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Who would not want a business that attracts customers? More often than not, people end up being in a big ugly business that might be making money but can’t make them enjoy life. This is because the business is owning them. The way that you get people to chase you with money, which is a sexy principle, is when you give so much value that people everywhere will want to find you and give you money. This is Kim White, founder of My Sexy Business and a collaboration specialist, talks about. Kim takes us into a deeper understanding of the value of turning things into something bigger so you can serve better, because creating a sexy business is attracting customers, not chasing them.

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Creating A Sexy Business with Kim White

I have Ms. Kim White joining me. Kim is the Founder of My Sexy Business. She’s the Team Leader of the My Sexy Business team and she’s a collaboration specialist. My Sexy Business helps people create sexy businesses for sexy lives. We’re going to be talking about a lot of sexy things. Creating a sexy business is attracting customers, not chasing them. How many of you would like to attract more customers to your business? We’re going to talk about how to do that. It is a business that you own but doesn’t own you. I know a lot of you out there that have businesses and you may be feeling like, “This is not what I signed up for. I’m supposed to be making money, living a lavish lifestyle, very fulfilled, helping people all over the world but what I do is find myself working all the time. I’m not making the money that I want to make, which is not so sexy.” We got to talk to the sexy specialist about how to turn that business into a sexy business. Kim, welcome to the Game Changer Mentality podcast.

Thank you for asking me to be on. You’re one of my favorite people.

You are one of mine as well. I’m happy that you’re here because we’re going to talk about some sexy things. We’re going to talk about some sexy business and I love that idea. I remember when the first time I met you and you were telling me about your sexy business. I was like, “What in the world is a sexy business?” You were like, “A business that you own but it doesn’t own you.” I got it. That is why it’s sexy. A business that’s cashflowing, giving you the life that you want to live, serving people all over the world. That’s quite sexy. How do we accomplish that? How do we create a sexy business?

It’s done backward. Most of us start out backward. We try to create this big business that’s going give us a sexy life or so we think it is. We find ourselves being owned by that business and thinking, “This is not what I intended.” We help people create their lives first. What kind of life do you want to live? Wrap a business around that instead of trying to fit your life in the crooks of the business that you created. This big ugly business that might be making you money, but you can’t enjoy your life.

Does that involve getting clear about what you want out of life? Maybe perhaps the gifts and talents that you have, the things that you offer or contribute to society as a human being? Can you talk to us a little bit about that?

Becoming clear is where I feel the wealth is not only with money but with time. You can’t do what you want if you don’t know what it is you want. It’s important to figure that out because we look at the media. We look at other people living a certain life. We don’t know what that looks like. You have to explore that a little bit.

How do we do this? If someone is reading and perhaps they want to start a business. Starting a business can be a very scary thing because we don’t want the business to own us. We know a lot of people have businesses that look good on the outside but they’re struggling. The business is owning them, they’re not happy. People don’t do it for that reason. More importantly, I believe that everyone has special gifts and talents. Everyone has something that they could contribute to the world and I believe they can profit from it. How do we do that? How do we get clear? How do we discover what our contribution is and get into a position where we can monetize it?

I was sitting in the conference room of my oil company. I owned the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Company that I actually started on my kitchen table. I thought that’s what I wanted. I wanted an office building. I wanted my conference room to look out over the lake. I had this whole list of things and the problem with me. If it’s on my goal list, I will accomplish it but sometimes to my detriment if I don’t vet that thing that I want. That’s what happened. I was looking out over the lake and it was sunrise. I thought, “I’m here more than anyone else. I can’t travel. I miss things all the time that I want to do because I got what I asked for.” There was no sexy business. There was no sexy life. It was totally an ugly situation because it was going to end up taking my life. I was so stressed out. I locked the doors on my office building, put a note on the door and said, “We wouldn’t be open for 90 days.” I completely restructured everything where it took me out of the business, and I haven’t looked back.

