GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma

We grow up harboring certain habits and beliefs that do not serve us, and yet, we’re still holding on to them. What does it take to free ourselves from them? How can we find healing? Rodney Flowers interviews Anastasia Gerali, a transformation therapist and embodiment mentor, about how she started helping people to heal from their past pain and trauma. Anastasia shares her personal story of pain and breaking, and resiliency. She tells how she was able to use all her energy to grow herself from the pain to become a guiding light to other people to heal themselves from emotional trauma. Rodney and Anastasia exchange their stories of suffering and new beginnings. This is a conversation full of insights and inspiration that will fuel our hearts to overcome our obstacles, achieve our potential, and live our purpose.  

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Healing From Trauma And Growing From Pain With Anastasia Gerali 

I have Anastasia Gerali with me and she is a rapid transformation therapist and embodiment mentor. She’s passionate about helping individuals heal from past pain and trauma. She reprograms their mind to thrive, and empowers her clients by teaching them the tools to heal themselves, freeing them from bad habits, addictions and beliefs that no longer serve them. Please help me welcome Miss Anastasia. Welcome to the show, Anastasia.  

I’m happy to be here, Rodney.  

I’m happy to have you here. Let’s talk about healing from past pain and trauma, especially at a time like now where a lot of people are grieving from the events that have occurred throughout the world. A lot of people are hurting. Your message, your work, and everything that you stand for, but before we get into that, I would like to learn more about you. How did you get started in helping people heal from past pain and trauma? Share your story. I’m sure you have a wonderful story to share with us.  

Everyone has a wonderful story. It’s all about perception. My healing journey started in 2016. I always dabbled before that time, but I committed to my healing journey in 2016 as you do when something terrible happens, a catalyst moment in your story that shakes you awake and you are given two parts. The decision that you make on that day is what will ultimately create you, give birth to you, or define you. I know your story so I know what your moment was. Mine was a lot less physical and a lot more emotional trauma, which you also go through as well in your own development, in your own healing journey.  

It was in 2016 when I felt that I woke up when all the balls that I was juggling all around me fell down and collapsed. I was married, had a business and hustling hard. It was a full-on entrepreneur lifestyle and the whole glorified no rest for the wicked, and hustle, hustle, hustle which is fun. There are moments of that where that serves you, but I’d been on survival mode for too long. I’ve been on my masculine energy mode for too long, and that caught up with me. In 2016 I had adrenal fatigue so I suffered burnout from the lifestyle that I was living, the diet, the exercise, this and that. My business was collapsing when I physically wasn’t able to produce and to work at the same rate that I had been up until that day or up until that period.  

To top it all, my bitter husband told me that he no longer wanted to be with me. In the space of 30 days, my health collapsed, my business collapsed, my finances collapsed, as well as my relationship, which I had committed or even sacrificed so much to have these balls in the air. I gave so much of myself and my personality away to be able to have these things in my life. When that was all taken away, I remember it like it was yesterday, I was left unemployed, broke, depressed, soon to be divorced, and physically drained, absolutely drained. I could not see a light at the end of this tunnel. I was questioning my status quo. I was questioning the formula that I had for life. Being in ultimate victim mode, I made it all about me. Why is this happening to me? Why doesn’t he love me? Why isn’t my business flourishing the way that it should have flourished? Why me? I was so consumed in my grief because each of these things is like a mini death. You do have to grieve, but I was grieving times three, times five. I was consumed by grief.  

