GCM 229 Udo Erasmus | Exploring Within Yourself


We often get distracted by factors from the outside that we tend to overlook what matters in our lives. Ultimately, your understanding of life comes from your inner experience of it. Join Rodney Flowers in this life-changing conversation with Udo Erasmus as they delve into unconditional love and exploring within yourself to live a life that you have always dreamed of. Udo Erasmus is the co-founder of the Udo’s Choice line, which can be found in whole foods and other health food stores worldwide. He emphasizes the ultimate fulfillment of achieving peace from within. With the pandemic crisis, many of us were left devastated, anxious and scared, but he reminds us that we have to work through the chaos and look for the level of comfort in being taken care of.

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Exploring Within Yourself For Self Motivation And Inspiration With Udo Erasmus

I have a very special guest with me by the name of Udo Erasmus. He is the Cofounder of Udo’s Choice line, which can be found in Whole Foods and other food stores worldwide. Udo designed the machinery for making oils with health in mind, and pioneered flax oil, a billion-dollar industry. However, Udo walked a different path to become the man he is now. Being a child of war, Udo’s life began with struggle. As an adult, he got pesticide poisoning in 1980, leaving doctors at a loss regarding treatment. He decided to take himself into his own hands. Udo began researching, and his discoveries led him to a passion for finding answers to life’s big questions, which would hopefully one day bring him and the world peace. I’m going to get into a conversation with Udo here, and I want you to read as Udo riffs about energy, our place in relation to life, what is it that we need to do in order to help the world, to be of service? I enjoyed this conversation. I want you to sit back and relax, and enjoy as Udo and I have a valuable and meaningful conversation.

Why did life choose us? They say life is playing a game with itself. Life is entertaining itself and comes from the sun, sunshine and solar. Your life and my life are solar energy. It was absorbed by green leaves that excited electrons, that then got activated and formed bonds between atoms to make molecules and the solar energy is stored in those bonds then we eat them as food. We break them down in our body, absorb the nutrients and metabolize them in our cells. That’s how the sunlight, the sun, as a solar energy is released. That’s what our life is. That’s the outside story the way science explains it. The inside story is when you bring your awareness deep enough inside, you discover that you are that solar energy, only then we call it spirit or something else. It’s the same energy. Every microbe, plant, animal, and human being run by that same energy that weighs nothing and runs everything on every level from submolecular to social.

It has a lot of order and structure, yet it’s complex and simple, all at the same time.

It’s super simple in its origin and super complex in the work it does. What goes on in a cell on a molecular level, all the interactions, reactions and breakdowns put together that happen in the cell are extraordinarily complex. All the little structures in the cell, the mitochondria, membranes, nucleus and liposomes, all of that. It’s very complicated but the energy itself is simple. It’s the power, the physicist, the power to do work. What kind of work? Whatever work there is. The power to heal, reproduce, divide cells, keep the cells going on a moment-to-moment basis and create hormones that regulate different functions. This goes on and on but the same, very simple solar energy that we are in our essential nature, not in our physical nature, is super simple. It is unconditional love.

Life loves your body unconditionally and that life that flows through you because that energy is in flow, that energy has only one goal as it’s flowing through you, which is to take perfect care of you. Every human being is the same. Every plant, same energy, same unconditional love. Take care of everything, never sleeps, 24/7, paying attention, never goes on strike and never asks for a raise or anything back because it is its nature to do what it does, just like it’s the sun’s nature to shine.

If it’s here to take care of us and to love us unconditionally, what are we here to do?

You’re talking about the body. When your unconditional love, there isn’t room for much except gratitude, enjoyment of the gift and then if there’s anything to do and this would be the second purpose, how can I help? What needs to be done?

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That’s supporting the intention of that love and life, which is expansion, growth, upward and outward, systemic.

