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Many of us simply look around when looking for our motivation or purpose in life. However, only a few only look within themselves. This is what Lisa Erickson advocates as a chakra-based energy worker helping others better understand and express themselves. Rodney Flowers sits down with her to discuss how empowering our chakras through guided imagery, affirmations, and meditation can eliminate traumatic experiences and the feeling of unworthiness. They also discuss how chakras can help attune and control emotions, bringing out everyone’s inner light.

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Chakra Empowerment: Changing The Game With Energy With Lisa Erickson

As always, I am excited about our show. We’re going to talk about energy. I have someone here who’s an expert in the subject. She is going to be talking about chakra. We’re going to be talking about how energy moves, how energy relates to your body, how it feels, how energy can be used to create change in your life and among other things. I have Lisa Erickson with me and she is a chakra-based energy worker, writer and teacher, specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing.

She has trained in multiple energy healing modalities and is certified in both mindfulness meditation instruction and trauma sensitivity. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, American Holistic Health Association, Energy Medicine Practitioners Association, and the Breathe Network, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting holistic healing for sexual trauma survivors. She is also the creator of a popular DailyOM course, Awakening Your Feminine Chakras. Welcome to the show, Ms. Lisa Erickson.

Thank you for having me, Rodney. In case anyone out there is worried, I want to make sure everyone knows I work with men too. I will keep it inclusive.

That is an important detail. I believe that women have been leading the charge when it comes to energy and how energy relates to your body and meditation. As guys, I’m going to admit, we’ve been leaving that to you guys. That’s a feminine and a woman thing. Sometimes we’re sexist about that. What I’ve been realizing is that type of information is beneficial to everyone. I believe everyone has a feminine and a masculine side anyways so we should be tapping into both of those as it relates to energy, like what you’re involved in. We have to become more aware and awaken ourselves to the benefits of meditation and understanding energy and our chakras. That’s a great place to start. This word has been thrown out there a lot. I know people may be aware of the word but not understand what chakra is. Could you give us a quick down and dirty training on what the chakra is? What are you talking about?

We have energy anatomy like we have physical anatomy. In our physical anatomy, we have a stomach, a heart, and the lungs. We have organs and a circulation system. At this energy body level, we have the same thing. The organs, the big energy centers, are called the chakras. It’s called different things in different cultures, but that’s the word that’s caught on the most. In the West, it is an ancient Indian word. In fact, energy center mappings have come from every continent all over the planet. What’s fascinating is how similar they are, how different that points to the truth of them that there have been mappings all over the world and they’re similar.

Chakras are like the organs, the main energy centers in our energy body. The value of working with them is that our energy body sits in between our physical body and our psyche or a spirit. There are chakra exercises that are related to physical healing. They’re used in Ayurvedic medicine, ancient Indian healing. There are chakra exercises that are more about personal growth, manifestation, and spiritual development. You can work in both directions. Within mind and body healing, those things are never separate. Healing is both physical and mental and spiritual. Working with your chakras is a way of working at all of those levels. That’s why I love them.

Is there a place where we can go on your website to learn more about chakras? Is that something that you teach in detail?

GCM 148 | Chakra EmpowermentThat’s one of the main things that I teach. I have a book out called Chakra Empowerment for Women. The book website, Chakra Empowerment for Women, has a lot of resources and it links to my other websites. I can show you a picture of the chakra system, which is from the book Chakra Empowerment for Women. This chakra mapping is relevant to men and women at this general level. This is one of the main chakra systems that’s taught in the West. If you’ve gone to a yoga class, you may have seen this on the wall. Yoga positions work with the chakras, although people don’t always know that. They array from your bottom of your torso, from your tailbone all the way to the crown of your head.

Each one of these main seven chakras links to different parts of your body but also to different psychological states. Everything from confidence to compassion to intuition. Depending on what you’re working on within your life, you may want to empower particular energies by working with that chakra. I should say, as my disclaimer, there are other chakra mappings. This is the one that’s become the most popular in the West. They all overlap enough that this is the best starting point for most people.

Working with the chakra, is that what you would call energetics?

