GCM 116 | COVID-19 Resistance


How can we build resistance to COVID-19? This is a very important question everybody is asking as we face this unseen enemy, which has claimed the lives of thousands and infected hundreds of thousands more. Others are patiently waiting for the vaccine or some cure to the virus while others are actively seeking out all sorts of alternative remedies. While he sees value in those pursuits, Dr. Gordon Pedersen reminds us that the real key to surviving the virus is within us – our immune system. It’s just a matter of building it up to be able to have a normal immune response to the virus. But how? As a holder of five doctorate degrees, including a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and the only intern of Jonas Stalk, the medical researcher who discovered the polio vaccine, Gordon’s knowledge on the way viruses work and how the immune system can combat them is incontestable. On top of all his other achievements, he is also the world’s leading expert on using silver as a health tool – one that he also recommends for COVID-19 resistance. Join in as he shares all this information and more on the show with Rodney Flowers.

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Building Immunity And Resistance Against COVID-19 With Dr. Gordon Pedersen

I’m excited about this show. I’m doing this right in the middle of a pandemic. The Coronavirus is here and it’s causing a lot of fear, uncertainty, and disruption for a lot of people. We’re living in a time where health and wellness are at the top of everyone’s mind, preventative measures, as well as how to heal and overcome illnesses, specifically the Coronavirus. I wanted to offer up a gentleman who studied and an authority in the field of silver, the positive benefits that it has on our bodies, and preventative measures as well.

I have Dr. Gordon Pedersen with me and he holds five doctor’s degrees, including the Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. He has a PhD from the Toxicology program at Utah State University, where he also has PhD degrees in Immunology and Biology. He is board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. He holds a Master’s degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. What was interesting is Dr. Pedersen has formulated over 150 products. He’s the best selling author many times over in the field of health and wellness. Without further ado, welcome to the show, Dr. Pedersen.

Thank you. I’m glad to be here.

I’m glad you’re here as well. We’re in the middle of a pandemic with the Coronavirus. I’m sure you’re busy at this time. I wanted to bring you on the show because I wanted to find out what’s going on in your mind about the Coronavirus. I know there are a lot of questions about how do we beat this? Is it coming back? Are we going to get a second wave of this in the future? Is there a vaccine for it? It goes on and on. I wanted to hear from you. I have some questions about how do we survive this thing? How do we beat this?

It’s called the immune system. I have a PhD in Immunology and I can tell you that the permanent solution to surviving this Coronavirus or any other virus for that matter is the immune system. If they discover a vaccination and they inject you with that shot, the shot isn’t the cure. The shot has a little bit of either the dead virus or a diluted amount of the virus so that your immune system can see that you have an invader and this virus circulates in your body. Your immune system goes on high alert, defends you against it, and build something we call antibodies. These antibodies are permanent memory. These cells recognize whenever that virus comes in your body ever again to destroy it and get it out of your body. Permanent memory and the permanent solution comes from your immune system, whether you get a shot of vaccination or you get the illness.

Your body is exposed to this problem. The problem gets mobilizing your immune system and in fourteen days, your body builds immunity. These antibodies are being tested. Maybe you’ve seen on the news where they say you can get an antibody test. That test is to see if your bloodstream has an immune response that’s already defended you against the virus and given you permanent immunity. That’s a great thought. If I know I have immunity, I can go about my life knowing I shouldn’t ever get infected again. I should be immune to that for the rest of my life. If you get a vaccination, you should have the same feeling, but that shot with the vaccine in it, that’s going to take fourteen days to develop immunity as well.

Those are where the permanent immunity comes from. In the meantime, how do we survive the symptoms and the problems in our neighbors, grouping together, hanging out in an apartment building, or going to a football game? It sounds like all these things are starting to creep back slowly. As a toxicologist, a drug researcher, a PhD in Immunology, and as a naturopathic doctor, I can look at this and wave my magic wand across common sense medicine and I could say, “The people who at high risk need protection.” How do we do that? In past epidemics, they’re the ones that go to their homes. If they’re sick, they go to their hospitals. The rest of the people continue to go along and do their work, being polite, not to spread it or share it where they shouldn’t.

I think that’s what’s coming and the plan that many people are starting to implement. I’m not going to criticize any plan or any person. Here’s why every immune system is different. Somebody with diabetes is at a higher risk than the person with normal immunity. The reason why is diabetes. These people have a high inflammatory marker. We measure A1C in their blood that whatever comes into them, that’s identified as foreign. Your body’s going to have this superhuman immune response, and you’re going to get all this inflammation. Those are the people that need to take care of their health, stay 6 feet away from people, stay in their homes a little bit more, but there’s going to be confusion on this for years to come.

