GCM 223 | Driving Change


Driving change isn’t easy for many. You need inspiration, the right mindset, and faith in God to make it happen. In this episode, Rodney Flowers discusses change with keynote speaker and business coach Daniel Gomez. Daniel discusses enthusiasm and energy, the importance of having the right people around you, and learning from your failures. This is an inspiring talk that will leave you wanting more. Tune in and learn how you can drive the change you want to achieve and elevate your business!

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Daniel Gomez: Driving Change With The Right Mindset And Faith In God

I am excited about this episode. I have an award-winning keynote speaker, business coach, executive coach, corporate trainer and also podcast host, Daniel Gomez is with me. We are going to talk about how to elevate your business and how entrepreneurs can achieve their true potential through training and coaching programs. He helps empower clients to build epic success in their personal and professional lives. He’s the bestselling author of You Were Born To Fly and we are going to get into that a little bit. That book was written to inspire and give people the high-performance habits and confidence needed to be the leaders of their destiny. Without further ado, let’s welcome, Daniel Gomez to the show.

Welcome to the show, Daniel.

Rodney, you’ve got me motivated with that introduction. I’m ready to add some value to your audience. Let’s rock and roll. First of all, thank you for your service and for serving the Navy and our country. Thank you for having me on your show. It’s an honor. I want to add some value to the audience.

GCM 223 | Driving Change

You Were Born To Fly: Be Original, Be The Best YOU

I’m glad that you are here. I’m glad that you are excited. I love your energy. When you are dealing with challenges, obstacles and trying to accomplish something in the world, having a certain level of energy towards it is a game-changer. If you don’t have that energy, you don’t have that energy to move things forward. I’m excited to have a conversation with you.

We don’t realize that energy is everything, whether you call it energy or enthusiasm, you can’t win in life without energy and enthusiasm. As an entrepreneur, that’s for sure. The biggest mistake is that if you fail to raise your energy and frequency, you are going to continue to attract to yourself the same old. If you are living that 9:00 to 5:00 job trying to become that entrepreneur, the biggest mistake that young entrepreneurs make is they have never raised their frequency and energy, Rodney. That’s the trick.

Why do you think that is? Why is it difficult for people to get into this type of energy that can elevate you, can change the game and can take you to the next level?

Think about how we grow up, whether you live in Baltimore, Maryland, San Antonio, Texas or California, it doesn’t matter where you come from. When I give my keynote speeches, everybody is programmed the same way and it starts from childhood. I’m in Texas and you are in another state. I want to start a little sentence right here and I want you to play along with your audience. I’m going to prove a point here because we don’t realize how big is what I call the BS. I’m going to get rid of the BS in our life. We’ve got to get rid of the BS in our system. It’s not the other BS. It’s your belief system. We are programmed and conditioned deeply. That gunk is deep in us that we don’t realize it. I will start the sentence and do me a favor and finish it. Money doesn’t grow on.

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That’s the way it.


Who do you think you?


The early bird gets the.


Did you grow up with me here in San Antonio, Texas or what? Look at that. Everybody knows the answers. It doesn’t matter where I go speak. The reason I bring this great point up is that we are conditioned to think in mediocrity and our level down. To answer your question, we get to grade school and the first thing they tell you is, “Rodney, Daniel, don’t be laughing in class. Be quiet. We are studying.” Everywhere you go, they tell you to tune down your voice. It dims your life. We don’t even realize it. We are taught to dim our light in school. They programmed us to dim our light, our voice and our energy.

I remember being in elementary school when you go to the cafeteria, you get into the fun. There’s always that teacher monitoring and says, “Be quiet. Eat your food first and then start talking.” They tell us that and that’s supposed to be a fun time having lunch. You are that brother or sister that has a bigger brother, sister or you have that other family member in the family, whoever it may be. You get home and Rodney is like, “Dad, I made the basketball team. I’m going to rock and roll.” Your old man says, “Rodney, you know your brother and sister is not as athletic as you. I asked you to not brag about your successes.” You are not even bragging. You are happy because you want to celebrate yourself. You don’t know the difference. You are a kid. We are taught to keep our voice down again.

