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Have you thought of getting out of that nine-to-five job? Have you ever thought of leaving the corporate world but you’re too tied up to that grand money that it brings? How about having a freedom lifestyle while still making money? Cancer survivor Colleen Gallagher believes that every person on this planet has a unique gift. She shares how you can use that gift to rise up, live your truth, and make money from it. Colleen shares some techniques on how you can become a manifestor and impact the world with your truth as you create your wealth through your incredible uniqueness.

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Creating Wealth Out Of Your Special Gift with Colleen Gallagher

I have Colleen Gallagher with me. She is a ball of fire. Before we get into the conversation with her, I want to say thank you to my audience, to my followers. You are making this show a success. I’ve been reading some of the reviews that you’ve been leaving. I want to say thank you for the positivity that you have given me and the love. If you’re new to the show, thank you. I understand there are other blogs out there that you could be reading. You have chosen to read us and we appreciate that. As a result, I want to give you the best show possible that I can give you.

Hence, I brought Colleen Gallagher to the show. This woman is a cancer survivor. She’s traveled the world. She’s making a massive impact on the world. This lady believes that every person on this planet has a unique gift that they are supposed to live and they can use that gift to rise up, live their truth and make money from it. We’re going to talk about how to make that money. We’re going to talk about all of that, how to rise up, how to live your truth. We’re going to get into that. Without further ado, please welcome Colleen Gallagher to the show.

Thank you so much for that beautiful introduction and for being this channel of light to activate others in the world.

We need more of that. We all can look around and see there’s so much darkness. I’m going to decide to be the light and be the salt of the world. You’re doing the same thing too and I want to say thank you for being that and being here on the show with me.

GCM 39 | Creating Wealth

Live Your Truth

I’m super excited for this and all your audience that is here, get ready for a wild ride.

You have survived cancer. I want to hear about your bout with cancer and how you’ve been able to overcome it.

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, normal upbringing and I love basketball. I was a point guard. I was going for a layup and as soon as I lay up, I fell down and I couldn’t breathe. I was hyperventilating and all of a sudden I’m going to the ER. There was a huge lump in my neck. I don’t know how we didn’t notice it and they said, “Your daughter’s going to need surgery. She’ll be in medication for the rest of her life. It’s going to be hard for her to have kids when she wants to have kids.” Whatever did that mean to a fourteen-year-old? I was like, “I’m going to be ugly. I have this scar. What am I going to do? I need to get plastic surgery.” There were many other things like, “What is this?” The first surgery came and went and it ended up being a lymph node that was wrapped in my jugular. I had to get another surgery.

There was a moment in time when I was at the hospital and there was another little girl and we were playing in the playroom. What happened is her dad yelled at her mom and the dad said, “The only reason we’re in this position to not pay for our daughter’s treatment is that you’re a stay-at-home mom.” What occurred from that place, which I didn’t know, are two things imprinted on me. One was that you needed money to have love and one was you need money to not die. I went on this long path. I went and got a marketing degree from Michigan State and I ended up working for a $23 billion company as a sales engineer. I was like, “I want to be this woman in this male-dominated field. Let’s do this and get it.” What I realized is I was doing it to travel and leave Michigan. I was able to live in Arizona, Texas and Maryland with this company. I realized I was doing it more for money.

I believed that the more money I have, the more freedom I will have. The more money I have, the more love I will have. The more money I have, the more fulfillment I will have. It got to a point when I was 22 years old and I was covering a large sales territory. I left a large customer of mine and we were talking about product lines. What I realized is if I do this for the rest of my life, I may not be here because I was recreationally using drugs on the weekend. I was in an emotionally abusive situation and all these things. I wanted to live internationally. That was my dream, my big truth. If I did that, everything would be good. That was going to be the fulfillment. I started to look at visas because the company told me it’d be a few years. I started looking at visas and saw it was $20 for a one-year visa in New Zealand. I ended up going, “I have to do this or I’m not going to be here.” I was committed to that dream to live internationally and the fear and the illusion that it will work out.

What I did is I saved for a few months. I quit my corporate job and moved across the world to New Zealand. I had anxiety attacks every single day in the process while I did it, but I was committed to it and that was my truth. That was my dream. I got to New Zealand with my five suitcases like, “We’re here. I’m ready to do this. Let’s go.” I manifested a job with a $400 million company within a few weeks. I realized that, “I’m clearly a powerful manifester. Clearly, there’s got to be more to this that I can do to help people be happier and not go to these depressions.” That’s where I did 300 hours of yoga and meditation. I found that this imprinted of money, that this money was the end-all and be-all bringing you to this happiness and fulfillment.

