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There are a lot of people out there that want to write books. Bestseller Maker Peggy McColl believes that everyone has a book in them. Peggy is a New York Times Bestselling author and an internationally recognized speaker, author, mentor and an expert in the area of goal achievement. She helps authors, entrepreneurs, experts and up-and-coming experts create valuable products, build their brand worldwide, make money online, and create bestsellers internationally. If you are looking to write a book, if you’re looking to get that book out, and if you’re looking to become that person that you know you can be and serve the world, learn more from Peggy as she tells her own story and provides some good information on how to create a bestseller.

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Create A Bestseller Through Online Marketing with Peggy McColl

I have someone with me that is dear to me. She is responsible for some of the transformation that I have experienced in my life as an author. If it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. She’s taught me some things. She has allowed me to expand, to change the game in my life, to become a better person and serve people with what I have, with the life that I have, with the experiences that I’ve been through. She has shown me how to turn it into a business. She’s shown me how to be an international best-seller. That’s something that I didn’t ever think that I would become.

An international best-selling author. Ms. Peggy McColl is with me. She’s a New York Times Bestselling Author. She calls herself The Bestseller Maker. I know there are a lot of people out there that want to write books and she believes that everyone has a book in them. Read about the knowledge that this woman has. She has a story of her own that I’m sure she’s going to share. If you are looking to write a book, if you’re looking to get that book out, and you’re looking to become that person that you know you can be and serve the world, there’s going to be some good information in this interview for you. Welcome, Ms. Peggy McColl, to the Game Changer Mentality podcast. How are you?

I’m absolutely incredible. That was such a wonderful introduction. Thank you so much. What you’re saying, Rodney, is a game changer. If anyone knows how to change the game for the better, it’s you because you’ve done it in your own life. You’re definitely helping others do it as well. I love that you stepped up into the role that you’re doing in this world. You chose to help elevate other people’s lives, to help people experience more fulfillment, greater joy and a greater sense of peace in their life. The reason why you’re doing that is it’s something in your heart and it’s close to your passion. You’ve done it yourself.

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Bob Proctor often says the following quote, “By their fruits, you will know them.” He means by the results. If you want to know what someone’s like, look at their results. Look at yours. When I see what you’ve accomplished. I remember when you decided to write your first book, you got into the work and you created a phenomenal product. Next thing you know, another book and another book. You’re doing speaking all over the world. You’ve got podcasts. It’s incredible what you’ve done. What I want everyone to know as you’re reading this is knowing is not enough. There’s a quote from Bob Proctor about that as well. Knowing is such an important part of success, but it comes down to the understanding and the application. That’s what you do, Rodney. You help people understand it and you help people apply it to their life because that’s where the game gets changed. It’s there in the application of these wise thoughts.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: If you want to know what someone is like, look at their results.


I want to go back to the beginning when I met you at the very first Bob Proctor event that I had attended. You were on stage and you had delivered a wonderful message. You had an offer for people that wanted to write their book. I couldn’t wait to tell you my story. I’m like, “I’m a candidate for that. I want to tell you my story.” As soon as we met, there was the connection up front and you were like, “That’s the perfect story. You want to get that out. You want to be an international bestseller. We can make that happen.” No hesitation at all.

I got your form, and I’ve never told you this, I went back to my room that night and I contemplated. I had never spent that much money on a program. I went to college and everything like that, but this was different. I was a little out of my element here. It was a pivotal moment for me because I was hesitating, I was afraid, I was excited and I went back and forth. I didn’t get any sleep. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I had filled out the form, but I hadn’t put my credit card information in there yet. I was like, “What am I going to do? It can turn out this way. This could be a total failure. I could waste my money. It may not happen.” I was all over the place, but then I sucked it up and I said, “I’m going to do it anyway. I’m going to make the best of it. I’m going to make it happen,” and I did it. It’s been great since then. That one decision changed the game for me in my life. If I had not made that decision, taking that plunge, I probably wouldn’t be doing this at all.