We’re not getting in touch with that energy and I feel it and am so taken care of that it’s not about me anymore. “I’m good.” What’s left to do if it’s not about me anymore? The only thing left is where can I help? How can I make it better for other people or the planet? As long as I don’t feel cared for and why I don’t feel cared for is because I’m not paying attention to the unconditional love within me that is caring for me. I don’t feel taken care of and then I think maybe this’ll do it or that’ll do it, something on the outside when it’s something on the inside is doing it. When I don’t feel taken care of then I’m always taking. What can I do that will get me taken care of? The most powerful thing is the drive to feel whole, good and cared for.

I’m a taker because if I come to you and I say, “Rodney, we’re going to do something. What are we going to do?” I’m always going to have on my mind, “I need to get myself taken care of out of this deal,” whatever that deal is because that’s my state of being. I’m discontent and I need something and the need will have to be filled. If we go into business together, you will have to take care of my need or what we do together, we’ll have to take care of my need. If it doesn’t then I’m out of there, I’m going to try and take more or I’m going to do all the things that people do when they get greedy because they don’t have enough and they are looking in the wrong place for what they need. The moment that I feel cared for, it’s not about that anymore. Rodney, how can I help you? Assuming you even need help. What can I do that will make the biggest splash for good in the one body I have in the time that I have in it? What can I do that will help?

This is where many of us miss the mark because we don’t feel cared for. We reach for care outside of ourselves and out there in the jobs, cars, relationships or money. That is the definition of taken care of.

How is that working? We have more now than we’ve ever had. Let’s say in North America at least. We have more than we’ve ever had before. Are we happier? Do we feel more taken care of? No. We haven’t been taken care of by all the things we have. We need some more or we can suck back and sit down and consider that feeling taken care of is not an outside job. It’s an inside job and I have to bring my awareness or I have to sit down and do nothing, sit still and get present in the space my body occupies and see if the care that I’m looking for is already there because it is. When I sit with that, the peace and the unconditional love I search for in the world is within me. The purpose that I’m trying to figure out is already there but you can’t see it if you’re looking in all the wrong places. When I sit with that then it changes. I’m not looking for it on the outside anymore because if I don’t feel taken care of, I know where to go. I need to go to where they care lives.

There are people out there that are just getting over COVID and maybe they lost some people or their job during COVID and their income decreased during COVID. That has some financial implications and they don’t have peace because it seems like everywhere they go, there’s chaos, disappointment or rejection. They’re looking for some level of peace, satisfaction and comfort and being taken care of. What are your responses to that person?

GCM 229 Udo Erasmus | Exploring Within Yourself

Exploring Within Yourself: Sit with your heartache and reframe it as it is the essence of the heart, calling your awareness or focus to come back inside to its source in life.


Everything you’re talking about is on the outside. That’s not where the care lives. In the middle of COVID, life still unconditionally loves your body. Life is not affected by COVID or whether you’re broke or have money in the bank. Life itself is not affected. The awareness behind life, which is one step deeper, is also not affected. Your purpose is also not affected. It’s only when you get into your head about, “I should have this and I should have that,” and then it’s affected. Your body will be affected because if you have no food, you’re going to be hungry. Your body is a needy instrument. Your body’s always needing. You get to a point where you say, “Finally, I’ve arrived,” then you got to go pee or you get tired, you got to go sleep, you feel dirty and you got to take a shower, you’re hungry, thirsty, sexy or aroused. It goes on and on. The body will always be needy but the mind is uncontrolled when your foundation is not in place and then you want more even than your body needs.

Why is there a guy who has $180 billion? When is enough? $100 billion will probably buy you all the hamburgers and all the food you will ever need or all the fresh salads that you ever need if you want to be healthier. To the mind, if there’s no foundation of satisfaction where you say, “I have some simple needs. I need some food to eat, a place to rest and to be active because, otherwise, my body will fall apart so I can do something. Maybe I can carry old ladies across the road when they’re having a hard time walking. It’s not like there’s a shortage of things to do. There could be much nicer and friendlier things to do than we often do, not hacking down all the trees, that’s not helpful. We’re cutting off our source of oxygen.