GCM 223 | Driving Change

Driving Change: Energy is everything. Whether you call it energy or enthusiasm, you can’t win in life without energy.


We go through our whole life, our whole adolescence, whether you choose college or whatever you choose, you go to the workplace. By that time, you are already taught to keep your voice down, and then you go into this job and you hate it. You are in a cubicle for twenty years. That’s probably your heart saying, “Let’s go.” You still have the conditioning of the employee. I do a big training for corporations and entrepreneurs called Kill The Employee Mindset. They come out, have an idea, think they can do it by themselves and never kill that employee mindset. That’s why our energy is not where it needs to be because our whole life, we are told to sit down and don’t brag. In reality, you are not bragging. They never give us permission to celebrate who we are.

There are a lot of people out there that can resonate with that. They feel like what you have described here. This is a perfect picture. It’s the picture that they express and live with every single day. I want to help them turn the corner and express themselves. Some people have some smart, great, life-changing ideas but they are conditioned and they can’t bring that idea forward. Here’s the thing, I suffer and you suffer because of that. We want to give people the tools that they need to come out of that mindset, to change the game, to contribute, to fully express themselves, to be who they are destined to be. How do we start to change this process, Daniel? If I’m that guy or girl sitting in the cubicle with this burning desire and idea but I’m afraid, perhaps I’m not confident that I can pull this off, I’m safe now and I know that this is secure for me. How do I change that mindset?

There are four things that I always teach. The first thing is you have to decide if you want to take that first step. The biggest mistake that most people make after they decide if they are interested in entrepreneurship and doing something. You’ve got to be committed. Once you decide, you have to commit to do that. You don’t have to have it all figured out. How do you go back to do cognitive reframing of your mindset? It falls to four things. The first two steps you’ve got to take is you have it inside and then you’ve got to go in there and forget the interests. If you are interested, you are going to lose right off the bat. If you try, you are going to lose. You have to be committed. Once you come to that commitment, there are four things that you can do daily that are going to help you.

That’s a major trip up for people, going from interested to committed. That’s a big leap. There are a lot of things that go through one’s mind to get to a commitment. How do they get over that hurdle? I think that’s a big hurdle.

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You have to start with the four things that I’m going to say. Do you want to know what your future is going to be like? What are you doing daily? Your future is hidden in your daily routine. What helped me go from interested to committed was four things that change majorly. I started reading books, first of all. The one thing is you’ve got to get different content into your mind. Good books are great. I love the book stuff because I’m an author myself but that’s one part of it. You do the books. What do you see and what are you reading? What are you listening to? A powerful book that you are inputting to yourself every day is going to determine the output.

We don’t realize that so we listen to music. Coming from the automotive industry, you wonder why a mechanic is mad. They are listening to Pantera at 5:00 AM and they are mad. They yell at something and snap. You don’t even know them. You’ve got to say it to your dad and he wakes up to this. I was guilty that he likes Slayer when I was younger. Why are you always angry? Speed up on what you are putting there. What are you listening to? What are you watching consistently? You’ve got to stop watching the news.

I was a big Good Morning America guy. For some part, Good Morning America is positive but then I came to the point where a lot of it is negative, too. You’ve got to cut the news out. The big one is who’s in your playground? Who is Rodney Flowers playing ball it? Who is Daniel Gomez allowing on his swing set? The five people that you allow in your playground are going to determine the level of success. I can say this with honesty. Those four things, what books are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? Who is in your playground? Who are you playing ball with every day?

My wife was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer and we had to come to that crossroad of what was I going to do? Was I going to hire somebody to take care of her? Was I going to do it? I looked at my playground and there were lovely people. These are people that I grew up with. The thing is that I had to connect with people that can help me to fulfill my dream. That is where I believe that 90% of entrepreneurs fail because they keep the associations that don’t serve them anymore.

It’s not that you are better than anybody. It’s the fact that you have to associate and lock arms with people. You have to lock arms with Rodney Flowers, with Daniel Gomez. Most people are going to go where you want to go. Those are the type of people and it’s hard. I was talking about this on another podcast. I cried. I have a quote. You are not a true entrepreneur, Rodney, until you are 99.9% sure that you are going to give up, you are crying in the bathroom but you don’t.