Yes. There are different kinds of energetics. Some people work with physical things like crystals, pictures, sounds, mantras, and crystal bowls. I work more with guided imagery and affirmations. It ties in more to mentality, your big theme. I’m more interested in that side of it. How do you shift your mind? How do you shift your emotions in a situation? How can you shift your energy if you are not liking the way the situation is going to help steer it? From a personal development perspective, how do you open up all aspects of you?

I work a lot with sexual trauma survivors. A certain part of my work is about healing those wounds from trauma. All kinds of trauma, not only sexual trauma, but that’s become a specialty of mine in terms of how it creates these blocks, you could say, to certain parts of ourselves that create fears and wounds that limit our ability to bring forth certain things within ourselves. The chakra can be a great way of working to heal that and move forward.

What are some of the most common blocks? On this show, what we’re all about is helping people get over some type of challenge or adversity and we want to do that by way of changing the mindset. If understanding our bodies and understanding our chakra is a part of that, what are some of the most common blocks that you find in your work that keeps people from healing or overcoming past experience?

Feelings of unworthiness, which may be masked in any number of ways. Feeling as if in some way I’m less than or not good enough. We cover that up. We have a lot of psychological methods for covering that up. We might be a comfort eater. We might turn to substances. We might escape in that way, or we might have a lot of bravadoes. It’s often said, “The biggest bullies are completely insecure underneath.” We might cover it up that way. We might hold ourselves back. We might lead a safe life in which we do not go after what we want because we don’t believe we either deserve it or can’t do it. The primal wound to me is almost always that. You have to look at that.

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What is your conditioning? What are the childhood experiences which may include trauma? What kind of bigotry have you experienced? What challenges have you met? What are the messages you received? What are the experiences you’ve had? All the different things that have imprinted on you creating this. Instead of hiding from it, if you lean into it and release it as the lie that it is, you can begin to own your gifts and step into the world in a new way. Confront challenges and stand up for yourself when you need to. That’s the first place to start.

When we become adults, we get to a place where we say, “This is how I am. I’m built this way.” It includes all the programming and all of the things that you listed. We feel that that’s what it is, “I can’t undo my past. I’ve had those experiences. Those are the impressions that it has left on me, therefore I am the way I am and that’s me. I’m either going to be able to do this or not. I have to settle with that because that’s what it is.” I know a lot of people may have that mindset because it seems insurmountable to undo all of that or change or it seems like a lot of work. How do we even begin to undo the programming and the conditioning in the state that we may be in as a result of what we’ve experienced in the past?

The first is owning it and acknowledging it as opposed to not wanting to deal with it, which is not easy because sometimes it’s unconscious. We may think we’re a confident person, but we’re not going after what we want and it’s because there are some fears in there so they do need to be faced. It’s interesting and you’ve probably had other guests talk about this, but we used to believe that the brain didn’t change much once you’re an adult. Through neuroplasticity, we have learned no. At the brain level, we can change our whole life, even when we’re elderly, which it used to be believed the brain didn’t change any more. All the personal development work that we do does take time, but it will change the way you think. It will change your default thoughts, both conscious and unconscious.

Energy work and affirmations in the work that I do. It’s trying to change the unconscious script that’s going on underneath your conscious thoughts. It’s helpful to first become aware of that. The way I do that is with emotions. Asking people to think about a moment in which they didn’t feel confident where they felt insecure or where they know they shied away from something they wanted or didn’t say what was the truth. It’s something like that and to ask, “At that moment, where did you feel in your body? What did you feel?” We’ll notice, “I slouched a bit. My voice got soft. I felt nauseous. My shoulders tensed up.” Some people experience it energetically like there was a black hole in my chest. We work with that with the chakras, releasing that energetically from the body and retelling the situation from a new energy and new vibration. If you do that enough times, it’ll start to rewrite your default.

What do those feelings mean? If you are feeling the low voice, the shrugged shoulders, or whatever behavior or feeling that comes up for you, what does that signify? What does that indicate?

It’s different for each person. It’s usually an imprint based on the past that you’ve picked up, a message about yourself from some situation. It could be from your childhood, the way you grew up, a family messaging, cultural messaging. It could be a particular experience. If you’ve had a terrible breakup, then you’re fearful of future relationships. You’ve lost a job so you’ve lost your confidence in the future. It’s individually that way. From my perspective, it also can be past lives. It can be ancestral pain. When you start talking about things as energy, it goes across time and space. You don’t always know where it came from.