It was a very difficult decision because there’s a lot of pride involved when you create a company. People look at you like you have attained success but they don’t understand the backstory. They don’t understand the backside. When you go to create a business, if you’re opening a business, you need to go all the way down to the end. Is it scalable? Is it sustainable? Is it something that can run without me? If any of those things are a no, then step back. Step back, rethink, and reorganize in your head and on paper first. You won’t end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to change it after you’ve built something. It’s much easier to have created that it ended up than it would have been. The way that I did was harder because I then had to tear down what I had built and rebuilt it a different way.

What you’re saying is you restructured the business that would benefit a lifestyle that you wanted. Whereas when you were going in prior to that epiphany, you created the business only for profit and to make money. What would you say to someone though? I want to dig a little deeper into this. A lot of times when we’re building a business, it requires a lot of work from us because it’s our vision. I would imagine that when you change the structure, there was a lot of delegation. You took yourself out but someone has to complete the task. If I’m starting and I have this thing about me that I want to show to the world. They don’t want to get it out. I want to monetize it. How do I start with it’s my vision and I may not have everyone enrolled in that vision?

I’ve been in business for 35 years. I started when I was sixteen with my first company. I am a serial entrepreneur. I’ve created a lot of companies and I can tell you hands down, if I had understood what a coach or a mentor could have done for me three decades ago, I probably would be even farther along than I am. Someone else looking at what your vision is, that’s ahead of you. It’s important to get out of your peer circle, where it’s the opinion of this will be a good thing and get into an advanced circle. Most of the time that cost money but that’s some of the wisest money you can spend. If you start with the right plan, you implement that plan and it’s vetted, sustainable, scalable and it gives you that freedom, then you’re going to be able to do that from now on.

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Most entrepreneurs I meet are serial entrepreneurs because they can’t figure it out. They go from one broken business to another because they say, “This is the newest, latest, greatest that everybody’s talking about. This must be the one that I’ve been waiting for,” when the entire time it’s been in you. What you’re supposed to do is in you. It’s not outside of you, it’s in you. You have to get it out and put it on paper. You have to be okay with people shredding it because that’s what a good coach will do. They will tell you where it’s just an illusion in our mind. I wish I had done it before I had created my own company. About three years in, I got with an amazing coach who changed my mind about everything. She’s the reason that started everything that changed.

Tell me about My Sexy Business. What specifically do you guys do? What is the service that you guys provide?

We teach how to create sexy businesses. We have goal accomplishing classes where you actually vet your ideas. We have masterminds all over the world. I speak at conferences and things. We have lots of things going on, but my favorite is the collaboration class that we started doing a different way so that we could get in that collaboration class and collaborate with the students. We teach people who are starting out or who have hit a plateau on how to get past it by collaborating. Collaboration is not what most people think it is. Most people think it’s something that will be a time suck or something that they’re afraid they’re going to get used. True collaboration is a sexy and powerful tool that can take you to places that you cannot go by yourself. That’s where we’re at. We’re concentrating on that particular thing.

I’m a big fan of collaboration. We live in a society where there’s a lot of competition. You combat competition with collaboration. As we go into the future more people will see hopefully part of my mission as well is that we back up from competition and more people get involved with collaboration. The reason why I say this because everyone is different, everyone is unique. I don’t think there’s a reason to compete because even though I may be providing a similar service, I may not provide it in the same way as you. You won’t provide it the same way as I do. There’s going to be enough people that like what I do the way I do it and enough that like what you do the way you do it.

In terms of the things that are generic, we can learn how to do that together. We can collaborate on those things and I think it would benefit us if we do so instead of me trying to cut your neck and you’re trying to cut mine. We end up killing each other and neither one of us profit. It’s not a smart way to do this. That’s old school business if you ask me. This collaboration that you guys do, is it a matter of getting feedback of where you are? If I was a student and I wanted to start a business, I come in and I lay my chips all on the table. I show you where I’m going and allow people to look in on that and get some feedback to help me strengthen that plan.

