We all know about gut instinct. It’s that lump in your throat when you “know” you know something. It’s that uncertain certainty that you might be on to something. What if there is a way to access that gut instinct and actively expand it into creative intelligence instead of just hoping you’re going to somehow stumble into an idea about something? That is exactly what Laurie Seymour has to offer. Laurie is an international bestselling author, host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, executive coach, speaker, and trainer. She is the Founder and CEO of The Baca Institute, where she helps entrepreneurs, company founders, and visionaries access the gut instinct, find their creative intelligence, and receive inner guidance. Join in as she guides Rodney Flowers into a meditative state that opens up the mind to receive a sense of inner guidance and an endless potential for co-creation.

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From Gut Instinct To Inner Guidance With Laurie Seymour

I am excited about this show. I have Laurie Seymour with me. She helps entrepreneurs, company founders, and visionaries access the gut instinct. She also helps people find their creative intelligence and inner guidance. She uses her 35 years first as a psychotherapist and trainer, then also as a technical solution engineer to help them leverage their innate creative intelligence from ideation to implementation all the way to revenue. Welcome to the show, Laurie.

I am delighted to be here. I’m happy to be with you. We’re going to have a dynamite conversation.

I’m looking forward to that. I want to understand how did you get to a place of helping people access their gut instinct? Tell us a little bit more of what that’s about.

I want to expand it from gut instinct to creative intelligence. Gut instinct is what people most clearly identify with. It’s like, “I had a feeling about this. I felt it in my gut.” First of all, we’re all energy. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. That’s what the physicists have been able to tell us and that includes us. When we start paying attention to our own inklings, we start to understand that there is a more formalized way of being able to do that, a more direct way of being able to do that and a more easily accessed way of doing that than just hoping you’re going to have an idea about something or an instinct about something.

We are in service of co-creation. We get to create with life if we so choose. Share on X

I started out as a psychotherapist because I always wanted to know about life. I always wanted to know about how life worked because I felt so different from my family, from the kids in my neighborhood. I felt like the odd person out. With that, it led me instead to feel like I had to hide out somewhere. It led me to research, to look at, “What is life about and who am I?” That’s why I went into being a psychotherapist because that’s a perfect place for that quest, but it didn’t answer all my questions. It didn’t leave me with still that feeling of connected inside that I was longing for so I had to go further.

How do you feel off the air?

In order to access that, I need to take a moment to see, how do I feel? I feel a sense that the energy moving through me is like I’m connected to a big battery. I feel like that charge from the battery is flowing through me.

I feel a little off and I still feel connected to energy, but energy is a frequency and it’s not like a flat line. It fluctuates and moves. Typically, when I do my shows, I’m in a certain energy, and 99% of the time I’m in that energy. There are times when I know that I’m not in that energy. I have two options when I’m in that space. One is to push through it or to allow that to happen. That’s the energy there is and I don’t force it, then I’ll come back when I know that the energy is good and I’m in that flow and I can go with it. The reason why I’m bringing this up with you is because this is how I was feeling.

GCM 121 | Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct: When we start paying attention to our own inklings, we start to understand that there is a more formalized way of being able to do that.


It’s been grinding. I do that anyways but it seemed a little different and my body is a little tired. I was continuing to push, but my energy feels a little off. I have four interviews and this is the first. I’ve been here before and then I reschedule. I push them off because I don’t like to do interviews in that energy, but I said I was going to push through it and then immediately soon as I started talking, did the introduction, I could feel that it’s an awful little bit. I’m sharing that with you because what’s coming up for me is rescheduling. I’m not being in the energy that I would like to be in for my guest when I’m doing the show. I know my guests feed off that energy. I want this to be the best show that it could be.

Rescheduling is easy peasy, no problem. We can do that. Could we do a little terrain meditation together?

I think that would be good.

This gives me the freedom to say whatever it is that’s needing to be said. I don’t know what that is. Let me take a moment to set the energies. Take a couple of breaths, to begin with, and the way I like to suggest to people to do this for this experience is to imagine your breath as light and to see that light coming in like a tube, coming right into your heart center. Take a moment or two to feel that, to breathe that light in. When you breathe in, the breath naturally rises to the crown, the top of your head. As you breathe out, let yourself imagine, see or visualize that light is filling every part of your body. It’s flowing down as you breathe up, flowing down into the rest of your body. With your very next in-breath, whenever that is that the in-breath brings in that same light into your heart center and then it expands and it fills your whole chest cavity front to back and side to side.