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I started realizing there are surely a lot of people that are working in corporate. There are surely a lot of people that I’m looking that think this is the only option. They think this is the only possibility if they haven’t even been introduced to the world of impossibilities yet. Let me start if I can try to help people realize this. I went to an entrepreneur retreat in Fiji. It was all New Zealanders and I’m messaging them like, “I’m an American, is it okay if I come?” I booked it and went. From that space, I never looked back. In 2018, I left my corporate job with $5,000 in my bank account. I’ve made it around the world twice. I had one book come out. I’ve had employees, programs, speaking events, podcast. I’m getting my Master’s in Global Technology and Development. I helped many people to rise, to live their truth and see their impossible reality is possible.

You’ve done so much in your life already. It’s commendable and I appreciate that. I want to get into your gift. You talked about being a manifester. I don’t know if that’s the gift that you are mentioning. Is that your gift?

There are multiple gifts that we all have. My true gift is restoring people to their natural truth and restoring their greatness. Within that, we all have a manifesting ability. When we all set our goals on something and we all set our vision on something, we say, “This is what I desire. This is what I’m here to do to impact the world. This is what I’ve realized in my life I struggled with. I don’t desire anyone else to go through that alone in the way that I did. I want to share and I want to show up from that place.” That’s your vision and from that, you have a gift. You have an ability to do something to help others, to empower others, to guide others, to get down to where others may be surviving or crawling and lift them up to thrive. When you’re doing that, that’s when manifestation naturally occurs.

You and I have different stories but relatable. I see that you’ve taken your story and you’ve turned it around and you’re using this as a vehicle to help others which is the same thing that I’m doing in life. I’ve been on several podcasts. I’ve done several podcasts now and it’s been a common theme about harvesting the good out of our situations. The things that we go through in life, having cancer and being paralyzed, we look at those things as horrible things. For me, it has been the best thing that could have ever happened to me. There are some ongoing things that I have to deal with as a result of that, but I look at my life and what I’m doing.

I can’t say that I will be doing that had this event not occurred in my life. Being an author, being a podcast host, the travel and the speaking and all the things I am doing, I can’t say that I would be doing that. It’s game-changing, hence, Game Changer Mentality because when we look at and we have the perception of some of the things that we’ve gone through, it’s a setup. We look at it as a setback but if we look at it with the right lens, we can realize it’s a setup. It’s an opportunity to help inspire and bring others out.

GCM 39 | Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth: Some people think that the more money they have, the more they have freedom and fulfillment.


Some people reading this will be like, “Colleen, I didn’t have cancer. Rodney, I wasn’t paralyzed. I don’t have this magic gift.” That’s your mind trying to come in and suppress your heart. If you were to tune into your heart and you were to ask from a place of wholeness, a place of self-love, a place of fulfillment. You know you’re here to do something amazing. Who doesn’t like to feel good? I love to feel good. Everyone likes to feel good. You feel good when you’re doing the things that you love and the things you love naturally bring passion, excitement and fulfillment to others. It doesn’t need to be an event that was insane.

I challenge that statement, “Maybe you didn’t have cancer. You don’t have cancer. You never were paralyzed.” True, no push back there. However, everyone has something. Everyone has a cross to bear. Everyone has some event or something that happens in their life. It could be divorce, domestic violence, losing a job, debt. It could be a number of things, grief from someone dying in your family. We all have something. No one lives this life without going through some experience that was challenging or traumatic. Even people that are highly successful all deal with this. The key here is to have a certain perspective about it to be able to deal with it and then share. Another thing that has been common in the show is sharing and how important it is to share.

I believe that the experience that you go through is not just for you. It’s also for those that are around you. Those people that you can share that experience with. We all have something to give here in life. I believe that a piece of eternity was taken from eternity and given a beginning and an end. We call it life. At some point, this life is going to end. I believe it’s what you give during that period of time that defines your legacy. It defines who you are, your contribution back to life. Everyone has that responsibility because you didn’t ask to be here. I’m glad I’m here. I’m glad I have a life. I’m glad I’m able to experience the trees, the rain, the sun and everything that life has to give. I didn’t ask for that. It was given to me. What am I going to give back to life? That’s how you give and we all have these unique gifts, things about us that can contribute to life. That’s what we’re here on this planet to do.

