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As we deal with the uncertainty that comes with these challenging times, it is all the more important to reconnect with our larger purpose and realign our actions with it. Elite business coach, sought-out media personality, and a three-time bestselling author Jennifer Longmore is an expert on soul purpose. Joining Rodney Flowers in a thoughtful and engaging conversation, she teaches us how to become more purposeful in everything we do and, in the process, reveal our greater purpose. Learn more about how you can use these life lessons to successfully navigate all the uncertainty that the current crisis has caused. Join in and start a process of introspection, give space for intimacy with yourself, and open up vast opportunities to connect with other people, the planet, and the universe.

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Finding Your Soul Purpose In An Uncertain World With Jennifer Longmore

I have a special guest with me. Jennifer Longmore is with me and I am excited to talk to her about Soul Purpose. She is a leading authority on Soul Purpose. She’s an elite business coach, a thought-out media personality, and a three-time best-selling author. She is world-renowned for her laser-like clarity in seeing into the depths of your soul and bridging your connection to universal consciousness. Jennifer Longmore, welcome to the show.

Thank you.

How are you?

I feel fantastic. You and I were talking and there are many different ways we could be navigating this. I’m mindfully focusing on making each moment because life’s a bunch of moments strung together. How can I make each moment count? How can I be present? How can I be the person that if I look at the end of my life, am I going to be proud of how I navigated various situations in life including this? That’s always my filter for how I show up moment to moment.

Here, we feel like life is a game at birth at the start of regulation. When you die, that’s the end of regulation. How you play within that timeframe dictates your legacy. The contribution that you have on the game and how the impact that you’ve had on life is important. When I was introducing you, the thought of you bridging the gap, the connection between us and universal consciousness, especially at a time like this, we all need that spiritual connection. Without that, there’s enough uncertainty looking out there at all the things that are going on. When you don’t have that connection to universal consciousness, I can imagine that it’s a lonely, dark, seemingly unbearable view of the future. Tell us how you got into this, being able to make that gap, and then let’s move into how someone can strengthen that if necessary.

We all are masters of dealing with uncertainty. We do it every single day, every moment. Leaving our house, we have to deal with the unknown. We don’t know if we’re going to get hit by a bus. We don’t know if we’re going to trip and fall and break our ankle. We don’t know when we get on an airplane if it’s going to land. I’m not saying that to be catastrophizing things. It’s that we have had to learn from the moment we stepped on this planet to deal with uncertainty. We’re more prepared for moments like this in our life that we’re even giving ourselves credit for. This is more magnified and amplified and there’s more. For those of us that are connected in with a sense of there’s something bigger happening here, like what’s happening. What’s the game that we’re being asked to play? In some ways, it feels that way. It is weird to have an awareness that there’s something bigger that’s happening and not be able to control it. We have to look at, what do I have control over? I have control over my moments.

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I have control over my perceptions. I have control over my emotions. I have control over how I use my time. There are a lot of things we have control over in this time in life. Back to my story, I grew up in a spiritual home. My grandfather was solving crimes with the police as a psychic medium. This was the way my family talked. We all had this gift of being able to see things and know things. When I was a kid, I didn’t know that I knew things that other people didn’t know. I was freaking people out all the time telling them things that I thought I was having conversations. Meanwhile, they were gobsmacked because they’re like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I had to learn how to censor myself because I’m also a healer. I don’t like making people feel bad. I can see on people’s faces that I was freaking them out. I didn’t know how to be in the world, which I think each of us can relate to different degrees. We all have been given life experiences where we feel like we have to censor ourselves or be invisible.

Maybe it’s safer to be invisible or to be low key. I was angry that I had this gift. At the time it felt like a curse. I thought that the universe was mad at me. They made me think I was crazy and that this was the rest of my life. How am I going to be on this planet for another 70-plus years or whatever it is with this thing that I don’t know how to use? I realized viewing it as a curse was keeping me in pain and having a distorted view of myself in the world. I decided what would happen if I leaned into this? What if I allowed this to be fun? Because me being angry at it isn’t making this gift go away. What would happen if I leaned into it and started playing with it? Lo and behold, I started meeting people that have the same gift outside of my family. I thought we were these weirdos that we’re living the way we were. I got into crystals and Numerology and Astrology. I had a car accident when I was 21. I had always had all this intuition then after that, I started getting Reiki to heal from all of the trauma and physical damage to my body. That’s where I got to bridge the intuition with the energy. I finally had a different language to use.