GCM 116 | COVID-19 Resistance

COVID-19 Resistance: Normal immune response is the key to surviving COVID-19.


I think there will be a second wave. Doesn’t that make sense that all of these people have been sequestered and locked down, when they start coming back out and finally go to the Super Bowl or a church activity, are they going to be exposed again? The answer is probably. Will there be a second wave? I believe there will but it will be weaker and here’s why. When I’ve studied the Coronavirus and I studied it in the SARS virus in Singapore. I was there when that happened. I was studying it in all different fashions and forms, the alpha and beta form. This virus gets weaker over time. Media has been out there scaring us with, “Viruses can mutate and they can destroy your life and viruses are scary. If you get it, you could die.”

Let’s put it into real terms. Coronavirus is a virus that’s associated with cold or flu-like symptoms. The people who are at high risk are elderly or have an overactive or underactive immune system. They could have bigger problems. According to the CDC, the rest of us are going to be about 1.5 days of light cough and sniffles. That’s how many people are getting antibody tested, showing up, “I have antibodies against this.” That means they got the problem, had it, overcame it, built up immunity to it, and they barely even knew that it happened to them. The permanent solution is your immune system, you being wise and to recognize the bigger picture, which over thousands of years, we’ve been exposed to different viruses. We’ve been exposed to many of them as a little child.

Our immune system has already taken care of all of them and given us permanent immunity to all of them. When we got a vaccination, we got immunity to all of those as well. Your immune system is valuable that you’re going to get through this one. You’re going to get through it unless you’ve got other outlying problems. You’re the one that needs to put yourself into a safe zone so that you don’t have the problem come to you. Realize the solution is to get exposed to it, have light symptoms because you’ve got a normal immune response, and build up the immunity to it. Most of us were already on the path to having that happen in New York. They said that 1 of 5 people in New York tested already have the antibody. That means 1 in 5 people already got the virus, had the fourteen days to build up immunity, and they’re doing fine. They can go about their life again like normal.

Does that mean you won’t catch the virus again?

In most cases, that means you won’t catch the virus again. It’s like any other virus that you get. Once you have permanent immunity to it, you don’t catch it unless you allow your immune system to slide into a weakened state. You don’t get enough sleep, don’t eat correctly, worry too much, and build up cortisol. You have control if you have a normal immune system.

This virus has killed a lot of people. I read somewhere in an article where the US is leading in death from the Coronavirus. Why has it taken many people out in your opinion?

I do believe that the studies and statistics suggest that about 50,000 people in America have died from it. Of those, the majority have been in high-risk categories, elderly, 80 and above with a weak immune system. That’s what tells me when I see somebody 80 and older. Their immune system is probably weaker than normal. They have obesity, diabetes, or other underlying conditions that allow them to be weak or overactive high strung immune systems. Let me describe that. When a person has a high alert immune system, it could be because they worry too much. They don’t get enough sleep. They take specific drugs that cause their immune system to be on high alert. We measure that in the lab and clinically. We can take a blood sample and measure the number of white blood cells and immune cells within that.

What happens is if you have this high white blood cell count, we know you’ve either got an infection already or something’s going on that you’re on high alert. Here’s why that matters in today’s world. Let’s say you live in an apartment building in New York and coughing and sneezing is out there. It doesn’t get to you because you’re in your apartment. That’s one way to keep yourself from getting the germ. If you’re the person who doesn’t sleep much, worries a lot and eat sugary foods, you put your immune system on high alert because sleep deprivation and sugars will do that. Let’s say you wait a month and you go outside and you do get in the presence of someone who coughed, sneezed, or touched something and you do get exposed to that virus.

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Let’s say it goes into your nose. In your nose, the virus will attach to a healthy cell, inject itself into the healthy cell, and start to damage your genetic material. Here’s where the real damage is caused. An overactive or superhuman immune response will rush to try to isolate that by swelling. It will swell around that little virus in there. If you breathe in deeper and it goes down to your throat, you could have a dry cough. The immune system is trying to stop it from spreading by causing fluids in your body to surround it. If you get an overactive immune response and you derive too many fluids that are flushing that area, they can fill your lungs. Here’s the danger. People can get a virus and inhale it into their throat. The immune system can rush all these immune cells and the fluids that are associated with that immune response can fill the lungs. It’s hard to breathe. You feel like you are drowning because your lungs are full of fluid.