I’m listening to what you’re talking. I’m thinking about the moments in my life where I felt that fear and the resistance. Those are paradigms holding you back. Having that experience of the terror barrier, it’s the point where you break through. You make a decision like, “I’m going for it anyway.” It’s at that point. It’s not that the fear disappears because the fear may still be there. You’ve got to get past it. You’ve got to recognize it is what it is and be willing to take the risk. You did. I’m sure you’re glad you did now.

To the audience, that’s how we expand. You talked about the terror barrier. There are these different phases or experiences of that. You may have those terror barriers that fear about something that you want to do, just like I did. Once you get beyond that and you expand, there’s yet another level of that. As I continue to grow and expand in my business, I’ve experienced that multiple times over. It doesn’t go away but I understand that process. I understand the feelings. That’s what courage is, that’s feeling the fear but doing it anyway. How are things going in your life, Peggy? What new exciting things are going on with you?

I have many exciting things that are going on in my life. First of all, I wake up every morning with this complete, overwhelming, wonderful feeling of gratitude. Gratitude to live this extraordinary life, to be surrounded by many amazing people, to have the love of my life and my life, that’s my husband. To have such a wonderful relationship with my son and my grandson and for me, the family is priority number one. When I start that gratitude experience in the morning, I’m thinking about them first and how happy I am for them and how happy and healthy they are. The blessing I have and I ask my husband this. I say to him every day, probably multiple times a day, “I love what I do.” It’s probably to a point where it’s like, “I’ve heard that before, honey,” but he never says that. How he usually responds is he’ll say something like, “Do you know how rare that is to love what you do?”

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I believe I’m here to serve a purpose and that is to help other people grow, to help contribute to other people’s lives in a positive and a beneficial way. Everything that I do in my life and in my business comes down to getting connected and reconnected to, “Is this in alignment with who I am? Is this in alignment with what my purpose is here on this Earth?” Usually, I don’t even have to ask the question. It’s a quick decision, an easy decision. I’m here to help other people bring out the best in them. To help them bring out the best in them that’s going to positively impact another as well. I continue to serve people in the way that I do that is through my programs, whether I’m working with entrepreneurs, helping them grow and build their business, whether I’m helping authors complete they’re fabulous work, bring it to the world and create success, whether it’s helping people create a better consciousness that their programs, which are their paradigms and their belief systems, are stronger, more supportive and help them attract to them everything they desire.

Back in the ‘80s, I remember having the experience of walking down Yonge Street in Toronto. I had been studying Bob Proctor at that point for a few years. Not only Bob Proctor, but Bob Proctor would recommend Napoleon Hill and Think And Grow Rich, Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Wayne Dyer and all these fabulous speakers. I had been studying the material for years. I remember walking down Yonge Street and stopping in my tracks. I was in Toronto and looking up and thinking, “One day, I’m going to be working in this industry. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing or how I’m going to be doing it, but one day I’ll be working in this industry.” That may not seem like a big deal, but if we go back a few years before that, I was suicidal. I didn’t have a will to live. I was miserable. You would not have wanted to be around me. My life was extremely unhappy and everything in it was unhappy as well. I completely transformed when you talk about game-changing.

I know from your experience you had a phenomenal life-altering experience. Sometimes when people are physically challenged, we can see what their challenges are but when they’re emotionally challenged, we can’t see it. We can’t always see what’s going on inside. I was beaten up emotionally and psychologically. Being that person that was going through all that challenge, I had to completely and utterly change my life. I made a decision to do that. The first decision was I’m going to change my own life. Once I started to experience the positive change, then I made a new decision and that was to help other people. I didn’t know what it was going to look like. It wasn’t until 1994 that I incorporated my company. I began to work on my own and do this work that I’m doing. I stay and remain open. I stay open to the universe and I let the universe show me. It’s like I have a high intuitive sense and everyone has that faculty. It’s something that we all have. I allow my intuition to guide me into what I am doing, “What am I doing now? What am I doing next and how will I serve?”