In some ways, humanity has been stupid but stupid because they never lived and spent time. They always spend up time going out and they don’t spend any time coming home. We’re living without a foundation. We’ve turned our back on our home. When the lockdown was happening, I was saying to people, “If you can’t go outside, go inside. Nobody can stop you from going inside. They can lock you in your bathroom and you can still go inside. There’s no barrier other than your lack of practice to make it easy.” We’re good at going out but we hardly ever practice going in and because we never practice, it’s like we’re babies who haven’t learned how to walk yet. You got to practice until going in is as easy for you as going out. When you go to that place then there’s a lockdown so I’m staying home. I still have food to eat and can’t drive my car anywhere because they won’t let me. I don’t need it. I’m not driving my car around in my house. If I can’t go out, I don’t need a car.

When you start thinking about what do we need, most of our needs are manufactured. A large number of needs are manufactured by people who want to sell us stuff to make money but you don’t even need money as long as you’ve got some carrots and the basics. What are the basics? You need air to breathe, water to drink, a little food to eat and a place where you can rest but you could sleep on your carpet if you had to. That’s not hard. Gravity takes care of that.

What else do you need as an individual? If we’re tied up in, “I need the car and now I don’t make $1 million, I only make $800,000. I don’t make $50,000, I only make $30,000,” and then that becomes your contention because everybody has expectations to fulfill all of those ideas that we have. Your relationships don’t work because you can’t breathe together and enjoy the fact that it feels ecstatic to be alive if you are present in the space and energy that occupies the space that your body also occupies.

What is our underlying message? You’re breaking this down into simple basic terms. Overall, what is your message to people?

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It’s not my message. This is life’s message to your body. This is all the great masters’ message to people and it’s the sun’s message to the planet. I am calm, not to judge but to love. Why? That’s the nature of love. Unconditional love is a one-trick pony. It only knows how to love. That’s way more than enough. Fundamentally, all the problems we have come from our disconnection from life. It’s not our life, it’s life’s body. Life owns the body. The body does not own life. Life’s nature is to love and life’s message is, “I am calm, not to judge but to love.” I got that in a vision one time. That’s where that comes from for me. It was a time when I was very desperate and I wanted to know and life appeared to me in the form of light. That was the message in a body. It wasn’t even the words it’s spoken. It didn’t have any words. It embodied a message. I am come not to love but not to judge but to love. What do you think if eight billion people use that as their foundation? What do you think this planet would look like?

I am love and I am calm, not to judge but to love so be loved and do love. It’s real but it’s only real as an experience if we take the time every day, preferably, to bring our awareness back inside to our source because that source is inside of us and then we’re free and then life becomes easy. The physical needs that we have are pretty simple. We live in a time when we’ve created the technology for a message like that to go global very quickly. We’re working on making the planet so unlivable that we have no choice but to be forced to that message. We’re not doing it because we’re so wise. We’re doing it because we’re getting our asses kicked by the consequences of our own doing. It’s 200,000 years of being stupid. It’s catching up with us in our environment, politics, relationships and health.

How can we make the shift? How can we get more people to be more aware?

Honestly, the biggest thing is that our hearts ache. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t know what heartache is. It’s an uncomfortable feeling in your chest that you will get when you lose something, either a relationship, a grandmother, a dog runs away or you make an agreement with somebody and they break the agreement or you think they’d break the agreement. Your heart aches. That heartache is not about those external things. The heartache is a reminder of life because then people don’t have heartache. Life reminding you of your disconnection from yourself. Most people don’t like it because it’s uncomfortable and it can be strong and might make you cry. Most people try to either distract themselves from it, ignore it, deny that they even feel it, explain it away or blame it on something or somebody.

I want you to explain what you said about the heartache is reminding you of your own disconnection. Could you explain that?

I was writing something. The story of the masters is your story. It’s the story of life. For instance since you’re in North America, you probably know a little bit about the Christian tradition. Immaculate conception, every conception is immaculate. It wasn’t just one guy. The nature of conception is immaculate. Number two, you’re born with the master within you because life is the master. What we call the master and what the masters talked about was the master within every human being and recommending to people that they get in touch with the master within, which goes back to that’s the solar energy through the green leaves as life. That’s the master because it runs everything. It’s omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in you. It’s all-powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present inside of you. That’s the definition of the master, the God-man. The human being living from the God within them.

