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Everyone has a book in them. If you are interested in writing a book, you want to tell your story, and you want to get things out into the world, Cevin Ormond is the guy for you to talk to. Cevin is a personal leadership, credibility, and influence expert. He’s also a keynote and inspirational speaker. Having been through a lot himself as a cancer survivor and a war veteran, he helps people with their BS, their books, and speakership. Cevin shares his insights on how one can get into speaking or write a book and get that book out on the street and start helping people.

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How To Get Your Book Out The Door And On The Street Quickly with Cevin Ormond

I want to say thank you for my audience, those that have been listening with me, following me. Up to this point, I want to say that I appreciate you for being there with me. If you are new to the show, welcome to the show. I’m glad that you made a decision to join us. I realized that there are a lot of blogs out there that you could be reading, but you made a decision to read this. It means a lot to me. I want to say thank you. You are what makes this possible for us. Thank you for joining us. I have someone here with me that’s making a difference in the world, doing great work. He has some game-changing information to share with us. He’s also a personal friend of mine. I’ve known him for several years. I wouldn’t say we started in the same place but our paths have crossed multiple times and we developed a relationship. I wanted to bring him on the show because he’s into personal leadership and credibility. He’s an influence expert. He’s a keynote and inspirational speaker.

Over the last years, he’s entertained, educated and inspired over 350,000 people at over 4,000 events worldwide with an average quality rating of 9.8 out of ten. That’s some serious stats right there. He’s a number one international bestselling author and works with people who are serious about writing and publishing their own book. I believe everyone has a book in them. If you are interested in writing a book, you want to tell your story, you want to get things out into the world, this guy will be the guy for you to talk to. He helps people with their BS; their books and speakership. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the show, Cevin Ormond.

Rodney, how are you?

I’m good. I’m excited that you’re here. It’s been a while since you and I have connected. It’s been too long. To connect in this arena is great because it allows us to catch up, I can see what you’re up to. I know you’re doing big things in the world and I want to hear all about it. I want to know if my audience wants to write a book and get into speaking, how can they do it? I know you’re the guy. You’re the expert in this area. I want to talk about what can be done and how our audience can get that book out on the street and start helping people the way you know how to do. I want to get into that. Tell me what’s been going on in your world. It’s been a while since we chatted up. What’s going on? What’s new and improved in your work?

We’ve got a number of things happening as far as not only speaking things. I was in LA doing a TV interview. A publishing company approached me. They said, “We like what you do. Would you be willing to do a book with us?” That doesn’t happen unless you’re a big name. I’m not a big name but somehow they found me from another podcast. I get a lot of stuff out there because I’ve been at this awhile. They found me, they looked me, they researched me and they found what they liked. They said, “We’ve got to have more stuff with the kind of thing you do. Would you be willing to do that?” We negotiated, I got a book contract and they have the manuscript. They’re doing the deal. They’re editing it now and going through the whole process. That takes a lot longer with conventional publishing than it does with self-publishing, but you have a bigger marketing reach and bigger other things that are instantly built into it. That’s the trade-off.

This is my fourth book. I’m ready for that to play. It’s a progression and that’s where it is. I want everybody to understand that. One of my favorite quotes from Billy Crystal is, “I’ve spent the last twenty years becoming an overnight success.” That is how it works. People look at you and they say, “Look where he is. Look where she is, whatever.” The reality is they don’t see what it took to get there. They don’t see how long it took to get there. That’s the truth of the matter. Billy was right on point with that one. I love that. Let me tell you some other things too that are important. You’ve got to understand where I came from.

GCM 30 | Writing A Book

Writing A Book: Everybody’s got something. You’ve got to deal with it and make a decision to do something else.