If we get connected to why is it that we think that we’re here on this Earth, there’s not an answer that somebody else can give you. You got to find it inside yourself. It’s within your own soul. It’s your own spirit. What is it? What’s that reason? Once we get clarity on that and then we choose to live our life like that on purpose, amazing things can happen. I don’t think that we’re here on this Earth so that we can get. We’re here on this Earth to give. We get from the giving. As Bob says, “Generosity is the first Law of Prosperity,” and you’re an extremely generous person, Rodney. I remember one time, it was at one of my own events, I was about to go up to the front of the room and I thought, “I should have somebody here who can introduce me.” I said to the audience, “I wonder if anyone here would like to volunteer to introduce me,” and your hand went up and you’re almost racing to the stage. I know that’s a challenge to get up there. Not only did you volunteer to do that, but you’re opening was incredible. You had the audience awe-inspired. I could see that you are very much the same on purpose, living to give. That’s me. You’ve got to be an action taker. When you get inspired by ideas, you’ve got to take action.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: There’s not an answer that somebody else can give you. You got to find it inside yourself.


Life is a gift, and then the question is what are you going to give back to life as a result of you being here? Once you have that understanding, things can become clearer and you have a greater understanding and a higher awareness of your being here. It truly is a gift. None of us asked to be here, but yet we are here. The funny thing about it is we all have desires. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have a desire and we all have different abilities. As a result of that, once you understand it, your being here is a gift and you have the responsibility to give back. “How do I do that?” You look inside. What is it about you that is unique? What is it about you that can serve other people? What is it about you that can make a difference? When you have that level of mindset, which is a Game Changer Mentality, you start to see how you can benefit the world. How you can serve the world. A lot of times that’s where a lot of answers are. We are seeking answers to problems, to challenges, to situations. Once you come into that awareness, you begin to understand your authority, your power, your purpose and then you can walk in a new light when you are in that level of awareness.

There’s an audio that I listen to often, it’s about 60 minutes long. It’s by Dr. Joseph Murphy. If someone’s interested, they get it right off Amazon. It’s called The Master Key to Wealth. In that, Dr. Joseph Murphy says, “You have a tremendous debt to pay.” I remember the first time I heard that I thought, “Tremendous debt to pay. That doesn’t sound good. Who wants the debt to pay?” He explains a little bit further, but my interpretation of that is it’s about giving back to life and we’ve been given this great gift of life. Most people are sitting, greasing the palm like, “What are you going to give me?” That’s not the way it works. Those people are miserable. They’re unhappy. They’re blaming the government. They’re blaming their parents. They’re blaming somebody. They’re sitting there like that and that’s not going to end well for anybody.

Quite often I’ll say, “Give thanks for the gift of this new day.” This is a blessing. We woke up this morning. Not everybody gets to wake up every morning and we’ve got so much to be grateful for. There’s always something to be grateful for. Think about Viktor Frankl, who wrote the book, Man’s Search For Meaning. Here’s a guy who was in a Nazi concentration camp and he decided, “Nobody’s going in my mind. These people do not have control over what my thoughts are. I’m going to manage them. I’m going to choose to go to different places in my mind.” He found something good in that experience. Not only did he find something good in that experience for himself personally, but he shared it with the world. We’re still talking about that to this day. That book was released decades and decades ago.

It’s a good idea. I often tell people when you wake up in the morning ask yourself, “How will I serve now?” Not, “How can I? How will I?” Will I presume you’re going to do it? How will you serve people in a way that’s beneficial, that’s going to help?” It may be something like opening a door for someone that’s not expected. It could be one of those drive-through lines you’re going through and you’re buying a coffee and you say, “I want to pay for the guy behind me.” That’s a little surprise and nice thing to do. It’s a way to operate, to find a way that, “How can I help somebody? How can I give? How can I be of service? How can I bring more sunshine and bring more light into somebody’s life?” That’s a mode of operandi, a way to be every day.

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That reminds me of flow. When you are operating in that way, it opens up the flow because there’s reciprocity, the power of reciprocity. When you’re not giving but you’re just looking to give, then you haven’t opened up that flow for things to flow onto you. When you start that process by giving, the same person that you give to might not be the one that gives back to you. What you’ve done is you’ve started that flow and you’re in that cycle of giving and getting, giving and receiving. If you want to initiate that, you initiate that flow by first giving.