That’s what happens. It’s funny because the students when they come in, they see what they’re supposed to do and they’re like, “This isn’t what I thought it was going to be.” By the end, they’re in awe of what we asked them to implement, which is do the work along the way. They get to the end and they have much more clarity and they’re in awe of what they’ve already created in six weeks. I am different in the fact that I don’t want to talk at students. I don’t want to stand up and be a teacher like a lecturer. I am like, “Let’s get in the trenches. Let’s figure this out and let’s see how far we can catapult you in this short amount of time.” Collaboration does take you farther and faster than anything else I know.

GCM 32 | Sexy Business

Sexy Business: If you talk to most entrepreneurs, they’ve been trying to do something for years. They’re making enough that they keep going but they’re not profitable.


I can attest to that. I believe that if you have the help you need, the know-how and the people there to support you, you can produce more, accomplish more, and you can do it at a faster rate. A lot of people that want to get started in business have good ideas. I know that they have the potential to do it. That’s not the necessary ingredient, it is part of it but it’s not the most important ingredient. The most important ingredient is your environment and the people that are around you that can instill in you the know-how. You can look around at some of the things that we enjoy, some of the businesses that exist, and you would think, “I would like to start something like that potentially,” as a random thought.

For example, where do some of these places get their products from? Who are the suppliers? How do I negotiate contracts with the suppliers? You can go further to get down into the details of the business. It’s not just having a product and making a sale, it’s the relationship and it’s the contracts. The details of that contract; the legalities of that contract. Understanding all of that stuff. When you can get to that place, it makes starting a business, running a business a lot more doable.

We failed to get to that place of know how because we’re not around the people that know how to do it. I can tell you and you make an attest to this too. As an entrepreneur, since I’ve been in this business, in this industry, I’ve learned so much. I’ve come into contact with so many people that have taught me so many things. For example, running a podcast. I remember when I didn’t know anything about running a podcast. I can do it in my sleep now. It’s no big deal. My first exposure or thought about starting a podcast was very intimidating. It wasn’t until I got into it that I understand the ins and outs of it. It’s like, “I could have done this years ago.” There was no big deal.

It’s that thing and not knowing is costly because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Being sexy, having that sexy business is being in the know, having those networks, having those relationships. That’s what I offer it to those who are reading and are thinking about it. I agree it’s not so much going out there and doing the things that take to start it. It’s more so understanding what’s required, laying out that plan and getting into the details of that plan. I love putting it in front of people that are in your corner that can help you. Spending the money to put that foundation in place is money well spent.

I have a philosophy about classes, courses, and things. I’ve been like this for a long time and I even did this in the oilfield. Before I started my oil and gas company, I didn’t know anything about the oilfield. I had never been around anyone in the oilfield. I didn’t know anything. When I decided that’s what I was going to do, I went and volunteered at another oil company. I told them up front what I was doing and ended up being tutored because I didn’t want to go through for years of busywork. I wanted to know the nuts and bolts. I wanted to know the bottom line of it, and I wanted to master it. I didn’t go in so I could just get by. I want to know everything but I want to know the important parts. I’ll figure out the not important parts, but I want to know what the highest points are first.

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That’s very backward to how most courses are. They give you this busy work. I call it busy work. I want to do the tutoring session. I want somebody to get in the trenches with me, teach me to master whatever it is and then do it. I think that’s a huge difference too in the learning curve. If I can take $100 and get someone’s learning curve that they already learned the hard way, that’s huge leverage. You multiply that by a collaboration where maybe you’ve got ten people in collaboration, all that have come from somewhere. You can leverage everyone in that group’s learning curve. That’s huge.

It takes me back to that saying where you can tell where you’re going by the five closest people that are next to you. Where they’re going and life that they’re living. That makes a big difference in how far we go in life and what we do, what we choose to do, what we choose to become in life. What would you say to the person that can’t afford your services? I don’t know how much your services are. I know a lot of times when it comes to starting a business, the money becomes an issue. What do you say to that?

