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People are born with all kinds of gifts; you just need to find yours. True gifts are vehicles for your purpose. So finding it can be difficult but you can definitely find it in adversity and struggle. You can also find it by looking inwards. Find some alone time so that you can be still and present, only then will you find your purpose. To help you find your gifts are your host Rodney Flowers and his guest Jewel Veitch. Jewel is an author, business coach, and founder of Inner Core Coaching. She is the author of the book, True Gifts. She believes that once you realize your true gift, you will be able to unleash your true potential to the world. Tune in and discover your true gift and soul purpose today.

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Discovering Your True Gifts To Reach Your Peak Performance With Jewel Veitch

I have Jewel Veitch in the studio with me. She’s a seasoned transformational coach, entrepreneur and expert facilitator in the field of personal, spiritual and career development. She is the author of True Gifts: Ignite Your Soul Magic and Monetize the Highest Expression of Your Purpose. She has supported countless women to launch their dream of building a legacy, doing what they love through experiencing deep mental, emotional and spiritual shifts. She’s excited to bring her expertise to purposeful women around the world by awakening their true gifts and so the purpose for being on this planet and match them to a meaningful livelihood that allows them to get paid to do what they love. Without further ado, let’s welcome Jewel Veitch to the show. Welcome to the show.

Thank you so much for having me.

Thank you for being here. I want to know why did you write the book True Gifts?

It has been a labor of love. It’s a compilation of a life lived witnessing what it was like to live with someone who did not have a deeper purpose for work and living, just bringing meaning to the world. I have been fascinated with this topic since I was a little girl. I’ve been fascinated with finding that highest expression and deeper purpose through which it becomes the vehicle for expressing our true gifts. I have brought both my spiritual and my professional endeavors together and brought that intersection together to break the book and support people in the way that I support them.

Why do you feel there’s a delay or sometimes a denial of people experiencing or understanding what their purpose is? A lot of people don’t know what their purpose is. I believe that it is the cause of many suicides, just going through life drifting. They don’t have meaning and they don’t see any meaning. It leads to low self-esteem. I feel like when you don’t have a purpose, you don’t have an identity. Why do you feel that there’s this difficulty? Why isn’t it a natural thing to identify what your purpose is?

I want to call it a separation. I believe that before we’re born, we are in tune with our infinite nature, and then when we are born, we become separated from that infinite nature. We know that we are all one, we’re all connected, and we’re all very purposefully in existence, and then when we’re born, we get separated from that knowing. The message becomes, “Now you’re separate. You’re not here as one. You’re not infinite.”

GCM 232 | True Gifts

True Gifts: Before you were born, you were in tune with your infinite nature. Then when you’re born, you become separated from that infinite nature.


It’s that separation from our infinite nature that starts the ball rolling. Over time, we gradually become more and more separated due to societal, cultural, educational and familial conditioning. We grow farther away from why we’re here and the infinite capacity that we have that our purpose holds in our DNA. Through that separation, I feel that we lose track and lose sight of our purpose in why we’re here. I remember my son when he was six said, “Mommy, why am I here?” I’ve seen this before, where we start asking this ageless question from a young age. Why are we here? We were always questioning what is that truest purpose because humans have a need for contribution and service, and being here on this Earth for a purpose. When we’re not fulfilling that need, we feel that we are moving away from our purpose, so we continuously cycle around looking in all the wrong places for what’s right within us.

Do you think your purpose is something that you need to search for?

It is, because it’s already here.

Many people go looking for their purpose. I don’t know if that’s the right behavior. I don’t know if your purpose is something that you need to look for because it’s within you. It is you. You are your purpose. You are what’s expressed. You are the expression of your purpose. It’s more so much finding your purpose but understanding how to express it.

Understanding how to express it and how you are already expressing it even in the way we’re talking right now through the way that you look at someone, utter your speech, intuit something that they need, act, behave and operate in the world. We’re already expressing it. It’s just that we don’t recognize who we are because of that separation. We no longer recognize ourselves. That’s why people are constantly relating to expressions like finding your way home, finding yourself, and what is your true nature because of that separation that happens.

It is what I believe and what I’ve experienced myself in working with people to help them find that true purpose that is already in them. When the spark of purpose ignites in them, they suddenly recognize who they are, their true nature, and their true home. It’s that spark of magic that I call Soul Magic. It’s the only way that I know how to express that. It’s a felt experience and once we know that, we can’t unknow it unless we choose.