Emotions are feedback. They are showing you that you’re on the right track or the wrong track. Share on X

It was when I reached that crossroad where I could choose to grow from this or I could choose to give up from this. I was leaning towards giving up. I was leaning towards looking at my options of how to end my life because I failed. For me, it was both publicly and privately, I’d failed on every level. I failed as a businesswoman. I failed as an entrepreneur. I failed at what I perceived as being loved. I was not lovable. As always, the Lord will answer when you ask the right question. My mom called me on a day when I was specifically low and whether she knew it or not, I was looking at the way of ending my life on that day. My mom had had it up to her eyeballs. She had her own problems. She was trying to support me financially as well because I was unable to do that myself. When she called me, I burst into tears, Why me? She prompted me or triggered me. She said, “When are you going to use all this energy to pick yourself up, rather than cry over spilled milk?” That’s tough love that we talked about. You’re not always ready to hear it, but it’s going to come when the time is right.  

That triggered me so badly. I hung up the phone, I switched my phone off. I was like, “No one gets me. No one understands me.” I was going straight back into the victim mode. I decided to have a shower to freshen up, to cool off. That was when God, my angels, the higher, the divine gave me an idea and said, “I don’t have anything else left to lose. I feel I’ve lost everything so that means that I can go allin. I’ve got my backup plan. I’ve already decided what my backup plan is. Since I’ve got nothing left to lose, I’m already up to my eyeballs in debt. I’ve already failed on every level. I’m going to go and try this game again but I’m going to play it totally differently. I’m going to try a whole new formula that I’ve never tried before.”  

Before I was ticking all the boxes. I was a good girl, I was hard-working, I was this and that, and that didn’t work. I was like, “Screw this. I’m going to go allin and I’m going to try a different formula.” That’s when I committed to doing things differently. Whatever happens, I’m going to do things differently. That’s going to mean stretching outside of my comfort zone. That’s going to mean saying yes to things that I would never have said yes to before. That was scary. If I’m honest, it wasn’t as scary as the possibility of not having a second run. 

How did you deal with the emotional side of itYou felt all of this pain. You’re emotionally defeated, which is where a lot of people are. That prevents them from moving forward, so that was a pivotal moment. I understand and I got that you realize that you had nothing else to lose, but then there’s still the pain that you’re dealing with, the hurt. How did you deal with that? 

GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma

Heal Trauma: Acknowledge your feelings, whether it’s anger, sadness, or grief, but don’t let them consume you. You need to learn the tools and the strategies to process your emotions and release them.


The pain is a real thing. It’s real and it’s personal to the person who’s feeling it. That’s where healing comes in. Emotions are feedback. They are showing you that you’re on the right track or on the wrong track. If you’re either experiencing this human life and experience in alignment with your purpose, when you’ve got those good feelings, and when you feel amazing, you know that you’re on the right track. You’re experiencing this human experience to the fullest, in the ultimate form that we’re meant to perceive, experience and grow.  

For me, there’s no such thing as good or badhigh or low. They’re all equal. Negative emotion or grief, suffering, pain, shame, trauma, all those are feedback like a computer. It’s feedback that you’re on the wrong path. You still haven’t learned or grown from these triggers. Triggers are our teachers. It’s a growing pain. You need to go through growing pain to grow. We don’t even know it, but from the day we’re born, we’re going through those growing pains. When we are growing our teeth, when our bones are growing, when our skin is stretching, that’s physical growing pains in order to become an adult. Emotional pains are the same equivalent for your psyche or your heart.  

What would you say to someone who’s may be grieving or feeling pain from a loss of someone, maybe due to COVID or some other tragic accident or something like that? How are they to process this type of thing? 

It’s exactly what you said. The word is process. It’s not to become consumed by it. When you become consumed by it, you embody it on a cellular level. If you don’t know how to properly process your emotions, what you’re doing is you’re storing it. As long as you’re storing it, you’re keeping yourself in a state of suffering. What is emotion? It’s energy in motion. It needs to be expressed, released, and felt because you cannot heal what you will not feel. Acknowledge your feelings, whether it’s anger, sadness or grief. Whatever it is, acknowledge it, but don’t let it consume you. You need to learn the tools and the strategies to release it. You need to have a toolbox for how to process your emotions. Unfortunately, that’s not something that we’re taught. That’s a skill that we all have, but we need to develop it. That’s where a mentor, coach, therapist or guide comes in. They are there to help you to give you the toolbox, but it’s up to you to use the tools.  