GCM 229 Udo Erasmus | Exploring Within Yourself

Exploring Within Yourself: When you look within yourself, you discover you have always been whole, and you have always been at peace.


You’re born with a master inside and one way or another, the body will be crucified. That doesn’t mean that has to be nailed up on crossbars but maybe it’s cancer, accident, old age or whatever it is. Every body gets crucified sooner or later. The last part of it is death is not the end of you and the master. Death is just the end of the body. Every human being has that same nature that the masters talked about. That we then in religions turn on his head and where what we say while he was perfect and you suckered up. “If you give us this and that and you do this and that then after you die, some good stuff is going to happen to you.” What kind of a sales job is that? We bought it and why did we buy it? They made themselves the guardians of heartache because people’s hearts ached. They’re looking for answers. You become very sincere when your heart hurts and they cashed in on it and then they use that to control us. What if eight billion people realized that that story is about them? It’s about every one of us. What if? There’s a thing you said, “What you have done to one of the least of these, that you have done to me.”

When I was thinking about it, the only way that makes any sense is if I am in all of the least of these. It doesn’t make sense any other way. The master is in every human being. The realization of that mastery and the getting to know that master is about sitting still. They taught people to sit still, shut off all the outside distractions, bring their awareness inside where the master is all the time running the show and experiencing directly, personally and internally the nature of that master also called life.

When Buddha talks about enlightenment, lit up from within, the same energy. In him was life and the life was the light of men. They’re talking about light, too. The Hindus and Krishna were shining with the brightness of 1,000 suns. They have completely different metaphors and ways of saying it but they’re all talking about the reality of being alive on this planet. Every human being but that same energy runs the trees, shrubbery and flowers. Everything you see is a reflection of that sunlight. You’re surrounded by that master and that master within you has the energy of life but around you everywhere are the reflections of it. How can I say that? This is not something I read in a book. Ultimately, your understanding of life comes from your inner experience of it.

In order to get deeper into the inner experience of life, you have to bring your senses back. When we were in the womb, we were in that light because there was nothing to do and nowhere to go. That was our first stillness practice. It was nine months in the womb. I call it the Buddha tank, if the womb is the Buddha tank. We’re floating around and there’s nothing to do and nothing to think about. We don’t have any words. We have no culture. We don’t know anybody. We’re just there. The body is growing. Everything is taken care of. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do and it’s relatively safe. What do we do? Hang out in Buddha, Christ and Krishna space. We’re present inside. We’re practiced meditators already. We’ve done nine months nonstop then we get born and now everything changes. We have to get to know the world because we have to survive in that world.

Our awareness is automatically drawn out into the world through our senses to monitor change because every time something changes, you have to figure it out quickly. Is it friend, foe or irrelevant? Respond to your assessment and that’s how we live. Life made the going out automatic but there’s nothing inside that’s changing because it’s stable inside. There’s nothing to automatically pull our awareness back through our senses inwardly. There has to be some way of getting our attention and heartache is that way.

When you get heartache, what happens? You get out of your head because it pulls you into the feeling. You get simple and you get grounded. That’s a good thing for people because if we didn’t have that, we would get spaced out and probably never find our way back. Number two, it becomes our driving force. Almost everything that discontent people do is driven by the hope that their accomplishment will lead to contentment. Go from discontent, do stuff, follow a formula and if you follow the formula successfully, you will become content. It doesn’t work that way because what happens is we get it done and then we have three days where we’re jumping up and down and saying, “I did it.” On the fourth day, this thing is back, this restlessness, emptiness, something’s missing, feelings of loss, sorrow, grief, blues, loneliness, longing and yearning. There are so many words for it. It’s the same thing, feeling and place in our body.

