GCM 06 | Creating And Living In Your Possibility


Can you imagine creating and living in your possibility now and every day? The thing about being a human being is that we are creators. We’re powerful beings and we actually create the life that we live. We create that life with the things that we say and the things that we think. Words are powerful. You create with your words so if you say something long enough, it starts to show up in your life. However, not everyone is happy with what they’ve created, not everyone knows that they are creators, and not everyone knows that they can change what they’ve created. If you are one of those, learn how you can change your life and have the ability to create possibilities for yourself.

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Creating (And Living) In Your Possibility Today And Everyday

In this episode, we’re going to be talking about creating and living in your possibility. Can you imagine living and creating your possibility every single day? Maybe I should say that the other way, creating and living in what you create in the possibility that you create now and every day. That is something that I choose to do every day and it is available to anyone. The thing about being a human being is that we are creators and people don’t talk about that as much. It gets swept under the rug or it’s not out in the forefront as I think it should be. What that really means is that we’re powerful people, that we’re powerful beings and the life that we live, we actually create that life.

We create that life with our mouths and the things that we say. We create it with our minds, the things that we think. I’m sure you’ve heard, that what you think about comes about. Your words are powerful. You create with your words the things that you say. If you say it long enough, it starts to show up in your life. We’re going to talk about that now because I realized that not everyone is happy with what they’ve created. Not everyone knows that they are creators. Not everyone knows that they can change what they’ve created. They can change their lives and they can live in a possibility. Things may not be going right, but you may not like the way things are at this very moment. As a matter of fact, they may make you disgusted. How many of you just find certain areas in your life where you’re just disgusted?

Maybe it’s your relationships. Maybe it’s your finances. Maybe you don’t even like the job that you have and it’s like, “I wish I could change this. I wish it would go away. I wish I can create a new possibility in this area of my life.” We’re going to talk about how you can actually do that. I realized that we all have busy lives and we have responsibilities. Sometimes we don’t get to focus on those types of things. We’re in a survival mode and we’re just doing things that have to be done at that moment in time. Then we have these things that we would like to change, things that we would like to do, but we don’t get an opportunity to focus on those things. To change those things. We feel like we have to put up with those things.

We have to be on that job. We have to be in that relationship because if we change it, if there was something different, it may not work out. We always think that it may not work out. We’re afraid to try something different because we feel this is doing what it’s doing right now. If I try to mess with it, I may cause the situation to change for the worse. We’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about creating a possibility that you want. A possibility that you would like to live in now and every day. How do you do that? It starts with intentions. I believe that sometimes we get up, we go to work and accept whatever comes our way during the day. I know not everything is in our control. We can’t control the guy that cuts us off. We can’t control the supervisor that’s angry and yelling. We can’t control that someone is late. They didn’t meet their deadline. We can’t control that.

That’s not what I’m talking about, but I’m talking about for example, when you wake up in the morning and you have the day ahead of you, you can set the intention for the day. Do you do that? Do you practice that? How many of you actually practice setting the intentions for the day? I believe that most of us, we get up, we try to sleep to the very last minute and we get up and we’re frantic about getting out of the house. We have this routine that we run through very quickly if we have a routine at all. We’re trying to get to work or we’re trying to get to the first place that we have to be and we’re frantic in that. We don’t take the time to set the intention, to set up your day, to get grounded in what you want now to be like.

Set Intentions For Your Life

More so, how you are going to be in the day? What is your intentions for the day? How are you setting yourself up to respond to certain things to perform? How do you want to be? Let’s stay right there. We don’t focus a lot on being. We focus a lot on having and doing, but not so much being. That’s what we are, we’re spiritual beings and we get to choose how we want to be. Do you want to be a happy person? Do you want to be a loving person? Do you want to be a wealthy person? Whatever it is that you want to be. These are decisions. These are things that we can set ourselves up to be every single day. You can set your intentions for the day. You can set your intentions for the week. You can set your intentions for the year and setting your intentions for your life. What are your intentions for your life? What is your purpose of the day? What is the purpose of your life? Who do you want to be?