You’re in this place where you’ve lost everything that was of value to you. You’re feeling like, “I have nothing else to lose. I’m going to go for it. Live all out 100% and go allin.” Take us from there. 

That did not mean becoming reckless. It did not mean taking the dark side. My guidance or my goal was going towards the light. It meant growing from this pain. It meant becoming the best version of me, not letting this define me and consume me. This is where embodiment comes in. This was not going to define me. These failures, feelings and rejections were not going to define me. I was going to choose who I’m going to be. I can say that was the beginning of my journey to remembering who I was born to be. That’s every single person’s purpose on this planet. It’s remembering who you were born to be. That’s why we repeat these lessons and patterns over and over until we learn them. Once we learn them, we heal, we release, we rewrite, and realign with our higher purpose, remembering who you were born to be. 

In your mind, based on what you’ve explained to us, do you feel that the challenges and obstacles that we face in life are there to lead and direct us to this awareness level of understanding. That correlates back to what you said about who we were born to be, what our purpose is, and what our contribution is to the world. Is that your philosophy around challenging trauma issues that show up as difficulties in our lives?  

Absolutely. For me, every single thing serves a purpose. You can only ever connect the dots looking back. You can’t connect them looking forward. You need to go through that process, you need to go through that challenge. Normally, what we try to do as humans if we’re trying to get from A to B, our default is to take the shortcut. We go directly from A to B. What if going A to B meant that you needed to go past C, D, G, Z, Y, X, and end up at B. It required you becoming before you could arrive, versus getting from A to B. 

There’s a quote from Les Brown. He said, “You become what you are. That’s what success is.” I’m not quoting it exactly the way he quotes it but the idea was, whatever you want to obtain in life, or even overcoming in this case, you have to be that. I love that because I believe that whenever you’re trying to accomplish anything in life, if you say, “I want to be this, I want to be that,” you have to look at yourself and say, “Are you the type of person that will go through the process to become that thing?”  

Wherever you are as it relates to where you want to go, it’s all about the person that you’re going to be between those two points. That makes the difference even in a traumatizing situation, debilitating or some type of physical thing such as what I went through. It was a lot of becoming. It was who am I going to be in this? That requires getting in touch with your identity, getting a handle on your emotions, your feelings, and taking a look at who you’re going to be with all that’s going on around you. When you can identify what shapes and makes a person, that produces a result. That has a lot to do with what you’re talking about here about embodiment. 

When you said the word identity, and this is something that I teach my clients, it’s about releasing the identity that you were given because from the day that you are born, you are being brainwashed. You were told that you can only get ABC because of D, E, and F. You fit into this box because of your age, gender, race, height, weight or whatever. We are given an identity by society, our parents, and the generations previous to us. For me, it’s about releasing that identity. The identity that we were given and that we were programmed to receive limits you in your life when you could embody limitlessness. You don’t acquire abundance. You tune in to the frequency of it. It requires you to become equal to it. It’s like a radio station. The channels are all there. You haven’t tuned into the station that you want to listen to because you’re stuck listening on other channels. 

Emotion is energy in motion. It needs to be expressed, released, and felt because you cannot heal what you will not feel. Share on X

I love that we’re talking about this. What’s fascinating to me about all of this is the fact that I get to choose because all of the programmings that I received coming up from someone else’s idea, someone else’s opinion about what they felt I needed. Granted, they were doing the best that they could at the time. I’m my own person. I have my own responsibility and privilege to become what I’m supposed to become in life. I need to challenge those things that have been placed upon me. That’s the beautiful thing. What they thought was the ceiling, may not be the ceiling for me. If I embody and I stopped right there with what they thought was the ceiling for me, then that’s as far as I would go. If I rest upon that. If I may be pushed and develop greater awareness, maybe I can go a little further. I have to challenge those beliefs. I love the fact that you talk about beliefs that no longer serve you.  

