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Changing your life starts in your mind. We all have dreams we want to accomplish. We want to be better and make an impact, but we can’t seem to because of our mindset. Global media expert and TV host Katerina Cozias says we need a mindset shift. We all have a choice to think what we want to think. If we’re thinking thoughts that are keeping us down, then we’re the ones keeping ourselves in mental slavery. The truth is that we are all endowed with amazing abilities, whether it’s creativity, reason, imagination, or willpower. We’ve just got to tap into them and use them to get ourselves to live the life we really want to live. Katerina talks about her new book, Rising Up From Mental Slavery, and shares some insight on how we can use our abilities to accomplish our goals.

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Changing Your Life Through A Mindset Shift with Katerina Cozias

GCM 19 | Mindset Shift

Rising Up From Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

I am excited to be here with you for another episode. I have a beautiful, lovely guest with me who’s going to share some insights, share her story with you. I love this lady. She’s amazing. Her name is Katerina. She is Hollywood based. She has a TV show, talk show, LA40. She has a new book, Rising Up from Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential. It is number one on the bestseller charts and she is changing lives across the United States. My sister, Katerina Cozias. How are you doing?

I’m so excited to be here on the program with you.

I am delighted to have you here. It’s been a long time. We’ve been trying to set this up for a while and finally, we are together. I want to welcome you to the show.

I love the concept of the show. Anything to do with this conversation, let’s go.

I’m all about changing lives and I believe that starts in your mind. You’ve just released this new book, Rising Up from Mental Slavery. We’re just colliding and clashing all over each other right now. I love that because in the world we need people to change their mindset because there’s so much poverty. A lot of people want to accomplish their dreams, they want to be better, they want to have an impact, but they can’t do it because of their mindset. Mindset is everything. Tell us about this new book, Rising Up from Mental Slavery.

That’s what it is. Everything is mental and we have a choice to think what we want to think. If we’re thinking thoughts that are keeping us down, then we’re the ones keeping ourselves in mental slavery. The point is we are all endowed with these amazing abilities whether it’s creativity, reason, imagination, willpower and the will. We’ve got to tap into them and use them to get ourselves to live the life we really want to live.

Let’s dive a little deeper because a lot of people may know that. They say, “Yes, I need to tap into my willpower. I need to tap into my creativity, but I don’t know how to do that.” How? That’s what’s really missing, that’s where the disconnect is. People know they have these things. You mentioned imagination, for example. How do I use my imagination to accomplish my goals and my dreams?

We as human beings are creative by nature. We are manifesting literally multiple times a day. We just don’t realize that it’s our thoughts that are driving what we think. If someone says to me, “How do you change your thoughts?” Number one is you’ve got to become aware of what the heck your thoughts are in the first place. You need to stop when you’re thinking something and think, “Did I just say that to myself, that I’m too stupid, I’m too fat, it’s too late, I’m too old?” You’ve got to catch that with awareness first. Once you become aware of the thought, then you can start to shift out of it.

Your question was how? My co-author and I were both transformational teachers and mentors. We have a system whereby we say to you, “Identify the thought.” The thought might be, “I can’t ask for that raise. I don’t have the right education. Who am I?” You take that thought, but what you do is you add the belief that you really want to think. You take it from, “Who am I to ask for a raise because I don’t have the education,” to “Who am I not to step up in my highest light and ask for that raise?” You catch it, you identify it and then you insert the belief that you want to be thinking.

It’s is reframing, if you will. Is that what we’re doing? Transformation by reframing the thoughts. Based on your example, that thought is going to lead to a different type of action, which hopefully is the actual step forward to go ask for a raise.