Have you ever felt like, “This couldn’t be me?” I’m a kid from a little bitty town in Idaho that you’ve never heard of called American Falls. You’ve probably heard of Idaho Falls. We are about six sewage treatment plants down the street from Idaho Falls. That’s where this place is. Its claim to fame as a big dam. It’s a dam city. It’s a big dam that has a reservoir that backs up, people will go water skiing, fishing and duck hunting and stuff on the reservoir, on the Snake River. It’s a little bitty farming town. I didn’t come easy. Have you ever felt like, “I’m nobody? You’ve got to understand that everybody has something. I’m sitting in a middle seat of a pickup truck a few years ago and we’re going fishing out. The right hand to me is my stepbrother who’s a professional counselor. On the left driving is his boss, a professional counselor. He started asking questions. After a while of asking all these questions, he turns to me and he says, “You’re the only person I’ve ever met with a background like yours who’s never been to prison. Why is that?” I go, “I knew things were difficult, I didn’t realize they were like that.”

There’s a Netflix program called The Mask You Live In, you want to watch that. You listen to these guys on death row telling my story. That’s when I realized what he meant. I came from that place. I didn’t stay in that place. I made a big decision at sixteen and it changed my life. I made some other decisions. The bottom line to the whole thing was you’ve got to understand that everybody’s got something. You’ve got a football injury, I get it. You had that happen to you, Rodney. That happens. It wasn’t your fault; any more than my situation was my fault but there it was. You’ve got to deal with it. What are you going to do? Are you going to sit there and dry up and roll into a little ball and blow away? Are you going to put a gun to your head? What are you going to do? It’s not like those tests don’t crush you. They do, but you don’t do them and then what you do is you make a decision to do something else. That’s what happened to me. I made those decisions to do something different. In the process of all of that, I ended up as a public speaker. I ended up doing all these things. I want your audience to understand this so that they can relate to the fact that I didn’t start out at where I am. I’m not where I’m going to end up.

I believe that things happen in life. That’s what you’re trying to explain here is that things happen. We have to deal with those things happen. That pivotal moment is how you are going to respond to it. A lot of us will react versus respond. When we react, we do things. We’re creatures of habit. A lot of times when we respond or we react, we react in a way that’s not beneficial or it doesn’t serve us, it doesn’t give us the result that we want. What I’ve learned through my experience with dealing with challenges, dealing with life is we all have a choice that we have to make. As we go through this life, things are going to come up, things are going to happen. What’s important is not so much the thing that shows up, it’s how you respond to it. A lot of times we’re creatures of habit, we react and when we react we react in a habitual way. A lot of times that habitual reaction doesn’t give us what we want. It doesn’t give us the result that we want. It could be blaming, giving up, pity party. It can be a number of things that don’t give us what we want.

We can get angry and bitter. What it comes to dealing with those types of things, what you want to do is you want to respond to it. When you respond, it requires you to get present with yourself. Get present with who you are, get present with what is going on around you. What is the most beneficial way? I love to take a look at challenges as, “What’s the positive potential of this? What are some of the positive outcomes that can come out of it?” It’s looking at what’s my positive potential. Oftentimes whenever you’re in that place, in that pivot, in that dip, in that crossroads, you have this thing here. For example, you brought up my injury. One of the potentials was to be paralyzed for the rest of your life, to need 24-hour care for the rest of my life or to not be an effective contributing member of society, all of that. That was one of the outcomes and it was a very real outcome.

There’s this other outcome and although it seems small and not that much possible, it didn’t seem like it was a reality at the moment. It felt like a slim possibility. It was still a potential. Because one is speaking loud or it looks more probable than the other because we’re creatures of habit, we will gravitate to that. We will adopt that philosophy, adopt that mentality and that will become our reality. It takes a lot of courage to look at the other side and say, “I’m not going to go left. I’m going right. Even if it’s a small chance that I’m going to make it, I’m still going to travel that road because that’s what I want to get out of. That’s what my passion and my joy are attracted to. I’m not going to go and do that.” When it comes to being where you were, there was a crossroad that you had to take in. As a result of making those decisions, making that pivot, we can experience something far beyond what we envisioned at the moment.