Clinically, we call that pneumonia. When the lungs fill with fluid and interfere with oxygen transfer, you can’t catch your breath. It’s hard to cough up all that mucus. That mucus is secreted an overactive immune response. Do you see why an overactive immune response can cause your lungs to be filled with fluids? There’s the reason most people are dying from the COVID-19 or other viruses like influenza because this is a modulating from a virus triggering the immune response. The immune response sending a signal to the hormone system and the hormones have a signal that goes to the entire body saying, “There’s an emergency.” We call those hormones cytokines. These cytokines, if they storm to the area and send the signal, “We need help too much fluid rushes in,” then you can develop fluid accumulation in your lungs. That’s when they say, “We’ve got to put you on a ventilator.” You’ve heard that term, I bet. A ventilator is a tube they put down your throat and it breathes for you. Have you ever been on a ventilator, Rodney?

I’ve never been on a ventilator.

Imagine your gag reflex being triggered all the time. That wasn’t pretty, but I’ve seen this. When the tube goes down the throat, it’s irritating and hit your gag reflex so much that they have to sedate you or even put you into a coma. They roll you over on your belly so that the mucus that’s in your lungs will start to flow out. Imagine you’re laying on the equivalent of a massage table, your head’s in the hole, you’re in a drug-induced coma so you won’t gag all the time and a machine breathes for you. They give you all these antiviral and antibiotics.

They try to get this fluid out of your lungs and get the inflammation down and about half the people don’t make it. When I talk about a normal immune response, it’s the key to making it through this without too bad of a problem. A little irritation here and there, but if you’ve gotten worried too much, your brain all wound up, and gotten yourself sleep deprived. You’re the one who’s putting yourself by your choices in harm’s way a little bit. There are things that happen and I’m sorry I described it graphically, but you don’t want to be in a place where you have your lungs fill with fluid that they have to put you on a ventilator.

I know there’s a lot of action around social distancing and stand away from people. We can’t find disinfectants in the stores these days and that’s one way to battle this virus, but what are some of the more personal things that we can do? You talked about the immune system. How can we beef up the immune system? How can we put our bodies in the best position to fight against this virus or any other virus?

I’ve written a book called Essence of Wellness. The Essence of Wellness takes the word ESSENCE and it gives you one medical principle for every letter in the word. In the dictionary, the word essence is defined as the most important part of something, Eat, Sleep, Supplement, Exercise, Neutralize poisons in your environment, drink Clean water, and Eliminate stress. Those are my essence of wellness principles. I even presented this at the Naturopathic Convention to doctors. Each one of those letters has a questionnaire. You answer eight questions and then it tells you, or you tell yourself where your biggest problem lies. Let’s keep this in common sense. Eating correctly means low sugar, good proteins, and healthy balanced, natural foods. Sleep, you need eight hours a night. Supplement, there are many people taking many supplements and all of them help as long as you’re not trying to take one of those supplements that boost your immunity so high that you overwork the immune system and it crashes.

Echinacea, ginseng, garlic, pokeweed, and some of these other immune products. They are utilized to be taken no more than two weeks because they make the immune system work harder, stronger, and then the immune system collapses. Supplements would include water. I know that sounds funny, but good mineral water and staying hydrated is important because that’s how your body flushes out the viruses that you breathe in. It is with a thin, clear fluid that gives you a barrier. Exercise, how can we exercise when we’re locked down? I’ve worn a tread in my carpet up and down the stairs. I’m going up and down and doing that.

GCM 116 | COVID-19 Resistance

COVID-19 Resistance: Unless you’re immune-compromised, one of the solutions is to get exposed to the virus and build up the immunity to it.


A little bit of the neutralizing poisons in your environment. I choose silver. I don’t have a cure for anything. I don’t have a cure for the virus, but I’ve chosen silver. I’ll tell you why as soon as I finish the clean water and eliminate stress. Stress is a big problem. Laugh a little bit, watch a funny show, recognize we’re going to get through this. It’s a short-term deal. Keep the bigger perspective in mind, know that if your immune system is normal. If you’re doing this essence, you’re going to be well-enough to overcome. Let me tell how it neutralized poisons with my story.