They’re not valid anymore. 

You have to challenge those things. What I love about this is this is something that you do continuously. Some beliefs may serve you for a period of time. As you evolve and your awareness increases, what served you five years ago may not serve yonow. It was valid five years ago and we’re grateful for it but now we’re way beyond that. We progress down through the process beyond that belief. We have a greater belief. We have to consistently challenge those things. 

We cannot blame our parents and the previous generations because they were doing what they knew best with the knowledge and the information that they had at that period. We know better now. Our children are going to know better than us one day. There’s a beautiful, gorgeous quote by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said, “No man can ever step in the same river twice, for no river is ever the same and no man is ever the same.” What was right for me last week, a year ago, five years ago is no longer right for me now because I’ve changed, I‘ve evolved, I’ve grown. The cells in my body are new or different. The only last clinging piece of identity that we have is the identity of our past versions that we hold on to. As you grow, as you move forward, and as you rise and elevate, you need to start shedding those layers faster and faster. If you want to travel faster, it means you’ve got to travel lighter. It means letting go of the beliefs and the people sometimes that are keeping me low, that are keeping me stuck because I am flying. 

For those that are reading, this is a beacon of hope. Sometimes, we feel there’s no way out and there’s no hope. The mere fact that you can change your identity, you can let go of some of these things that you’ve been programmed with, that gives you hope in and of itself. By developing a new identity, you can reshape and recreate your life because what that does is it allows you to create different results. We are the result of our program, our thoughts patterns, and our feelings, which is the makeup of our identity. It’s who we are.  

You’re the operator of those beliefs.  

If you want to make a change, you have to go on the inside. A lot of times, we try to make changes from out there and then we get frustrated when it doesn’t work. Even though you make a change on the outside and if you haven’t changed on the inside, you’re still going to get the same result. You can go to all the counseling and all of those things that you can afford. If you’re not changing the identity, you go back and we see it with weight loss and fitness, that’s one of the biggest areas you’ll find that, it spills over into other areas of your life like your relationships, finances, careers, those things that you want to accomplish. It’s the identity. It’s the thought patterns, the emotions, the self-talk. That’s the identity. That’s who you are. You can’t produce new results if you don’t make those types of changes. 

If you’re trying to change your weight, marriage, job, career and the results that you’re getting from the outside in, you’re not taking responsibility. What is the common denominator in all these areas of your life in your relationship, marriage, career, body or whatever? The common denominator is you. You are the core of that apple. If the core of the apple is rotten, how can any part of the apple ever be good?  

That’s the source of all the things in your life. 

I talk about the law of attraction and manifesting all the time. Many people are trying to fill their cups from the outside in. They think more money is going to make them feel better. They think a better partner, a more attractive woman or whatever is going to make them feel better or more validated. More clients are going to bring in more money into my business. You’re going from the outside in. You are the vessel. If your cup is cracked and leaking, you will never be able to live and overflow. You will always be hustling to try to fill something that’s leaking from the bottom. 

That’s beautiful. I call that the container. I want to sit here. I want to stay here for a second. I live my life by this method and I call it the container. What I mean by that is a lot of times we want to put things into our lives. We want more money. We want more love. We want more fitness. We’re pouring things into it. What I learned was those things are the contents of our lives. A lot of people think that the most important part is the content, “If I get more of this and more of that. If I have this content, my life would be better. 

“I’ll be happy when.”  

What I’ve learned is the most important part is not the content, it’s the context. The context is what holds the content. Your container is your values, your awareness, your spirituality, and how you deal with things emotionally. It’s your perception of yourself and the world around you. The container is your identity. When you have a strong container, you can hold whatever contents you want to put in. It doesn’t matter what it is. When you have leaks in your container, it’s like someone who’s running to the beach to grab water, only to take it back home to realize that it’s all leaked out. They get into the cycle of going to the beach to get the content and going back and realize that they don’t have any because the container doesn’t have the ability to hold the content. If you want all of those things, you have to make sure that you have the right container to hold the money, relationship, and all of those things to the point that now it’s overflowing. 