My life is so much different than what it would have been and what I anticipated. My wife and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. That’s a second marriage for both of us. My eldest child is 46 from the first one and we have eight kids. I had four. She had one, we had three together. I never would have dreamed that I’d be in that place. My parents are divorced. I never would have dreamed that I’d be in that place that I am in now. That’s one of the more important things. The career and everything else is wonderful but if you don’t have something going on with relationships in the heart and stuff like that, you’re trying to make up for what you’re missing.

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I want to take that further. I believe that there are several dimensions to life. A lot of times you talk about the heart space, you talk about love and all of those things. We don’t expand that. We separate that from our jobs, money, finances and things like that. I feel that’s a big mistake. You make that the center of your life, coming from a heart space or coming from a place of love. I love that scripture in the Bible. It talks about walking in love. That’s the foundation to everything and if we can incorporate love in all that we do, can you imagine how much more fulfilled we are? The mistake that we make is we’re looking for fulfillment in physical things. We’re looking for fulfillment in money, finances and fame. You’re not going to find it there. It comes from the heart. When you can come from that space, you produce more of that and you’ll be living more fulfilled.

The other thing that comes along is hitchhikers. If you start in that place, then the other things you were talking about, the success and things like that become the hitchhikers that come along with it. You’ve got to hold that space because if you ever start thinking it’s all about the hitchhikers, then you go down the rabbit hole and there you are. You’re looking, “What am I doing here?” We all make that mistake on occasion but the idea here is to recognize that that is key. I’m listening to you and I’m thinking, “Rodney’s right.” I love you.

Thank you, I love you back.

I know you do. That’s what we’re talking about here. It’s this connection, heart to heart, human to human, man to man, woman to woman, man to woman, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter, it is the connection to other people and that’s the key. You can’t do that if you are trying to compartmentalize and saying, “This is the person I am at work. This is a person I am at home. This is a person I am at church.” You can’t do that if you compartmentalize. You’ve got to integrate it all together into being you. You’ve got to have the courage to be you in the places where you feel like you should be putting on a mask.

One of the things I learned standing on a stage is it doesn’t matter if there’s one person or if there are 10,000 people there. The thing I do is bare open my chest and say, “Here’s my heart.” Some people are going to like it. Some people are not going to like it. That’s not my problem. Your opinion of me is your business, not mine. How you respond or react to that is your deal, not mine. What I’m going to do is give you who I am. That’s going to resonate better with some people than it is with others. That’s inevitable but that’s okay because the people that it doesn’t resonate with, there is somebody else there that they can find that will resonate with. The ones that resonate with me are the ones that need to work with me. That’s how it all plays out. You can say that’s designed by God, you can say however that comes out. I don’t know all the details but I do know that’s how it works.

Do you like fish?

GCM 30 | Writing A Book

Writing A Book: You’ve got to have the courage to be you in the places where you feel like you should be putting on a mask.


Catching them, eating them or all the above, yes.

I want you to picture this and this is good for the audience. I like fish too but then there are some fishes in the sea that I don’t like. I like blues, spots, bass and so on and so forth. There are some that I don’t like, like snakeheads. There’s this fish called a snakehead. I’m not eating that. I don’t like that. I’m not eating shark.

I’ve eaten shark fin soup. There are big controversies about it, but I’ve had it out in Asia.

My point is a shark doesn’t stop being a shark, a snakehead doesn’t stop being a snakehead because I don’t like it. It still serves its purpose. It still does what it’s supposed to do as a fish. My point is I need sharks here because whatever sharks do, it’s probably benefited me to some degree and maybe I need to have more appreciation for the shark. I’m grateful for it but I still don’t like it.

There’s nothing cooler than a shark when you’re scuba diving.

Give me a cage and I’m okay but I’m not getting into the water without the cage. My point is we need people to be themselves and be their unique selves. When you can do that and do it unapologetically, that’s what making a difference in the world is all about. Your story, the things that you’ve been through, it may not happen for everyone but it’s not about everyone. It’s about the one person that it can help. A lot of people don’t go forward and bring out self-expression and self-actualize. They can bring out that and help the people that they need to help. We’re talking about your work and what you do, you help people with their BS, their books and their speaking. I love that. Why don’t you talk to us about that? How do you help people with their BS?