Listening to you brings up this idea of acceptance because that’s what you’ve just described. We go through several experiences of discovery. Once we accept or choose, “This is how I want to contribute. It resonates with me. I feel like I can do it. I have a love for it. It’s emotionally and intellectually stimulating me,” therefore we choose that thing. There are other things that have come up for us individually. Perhaps they didn’t feel as good so we didn’t choose those things we could have, but we didn’t. There’s a level of acceptance. It’s like things were lined up for you in a way. That’s what people are searching for. They’re looking for this resonance or this aligning of feelings that suggest this is what you are to do on the planet.

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Resonance is such a key component to all of this because everything is energy and everything that is energy vibrates at a certain frequency. When you hit that tone of resonance with what you know, what aligns, and what is truly an expression of your genius, then you know that resonance. That’s what resonance is. It’s that knowing.

It is the acceptance of this and choosing. It’s always a choice, so it’s next-level acceptance. There is acceptance of things around us and external things. There’s the acceptance that is within that is difficult for people based on conditioning and fears of full expression. I had a conversation with someone and we were talking about human’s greatest fear being the fear of death and what was revealed. What I’ve thought about a lot is the greater fear than that is the fear of being fully expressed, which requires you to fully accept that expression, fully embody it and step into it. It’s the fear of being judged and being not accepted. There is a whole host of them at play that inhibits us from that fullest, truest, highest expression of our true gifts.

What would you say to someone who’s reading and says, “You guys are right. That’s exactly what I’m looking for and what I’m thinking. I can’t seem to find that or experienced that or discover that. I don’t know why I’m here and I feel lost and alone. I want to contribute but I don’t know what my purpose is. I’m having a hard time identifying what that is.” What would you say for them?

First of all, the answer is already inside you. The only way you will hear it or receive it is in stillness, and becoming still enough to hear the messages from your intuitive heart intelligence that is offering you the answers. It’s all there. When people say the answers are already inside, they’re waiting to be expressed through the heart. Stillness and becoming present. There’s a reason why mindfulness has become such a widespread phenomenon and practice across the globe for so long. It’s because it does come back to us being still, present and quiet enough to be able to hear the answers. When I begin work with someone, I always say, “I want to be very clear that I do not have the answers for you, but I’m a facilitator for you to access them within yourself.”

It’s so interesting that we have to seek guidance, facilitation or whatever you call it to discover what’s in us. It’s an indication that we don’t spend enough time with ourselves. It’s a very basic intellect that we come into this world alone. You’re born single unless you have a twin, but then everyone has their own individuality. With that, it’s the requirement, as well as the recommendation, to get to know yourself, but we think we know ourselves. If you haven’t spent considerable time practicing mindfulness in isolation or practicing stillness and presence, then I will challenge that thought that you have that you know yourself.

GCM 232 | True Gifts

True Gifts: The answer to finding your purpose is already inside you. The only way you will hear it is in stillness and being present.


I’ve said this before and my audience knows that I’ve been through an experience where I had to spend a lot of time on my own and a lot of isolation. That’s where I discovered the most about myself. Now, I purposefully and deliberately spend time with myself, alone and in isolation because I’m trying to discover more. I want to get to know myself even more. Being in that stillness opens the channel for that to happen. There are a lot of things out in the world when people are searching for answers or the purpose of why do I exist.

It’s an outward search. The things on the outside and distractions paint a picture of who you might be or it gives you images of things that you may like or someone you would like to be as that looks good. You see these attractive images on social media, TV, and other things. Some of those things are good, but you have to be careful to see if they align with your DNA, your identity or yourself.

Sometimes, we run off to the flashy, shiny things. You say you want to be that or do that, but there’s no alignment. The danger of that is we spend a lot of time pursuing those things only to find out that it’s not what we are intended to do or be in the first place. I agree with you wholeheartedly and I’m harping on this because this is a fundamental practice that a lot of times we don’t do because of the simplicity of practices that’s still in this world. Start flashy is not what you would consider sexy. It’s spending time with yourself, getting to know yourself, practicing stillness, being in that isolation and understanding who you are. It’s so basic that it’s so easy to do but we don’t do it.

At the same time, it doesn’t feel easy at first. I had a conversation with someone who said, “I have a whole week to myself. I can’t even remember when I last had this opportunity to have a whole week for myself and I’m going through this adversity. I’m glad to be able to clear my head and all of that. I just need to stay busy.”