I’ll give you my personal story. I knew from the age of fifteen years old that I wanted to be a TV host. Not an actor, but give me a microphone, give me a carpet, give me something to present and I’m there. Because I was a little bit following society and thought, “Who am I, a Canadian girl from the Midwest of Canada, to go to Hollywood?” At the age of twenty, I convinced myself out of it. Instead, I went into Corporate America and I did the thing that we’re all supposed to do where I get the education, get the job, get the raise, get the corner office. Ten years went by and all of a sudden, I’m almost 30. I’m looking around going, “How did I end up in this corporate job where I was doing finance? My dreams aren’t being realized. I’m not being fulfilled. Now what?” At 30, I was like, “I’m going to go to Hollywood. I’m going to do it.” The self-doubt started talking to me, “You were too late. You’re too old. You can’t go. You should have gone ten years ago.” There’s always that negation. What do you do? You need to catch it and say, “Is this what I want or is this just my fear trying to keep me safe?”

Let’s back up here because you took a big step. You picked up your location and moved to Hollywood. That’s a major big stuff. You’ve got to have some big ones to go move to Hollywood. You didn’t know if this dream was going to manifest. It’s expensive to live out there. All of those things will probably come in at you in terms of your thoughts like, “What if this doesn’t work? I’m in Hollywood. What are people going to think?” How did you handle that?

There are two things that separate people that go for it. One is passion, but it’s not passion alone. You need hunger for that dream. Passion is great and you can have some passion, but you could also get tired and thinking, “I’m going to go watch Netflix now because I’m passioned out.” If you have a hunger, that hunger usually comes as fuel because you’re doing something of service for others.

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Is that the harness on? Because you need the hunger. There are some hungry people out there that want to do it. I want to l focus on the how because I want people to go out and buy this book. I’m going to buy this book. I want to understand how to unleash my infinite potential. I’m hoping there are some tools and strategies in the there. I do believe in hunger. I believe in going for it, being adamant, being committed, not taking no for an answer. That’s the hunger that we’re talking about here. You can harness your hunger. You can take that and let that be your driving force. It’s your engine. Then you have to navigate everything that comes along. That trips people up sometimes.

You know that better than anyone. Something could come along and you’re going to have to figure out how to deal with it. One of my biggest tips to people, “Get awareness around your thought. Identify the negative thought and shift it with the positive.” The problem is the first thing your brain is going to say is it’s BS. If you go from, “I don’t have enough money,” to, “Wealth is on its way to me,” your mind is going to be like, “That’s BS,” because you’ve been poor for ten years. It’s not happening. What I ask people to do and what a great exercise is, in front of that new belief, put the words, “I now choose to believe. I now choose to believe the wealth is on its way to me.”

What that does is your mind’s going, “Since you’re choosing to believe it now, it’s okay. If you just go straight into the new belief, your BS buzzer’s going to go off.” For example, think about it. If you say to yourself, “I think the sky is blue. I now think the sky is blue. I choose to now think the sky is blue.” Eventually, the sky is going to be blue. Eventually, you’ll convince your subconscious mind you can absolutely do it.

I love this because I was having a conversation with someone. There was a post, and it was evolving around perception is everything because at the end that’s the result we’ve got to.

Do you know Marianne Williamson, the author?


I had the opportunity to interview her and she said, “Katerina, the thing that I believe in is pronoia.” I’m going, “Pronoia, it’s the opposite of paranoia.” Pronoia is you assume that the entire universe is pro your success and absolutely coming to you at the table versus the paranoia of this and that and everything else, that negative down energy.

GCM 19 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: You only got one life. Enjoy it.


A lot of people would think that’s BS. There’s that thought. I see why people would do that because I’m thinking about the audience. I’m thinking about people from all works of life that have different obstacles and challenges. They may want to move out to Hollywood, but they know they wouldn’t. They may feel that they will never ever move to Hollywood and that’s the thought. That’s something that’s wisdom, it stays with them and it turned that around. Here we are on The Game Changer Mentality Podcast. This is where you heard it. We’re saying, “Tell yourself that one day you’re going to be staying in Hollywood.” I can see that person like, “Please don’t change the channel. There’s more. We’re going to show you how to do this.”

My one advice to people, and this is what I find stops people, when you meet someone, you have an instant automatic reaction to them. You have about half a second to make a first impression. Within two seconds, that first impression starts going towards the negative. What you want to do is you want to come to the table with as much energy as you can and just feel into, “What am I contributing?” If you always come from an energy of contribution, and I’m not saying go out and feed the homeless, but I’m saying come with an energy to be present for whoever you’re in front of. Your vibe will shift and the people that are you are attracting will alter.