The person that was working with me at the time kept saying, “You need to take Reiki,” I’m like, “I’m in school. I can’t take any other classes.” I had no concept of what a Reiki class was. I thought, “I’m going to have to study it and have to write papers. I’m already doing that. I can’t do that.” I listen to my gut and I went. Within fifteen minutes, I was like, “I’m going to become a Reiki Master,” which felt weird for me to say. In my early twenties, I did that. When I left university, I went into forensic social work and follow the conventional path because that’s all I knew. I knew my purpose was to help people. I knew my purpose was to be a healer and a teacher. I had all these conventional concepts of, “How come I didn’t go to school and become a teacher?” I also didn’t know that I could have my own business.

I thought, “There are no jobs for Reiki Masters. Where do you apply for a job as a Reiki Master?” The universe opened up some more people to me and I started seeing there were people making a living out of doing what I do now. When I left forensics, I went into corporate and did investigations there. That allowed me to work a true 9:00 to 5:00. At night, I could go to networking events and learn what these aliens were speaking. It all felt like an alien language to me. I thought, “I’ve got to hang out with these people and figure out if I can be one of them.” Because all I know is you go and get a job and you work for someone else until you retire. Learning that, “I could actually do this,” I finally took the leap and here we are years later with a thriving business where you’re helping people align to their purpose and the rest is history.

Tell us about Reiki and you say, “I want to be a Reiki.” What happened in those fifteen minutes that made you make that decision?

It was almost like a homecoming. It was unknowing. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this. I call it when frogs jump out of your mouth where you say things and you’re watching yourself saying it, “Did I just say that?”

It happens all the time.

GCM 114 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: We are masters of dealing with uncertainty. We deal with the unknown every single day.


It happened for me even when I kept getting guided to invest in real estate a few years ago and I’m like, “I’m just a healer. What do I know about real estate?” Here I was watching myself pursuing this real estate venture and it wasn’t making sense, but because the pull was so strong, I had to go with that. That’s a tip for everyone reading. For those moments where you find yourself saying yes to something that makes no logical sense, but it’s like a frog jumps out of your mouth. That’s usually a good thing to follow. In fact, anytime I follow those things, they’ve ended up working out well for me.

Fast forward, you are a Reiki Master. You know how to connect us to the universal consciousness, which we’re going to get into a little bit more. On our way there, could you help us understand what is that? That happens a lot and it could be a little scary and people may not want to touch that. I was talking to someone the other day, a doctor and we were talking about starting a show. He would love to start a show. He said, “The reason why I haven’t done that is that I feel that I know my field, but there’s something about me that makes me feel that I don’t know it well enough to tell someone else.” He called it the imposter syndrome or something like that. We kept talking and he talked about how he knows it and sometimes things like this happen to him where things just come out of his mouth. He’s like, “Where did I get that?” It also creates a sense of uncertainty or maybe a lack of confidence because you know that came from somewhere, even though it came out of your mouth. There’s this imposter syndrome. How do we navigate that? Realizing that we have these moments where those types of experiences happen, things as frog jumps out of your mouth. How do we master this process in order to bring value to those that need it and even to ourselves?

I don’t know that we ever mastered. It’s a journey of mastery. With each growth opportunity we have, and every time we settle into a new way of being, and we’re out of our comfort zone like the first time you did your first show. You were comfortable enough to do it, but you probably were uncomfortable. As you do more and more, then you start going, “I’ve got this show thing. Look at me.” It’s all a journey. When I was in high school, I thought I was going to become a public-school teacher. I ended up going into developmental services. I was a teacher in a classroom in grade eleven. It was part of my credit. I got to go and teach. All of these parents started saying, “My kids are coming home and talking about you. We have all these contracts from the government. We want you to work one-on-one with our child with Down syndrome, with autism or a child with whatever they had.” I went that path. I got paid well for it, the money was great. I kept getting job after job. I was then being led to go into more of a social work realm, which made sense over time.

Here I am now though, as a real estate investor and a business owner. I have other things going on, I didn’t expect to be a landlord when I grew up. I didn’t expect to be a day trader. I didn’t expect to do all these things and because we’re so conditioned to believe that you have one path in life. You pick something, you pick a lane and you stay in that lane. We’re allowed to drive in many lanes, either progressively or simultaneously. It’s an identity thing. Who I am with you is different than who I am with my son. At the core, I’m the same person, but I’m going to show up differently with you than I am with my son, my husband, and I am with my clients. We wear multiple hats and that’s part of being human. We’re allowed to try a bunch of things on.

