GCM 09 | Potential, Productivity And Performance


Today, understanding, cultivating, and maximizing the given talents and abilities we possess is the key to living and performing above the social norm. The ability to test the waters and discover new territory including personal thoughts, perceptions, capabilities, performance levels, wants, and desires for oneself marks the difference between an individual harnessing their power and achieving optimal performance or settling for an average life.

Discover the strategies that will get you, your surroundings, and your life in shape to tackle challenges, how to retrain your brain and body to thrive on success, how to know yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself and your business, and build a winning well-balanced life day by day, and what it takes to experience change and expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance.

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Expand Your Personal Potential, Productivity And Performance

We’re going to talk about expanding your personal potential, productivity and performance. I believe we all have God-given talents and abilities. What we want to do is maximize our gifts and talents that allow us to increase our potential, our productivity and our performance. The question is how do we do that? How do we increase our potential? How do we increase our performance and productivity? How do we maximize our gifts and talents? That’s what I want to get into. I want to help you understand how to cultivate and maximize your gifts, how to cultivate your abilities.

I believe that these are the keys to living and performing above the social norm. This is what’s going to allow us to discover new things about ourselves, to push the envelope, and to discover our hidden talents and abilities. It’s those things that we didn’t know we were capable of doing. We didn’t know we were capable of performing at certain elite levels. When we’ve reached those levels, that’s what we call success. That is what’s happening when they reach certain peaks and are able to perform at certain levels. They even get paid at a professional level for being able to reach this certain level of performance or you win certain challenges and levels of success. You experience certain levels of success.

This can be on the field, on the court, in the classroom, your job, finances, relationships or in your spirit walk. All kinds of areas in your life you can experience a growth, you can experience a maximum level of potential, productivity and performance. Using that term maximum is putting a limit on it. As I speak that and I hear that, it makes me feel that maybe there are no limits. I’m a no limit guy. I don’t believe in limits. I believe that even if you reach a certain level of success and even if it’s an elite level, there’s always yet another level of performance and achievements that you can obtain.

The only limits that exist are the limits that we put on it, the limits that we have in our minds. I believe that we are limitless human beings in terms of our ability to succeed or accomplish things and go from one level to the next to achieve. There is no limit and it’s evident in the level of technology, the way technology is expanding and the level of achievements that is happening in our society with technology. It’s making leaps and bounds and it’s changing the way we live. It’s changing the way we do business, the way we look at life, and everything is changing. It has a lot to do with the level of achievement human beings are experiencing here on earth. I believe that there’s yet more to come.

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Even if you look at professional athletes and you look at the status of those that come before them, you see that their stats are greater and higher. You can go all the way back and it just seems like it keeps increasing and increasing. We thought that certain records will never be broken. We’re finding that new records are being set. Old records are being broken, new levels of achievement, new levels of success. More people are becoming millionaires. The rate of income is going higher and higher. There are more billionaires. There are more people that are starting their own businesses and becoming self-made, independent, and wealthy. That just lets me know that this level of achievement, there’s no limit to it.

There’s more to it but you have to go and seek it. I’m finding that people are reaching for that. They’re reaching to experience their maximum potential or maximum productivity and the highest level of performance. They want to push that envelope and discover and experience more about themselves. They are looking into new territories when it comes to their personal ability and development. People are seeking their wants and desires for themselves. They’re distinguishing themselves between those that truly harness their power and achieve optimal performance versus those that just settle for average.

You’ve heard the saying that everybody dies but not everyone lives. Those that truly live or those that push the envelope and give life all they have to give. They seek to maximize their potential and their productivity by being all that they can be. Leave it all here. Don’t take anything with you to the grave. Don’t take any of your dreams to the grave. Go all out to accomplish everything that you can here, while you are living. I believe in that. I try to live a life that exemplifies that to go out and be all that I can be.

It’s not just for the money. I enjoy discovering what I’m capable of and discovering the next level of development for myself. I love getting over the challenge, facing and accomplishing the challenge, and all of the learning and the development that takes place as you conquer that challenge. What is your mountain? What is that thing that is going to bring out the best in you? Bring out the most of you. That’s where you’re maximizing and peaking at your performance, peaking as a human being in what you’re able to accomplish. I believe in that.