Let’s play with that a little bit. I want people to walk away from the show with some practical tools and strategies that they can use in order to be the game changers that they want to be in their life. You and I, we talk all the time. We see each other. We know this stuff in and out and I got it. Let’s think about the person who maybe this is their first time being exposed and maybe they are in mental slavery. You and I both know mental slavery is a big deal. Let’s look at the stats. Only 3% of the total population, just in the United States alone, we’re not even going to use the other countries, are making it happen. What does that mean? Does it mean that the remaining value 97% has some mental adjustments that need to be made potentially? Maybe they are held back by the way they think about their goals?

The thing that I’ve realized that holds a lot of people back is people say, “I don’t want to be a public speaker. I don’t want to get it on stage. I don’t want to do podcasts.” They’re not afraid of public speaking. They’re afraid of public judgment. It’s that public judgment that keeps 97% of people playing small. My biggest piece of advice to anyone watching is you have to dare to suck or you’ll remain stuck. What I mean is, you’re never going to know how to do something perfectly the first time you try it. You have to try and we have to fail.

Think about this. How many of you had ever snowboarded? The first time you go out on that ski hill and you’ve got these ideas of grandeur, “I’m going to go and I’m going to be awesome.” The first time you get out on the snow with that board, you fall on your butt. You get up and you fall on your butt. You can’t go two feet that day without falling on your butt. At the end of that day, you have a choice. You can either take your little, bruised butt and your big bruised ego and go back out on the hill the next day or you can give up. You’ve got to go through that motion of, “I might suck at this,” before you can move forward in life.

You said something so powerful. I believe this with everything. I don’t care what it is, making money, investing, relationships, business, promotion, it is not so much you are afraid of failing. You are afraid of the judgment that you’re going to face because you fail. It is unfortunate that’s the society that we live in, is that we don’t look at people that are second. If you are a second, you don’t get the recognition, you don’t get everything that you truly deserve. You don’t get the pat on the back because you sucked. You have to win in America in order to be somebody and it’s so unfortunate, but that’s not the mindset that we have to adopt. We choose that and I know society places upon us because of the world that we live in, but it’s truly to our detriment to take that on.

I came to Los Angeles. I knew nobody. I knew nothing and because I was working in media for about ten years, I have the communication skills. I managed to get myself in front of an agent. I bombed it so bad. Never go get an agent if you don’t know what you’re doing yet. I had this massive opportunity in front of one of the biggest talent agents in LA. I bombed it. I cried all the way home. I got up the next day and I went back out there. Three years I spent cultivating how to show up on camera. Now, I am hosting my own talk show. I own my own media company. I’m a bestselling author. I’m a professional speaker. I have my dream car that I drive down Rodeo drive and I’m thinking, “What would I have been doing if I hadn’t taken that leap?” It’s important.

GCM 19 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: Never go get an agent if you don’t know what you’re doing yet.


That’s a mental trap. A lot of times we live because of what someone thinks about us. We’ll do or not do certain things because someone may judge us or because of what someone thinks about it. You talk about mental slavery, that’s bondage. You are truly trapped when you can’t move beyond what someone is going to think about you in order to pursue your dreams. Whenever you are trying to pursue something that’s worthwhile, like pursuing your big dream, it requires doing certain things like you had to do. You had to go back and face the same people who said you suck the day before.

There are still haters out there. Sometimes they come from your own family. These are the people who are supposed to be super excited for me. You have to try and allow that to filter out. You’ve got to allow yourself to get out of the mental and get into the heart space. What is your soul asking for? Another thing that helps if you’re feeling that, “I don’t know if I can make this change.” Let’s say you’re 35 and you’re looking around going, take some time and write yourself a letter from the age of 90. That 90-year-old man is going to talk to the 35-year-old that might be thinking, maybe it’s a little bit too late. What do you think he’d say to that 35-year-old? You’d be like, “You’re young. You’re vibrant. You’re energetic. You’ve got so much time.” What in the heck the 35-year-old is thinking, “It’s too late. I’m too old.” You’ve got to change your perspective. Get out of your head, write yourself a letter. That one helps.