Once I realized, what am I? It’s not about who am I, it’s what’s underneath all of this energy for me and out of my mouth came magic. I am magic. I make magic happen. That’s my mantra every day. Even in this situation that we’re dealing with on the planet. I’m like, “I’m magic. Let’s go and create some magic chop, chop, pitter, patter. Let’s get at her.” What magic am I going to create during this time? This is what I am. This is at the foundation of everything. I do. Some people are a joy. Some people are true. Some people are nurturing. Underneath me, the core of me, how I show up in any situation, I bring the magic. That’s what I am. We can ask that question. Who am I? What am I? That allows us to bring that energy to everything we do.

That’s a game-changer. I love that because I’ve heard many people say, especially when it comes to overcoming challenges or accomplishing a goal, I’m just way. This is who I am. I can’t help how I am or who I am. Everybody isn’t excellent. You fill in the blank. It’s all used as an excuse to not be this and not accomplish that or not overcome whatever. We hinge back on who we are as a being, but not what we are. I love that because when you get in touch with what you are, instead of who you are, that changes everything. The whole perception changes because we base our ability on who we are, the traits and the characteristics, maybe the thought patterns. When you look at what we are with an energy capable of changing, producing, creating, and imagining, those bring out even more possibilities that we’re capable of bringing forward. All of that other stuff who I’m being the characteristics and the traits, they become secondary. Not that it should be completely ignored, but they’re not the primary source of who you are, which is not the primary source of what you can do or become, create or contribute.

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My purpose then the same is true for you and for everyone reading. Where else can I spread magic? Where else can I create magic? Where else can I activate magic in other people? That’s why it’s easy for me to come and join you. I was honored that you invited me to the show. I know my purpose. My purpose is to be a conduit for whatever’s meant to fly out of my mouth. Something I’m going to say, hopefully as the same happens for me where I hear someone say something to me and I go, “That’s genius.” If I can activate magic in even one person, that is my purpose. Our purpose is more about how are other people feeling in relation to us versus what we’re doing? If I’m activating a-has in people, that’s my purpose. I don’t decide that for them. They either receive that or they don’t. It’s liberating because then if all we do, even if we’re not entirely clear on our purpose is to be purposeful about everything we do. Purposeful about how we craft and how we start our day. Purposeful about how we move our body. Purposeful about how we spend our time. Purposeful about how we interact with other people. Our larger purpose starts to reveal itself to us.

You started the show every day, we deal with some level of uncertainty. I can see the conflict dealing with that level of uncertainty when your whole life is based on who you think you are. Instead of living from a place of what I am, I’m living from a place of this is what shapes me. These are the characteristics of me. When something gets out of line with that uncertainty, that can cause a lot of frustration and friction. You feeling misplaced or discombobulated because there’s not this harmony as you would define it. When you see yourself as what you are, it’s like water. You are able to adapt and flex to any type of uncertainty, realizing your purpose as a human being and the way you are connected with source, which is a great segue into where we’re going next.

You’re able to understand how it is that you’re supposed to show up and be of positive service and value to any type of situation that shows up. The uncertainty is a playing field and practice field for you to produce your magic. That’s the way I’ve seen it based on the way you’ve explained it. What’s key here is having that connection to the universe and in order to understand this level of play. Your role in the things that happen in the universe, in the environment. Even in the middle of uncertainty like what we’re dealing with. Before we dive too deep into that, let’s help everyone understand the definition of universal consciousness.

I hate to offer definitive definitions only because I feel like our understanding of the universe evolves as we evolve our own consciousness. I would say that universal consciousness is the collection of all of the evolution of our souls, not only in this existence but in all other existences. Whether we consider that there’s no time in space and that we’re living in parallel realities or whether we believe in past lives. There’s something bigger than us that we contribute to every time we grow and evolve and every time, we contribute to it, it contributes back to us, wisdom, and understanding. I spend less time trying to understand it and more time surrendering to it. Because the capacity of our human that we use is so small in comparison to what we can access, I like to live in the question every day and say, “Universe, how are you going to surprise and delight me today?” That’s my way of surrendering to the universe.