You can’t afford not to get certain things. Wherever you’re at you can start there. You can be coached and mentored by great books and by great podcasts like yours. You can be coached in a lot of ways to start that don’t require big investments. To me, my time is much more important than even my money. If I’m going to spend five years muddling my way through to get to a business that’s profitable, how much is that worth? Is that worth $10,000, to not spend five years before I actually become profitable? If you talk to most entrepreneurs, they’ve been trying to do something for years. They’ve been trying to get to that place of a breakthrough. They keep going but they’re not profitable. That’s another goal part. If you want to struggle then don’t invest. If you want to struggle, stay in that lane but I don’t. I don’t want to do it the hard way anymore. I have been there, done that, don’t want to do it anymore.

We have classes for a few $100 all the way up to our masterminds or $25,000 a year. It’s not that you can’t afford whoever it is you need. We have live videos on Facebook all the time that you can glean all things from. Podcasts are another great example though if you can learn things without spending money up front. I made a lot of what I call course junkies who take course after course and don’t implement anything. I’m not that. If you’re not implementing, I can’t work with you anyway. I want the ones that are the movers, the shakers, the influencers, the ones that actually want to do something big and don’t know how to do it yet.

I have a statement I make all the time that some people turn their nose up at me about. It’s that I’m an influencer of influencers. That’s not pride. That’s the truth. I influenced a lot of people that don’t realize they’re influencers yet. They’re starting out and they have this vision, but they don’t realize how big it could be. To me, that’s a great place to start. If you’re going to start at the beginning, lay the right foundation. Get in the circle that can actually take you someplace instead of buying one more course or one more class. Being frustrated and overwhelmed because you still don’t get what they’re telling you to do. All the experts have their own opinions and it seems as though they’re all different. To me, getting a tutorial of some kind with someone who can take you someplace is more important than all of the courses combined on online that you can find. There are tons of them.

GCM 32 | Sexy Business

Sexy Business: Getting a tutorial of some kind with someone who can take you someplace is more important than all of the courses combined that you can find online.


I believe that behavior you described, taking course after course but never taken action is fear based. You still don’t think you’re good enough, you still don’t know enough and so you got to take another course. Then you take that course and you still don’t think you know enough. “I got to take another course.” You can get paralyzed by doing these things but it’s the fear that’s got you paralyzed because you’re not taking action. It won’t be perfect. That’s the fear of a lot of people getting started. “I want to do everything I can to prevent myself from failing. I know I won’t fail if I don’t start. I’m afraid because I may fail.” You get paralyzed and to think about it’s not going to be perfect. You’re probably not going to do it right the first time. There may be a little bit of a struggle. A lot of times when you’re doing it for the first time, you don’t do it exactly right.

I come up with a new hashtag I want to tell everybody because it started. Messy is beautiful. If you aren’t willing to do it messy, you’re not my flavor. I’m going to do it messy and I’m going to demonstrate it messy until I figure it out because I don’t hide that. I have done some amazing things in my life but ask me about the messy sides because I’ll tell you. Ask me about those things. I’ll give you a great example, I started the Hope to Hope conference a couple years ago. I got the software at 6:00 AM before I was going to go live with the first session at 9:00 AM. I had no speakers lined up. I did it that way on purpose because someone was giving me the excuse of they couldn’t do something. I said, “You can’t do whatever you think you can’t do but you’ll find a way when you believe you can.” It may not be pretty but it will happen. We finished our fifth one in July and we hit a million views. From something that started three hours before the first one ever even went live, we got a million views on our conference. I’m not the one to tell those excuses too because they told me I couldn’t start an oil and gas company on my kitchen table too. They told me that you had to have this huge investment to do it. It’s not true. I’ve already done it. It’s too late. They can’t convince me otherwise.