That is an indicative and such a true reflection on how I’ve witnessed and see the world that is constantly feeling the need to be busy in order not to be with themselves because it’s scary. The busyness is the avoidance. The distractions and shiny things are the avoidance from looking at ourselves because there’s a fear that we might find out something that we don’t like and we don’t want to see.

Ironically, it’s a gift and the magic occurs when we do look at those things and make choices around what is acceptable, what we want to become, who we want to become, and accept and forgive ourselves for the things that don’t feel good. When that happens, there’s a release of energy that can turn into magic and opportunity. That’s what creates the open channel for the voice of the heart to come through, but it takes a lot of emotional courage to be with ourselves.

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It’s easy but it’s not so easy at the same time because it’s scary for most people until we do it and recognize it. As you were saying earlier, you deliberately have alone time, so do I every day. When I don’t, I can feel it because of that reconnection from that disconnection and separation I was talking about at the beginning. The disconnection happens so fast when we veer away or turn our gaze towards some distraction.

I believe and I’ve seen this so often, once people start to adopt this into their day or their life as a mental attitude like, “I’m going to spend quiet time with myself every single day,” it becomes easy because it is. There’s that dichotomy of it’s easy and yet it feels like it’s not easy. Once we get over that hump, it’s very easy. It’s the easiest, most natural and most organic thing in the world.

As it should be, you should enjoy spending time with yourself. You’re right, when you spend that time with yourself, you may have to face some things. I believe the most important conversation you ever have is the conversation you have with yourself, especially in the beginning. If you haven’t been practicing this, it can be difficult because there are things that come up that have not been dealt with. You have to face those things. You have to hear the inner voice and listen to that, and maybe even wrestle with it because it’s unresolved issues. That’s the only way you resolve them and get through them. Those things are preventing you from spending time with yourself and perhaps even loving and getting to know yourself.

Once you get over that, then you can fall in love with yourself. You can enjoy being with yourself and it’s because the conversation changes. The conversation can grow. You can cultivate a relationship with your inner self. A lot of times, we avoid spending time with ourselves because the conversation with ourselves is bad. We see ourselves as all of these negative things. If I was around a person that continuously said negative things about me, I probably wouldn’t want to be around that person.

I felt so wholeheartedly agreeing to it. The way we communicate with ourselves is everything. There’s a mastery that can be achieved there in terms of how you talk to yourself and how you communicate, love and accept yourself. The interesting thing about what you just said in this conversation is that the things we don’t want to face relate to difficult things that we may have dealt with in the past, maybe dealing with adversity. It’s inside those difficult things that when we begin to communicate with ourselves differently about how we relate with those things that our purpose actually lives. Our purpose comes from and is evoked by the handling of those difficult things.

There are a million examples I have but, if someone has dealt with an experience of PTSD. As they begin to communicate, become intimate, know themselves, and accept themselves, they too can take that experience of PTSD. That can become a purpose-driven desire for them to help others with PTSD because they’ve learned to communicate differently, having gone through it themselves. The irony is our difficult challenges become a catalyst for how we express our purpose in the world, who we want to help, and how we want to speak about what we want to speak about because it comes truly from a personal experience in our lives.

GCM 232 | True Gifts

True Gifts: The things you don’t want to face relate to difficulty and adversity. It’s inside those difficult things that you begin to communicate with your purpose.


That’s purposefully taking an experience that you’ve been through or some type of adversity, spinning it around and making it useful and purposeful. That is something that a person chooses or accepts as a purpose. That is worthy and noble because to take something that was seemingly considered adversity and turn it into something useful and value-add, not only to your life but to other people’s lives, it’s life serving.

When you’re looking to express your purpose, it’s all about understanding how you are of service or can be of service and contributing to the overall objective, universal energy, God, whatever you want to call that higher supreme power. How can you be in alignment and useful to that intention? That intention is always upward and outward. It’s all about supporting and the expansion of life in and of itself. Human life and all life on the planet. If you’ve accepted or chosen something that supports that intention, then you’re good at it. It’s something that you can perform, execute and love it.

It brings that value and service forward, then who am I to tell you whether to choose that or not, especially if you have that resonance. You fill in that magic as you described it. When we go through things, those are opportunities for us as well to choose something purposeful. I’m the epitome of that. I chose to make that my life purpose, to be an example of what’s possible because of what I’ve gone through but I had to choose it.