That’s pretty good because we act based on what we think in a lot of times what we’re thinking is from the headspace. We’re thinking about what the neighbors are going to say. We’re thinking about what my mom is going to say, what family is going to say, what the folks at the bank are going to say. What are my friends going to say?

Those are realistic, “I’ve got bills to pay. I’ve got a mortgage to pay. I can’t just jump and hope that the universe takes care of me. I’m not saying that.” I’m saying jump and get up at four the morning and bust your ass because you’re going to need to. This is one piece of advice I want to share with people that might be thinking of chasing their dream, how do they chase their dream. I have two examples. You’ve got two mountains, mountain A and mountain B. On mountain A is where you’ve been scaling for twenty years. You’re an accountant and you ran the ranks. Now you’re at the pinnacle of this accounting career but you’re bored to death. You’re like, “I always wanted to be a writer, but now I’m 42. How am I going to switch careers?”

You go here and this mountain B is the writing career. You’re going, “For me to jump from this summit to this summit, I’m going to have to go down and up and I’m tired of the whole thing.” People forget how many skills are actually transferable from mountain A to mountain B. You’re not going from the top to the bottom, you’re going from the top to about 70% across because you’re bringing communication skills, managerial skills, leadership skills, accounting skills and life skills. People get scared to jump without recognizing all the things that they’ve already got.

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Katerina, tell us how people can reach you if they wanted to contact you.

Easiest place is via my website. It’s KaterinaCozias.com. If you want to pick up my book, Rising Up from Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential. It’s available on Amazon. I would highly recommend it for summer reading. It’s full of little tips like the ones we went through.

That’s what we’re talking about. We’re giving you a load of tools and strategies that will increase your mental toughness. Some of these things may sound a little harsh. They may seem a little hard to do and I get it. They felt that way to me too and I’m sure they felt that way to Katerina at some point in time. Here’s the thing, as you begin to implement these tools and implement these strategies into your life, you find that they become easier and there’s an awakening and so you become more self-aware. As Katerina was talking about, it doesn’t matter what age you are. Did you start your career at the age of 40?

I was 39 when I moved to Hollywood.

You were pivoting. You are going after a new career, a new dream.

I couldn’t go at the age of 90. I was dreaming to come to Hollywood and I’m so glad I did. I talk to people. I was mentoring a girl and she’s 25. She was saying to me, “I’m too young. People aren’t going to take me seriously.” I’m thinking, “I used to think I’m too old.” You think you’re too young. You think you’re too tall. I think I’m too short. Why are we allowing the negative? What do we want to think?”

I was talking to someone about the way we talk to ourselves. We don’t see ourselves as the powerful beings that we are. I was taken the conversation to a place where we are created by the most high. The energy that created us is the cause and effect of itself. It can neither be created nor destroyed. We are made in that likeness. We are made in that kindness. We’re not the same power, but we possess some of those capabilities. We don’t see ourselves as that. We allow this different type of thinking, this negative downgrading and condescending type of thought process to enter our mind.

Society has done an excellent job of convincing us that we are not enough, “You need to buy this car, you need to buy this hair detergent, you need to buy this to be enough.” We’ve convinced society that we’re not enough when really everything is coming from a heart space. I know that sounds pointy toward you. I spent ten years in corporate finance, ten years in global media and I’m on the West Coast. Sometimes I look at myself and think, “How woo-woo is this?” but it’s not. It’s coming into an understanding that all things are matter and energy and can’t be created, can be destroyed. If it’s that fluid, why can’t we fluidly move out the negative thoughts and fluidly bringing in the positive?

It’s that identity crisis. We’re so unto with who we are that we always have to be something. That’s why all those products can sell because you want this type of hair so you can be this, you want this so you can be that when all you have to do is be yourself. You don’t need all of that stuff. Be in your uniqueness and be powerful in that. We’re not comfortable enough with that. We always feel like we have to be more than what we truly are.