We’re talking game-changing stuff. Could you imagine how your life would shift? For someone that’s not in that space but decided, “I’m going to try that on for size and see how that works.” That would be an absolute game changer. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s not the way most people operate in this world. It’s not the way I operated in this world for many years until I got it and understood it. I’m not saying I got it perfect either. Sometimes I’ll go back to those places of expectation or something that doesn’t feel good, frustration, disillusionment or whatever. Everybody has that. We’ve got to build our emotional muscles so strong that we can bounce back fast.

I’ve heard Bob Proctor, I mentioned him already a couple times. He has been my greatest mentor. He is a wonderful friend. That’s how you and I met. Bob will say these words on stage. He’ll be talking about paradigms and he’ll say, “I have paradigms too.” I know there are a lot of people in the audience that don’t even hear those words. They dismiss it because they think he’s superhuman. Sometimes he’ll say, “I’m not from here,” jokingly and he is from here. He is human and I’ve seen him go through his challenges, but he does have paradigms. We all have these paradigms. We’ve got to recognize them for what they are and when they reveal their ugly heads, the ugly ones, that is. We’ve got to be ready to switch or change what we’re looking at. Focus over here.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: We all have these paradigms. We got to recognize them for what they are and when they reveal their ugly heads, we got to be ready to switch or change what we’re looking at.


It’s dealing with the programming. We’ve been programmed that whenever we receive, we’re fulfilled or we look for that level of fulfillment. What I’ve found, especially in this work, but that’s not where the true fulfillment comes from. It’s not even in the money that you get. A lot of people don’t realize this until they get a lot of money and then they’re like, “I’m not fulfilled.” The true fulfillment comes in giving, comes in serving, comes in fulfilling that purpose, that thing that you’re designed to do. I’ve known people that make a lot of money and they’re very famous people, a lot of people recognize them. Inside, when they look themselves in the mirror, they’re unfulfilled. That’s the greatest feeling that you can have is when you know you are doing what you’ve been put on this Earth to do. It’s not for you, which is the beauty of it. I love the universe because the thing that you have, the gift that you have, it is not for you.

When you’re looking for the money, you’re looking for fulfillment. You’re looking for an extraordinary life. It comes from identifying what it is about you that you can give the world because there is no greater feeling than that. I feel that sometimes, at least for me, the challenge is the resistance, the things that show up in our lives. They’re little cues to get us to look deeper, to change our mindset towards things. To get our attention on what’s important. It’s a guide to, “Have you tried this? What have you thought about this way, thought about the inner parts of you? Let’s not think external. Let’s start looking internal.” You can interview countless people that have gone through serious challenges, insurmountable types of obstacles. They overcome them by finding their inner self, finding their inner place of peace, finding their inner gift, that inner power. That’s where it is. It’s not having your hand out, sitting there with your hand out gifts and, “Me, me, me.” These people have found so much in just looking within and expanding themselves within a giving of themselves.

I got a package delivered to the house and I opened it up. It’s a necklace and it’s a heart. You can open it, there’s a place to put a picture in it as well. This was given to me by a woman. This woman had sent it to me. She lives in England. She wrote her novel. She was inspired, she saw me at one of our Proctor’s events, the Paradigm Shift. She was not at the event, but she streamed it. She watched it from the comfort of her home. She said that once she saw me present, she was inspired to write her book as well. She went ahead and wrote it. It’s a novel called Homewrecker. Her pen name is A.L. Frances. She sent a shoe box with a copy of her book and with this lovely necklace in it. She sent two shoe boxes because she wants me to give one to Bob as well. In it, she said, “As a result of what I’ve studied from you and from Bob Proctor, my life has totally changed.” She shared a little bit about her background, which was horrific. I’m not going to share it because it’s private and she doesn’t want people to know about it. She said in the letter that she wrote to me that she wanted to be really honest, transparent, and share what had gone on in her life. Starting from a young girl, which is stuff that a young girl should have never been exposed to and a young girl should have never gone through, hair curling and horrific stuff.