The universe will bring me cool ways to delight me that day. When I hand over the question and me already by doing that, decide that I don’t know everything. I’m surrendering to be shown things that are out of my realm of consciousness because the mind sees what it sees based on its experiences. As soon as we evolve our experiences then we evolve our perception. I’ve learned in my journey and from all the people I’ve coached that it’s my job to keep letting as much life as possible. To keep connecting as many people as possible. To keep connecting with nature. To keep being in the energy of connection. It’s through that my consciousness evolves because I’m willing to evolve my experiences and allow my experiences to turn into wisdom, which allows me to make different choices, which snowballs.

How does one expand? We’re ready to talk about making that connection for those who may not have that connection, may not understand what we’re talking about. We’re talking about being connected to universal consciousness. The fact that’s a two-way street, you said the more you give, the more it gives back and some people may not understand it. How do we make that connection?

I like to ground myself in practical spirituality because I think it’s great to talk in all kinds of concepts, but then how do we bring that into reality? How do we know that we’re good enough? If you look into a dog’s eyes, if we looked at ourselves the way dogs look at us, we would be loving ourselves up all the time. We would be accomplishing so much in the world because there was this immense, unconditional love. Dog spelled backward is God, whether people resonate with that word or not if we assume God means consciousness or some higher aspect. There’s a level of infinite love that comes through them. There’s nothing you can do to a dog that’s going to make them hate you. They look at you like, “You’re the best thing ever. That’s the best idea ever.” Everything’s a great idea.

GCM 114 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: If we start being purposeful about everything we do, our larger purpose will start to reveal itself to us.


For some people, it’s connecting with animals. For other people, it’s connecting with nature. Nature is cool because it has no ego. If you want to be clear on your consciousness and what your intentions are and whether something is a good fit or not, spending time in nature when there’s no other information coming at you other than space, other than neutrality. It’s in that space that you can connect with something bigger. For other people, it is getting things like a Reiki session or getting acupuncture to open up energy meridians. I’ve been teaching the Akashic records for a long time, which is the energy of the soul. The Akashic records are these third documents that hold all of our thoughts, deeds, and actions from this lifetime and other lifetimes where we decide, what’s my purpose going to be in this lifetime? Who am I going to choose as my parents? Who are the best people to help shape my purpose? Spoiler alert, it’s usually that they’re the opposite of what you’d expect them to be. If we’re meant to learn compassion, we maybe have the most uncompassionate or the least nurturing parents to help us cultivate the thing that we’re here to share.

I see that with a lot of people. Do the records hold a lot of information about what are we here to do? What are we here to contribute? How are we here to grow? What are we here to master and how are we going to be a contribution to the planet? When we connect in with those, we can constantly receive information about whether we’re on track. I don’t know that we’re ever off track, but I do feel like sometimes we stall on our path. Our path is our path but sometimes we sit on it cross-legged and put our fingers in our ears and go, “I don’t want to hear that kind of thing.” It’s a powerful tool because it connects us in with the bigger information. The guides and the consciousness that we want to be holding. I think this time on the planet, I don’t want to bypass that. I think spiritual bypassing is not helpful in this situation. I recognize there’s a lot of actual three-dimensional pain for people. There’s a lot of fear. There’s a lot of stuff going on and there are a lot of opportunities. For those of us that connect in with consciousness, we can be in the end.

We can be aware that this is a bizarre, surreal, crazy time and that there’s an opportunity. We can be aware that there’s a lot of bizarre human behavior being demonstrated and have the awareness that there’s shifting beyond what we can put words to. We can be in that end also of what’s going on. At the core of who we are as people, no matter where we live in the world, no matter what our religion is, sexual orientation, race, culture, etc., we all want to be loved, accepted, and respected. That will drive our behavior and we all fear abandonment and rejection. That will also drive our behavior beyond that.

Beyond that, we all want to know that our life has meaning, that we matter and that we’ve been in contribution. Those last three things that I pointed out are what’s getting kicked up a lot for people. Sometimes as we talked, we need a significant kick in the pants in order to motivate us to do the thing that we’ve known we needed to do. A lot of my clients and prospects that follow me on Facebook and stuff, they knew what they needed to do a year ago in their business to help people. Now, they’re finally taking action in part because they think, “I’m going to have to go back and get a job if I don’t make my business work.” Also, we’re all feeling this call. We’re all feeling called to show up in a more purposeful way and amp up our leadership to have a conviction of service that we didn’t have before.