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There are a couple of things. What happened to me was I was going along doing the speaking thing and everything else, then 2008 happened. The industry I was in dried up and blew away. That happened to a lot of people in 2008. I’m one of them. What happened then was I kicked around some things. Then I got sick, I got cancer and I had to deal with that. I ended up having four major surgeries in three and a half years and being laid up most of the time, not doing much work, watching my assets because I wasn’t working. Then I’m finally feeling good and I call my friends in the industry, “I’ve got to do something a little different here. Move into more big stages, more of these kinds of things.” They’ll tell me the same thing, “You’ve got to write a book.” I’d never written a book. I didn’t know what the book was going to be. I didn’t know how to write a book.

One hundred days later, I had 100 copies of that book in my hand and it was selling on Amazon and Kindle. A week later, I get an email in my box. There’s a conference in Las Vegas, Bob Proctor is going to be there. I want to go down to meet Bob. If I happen to learn something else about marketing and email marketing, that’s great. The second day, Peggy McColl stands on the stage and says, “I help people become bestselling authors.” Until that moment, I’d never thought I could be one. That was in October. January 27th, I went number three on Amazon and stayed at 27 months straight on the bestseller list. My second book went from decision to write to number one international bestseller in 100 days. People said, “How did you do this in 100 days?” I wrote a book called, Git ‘er Done NOW! – How to Get Your Book Written and Published in 100 days (or Less!). I sell that as an eBook online. That shows my system that I used to develop that process so that I can get a book out the door quickly.

In the process of all that, I have a group coaching. I’ll coach people through that process. Individual coaching, I can do that too for some people. I also have a team of people where we’ll do a turnkey book. I will simply record a series of sessions with them to get their book out of them, then my team will build the book for them. In addition to that, I also have a coaching program to coach people on how to speak. There are many layers to being a good professional speaker. There are different types of speaking depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, whether it’s training, on a big stage, TEDx Talk or anything else. They’re all a little different. You have to know these nuances to pick into those differences. You have to know how to engage a crowd. You have to know how to keep the crowd engaged. You have to know how to do all these things. There’s a lot to it to get good at it. You have to be able to sell from the stage.

There are all these little bits and pieces because sometimes stages that you get on, you buy your way in. You pay $5,000 for the chance to speak an hour. Your hope is that you’ll make more than $5,000 by sign-offs on the back of the room. There’s that kind of stage too and there are a lot of those available. If you’ve got something that you need to get out to the world, you’ve got to know how to speak. You’ve got to have that book. People hire experts and the instant you’re published; you’re considered an expert. It’s the craziest thing, Rodney. You know this because I remember when your book came out, we were together. Your book comes out and instantly you feel different about yourself. Instantly, everybody feels differently about you. That is the most fascinating credibility. I’m a leadership expert. Leadership has three components, what I call the three C’s of leadership. The first is character. Number one, you’ve got to have a good solid character. Two is conduct. You’ve got to have your conduct where it needs to be.

The third one is charisma, which is the speaking, presenting, all those kinds of communication skills. There’s a bonus and that’s credibility. The woman at the interview introduced me as the King of Credibility. Go figure that one out. My name’s Cevin with a C, we spell that Cing of credibility. The bottom line is that credibility is then that key piece. You’ve got to have the credibility. How do you get the credibility so that people will ask you to speak? You write a book, that’s how you get it. Then you go through the promotion process and everything else. Having a book sitting there gets you the instant credibility because there it is. You then utilize it and leverage it to get you the stages and things. You work the stage presence. You’re able then to get what you do. For example, if I help people with their credibility piece and I helped them with the book, I help them so that they can speak well. They can speak to the different audiences and do all those bits and pieces. Integrate that all together. You’ve got a package. That’s my high-end package. What I offer is that one.