That opportunity was there for me to make that a life purpose and I had to choose that. It’s been self-serving and it has served other people as well. I’ve chosen for that to be my footprint in life. That came from spending a lot of time for myself. Sometimes, you have to put yourself at the end of your life. Turn around a little bit and see what’s there. What would you want to be there? If you were at the end of your life and you were looking back over your life, what would you want that to look like? It is a great conversation I have of myself.

Absolutely, because it’s so finite. Before we’re born, we’re infinite and then we become finite. The message is, “You’re not infinite.” That’s separation. As a finite being to ask those questions around what you’re saying, “What did my life count? How did I make this life count in order to have the greatest impact on humanity? How did I turn my yearning for humanity into something of value? What will I want to have left for my children and for future generations? Am I making choices every day that move me and therefore the value that I bring to humanity forward?” It is a great conversation to have with yourself. I don’t know that people necessarily have that conversation until adversity hits.

Adversity hitting causes us to have those conversations like potentially did you. What you are doing based on your experience is a manifestation. I’ve been watching, listening and seeing you. These are the kinds of stories and you are the kind of person. This is the kind of attitude that calls us to choose. In the face of adversity, do we ask those questions about ourselves? Do we choose to get still? Oftentimes, adversity is presented to us. For me, it was a huge wake-up call in the adversity I lived to stop and be still. That was the beginning of my journey as it is for many people. Adversity can be such a gift.

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It is a gift and that’s how I choose to see it, even the perception of adversity is a choice for people. In my opinion, the way I view life is it is good. That is the description of life. Everything in life is good and purposeful, so is everything in it including adversity. It’s just having that perception about adversity when it shows up in your life. When you have that perception, I believe if you look for something, you’ll find it. If you’re looking for it to be bad, looking for it to be negative, then you’re going to find lots of negative. If you look for things that are good about it, that’s what you see, you’ll find it.

You have to see it with your heart. A lot of times, we just see with our eyes. Sometimes, we need to close our eyes and see with the heart. I want to ask some very deep clarity to this conversation because you said something very important about contributing and supporting life being in a person that does that. That’s the overarching purpose for all of us. How you “choose” the vehicle in order to fulfill that purpose, that’s part of your individuality. That’s part of you having the authority to choose. There are some details around that because your physical, emotional and intellectual ability should play a part in what you choose.

I think you can choose multiple things in life, but that overarching purpose remains the same. That adds much clarity because people think, “I’m supposed to be a firefighter or a doctor. My purpose is this.” I’ve been in several things in life and some of those things didn’t support my overall purpose at some point and time in my life. That’s how I judge what I choose as well as my physical, emotional, intellectual ability to do it and to be it. I think that’s helpful because you can be a firefighter.

Everything that we do is for a period of time. Even your life is for a period of time. Your life here is finite and then there’s the next dimension. There’s something that happened after that. I don’t know what it is. I can’t tell you what it is. I have an idea but I don’t know for sure, because I have never been there and came back. We have a set time here.

The question is, how are you going to fulfill that overarching purpose of supporting life here. More importantly, when you are gone? For me, this is where I spend most of my time. It’s not so much what I’m going to do here. While I’m here, it is how am I going to support that mission even when I’m gone? How do I live on beyond my finite time here? The things that I do on a daily basis is to build a legacy and create an impact that is far-reaching beyond my tenure here on Earth as I know it. That’s my purpose.

That’s profoundly insightful to be understanding that our choices here have a rippling impact and that ripple goes beyond our lifetime. The idea of legacy is something that people don’t necessarily understand on a day-to-day basis. A part of why I wrote this book is that the true gifts that we have are the vehicle to express our purpose. Based on our emotional, physical, mental, intuitive capacities and abilities, we can leverage those gifts and utilize them.

GCM 232 | True Gifts

True Gifts: The true gifts that you have are the vehicles to express your purpose. Based on your emotional, physical, and mental capacities, you can leverage those gifts and utilize them for yourself.


For you, you have such a unique, significant gift in communication, in reading energy, intuiting conversations and people’s energy. That’s the gift you’re using through your podcasting, speaking, communicating, and reaching into the hearts of audiences. That’s your gift that is serving your purpose. There are many people who say, “My purpose is a firefighter or my purpose is to do this.” The purpose isn’t what you do. The purpose is why you do it and why you impart the wisdom that you get quiet enough to hear and communicate back out into the world to leave that legacy.