Who are you being? Not what are you doing, but who are you being? When you have who you are being down, what you do is a direct reflection of who you are, but we’re so focused on doing and having, and not necessarily being. That gets to the essence of a person, like, “Who are you?” Regardless of someone cutting you off, regardless of someone missing a deadline, regardless of someone yelling at you, regardless of all of that, you have a choice how you respond to that. You have a choice on who you are in the midst of all of that. You have a choice of who you are in the midst of limited finances. You have a choice of who you are in the midst of arguments, in the midst of shortcomings, in the midst of failures, in the midst of fears.

You can choose what kind of person. Are you going to be a powerful person? Are you going to be a courageous person? Who are you? You can spread this being, this intention, this purpose to your relationships. Who are you in your relationships? Are you loving and kind? Are you a person that’s helpful? Are you a person that’s there? Who do you be? I love this. Who do you be in your relationships and your finances? Who are you in terms of how you treat yourself? What kind of person are you to you? Not what do you do and what you have, but who you are, who do you be? We can set these intentions during the day. One of the things I do is wake up. I want to live a powerful day. I want to live a transformative day and we’re going to get into how I actually set that up. Those are some of the intentions that I have every single day.

Productivity, performance, independence, love, graciousness, all of those things I consciously think about. When we’re not consciously thinking about it, whatever comes into the mind, however we are, that’s by default who we are? The key here, is consciously making a decision about your intentions, consciously making a decision about your purpose. That’s really what creating your life is all about. Checking in throughout the day whenever you experience certain things, how you respond to certain things. You can check in to see, “Am I meeting those intentions? Am I being that person that I really want to be?” What we do is we blame circumstances. We blame our outer environment and that dictates who we are.

Our inner selves, our inner being should dictate to the outer world, but it’s so often the other way around, where our outer environment dictates our inner being. What happens on the outside make us sad? What happens on the outside make us fearful? What happens on the outside make us want to give up? What happens on the outside make us want to give in? We don’t want to move on. What happens on the outside a lot of times determine how hard we try.

Whether we go to the next level or whether we stay in the same place we are. It dictates sometimes whether or not we have certain conversations, whether we get in certain relationships. It affects how we deal with our money. It affects whether we go for promotions or not. Whether we start businesses or not. In a lot of times we hear the little voice inside of our heads, in our hearts that says, “Let’s go do this. I believe you should try this,” but we ignore that.

We ignore it because the noise on the outside, it’s so loud that it suffocates the little voice on the inside. I’m telling you that in order to live a creative life, you have to set your intentions for the day. You have to set the intentions for the week, for the month, for the year, for your life. What type of life do you want to live? Create that and even if you have to sit down, spend some time writing things down and look at your life 20 years from now.

Look at your life, 30 years from now. What kind of person are you? What have you completed? What have you done? When you really take a look at your life and you take a look at where you want to be in 30 years or 40 years or 50 years, the type of person that you want to be in 30 years and 40 years, you can start to see, if that is something that I want, if that is my intention, who do I have to be now?

GCM 06 | Creating And Living In Your Possibility

Creating And Living In Your Possibility: Life and death is in the power of the tongue.

Create Possibilities For Yourself

What type of person do I need to be? What type of personality do I need to have now? What is my thought process for now? That’s what I call creating. Especially if you’re unhappy with where you are right now. You have the ability to create possibilities for yourself. Every day I wake up, I say, “Who I am is the possibility.” We talked about power and transformation earlier. That’s something that’s really big for me. That’s an intention that I have. That’s something that I focus on consciously every single day. Who I am is the possibility of power and transformation. I’ve been in a place where I had no power. I’ve been in a place where I want it to transform my life. I didn’t like where I was, so I want it to be transformation.

I want it to be transformation for other people because I was in a place where I was paralyzed. I didn’t have any power. I didn’t have any strength. I felt like I was useless. I felt like there was no contribution that I could give to the world. There was nothing that I could contribute to or create in my life because I just didn’t know any better. I was broken and I want it to change that. I wanted to be strong because I felt so weak, hopeless and helpless in that situation. The possibility that I created for myself was power. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be powerful and I wanted that to be the essence of my being. Everything that I did exemplified power. It exemplified strength and I wanted to have transformation in my life.