I had to present at the Vascular Surgery Convention. Here are all the vascular and plastic surgeons, and they have to deal with the nastiest infections in the world. I’m talking about infections that last six months that are of all the nasty bacteria and all the nasty germs. They’re saying to me, “What have you got for us that we can do to help protect ourselves from the virus and protect ourselves from these wounds that are fully infected?” I decided I’m going to go to that convention no matter what. It was in Egypt. I went to Cairo and on the way, my trip took me through Italy. I flew through New York. I flew through Italy. I was stuck in Rome Airport because while I was there, the announcement was you can’t come back to America if you’re in Europe. I went to Egypt. I met with all the doctors. All the doctors are the ones who have all the sick patients come to them. This is a massive room full of all these doctors. I’m shaking hands with them.

They took us on a cruise. I’m on the cruise and they announced 38 people on the cruise ship on this Nile River Cruise have the virus. I’m going, “Let’s see. Could I have gone to any worse places except maybe Wuhan, China?” I went there. My wife came with me and we didn’t get sick the whole time there. The whole time we’ve been home, we haven’t had a symptom. We didn’t because we made a little plan for ourselves. I don’t have a cure, but I did choose some of this wisdom. Number one, we chose that we were not going to eat highly sugared foods and make our immune system over-sensitized. Number two, we made sure we were going to sleep at least as much as eight hours a night, every night that we could. Number three, we were going to get a little exercise every day. We chose walking 1 to 2 miles.

Number four, we were going to neutralize all the poisons on our environment and what I did is I took with me liquid silver. I’ve taken this alkaline structured silver and I would drink one capful in the morning and at night. My wife and I are drinking a capful every morning and every night. We’ve got it circulating through our system to take the workload off our overworked immune system. That’s what this is for. The immune system can do its job much better. In addition to that, if I get a cold or a flu-like symptom, I’m going to put this in my nostril and I’m going to spray it. It went this high in my nostril, three pumps, breathe it in and let it run down the back of my throat. I cleaned out my sinuses and back in my throat. This goes everywhere with me and that was a great tool.

I also have a little spray bottle here. This is for toilets, public areas, counters, restaurants, foods, the dreaded drinking fountain, doorknobs, all that kind of stuff. You can’t believe how fast I went through these on the airplane. I sat down and went on the seat in front of me and we are spraying. The people next to me are like, “What is that?” “This is the liquid silver I’m spraying to help with the area around me.” “Can I have some?” We go through the bottle every time we’d fly somewhere. I’d take out of my pocket some of these. I’ve taken the liquid and I made them into silver lozenges. I put them in my mouth. I’m sucking on them for 25 minutes, and my whole mouth has the benefit of silver. Silver can destroy problems that are in your mouth. If you drink it in your bloodstream or the best of all, this is the one I wouldn’t be without, silver gel. I put this on my hands and you think, “That’s great for my hands.” While it’s still wet, I then thought, if I’m in these dangerous areas, I’m going to do this. Every part of my body that has got skin exposed to the open air, I put it on. I already have a barrier from the outside in.

Your sneeze, cough, whatever fluids have gotten into the air, I have a barrier and it lasts for five hours. These are the ways I dealt with it. We didn’t get sick. We didn’t have a problem. I’m telling my story, but then I have this humidifier. I turned it on and the mist comes out. I put silver in there and I inhale the mist. What a great idea. I also take a CPAP with me because I snore so loud and my wife can’t sleep. I take the CPAP, plug it in, fill the reservoir with liquid silver. You’re saying to yourself, “Everything you do is with silver.” I’ve got my hand protection, face, and skin. I’ve got a lozenge in my mouth. Anytime I am within 6 feet of anybody, I’m sucking on that lozenge. If you put one in your mouth, three people are going to have their hands out, wanting one from you at the same time. Give it to them because they’re the ones you want protection from, not from yourself.

These were the common-sense ways I went through as many of the hot zones as I can think of during their hottest problems. I didn’t get a sniffle, cold, cough, and viral infection. I came home and sequestered for two weeks like I’m supposed to. I haven’t had a problem. I think to myself and I asked my wife, “We sailed right through that without any problems because we were doing what we should.” Are we going to get the second wave? We realized, if we let down, we’ll be the ones that get the second wave. If we keep an immune system normal and I do get infected by it, I’m going to probably be the one that the CDC says, “You’ll have it for 1.5 days with a small cough and a little tickle. You blow your nose a little bit more and all of a sudden, you’re all the way through it. You build up immunity.”