You will only ever be able to hold as much, as big and as filled as your container is. You will always attract what is equal to you. That means that you need to do the work to heal and fill your container. That means you need to do the work to expand yourself to be able to hold more in your life if that’s your desire. It has to start from the inside out. It takes me healing and expanding to be able to receive more because we are always conductors. It’s not about holding on to those things. It’s about allowing them to flow to you and through you because life is an exchange. 

I like the visual that I’m getting from that. How big is your container? Some of us have small containers, meager containers. We have the capacity to have large, expensive containers but yet we don’t live by what’s available. We only live by what we can, but we have the ability to receive. 

Your imagination is limited to what you’ve already seen, limited to what you’ve already been exposed to. What if what God or the divine has in store for you is much more than you’ve ever been able to dream up, is so much more than you’ve ever been able to imagine? Your attachment to what your life is supposed to look like is limiting you from endless streams and channels of possibilities to what could be available to you should you open yourself up, should you open up your vision and take a bird’s eye view. 

What would you say to someone who would like to take the first step to develop, creating, and expanding their container? What should they do? 

I always start with healing. You need to start from the inside out. I need to take responsibility for my healing. It’s my trauma, triggers, unwillingness or inability to receive help that is keeping me stuck from receiving abundance. Everything is about receiving and giving. If my focus is on getting and not becoming a conductor, that also includes asking for help and permitting myself to receive help. If you had the answers, you’d already be doing it. The mere fact that your life doesn’t illustrate what you want it to illustrate, it shows that you have a broken formula or an incomplete formula. That’s where you turn to someone that has a different formula, a teacher, guide, mentor, therapist, whoever you can see has a formula that works for them so that you can learn and borrow some of their tools. Once you start implementing those tools in your life, the next teacher will be revealed. When a student is ready, the teacher always appears, and the next teacher appears. Every step of the way, you are guided. It requires you to trust and taking action in alignment with that guidance. 

How does one heal? 

GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma

Heal Trauma: Your identity is like a radio station. The channels are all there. You haven’t tuned into the station that you want to listen to because you’re stuck listening on other channels.


For me, you first need to recognize and acknowledge, “Where am I suffering? Where am I keeping myself stuck in a loop of suffering?” For me, it started with my thought patterns. Why was I always reliving these patterns of failure and rejection over and over again? It’s because I was stuck in a victim mindset. In psychology, we talked about the three drama archetypes. One is the victim. I was a pro victim. It’s all about me. Why me? Why am I unlucky? Why don’t people like me?  

The second one is the martyr. The martyr is common, particularly for mothers. They have everybody else’s needs above their own because they’ve got children that they need to think about. A martyr is someone who does not delegate and also will not allow themselves to receive help. They will not ask for help. They will not receive help. They’re trying to DIY everything. They’re trying to be everything for everybody else. Eventually, they will always burnout because they’re functioning on a limited fuel tank. Those are the people that will suffer burnout at some point in their life, career or whatever.  

The third person is the hardest one to spot. It’s the prosecutor. The prosecutor is someone who blames everybody else for their problems. They shrug all responsibility for the world and the situation that they’ve co-created, “It’s his fault. It’s her fault. He did this. She did this. They didn’t do this. They didn’t do that. It’s not me, it’s everybody else.” If everybody else is the problem, everybody else needs to be the solution and they’re never going to line up, agree and give you a solution.  