You don’t because you are committed. You believe in yourself. We believe that if you can wake up another day, if you can have a breath one more day, somehow, someway, you are going to pull it off.

It’s hard. Daniel Gomez Inspires is now a brand. We started our show The Fake Coaching to do high-level executive coaching and business coaching. They don’t see the days of Daniel in a restaurant crying. I’m going to be transparent because I’m real. I have nothing to hide that. Daniel trip the glass and he broke it because he was frustrated. Killing an employee mindset, in my mind, I can go back and make $250,000 in the automotive industry because I’m good at that.

There came to a point where I had to stop being self-reliant and I had to be God-reliant. It’s that transition of dying of self and dying to that old identity. What keeps a lot of us as entrepreneurs going to that next level is the identity issue. We don’t identify as an entrepreneur. We have an identity crisis in America. It’s bad enough that they don’t know, whether to go to a men’s restroom or a woman’s restroom but then you add that on a personal level and you never identify yourself as who you are. We are confused.

I can tell you that I went through that. You are going to cry. I don’t care who you are. Coaches and mentors are going to guide you and help you. There’s going to come to a point where you have to decide. Your coach can only help you so far but you have to want that change desperately. Even though I had great coaches and I still surround myself with millionaire people and everything else where I want to go, I still cry, Rodney. I would be lying to you if I told you I didn’t.

GCM 223 | Driving Change

Driving Change: You’re not a true entrepreneur until you’re 99.9% sure that you’re going to give up. You’re crying in the bathroom, but you don’t because you’re committed.


People identify who they are but not what they desire to become. It’s easy to identify with where I am now and it’s more difficult to identify where I want to be in 5 or 10 years. Can I start being where I want to be? The person that I want to be in 5 or 10 years, can I start being that person now? Can I take that on now? Even though I may not have that income, that network, that business or I might not have it physically but I can have it spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

I believe that it’s the inside out thing and not the outside in thing. You have to be coming on the inside to reflect it on the outside. We are a reflection of what we are on the inside. That’s what we are now. The thoughts, ideas, emotions, feelings and spiritual beliefs, that’s what we are. That’s what we are giving off and expressing. If we want to express something different, we’ve got to identify with the thing that we want differently. Otherwise, we keep getting the same old thing.

I’m going to speak for myself and be transparent. When I came out of the automotive industry, I ran multimillion-dollar dealerships. The thing that I had is I knew sales. When God put it on my heart, it was to come out as a motivational speaker. People laughed at me. People are going to laugh at you before they applaud you. Your goal as an entrepreneur is you have to understand that your dream is your dream. It’s not going to be Daniel’s dream. It’s not going to be Rodney’s dream. It’s not your mom’s and your dad’s dream. It’s your dream.

I’m passionate about it because the people that kill their dreams are the little brother, sister and cousin. It’s not their freaking dream. It’s your dream. It’s a God-given DNA. You’ve got to walk with that authority of what was given to you. Many times, we are excited. I have three stages. You have the dream state, that struggle in the middle, and then that victory. Ninety percent of entrepreneurs and business owners never taste that first victory because in the struggle, what chokes those dreams up many times is family and sometimes close friend’s opinions that you shouldn’t even listen to. You have to decide that you are going to make it through and not worry about it.

Many times, we are codependent on what other people think, feel and do more in our lives than we are, being who we are. They are lost in that. Write this down. It’s all about becoming. The journey of entrepreneurship is a journey of becoming. You never arrive because there’s always another level. If you make your first $100,000, the next thing is to make your first $250,000. If you make your $250,000, then you make $500,000. If you make $500,000, then you make your first $1 million. If you make your first $1 million, then you make your second $1 million and then $100 million. You keep growing. We don’t see it that way, we beat ourselves up, and then we get complacent.

The funny thing is when I do my business coaching with entrepreneurs, I ask them, “How much do you want to make?” “At my job, I was making $40,000.” That’s how small they think, which is sad. It’s getting them to kill that employee mindset and kill that employee identity. The key is to not vision themselves in that new identity, that’s one thing. You have to embrace and embody it. The biggest step is they don’t embody it and that’s where the failure comes in because they never embody who they become. They think they are an imposter and a fraud. They listen to Uncle Joe, who is a janitor that doesn’t have any business concepts at all or Aunt Mary, who is a great baker and plays it safe. Unfortunately, the crabs that are pulling us back in the bucket are our own family.