Don’t forget, we were conformed as a society, “Don’t be too shiny, don’t be too loud, don’t be too jumpy.” By the time they’re in third, fourth, fifth grade, they’ve taken everyone. They tried to make everyone feel like they’ve got to be the same when instead we should absolutely be celebrating our unique abilities.

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What have you found about yourself as you celebrated your uniqueness? Should I say discovered because maybe you’re celebrating it now? What have you discovered? Toot your horn if you want to because I don’t think we have enough people living that example. Sometimes people say they’re snobby or they’re cocky or they’re conceited but I don’t think that that’s what this is about. What we’re saying is express yourself. What have you found about yourself that has this so unique that has been life-changing for you?

The biggest thing is when I allowed myself the mental permission to take that step. It took me two years to quit my job and plug my life. When we give ourselves the mental permission to take that step, what that means is we really are starting to value ourselves. When we value ourselves, we can come to the table with an authenticity that people can feel, but it’s hard in this Insta Story, Insta Snapshot, make myself look like a shiny diamond world. How do we allow ourselves to be authentic by extending a hand down to those that are on their way to the journey?

Authentic, because you have the fake everything, and I’m not going to get into that.

In my talk show that I host, people say, “Katerina, what does LA40 mean?” It’s a play on the words Los Angeles and life after 40 because I was authentically moving into my 40s and I thought, “If I want to be a talk show host, what am I going to talk about? Fashion? That’s not really me. Beauty products? That’s not really me. WWE? That’s not really me. What’s me?” This questioning fear, anxiety, excitement for getting into my 40s and 50s, I developed a whole show around it because there are so many of us Gen Xers, 64 million of us, that are looking around to see what can we do differently in the latter half.

At 40, we’re starting to look back, “What have I not done in my life? Have I made the right decisions in my life?” When you get to 40, you start to think you’re more mature. You’re at a place where you’re starting to look at life a little bit differently and that can be frightening or exciting for some of us. It’s a pivotal place in life.

We have to step into our own confidence and our own charisma. People look at people on TV and they think, “He’s got charisma. I don’t have that. He’s got that. I don’t have that.” Does Brad Pitt have any more charisma than the rest of us? No, he decided one day that it was time to step into that.

GCM 19 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: We have to step into our own confidence and our own charisma.


To me, because we’re talking about identifying your uniqueness and your own identity, there’s this thing called cultivating. When you brought up Brad Pitt, I’m sure he spent countless hours doing whatever he had to do.

Brad Pitt would be the guy that would put on a chicken suit on the corner of Sunset Seneca. I came to Hollywood and I was driving around with little Tupperwares of food because I was in between jobs. I’m thinking I don’t know how long I’m going to be in between jobs. I went from up here to eating in my car in my little Tupperware. You’ve got to make some sacrifices if you believe in yourself.

Anyone can do it. That’s the message here. How important to you is being aware of yourself and self-dialogue and the things that you say to yourself? How important to you is that?

It’s all self-dialogue. When they say, “Watch what you say because words do have the power to shift your reality.” If you say to yourself every day, “I have no money,” you’re bringing in this vibration where the universe is going to say to you, “You’re right. You have no money.” Any opportunity to make money is not going to sit with you. Start changing that to, “I now choose to believe that making thousands of dollars a day is easy.” If you say to yourself, “I’m going to make thousands of dollars a day.” Your mind’s going to say, “BS.” If you say, “I now choose to believe that I can make a thousand dollars a day.” That’s a different vibration. You start to believe it after a while.

You think that what holds people back is they talk to themselves and the dialogue that they have creates certain types of beliefs. Is that what you’re saying?

You’ve got to switch what your belief is and it literally is. It doesn’t take years. You don’t have to go spend a ton of time in the psychiatrist, but if you’re always believing, “Women never stay with me,” then what are you doing subconsciously to make sure that women never stay with you? If you shift that to, “I now choose to believe I’m the man,” and you say that to yourself every day for a month, we’re going to see you walking down the street with some hot blonde and going, “Who is that guy?”

