Entrepreneurs and employees across the country are finding innovative and inspiring ways to reimagine how they do business in a pandemic. Some businesses are not faring well, yet some are thriving.

What’s their secret? In a word: Resilience.

Are your employees leaning into the challenge with agility or are they pushing back against the necessary changes? In the wake of a global catastrophe, people working at all levels of a business are feeling uncertain and vulnerable. So, what can we do about it?

In Rodney’s Free Report, easily downloadable today, you’ll learn three crisis management approaches for coping with the pandemic. Rodney reviews each one so you can decide which one would benefit your unique workforce.

Embracing rapid change with thoughtful, creative action.

In this Free Report, learn from management teams that allowed their workforce to be creative. From a tiny start-up to an industrial giant, in three different corners of the country, all three companies encountered an existential threat to their survival. Yet all three managed to cope, adjust, and overcome challenges no one ever predicted. How did they do it?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a dramatic example of the rapid change, massive disruption, and widespread uncertainty companies face on a regular basis. It’s shown us what resilient leadership looks like and who our future leaders are. They are the ones who are creative, agile, and quick decision-makers. When the original game plans break down, they accept new challenges. When they counter the unknown, they show courage and optimism. When a company has resilient leaders and workers at all levels, there is no doubt it will bounce back from even the most devastating situations.

When resilient people encounter a challenge, failure is not an option. 

Take Rodney’s online Resilience Assessment and determine which approach might best suit your team and employees. Learn how companies can benefit from offering resilience training now and utilize practical tools to unlock the drive to push beyond obstacles and lean into challenges.

“We delivered a strong Q2 while keeping each other safe, caring for customers and neighbors, and assuring tomorrow.” -Ford President and CEO, Jim Hackett. 

Resilience is the essential skill set that enables individuals, teams, and entire companies to embrace change, evolve in the face of disruption, and overcome uncertainty with courage. Download this Free Report today and learn more about how you can lead your team into a successful first quarter in 2021.