We’re going to talk about strategies that will help you accomplish that and get your surroundings and your life in a place where you can be that, where you can maximize your potential, productivity, performance, and how to retrain your brain and body to thrive for success. How do we do that? We’re going to talk about how to know, love and take care of yourself and your business and build a winning well-balanced life day by day. We’re going to talk about what it takes to experience change and expand your potential, productivity, and performance.

We’re going to get into all of that. I’m really excited about the show and so we’re going to dive right into some of the strategies that you can use in order to prepare yourself to reach your maximum potential. I love this because it really begins with striving for perfection. You may have heard a lot of people say that there’s no such thing as perfection. You can’t reach perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist. No one is perfect. I totally agree with you. I do, but that doesn’t deter me from striving for perfection.

GCM 09 | Potential, Productivity And Performance

Potential, Productivity And Performance: Those that truly live are those that push the envelope and give life all they have to give.

Strive For Perfection

I believe that even though being a perfectionist is not really attainable, it still makes sense to strive for perfection. I wouldn’t demand perfection on anyone, but I will suggest and recommend that you strive for perfection. When you’re striving for it to be perfect, it’s going to pull the best out of you in it. We’re going to talk about expanding our personal potential, our productivity, and our performance. What we’re really talking about is reaching for our mark that’s extraordinary, that excellence is somewhat perfection. If perfection can’t be had, then striving for perfection is the next thing to it. It is the best thing to it.

As we strive for perfection, realizing that if better is possible, good is not enough, then we can keep going and pressing that envelope to reach a level that is extraordinary. By placing that strategy in place, you’re going to strive for perfection in any and everything that you do. You’re going to strive for perfection not just in the gym or on the court, but even in your job, the work that you do, relationships, caring for your body, relationship with your kids and in your spiritual walk or whatever it is in your life and your finances. You’re going to strive for perfection.

Assess Where You Are

That takes me to the next strategy, which is assessing where you are. When you can assess where you are and where you put your time, energy, and focus, it will allow you to make adjustments as necessary. If you want to expand your personal potential, performance, and productivity, then we’ll have to ask where are you putting your time? Where do you spend most of your time? Where do you spend most of your energy? Where do you spend most of your focus? Understanding where you are and where you’re spending this time can help you make the adjustments you need to get the best return on your investment. Your time, energy and focus are very valuable commodities that you have.

You want to make sure that when you spend those, you’re expanding your time, energy, focus. You put in it in a place where you can get that maximum potential, productivity, and performance back. If you’re putting those things in places that are not going to give you the ROI or return on investment that you’re looking for, your potential, productivity, and performance are going to suffer. There’s no way around it. You want to take an assessment of where you are putting your time, focus, and energy. This ensures that you put it in places that you can get the best return on your investment. You can maximize on those areas.

When you do this assessment, it’s not a one-time thing. This is something that you want to set up to do periodically, maybe once a day or once a week. If you’ve got it all planned out and you can clearly see. If you have some data that you can look at based on what you’ve completed and what you’ve performed. You can take a look and see, “Here’s where I spend my time and what I produced. Here’s my performance and what I spent my time on. This is my potential. This is how far off I’ve made it toward.”

You want to measure that on a consistent basis because that’s what’s going to tell the story. You’ve heard that numbers don’t lie. When you’re doing this calculation and you’re taking a look at where you spend your time versus the return that you give them versus the productivity that you’re experiencing, that’s going to help you make some decisions about your ongoing process. We all know being a game changer is a success. Being a goal setter and a goal achiever is all about the process. Maximizing your potential, productivity and performance is all the same thing. This is all a process.

Get Mentally Organized

Assessing where you are can help you manage the process, understand where you are, and make adjustments as necessary. The next thing in terms of strategy in order to reach your full potential, productivity, and performance is to mentally get organized. A lot of times we can’t perform at our best because we’re not organized mentally. What’s going on in the mind has a tendency to reflect what’s going on in the body, your actions and how you perform.

That’s what’s going to determine your results. It’s simple. It’s a simple formula. What’s going on in the mind affects the body and the body’s action affects the results. If you can’t get it right in the mind, if you can’t reach your full potential in your mind, then it’s going to affect how you perform in your body. That’s going to determine the results that you get. It’s a very simple, easy formula that you can apply in your life. It’s not complicated. Sometimes we overcomplicate things because we feel like we have to do all of this stuff in order to reach our maximum potential and perform at a high level.