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There are many different triggers for it because they’re all outside triggers. Whenever something on the outside dries up, we’re thrown back to this, the loss of our connection to ourselves. Instead of going and say, “Do that and make a million dollars, get this girl and take that piece of land from somebody or whatever it is that people have done with it.” What I say to people, “Sit with your heartache.” Addicts have a huge deal of heartache. They don’t know what to do with it and don’t like it. Nobody has explained it to them. This is a reframe of heartache. What heartache is in its essence is your heart calling your awareness or your focus to come back home inside to its source in life.

When you bring it back then you discover you have always been whole and been in peace. Peace is everywhere all the time. Unconditional love fills your body. Your life has a purpose. Your purpose is to help. We’re already doing it. Wisdom is there. If you want to know how to live and can get in touch with life and ask life how to live, it’s going to give you better answers than your politicians or your preachers guaranteed. Why? The expert obviously because it’s running the whole show all the time. Why wouldn’t you ask that how you could live a better life? It takes practice because we’ve gone out so much. We’re experts at it. We don’t spend much time going in so we’re not that good at it.

Sit down, get still and see how deeply still you can become and how long you can stay there. Be present in that space and discover what’s in that space. There’s light and sound there, light in your darkness, sound in your silence and love in your emptiness. You’re filled with something that is incredible, magnificent, awesome and amazing. It’s a feeling that isn’t dependent. This is unconditional. This is your state of being. It doesn’t depend on something so it’s not conditional love. It’s unconditional love. No matter what you do and crazy thoughts you have, life loves you unconditionally. That’s its nature. It can’t do anything else. That makes you safe and to be able to find that and to live with that, we have homework to do. We all do it. This is the homework for every human being. Undone homework for most people.

There’s a trust issue. Inherently, every human being knows that to some degree.

They don’t focus on it. If they sat down long enough and thought about it, they say, “Look at my life. It’s always taken care of me.” To me, that happened when I was 26. I was born in a war and I was bitching about, “What do you expect? I was born in a war.” It was chaotic and crazy and I got the worst of the worst. One day, I was sitting on a porch and I said, “All this time that I’d be bitching about the war, life has been taking perfect care of me and I’ve never given it a thought. I have never said thank you.” I thought, “Maybe I should get to know life a little better because through all my dramas, traumas, fears, shyness, isolation and everything, life was taking perfect care of me. That was a big turnaround for me. It was like, “It makes sense. It loves me unconditionally. It’s what I’m looking for everywhere, except where it is,” so then it opened the door to maybe there’s a way to do that. I can’t argue that it hasn’t taken care of me. The bullets were flying. I never got killed. The Allies were shooting at us and refugees from planes, using us as target practice. I never got hit. Whatever all happened, I was hungry and didn’t die. It was taking perfect care of me. It’s high time now that we start to make that real in our lives and the world because if we don’t do that, we’re going to destroy ourselves.

I believe that we all have an offering and if you were chosen to be here and life chose you, there’s a reason, something, an offer and a contribution. It doesn’t need you but it selected you to be here to support its intent.

GCM 229 Udo Erasmus | Exploring Within Yourself

Exploring Within Yourself: Your purpose is always there, but you can’t see it if you’re looking in all the wrong places.


It doesn’t need me to support it but I get to enjoy the gift. Its purpose for me is to enjoy the gift to the fullest extent possible, to be fully present in all of my being and my surroundings and enjoy the gift of being human because all I am is water, air, dust and energy. That gets all mixed together into this and this gets to have the human experience. I can dance, sing, sleep, fart, cry, laugh, be ecstatic, depressed, anxious and happy. I can cut branches off trees, dig furrows on the ground and make gadgets that make me able to float in the air. If you think about what is possible because this dust, water, air and light have been mixed together, it is unbelievably more interesting than air, water, light and dust separately.

Purpose one, fully enjoy the gift. Purpose two, help where you can. In that direction, in a way whether that means growing food in the ground, picking berries in the woods or making sure the water’s clean or whatever it is. There’s not a lot to do either and then the other one is work with joy, be inspired and then let that rub off on wherever you are in the world. Those are the two purposes but what the helping purpose is will fit your experience, talents and abilities. That will be different for different people but it’s already present inside of you waiting to be discovered, what we often do.