Allow yourself to receive that sense of inner direction. Share on X

It continues to go up to your crown and back through your body. One of the things that is so important in life and important in this particular time is the willingness and the ability to receive. We think sometimes when we do feel the need to push through something that it’s us that’s got to do it, it’s us that’s got to make something happen without giving a bigger picture to the fact that we are in service to co-creation. We get to create with life if we so choose, to surrender and allow ourselves to receive. Life is that big picture. We can call it presence, God, energy, or the universe. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we have the awareness that what we’re able to do in every single moment is to be in that state of co-creation. With that place, that willingness to be in co-creation, there is such joy because we’re not in this alone, we don’t have to do it alone.

We can feel like, “I don’t even know what to do.” We’re in such a place of unknown, of not necessarily knowing what do or what’s coming, yet if we can approach that with the place, the state of, “Yes, I don’t know but this bigger picture of energy does know so I need to open to it. I need to allow it. I need to allow myself to receive and I need to allow myself to receive that sense of inner direction.” This is where gut instinct turns into something far more sustainable, far more important in our life. It’s how do we know which direction to go in? How do we know which place is right and which place is going to take us to a dead-end? It’s as we allow ourselves to know that we are part of this grand design for what is happening. We need to do our part. Part of that doing of our own part is to allow presence to walk with us, to speak through us, and to do what needs to be done.

In this next little bit of time, and maybe about ten minutes. I never asked you whether you’ve meditated before, or whether you meditate regularly or not, allow yourself during this time. It will be a quiet time to let yourself receive without any expectation of what it is or what it’s going to feel like or what it’s going to be. If you find yourself often, a lot of thought, gently bring yourself back to a place where you feel your own breath as light coming into the part of your chest, into your heart center. You don’t have to stay with that sensation. Return to it if you feel yourself getting into a lot of thinking about. For this time, you’re going to hear a little chime and let that chime take you into this time of the quiet. It’s like you’re entering the great central silence. You’ll hear that same tone again at the end when it’s complete. Both of us go inside and I’ll see you on the other side. This is complete. Take a few moments for a breath. When you feel ready, maybe do a little bit of stretching where you are seated, however would feel good to you. The stretching helps also to integrate what’s taking place, integrate the energy that’s been received. How was that for you, Rodney?

Relaxing and a sense of replenishment. I made it for me that every breathless receiving, taking something in.

GCM 121 | Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct: One of the things that are so important in life, especially at this particular time, is the willingness and the ability to receive.


It sounds like replenishment was exactly on the order form. Your face looks so relaxed, open, and there’s a lot of light around you.

I think I’m going to cancel all the rest of them. I don’t want to. There’s no urgent need, but I like to keep to it.

That can be our mental set and then that’s the surrender to what is needed. Thank you for doing that.

Thank you for allowing me to not be rigid. I could just feel it. I don’t want to put something out there like that that I’m not.

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About Laurie Seymour

GCM 121 | Gut InstinctInternational #1 bestselling author, host of the popular Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, Executive Coach, speaker and trainer, Laurie Seymour, is the founder and CEO of The Baca Institute. She has dedicated her life to showing people how to reliably connect with their energetic creative intelligence, dissolving old patterns of difficulty, struggle, and self-sabotage. After twice leaving successful careers, first as a psychotherapist and trainer, and then as a Technical Solutions Engineer, Laurie founded The Baca Journey, to honor the twenty-five years of inner research she and a small group of intrepid explorers did in exploring human potential through activating new energy systems in the human body.

Twenty years ago, Laurie was honored to receive the stewardship of a special esoteric technology that accelerates the process of innovation and creation in individuals and groups.

And now, with the next-step evolution of The Baca Journey into The Baca Institute, she has developed this creative intelligence technology as The Potentiation Process.

Laurie’s work is particularly valuable for professional innovators: thought leaders, product designers, company founders; because the work accelerates the time from ideation to implementation and revenue, while also opening the innovator to new levels of confidence, peace and satisfaction.

Laurie teaches online and around the world. She writes for The Huffington Post, Aspire Magazine, Positively Positive, One Wise Life, Elephant Journal, Tut.com and The Magic Happens. She has been in abc.com, foxnews.com, telegraph.co.uk; BBC.com; NYdailynews.com; NewScientist.com and many others.

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