That’s important for people to hear. Did I have all the stuff that all the big boys I was competing against in the oil and gas industry have? No. I did colored-pencil drawings on my kitchen table while they had big software packages that would print it out for them. I did it old school in hand because I wanted it bad in that. There’s always a way to do it but it was messy. When you go into someplace and you stand out because you show up, you show up big. I didn’t have printed off things, but I knew what I was talking about. I had mastered what I was talking about. It ended up getting me more jobs because I showed the messy. I feel like we have been maybe taught that messy is not successful but I’m here to be an example. I am very successful and I am messy. When we start something new, it is okay with me that we’re messy. I always laugh and say I’m a hot mess princess.

One thing that is going unsaid here is your ability to move beyond judgment. That’s a fear too that holds people back because of what they feel someone else is going to say, how they’re going to perceive it, and what it’s going to look like. That can be so paralyzing. A lot of times when you are trying to do something, you have this thought in the back of your head of what people are going to perceive about it, whether they’re going to like it or not. That can take the place of getting it done in the first place. I have an amazing mentor. It comes back to something that he taught me early on in our relationship, it’s not about you. A lot of times because we’re feeling how people are going to look at us, how they’re going to judge us. We don’t want to put ourselves in that position. We don’t want to hold ourselves to that standard.

If we do, it can be paralyzing because you’re not doing it for the reason that you shouldn’t be doing it. You’re looking at what other people are going to say if it doesn’t work out or whatever. You’re not even realizing that whatever happens, it’s probably part of the process of your growth, of the development, success. You can’t have success without failure. That’s the Law of Polarity. It’s not going to work. It’s got to balance that stuff out. If we can move beyond the judgment as CEOs, leaders, game changers, we can’t allow the judgment to control how we go about our lives, how we behave. The people that we serve, the amount of money that will make, the sexy life that we could or could not live. We can’t allow judgment to control that. You have overcome that. You conquered that.

Something you’ve conquered the rest of your days because every time we level up, there’s a new set of judgment. There’s a new set of people that want to tell you can’t do something. There’s a couple of things I’d like to say to that. One is, I always laugh and say, “I wasn’t smart enough to know I couldn’t do it so I did it. They told me too late I couldn’t do it because I’d already done it.” I heard someone say something that explained it in a way I’ve never been able to put in words. That is James Wedmore. I was on a live with him and he made the comment that experts are not the ones that are most qualified. They’re the ones that will sacrifice the judgment of others to serve anyway.

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If that’s the definition, I’m an expert. It doesn’t mean that I’m the best one at whatever it is. It means I’m the one that’ll show up. I’m going to serve in spite of what they say. I’m going to serve in spite of the obstacles I have to get there. Being an influencer of influencers comes with a lot of responsibility. That means if they’re talking bad about me for saying that, “She’s prideful.” Do you want me to say I’m less than because that’s prideful too? I live my life every day. My life is sexy. The sexy part of my life that I love getting up in the morning for is every day I work with influencers. I don’t work with people who don’t want to start. I don’t work with people who don’t want to do big things. I work with people who are amazing and changing the world.

Every time I talked to you and your brand My Sexy Business, it takes me back to some of the cornerstones of being successful and how sexy those cornerstones are. A lot of times these are the parts of life or the parts of the business that we don’t like because we associate pain with it. You mentioned, accountability that’s sexy. If you do it right, that’s sexy. Accountability can be tough. You’re holding yourself accountable. You have to live up to that accountability. Responsibility can be very sexy. That responsibility is upon you. Discipline, commitment, we can go on and on being vulnerable, being open, all of those things. When you talk about success, those are some cornerstones of being successful.

We look at people that are successful and what we associate sexy with is the car, money, house, friends, and the vacations. Yes, I get it. That is all sexy but that’s a result, not the cause. The cause is very sexy. The cause is because all of those things that we talked about. If you want to be sexy or perceived as sexy, you have to be sexy. Being sexy are those things that you talked about. Showing up, being a mover and a shaker, that’s what’s sexy. When you are sexy, we could change the social definition of sexy, get in there and associate those types of things to being sexy, we can produce different results. You know what is taking, what was the cause of the result.