Is it something that you discover or is this something that you choose? I believe it’s something that you choose instead of discovering it.

You have to discover it to choose it. What we try to do is we don’t discover it because we don’t look deep enough inside and then we try to concoct it in our heads. It’s usually something that isn’t that simple and that’s not true but it could be simple. Often, it’s way off base and could be very destructive because it’s not life’s purpose but some head trip purpose that either comes out of culture, religion, commerce or all the things servicing our own inventions. That gets complicated. Once you discover it then you do choose it because if you say yes to it then you’ve chosen it. Even if you recognize it and say, “I get it.” The purpose is there but you still have to say yes to it. In that sense, you’re right that it is chosen but what it isn’t is concocted. If you’re present to all of yourself, you know what you’re good for. Good for means what you’re capable of.

I’m thinking because a lot of people spend a significant amount of time searching for their purpose. That’s what they say. I can’t find it, like finding your why, for example.

How do you find your why? By discovering your what, like what you are but that’s different. In personal growth and in finding your mission, they use that differently. The what to me is what I am. When I present to what I am. It’s like if I know I’m a table then I know I’m not for sitting on. If I know I’m a chair then I know that you don’t put the food on the chair. When I know what I am then I know what my capacities are. I live in the world so I know what needs to be done and where I can help. That’s sensory. Finding your why, they’re trying to drive it. It’s to make it emotional because why is often emotional. Emotions power you but that’s life driven through the mind and you don’t need the mind to find your purpose. You need a heart though and a core of being. From that place, it’s much easier because you don’t have to figure it up.

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I found my why through my injury. It was letting go of one thing and the discovery of something else. That would seem very daunting and post-traumatic because life is tucked upside down. I’m looking at it as it’s seemingly turned upside down but this is an opportunity for you to be an offering, to serve and be an example of what’s possible.

Also, your life was not turned upside down. Your life was not affected. We say, “My lifestyle was turned upside down and the things I could do were turned upside down.” You had an injury and you’re paralyzed. Your life was not turned upside down and never changed at all. You came closer to life with your injury as I came closer to life through a war, divorce and pesticide poisoning. Sometimes the worst happenings in our lives bring us closer to the heart than any of the fun things we do. The way the world is organized you either get to a better place through vision or you get to a better place through pain. The fact that I had to have certain disasters in my life, self-created ones, most of them, meant that I responded better to pain than to wisdom. Somewhere along the line, you want to be drawn by the possibility and fall in love with the possibility rather than waiting until you get whipped into moving forward into a better destiny.

When nothing in your thought process works, all the things you thought, plans for your life, all of a sudden, they’re gone. The plans got turned upside down and then you’re in a space where learning is possible because like, “Everything I thought was in place is no longer in place. It happened like that.” You can have a new insight. If you’re lying on your back and you can’t move, the only thing moving is the eyeballs in your head, a lot of learning starts to take place. You’d probably get a little closer even to the experience of what life is like inside of you so then your paralysis becomes your meditation.

Isolation has been a huge benefit.

I think of the war as a gift because it rubbed my nose very early in how bad things can get and focused me on always thinking about, “That could be better. How do we make that better?” It got me from the pain to a place of saying, “I want something else,” so it changed from pain to vision. Not 100% immediately but it had that effect.

Udo, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more about you?

GCM 229 Udo Erasmus | Exploring Within Yourself

Exploring Within Yourself: There is no barrier in understanding yourself other than your lack of practice because we’re good at going out, but we hardly practice going in.


If they want to learn about me, they’re already doing the wrong thing. They need to learn more about themselves. That’s a smart-ass answer but it’s true. What I’m talking about comes from an experience that comes from taking the time to sit still, which is the most important thing. If they want to get a hold of me, it’s UdosChoice.com. We talk about oils that I developed and nutritional stuff, enzymes, probiotics and physical stuff. I have another website that is TheUdo.com. We have some books, courses and educational material. I’m on Instagram and Facebook. I have a YouTube channel. I’ve been on the net for quite a while so I’m not hard to find as long as you spell my name right.