That’s how I see it. Let’s look at the people at high risk. Can they do the same things and get the same benefit? In most cases, yes, but there are some elderly people that have lung problems already like asthma, that have problems like COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The people that inflame and swell up quickly are the ones we worry about. They’re the ones who need to stay away from other people and need to lock down a little bit more than others. When they do go out, those at-risk people that need to keep their distance and don’t touch and other people need to be polite.

The essence of wellness: eat, sleep, supplement, exercise, neutralize poisons in your environment, drink clean water, and eliminate stress. Share on X

I’m not going to run up to my mom and give her a big hug. She’s 86. I’m worried she’s going to be a problem. “How long will this last?” is the question I asked my wife. “Do you think this is going to be for a lifetime? Are we never going to shake hands or hug again? What about kissing and dating? Is anyone ever going to get married again?” I saw Saturday Night Live. They did a skit on this and this couple was dating. They sat down on the couch and they went to kiss and went, “Wait.” He pulled out a whole roll of Saran Wrap, wrapped her in a whole roll of Saran Wrap, and started making out. I was like, “That’s ridiculous.” I said that to my wife and she went, “I got that. I got my finger wag for a minute.” What are we going to do?

I want to back up because you talked a lot about silver and the benefits of it. I want people to understand how this works. I want to understand how does this works because most people are grabbing for disinfectants, bleach, hand sanitizer, and things like that, but silver seems to be the answer in many ways for protecting ourselves. Talk to us how does silver works.

Silver has been documented in hundreds of scientific studies. JAMA related publications and The New England Journal of Medicine related information that it benefits wellness. I’m being legal here, at the same time, I’m not saying it cures anything. What I am saying is that NASA, when they had to pick one tool they were going to send it into outer space to keep the astronauts well, they chose silver. They put silver in the air filter and the water filter. If anybody’s on the cutting edge, it’s NASA of Technology. If they’re going to keep their people well because it’s not easy to fly somebody up and get a doctor’s visit real quick, it’s going to be NASA. I’m thinking to myself, that’s a good way to say, “All these studies are beneficial.” There are 42 drugs listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference that use silver as the primary ingredient to destroy bacteria, virus, yeast, or other problem that causes disease.

Think about this. We don’t even have a drug, not one manmade drug that can do all the things that silver can do as a natural ingredient. I’ve been able to formulate silver in a way that’s alkaline. It says there on a bottle, “Alkaline structured silver,” because up until now, all the silvers have been strong acids made with nitric acid. It is strong that they could dissolve a silver coin into a liquid. Those are the people that are going to have problems of the past. We have a safe form. We have a beneficial form. We have an alkaline structured form made with structured water, not with acids.

We’re different. We’re going to work with the immune system. We’re not going to be an acid to trigger inflammation. These are some of the things that matter to me. In fact, the Wyss Institute at Harvard published a study that said, “If you’ll take liquid silver with your antibiotics, it makes the antibiotic a thousand times more effective at destroying the germs.” The reason why is silver strips away the resistant layer and reverses antibiotic resistance at the same time. This is a fantastically new idea. It’s not getting a lot of traction out there because it’s not a prescription product. When we’re looking at this and we’re looking at protection, 99% of your life, you’re going to be protecting yourself. You’re going to be under your own doctor’s healthcare, your choice.

One percent of your life, you might have strep throat, appendicitis, or some other malady that you’d go to a doctor for, but recognize 99% of your life, you’re under your own doctor’s care. You, being your own doctor. In that time period, you don’t want to be taking prescriptions. All these drugs have terrible side effects. Have you ever seen a list of those names that have horrible side effects starting with death, dismemberment, inflammation, rashes, auto-immune diseases, and my favorite one, sexual deformities? I’m like, “What are you talking about?” Sexual dwarfism was another one. I’m like, “Don’t tell that to guys. They’re not taking it no matter what.” I see these side effects of manmade drugs. They don’t destroy germs as silver does.

Silver is all-natural. We have learned to make it alkaline and put it in a structured form that can work daily. In fact, if you take a broad-spectrum antibiotic, we’ll say Cipro, it’s going to destroy a big range. That’s why they call it a broad-range antibiotic. It’ll kill about 33 different bacteria. There are 3,300 of them out there, 33 out of 3,300, yet this destroys all of them except the good bacteria. You have to see which one is it that I want on a daily basis. Alkaline structured silver, not acidic silver, ionic silver, and antibiotics. I presented this information to the Naturopathic Convention. I’m a naturopathic doctor as well. Universally, they have accepted and agreed that silver should come before an antibiotic and we should reduce antibiotic use.