While in therapy, you might spend a lot of time probing where it came from. I focus more on, what does it feel like now? In therapy, it’s valuable. From an energy work perspective, I focus a lot more on, what does it feel like now? We may or may not know where it came from, but how do we release it? How do you become more aware of when it’s activated? The moment it’s activated, how do you let it go and respond from a different place in yourself?

GCM 148 | Chakra Empowerment

Chakra Empowerment: Instead of hiding from your trauma, if you lean into it and release it as the lie that it is, you can begin to own your gifts and step into the world in a new way.


The feeling has a lot to do with this, being aware of how you feel during certain times and situations because that’s the communication from the subconscious. What you’re talking about is subconscious feeling, subconscious behavior that you don’t even realize. It’s part of your DNA and we haven’t addressed it because it’s not a conscious thing. It’s a part of your involuntary being if you will. We have to become aware of that in understanding how we feel. A lot of times, how we feel, we suppress that down.

Especially men. They are conditioned not to own their feelings in many ways even more than women. I have three teenagers and two of them are boy-girl twins. Even though I’ve tried to parent them the same way, I see how much boys are taught emotional expression is weak. When you think in terms of sports and things like that, it’s changing. I’m still amazed at how little it’s changed. On the other hand, girls are still conditioned to people please, their emotions should be secondary to the emotions around them. That conditioning is still strong in both genders. That influence us as well. When I work with men and women, when I say to a woman, “Where do you feel anxiety in your body?” They can tell me. Sometimes it’ll take a man several sessions to even be able to tell me. They’ll be like, “What do you mean where do I feel anxiety in my body?”

We, I’m going to include myself, become desensitized to those feelings. We have to try to recognize them because we’ve suppressed them for so long.

There can be a fear of what’s going to come up for everyone, especially anyone who has trauma that sometimes an issue is their fear is too big, “I can’t go into my feelings, it’s too big.” Finding that right balance, it is important to work in a paced way that isn’t overwhelming. It’s liberating not to have to push things down. We spend a lot of energy pushing things down. When you free up that energy, there’s nothing you’re afraid of in yourself. There becomes much less you’re afraid of in the world.

It’s interesting, Lisa, because every person that comes into this world, they get conditioned. You don’t get to choose your condition. You’re born into it. Whatever is around you, your subconscious, you soak it up and that shapes who you are. With that being said, I’m of the opinion that everyone needs to challenge conditions, right, wrong, or indifferent because you didn’t choose them. They were imposed upon you by your parents, by your environment that you’re brought up in and you didn’t get to choose. You have to go out in this world once you become an adult and be. You have all of that with you. Right, wrong, or indifferent, it has shaped and molded you.

Do we accept that and say, “This is what it is?” Do we take the time and address those things? I ask my clients when I work with them, we talk about things like this, conditioning of the past. I always ask them, “That belief, that way of being that was imposed upon you, how does that serve you now?” Perhaps, given whatever your conditioning was, maybe it was conducive and wasn’t necessary at that time. As you become an adult, we carry those things and we use them. Generations later, we’re still hanging on to what mama and daddy said on certain things. We’re still hanging on to those same fillings.

The event that caused the feeling has long passed, but yet we use it to address events and occurrences that are present. We don’t challenge it. I feel that therapy is necessary for every single individual. Even more than that, I feel that if we were to teach things in school, that’s something we want to teach. We’re out of tune with our emotions and how to manage them. When it comes to managing tools like managing stress, I don’t think stress is the killer. It’s the inability to manage it. When you talk about emotions, if we don’t have the ability to manage the emotion or manage the energy in this case, that’s what makes us vulnerable.

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I agree with everything you said. To me, there are a lot of tools out there. Basic mindfulness, I’d love it if every school taught that. What basic mindfulness is, is being aware of what you’re feeling in the moment. You can’t challenge the conditioned mind that created these emotional patterns if you don’t even know what you feel. Many times, we have layers of emotion. We’re hurt so we get angry. We’re hurt so we get afraid. You have to be able to face the hurt and then you don’t have to get angry or be afraid. It’s getting these layers of emotions. That first step is being aware of them. Whatever modality you’re using, whether it’s chakra work or some other tools, that first step is that awareness and questioning why, “Does this serve me?” I love everything that you said.