The whole process is that there are some people need some coaching. Some people, that’s all they need. One of my clients had his book go. It went number one the day he launched because he did what I told him to do. This guy had started a company from scratch, built and sold it for $1.2 billion. He was smart enough to know that in getting his book out the door, he needed a mentor, he needed a coach, he needed somebody who’s been there, done that and bought the t-shirts. He hired me. I coached him through the process, got him through a few bumps. Then he was a number one bestselling author and that happened quickly. That’s the kind of things that I can do with people and then help them with their speaking. His next piece is stages. That’s where he’s headed next. You think about somebody who is that successful but he was successful in a different arena not here and not with this, not with what I do. If I wanted to build something where he is, he’d be my coach.

GCM 30 | Writing A Book

Writing A Book: Your message and what you bring to the world has got to get out there to make that impact on the world.


Why do you think it is important understanding the role that credibility plays with becoming an established speaker, a successful author in all of that? More importantly as an individual, as a game changer, why is it important to get your book out?

There are several reasons. Number one, you’ve got to have that feeling in yourself that you’re credible and it changes your heart. It changes how you feel. It changes the way everybody looks at you. You’ve got to have that. Your message and what you bring to the world has got to get out there to make that impact on the world. You know inside that you’ve got something that the world needs or at least some of the people in the world need. Everybody in our industry has that understanding. There’s somebody out there that I can touch, Rodney, that you can’t touch. There’s somebody out there that you can touch, that I can’t touch. There’s somebody out whose life is going to be better and their children’s life, grandchildren’s life and their great grandchildren’s life. What’s crazy about having a book is that book is going to be there long after I’m not. Who knows about 100 years from now, somebody’s going to read one of my books and they’re going to go, “That is exactly what I need,” and then explode, take off from there because that is the linchpin for them. That’s the key that unlocks their life.

I believe in legacy. We only have one shot at this. I want to tell you the story. I was listening to someone on YouTube. They were talking about eternity, the universe and spirits. They were talking about how the universe, there’s no beginning and end to eternity. Eternity is just is. However, the universe, God or spirit has taken a piece of the universe or eternity and put a beginning and an end to it and capsulated it as my life, as your life. We have a set time, which is a wonderful opportunity. More importantly, it’s not so much the life that you live here, it is what you leave behind. That’s what I love about a book and how it works.

This guy went even further to distinguish your job and your work. Your job is something that you could earn money. Your work is the legacy that you leave behind, your contributions in life. What is going to be that example of your work? What are you going to leave behind that demonstrated your work here on Earth? People are going to work for a company for 30, 40 years and then they retire but there’s no legacy. They have money for retirement sometimes. In this day and age, it may not be enough to live the life that you want to live. There’s no trace of you being here. When you write a book, you can leave a legacy behind.

My great-grandchildren, if they want to know a little bit about what I was thinking, who I was, they can read my books. My books are full of stories about my experiences. They’re going to be able to read those things and say, “My great grandpa went through this thing. He did that. He learned this from that.” That’s neat because of several reasons. First of all, it’s cool that he did and second of all, I don’t have to learn it the hard way as he did. I can shortcut it because I learned from him the lesson without having to go through all the trouble. The lessons sink deeper when you go through and do the work. It gives them a starting point and a headstart that I didn’t have that I had to build through. Those stories are there in those books. That’s critical because they have that opportunity. That may not be one of my descendants. It might be somebody else, whoever it is that it can touch, whoever it is that it can impact. I’m good with whoever it is. I don’t care. I’d like it to be one of my descendants too but if it can be other people, then that’s good. The more, the better because I want them to have the benefit of what I’ve done.

Every human being has something unique to say. Every human being has unique experiences and a unique take on those experiences. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can teach me something. I can teach you something. It doesn’t matter who you are. I have never met a human being that I can’t learn something from. That includes a newborn. I’ve never met one. Have you ever seen a little baby smile? They smile with their whole body. Their whole soul is nothing but smile. There is a lesson on how to feel joy. Can you do that all the time? Do they do it all the time? Absolutely, not. As soon as they miss their parents, they’re not happy anymore. The fact is that they do it and you can learn that from them and you can play back and forth with them. What’s fascinating is even a newborn baby, you can communicate in that manner with them. You can’t communicate with words because they don’t understand but you can communicate that way. It’s fascinating. Try it sometime.