How did you overcome your own limiting beliefs? Is that the strategy that you are living for?

The biggest exercise was that 80-year-old exercise. I looked at myself at 39 and I thought, “Katerina, you’re young, you’re cute, you’re vibrant and you’re energetic.” Imagine going through life and looking at yourself in the mirror at 90 and going, “I wish I had played the game differently.” Why don’t you play the game you really want to play?

How did that make you feel?


Did that boost you into action?

It’s like that adrenaline rush and you can choose to see it as fear or you can choose to relabel it as courage. I chose that this is going to be my courage. I’m going to go out there. I may fall flat on my face. I did fall flat on my face and I stuck to that. I got to do it. I’ve got to give it my 100%. If you’d give it 100%, it doesn’t matter what happens. You want that feeling of fulfillment.

There’s a term that you keep using and I’m hoping the audience is catching it because I’m definitely catching it. It’s choose. A lot of your techniques, they are preceded with, “I chose,” or “You have to choose.” Talk to us about that.

It’s all about the way you choose to view your life, your perspective and your reframe. Something had happened to you, you can put a big black frame around it and make yourself a victim or you could decide, “That happened. Let me put a pink frame around it and see what I can do.” When I was hearing all this stuff, I was going, “BS.” I’ll give you an example. I was up for this big position to host the NFL Experience and Super Bowl. It’s a big opportunity. I was down from 400 to twelve to eight and they were picking five. They call me a week later and said, “We loved you but we’re not going to go with you. We’re sorry.”

I was devastated but then I thought, “Katerina, things happen for a reason. Instead of wallowing in your pity, that’s okay. Something else is coming down the pipe.” The next day, I got a call from a company saying, “We have media credentials and we need someone to host from the red carpet at the Oscars and Elton John’s Oscar party. Can you go?” It was that same weekend. I am much more of a red-carpet fashion girl than I was an NFL girl. I never knew that. If I had allowed myself to get pissy, upset, vulnerable and feeling like a victim, maybe the other call wouldn’t have come but I was like, “It’s all working out for my highest good.”

Another thing that I’m picking up from us is that emotion that is created from disappointment. If we’re not careful, you’re saying it can block certain things from coming in. Talk to us about that.

What happens is we talked about this thing called vibration. Higher vibrating thoughts when you’re happy, when you’re joyful, when you’re excited, they’re lighter. They’re thoughts. They have been able to measure thoughts in the density. Lighter thoughts are lighter. Denser thoughts, I’m sad, “I’m depressed,” the victims are physically denser. What happens is your aura again has the ability when you’re vibrating higher and lighter to absorb more. You’re getting ideas, you’re getting the intuition, you’re getting feedback. When you’re vibing down here, you’re blocking all of that. It can’t even come so you’re perpetuating being in that downward spiral. You have to do what you need to do to get yourself vibing high. You need to work, but you don’t feel like it for half an hour, then take half an hour break. What’s going to lift your vibration? It’s 100% important.

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Give us the tools. Give the audience some tools on things that they can do. They can take a half an hour break. We’ve got that. What are some other things deliberately that we can do to raise our vibration?

Most people hate their jobs. Most people are not happy. They’re going to wake up, they’re going to get up and they’re going to go. The first thing you would do when you get up and you go to work on Monday morning or whatever, getting your next Monday, I want you to look at, “What do I love about my job and what do I hate about it? What can I delegate out?” Meaning, what can I get off my plate that I don’t enjoy doing? Maybe you hate the social media part. Maybe you hate the accounting part. What can you do to take that off of you? Even if it means a few extra bucks to allow yourself to be happier and more content with your day. Anything that’s not making you happy and content, figure out what you can do to move it aside and you’ll automatically start to bounce lighter.

I practice that in my daily routine every day and I’m thinking about my audience because you know there are some people that are dealing with some things more than just starting a new business, trying to climb the corporate ladder or increase their cashflow. My audience, some of them may be dealing with marital issues, maybe they’re contemplating divorce or in the middle of one, maybe to substance abuse, maybe there’s addiction, maybe there’s some heavy stuff. What would you say to that person? It’s the same question, but what would you say in terms of raising their vibration?