I love that you bring that up because that’s such a kindred thought for me. It’s so close to my heart and I believe as well that our gifts being the expression of our purpose ripples on for millennia. Your podcast, your voice and my books, there are more coming, people’s books, people’s creations, and we’re all born to create. That is the fundamental need and desire that humans come to the planet with. Our ability to create through our gifts is the highest expression of honoring God. It’s what I believe in my heart and soul.

It’s your gift back to life for God because life is a gift. You don’t ask to be here. It was gifted to you. You giving it back to life is fully expressing yourself. You said something very important that I don’t think the audience caught. If they didn’t, I want to repeat. Your desires play a part or role in fulfilling your purpose. God, intelligence, energy or whatever you call it is very intelligent and intuitive.

We think we came to this planet and we created our own desires, but your desires have been planted in you. Those deep desires of where you want to go and who you want to be. All those things. Those are desires and God has gifted us certain desires. The bringing forth of those desires are not self-serving. Not only does that serve you, but how you are going to fulfill the purpose of contributing and supporting life and expressing yourself. That’s what your desires do. They help you express who you are. That’s why we don’t have all the same desires. We all desire something different. Our pursuit of those desires is so purposeful. It develops you intellectually and emotionally because it’s not always just handed to you. It’s like, “I got to go learn this and that. I got to be stronger at this. I got to improve in that in order to have this.”

Desire is a burning thing inside you that motivates you. It can pull you forward. Not all people, but for many people. For some people, it does. There’s this hesitation, fear and distractions that get in the way, but the energy and the urge to know is just still there. As you pursue these things, you not only grow and develop as an individual. As you grow and develop as an individual, you’re able to express yourself more. As you express yourself more, the more you express, the more you fulfill that purpose of supporting, contributing, impacting, so it becomes this perpetual process of fulfillment and expansion that is appreciated on both ends within yourself and the universe. There’s an appreciation of God because that’s why you were created. The energy that you’re giving off, that expression that you’d giving off is useful and valuable to the collective whole. That means everything that’s in the universe. It would be different without you.

It’s a co-creational relationship. An added piece to that is that when you’re in that full expression and that resonance, you’re vibrating at the highest frequency of God. When you’re doing that because your heart is an electromagnetic force field, that’s the ripple. It’s vibrating out. To me, that is the highest ultimate service that we can realize. Realizing our unrealized potential is to bring ourselves into that highest frequency because when we vibrate that way, it’s a force field that comes from our hearts. That seed of desire is originated from our heart, which is part of the universal heartbeat, the heartbeat of the Earth.

When we do that, we’re impacting so many more people because when we’re resonating on a high frequency, more people hear us. The megaphone is louder for those who are ready and therefore, there’s more potential for more impact. It’s self-serving and we have to flip that perspective of it’s being selfish to just be interested in our desires, but to flip that perspective around and understand that it is very much self-serving. It’s the highest service that we can give when we’re here because of that resonance that we are capable of tuning into. It’s like a tuning fork. I find that so fascinating. Energy and vibration are so fascinating to me because of that. I felt it like I can viscerally feel it, and so can other people through the power of words and languages.

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It’s a mindset. Once you understand that the giving of yourself is not for yourself but to giving of yourself is for others, then you want to be the best self-serving and giving individual you can be for the planet.

It’s the worthiest task you could ever give your mind.

Taking myself out of this conversation and listening to it on the outside, what comes up from me is the purpose in life. It’s to become aware. Once you become aware of what we’ve just talked about, understanding your individuality and spending time with yourself so that you can get to know yourself. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses, get clear on your desires and how are you going to bring them forward not for the purpose of serving yourself, but to be the best of yourself for others, that becomes the purpose. It’s to be the best of yourself for others.

There is so much truth here and simplicity. It feels so complex and this question that people ask for their entire life, and yet it’s so simple.

This is good. This is literally expanding my mindset. Go with me here for a second. I was listening to a guy and he talked about how he had low self-esteem and was insecure. He’s fat in a way that he didn’t like himself and didn’t have a purpose in life. For a series of reasons, he was able to turn that around. One of the things that motivated him was he had this visualization that went to heaven and it was time for him to have his reckoning with God. God showed him a list of things that God had available for him in his life.