I wanted everything that I did and everything that I do in every part of my being to exemplify transformation, change. Even though it looked bad. Even though the doctor said there was no way. Even though it felt like there was no way I can overcome and recover transformation because I wanted to change that completely and recover. Even though there was no procedure, even though there was no pill, transformation. I thought about that and I would say that to myself. That’s what I am. I’m power and transformation. That’s who I decide to be and you can do this for yourself. You can decide to be power and transformation. You can create a possibility for your life, and if you want to stop using words that don’t create that possibility. Instead, what you want to do is use words that’s going to create that possibility for yourself.

Perhaps you want to be cultivation. Perhaps you want to be leadership. Perhaps you want it to be authenticity. Maybe you want to be miracles or joy. Perhaps you want to be contribution. You want it to be teachable and thankfulness. Maybe you want to be love and affection. You want to be encouragement or inspiration. Perhaps you just want to be truth. Maybe you want to exemplify happiness and calmness. These are the types of words that you can sit down and really create for yourself and fill it in this process and take time during the day to say, “Who am I?” That’s when you create your life. When you can clearly sit down and state to yourself, who you are deciding to be. Not what happens, not what’s going on in the outer world, but you create that in your life by just speaking and deciding that those are the things that you’re going to be.

It’s really key that you don’t get too many words because it can get too complex. I like to keep it to one or two words for the day and you can change it. If now you want to be power, tomorrow you can be leadership. The next day you can just be joy. Perhaps you’re dealing with something that’s bringing you a lot of sadness, and now you can say, “Who I am is the possibility of joy and happiness.” If things aren’t going well in your relationship, you can say, “Who I am as the possibility of love and affection.” Or maybe it’s the finances, “Who I am as the possibility of wealth and financial freedom.”

If you sit and get present with that and allow that to sink, your mind because it’s so beautiful and we’ve been designed in such a miraculous way. Your mind will begin to look for ways for you to accomplish that. You will begin to think in financial freedom. What does that look like? I understand that your current outer situation may not look like that, but that’s the key. This is a process. It’s a process. Although it doesn’t look that way, you are initiating a process of change and you’re saying, “That’s what I’m going to be. That’s going to be who I am.” You’re opening yourself up to the possibility of experiences, the possibility of ideas, the possibility of thought, the possibility of certain behaviors to usher themselves into your life, to find ways that you can be and accomplished just what you have declared yourself to be. This works. It really does works. If you get present with it enough, if you practice it enough, you will be essentially creating your life.

Here’s what I want to do. I just want to ask you with this process, it’s so much better than the alternative. At least it’s something to combat the alternative because a lot of times we leave out of our houses and we don’t have anything to combat the natural things that just happen out in our outer world that make us feel a certain way. That defeats us, that belittles us. When you have this tool where you can say, “Who I am is” and you use one of these power words. There are times when perhaps you’re not feeling so good and you can revert back to this. You can stand up strong. You can straighten up your back and say, “I’m not going to be defeated now because although this is happening in my outer world, I’m going to choose to be this. I’m going to choose to be whatever it is that you have decided to be.” That’s the possibility that you’ve created for yourself and that’s what you’ve chosen to be.

Establish A Daily Mantra

This is a very powerful tool that you can use in order to combat your environment, to combat those negative thoughts, things that trouble you, that causes you to feel like there’s no hope caused you to feel like you’re losing a losing battle and you want to get back in the saddle. You want to change the game on this particular issue. You want to create and live in a possibility for yourself now and everyday going forward. Here is a tool that you can use to do that. Another thing that I love doing is establishing a daily mantra.

Remember, I said that your words are powerful. Your words can be constructive or destructive. They can create or destroy. They can build up or tear down. I’ve heard someone say that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Then I heard someone else say that from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. We have to be careful of what we say. We have to be careful what we put into the universe because what you put into the universe, you’re going to get out of the universe and so you sow with your mouth.