I completely agree and as you were talking about the path, I believe that we are on the path. We’re not off the path. It’s like in a game, we can’t expect harmony of life to be like roses and flowers all the time. If you’re not smelling the roses or the flowers then you’re outside of harmony. There are ebbs and flows. There are ups and downs. There are peaks and valleys and all of it is purposeful. It’s meaningful, it’s necessary. It’s that when we get in those valleys, we feel that there’s something wrong and there may be discomfort. They may be views of the behavior of people in the way they’re responding to it. That’s weird and maybe outside of what you would consider good or even necessary, but it happens. There’s still a responsibility that we have to have even in those moments.

Do we still have to hear how do we navigate? How do we play this game? We still have to stay connected. For some of us, we knew that there were actions that we needed to take prior to this. We didn’t do it so this causes us to take the necessary actions. For others, we didn’t know that there was action that we needed to take, but because of this is an opportunity to gain awareness on something new. Maybe a different way of doing business, different ways of being of service, different ways of feeling that we’re giving that contribution, that we are of value. We don’t walk around life in a straight line. If I wanted to go to a destination, there are going to be curves, turns and things that have to navigate in order to get where I want to go. I’ve seen some trees so determined to grow and get the sunlight that it needs for photosynthesis from the sun. It seems disconfigured, but it is a testament to its determination to navigate whatever it has to navigate in order to reach this destination.

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We have to take on that same approach. Water that was up on a mountain that melted has a journey that it has to travel to get to its destination and there’s a lot in the way. Thousands and thousands of miles and yet it happens. It navigates it and is able to flex and adapt. Sometimes it carves its way through caves and mountains. We have to adopt that same philosophy. Water is one of the most powerful destructive forces on earth once you get a lot of it moving. When you think about people, if we can come together and in times like this, we can be that force that is able to get us as humankind to a destination in us adopting that philosophy. It’s a choice.

You don’t have to do that, but in order to dominate the game, to play the game, to change the game. To me, it’s one of the most positive attitudes you can have towards something like this. Being equipped to do that is a sense of resilience. Things are going to happen in life. You talked about control. We can’t control what happens in the game. It is only how we respond to the things that happen in the game. That’s completely all day, every day on us. We have to make sure that we are of the right mindset and connected to the right source to be able to understand how do we perceive this. That perception either going to cause defeat or the opportunity to win at the end of the day.

What are some of the things that you do to not get distracted by it? It’s a stake in it. Everyone has some level of connection. Even if you call yourself an atheist, there’s still some level of spiritual connection and it’s the perception of that connection, whether you call it God. There’s some type of higher power that you connected to. You can define it by whatever and I’m with you. I don’t get into understanding it or completely define it. I’m more, “How does it work? How do I use it?” That’s how I live. We get distracted and sometimes that connection that we have could become less of a connection. Sometimes it takes conscious effort to cultivate that connection, maintain and sustain that connection. What are some of the things you do especially during times like this to keep your head in the game and stay connected? That positive energy that keeps you performing at a high level or performing your magic.

I follow what I call Genius Habits. I had this awareness like, “I forgot on my bucket list that I want to be an inventor.” One thing I would love to do before I leave this planet is to invent something life-changing for humanity. Something that is useful and a huge contribution to humanity and then it hit me. I’m being given space during this time. I am magic. That’s what I am. I’m going to activate my genius mind. I’m going to call in genius frequencies into my energy field. I’m going to open up to receive this download whatever this is. I know it hasn’t come in yet, but I will let you know when it does. I listen to Mozart or Beethoven throughout the day because those are considered genius frequencies. I wake up every day at 5:00 and I do my morning pages, which is a stream of consciousness writing. It’s almost a windshield wiper for the brain. I dump everything out three full pages, 8.5×11 pages.

I start my regular journaling. Here’s what I’m creating in my life. Isn’t this great that all of these things are showing up? I’m grateful that these things have happened. Even though they haven’t happened yet. I’m always writing from my future self, but as though things are happening. I exercise every morning, first thing because I want to release all the brain chemicals that are going to allow me to feel connected, motivated, and happy. I listen or read something inspirational. I started the book called Disrupt You by Jay Samit. He’s a genius. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard any interviews with him. That man is super smart. This is a perfect time to read this book. I had ordered about 30 books before all of this happened. I didn’t understand why I was on this big binge to order book after book. I have all the time in the world to read. I’m watching interviews on YouTube with people that are innovators, inventors and people that are game-changers and tapping into a higher consciousness than mine.

