GCM 68 | Becoming Your Greatest Self


If you think that you are not the best version of yourself, listen to what Chris Burns has to say on today’s show. Chris is the host of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self™, a weekly twelve-hour live-streamed marathon podcast. As an expert in starting and growing online shows and interviewing inspirational role models, he is an authority on personal development. In this episode, Chris gives a meaningful discussion about becoming your greatest self and finding your true purpose in life. He offers some strategies on how you can shift and pivot towards that great positive change.

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Becoming Your Greatest Self with Chris Burns

I have Chris Burns, the host of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self, a weekly twelve-hour live stream marathon and podcast. Over the last couple of years, Chris has conducted more than 500 interviews of inspirational role models, influencers and leaders. Chris helps them start or grow their own online show or podcast, and encourage them to step into their greatest possible self, inner chi, high lows of personal and professional performance. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Game Changer Mentality podcast, Mr. Chris Burns.

I love your energy, Rodney. You’re so fired up. We’re going to have a blast and I’m excited to dive in with your audience and anyone who’s reading out there. I acknowledge you for being a game changer and being with this incredible human being.

Thank you. I’m sure the audience thanks you as well, and they’re going to thank you even more after the show. We’re going to dive into how to become our greatest possible self. What inspired you and called you to want to take on becoming your greatest possible self?

I want to say for everyone who’s tuning in, make sure you stick around all the way through until the end because one idea has the power to change the game for you. Don’t let that one idea go by, hold on to it, grasp it, reach, look, search, for those answers. For me, I was constantly looking for answers. You might see me on 12-Hour Marathon, and I’ve interviewed so many people, getting all that wisdom, learning how to be my best self, but it wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t always confident on camera. I didn’t always own my platform and my message. I wasn’t always this Chris Burns that you see with us now.

I want to encourage everyone who’s out there, no matter where you are at in life, you can become your greatest possible self. You can become any version of yourself you desire to be. It might not look exactly how you thought it would at the beginning, but the journey is worth it. It’s so powerful. I hit a rock-bottom moment when I was around 21 years old. I hit this rock-bottom moment. I was going to college, got my electrical engineering degree and I was trying to live two lives. I was trying to fit in with the popular crowd, trying to be cool, had no self-esteem, felt like a disappointment, super disconnected from anyone and everything. How many people out there have felt that because I felt that? I felt like no matter what I did, I would never belong. No matter what I did, it was never enough.

I was partying, I was drinking, trying to be the cool person at the party. I hit that rock-bottom moment where I said, “No more. Enough is enough. I’m a disappointment to my friends, my family, I’m worrying everybody.” I’m putting so much stress and anxiety into these people’s lives who care about me, wants to see me succeed but what am I doing? I’m throwing it back in their faces saying, “I don’t need you.” I’m trying to be tough, macho, trying to pretend like I got it all together when deep down inside, I’m this afraid, little six-year-old boy.

I had to do a ton of work on myself on that journey. I never would’ve done that work unless I first made a decision that I would never wind up in that place again. I want to encourage your audience. Wherever you’re at in life, if you’re not achieving the result in your career, in your relationships, in your finances, in your spirituality and your health and wellness, make a decision and say, “No more, enough is enough.” That is the turning point for me. I set out on my quest. It’s an obsessive quest to become the best version of myself because I was hungry. I was ready to grow. As Brown says, “You’ve got to be hungry.”

What are some of the work that you had to implement into your life?

The very first thing I did is I recognized that I was not being a good person. My parents raised me to be kind, generous, respectful but I had wound up being this person who is all about me, nobody else matters. In my head, I had it that I’m a selfish person. I don’t care about anyone else. Deep down inside, I’m this kind, generous, loving little six-year old kid who wants to be loved, who wants to give love, wants to be part of the party and have fun, but on the top, I had isolated myself. I said, “I’m only going to play video games, I don’t need anyone, go out and rave and party.” I had to distinguish that those habits and those environments were not helping me be my greatest possible self. That’s the number one thing. I said, “What can I start to change? Where can I go to empower myself?”

GCM 68 | Becoming Your Greatest Self

Becoming Your Greatest Self: When you are stuck in a situation, do whatever you can to get out from it.


The first place that I found out was Toastmasters. It was accessible, affordable, and I could go and dive in and do as much as I want. We had a weekly meeting for two hours long. I quickly took on leadership positions. That’s another thing I recommend for someone out there who’s reading right now, take on additional leadership positions. Find something that you believe in, a cause, an organization. Find a skill that you want to develop in. Maybe leadership, marketing, sales, health and wellness, fitness, whatever it is for you. Find something you want to develop in and then go find how you can surround yourself with experts. Surround yourself with mentors, coaches, people who’ve done it before.