What I want to say is that she went in and found her inner strength as well. There was something inside her that knew that’s not the way a little girl should be treated. That’s not what should be going on a little girl’s life. She made a decision that she’s not going to have her children’s life because she had three children when she was a teenager. That she’s not going to have her children go through what she went through and has totally transformed her life and has remarkable relationships with her three children. They’re her biggest fan and things like that. To get that letter, to know someone decided to take some action, that someone has decided that they’re going to make a difference in this world, that my work, that Bob Proctor’s work and I’m certain your work, Rodney, is impacting these people, that’s heartwarming.

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I had told my husband about it and I said, “That’s what it’s all about to hear those stories, to get those messages.” He’s like, “Yes, I get it.” He totally gets it. He’s supportive with all of this. You’ve met him as well. He’s such a kindhearted man. That’s not why we do what we do is so that I can get a letter or get a gift from a client. Those are the surprisingly wonderful rewards that come as a result of it. That’s the way the universe works. You put out good, you will get good back. You put out bad, you’re definitely going to get bad back. You’ve got to be focused on putting out the good.

I was at CEO Space and I was sitting in on a class with Dr. David Gruder, he’s a psychologist. He was teaching a class. He was talking about wealth and how to accumulate wealth. It was something that he said in that class that stuck with me. I want to share that with you because he said, “A lot of people think that money creates wealth. It’s all wrong. That’s not how the formula goes. Wealth creates money.” I thought about that, I’m saying, “What do you mean by wealth?” He broke it down a little further and he started talking about the air that we breathe. He started talking about the gifts that we have. He started talking about the fact that we have a mind and we can think for ourselves. He started talking about the mental faculties that we have. He started talking about all the intangibles that we have, that the universe has given us our creativity, which is limitless. That is the wealth.

A lot of times we’re out here we’re looking for wealth, we’re looking for answers. Whenever you can find inner peace, find inner strength, realize the wealth you have, you can create anything. It’s game changing. You can create the life that you want. I know with you, you have the life script and how we use that creativity. How do we use that ability that we have? That saying, that statement has stuck with me because it was game-changing for me to know that wealth creates money. It’s not the other way around.

Speaking of game changers, my Power Life Script is a total game changer. Do you still do it?

Yes, I still have my Power Life Script. I’m not getting rid of that. I have things posted up on my mirror in my bathroom. All kinds of stuff up there I look at every single day. Why don’t you talk about that? That was game changing for me.

If we look at the human being, like us, the way we are, we’re programmed the way we are. A lot of our conditioning comes from childhood. When your parents tell you, “You’re smart, you’re wonderful and you’re incredible,” and they tell you over and over again to the point it gets impressed upon your subconscious mind, you believe it. That’s the way you operate. There’s a movie called Think And Grow Rich: The Legacy. The story is about Edison. The story goes like this, a little scene at the beginning of the movie where Thomas Edison had gone to school and he was sent home with a letter from his school. He gets home and he hands the letter to his mom. He’s a young boy at the time. His mom reads the letter and it’s basically a letter from the school saying, “There’s no way your son can learn. We don’t him to come back anymore.” That’s not what the mother says to the little boy. The little boy’s standing going, “Mommy, what does the letter say?” She says, “The school feels that you’re so much more intellectually advanced than all the other children in the school. They feel that you’d be better served if you were homeschooled because you’re so much further ahead.” She told him a completely different story to what this letter said and look what Thomas Edison went on to do. He invented the incandescent light and many other things as well. That’s not the only thing that he had accomplished.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: I need to embed more positive thoughts and ideas into my mind consistently so that I can embody the feelings of living my ideal life.


What she did was she implanted an idea in his mind that created an identity that he believed in and he went on to create extraordinary things. If we think about our mind and how we program it and how we’ve been programmed as a child. That’s like for me, when I was nineteen and I met Bob Proctor, I was in this absolute messy place emotionally, I had to reprogram my mind and it took time. After studying Bob for several years, I reached a point where I thought, “I need to embed more positive thoughts and ideas into my mind consistently so that I can embody the feelings of living my ideal life.” I decided I’m going to script my life. I’m going to write out a script of my life as if I’m living it and it is fulfilled. I did this when I was a single mom at the time. I was struggling financially to some degree. My confidence wasn’t the greatest at the time. I still had this belief within me that I wasn’t worthy of love.