You can’t expect to reap good things if you’ve been sowing. You create with your mouth, you speak things and it can come into fruition which amount. You want to be careful of what you say. One of the things that I love to do is have a mantra. My mantra is great and tremendous success is my reality. It’s good and amazing experience is my normal daily lifestyle. Every single day, I have this plastered on my bathroom mirror, I see it every single day and I repeat it to myself every single day. It’s my reality. It’s something that I live in every single day. A great mentor taught me that, just because you don’t have it physically doesn’t mean you can’t experience it mentally and spiritually.

As a matter of fact, the more you experience it mentally and spiritually, it governs your behavior. You start to do things that will cause it to come physically. It’s such a beautiful thing. If I’m focusing on great and tremendous success being my reality and the good and amazing experiences being my normal daily lifestyle, I’m going to be that. I’m going to act that. I’m going to exemplify that. Everything that I think about, everything that I do, it’s going to be aligned with that and when it’s not aligned, I’ll be able to know. It would feel uncomfortable.

This is a check like my mantra says, great and tremendous success is my reality, is my actions matching up with that? Am I doing what someone who has great and tremendous success in their life would do? Another one I have is it’s only temporary. This one really helped me through the tough times, when I was in the hospital and I was recovering. I was going through all the grueling physical therapy. I had to spend countless hours just focusing on recovery, walking again, being independent.

I would tell myself, “It’s only temporary, Rodney. Your day is going to come. Your breakthrough is going to come.” Every time that I will get into a tough time, “It’s only temporary.” I remember certain times when I was trying to push my wheelchair and it was a struggle. I barely could grip the rims of the wheelchair and I wasn’t going very fast. I couldn’t go very far. I would just tell myself, “It’s only temporary.” When I was trying to walk and I barely could lift my leg and I had to drag it through, “It’s only temporary.”

There will come a day when it would be what I wanted to be, when I will experience the life that I really want to live. Wherever you are, if you want to create your life, you have to tell yourself. If it’s not the way you want it, you have to tell yourself, “It’s only temporary. It’s not going to last forever.” Then you give yourself something to look forward to. Great and tremendous success, financial Freedom, health and well-being, love and affection, whatever it is for you, you create that.

You speak and you consciously make a decision to do that every single day, to be there every single day, to have it every single day. That’s how you create your life and that’s how you live in it because every day that you create it, you ask yourself, what does it look like to be this every single day? When circumstances come up and you find yourself building a certain way, is this the way that you would respond? Is it the way that you would feel being in that reality, being in that possibility?

These are the ways that we create and live in the possibility now and every single day. The takeaway, if I may make a recommendation, is for you to sit down and develop a mantra for yourself. What is the reality that you want to live in? What is the light that you want to live in? What do you want to be? What legacy do you want to live? What legacy do you want to leave behind? What do you want to create with your life? Write that out. Do you want to create great and tremendous success?

Do you want to create love and affection? Do you want to create wealth and independence? Do you want to create health and well-being? Whatever it is and use your power words. Go find words that empower you, that inspire you, leadership, authenticity, love and inspiration, affection, power, transformation, gratefulness, thankfulness. You really are the writer of your life. You get to write the script and you get to live the script.

You may want to be miracles. You may want to be joy, contribution, tranquility, compassion. Maybe you want to be discipline, maybe you want to be truth, happiness, calmness, gentleness. A recommendation from me to you, is that whatever is going on in your life, wherever you find yourself in your life, try to find words that are the complete opposite of where you find yourself. If you find yourself sad and depressed all the time, maybe happiness and joy. If you find yourself lacking, maybe financial freedom are your words. If you find yourself weak, maybe power is the word that you use. If you find yourself lost, maybe you are direction and understanding. You get to create this for yourself. Then you get to live it and that is the beauty of it all.

I really hope that this has helped you. I hope it continues to help you create the life that you want, create a life that you love, create a game-changing life. We don’t have enough game changers in the world. We need more people that know how to go out and create the life that they want. I hope that this gives you some tools and guidance on how to do just that. If you have not joined our group, please join us on Facebook, Game Changer Transformation Community. We would love to have you. Thank you.

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