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I’ve tried it several times before. I remember one of my nieces and nephews were newborns. We did that all the time. As a matter of fact, every time I see them, I’m an adult but I get into that little baby mode where I’m smiling and playing with them and then they start smiling and playing. It’s just a wonderful time. What’s funny is as adults, we get away from that.

Let me give you a little trick. I learned this one before my youngest grandson was born. I tried it on him and it works. Studies have found they can start duplicating things when they’re like five hours old. It’s crazy but try it. I did and it worked. It blew my mind. I thought, “I can try this.” It blew my mind. For the first several months with my little grandson, every time I saw him, he’d stick his tongue out at me like that. This is fascinating stuff in terms of what we bring with us, how we’re built and what comes with it. All of the education, everything else we do stuff down and we forget about it. If you want to become authentic, you’ve got to relearn all that stuff and hatch it out of its shell again. Deal with that so that you can be that person without guile than a baby is. A person with no guile is a person who’s authentic and there’s no deception. Babies are like that. They are what they are, if they’re happy, they’re happy. If they’re unhappy, they’re unhappy and they are what they are. There’s real truth to that not to the point where you’re mean to people. As a general operating mode, that’s a great way to be.

I completely understand because what happens is a lot of people pretend. A lot of people go through the entire lives, they’re unauthentic and they’re pretending to be something. They can pretend to listen to you. They can pretend to care. It’s disingenuous. It’s not a good way to be. I believe about the contribution. Everyone has a contribution to the world. Everyone is unique and so if we can be uncomfortable with that understanding that you’re not for everyone but nevertheless, there’s still a contribution that you can make. It’s okay that everyone is not going to like you. It is okay that everyone is not going to resonate with your message and it’s not about them. It’s about the people that it does resonate with.

Your opinion of me is none of my business.

I got that but as a society as a whole, as individuals, imagine what life would be like if we all adopted that philosophy. I believe the purpose of existence here on Earth as human beings is contribution and how you discover what you are able to contribute and give to the world. I love that the universal guy has given us the freedom to choose. A tree can only be a tree. A fish can only be a fish but a human being can decide what type of human being it wants to be. What level of contribution, how much contribution, maybe we can contribute different things over the course of our lifetime? That’s the beauty of being a human being and that’s the purpose of our being here and to leave something behind, to leave what we’ve created behind.

Which dovetails right back to the legacy you were talking about. That’s the key. There’s the legacy of the book but there’s also the legacy of all the recordings of me. There is a lot of stuff out there because I’ve been at this awhile. In any speech that I’ve done, that’s recorded, that’s going to be there as well. When we’re talking about the BS here, the books and the speaking, you need to understand that this is all part of that legacy creation. It’s all part of not only getting your message out to the world here and now, which is important, but it’s also what’s going to be left behind after you’re gone. Maybe I’m going to give my own eulogy one of these days. I’ll record my eulogy and I’ll speak at my own funeral. That’s a perfect thing for a professional speaker to do. Maybe that’s what I’ll do. I’ve thought about that and I might do that. Think about that. Think about one last chance to give a message of hope to people. One last chance to get people to understand what I have learned that they can use to benefit themselves. That’s an interesting idea.

GCM 30 | Writing A Book

Writing A Book: The books and the speaking are all part of legacy creation. It’s not only getting your message out to the world here and now, but also what’s going to be left behind after you’re gone.


What’s coming up for me is that your BS is important. Maybe that’s the logo that you can use.

I might use that as a slogan. One of my slogans is, “Turning experts into influencers, one book at a time.” Maybe I should subtitle that, “Your BS is important.”