I want to make sure we get that. There are many things that can happen to you. Truly, if you’re dog died and that was impactful, which it can be, that can change someone’s life. There are people who don’t know how to get over that. That is a traumatic event. It doesn’t even need to be something that maybe, “I was doing chemotherapy and dying.” They could be the emotional stimulation that’s important that you share it and you give. A great practice to do in this is writing down what you’re grateful for and writing down in gratitude, “I’m grateful all of these events have happened to me that I made it through this, that I was able to experience it.” When you start to realize all the things that have happened to you and how grateful you are, then you could tell someone and you can share some of that. It could be how great water tastes. There are many people that don’t have water. 75% of the world is living in poverty. You could tell someone how great that feels. Even that is enough of sharing your gifts, your passion and your savory of that to create excitement in this world. Giving them passion and be your contribution to them to go into a lifestyle income that you desire to have.

Were you always this way? After going through cancer treatments and things like that, a lot of times it can be depressing. It can get people down. We know you’re not down. You’re full of energy and full of life. You’re a big personality. What allowed you to get to this point in life?

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It was a moment in time. The last moment where I realized that there was something called victim mentality where we allow ourselves to be victims and we allow ourselves to play in a cycle. We co-create with the universe in that place. I was in Miami, in Ultra. It was 2017, right before I went to New Zealand. It should have been the time of my life. I was following my dreams. I was with a lot of friends that weren’t uplifting. What happened is I ended up texting a friend when I was partying and I said, “I wish I never made it through cancer.” She said immediately, “You need to leave who you’re with,” and all of these things. I left. I ended up meeting a girl from Australia and I was with her. A few weeks later, I was over in Sydney with her as uplifting and we’re still good friends to this day. What I realized at that moment is that I was choosing to not acknowledge my gifts.

I was choosing to put myself in environments where that lower light that exists within us or that shadow that hasn’t been us is to become open. I wasn’t respecting myself and I wasn’t putting myself in an uplifting environment. I’ve always been positive. I’ve always been ambitious, but it was ambitious in the way that I was addicted to success, addicted to money would bring me this, money would do this. After that moment, I never wanted one more person in my entire life to ever get to that point where they felt that they were wishing that something didn’t happen. Even if there were substances included where it’s sad, it gets us nothing, I never want anyone to ever feel again or anyone to ever have that be their truth. That’s why I truly believe the world needs more love and positivity. It starts with you. It starts with choosing to say, “I’m no longer going to tolerate and accept myself being a victim and putting myself in these situations. I’m taking responsibility to be better.”

Your mission is to help people rise up and live. Talk to us about living their truth. What do you mean by that?

The first part in this is you got to get crystal clear on what is your passion? What lights you up? I get lit up when I’m talking to people. When I’m helping people, there’s nothing that makes me more excited. Even in my research when I’m talking to people like, “We could do this to help people, help do this.” That lights me up. I’m not a scientist. That doesn’t get me excited. What is your truth? Find that. Whatever it is and you’re like, “I’m not sure.” The easiest way to find your truth or start looking, go to YouTube, Google, Amazon, Facebook. Who are the influencers you follow and what pops up on your feet? Write it down on a piece of paper. That is going to be a common theme of what you like.

You believe that the things that you like and your desires, let’s say the desires of your heart. I want to play with that because we talk about my desires and the things that I desire in life. I believe that your desires, even though we take ownership of them, they were given to you. I want to play with that a little bit because a lot of people think, “I want this because that’s what I want.” The universe or God is clever and he’s given us these desires and the desire for those things for a certain reason. I believe that as we go on our pursuit of those things, we discover things about ourselves. There are people and other things that benefit as a result of that journey, as a result of that process. There is where we find our truth.

GCM 39 | Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth: A lot of people think that what they have is the only option as they have not been introduced to the world of impossibilities yet.