Sexy is accountability. Sexy is responsible, sexy are those things that you mentioned. Sexy is not a car. A car is what gets me from one place to another and yes, I want to drive. For me, do I want to drive a hooptie? No. Do I want to drive a red Hellcat? Yes. If I’m still in the hooptie stage, I’m still back here, I can still act like and not pretend. It’s not a pretend thing. I can still act like I’m supposed to when I’m driving that Hellcat or that Mercedes or whatever one that you have in your mind that you want to drive. The Bentley, how will you ride it differently? You should act like that when you’re worried about your bald tires popping. You should act that way and serve that big before you get to the point you can buy that car.

GCM 32 | Sexy Business

Sexy Business: Every time we level up, there’s a new set of judgment. There’s a new set of people that want to tell you can’t do something.


What’s coming up for me is not only acting like but functioning like. When you function, how are you functioning? It’s not how you’re acting but when you’re functioning.

I’m not talking about the pretend. I’m pretending like I’m worth something because I’m worth a lot no matter what my car is. That’s the thing. No matter what brands my clothes are, I’m valuable. When I realize my value and my worth, I don’t go around trying to prove something to someone else. If someone is flashing me their car, I instantly know they are insecure. If it’s your car that you have to lead with, if it’s your big house you have to lead with you don’t understand who you are. You don’t understand what value you bring to the world. You can strip away all my belongings and I am still sexy as can be.

I was lying on the bed thinking about $1 million. The reason I was thinking about $1 million because you hear about people that win a lottery. They will all this money and they’re an instant millionaire. Five years later they don’t have it anymore and it takes a mindset. A lot of people want $1 million. I was thinking if all those people got $1 million, what would they do with it? Do you even know? Are you the type of person that can handle the possession of $1 million? With that, it comes with responsibility. You got to understand how to handle it. A lot of people want the money so they can spend it. I don’t want the money so I can spend it. I want the money so I can leave a legacy. I can build with that and I can create a life that I enjoy living forever. How do you do that?

A lot of people think because they have it, they can get the result of having it. It’s not so much having it, it’s what you are doing with it when you are in possession. A lot of people have had it. A lot of people worked out their butts off to get it, they get it and they’re still unfulfilled because it’s not here. You have to be $1 million person before you get $1 million and you don’t have to have $1 million to be a $1-million person. You can be a $1-million person right now. You can be sexy right now. You can be $1-billion person right now. I always tell people, “For whatever you want in life, wherever you want to be, whatever success, whatever that looks like for you, who do you have to be in order to experience that what you want?” It’s not so much what you have to do, it’s who do you have to be?

That’s the mindset part that people don’t realize. If you make $1,000 a month, if you’re dreaming about $1 million, most of the time you can’t get there because you don’t even know what you’re going to do with $5,000. You have to have a plan. I believe this wholeheartedly. You have to have a plan for what you’re going to do with the $100,000 that you’re going to get and then you can start thinking. There are dynamics with having more money that you don’t realize until you get it. I came from a very poor situation. I was homeless with two little babies at one point. That was devastating but I was already making plans at that point of what I was going to do to invest in our future. It wasn’t just about whatever the daily survival is. It was about how am I going to leverage this horrible situation? How am I going to leverage that to get to another place? How am I going to take what I have and turn it into more?

If you gave me $1 million now, I already know where it’s going. I already have all my other money out doing what it’s supposed to do. If you want to add another $1 million that’d be great, but it’s got a plan already. It’s not going to come in and go, “Let’s go shopping.” That’s not a millionaire mindset. It’s what can I take that $1 million that you’re going to give me and how can I turn that into $10 million tomorrow? How can I turn that into another $100 million to go with my other ones? How can I turn that into something bigger so I can serve bigger? It’s not about what I can consume. It’s about what I can do to serve.