Tapping into billionaires and tapping into people that are operating at a different frequency because even if I can’t physically be with those people, as long as I’m inviting them then to my consciousness, then it allows me to hold a different state of being in a different perception of what’s going on. I’m sure many of us can relate to this, intellectually we know we’re meant to be the lighthouse for people, not the life raft. I was trained to be the life raft. I worked in forensics for years. I’m made for this. As soon as this happened, I was like, “I’m going to go into crisis mode. I’m going to go and throw it some life rafts.” I realized, “I’m made for this and I’m already a calm person.” It’s going to weigh me down if I try to be the life raft for everyone. I can only hold so many people in the life raft before I start to sink too. That’s not of service to anyone. As much as there are a lot of people suffering, I’m going to be a greater contribution to be the lighthouse.

I’m carving out even more time to be even more clear about how I’m showing up so that I can be as bright of a light as I can in the darkness so people can find their way to shore as opposed to all of the effort that’s required in sending out a life raft. Yanking it back to shore with maybe 3 or 4 people in it and sending it to another life raft. Potentially swimming out to get someone that falls out of the life raft. Those are things I do. We’re made mostly of water. It’s my job to make sure my water levels are high. That those water levels are clear, that I’m being extra mindful of what I let into my energy field. I can’t have anything throwing me off because I have to be my best version me for me. More importantly, if I want to show it that way for my family, my friends, my clients, and my colleagues, then it’s my duty to protect that. Because it’s my purpose to share that energy, I have a lot of work to do as we all do. I have a greater sense of conviction than I even had before. Whatever I need to do to make sure that I’m showing up is in my control and I’m going to do what I need to do.

GCM 114 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: Sometimes we need a significant kick in the pants in order to motivate us to do the thing that we’ve known we needed to do.


This is a call to play a bigger game and being a sports person, sometimes in the game, the opposition can do something to expose you of your weakness. To me, this is what this is, especially for America and the world. Listening to you say that not being a life raft or being a lighthouse for people is profound because you can look at the media, the news. You can see that people were not prepared for this to happen in their game. They were caught off guard and not to toot my own horn. The level of resistance that’s going on is something that I’ve dealt with for years, ever since I’ve had that accident. I’ve been in a place of isolation. I’ve been to a place where I’m quarantine and I don’t have a disease. I have a physical disability that puts me in a place where not many people are in that space. You feel like you’re in that place by yourself. I’ve had a lot of time to read, understand who I am, and how I can show up given my circumstance. I feel that it’s a necessary practice for people. You don’t get an opportunity to go through something like that unless something happened to you.

You experienced an injury or something like this happen, then you’re forced in that space. I feel that this is a call to action to strengthen our ability to be resilient. Here’s a testament, we’ve experienced this and everything has come to a halt. This is like a timeout. It’s like we got hit in the face. Let’s go and call time out. Coach, what do we do? How do we do this? How do we navigate this? This is a natural thing and it’s almost like we haven’t experienced this before, but we have as a country, we’ve had 9/11. We can go back to all of the things that have happened. We’re going to recover, but our initial response is, “The world’s coming to an end.” You can go into the grocery stores. You can go to many places and see the initial reaction isn’t that of strength, courage, and confidence. It’s more fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. There’s a call to be resilient, to understand that this is an opportunity. Let’s view this a different way.

This is an opportunity to connect with each other. In some ways, we are doing that. People like you and I, we even have a higher responsibility to demonstrate these types of characteristics and share. At the same time, I feel like, we have to be that resilient for people. We’ve got to not necessarily save them, but show them how to save themselves. I appreciate that experience that you’re having, that call that you’re having to be a light. All of us, we have to be a light. There’s a responsibility for all of us within our individual worlds. How are we going to respond? What are we going to do with this time? We are in a place of isolation. It’s you with source, you’re in a place where you’re not looking at the next person. You have to spend time with you and discovering your own resilience, your own ability to bounce back, your own creativity in the time of adversity. When you’re put in a place like that, it’s for a reason.

