That’s all based on the conversation that’s going on living inside, the relationship on the inside. Would you agree with that assessment?

Of course, you can pull one area of your life and go, “How do I feel? How do I think about this area?” Notice those feelings are direct results of that experience because God goes in that direction with no judgment, and start to change how you think and feel about that area, and watch it transform before your eyes.

Jennifer, I want to thank you for coming to the show. It’s been a fabulous time. It’s a very interesting topic. We were only able to touch a very small portion of this because there’s still much more that we can tap into. I want to thank you for what you’ve been able to share. The value that you’ve provided. It’s been so good. Thank you for it. 

Thank you so much. It’s been an honor and a pleasure.

GCM 175 | Soul Resilience

Soul Resilience: The spiritual scriptures aren’t wrong. We’ve just been misusing them. There’s something to them that we might as well use.


Before we end the show, we always like to ask our guests one question here. It’s the game changing mentality question. That is how can we bounce back from adversity, dominate our challenges, and consistently win at the game of life? 

Acceptance, when people are in non-acceptance of what is occurring in their lives, it’s hard to move that needle. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it. When you accept where you are, you can start to hear and receive those opportunities. That will change that game immediately. When you’re in non-acceptance, you’re constantly trying to make war to transform what’s happening instead of going, “We’re here. Let me find the road to where I want to go next,” instead of wandering around and going, “I hate where I am,” and then you’re missing all of what the opportunity is bringing.

Jennifer Urezzio. Thank you for coming to the show.

Thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There you have it, folks, another successful episode. Acceptance is such a simple thing, but I get it. I understand. It’s not always easy. It depends on what I’m dealing with. That’s how our brains work. It depends on what it is. I might accept it. I might not. I don’t know, but I want you to re-evaluate and re-assess, that statement, re-assess your willingness to accept. Realizing that life is always happening for you. As Jennifer said, “Wake up in the morning, ask yourself a series of questions. Ask the universe a series of questions, and figure out, what are those questions could be? What do you have for me today?”

Imagine if you asked that, and then you are willing to accept whatever showed up. That’s amazing. I know for some of you, it depends on what shows up. I get it, but we have to remind ourselves that life is happening for us. We have the ability to have that connection, that conversation, so we get to speak soul language. That’s what we get to do. Let’s practice that. Let’s expand our spiritual vocabulary. That’s the word I’m looking for. Let’s try that because I feel that is a game changer. Until next time, peace and love. 

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