In terms of trauma, it’s relevant in terms of some patterns. There are patterns for childhood abuse survivors. I work with a certain percentage of childhood sexual abuse survivors or physical abuse survivors. They often develop survival patterns to get through that involve disassociating, going away in your mind. As an adult, that doesn’t serve you. If every time you feel anxious, you have a deadline at work or something, you go away. You can’t rise to challenges in your life that might help you get ahead and reach your goals. You have to learn how to not do that anymore. It did serve you when you were a child. You have to learn how to stay in your body. You have to learn how to be present with discomfort and be like, “I’m going to be okay. This is an uncomfortable situation for me, but I can stay with it. I can be present and I can work through it.” That’s the first work that I’m often doing with trauma survivors. It’s a great example of what you’re saying.

To take it a little further, a lot of times, we suffer from the inability to express ourselves. It comes from past hurts and pains of experiences that didn’t go well. We were vulnerable and that vulnerability turned into some type of traumatic event. It may have happened over and over again, more than once. We’re in a place where we say, “I’m not expressing my feelings. I’m not going to be vulnerable. I’m not going to truly show myself.” It’s a protective mechanism, but it hurts the individual. We’re expressions of God. We’re expressions of energy, in my opinion. We’re supposed to express ourselves. To not express yourself is like to not live, it’s not to fulfill the underlying reason why you are a being to express your selfness. To me, that’s traumatizing not only to the person to live a life and you’re not able to fully express yourself. You always hold them back and then to the world, because we don’t get to experience the full expression of each and every individual.

We talked about global warming. A lot of little small things happen that have a huge effect on global warming. You take all those people that are unable to express themselves, then it has a huge impact on society in humans as a whole because we have such a high percentage of people that are unable to truly express themselves. To me, you can see that. If you look at society, it’s lopsided. You have a small percentage of people that are seemingly living their best life and then everyone else is not. It depends on where do you fall in that. I know there are some other variables that contribute to that analogy. The point is, not everyone is vibrating on that same level. The idea is, how do we get people and ourselves, I included, to vibrate at such a high level consistently throughout our lives?

First of all, I love what you’re saying because there’s a great metaphor in chakra teachings that we’re each like a crystal. Like a crystal, you might hang in a window where pure light comes in the back, you could call it God Source or whatever you want to call it, and it refracts out as rainbow light. Every crystal, depending on how it’s cut, refracts that rainbow light in a different pattern on the wall. It’s the same source coming in. What you’re trying to do with chakra work is clean the crystal. That unique rainbow of that particular crystal is expressing in a pure way. That’s empowerment. We have layers of work going on. We have individual work. We’re all energy nodes in this larger matrix. We have the changes that have to occur at this deeper level around the world on a lot of different fronts to feed that empowerment at the individual level too.

The chakra work at the individual level, how I like to work is identifying or maybe pick one. If it’s invulnerability, not being able to ever express vulnerability, that puts a wall on intimacy. It puts a wall on emotional intelligence. Those are things that are going to impact your ability both to be in relationships and perhaps work effectively with people. I’m not saying you specifically. I’m just using that example. You have an incredible level of emotional intelligence, clearly. You’ve already done that work. That’s a heart chakra function.

What you would do is you would focus on the heart chakra a few minutes a day and do affirmations that are asserting what you need to work on. Vision boards, affirmations are popular these days. The difference is adding that energetic piece because of its vibration. If you’re saying something and you don’t feel it, it doesn’t have that energy behind it. It can become a mental exercise. The chakras are a way of making something you feel the difference in your body. You say something as you’re focusing on your heart chakra, “I’m resilient and I can handle uncomfortable emotions. I can handle feeling hurt.” In other words, I don’t have to block that. That can be open. “I am open and confident in my presentation in the world. I accept who I am. I entered the world that way.”

GCM 148 | Chakra Empowerment

Chakra Empowerment: We may think we’re a confident person, but we’re not going after what we want. And It’s because there are some fears in there that need to be faced.