I knew that in order to have the life that I desired, that there were necessary beliefs to have. Beliefs like I am worthy of love. I’m a loving person. I give love and I receive love. I’m wonderfully successful. I’m doing work that’s deeply meaningful in this world and that I’m recognized for it. I wrote out this script of what my life would be like and what I needed to believe as if it was real, right now, present tense. “I, Peggy McColl, is so happy and grateful that I lived the most extraordinary life. I love my life completely and every part of my life is magnificent.” I wrote it out and then I recorded it, just like that with all the enthusiasm in the world. There are points in my life script where I laugh and I’m happy. I was singing and things like that. I record it and I listened to it. I listen to it every day. Now, I listen to it multiple times a day. My script is about 23 minutes long. It’s a little long and it became longer and longer as time went on. I’d be reading from The Power Of Awareness by Neville Goddard and he would say something. I’d be watching a podcast online or I’d be listening to an audio and I’d hear something like, “Your success is absolutely guaranteed,” and I thought, “I like that,” or, “You matter in this world,” “I like that.”

When my friend, Gay Hendricks, said that he and Katie had the affirmation, “We always have plenty of money to do whatever we want to do.” I always have plenty of money to do whatever I want to do. I would add to my script and add to my script. That is the one thing that’s changed my life. That’s been the big game changer for me. You’ve got to script it and make sure that it’s all positive words only. You wouldn’t use words like debt or, “I no longer hate people,” or whatever. You don’t use any negative words whatsoever. It would be things like, “I’m abundantly rich. My net worth is an excess of,” whatever that number is. Only focus on the positive. Invest some time. There’s going to be a little bit of time in order to create this and craft this so that you can see like, “I pull in my driveway and I look at my home and I feel such an immediate sense of gratitude to live in this beautiful place. I walk around the hall and look at the high ceilings and I’m amazed,” that thing. You’ve got to see the pictures. You’ve got to see it. My husband and I go for walks and we always hold hands together.

Reprogram your subconscious mind so that you get into habitual behaviors that are more positive and progressive that will change your game. Share on X

One of the things that I say in my life script is that my husband and I laugh a lot together. Denis and I are always laughing. It’s not that we’re both incredibly funny or anything like that, but we are always laughing. Even when we get into a car, he opens the door for me. We get out of the car and he grabs my hand. It puts a smile on my face because that’s in my script. I scripted that Bob Proctor has me speak at all of his events, and now I do. I speak at all of his events. I was speaking at his One Percent Club in Kona, Hawaii. He started doing these One Percent Clubs and it’s quite a significant investment to attend this event and it’s a limited number of people. I had written down that I was also speaking at that event. I knew he had his first one coming up. I looked at my calendar and I happened to be available and I was waiting for the invitation.

One day he called me and he says, “What are you doing on these dates?” and it was the date of his One Percent. I knew what he was asking. I said, “Nothing that I can’t change to be at the One Percent.” He smiled and he was like, “Do you want to come?” I was like, “Yes, I want to come. I’m totally there.” I ended up going to the first one, the second one, the next one. I’ve been to all of them and now I’m speaking at all of his events. When he was introducing me to the One Percent Club, he was saying words that were almost verbatim what was in my script like, “Peggy is not an employee of Proctor Gallagher Institute. She’s the only person that we have to speak at all of our events.” He’s saying these words and I’m thinking, “It’s verbatim what I have in my Power Life Script. How did he know?” It was such a fun experience.

One of the things that I love about having the Power Life Script is that it’s easy. You push play. As a matter of fact, I have two vehicles and when you get in either one of my cars and it starts to play automatically. I had my Bluetooth connected and it’s playing. How much easier could it be than that? I wrote a book with Brian Proctor called Darn Easy and that’s part of it. It’s like, “Let’s make this easy for you.” This is a process that’s going to take you a little bit of time, but it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, you record it and all you got to do is push play. What are you doing? You’re reprogramming your consciousness. You’re reprogramming your subconscious mind so that you get into habitual behaviors that are more positive and progressive that will change your game. That’s what the Power Life Script is in short version. I don’t miss a day. I listen to it every day and I’ve done so for decades. I wouldn’t even think about missing a day, but it will change your life.