That’s starting already. In the process, you need to know how to use it on your hands as a gel, liquid inside your body, spray it, and recognize that the gel is safe. I’ve got the gel and I can brush my teeth with it. That’s great for my mouth health. I can spray the liquid in my eye. That’s for a bacteria problem in your eye. Before the big problem that we’re having in the world, this was most commonly bought by women using it for women disorders. They have a warm moist area with folds of skin and that is a place where yeast and bacteria can grow. This is water-soluble and can work down in there on all different types of problems resolving them rapidly and immediately.

GCM 116 | COVID-19 Resistance

COVID-19 Resistance: Elderly people who have lung problems or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are the ones who need to stay away from other people.


Here’s why that’s so big deal for women. I wrote a book for women’s health and this is one of the hottest topics. Women will go to the doctor and they’ll say, “I think I have a yeast infection.” Women have four times more yeast infections than men. It’s humiliating. The doctor will put her up in the table and her feet in the stirrups, do an inspection, and give her a Macrobid or an antibiotic. The doctor guesses if it’s a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. If you get an antibiotic, it kills bacteria, but they do not destroy yeast. In fact, they make yeast overgrowth. They feed yeast. If the doctor picks the wrong drug for the woman who’s complaining of a problem down there, they’re going to come back a week later going, “It’s worse than ever before,” because the antibiotic makes the yeast grow.

“Let’s give you an antifungal or a yeast drug, like Lamisil.” That destroys yeast, but it feeds bacteria. You have to go get your blood tested every month because it destroys liver enzymes. I’m going, “What’s going on here?” The women that have come to me have said, “I’ve gone back and forth from yeast to bacterial infections for two years. I can’t get it under control. What am I supposed to do?” It’s amazing because when we give them this and instruct them on how to use it. They put it on a tampon, gel all over, put it in at night, and take it out in the morning. They do that for three nights in a row and they get their problems under control. They take control of their life.

When you realize that this works so well because it works on all of those problems all at the same time and no manmade drug can, that’s why this is a terrific product and it’s in the Physicians’ Desk Reference. That’s why it’s utilized on hands and ointments. It’s the number one tool used in burn units worldwide. If you get a burn, silver keeps the infection under control so the wound can heal and modulates pain and help stem cells mitt that wound back together in less time with less scarring. These are the things that need to be spoken about and I’m doing it in my books, online, and with my products. If you’ll take care of your own health and keep a normal immune system, silver helps by taking the workload off the immune system so you can regenerate, rejuvenate, and restore cells much better. This is how you can help yourself through this or many other crises to come.

Let’s get a little scientific because I was watching a video on your website. It shows how this silver works scientifically. It demonstrated that there was a missing element in silver. It doesn’t have a complete structure, but that’s the beauty of it because it allows it to attack bacteria, which does have a complete structure. The silver is strong that it attacks that structure and it kills the bacteria. Could you explain it? I thought that was fascinating and it influenced how I felt about silver from watching that video.

What you’ve got is silver in orbitals and they go around in circles. Electrons swirl around in the center. These are protons and neutrons. Silver is unique because it has 47 electrons, one missing in the outer ring. Once it pairs up and has eight in the outer ring, it only has seven. If it’s missing one electron like a magnet, it wants one from something else. When it comes up against the germ, let’s say my fist is a bacteria and the silver comes in contact with it. It’s going to steal right from the germ a tiny little particle or electron into this orbital because it wants to complete this orbital. When it does, it ruptures and it pops. Stealing a particle from the germ will rupture it. In addition to that, the silver has changed because it’s got a complete full orbital. It has the ability to turn around and fire one of these electrons at the speed of light. We call it a silver ion. It will rip right through a germ of the bacterial, viral, or fungal form so it can steal, load up and fire. This process makes it resonate. It’s vibrating all the time.

Silver is a semiconductor like silicon. It is a semiconductor for computers. It has memory and transfers energy. Silver transfers energy better than any other mineral and because of that, it will have a vibration. That semiconductor vibration is vibrating at the same resonant frequency that when it comes up against the germ, it steals, fires, and ruptures it by the vibration. It is cool to think about having these little teeny particles of silver traveling in your red blood cells, going through your whole body as surveillance against germs. You drink it, it stays in your body twelve hours and you pee it out. That’s why we take it twice a day. This chemistry that we see is either electrical magnetic as well as chemical.