You have to recognize that timeout is not to get out of the game and take a breath. Although that’s part of it. It’s to understand what the next move is. Maybe evaluate not so much what you’re doing wrong, but what are some other things that we can do in order to meet the objective? Sometimes it takes quiet time. Sometimes I’ll walk out on stage and I’m doing talks and I let people know. You look at me, you see my crutches, you see my disability, but there’s one thing that I have an advantage over all of you. You look at me, you may see a disadvantage physically, but I have an advantage. That advantage is I spent a lot of time in isolation. Whereas many of you have it because life is full of distractions that you don’t get the opportunity everywhere you go. There’s a cell phone, media, there’s family, there are jobs. We don’t get the opportunity to have isolation to think about what we’re talking about. Our connection with the source and our role in that. That’s a great big advantage. Here, we have something that we feel is threatening to the world. It’s the biggest opportunity that we’ve probably seen in a long time. That one little piece, the isolation piece. There’s much power that can come out of calmness and stillness.

I love that you shared that. That is a huge key to connecting to universal consciousness because if we’re avoiding intimacy with ourselves, we’re avoiding intimacy with all other ways to connect. Connecting with other humans, connecting with the planet, connecting with the universe. I remember reading something when all of this first went down, that the reason why many people were panicked is because they realized they were going to finally have to be with themselves. All of the distractions that they’ve been putting in the way of connecting with themselves, connecting with their third eye and connecting with all the things that matter above and beyond our physical existence is what people are nervous of. What am I going to discover about myself? What am I going to discover about my power? We are way more afraid of our power than we are of our weaknesses.

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If you ask me, this is a nudge to go through that. I believe that every time you try to do something for the first time, there’s always this sense of uncertainty about it. Maybe hesitation because you don’t know what the outcome is going to be. It feels that it may not be a good one because you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t have any level of confidence around it because it’s the first time dealing with it. Being with yourself may make you feel that way. If you’ve not spent that much time, just you don’t know what the outcome of that. You don’t know what the outcome of your power could be when you discover that but play with it. Getting on a bike the first time without training wheels, you probably fell off.

That took a few months for you to learn how to walk. You fail over and over but eventually, you got it to the point where you can walk, you can dance and you don’t even have to think about it consciously. It’s something that you do. I don’t think this is any different than that. This is a nudge to take that step, to get over the discomfort. I think it’s important because it’s two things. The world needs you. When you look at the people that are successful in life and what they’ve been able to accomplish, and the amenities that they’ve brought to us. The things that we get to enjoy because they’ve been successful. Einsteins, the Wright Brothers, the Bill Gates, and the Zuckerbergs of the world. Many others have created things that we enjoy. Wherever you are and we’re having a powerful conversation without being physically next to each other. That is wonderful and yet, even in what you do with what you practice in the way that you can help someone strengthen their connection and understand how their life is important in the world, which is exactly where I’m going.

Those people aren’t set aside. I’d say, “We’re going to take 1% of the population of the entire world and those are the ones that are blessed with being able to make the world better for everyone else.” They’re going to have wonderful lives. They’re going to experience the abundance of the world and everyone else. They’re going to get something less than that. It’s a choice. We’re all called to that level of existence. We all have something that’s useful. I need you because I only can do what the universe has created with inside of me. Not saying that there are limits, but there’s something purposeful and specific. It’s not limited. There’s something purposeful and specific for you. If we don’t discover what that is and bring that then that’s the purpose of our game from the time that we started this conversation. From the time that the doctor smacks you on the bottom and you begin to cry, that’s the beginning of regulation for you. You don’t know when that time is up.

You don’t know when the end of regulation is going to be for you, but within that timeframe, whatever is purposeful and specific for you. It’s a responsibility and something that you get to do. The fact that we’re here we get to do that. You have the privilege to understand what’s purposeful and specific to you. It’s a privilege and a responsibility so that you can bring that contribution to the world. Life is purposeful. There’s so much order. That’s purposeful at all and the fact that you’re here, the possibility of life is small. You’ve defeated the odds to show up. When ready to go look at the sperm getting to the egg, millions and millions don’t make it, but you made it. That says something about you. The fact that you’re here, there’s something about you that was like, “We need this specific organism to show up because there’s something purposeful and specific about this particular organism that the world needs.” You get to discover, explore, and bring that forward in there.

Someone else here needs that, and it could be a life or death situation. I don’t only look at everything that we get to enjoy. I also think about the things that we’re not enjoying. The things that we haven’t seen. The things that haven’t been discovered. The cure to certain diseases. Maybe something that would have prevented such a massive outbreak. We have to be on it. You don’t know the impact of not bringing your purposeful and specific contribution to the world like this has consequences. We’re living in consequences. When I wake up every day, I want to make sure that I’m on purpose because I don’t want anyone to experience the consequences of me not playing my best game.