I believe we’re each soulful beings. We’re each spiritual beings of light. We are made of light and there’s lower light that exists within us and there are higher vibrations of light. I truly believe that everything that has happened to us is not a coincidence. People are like, “We don’t want to make the wrong choice.” There’s never a wrong choice in life. Choices are going to bring in more choices. When you look back on your life, your purpose, your truth and your heart’s desire, every choice is going to make sense. When you look at knowing that you are protected like you are someone who’s here that has so much more light that exists within you than you can even fathom. Doing things to help you succeed if you choose to co-create and to be responsible in that process, that’s what I believe is what allows people to thrive. When people get that and they stretch it, it’s a muscle, anything you do in your life. If you’re like, “I want to tune in now to my heart. I want to release in my mind these limiting beliefs. I want to release this subconscious. I want to tap into my heart,” we start listening to what feels good. Start listening to those things. Those gifts are crazy, but they’re not. I’m going to start following that because opportunities are going to arise.

For someone that may be reading that is surviving and they want to get to the place where they’re thriving. Maybe they don’t know how to co-create. They may not even understand exactly what you’re talking about. Walk us through your philosophy of co-creation.

Co-creation is we have all these resources around us all the time whether it’s a phone, a camera, a card and it could be a pen and paper. It could be cardboard, glass, whatever it is. You have all these resources around you. You want to start looking at things as resources. These resources around you can enable you to lift yourself up and enable you to lift others up. If you’re surviving, that means that you get to give more to the world because the more that you’re giving and you’re giving people solutions to problems, the more you’re going to receive.

When you started to see that you can use resources such as, I’ll give you a great example, Amazon, you don’t even have to own your own product or service. You can go on Amazon and you can make money off of someone else’s product and service being an affiliate and simply putting things on your website. You don’t even have to own anything to make an income or do anything. You can take someone else and distribute it for them as a human being. That is a co-creation. When you’re deciding to say, “These are all the resources. This is what I’m passionate about. I see this that I like and I’m choosing to now use ways or use creative tactics to allow me to put this out and to receive more because I’m giving more.”

What if someone is feeling like, “I don’t feel that I can do that? My situation is so bad that I don’t feel I can co-create.” What is your response to that?

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My response is back when I was in Miami and I was doing that, “What are you choosing?” you get to choose that. You can choose to be there and say, “I wish I never made it through that.” You can choose to say, “I’m a victim of this. I’m a victim of cancer. I’m a victim of emotional abuse.” You can say all of the things. You could say, “I’m a victim and that happened to me. I released that judgment of myself and now I’m moving forward because I’m choosing that I’m worth it. I’m choosing to be a game changer.” True game changers, that’s not their thoughts. That’s not even in their realms. I would highly ask how committed are you to create a better life for yourself?

Let’s get into the making money part of it. That’s the third piece. Probably the piece that most people are most interested in is making money. Rise up, live your truth and make money from it. Walk us through your philosophy of that.

I feel there are many ways to make money. There’s money everywhere I feel. The thing that I wanted to dive into is when people go into, “I’m not sure with money or I’m not sure with this.” The first part before anything is what’s your truth to make money? You could make money from a corporation. You could make money from a job. Is that sustainable? Is it fulfillment? You want to make sure you’re doing what your heart desires. The first biggest part before any of this and once you do that, start looking at co-creation opportunities. The third part is to get laser-focused. Am I doing a product or a service? What do I love to do? Do I love to create art? What are some problems in the world where people need art? Let me go to Google. Let me go to Amazon. Let me see what the problems are. How can I start to make art and give that as a solution to people’s problems that were looking for art?

You make things simple. I love the way you simplify things. A lot of times in life, we overcomplicate it. The way that you break things down and make it plain and simple is beautiful. People can gain a lot from making things simple. I listen a lot to Bob Proctor and one of the things that he says is if we have a big problem or maybe you have a goal to make a large amount of money, he said, “The first thing you have to do is to reduce it to the ridiculous.” You break it down into the smallest piece possible. He used an example of $1 million and he said, “If you want to make $1 million, how much would you need to make in a month to make $1 million if you want to make $1 million in twelve months?” That’s $83,333.

In 30 days, you got to make $83,333. There are four weeks in a month. How much would you need to make in a week if you want to make $83,333 in a month? He broke that down. If you’re going to work 40 hours a week, how much would you need to make an hour in order to make that weekly amount? Once you get it to that place of its smallest denominator, it makes it doable. You’re still doing the big thing. You’re still making $1 million. You’re still accomplishing that, but your focus is not on this big project. Your focus is on this small piece or this small goal. The way you break things down is brilliant for the audience because you break it down until it’s quick and it’s easy.