There’s the reality of what it takes to become that person that you want to become. Part of that reality is failing and coming up short. There’s this process of learning that is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, dark and lonely. It takes a bit of endurance, stamina and mental toughness to get through all of that to get to the other side. The reason why we say we want this entrepreneurship, success or money is that we want all the little flashy things that come with it, what that life can bring to us and all the feel-good things. It’s like looking at the tip of the iceberg and saying, “I want that iceberg.” Not realizing some things lie underneath that are necessary for that iceberg to exist in the first place.

We have to take on all of that and be willing to be not only the person that enjoys this lifestyle and all the accolades but the person who’s willing to go through those things, the things that people don’t see. Without that, you don’t get growth. When you say becoming that type of person, that’s what holds that up. That’s the framework around you becoming that person. Without that process, without those things, you don’t grow. It’s a necessary piece of the puzzle. It’s one of those things that many people would rather skip or avoid. Can I get to the good stuff? Tell me what the end of the story is because I don’t want to read the book. Get to the good part.

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The ones that do that don’t last. They don’t last because they don’t have the character and they don’t have the integrity. I don’t mean by moral integrity. I always reference this story because everybody can relate to that. It anchors them because we have all been kids. I always tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. Imagine the first business, the business that’s built of straw. The integrity is no Bueno. It’s not good. The wolf blows it down and went to the stick house. The integrity is a little bit better than the straw but that’s how your business grows to maybe $50,000 to $60,000 but it collapses under pressure and the demands of your clients. The Big Bad Wolf blows that stick house down.

Once you get to that first $100,000, I say first $100,000 because a big percent of entrepreneurs never hit that. When you hit the first $100,000, it’s a brick house and you have integrity. The integrity has the strength to handle the customer complaints, the demands of being on time every day or the demands of delegating whatever it is. Your integrity and strength, that’s where that resilience comes in. You call it resilience and I call it a bounce back. How strong is your resilience? How strong is your bounce back? If you don’t have any bounce back, you are not going to develop that integrity and strength that you need.

Wherever you are going or whatever pace, you might be reading this and you are like, “Rodney, that’s great but I want more.” That will become more. You have to go from that straw house to that stick house and the final stage, that brick house that has the integrity and strength to handle it. If you are an athlete, maybe you are like, “That doesn’t resonate with me.” Let me tell you another one. Before you can run a marathon, you’ve got to run half a marathon because if you don’t have the stamina and the endurance not to give up when that hard time comes, when that moment comes that you fail, 90% of people that fail never get back up.

You have to embrace the failures and see them as lessons learned, as experiences and you grow from them. That’s your stepping stone and not your tombstone. The moment you realize that where you are at now is where you are supposed to be, you embrace the lessons. A lot of times these lessons come in problems. I went through a big one. I’m being honest. I had a $2,000 lesson and another $1,500 lesson. You’ve got to learn how to deal with these in business. Of course, I want everything to be in the green but there’s going to be that little red that comes along. How are you going to swallow that?

I will be honest, before, I would get pissed. I would be like, “Man.” It’s part of the business but you learn how to put new systems in place, new strategies and new contracts. You learn quickly that sometimes people’s words are not their words or you learn. I don’t get mad anymore because I don’t want a problem. When a challenge comes my way, I’m either going to grow through it or I’m going to learn something new and it’s going to help me to become a better leader because I’m responsible for employees. I then would become a better person because I’m not going to be selfish. It’s part of the journey of becoming, Rodney.

One of the things I learned from Marines because I have been around a lot of Marines in my life is they have this saying called, “Embrace the suck.” In life, there’s hard stuff. That’s being transparent. It’s hard. It’s not easy. That’s the truth. We get to decide how we are going to respond to the hard. We can embrace the fact that it’s hard and it sucks. We can be harvesters of difficult times. The times that are difficult and hard are times where we can learn a lot or we can strengthen ourselves. A person that is going to be an entrepreneur has got to be a person that is willing to get hit and get back up over and over again. If you are not that type of person and you can’t sign up for that, then more than likely you can’t be a successful entrepreneur.