That dovetails back to what we talked about in the beginning, understanding those intricate details. We talk about business, we talk about money, we talked about being sexy on a surface level. We get surface level results but if you gave me $1 million, I would already know what to do with the $1 million. A lot of people want $1 million. They want success, they want this type of person. They want all of these different things, but they don’t know what it takes whenever you get those things. The responsibility that is required in order for you to hold onto it, to manage it properly. Those details are necessary. I don’t think you’re ready until you understand those details, until you’re the type of person that’s able to execute and implement those details. Until then, it’s just a wish. It’s nice to have but if you get it, you don’t know what you’re going to do with it.

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That’s an indication. I noticed it may seem a little harsh, I get it, but it’s the truth. This is an indication that if saying that you want $1 million, a certain type of relationship, business, job or whatever. What would you do with that? Do you understand? Are you able to manage it and manage it to the minute detail? Have a clear understanding of what the process is, what the steps are to maintain, manage, and sustain that level of money, to be in possession of that type of money. With the $1 million, it comes with responsibility and that’s what everything in life that we want.

It’s the responsibility that you don’t know until you get there. There’s a lot of sacrifice being a princess, and everybody thinks that’s funny because I can drive whatever car I want. I can do whatever I want and all that, but the truth is everywhere I go and everything I do, someone’s watching me. I have the responsibility not to lead anyone astray. I have the responsibility not to invest in the wrong thing. When you invest in the wrong things such as people coming and asking you for money for things that they’re not even willing to take responsibility. They want you to take responsibility for what they want. That happens a lot when you’re perceived even as having more than they have. They think that you should share with them. They think you should give them something.

That makes it cloudy when you meet people, where you’ve got to figure out whether they’re for real or if they’re wanting something from you. I want to work with the people who are for real, who want to make their own $1 million, who want to leverage that $1 million to make another $10 million after that. They want to serve people along the way. Most people miss the part about what business is. Business is solving a problem. It is serving someone who has a problem and solving that problem for them or showing how to solve that problem themselves. In order to be in business in a way that is very gratifying, satisfying you have to be serving at a high level. Who are you willing to serve? What are you willing to sacrifice in your own life to serve bigger?

I heard a very famous mentor say, “The Law of Compensation is the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the difficulty there is in replacing you.” The reason why I bring that up because I believe everyone is unique. Everyone has a different talent, skill set, a contribution to give and business is that exchange. If you want to start a business or you want to make money, it’s understanding what you have not to get but to give. You’re able to understand what your value is and that’s what we’re talking about. Apply that to the Law of Compensation, the need for what you do. Is there a need for it? More than likely, yes, you’re here. You’re in existence here on earth. We need you here for some reason. It’s understanding what that is. The need for what you do your ability to do. Are you cultivating your guilt? Are you an expert at what it is that you have? Are you able to perfect your craft and can you do it in a way so you need that only you can do it?

That’s the difficulty there is in replacing you. Nobody can quite do it the way that you do it. They can’t do it as the Game Changers do it. They can’t do it like the My Sexy Business team can do it. The only way I can get this done the proper way is I need the My Sexy Business team to do it. When you’re in that place and you have that clear understanding, the exchange which is business can take place. The transactions can take place. I have something that you need. I have something that I can give to you. We can make the proper exchange. I want to say that you may have to give it away for free at first.

You should because you need to make sure that what you are providing as value is providing the value that you think it is providing. It’s worth what you think is going to be worth and you won’t understand that, know that, or perfect it until you’ve done it a few times. Whenever you can get out there, you got to test it. Whenever you can get it out there and you can make a difference in some people’s lives, you can serve the people that you need to serve, do what it is the thing that you need to do. You can perfect your craft and understand. Increase your stock, raise your value, then you can start making those business transactions.

GCM 32 | Sexy Business

Sexy Business: Being an influencer of influencers comes with a lot of responsibility.


At that point, I think you’ve reached your purpose in life. You’re giving yourself in exchange for whatever it is you can get compensated for that. There’s a book that I was reading, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles. He talked about whenever you do, get to that place where you’re able to make that exchange. He said, “Make sure that whatever you give, that you provide more use value than you receive in cash value.” If you think about that, even though you’re paying me for something, what I’m giving you is more valuable than the cash that I’m receiving. It should be that way. We don’t think about it that way. We want more money and give less service.