It’s always a pleasure talking to you.

I enjoyed the first time we talked and this a lot. You’re a thoughtful man and the world needs more thoughtful men because everything on this planet could be way better than it is. We have settled for so little in terms of the quality of the experience of being alive.

As we close the show out, pulling on that statement, what do you recommend we do, for the audience, in order to make the world better? We each have an individual responsibility.

My answer is to do less. The more you do, the less time you have to be and being is more important than doing because you can be without doing but you can’t do without being. Being is the foundation. Make your foundation solid, be with yourself, embrace your existence and then what needs to be done will show up but most of the time, we need to do less. If we want to fix the environment, we should do less. Maybe plant some trees but when we got locked down by COVID or by people’s response to COVID, the air cleaned up over China, the rivers are cleaner, the water is cleaner, the sunshine is brighter and the flowers are brighter. A lot of dirt has been cleaned up from doing less, less cars driving and less people racing around doing stuff. If there’s proof that we need to do less to fix the environment, we already got that proof and 2020 was the proof, 20/20 vision from 2020 about the 20/20 approach to the environment.

I almost want to do something with you as it relates to helping people be because individuals have a hard time with that. It sounds great but when it comes to putting that into practice, there are some disconnects that I would like to help people with.

The short answer is when you were a kid and were learning to walk, it was hard. You fell down, you’re flat on the nose. What did you do? You kept doing it because somebody modeled it for you. People were walking around. The next thing you know, you’re walking around the block, you’re running in the garden. This is the same. Sitting still is like that, too. You sit still and all of a sudden, nothing. Everything doesn’t shut off. You have so much momentum about thinking and repeating the same garbage over and over in your head like we all do because I’m not picking on anybody here. We have so much momentum, “You got to do this and you got to do that.”

If you look at what do you need to do, a lot less than what we’re doing. Taking and making time just like you make time for the bathroom. Make time to sit still every day, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 1 breath, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour. As much as you can, as deep as you can go, stay there as long as you can. Begin to observe like you learned to get to know the world by observing, being in it and taking the time. You watch kids when they explore the world. It’s all piece by piece.

It takes a kid six years to learn how to talk coherently. Every day a new word. “He heard something especially swear words. He just repeated that.” We see it as quick but it’s slow. I have a grandson who lives with me because of COVID. He’s very articulate with super high energy. It’s gotten four and a half years. He can think creatively already. Kids come in pretty creative so it’s fun to watch but it’s always a slow process. The idea is you commit to the stillness time and you commit come hell or high water every day you take a little bit of time to do nothing, to suck back and feel present in your own life.

Practice until going in is as easy for you as going out in that place. Share on X

There are lots of techniques, teachers and there are all kinds of different ways that people do it. Maybe there are eight billion different ways to get to the core of being, one unique to every human being. It’s a personal and an alone journey so you have to let go. There’s a place for being alone. This is a good place to discover your own riches because once you discover them, they also become available through you to others. You’re honing the gifts and become a better version of your helping self, content self, loving self and brilliant, creative self. We can do something but the journey’s always individual.

I could give you a formula and in the end, you have to take the steps. There is no formula for the first step. It’s like the step is taken before the formula gets invented. Somebody invented the formula after they took the step and they say, “The formula is not the step, it’s taking the step, wanting to do it, saying yes to doing it and feeling the ache.” That’s a pretty good motivator, getting to the source of yourself that makes the ache go away because the ache is only telling you, “You need to come home but not come home to me. Come home to yourself.” I’m happy to play in the sandbox with you as much as you want to.

Thank you for coming to the show.

Thank you, Rodney.

It’s awesome to sit back and learn from you.

When you’re my age, you’ll be like that too. I’ve had some time to think about it, try stuff and know all the things that don’t work and what a couple that does too. Thank you for being an amplifier for the message because if it wasn’t for you, I’d be talking to myself in the bathroom mirror. How useful is that? Thank you, Rodney.

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