Raise your level of awareness and consciousness of the creative energy that flows through you.

What does the notion, ‘get up’ mean to you?

Does it mean moving from a sitting position to a standing one? Perhaps switching from a lying position to a standing position… How about a higher elevation and function in the use of your mind? A new awareness…  That’s the angle I would like to fixate in your mind as an option, or perhaps, an alternative to your current way of thinking. You see, times have changed and we as human beings have become more aware. More aware of the characteristics and god-like functions we possess.  No, I’m not talking about turning water into wine, but I am talking about operating and functioning on a higher level spiritually and mentally then perhaps you’ve been exposed.

We are all created from creative energy, pure unadulterated creative energy!

But that’s not where the story ends…That same pure unadulterated creative energy resides in us all.  It is everywhere and in everything and we have access to that energy at any time. This creative energy has the potential to lift our lives from mediocre to absolute abundance if only we allow it to. It doesn’t take much. It all begins with you and your awareness of its existence.  Quite frankly, I don’t know how anyone could deny this creative energy…How do you think you were formed and developed?  The same energy that transforms a seed into a plant that brings forth fruit, is the same energy from which you were created.  It’s the same energy that holds the planets in space, and without wavering, structures Fall after Summer, and Summer after Spring.

It is responsible for the growth of grass and the trees and all of the abundance of nature.

But what does the creative energy have to do with you and the notion “Get Up”?  Well, let me explain it to you this way.  You are a spiritual being and you have an intellect.  Unlike the animals, and birds, trees, grass and all of the abundance of nature that naturally follows God’s order, or the order of the Universe, you have the ability to choose whether or not to follow God’s divine order of abundance and creativity.

As Bob Proctor has so eloquently stated in one of his seminars, “This creative energy flows to you and through you, and you have the ability to give it form through the proper use of your imagination. As one of the first laws of the Universe, this perpetual transmutation of energy allows you to give form to the images you hold in your imagination and subconscious mind.”  You see, as I stated earlier, you are a spiritual being and spirit is always for expansion and greater expression.  It is when we understand and operate at this level of comprehension of the power of our imagination and subconscious mind that we begin to produce and create the life of our dreams.  This is the underlying purpose of this message and its notion of “Get Up”.

So get up! Raise your level of awareness and consciousness of the creative energy that flows through you.

Get up!  Rise from a life of mediocrity and reach for a life of abundance.  Listen to that little voice in your head that tells you you deserve the deep desires of your heart. It is true…Abundance is your birthright.  So get up and go after your desires with every ounce of energy.  Allow the creative energy to push you forward, guide you, and bring about the necessary resources to reach your destination.  You have what it takes to begin today and increase your level of consciousness.  Accept this creative energy for what it is and begin where you stand to make a new image of your life.  A better image, a greater image. Get up from where you are.  Today is the first day of your new life.  This greater awareness shall illuminate a path of joy and abundance.  The Universe is eagerly awaiting your creativity.  We’re all cheering for you and depending on you to get up.

So go ahead…Get up! And bring forth a greater you…

To your Game Changing Success,