You modify it for what you need to affirm for yourself while you’re focusing on the heart chakra, which opens up that vibration. For anyone who’s saying, “That sounds woo-woo.” What I tell people is try it. You don’t have to know why it works for something to work. It’s this pulling together of spiritual forces, energy medicine forces, and personal development work and you’re combining all of that in a way to feel a new feeling in your body to counter whatever the old feeling is, which you may or may not have been aware of.

Why is the meditation important in this?

I always hesitate to use that word meditation because it scares some people off, although I’m a valid meditator. In this case, we’re not talking about sitting down for an hour. That’s great for someone to do that. Meditation has many health benefits and other benefits. This is spending a few minutes a day. Because we are overstimulated by the world and we’re constantly triggered, this is like when you have a new tree in your yard, you put a little fence around it so the rabbits don’t eat it. Once it’s big, you can take the fence away.

Meditation is like giving yourself this container where you’re not answering phone calls and texts and looking at your Instagram feed and all of that stuff to go inward. You have to build your strength up in that place and then you’ll start being able to do that on the spot. You’ll be out in your daily life and be like, “That person said something that made me trigger into insecurity in some way.” You can remember what you’ve been practicing and draw upon that memory at that moment. You got to give yourself that time at home on your own to do it first.

Lisa, I can attest to what you’re saying. There are times when I get on stage and I’m talking to a large audience. They’re looking at me and I have crutches. Potentially, they’re focused on the disability and the crutches. I addressed it. I let them know that I have this challenge. The advantage that I have over most of you in the audience is I had this accident and this accident caused me to go into isolation. It was during that time that I was able to go inward. The disadvantage for you is that you don’t have that opportunity. If you don’t consciously take that opportunity to go inward, you would never do it.

What happens is we live from out here, out in the environment, out in society. Everything that happens out there, it dictates how we behave, how we think, how we maneuver, what we do, what we don’t do. We don’t allow what happens out here to be filtered through what’s in here, our purpose, our hearts’ desires, our intentions, and objectives. I believe that causes all our lives, live a life that’s not truly authentic to who we are but it’s true to the environment. If we don’t do this, it makes all of us a product of our environment instead of a product of our true ingrained expression.

It’s like the seed you used, the analogy of the tree. There’s a DNA inside that tree and it will not come out unless it’s in the right environment. You have to put it in the right soil. It has to be nurtured. If you do that, the DNA will express itself naturally. If you don’t put it in its natural environment for it to grow and express itself, that would never happen. Going back to the individuals, that’s what’s happening. You don’t spend the time nor are we taught to practice the activities and the task that will allow ourselves to express the DNA, the purposes of our being.

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All of the school is around this external achievement. We need to learn math and learn to read. That is the whole model. It isn’t like becoming an adult is also about coming to understand yourself and figure out your own gifts and how to be with yourself and be alone with yourself. These are the things that we need growing up, in terms of being able to move out into the world in that way. It’s interesting because the whole seed metaphor that you used, that is the assumption of energy work and chakra work. The chakras have layers. At the core, they’re pure light in every single person everywhere and that’s your birthright to access that. They get these layers on top of them of conditioning, which is almost like dirt on the window. That is the imprints and the messages you’ve received or absorbed from your environment about yourself that block your true light coming forth. All you’re doing by working on your chakra is cleaning it so that your light can come forth. The assumption reception is everyone has light in the middle of every single chakra.

This is as important as daily hygiene. You take a shower and you brush your teeth every day. Spending some time doing this energy work assures you’ll be healthy and you’re taking care of yourself. It’s a necessary practice as taking care of yourself, like brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

There are many simple ways to do it. You’re talking about spending a few minutes a day, focusing on a light in a certain part of your body and affirmations. The stuff I teach, it’s different colors in different places. You can use memories of past times. Different chakras are associated with different feelings. For example, if you’re trying to bring forth relaxation, use your memory of the most relaxed you ever felt on a day off, a certain vacation, or something like that. You can use that to imprint that memory in your body and practice being able to bring that vibration forth in your body when you need it, when you’re not in an environment. We don’t think that we’re reacting to our environment all the time, that our emotions are a product of what’s going on around us.

Inside is the one place you have control where you can meet it. There are these great stories of monks in Tibet being beaten in China when China invaded Tibet. They were able to hold that inner peace and react from that place when they were going through these awful experiences. Maybe you have that experience when you were going through your isolation phase of having to go inward deeply. You have to draw on this other strength because the outside is painful.