When you take a drug, it’s only chemical. Silver can work on many different pathogens because it’s electrical. It has a positive and negative charge. It is also magnetic and the magnetic charge can draw particles to it, rupturing membranes. In this way, you’ve got more killing ability than chemistry. That’s why it’s unique. I’d love to take credit for it because it came from God. We only enhance it in an alkaline form and use it wisely. In this way, we give people the power to take control of their own health using it when they think they know when they need to use it most.

How does it know good bacteria?

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It comes in structured water. If this is 99% liquid structured water, water won’t penetrate fats. Our good cells are made up of a lipid bilayer. It has two layers, one around it and another layer around it. It’s made of fat and liquid can’t penetrate the fat of a good cell. How does it know how to identify good bacteria from bad bacteria? The only good bacteria self secretes a milk fat coating around itself so it can survive stomach acid in your gut. This is water and you can pour all the water you want onto that milk fat coating. It’s not going to penetrate it for that reason. Your good bacteria are not killed. The bad bacteria only have a single cell membrane and it’s susceptible to this frequency.

We’ve also measured the frequency and it’s 910 Terahertz. That’s a frequency that we found exists in germicidal lights that you have in the hospital or a laboratory. I’ve been asked for this several times, “Does that mean if I drink this and it goes into my cells, I’m going to glow with a blue light throughout my whole body?” Everybody laughs and I say, “Yes, that’s exactly what you’ll do.” It’s in such a tiny amount, you’re not going to see it. You’re not going to glow in the dark walking around the streets, but your cells are going to be glowing with a frequency that destroys germs giving your immune system a healthy workload instead of an overworked immune system.

There’s a lot of concern about taking antibiotics and the effect that it can have on your body and building up the resistance. Are there any side effects like that from taking silver?

No, the silver is all-natural. It comes into your body and doesn’t have any side effects except for the inferior acidic silvers of a hundred years ago. Those silvers would fall out of solution and stay in the skin blue. If you’ve seen the blue man on Oprah, he made his with nitric acid and silver coins. If you don’t use nitric acid and all these strong acids, you don’t have any problem at all and you’re not going to turn blue in the process. People are becoming well and having no side effects in a mouse model, I tested this. We gave them as much as we could possibly pump into them twice a day and none of them had any side effects. That didn’t cause any side effects.

Why isn’t there more talk about this? Why am I learning about this via this show? There’s always the commercials and all this other stuff out there about antibiotics and things like that. Why do we have to go to extreme measures to find out about natural products that provide benefits such as that we’re talking about? It seems like a far stretch.

This is only my opinion, but when you realize that there were 42 drugs in the Physician’s Desk Reference that had silver as their ingredient, and you realize that doctors were prescribing an intravenously by shots, IVs, ointments, gels and all these different ways, then along came penicillin in the 1930s. They abandoned this because this didn’t destroy germs in a Petri dish as fast as penicillin. More importantly, because they abandoned silver for pursuing the miracle drug penicillin. What happened was the patent expired, and nobody care. In 1924, the patent expired and anybody can make it. A pharmaceutical company can put hundreds of millions or a billion dollars into research, but if you can’t have a monopoly on the patent on that product, you can’t mark the price up 5,000 times and make a profit.

What’s happening is we have the benefits of all the studies that have been done, but because there are no patents left to be obtained, nobody can gouge the public with it. This is like $39 or $40 and you’re getting 16 ounces. You’re getting enough for a full month supply here for about $40. Compare that to some of the antibiotics that are out there. One antibiotic costs $1,600 a dose. Some of them cost $2,500 a week. This is a great way to have on hand, use it when you need it, or take it for protection because I made this alkaline so that people can take it every day. When the journey comes, you’ll already have protection rather than waiting to get sick and trying to heal it afterward. This is much less dangerous. This doesn’t have side effects. It reverses the damage and resistance the bacteria have that antibiotics are causing. It makes them a thousand times better. It’s wise to use and have silver on hand as protection because you’re in charge of your own health, 99% of the time.

How can people get their hands on that product? If they wanted to learn more about you and work with you, how can they find you?

GCM 116 | COVID-19 Resistance

COVID-19 Resistance: There is not one manmade drug that can do all the things that silver can do as a natural ingredient.