The quality of your answers and the quality of your solutions are only ever equal to the quality of your questioning. If you’re questioning is why and how but you’re not getting answers, maybe you need to start asking a new question. Maybe the question isn’t why or how? Maybe the question is who? Who can I get to help me? If I knew the answer, I’d already have it. My life would already illustrate it. If I’m getting stuck and the answer hasn’t appeared yet, I need to start asking a new question. 

The second part of the question I want to address with you is the part about imagination or expanding the imagination. That’s may be a stretch for some people. I’ve seen many clients that come to me and they say, “I want to be this. I want to do that.” These are things that I’ve accomplished or someone they know have accomplished. The challenge is getting them to see not only that they can do this thingbut they can do even more. What would you say to someone who has a hard time seeing beyond the mountain, beyond the obstacle, beyond step B? There’s even a step beyond Z. What is that? What does that look like? How do we help them develop the tools and the skillset to create a vision that they feel they can accomplish? How do we help stretch their imagination? 

This is where I’d like to introduce you to a concept, process, and outcome manifesters. There are two types of manifesters and this is prevalent in personality types as well. An outcome manifest is someone who has a clear vision, who knows exactly what he wants. He’s a goal setter. He’s someone who will move mountains to achieve those goals because that drives him, that fuels him. That an ambitious person. For me, that’s also someone with masculine energy. They are those go-getters.  

There is also the process manifestor. This is regardless of gender. That is someone that has more feminine energy and gets triggered by goals. Their goals scare them and they want certain things, but immediately, they start putting obstacles and they say, “That’s not possible because I don’t have enough clients to reach that financial goal.” “That’s not possible because the time is too little.” What they do is they start sabotaging themselves to prove themselves right because the ego hates being wrong. The ego will look for evidence to support its case. For me, process manifestors are empaths and are more feminine energy. They don’t need to be specific on the goal.  

The identity that we were given and programmed to receive limits us in our life when we could embody limitlessness. Share on X

What they need to focus their energy on is how they want to feel having achieved that goal. That is your lighthouse in the dark. It’s not the house in the hill and $1 million in the bank and the Lamborghini in the driveway. It is, “How do I want to feel? I want to feel peaceful. I want to feel safe. I want to feel free. I want to feel loved.” It’s not the things. It’s those feelings that they need to focus on because that is expansive, rather than specific goals or deadlines. That’s masculine energy because that will make them contract. When you’re contracting, you’re shutting down instead of expanding and stretching.  

All you need to do once you have that lighthouse in the dark is follow the breadcrumbs. It’s one breadcrumb at a time. Have your lighthouse know that it’s there and don’t look for the road. Follow the breadcrumbs towards those feelings and expansion. The things that go with it will come your way. You need to have a clear vision of how you want to feel and focus on expanding to becoming that person, rather than obtaining those things. 

What would you say to the readers who may hear all of the motivational videos and talks about, “You got to be a dog? You got to get up before 4:00 AM. You got to check off all the tasks on the list. You got to be focused. You got to be on it in order to succeed.” I want to know your philosophy because you have a different perspective on achieving goals and overcoming obstacles as it relates to what’s necessary in order to get to the goal. 

You’re absolutely right. I have a different philosophy and that’s an American, Western, aggressive, entrepreneur lifestyle thing. For me, that has been a little bit over-glorified. For some people, that drive helps and makes them like beasts that are going to go out there and achieve those goals, and that’s awesome. For many people, that’s not necessarily the path that they need to take. It wasn’t the case for me because I was one of those people that was getting up at 5:00 AM and going to bed at 11:00. It was work 24/7 to the point that my health deteriorated because of it. I was much working in my masculine energy.  

Although I was making a lot of money, I was also leaking a lot of money. It was all wrong for me. After losing my business the first time, the second time around I said, “I’m going to do this differently. I’m going to go all feminine energy on this. It’s not sales, it’s service. It’s not push, it’s pull.” It’s about becoming magnetic, surrendering, and allowing your path to unfold to you and through you. For me, that meant healing. That meant the iceberg underneath the surface of the water. I needed to reassess and reprogram the mindset in order for me to experience expansion. I needed to release the feelings of fear, rejection, and limitedness in order to open myself up.  

GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma

Heal Trauma: You are the vessel. If your cup is cracked and leaking, you will never be able to live and overflow. You will always be hustling to try to fill something that’s leaking from the bottom.


A great book, if you haven’t already read it, is The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer who also wrote The Untethered Soul. He talks about how he created multiple million-dollar businesses by surrendering rather than pushing. He never had the vision to create these businesses. He never had a vision for this financial abundance. All he did was surrender and that means you need to have a routine that nurtures your body, mind and soul. If that means getting up at 5:00 AM to meditate, then do it. If that doesn’t work for you, then find a formula that works for you. Maybe get up at 7:00 and then meditate at 11:00 or whatever. There’s no one size fits all formula to success.  

As long as you’re trying to apply someone else’s formula onto your life, all it’s doing is creating irresistance because insistence will create resistance. What you’re doing is you’re slowing down the process instead of speeding it up. You’re building a lifestyle that’s not sustainable because as soon as you stop pushing, which is what happened to me, everything will collapse. You’re building a machine and you’re building your life around the machine rather than building a business, a relationship, or a body that suits your lifestyle desires and how you want to feel. 

That’s beautiful. That full circle expresses why the feeling is so important.  

That feelgood. In the beginning, it’s going to be outside of your comfort zone. You have to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. You absolutely need to if you want to grow and you want to stretch yourself because those juicy apples are growing at the top of the tree. As long as you’re settling for low-hanging fruits, that’s what your life is going to look like. You’re going to get the things that are easy, but they’re also easy for everybody else. You need to expand and you need to stretch, but make sure that you’re stretching and expanding towards the right things for the right reasons. 

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You talk about reprogramming the mind to thrive. I feel like we’re getting into the part of the conversation where we start talking about thriving, getting into these routines and surrendering. What would you say to the readers that may feel like they’re more in a survival mode that wants to transition into a thriving mentality? What’s the foundation for the thriving mentality? 

It’s easy to spot if you’re surviving versus thriving because the symptoms are there. The symptoms will be you have low energy and low motivation. You feel hungry and thirsty for more all the time. It’s never enough. That means that you’re surviving. As long as you are in the surviving mode, you cannot thrive because those are two polar opposite states. That’s where healing and reprogramming come into play. Why do I have habits and behaviors? Why do I have patterns that keep me in this survival loop when I have a heart that desires thriving, abundance, ease and flow? 

That means I need to let go of the identity of the ideas that are keeping me in survival mode. Why do I keep running out of energy? Am I running out of energy maybe because I don’t give myself permission to receive help because I don’t know how to ask for help? Am I running out of energy because I don’t have strong, healthy, loving boundaries with the people around me? When I talk about energy, everything is energy. Time, energy, money and love are all energy. If I don’t have enough money, time, and love in my life, it’s because I’m leaking energy. 

How can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you and work with you? 

They can definitely follow me on Instagram. I’m active on Instagram @ArtOfAlignedLiving. My website is also www.ArtOfAlignedLiving.comand I have a phenomenal Facebook group where I share daily videos, meditations and lessons, which is called the Abundance Activation Group. That’s a community where I share and give value. I also do an amazing two-hour Abundance Activation Workshop once a month. You can find those details on my website. 

I want to thank you for coming on the show and sharing your tips, ideas, and concepts with us about healing from trauma, reprogramming our minds, and thriving. With everyone practicing social distancing and we’re more isolated, this is an opportunity to hone in on those skills, develop them, test them out, find out what works, and see the benefits of practicing these behaviors. The world is starting to wake up and see that there are other things out there that we can do to be our best versions of ourselves. Let go of the things that have been hindering us. I’m grateful for this opportunity. 