Retraining Your Brain And Body To Thrive On Success

I believe in keeping it simple. Getting back to the basics. This is just getting still and mentally organized in your mind about what it is that you want to accomplish, getting clear about that and then understand what the action steps are. That’s going to allow you to accomplish that. Once we have that, we can take the necessary steps to do it. We can then do it powerfully and make adjustments along the way, but we have to win that battle in the mind, understand it in the mind and get clear in the mind first. We can then go out and execute at a high level.

What I love about this is because we can get into a habit of doing this, which leads me to the next point when it comes to expanding our personal potential, productivity, and performance. It’s retraining your brain and body to thrive for success. Getting mentally organized is a perfect segue to talk about how you retrain your brain and body to thrive for success. How do you do that? It’s very simple because the Law of Repetition is your friend in this case. The Law of Repetition says that if you do it a lot of times it becomes a habit, then it becomes embedded in your subconscious mind to the point where you don’t even have to think about it.

Put Structures In Place And Implement These Structures Every Single Day

If performing at a high-level requires you to do certain things such as practice, showing up, going the extra mile, taking care of your body and working out, you start getting into the habit of success. By setting yourself up to these things, putting structures in place to do these things, implementing these things in your life every single day. Imagine if you were a type of person who has a habit of striving for perfection.

Imagine if you were the type of person that had a habit of assessing where you are and where you’re putting your time, energy, focus, and making adjustments as you see fit and necessary. You can get efficient at being successful. You can get efficient performing at optimal levels and then going from one level to the next and to the next. That’s what you call testing the waters and discovering new territory for yourself. That’s what this is truly all about and that’s how you retrain your brain.

I use the example of drinking water. If you drink lots of water every single day, every single day, your body gets used to drinking a lot of water every day. If you’re drinking the right amount, we don’t want to drink too much, and we definitely don’t want to drink too less, but about anywhere from 64 to 100 ounces a day depending on how athletic you are and what temperatures that you’re operating in. I try to drink a gallon a day myself, which is about 120 ounces. Your body gets used to that.

Your body gets used to that amount of water in that amount of hydration. You then start reaching for water, wanting water and you’re not even thinking about it. It becomes a habit if you drink that much water a day. This could be any freaking thing that you want to. You can develop the habit of doing anything that you want to do. We want to make sure that we’re developing habits that are favorable to us, that are conducive to our success, maximum performance, and high productivity. That’s what we want to do.

Practice Excellence

When you’re striving for an elite level of success, you begin to train the brain. When you’re training the brain and body to thrive, it then seeks it and wants it. If you haven’t practiced, it’s like, “I haven’t gotten my practicing it.” It feels a little different if you haven’t been to the gym. The same thing happens when you are a person who goes to the gym on a regular basis. If they miss a few days outside of the gym, they don’t feel all right. If you’ve been eating properly then all of a sudden you stop eating properly and you start eating the stuff that you’re not supposed to eat, your body tells you. You feel the difference. You feel bad. It doesn’t feel great. You feel sluggish, loss of energy, not as sharp and strong. That’s because you have a habit and your body is used to a certain thing.

You can train your brain and body to thrive for success, but you have to put that structure in place and work that structure. You have to work it and get used to it. You have to get it embedded into your subconscious mind. It has to become a habit. Once you do that, then you’ve trained the brain. You’ve retrained the body, and this becomes a norm for you. Showing up becomes a norm. Showing up on time becomes a norm. Practicing excellence and high performance becomes a norm. It just becomes a norm.

GCM 09 | Potential, Productivity And Performance

Potential, Productivity And Performance: When you’re training the brain and body to thrive, it then seeks it and wants it.

When you see these people, you may feel like they do their work and they do it so well and effortlessly. It seems like there’s no effort put into it. It’s like without a thought it just happens to me. They didn’t even think about it. They just do it. That’s because they have been training themselves to thrive on success. They have been training themselves like they’ve practiced it so much that they don’t even have to think about it. That’s available to you and to all of us, but it takes a certain work ethic. It takes a certain amount of time. I was talking about where you are putting your time, energy, and focus because if you put your time, energy and focus in the right place, that’s the kind of result you can expect.