What I love about this tool is that we hear people say, we hear gurus say, “You are a creative being,” but no one shows you how to be that creative being. How do I create what I want in my life? I love the Power Life Script. That’s why I have my one-page on my mirror in my bathroom because that is how you do it. I know for the audience, you may have heard the term, “Energy flows where focus goes,” and that’s what we’re talking about. It’s what you’re focusing on. What you’re putting in. What are you thinking about the majority of the time? That’s what you’re creating and this is a mechanism, a tool that you can use to recreate your life. That’s a game changer.

No amount of doing this work is going to mean diddly squat unless you attach the emotional response to it. Share on X

You mentioned about on your mirror in your bathroom. That is a phenomenal place to have it. I was teaching a webinar on behalf of Bob. He gets me to step in and teach his webinars sometimes. I was talking about mirror work and how valuable it is to look at you in the mirror. Look at yourself in the eye and say affirmations, but say them with feeling. No amount of doing this work is going to mean diddly squat unless you attach the emotional response to it. That’s why when I recorded my Power Life Script, I’m doing stuff that causes an emotion because you can’t help but smile when you hear that. Even saying affirmations or saying your script or whatever in front of the mirror but do it with emotion. You may want to close the door so nobody hears you. If you’re living with other people and they’re there in the house, sometimes which can be a little weird, “Are you in the bathroom talking to yourself?” “Yes.” They might even get used to it. They might even try themselves. That’s a powerful thing to do. Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and declare, affirm.

I tell myself every day, “Great and tremendous success is your reality. It’s good and amazing experience is your normal, daily lifestyle.” I look at myself and I tell myself that every single day. It’s such a wonderful feeling and it sets the tone for my day. I don’t go out feeling, “I don’t know how I’m going to do. What’s now going to be like?” I’m setting that up. I’m creating that opportunity, that possibility for my day when I do that and so I feel good. Peggy, if someone wanted to connect with you, where do they go to find you?

I’m easy to find, PeggyMcColl.com. There’s a contact form there as well. If you want to find out what I’m doing, what I’m up to, my website is the place. On my website, I have a subscription for my Morning Money Class. I do these little Morning Money Classes a couple times, sometimes a few times a week, and they are little video messages. The reason why I decided to create them is that I know a lot of people struggle financially and it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s abundance in this universe and we’re all connected to it. It’s whether somebody crimped on the hose and they’ve blocked their flow. There’s abundance there. There are hundreds of them. You can find them on my YouTube channel as well. It’s YouTube.com/PeggyMcColl. I’ve got a Vimeo channel. They’re all there, lots of free stuff. That whole process of creating a Power Life Script that’s also on my YouTube channel. I’ve got an eight-part webinar series, it’s all free that people can go and they can access that. I want to help people and I want to help them consistently. I would suggest register for the Morning Money Class so that you can consistently get more and more new information, freebie stuff from me.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: A lot of people struggle financially and it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s abundance in this universe and we’re all connected to it.


What would you say to a person who maybe has a story that they want to share? They want to write a book and they’re not quite sure how to get started. Maybe they’re on a budget. I know there are some readers out there that have some things that they want to share with the world. What would you say to that person?

Making a decision to share it with the world starts with that, a decision, you’ve got to make a decision. I have found personally, I’ve done thirteen books, one of the best things I ever did for my career was write a book. It was probably the single best thing I ever did in my career. Bob Proctor says the same thing when he wrote You Were Born Rich. He said that book has made the biggest impact on his business. I don’t think people think, “I want to write a book to make a big impact on my business,” but it does make a big impact. It can lead to multiple sources of income, but I would say that it gives a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. It’s a definite confidence builder as well. Make the decision that you’re going to do it, but I highly recommend that you get the right advice, get the right guidance.