GCM 39 | Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth: Victim mentality is where we allow ourselves to be victims and to play in a cycle as we cooperate with the universe.


I feel I get to be super simple. I left my job with $5,000 in my bank account. I was able to go around the world with that and create clients and create programs. I was able to live into that. The thing that I want to say is I didn’t start off going, “I plan to make X amount,” or, “I plan to do whatever.” I was like, “I just want to help people. I want to help people live a better life. That is the problem I would like to solve. People who feel stuck, who feel unsure and they want to rise up, that they desire to do this, I want to help them discover that.”

What is your strategy? How do you help people? I can feel your passion for wanting to help people. If someone wants to work with you, what are some of the things that you do to help them?

I have a few different programs that I’ve created since my time of starting. Where you are if you’re starting or feeling unstuck, I have a program called Live The Impossible. Another tip, another way to make money from this is you create one product or solution and multiple price points with it. Example, I came up with my book, Live Your Truth. What did I do from that one book? I then created a six-week program from that. From that six-week program, I created a live webinar from it. From the live webinar, I created an event from it. From that, I’ve now created a different product spectrum called Evolutionary Leadership, which are helping leaders who are already epic, already starting businesses evolve their mindset to go from impact to income.

You can create one thing that you do and stretch it along multiple price points. The thing that I do when you look at that process, I said, “The three-step process of living your truth is first you want to find your truth, then you want to start speaking your truth so you’re in a higher vibration and putting yourself in environments with that. Work deep from where your subconscious blocks with that. The last part is living it and creating a sustainable lifestyle with your calendar to always upgrade with your wheel of life. To always look at how you can evolve and where you’re focusing on to where you get the greatest return on your investment for your time and for your passion.”

Are you working with authors? What type of people are you working with?

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The people that I work with in Live The Impossible, my first program, are usually people that are feeling stuck. They’re unsure and they’re going through maybe wanting to leave corporate. They want to start a freedom lifestyle. They want to get out of the 9 to 5. That’s usually the realm of that. The Evolutionary Leader, the first part with that is looking at where the subconscious blocks that are existing in your life that are hindering you from evolving your brand in a much more expansive way. Implementing that will automatically go and allow top talent to come to you. The third part is creating a movement with your company and seeing what social impacts with the solution you’re providing with that. With that, it’s usually business owners or leaders who are here to expand and make a difference.

How long have you been doing this?

It started in 2018.

What’s your favorite part of life?

My favorite part is that you get to lift the vibration of the planet being you. I love just being myself all the time. I don’t have to choose to be in corporate anymore. I’m volunteering at a cancer organization. I’m one girl, then I’m a corporate girl, then I’m a daughter, then I’m a friend. It’s not segmented. I get to be Colleen and that’s finally enough.

GCM 39 | Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth: Everything that happens to us is not a coincidence. When you look back on your life, your purpose, your truth, and your heart’s desire, every choice is going to make sense.


What have you decided is the best way to make money?

Helping others providing services.

How can people reach you if they want to connect with you?

The best way to reach me, if you want my personal contact, is through my Facebook. I’m @Colleen Gallagher or @Colleen.Gallagher111 or Instagram, which is @Colleen_Gallagher_.

Colleen Gallagher, you’re an author, speaker and coach. Reach out to Colleen. This girl is on fire. She has a big passion for helping people and as you can tell, she has the Game Changer Mentality all day long. I love the fact that you joined us on the show, Colleen. It’s been great. It’s been awesome connecting with you. I look forward to more collaborations and learning more about you. I want to say thank you for being on the show.

Thank you so much and using this to empower others and truly, if you act on any of the things with Game Changer, I am positive you will be able to transform your life.

Thank you so much. There you have it guys. Finding your passion, realizing that whatever experience that you’ve gone through, good or bad, it probably can help someone else. There is where you can find your truth. By giving and serving from that place, you make and find prosperity. That’s what Colleen has done. That’s what I have done and we recommend that you do it too. I want to say thank you for reading. As we sign off, Colleen, any last words for the audience?

Remember, you are an epic human being of light that is here to lift the vibration of the planet by being you.

Like we always say, greatness is your birthright. Thank you and tune in next time. Peace and love.

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