You can expect effortless success. You can expect success and excellence to show up. It shows up because that’s just who you are. It becomes a part of you. It becomes a part of your being. Everything you touch, you do it with excellence. You are striving for perfection in everything that you do. That’s going to produce a certain result in your life that naturally occurs over and over again by the Law of Repetition because you’ve made it a habit. Your whole life can reflect that, and so that’s how you retrain your brain and body to thrive on success.

As you’re doing this and going through this process, you’re retraining your body and brain. You are implementing the strategies in order to push the envelope, expand your personal potential, productivity, and performance. It’s something that you have to be careful about. It’s something that you want to be aware of whenever you’re doing that. In expanding your potential, productivity and performance, it truly requires self-awareness because this is a process. Your limits are not just going to drastically change overnight.

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People who tell that to you, they’re just lying to you. You will experience some quantum leaps in certain areas. I truly believe that but it’s a gradual increase. That’s what we want to strive for and what we want to expect. That’s how we want to manage our expectations on a gradual increase from one level to the next. If we happen to experience some quantum leaps, then great. That’s awesome. That’s a bonus but it’s not something that we should expect to occur on a regular basis. There are certain things that you can learn and experience that will allow you to jump over certain steps. I’m totally with that and you will experience that.

I want you to understand that you still have to know your limits because sometimes people expect these quantum leaps to occur and keep occurring and occurring. They get distressed when it doesn’t happen, and then that leads to depression. The resistance shows up and then they quit and they give up. I’m not saying you’ve got to pay attention to the point where you just stop whenever you experienced one of those limits. That’s not what I’m saying, but it’s understanding to know when enough is enough maybe for the day, so we can stop.

We can practice a bit of self-care. Sometimes we want to push the envelope way too much and then we burn ourselves out. That’s what I want to avoid because that happens. I know this stuff is exciting to me. I’m sure it’s exciting to you. Sometimes we just want to go and do hard. That’s great. It’s good to have that enthusiasm, motivation and to be inspired to that level, to want to put in the effort in order to increase your life, experience success, serve and help others. I’m all for it, but then there’s a time when you’ve got to pull back.

Have That Recovery Program

With this level of work, level of intensity, you’re putting out energy. As you put out energy, you’ve got to find the time to put that energy back in. That’s why you want to have that recovery program. Knowing when to implement that recovery program is very, very important. Doing all of this stuff is great. Going is great, but you have to have that self-awareness because you are peaking the envelope. You are pushing the envelope and you keep pushing and pushing. You’re going to burn yourself out.

You’ve got to know when to say, “I’m going to chill out for now. I’m going to recover and then I’m going to go back to pushing that envelope.” That’s what I mean by knowing your limits, knowing when it’s time to implement your recovery program. This is where the energy goes in. Whenever you’re implementing the strategy, you’re assessing where you are standing mentally organized. You’re making sure that the things you’re doing are becoming a habit. You’re exercising the Law of Repetition. All of that is energy out.

Maintain A Willing Mindset That Is Mentally Agile

Make sure that you can develop yourself a program where you can recover and regroup, and have some time for energy in. Maximizing yourself also includes your recovery program and self-care program. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t sustain that level of energy out and that level of focus, but if you have that recovery program, you know yourself. You know what builds you back up and what puts energy in. For some people, this is prayer or a meditation. Sometimes it is maybe a day at the spa, a little pampering. Maybe it’s some time away, a vacation.

Whatever it is for you, make sure you’ve identified it and you’ve incorporated it into your strategy to maximize yourself. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have it, who’s performing at a high-level. It’s crucial to your success. It’s crucial to you maximizing and sustaining that level of performance. You may want to make sure that you do that. Make sure that you have the mental agility to experience the change that you want to experience as you go about this quest to maximize your potential.

You’re going to meet some opposition whenever you’re doing this. You’re going to meet some resistance whenever you’re doing this process, but that’s where you want to have that mental agility, that willing mindset and emotional maturity, the ability to shift your focus back and forth, in and out. When you’re doing whatever it is that you need to do, you’re implementing those strategies, being able to turn it off for a little while. Maybe you need to shift between certain things because we’re talking about having that mental agility to maximize your performance in all areas of your life.