GCM 223 | Driving Change

Driving Change: So many times, we’re codependent on what other people think, feel, and do more in our life than we are just being who we are.


Part of being an entrepreneur is falling down and getting back up. It’s like playing football, “I want to be a football player but I don’t want to get hit.” You probably don’t want to be a football player because the nature of the game is getting hit. That’s what football players do. They get hit, they embrace it and get back up. They are not like, “I’ve got hit. I will never play.” They are like, “If you hit me, I’m going to go back. I’m going to drop another play and then I’m going to execute again. I’m probably going to get hit again but I’m going to keep doing this and follow this process until I score.”

I don’t know if it was Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson who said, “You can train all you want, you can be the best, you can run all these miles and run up the mountains and you can do all this for the fight but when you get hit, you can’t plan for that.” When you get hit, the boxer has a decision, “Do I lay on the mat or do I suck it up and learn from this and it’s going to take me to another level?” Those hits in the face are what’s going to catapult you to the next level. The ones that don’t want to get off the mat, maybe it wasn’t for them.

I can tell you that everybody inside of you, you are stronger than you think, you are more capable than you believe because there’s another ounce of excellence inside of you, your God-given DNA that’s inside of you. When you stop depending on your strength and your abilities, and you tap into that excellence that’s already inside of you, you are going to say, “I can do this and that.” Don’t worry about the details. Keep walking forward. Do you want to use wisdom? Yes.

When I ran these big organizations, Rodney, we are talking about it and I said, “It’s a new day. We don’t have anything on the board now. We’ve got zero. What the heck do we have to lose? Nothing. Give it all you’ve got.” I’m giving you 1,000 permissions to make 1,000 mistakes now. I don’t care. The moment you make the same mistake over then we are going to talk. The fact that they had the freedom to make all these mistakes, no one ever made a mistake. We would have some little things come up here and there but for the most part, they understood that they had the grace to make a mistake.

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Sometimes as an entrepreneur, you have to give yourself that grace that you might make a mistake now. It happens. It’s part of the business, growing and learning. You have to understand that with those mistakes, you have to be resilient and know that it’s a mistake. You are not a mistake. That’s part of developing that resilient mindset and growing process. As far as the development, it’s part of the becoming journey. When you have that shift in mindset, you start thinking about it. You are reading the right books, listening to the right podcast, listening to the right things in the morning, and when you stop watching all that junk, that negativity on the news or binge-watching on Netflix to the crap that doesn’t serve your business, and then you start bringing new people into your playground, don’t be intimidated to bring bigger people into your playground.

Believe me, that’s what I love about Shaquille O’Neal. He didn’t care, “Bring on Kobe. Bring on Dwayne. I need them.” Most people have the Allen Iverson mentality because they want all the spotlight. You would be surprised how many multimillionaires that are out there that I cold check. They still have the scarcity mindset like Allen Iverson mindset. How do I know he has scarcity? It’s because he was a freaking ball hogger. He never wanted to pass the ball. That’s why he never won a championship. Think about that.

Kobe Bryant humbled himself and learned from Shaq and he invited people in. Another great is Michael Jordan. He knew he had an abundance mindset. How did he know? It’s because he embraced Scottie Pippen. Greatness and excellence are achieved and success in business is achieved when you learn to work as a team and collaborate with other people, you embrace your team, build your team and become the leader who’s not selfish. If not, you are going to be Allen Iverson in your whole life and business. You are going to have some small wins but you will never be who you want to be because all you think about is yourself and you have that lack mentality.

You wrote the book You Were Born To Fly. Tell us a little bit about this book and why you published it.

You were born for greatness. You Were Born To Fly: Be Original, Be the Best YOU. When you were born to fly, you weren’t born to be mediocre and average. We are born for greatness. God didn’t create us to be mediocre. You were born to fly. The moment you realize that if you can fly out of that cubicle, you can be, do and have whatever you want to do. It all starts with you, self-leadership. This book is going to help you to develop that champion’s mindset and a winning attitude. Put some self-discipline into your life because the moment you take control of your own life and the moment you lead yourself in the right direction, you start flying. When you start flying, you bring other people with you.