Cevin, thank you for stopping by. This has been a wonderful conversation. For people who want to leave a legacy, they want to deliver their BS to the world so that they can make a difference, make a greater impact, how can people find you if they wanted to work with you?

If you go to CevinOrmond.com, that’s the first place. There’s a contact page there. You can contact me there. There’s a place where you can join a Facebook group. You can find me on Facebook, Cevin Ormond. I’m the only Cevin Ormond on the planet. If you were to google my name and you got to go ten pages to find somebody that’s not me as long as you spelled it right. I’m the only one that has those two names spelled that way. You can connect with me on Facebook. I have a page called Git ’er Done Books. Join that Facebook group. If you do that, there is a free download of an eBook I wrote called, How to Become an Influencer. That’s free for joining the Facebook group. Join it, download it and then leave the Facebook group if you want. I don’t care. It’s up to you but if you want to more value, I would recommend you stay. You can do however you want to do it but that’s the case. If you want to contact me directly, if you would like a free 90-minute strategy session on how to strategize through the process of getting your book out, on the website go into the contact page.

Down on the bottom right there’ll be a little blue calendar thing. You can schedule into my calendar. You can schedule a fifteen-minute brief chat session. We can consult briefly or a 30-minute consult session for free or that 90-minute session if you’re serious about getting your book out the door. You want to find out a little bit more. We can just start with that. Those are all free options for your audience. That’s something you can do there. LinkedIn, I’m there too but I focus most of my work on Facebook and the Facebook group. I do have a huge LinkedIn following as well, sneaking up on 3,000. It’s a pretty sizable group there as well. The bottom line is all of those things are available. Those are easy ways to contact me and if nothing else, Cevin@CevinOrmond.com send me an email and that’ll work too. In the process of all that I want you to have your message out there because you can make a difference. Nobody can duplicate you. You’re the only you that’s ever existed and ever will. You have something unique. Everybody has a book in them, some of us are getting some of those books out. You ought to join the party.

Over the course of my career, everything that I’ve learned and been able to accomplish, a lot of the things that I’ve learned come from a book. I think about those people that took the time to sit down, take their knowledge and experiences. It’s not always knowledge, it is experience. If you’ve been through some type of challenge, you’ve gotten over it. If you’ve been through some type of experience and you came out on top. It’s important that you record it and get it down because you never know who you may be helping by putting that down. If you don’t write the book, you can’t help anyone, only those that you have physical contact with. If you write the book, at least you give yourself the opportunity to help the world. Cevin, I want to thank you again for stopping by.

Thanks for having me. It’s so good to connect with you again.

Thank you so much. Are there any last words that you would like to say to the audience?

Make sure and I don’t care how you do it but get it done. That’s why I titled that thing as, Git ’er Done. Get it done because you don’t know, a good friend of mine was gone, passed away. He never got his book written. You should’ve heard his kids talk about him but that’s going to die with him. That’s a tragedy. You don’t want to be there. You don’t want to be that guy. It breaks my heart for his family, but I hope that they write it down at least what they remember. He was such a cool guy. That is why you got to get it done.

Thank you, Cevin. I appreciate that. Get it done because you never know we all have a limited amount of time here on earth. We don’t know when that time is going to be over for us but what we do know is that we can leave a legacy behind. I wanted you guys to seek out Cevin. If you’re interested in writing a book, seek him out. Find out how he can help you. Get your story out, get your experiences out because I believe that you are a game changer and you can make a difference. We have that responsibility to go out and do that. A lot of times we don’t know where to start. We don’t know how to begin. We don’t know what to do and here he is standing for us to be that impact, to make that difference in the world.

He has some free gifts. I suggest that you use them for your advantage so that you can be even more of a game changer and spread the game-changing message. Please remember to check out our community on Facebook, The Game Changer Transformation Community. Visit our website, www.RodneyFlowers.com. I have a free offering for game-changing messages that go out daily for those that sign up. You’re going to want to take advantage of that. I want to thank you for joining us once again and remember that greatness is your birthright. I love you and until next time. Peace and love.

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