When I wrote my first book, I was completely ignorant. I did not understand the book industry. I did not understand what it would be like to be successful. A lot of people have the same belief that you write a great book, the buyers will come. That’s not the way it works. You’ve got to be prepared to learn how to effectively market your book and get it out there in the world, and that’s where I come in. That’s where I help people and teach people. If you’re interested, I can definitely help you with that. That’s also on my website. Everything’s there for authors. I work with all kinds of authors, fiction authors, nonfiction authors, every version of authorhood. I work with people sometimes to get their programs done and bringing them out to the world and then get their books.

Whatever it is you want to do, go there and check it out. See if it resonates with you. I love working with committed people and that’s part of what I affirm in my Power Life Script as well. I attract the most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, kind, harmonious, honest, integrous people into my world because those are the ones that I want to serve. Collectively, we’re here to help raise the level of positive consciousness in this world to make the world a better place. Do it.

Who are some of the people that you’ve worked with before?

I work with such a wide variety of authors, completely unknown authors. I remember Bruce Lipton came to me and took my course and he was completely unknown. Now he’s well known. The Biology Of Belief is his book. He’s done well. He’s speaking all over the world. I’ve also worked with people that are recognized in the industry like Wayne Dyer and Debbie Ford, who have both passed on. Another one is Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson. I worked with him as well. Neale Donald Walsch, Marianne Williamson, Robin Sharma, I’ve worked with so many extraordinary authors. I’ve worked with Rodney Flowers. He’s an amazing individual and author. I’ve worked with thousands of authors in all kinds of different genres.

I want to say as a testament to you, Peggy, and the work that you do. It was a phenomenal experience. Not knowing anything about being an author, about writing books, about marketing books, about speaking even. We even got into some of that as well. I’m going to tell you this is the go-to person. Peggy knows it all. She is the best in the business and she has a way of teaching you that’s practical and that you can apply it. You can get started immediately and that’s the beauty of it all. Peggy is wonderful to work with. She has a heart for this.

If you are interested in writing a book, I will tell you to seek Peggy out. Get in contact with her. For me, I met Peggy and my book was on the market nine months after that and it became an international best-selling book. That’s how fast we were able to move. You’ve even done it faster with some people. Get with Peggy because this is the person, this is the expert in this industry when it comes to writing books, marketing books and marketing programs. You can’t go wrong with Peggy. Peggy, is there anything else you would like to share with the audience?

I want to encourage people to invest in themselves. Meaning invests the time and the energy, sometimes money as well to work on you. That could be involved in taking Rodney’s courses. This guy knows what he’s talking about. He lives it, he breathes it. I would suggest they get invested in themselves because it can be scary. I’ve seen people go through that experience of the fear of, “Should I do this? Should I invest this money?” like you did and you shared with us honestly. I have found that from my own experience, I don’t tally up how much I’ve invested in mentoring, programs or attending courses.

GCM 23 | Create A Bestseller

Create A Bestseller: Invest in yourself. Invest the time, the energy, and the money to work on you.


I never tally it up. I know other people do but I’ll tell you this, the return has come back multiplied and it will. I highly recommend that. You’re reading this and you’ve probably read Rodney’s other episodes and whatever and that’s great, but make it a daily practice. Commit to changing your life, to have your game changed in a positive way. When you do and you start now, the results or the rewards are extraordinary. It’s incredibly fulfilling. You’re a creator. You’re also a destroyer. Thank you, Rodney, for having me. I appreciate it.

Thank you. It was a pleasure, Peggy. Anytime, I would love to reconnect with you again and we have to stay connected because you’re a source of life for me and I appreciate you.

Thank you. I appreciate you as well.

There you have it, another episode of the Game Changer Mentality with Peggy McColl. This was a great interview with her. She ended with commitment. Commitment is a game changer and that’s part of having that game-changing mentality. I encourage you to stay committed, expand and to look deep. Find those inner gifts. Find those inner things about you, those talents and those things that you could share with the world. If you’re into writing a book, if you want to write a book, please seek Peggy out because she is the person that can help you bring your story to the world.

Remember our website, www.RodneyFlowers.com. Connect with us on Facebook. Join our community, The Game Changer Transformation Community. We would love to have you there. There’s a group of people there that are game-changing. They are changing the game in their life, changing the game in their community and they can assist you with that as well. Until next time, remember, greatness is your birthright.

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