Because he had low self-esteem, was fat in a way, and didn’t have a meaning to life, he wasn’t able to experience the things that God had for him. When he turned things around, he said, “When that happens, when I go to God and God shows me the list of things that he had for me. Not only do I want to have experienced those things, but I want to add more things to the list.” I said, “I had these things. Let’s say it was five things, but you were able to create ten things.”

What’s coming up for me is that we want to think about what impact when we go to God and we have that reckoning, we can say, “It’s because I expressed myself so much, this is the list of the impact that I’ve had.” Not so much what I was able to obtain for myself but that was a profound thing. I’ve got it like, “That was inspirational.” What’s even more inspirational is if we can go to God and we have a list and say to God, “Thank you for creating me. Here’s the list of things that I was able to impact as a result of you creating me, which I valued a lot.” This is how that impact is because that’s what I was able to create, fulfilling my purpose.

GCM 232 | True Gifts

True Gifts: Ignite Your Soul Magic And Monetize The Highest Expression Of Your Purpose By Jewel Veitch

Thank you for saying that. I’ve been saying for such a long time that there’s this deep desire to make life count, and that is what I mean. You just described it so perfectly. The impact, “Here God, this is how I made a count. Thank you for creating me. This is the impact I was able to have and this is how it counted that I was here.”

You talked about the separation. We didn’t talk about what happens and there’s a lot that happens in that separation. One of the things that are coming up for me that happen in that separation is the objectives and the intentions get altered. It becomes self-pleasing and there’s so much out there in social media that we’re looking outward that points to serving yourself, having this, doing that and being this. We get even further separated from service and giving. We take our gift and turn it into this self-pleasing. Get all I can get while I can get it. You can’t take any of it with you, but that’s how we see life from giving all to having it all.

We’re so separated that that provides some level of artificial fulfillment to realize that we’re not fulfilling at all because that never was the intent. It was never intended for you to feel fulfilled within that intention. When you come back to making it count, how can you make it count? What does that mean? What does that look like? There’s so much meaning in that. It’s a choice for that to me, not to be self-serving. When you talk about the impact and making a difference, that’s what lasts. It can count, but what’s the value of that count?

What’s the lasting value and impact?

That’s the question. That’s the conversation we want to have. For those that are wanting to truly find their purpose, this is the level of conversation you want to have with yourself.

That is my purpose. It’s to start and introduce those conversations, and introduce people to those conversations with themselves because to me, nothing else is relevant.

How can people find you if they want to work with you and learn more about you? How can they connect with you?

The easiest way is through my website, www.InnerCoreCoach.com. I have a free digital copy of my bestselling book available at www.InnerCoreCoach.com/truegifts because I want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

Why do you want to get that book into their hands?

Because of everything and every nugget of what we just talked about. Also, one of the things that I feel passionate about is that heart language, the words from our heart, the messages and the knowing in our heart about the answers to these questions. I feel and I know in my heart that the words in this book hold a level of resonance for some people. I’ve received so much feedback from this and I’ve known for a long time that that is one of my true gifts. It’s the way in which I use language. The words in this book hold a lot of power. Even though it’s a practical guide, there are some very divinely delivered messages in this book. That’s why I want it in the hands of as many people as possible because this is a divine gift. It came through me. I wrote it but it still originated from the divine.

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Thank you.

Thank you for this great conversation.

It was a great conversation and it provides a lot of clarity around the subject for those who really want to get clear. It’s going to take you getting still and truly reading to this. You’d be in the audience to pull everything out of it. There were some good things that were said here. There’s the opportunity to get clear about your purpose and how to find it if you feel you’re searching for it, what to do about it once you feel that resonance. I truly believe that’s a personal privilege and a responsibility that we all have. The purpose is to be the best version of ourselves for the purpose of creating that deep impact on the planet.

A thousand percent. Thank you.

Thank you as well. I appreciate you coming to the show. It’s been a great conversation. For those of you that are reading, continue to plug along. Thank you for reading and share this with someone that you feel may benefit from this. Whenever you feel you’re getting off track like life is throwing you so many curveballs, and you start asking yourself like, “Why God? Why is this happening to me?” Read this over. Get reconnected because a lot of times, when we’re feeling that way, it’s an indication that we are disconnected from our existence here on Earth. We appreciate you guys for reading. Until next time, make your life count.

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