The biggest thing that people say that works and I found this as evidence in my own life, don’t look at your surroundings around you. Look at, “What would I rather have my reality be?” The only way you’re going to look at what that is you created in your mind. Let’s say you had a tragic accident and all of a sudden you couldn’t walk. That was your reality at the moment. What did you want your life to be like? You probably were visioning yourself walking, exercising, moving and doing that, that became your reality. When people say, “I’m stuck.” It’s like, “No, you’re not.” It’s infinitely open. Just decide what you want and allow the universe, allow consciousness and allow God to bring in the how. Our job is to identify the what.

We’re not talking about a magic wand either. I love what you’re saying. You’re totally dead on. I’m in complete agreement with you and it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes constant keeping that vision in front of you and working towards that. You just can’t have the vision, but there’s action that you have to take every single day, sometimes all day. This has to become a part of you and that really is what we’re calling the creative process and that’s how it works. It goes back to the beginning of the conversation when we talked about imagination. We’re back full circle now. Your imagination is the tool that you use to create the vision. You talk about being stuck or being unhappy, use your imagination to create what would make you happy.

What would you want to be right now? Where would you want to go? What type of life would you want to live? What house would you want to have? What spouse would you want to have? Down to the details, and then maintain that vision. Every day, look at that. What you’ll find is you’ll start working towards that and if you can feel good about it, just as Katerina explained to us, you start opening up the windows of the universe to bring things in that aligns with that vision and you’ll find that your life will truly begin to change. Would you agree with that?

Yes. As human beings, we’re designed to live a life that is graceful, flowing, easy and blissful. We have decided as a culture to make life be about suffering and it doesn’t have to be. We get to choose what it is now. Is it going to happen right away? No, it’s not. Sofia Vergara, from the age of twenty, was modeling, trying to get into acting. She knew in her mind she was destined to be something great. Her twenties went by 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, nothing. All of a sudden, at 37 years old, she gets cast and her career within five years she’s got $450 million. I’m not talking about just monetary, but she saw herself in that position. It took her twenty years to make that realization, but she bloody knew it.

GCM 19 | Mindset Shift

Mindset Shift: As human beings, we’re designed to live a life that is graceful, flowing, easy, and blissful. We have decided as a culture to make life be about suffering, and it doesn’t have to be.


Time is going to pass anyway. A lot of people may hear them say, “That’s twenty years. You had to work on it for twenty years?” Twenty years are going to go by anyway. You’re not going to stay eighteen forever. You’re not going to stay twenty forever. You’re not going to stay 25 forever. Time is going to pass. Why not be focusing on a particular goal or dream that could potentially be anything and everything that you want in your life? Why not be focusing on that? The time is passing by. To me, that puts everything in your favor. The ball is bouncing towards you for you whenever you do that. That’s my opinion.


It’s all about how you perceive this stuff as well. If you’re looking at life and all you can see is the struggle, then all you’re going to get is the struggle. I was talking to someone about this before. They said, “Perception is everything.” I can look at a certain situation and I can see the greatness in it. Someone else can look at that same situation and all they see is struggle and defeat.

Which line would you want to be running around inside?

That’s where I’m going. I believe that in everything, there’s something good, there’s something to come because I don’t believe that we were put here to suffer. We were put here to have less. I believe that we were here to have a life and live abundantly. We don’t choose it. That’s not what we chose.

Nature is inherently abundant. I want everyone later to look outside. How many leaves are on the trees? Just look at that. If you focus every day when you’re driving down the street on how many leaves on how many trees, you can start to shift into this understanding that there is abundance, abundance in health, abundance in wisdom, abundance in service and abundance in opportunity. Why not choose to feel abundant? That’s the only way abundance is going to come into your life.

That’s the mentality that you can choose. It is readily available. You don’t have to go get a degree to choose this. You don’t have to be a certain age. All you have to do is be comfortable where of what’s already there.