My website is MyDoctorSuggests.com. It’s got videos on there. They’re all free to watch. I’ve got books that are on there, like Essence of Wellness. I’ve got women’s health, miracles, and stuff like that. All of those that you see on the website under the book tab are free. If you click on it, they’re digitally come to you free. As soon as you’re done reading here, you can go to My Doctor Suggests, go to the Book tab, and click on a book. It’s going to come to you. You can look at it, read it, see all the different things, reasons, and ways to use it. Mostly, I focus on how to use these because once you know this is good for toenail fungus and hands, you’ll use it. Once you know, you can put it in your cat’s eyes, your dog’s paws, or on any of their genitals, you have a product good for pets. One of the free books on my website is for pets. It’s amazing how much silver can do to help pets.

I didn’t realize that it was good and useful for pets. Thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate the knowledge that you provided in the way you’ve broken this down to educate us about silver because this isn’t readily accessible in terms of the knowledge about silver. It’s not marketed and no one is pushing us out there for us to realize that this is even available for us. All of these shelves are empty from purchasing disinfectants and things like that. For those people that can’t get it, they may feel that they’re at a disadvantage and they don’t have what they need to protect themselves. Here’s a healthier, maybe even a better alternative. Thank you for doing that. Before we bring the show to an end, we always like to ask our guests, what is a game-changer mentality message that you could share with us?

The game-changer mentality is to learn all you can learn, do all you can do, embrace your friends, and ask God for help. That’s when your faith will take you and carry you through difficult times as we have.

Dr. Pedersen, thank you again for coming on the show.

It is my pleasure.

It is another successful episode of the show. Look up silver, go check out Dr. Pedersen’s website, find out what’s good for you, what will work for you and read up on it. I love the book, Essence of Wellness. I want to check that out myself and it is our duty to find out how to protect ourselves. A lot of times, we depend on the doctors and their expertise. I’m grateful and thankful for them, but like Dr. Pedersen says, “It’s up to you,” so do your research and homework. Find out what works for you and maybe silver is the next best thing for you. Until next time, peace and love.

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GCM 116 | COVID-19 ResistanceDr Pedersen is a BIG outside of the box thinker.
After breaking his back, which left him immobile. Gordon was able to recover through a system that he created, which led him to win a Bronze medal in the 2003 Utah Winter Games at the age of 43 becoming the oldest medalist.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen is old school businessman, he is highly acclaimed for multiple scientific and medical discoveries and his contribution to Chicken Soup for the Enriching Soul as one of the original co-authors.
He is interested in sharing his life-changing knowledge about bodily wellness and healthy happy life, and he would love to discuss any of the following:
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Dr. Gordon Pedersen holds five doctor’s degrees including a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. He has a Ph.D. from the Toxicology program at Utah State University, where he also has Ph.D. degrees in Immunology and Biology. He is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and also holds a Masters degree in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Wellness. Gordon was the only intern of Jonas Salk, the American medical researcher noted for the discovery and development of the polio vaccine. Gordon has also formulated over 150 products. Gordon is a best selling author many times over in the fields of health and wellness.

In his time as Chief Research Scientist at Weider Nutrition, Gordon and his team conducted the first formulations and studies of protein powders as they worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other premier athletes. Gordon has spent countless hours reviewing silver information and is frequently called upon as the world’s leading authority on silver as a health tool. He is a Distinguished Speaker for Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) and has worked with several National and International governmental organizations on the topic of silver. Gordon has conducted studies in Africa and has published the cure to Malaria. Seeing first hand children close to death returning to school within 5 days. Gordon has an ambition to return to Africa in 2020 and continue the healing of more villages. While providing healing to these villages, Gordon will develop safe zones so that the mosquitoes can not return and reinfect. Dr. Pedersen has a personal talent for simplifying medical and scientific concepts that have led to numerous invitational speaking engagements:
• Russian Academy of Science
• American Association for the Advancement of Science
• Intra-American Society of Chemotherapy
• Stanford School of Pharmacy
• University of North Carolina School of Pharmacy
• Expert Witness before the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada
• American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
• SOMA, Special Operations Medical Association, awarded “Distinguished Speaker.” and many more…

Dr. Gordon Pedersen understands the Health and Wellness industry and has a broad understanding of the science of anti-aging, anions, alkalinity, nutrition and the impact of these on the human body. So much so that when combined with his engaging personal style, he not only educates but simplifies.
He has completed extensive research to help as many people as possible enjoy improved personal health. He hopes to be helpful for people around the world, raising awareness of how silver provides new answers to age-old health questions.

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