You’ve heard motivational speakers and other people say, “Tap into your power.” It’s like, “What does that mean?” “You’re a powerful human being.” “I can’t lift a car. What are you saying powerful? Explain to me that I’m powerful.” When you address or practice these practices that you’re talking about here, in my mind, this is how you tap into that energy. To me, this is like being connected to God. That’s just me. God is energy. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It’s the cause and effect of itself. You can call it what you want. To me, this is that thing. This is the thing that causes creation. This is the thing that holds the universe in place. It causes the earth to orbit the sun. All of those things.

We’re talking about the same energy, in my opinion. To communicate with that, this is the pathway to communication. How do we connect with it? You don’t connect with it out there. You got to go inward to connect with it. The beautiful thing about being able to connect with it is it allows you to relate to the environments powerfully. It’s tapping into an additional source of power and using it to be an express in your environment. It’s like electricity. If you don’t plug in, the light won’t come on. It’s the light in the environment and it’s not shining. When you plug into it, you can remove a lot of darkness. It gives you information. You don’t know where the information came from, it’s just there. It opens up a source of power, intellect, emotional stability, healing, and health and love to you that otherwise, you wouldn’t experience because of the blocks and of the dirt, if you will, based on your analogy. You’re not tapped into it.

This is fascinating because all my life, I’ve heard, “Tap into your power.” It wasn’t until I was in that space where I had to go inward because I’m reaching for something and it is not available out there. I don’t have anywhere to go. When I go there, this is what I find. I find out a lot about myself. I was elated and upset at the same time because I’m like, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that this is how you do it? I got the surface level information, but no one ever helped me go deep and gave me the practical tools and steps to get there to experience it. It’s more than prayer. It’s a form of prayer. The criteria for prayer, we know what that is.

GCM 148 | Chakra Empowerment

Chakra Empowerment: Chakra work is about cleaning the crystal. When that unique rainbow of the crystal is expressing in a pure way, that’s empowerment.


Yes, that’s a way to get there but there are other ways to get there too that could also be included in what you would call prayer. It’s the education. That’s why I love your work because this is needed. I know people in society are becoming more aware of it, but we’re still way behind because we are evolving, in my mind, without understanding these practices. We’re evolving in certain areas. In this area, if we can get everyone tapping in consciously and deliberately, we can experience true change.

I view it as an energy technology. It is a spiritual technology. It’s like this energy technology. It gives you concrete steps. It’s like, “If you need to work on confidence, let’s do navel chakra. If you need to work on intimacy, let’s do the sacral chakra. If you’re disconnected from your body, you need to work on the root chakra. If you are blocked in intuition and you’re always indecisive, you need third eye. If you have difficulty speaking or speaking clearly, you need throat chakra.” It’s technology-oriented. It’s like, “This is the energy you need to bring forth. This is linked to a certain part of your body. Here are affirmations you can use.”

There are a lot of different toolsets out there. This isn’t the only one to your point about we get these general messages, find your power. People are like, “I get it, but how?” You had to figure that out on your own. The chakras are another toolset that’s more specific that for some people resonate as a way of discovering that. It’s linked to all these other shifts going on in our world, balancing masculine and feminine energies within all of us. Each of the chakras has a masculine and feminine expression. It is about bringing all of that into balance within ourselves and then that contributes to it rebalancing in the world. There’s a lot of layers to it.

Are the practices different for men and women?

The general practices are not, in terms of emotions I named. You might focus on a certain chakra for confidence versus speaking or intuition. There are differences in men’s and women’s energy bodies, which are related to things we already talked about. Men tend to be anchored in the first chakra. First of all, when I say men and women, I mean more masculine energy and feminine energy body. It’s a spectrum. People can find themselves on the spectrum. It’s not absolutely all women are like this and all men are like this. There’s space in there for trans individuals and everyone to find where they fit.

Men tend to be more physically based in the root chakra, which tends to lead to rigidity. They tend to need to work on energy flow. For men, I would often have them working a little bit also with flow between the chakras. Women are linked in the second chakra, which is the womb chakra. It’s in the pelvis. This is a fluid chakra. The issue for women is often boundaries and anchoring. In addition to specific chakras, women also need to work on energetic boundaries and anchoring. That’s the main difference between the two.