Some people can focus on one area and then they’ll let the other area fall. That’s not really doing it, that’s doing it in a half-baked way, so what we want to do is strive for perfection in every single area. You want to make sure that you have that mental agility to turn the focus on, shift the focus when you need to and pull together all the information that you need. Maybe there’s information coming from different areas that you have to decipher and understand in order to make decisions in different areas of your life. That requires some mental agility to do that.

I saved that for last because that’s sometimes overlooked. A lot of people want to go do, “Give me the strategy, I go and implement it,” and that’s it. I want you to take a look at this from a holistic viewpoint. Take a look at it as your whole life, your health, wealth, well-being, spirit and all of it. You want to take a look at all of those things. That’s a lot of information to deal with. That’s a lot of focus. That’s a lot of areas that you have to put a 120% effort into. It’s going to require that and require you to take a look at different information, take a look at where you need to make changes and adjustments in all areas of your life and then balance all of that out.

The key is balancing. That’s going to require the mental agility and the willing mindset to do it. A lot of people, whenever they get into this place, they start to get frustrated. The burnout begins to occur, and they began to feel a little overwhelmed. They start to feel that they don’t have the ability to maximize themselves from a holistic point of view, where they’ll let something go and just focus on one area. They’ll then find that the other area starts to fall down.

GCM 09 | Potential, Productivity And Performance

Potential, Productivity And Performance: If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t sustain that level of energy and that level of focus.

Seek Help

They’re not maximizing themselves in that particular area and that’s because they just don’t have the mental agility, the flexibility, and the adaptability to maintain all of that. Know yourself in these areas. Know where you need to shift your focus and to put more attention in one area versus another. Seek help. If you need some help in any of these areas, perhaps a mentor, coach or someone you know that you can lean on to talk to, to pick some of these areas up for you and discuss some of the things that are going on in those areas.

Perhaps there are some fixes that you can implement that you haven’t talked about yet, or maybe you can get some information about some ideas of from someone else. A part of maximizing yourself is getting support, getting the coaching and the information that you need, and not just going at it alone. It could be getting into a focus group with people who are doing the same thing. You may want to solicit someone and say, “I’ve been taking a look at my life and there are some areas that I want to perform a lot better. I want to increase my productivity in certain areas. I’m looking for an accountability partner.”

You’re looking for a group of people that you can check in with on a regular basis about this. One that you can talk to, get support, and bounce ideas off. You don’t have to go through this process alone. It’s very advantageous to get some people involved with this. Maybe you can lead the group even or start a group in your community. Imagine if you were living in a community where the people did this.

I have a Game Changer Transformation community. This is where people are there, and this is what they’re doing. They’re striving for perfection. They’re trying to maximize themselves and it’s right on Facebook. If there’s a community that you want to be a part of, the Game Changer Transformation community is on Facebook. Look us up. We would love to have you. We would love to support you. Those are the types of things that you can do in order to get the support that you need to maximize your potential, to cultivate your gifts, and to understand what your gifts are. That’s what you want to do. That’s what you call game-changing. That’s exactly right.

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To recap quickly, strive for perfection in everything you do. Assess where you are. Get mentally organized and make these things a habit. If you’re striving for perfection or trying to maximize your potential all these areas in your life, start to put in structures and then implement these structures every single day. If you work out, calendarize it. Get into the habit of eating right, working out, practice excellence, showing up, going the extra mile, taking care of yourself. Make this stuff a habit. That’s how you retrain your brain and body to thrive on success.

As you do this, know yourself. Make sure that you’ve taken care of yourself, your self-awareness, and understand how far you can go and when you need to go back. When you’re out of energy and you need to exercise your recovery program, put some energy back in, go on vacation, do some meditation, prayer, a little self-pampering or whatever it is. Finally, make sure that you maintain a willing mindset that is mentally agile. That you’re able to focus your attention on multiple things and you’re able to ship back and forth, decipher different information.

If you need a group or a coach, make sure that you get it. Make sure that you get the support that you need. You don’t have to go through this alone. Solicit some people to go through this process with you. If you are looking for a group, check us out on Facebook, the Game Changer Transformation community. We would love to have you. Have a wonderful day.

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