I was in a meeting with 60 high-level executives. I was telling them the same thing you said only I did it in my cartoon version. Sometimes I can be a kindergarten princess in my explanations. That is, “You want people to chase you with money.” The way that you get people to chase you with money, which is a sexy principle, is you give so much value that people everywhere want to find you and give you money. You are serving so big that they can’t help but know if they give you that money, they get that value that they’re going to have such a big result out of it. The money’s absolutely small in comparison to what they’re going to get. That’s the thing that people miss. They want to not invest in the things that will get them somewhere. It comes with accountability. It comes with responsibility and it comes with all these questions they don’t want to answer. For the example that you gave, they’ll be lined up around the corner trying to give you money because they would understand what they’re going to get on the other side of working with you. The job we have is to demonstrate that value so that people are lined up ready to give us money. For me, it’s not all about the money but I’m a business. I want to be profitable because if I’m not profitable, I can’t keep serving.

Speaking of that, how can people contact you if they want to work with you, check out your services? How can they reach you?

The best way is to get to MySexyBusiness.com. That’s probably the easiest way. It gives you the idea of what all we do. I am on Facebook. I do a lot of live videos there so people can learn stuff without investing. They can find out if I’m the right flavor that they like. I also suggest you don’t work with someone that you don’t believe in what they’re teaching. You should vet who you’re going to work with. That’s an important part too of the process if you’re brand new. Don’t just invest because someone else tells you to. Make sure that you can be coachable, even in book form, podcast form or live video form make sure you’re going to listen to what they’re saying before you spend any money to do it.

On your social media, is it Kim White or is it My Sexy Business team on social media?

Business is about serving someone who has a problem and solving that problem for them or showing how to solve that problem themselves. Click To Tweet

It’s both, Kim White – My Sexy Business Team.

All social media platforms or which ones?

I am but I have neglected Instagram and Twitter terribly because I concentrate on Facebook. That’s the one I know how to use the best. That’s the true confession and I have a fair following there. I have about 31,000 people on there that I’ve connected with. That’s where I stay.

I want people to know specifically where they can find you most active and find you quickly. I want to thank you and joining us once again. As always, it’s a pleasure to chat with you and I love the work that you’re doing. I love your brand, My Sexy Business. To the audience, what is sexy? We talked about being accountable, holding yourself responsible, understanding, getting clear about what it is you bring to the table. How to actually bring that vision forward not on a 40,000-foot level but getting down in the trenches. Understanding what’s required and being able to implement that. We understand that being sexy is not about cars, money and the big tall buildings for business. It’s being that person, taking ownership of that and doing it at a high level. That’s what we call sexy and being sexy, that’s some game-changing mentality stuff right there. I’m happy, Kim, that you stopped by to share that, impart that knowledge with us at the Game Changer Mentality camp. I appreciate you. Do you have any final words?

I want to say thank you to you because we’ve known each other for quite a while. I have watched you do amazing things. I am super proud that you are an influencer. You do so many awesome things and you serve well. My parting words are I appreciate you and I appreciate what you’re doing and that everyone reading to get connected to you.

Thank you as well. I appreciate you and I want to thank you for stopping by, allowing us to speak with you and pick your brain. There you have it, folks, another episode of the Game Changer Mentality podcast. Please remember to check us out on Facebook. Join our community, The Game Changer Transformation Community. You will find a network of people there that are trying to make it happen. They are changing the game in their lives and in their community. If you need any support, please go into that group, ask any questions that you may like. We talked about collaboration. Collaborate with people there. You will find that it will be very helpful. Check us out on www.RodneyFlowers.com. I’m giving away three daily inspiration game-changing messages straight to your inbox every single day. Make sure you sign up for that. Until next time, please remember that greatness is your birthright. Have a good one.

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