Catch yourself in the moment and say, “Is this thought making me happy?” Jump out of yourself and think, “Why would I want to be walking around not happy?” It comes down to awareness of your internal self-dialogue.

How can people become more aware? A lot of this stuff is habitual, people have been doing this for 40, 50 years and all of a sudden we’re saying, “Become aware.” How do they do it?

What you do is you consciously three times a day about 9:30 AM when you’re at work, about 1:00 PM when you get back from lunch, about 5:00 PM when you’re leaving, go to a restroom and write down, “What was I thinking this morning? Was I thinking that Sally looked nice in that shirt or was I thinking that Bob’s an idiot?” Either way, write it down. At the end of the day, you look at it, you start to tally how many thoughts were positive or negative. The goal is to then start becoming aware of that daily. By about day seven, you’ll start to see that you’re thinking Bob’s an idiot every day, then you become aware that that’s a thought pattern for you then you have the opportunity to change it. You can’t become aware unless you consciously focus on writing down what you are thinking a few times a day and seeing what you’re thinking.

That will probably be shocking for most people to write down, to log your thoughts especially for those of you that have commutes, this may be a little hilarious.

When you drive to work, how many negative thoughts that you’re thinking, “The government sucks. This guy in front of me is an idiot. That guy’s probably a tax evader.” Catch all that and why not think, “That man might be going to build his dream.” It’s that simple to catch up, but you’ve got to make a conscious game of it and only then you are going to become aware of what’s going on.

When you come aware, especially for those that have commutes, just as a strategy, because we go on our way to work and we’re hating our jobs all the way there and we get there, we hate the job more and on the way home, we have to job. What I found is that during that time between leaving your house and going into whatever job that you have or whatever that you do, that is a time where you can start retraining your mind. If you can become aware of what you’re thinking during that time and replace it with some empowering thoughts. Now, your commute is an hour each way, 40 minutes each way up, you have approximately two hours of positive thinking. I’m going to tell you, a few months of positive thinking for two hours a day will definitely change your life.

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I have a game I want people to do, especially for people who commute. Everyone’s got their dream car. We all do, even girls do. I want you to identify your dream car. What I want you to do is every day I want you to start looking out for that car. Just keep an eye on the road to see if you’re going to see that car. Because you’re focusing on that car, your reticular activating system is going to be turned on and you’re going to start seeing this car all over the place. Once you start seeing that car all over the place, and this takes two or three weeks, you’re going to be like, “I’m seeing this car everywhere.” What then you want to do with your reticular activating system is to think, “What’s the next success thing that I’m looking for?” Whether it’s health, whether it’s monetary or whether it’s an opportunity and start focusing on it as if it’s come in into your world and it just will.

This has happened to me on a couple of occasions. I own a black Escalade. When I wanted that particular car, I would see it everywhere and I have it. There’s another type of car that I’m looking at in the future that I want to own and I’ll be open and honest and vulnerable here which is a Maserati. I remember when I started, I have a picture of a beautiful black Maserati on my bathroom mirror. You have a model. Where did you find that? You have to give me one of those.

I want a Maserati too. I am looking at it every day.

In a city like LA, I would expect to see them readily all the time, but I don’t live in a city. I’m about an hour south of DC and it’s a rural type of area. Even when I started looking at this car, I wasn’t expecting to see it every day. There’s a green one. There’s a red one. There’s a black one. There’s a silver one. I’m like, “Wow.” It wasn’t until I started visualizing and focusing on having one of these cars that I started seeing it everywhere. People have even come up to me and say, “I could see you driving a Maserati.” They don’t know that I have this as a dream or a vision. This is completely true what you’re saying. We live this stuff every single day.

I want people to start playing with it a little bit.

You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain. Katerina Cozias, thank you so much for being on the show. You are such a ball of fire and I love you. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to interview you. This has been wonderful.

I love you so much. I love the show. I love what you’re doing it. Last comments to everyone, we’ve got one life, just enjoy it.

Katerina Cozias, bestselling author. Go get her book Rising Up from Mental Slavery: How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential. It’s a number one best seller on Amazon. Go get it. Until next time, greatness is your birthright. Take care.

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