The cool thing about times like this is that a lot of game-changing global inventions happen during this time. Airbnb was created during the recession. This isn’t a recession. This is a situational economy that’s created by a health issue. It’s not created by the series of things that happen in the stock market. Airbnb, Pinterest, Uber, and all kinds of companies were born out of the 2008 recession. In times like this where there’s a significant economic downturn, more millionaires are made during this time in history than any other time. It’s because we wake up to, “What am I being called to do? What’s the contribution I want to have with the world?” That’s the question that all of us are being faced with.

The people that are struggling, it’s more that, “I could die. That’s my fear. I’m going to die.” Our fear isn’t dying. Our fear is, “I’m going to leave this planet not having fulfilled my purpose, not having been the contribution that I wanted to be.” That’s ultimately the question all of us are playing with and we get to dance with it, or we get to resist it, we get to be afraid of it, or whatever. We get to choose how we want to be in relationship with that. That’s the question we’re living in all the time. It’s moments like this in history that are going to bring that into our face so much more. It’s our decision because every choice has caused an effect. Whether we choose to lean into this, or whether we choose to lean away from it. All of that will have cause and effect.

GCM 114 | Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose: A lot of game-changing global inventions happen during times of crisis.


Jennifer, this has been a wonderful conversation with you. I don’t want to bring it to an end, but if they wanted to learn more about you, maybe hire you to speak with or coach them, how can they connect?

I spend a lot of time on Facebook, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have a group there called the Purpose Posse which is for spiritual entrepreneurs. My website is www.SoulJourneys.ca. When you go to my website, there’s a free gift on how to connect with your soul purpose. I have a worksheet on the nine most powerful questions you need to ask yourself to get clearer on your purpose. I have training on how to access your Akashic records. It’s a juicy free gift. We’ve had over 30,000 people download it. Once people are in the community, then they can always find out more about how I can support them and what’s available.

What is the big vision that you are creating, Jennifer?

The big vision is we don’t know what’s going to happen with our existence on this planet. Meaning we don’t know what direction humanity is going to go. What I want to do is activate the light in as many people as I can. Meaning, awaken people to their full access to consciousness as I can. That’s going to be my contribution to the world. I’m going to keep expanding my business with that in mind and doing it from a joyful place. I feel like joy is one of the highest frequencies we can be in. We don’t know what’s going to happen with this planet. We don’t know what’s going to happen with humanity, but we do know that in order to ascend on our journey, we have to embody a certain degree of light and the easiest way to do that is to be in joy.

How can I spread as much light and joy as possible through the vehicles that I have? Whether it be through my shows, your shows, my business, through books, and understanding that the universe is going to take care of the rest. There are other things orchestrated that I can’t even see, but understanding my part and waking up every day saying, “How can I be a contribution to my journey? How can I allow my journey to be a contribution to me? How can I be a contribution to other people’s journey?” By living those three questions every day, then I can go to bed at night with peace of mind, regardless of what’s going on in the world.

Thank you for allowing your light to shine here on the show. This has been a juicy, magical, game-changing conversation. I can feel the energy. I’m sure that the readers can feel the energy that you and I are sharing on this show. I’m grateful to connect with you and to be a part of what you are creating. I appreciate that.

I’m honestly honored and privileged to be here. Thanks for including me.

We always like to end with the note on how to dominate our game. Not just change it but win like a champion. What message would you leave with us?

There’s so much to say. It all boils down to a decision. If we decide, “I’m dominating,” energy always moves after the decision is made. If I decide, “I’m going to dominate my industry,” or “I’m going to dominate this situation,” or “I’m going to dominate the game,” whatever that game, it will be because I’ve already decided it’s going to happen. Everything that can be in support of that decision will start to show up.

There you have it, another successful episode. Whatever you’re viewing in your mind, after reading to that, a lot of ideas may be percolating, how you want to show up, how you want to play the game. Maybe this little timeout has been valuable for you and you’re thinking about how you’re going to execute and perform whenever you step back on the field. Whenever all of this going on is over, decide. It’s not so much who you’re going to be. It’s what you are and your magic. As Jennifer shared with us, we’re all magic. Decide what magic you’re going to execute. Until next time, dominate your game and win like a champion.

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