If you would have told me that I was going to have a book and be an international bestseller, I would have never believed it. You’ve got to go to Amazon and get a copy of You Were Born To Fly. It’s simple. Many times, we try to overcomplicate this. When I wrote this, I purposely wrote it on an eighth-grade level because across America, the average reading level is eighth grade. Why do I want to use big words? It’s simple. Jump and keep it simple.

You Were Born To Fly is going to shift your thinking and mindset. In the back of it, we have that question to ask you. This is a problem. Most people are used to being told what to do. They are used to being trained. You understand this because you went through basic training. You are taught what to do. You are never taught to think for yourself. The moment you start asking yourself the right questions, your subconscious thinking is going to give you the right answer.

Daniel, how can people reach out to you and connect with you if they wanted to learn more about you?

GCM 223 | Driving Change

Driving Change: God didn’t create us to be mediocre. You are born to fly. The moment you realize that, you can fall out of that cubicle and do whatever you want to do.


You can text the word CONFIDENT to 26786 and you will get my free training, 7 Steps To Fly Daily. What I want to do for your audience is give them a free discovery session. Go to Bit.ly/meetdanielgomez and you can set up a complimentary discovery session with me. You can go to my website, www.DanielGomezGlobal.com. Message me and if you can’t get ahold of me to the meet me Bit.ly link, send me a message and I will offer a complimentary. All my brand across is Daniel Gomez Inspires. I’m on Facebook, YouTube and Clubhouse. I want to add value to your people and let them know that they have another level and they were born to fly.

Thank you for that, Daniel. I can hear your passion for helping and inspiring people. Where does that come from? What has driven you to write the book and be the motivational speaker for corporate executives and entrepreneurs?

I was that bad little kid, Rodney, that everybody picked on. I was an ugly duckling. God gave me my time to shine. Now, I’m not that ugly duckling. I became that swan. I have permitted myself to play bigger. I know hate is a strong word but I hate it when people don’t see the potential in themselves. That was me. The moment you realize that you are a creation of God, God created you for a reason. You are not following Rodney’s show now and you are not reading this amazing episode because it’s an accident. There’s more inside of you. I hate to see untapped potential because untapped potential becomes poison. It poisons your body with depression, unfulfillment and suicide. If I can help one person from wanting or trying to commit suicide, then I did my work for that day.

Thank you for coming to the show. This has been a great episode and a great conversation. I love the work that you are doing. If there’s one thing that you would like to leave with people that will help them bounce back from their challenges, dominate their game and consistently win in the game of life, what would that be?

You might think that you are a screw-up. You might think, “That’s not me,” whether you are male or female, I want to remind you what God did with mold. God took the bacteria, a stinky, old, smelly mold and he turned it into penicillin. If God can take mold and turn mold into penicillin, which heals the body and helps us, what can he not do in your life and your business if you allow him to? God is still in the miracle business. Maybe you feel like that mold and you think you are stinky and smelly but the moment that God touches you, you will become that penicillin that’s going to go out there, heal by solving people’s problems and your business will do the same. Great business owners, all they do is solve other people’s problems.

Daniel Gomez, thank you for coming to the show. It has been a pleasure.

If God can take mold and turn it into penicillin, which heals the body and helps us, what can he not do in your life and business? Click To Tweet

Rodney, thank you for having me. I enjoyed it. It has been a lot of fun. I’m honored to be here with you. I’m glad that we had this conversation, too. It’s about your audience, serving them and adding value to them. Thank you.

There you have it, another successful episode of the Game Changer Mentality show. If you feel touched by that, what you have read, then maybe that’s a little nudge for you to take a step forward to allow that thing that you have burning inside of you to come forward or there’s some self-discipline, self-evaluation and confidence building or at the most basic level, some commitment that you need to make to cross over to the other side and leave what is behind to discover something new. If that’s you, I want to encourage you, inspire you and motivate you to take that step. You know what you have been able to accomplish up to this point. To crossover it, there is some uncertainty but that also brings excitement and possibility. Let that be the driving force that compels you to take that step forward and then believe in faith, God, and a higher power. It has brought you this far, why can’t it take you further? Until next time, peace and love.

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