All the distractions fell out. We were like, “What am I doing? What am I doing or not doing?” As long as you’re distracted, you’re on autopilot. You don’t even see that you’re wasting time or energy. Now we’ve been given all this extra time. We’ve been given space to take stock of where we’re at. You did say beautifully that I talk about reprogramming the mind. I also want to mention that you can reprogram every single cell in your body like you did, Rodney. You are a living breathing example of someone who reprogrammed on a cellular level. That is the power of healing from the inside out. 

We didn’t get into how we take steps to do that. That would be an interesting conversation. I don’t know what your philosophy entails. There’s a lot that I can share about how I’ve been able to accomplish what I’ve accomplished, but I’m more interested in what you have to say about the topic. Maybe we have to bring you back on the show so we can talk about that. When we talk about healing, we don’t talk about how we can heal ourselves. Joe Dispenza is the only one out there that I’m aware of who has written a book and has a lot of training about how we can use our minds to heal ourselves. All of your philosophy is the same as his, but that’s something that we want to explore because we quickly revert to medication, pills, and things like that.  

We are quick to treat the symptom, but not the root cause of the problem.  

More importantly, we don’t check in with ourselves. We go ask someone else versus realizing that we have a lot of power within ourselves to make those changes. It’s not like the doctor says, “No, you can’t walk. You don’t have another way out,” there we want to look withinWhat if we decided to go within before? What if we had that level of confidence in our ability? That’s the thing. That’s what we’re talking about here. That’s what we’re talking about when we’re talking about healing emotionally. If we understood ourselves to the point that we had the confidence to know that whatever comes my way, I have the skillset. 

We all have the gift.  

We don’t know how to use it. 

Because we‘re not taught it. This is why I say it’s a skill that you need to develop. It’s a skill that you need to commit to developing. 

I definitely want to get you back on the show. I want to talk about specifically, how do we heal our bodies? What tools do we have and how do we use them to heal our bodies? 

I would love to come back and talk about physical healing as well. 

Thank you for coming on the show. This has been amazing and rich. Thank you for sharing and giving so much to us. I appreciate that. 

Thank you, Rodney. You’re such an inspiration. Keep sharing your light. 

Thank you. Before we end the show, I would like to ask you one more question. We always ask all of our guests this one question before we end the show. The people that are reading, how do they bounce back from adversity, dominate their challenges, and consistently win the game of life? 

GCM 169 Anastasia Gerali | Heal Trauma

Heal Trauma: You will only ever be able to hold as much, as big, and as filled as your container is. You will always attract what is equal to you.


It’s all about resilience. It’s all about learning how to bounce back quickly and higher, and that’s where the healing comes in. The quicker you reprogram yourself, the quicker you can learn those lessons and bounce back. The more resilient you are, winning is a mindset. It’s not that some people are stronger or faster or luckier. It is a mindset that each and every single one of us can learn to develop. 

Anastasia, thank you again for coming on the show. 

Thank you, Rodney. 

There you have it, folks. Another successful episode of the Game Changer Mentality podcast. Winning is a mindset. We have this thing in our society about winning and losing. It’s always the one who walks away as a loser and I don’t believe that. Sometimes, when you think you win, you lose, and sometimes when you think you lose, you win. It’s all about perception. You don’t ever have to lose, especially when you learn not to live by social standards. Whether you’ve reached the goal or put enough points on the scoreboard or whatever, it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. A lot of times, growing and learning are more valuable than winning.  

Sometimes, the loser, by social standards, has a greater opportunity because now they have so much to go back, review, and understand so that they can be more prepared the next time. It makes that opportunity greater than the winner because the winner may not look back. They may look forward with, “I’m good. I won, so now I can move on to the next step,” without taking the time to re-evaluate. At the point we are in life, this is a great time to re-evaluate where we are, heal, reprogram our minds, and embody the internal wisdom in order to move forward as a greater version of ourselves. That is winning. Until next time. Peace and love. 

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