Lisa, how can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more about the chakras and perhaps work with you? How can they find you?

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My book Chakra Empowerment for Women is available everywhere. That website, Chakra Empowerment for Women has a lot of resources. My client website is EnlightenedEnergetics.com. On Facebook and Instagram, I’m there as Chakra Empowerment. On Twitter, it’s @MommyMystic. That’s everywhere. My blog is also called Mommy Mystic. I started that account when my kids were little. They’re now not little. That’s an old name.

I want to thank you for coming on the show and sharing your expertise with us. This is an important topic, one that is frequently overlooked and it’s unfortunate because that’s where a lot of power is. A lot of people look for the ability to change and become more powerful out there. They’re looking for things that are not within. Social media doesn’t help because they’re always advertising, “If you have this problem, if you’re in this pain, here’s what you need to do.”

A lot of the work can be done sitting in a comfortable chair, in the comfort of your own home. We don’t know any better if you will. We don’t know that that opportunity exists. I appreciate your work and support you. This is good, if not better. It’s better than medicine. If we want to change, we have to start on the inside, and understanding how to meditate, how to work with the chakras, and manage our emotions. That’s the core of change and the foundation of everything that you could possibly desire, in my opinion.

Thank you. I honor your work too, bringing forth these teachings to lots of people and helping them tie that to change. How do you change and grow in your life? It’s such a powerful message that you have.

Thank you. As we come to a close, maybe in addition to what we’ve already talked about, what is something that people can start with to change the game in their professional lives, in their business lives as it relates to their energy and the chakra? What would you recommend?

Think about the last time that you felt fear or doubt. Try to feel where you feel it in your body and then imagine light is coming to that place in your body and state the opposite as an affirmation, “I am fearless. I am confident. I’m good at what I do,” whatever it is. Try making this link to how something feels as an energy in your body and countering it with what you want to be feeling. This can be life-changing, something as simple as that.

When we do that, it’s real at that moment. I want to address that because energy flows in and out of form. When you say something, it’s real in that form. You might not be able to touch it, you can’t touch what I say, you can’t touch how I feel, but it’s real and it’s there and it exists. There’s a process to transition from that form to more of a physical form, one that I can touch and I can see physically with my eyes and feel with my body. It’s the same thing as it was when you spoke it, it transferred to a different form of energy. It’s like water in a pot. You can see it, but if you heat it up and it turns to steam, it still water. It’s changed to a form that you can’t see. I’m such a firm believer in your work because I’ve had to practice it myself to heal myself. I’m emphasizing it because I want people to understand the power of it.

GCM 148 | Chakra Empowerment

Chakra Empowerment: All you’re doing by working on your chakra is cleaning it so that your light can come forth.


When we can get in our psyche that when we’re speaking those things, even though it may seem woo-woo at the time, what you’re speaking is real. It exists. It’s real in the universe because you’ve said it, even your thoughts. You can have a blank state of mind. You’re not thinking anything and then ice cream is in your head. That ice cream is real in your head like that’s a universe. In your mind, there is ice cream and you can see it. You have to get up off the couch, go to the refrigerator, pull it out of the fridge, put it in a cup, and you’ve replicated the picture that you had in your mind. It’s a transformation of form through a process. That is true to whatever it is that we would want.

Coming back to what you said earlier, this is how spirit works in the world. This is how God works in the world, whatever terms you use. From the most abstract to making it physical, it’s through us, through our minds and our bodies. That’s how things become real.

Which makes us co-creators. Lisa, thank you for coming on the show. I greatly appreciate it.

It is my pleasure.

There you have it, another successful episode. I have thoroughly enjoyed this conversation. My takeaway for all of you is that as a game changer with game changer mentality, we have the responsibility and the privilege to co-create. We have everything that we need here to do so. It’s tapping into the right practices daily and the routines that would allow us to powerfully co-create. The beauty of that is, it doesn’t matter what we’ve been through. It doesn’t matter where we are in life. You can begin to change that by going inward and realizing that we are an expression of energy. We relate to the energy. It can communicate with us. That makes us powerful beings. I challenge you to take a look at your practices and the time that you spend inward with yourself, understanding the energy that you have and how you use it as a game changer. Until next time, peace and love.

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