For me, Toastmasters was that place. That was the very first step and then I also started volunteering and getting my time back to people in need, handing out food at a school every other weekend. I recognize, when I can put myself in a place of service, and stop making about me, stop putting the spotlight, pressure, anxiety, focus and feeling I’m unworthy. I take that off of me and I say, “Let’s go love on other people. Let’s go serve. Let’s go be grateful. Let’s go be appreciative and bring some light and some joy to other people’s lives.” Toastmaster was the biggest thing that made a difference for me. I took on those leadership positions and I hired my first coach in Toastmasters. I found out about my first big seminar that blew everything open for me through Toastmasters. I was surrounded by people who got personal development, got self-help and self-improvement. I dove in. I was hungry for the growth. I would say that those were some of the biggest things that made a difference in the beginning.

Did you have a definition of what your greatest possible self look like?

My definition was making millions of dollars. Having as many women as I want, cars, houses and planes. I wanted it all. I wanted to be the playboy.

The Wolf of Wall Street?

That was totally ego. Everything that I didn’t have that I thought I was supposed to have, that society told me I was supposed to have, that’s what was fueling that very first version. I said, “I’m going to be a good person but I still want all this stuff because that’s what I’m supposed to want.” I didn’t know how to tap into myself. I didn’t know how to tune into what I wanted or what my soul wanted. That was a huge part of the journey too. It’s setting these big goals and also missing the targets and ask myself, “I feel stuck. I’m struggling. I feel I’m not making the progress where I’m supposed to be going. What is wrong with me?”

I quickly realized there’s nothing wrong with me. It wasn’t in alignment with who I’m supposed to be. These goals, material things, that’s not Chris Burns. Chris Burns is all about service, empowering others. Awakening that power within people around me so they can experience more joy, love and transcendence, becoming their best selves. I found out that’s what brings me joy, wealth, great connections and relationships. I discovered that over four, five, six years. I’ve been hit in the sweet spot in recognizing, “I want to help other people grow their platform and make a bigger impact.”

Is that why you started this podcast and the marathon that you are hosting?

Yes, we did 108 of these twelve-hour marathons. We’ve interviewed 600 people in the last few years. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and I’m also going to invite your audience. Whenever you achieve something, don’t let anyone take away the pride, satisfaction and joy. Not ego pride like, “Look at me I’m so cool,” rather the self-esteem. I was reading the book Huna: Ancient Hawaiian Secrets For Modern Living by Serge Kahili King. He talks about you can never have too much self-esteem. You can never have too much confidence. What you can have is too much ego. When it starts to get where you’re putting down other people, that’s when it’s a problem. When you start trading off the self-image and self-confidence to put down other people, that’s where it’s a problem.

It’s good to be selfish and having enlightened self-interest. Share on X

Going back to your question, I was at a point a few years ago where I wanted to celebrate other people and put them on the platform to give them the spotlight. For me, I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I recognized that my business wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted to. I felt stuck and stagnant in my own personal coaching. I said, “There’s something not quite right here.” I was brainstorming and that’s another thing is whenever you’re stuck, do whatever you can to get outside of your situation. Get all these different perspectives. Ask people for help. Ask leaders in your industry for their feedback. What are you doing right and what can you use improvement on? What can be more effective for you? I was asking a bunch of people and brainstorming at my business partner Wayne Meyers and we were at this place where we said, “We’ve got to do something different.” He saw me doing Facebook Lives and he said, “Why don’t we do a twelve-hour live stream and promote this joint venture partnership that we’re working on?”

We did that first twelve-hour live stream. It had thousands of people tuning in, hundreds of comments, engagements and shares. It was off the charts. A couple of days later I said, “We got something.” For anyone who’s reading, when you have something that has people, do a double take. When I tell people we do a twelve-hour live stream every Wednesday, they say “What? Did you say what I thought you said?” I say, “Yes, a twelve-hour live stream.” When you have that, that’s gold. That is a secret sauce. It’s to promote someone else, from there we started refining it, making it more effective, getting more people’s messages out there and helping us monetize our business even more to deliver more value to our audience.

That’s what I wanted to get into because now you have this new, refined definition of your greatest self which is about contributing and helping others. How did you get the results? You were saying you hit these roadblocks and wasn’t getting the results until you made this shift. What happened that allowed you to get the satisfaction that you were looking for?

There was an acceptance. Number one, that it’s good to be selfish in having enlightened self-interest. It’s good to take care of myself first because I was such a giver. I have this big heart so I constantly give to others and make them succeed and pour my time and energy into them especially in the beginning. People who have projects, people who are broken. I’m like, “Save your complex, save the world complex,” but also, I was so afraid to have my weak, fragile ego come into contact with someone who is a strong, powerful, world changer. I was afraid of successful people. I was afraid of strong men. I always compared myself to my dad when I was younger, “He’s 6’1” and a big buffed guy.” I felt this little 5’9” white boy, “This guy is more powerful to me. I’m not a real man.” I recognize that there are a lot more that comes to what makes a man. What makes a powerful masculine presence, and I also honored the divine feminine in me as well.

I had to first discover that I was sabotaging myself by thinking that I’m unworthy, by playing small, by only surrounding myself with people whose level I thought I could handle. In the background of my mind, I still felt like a failure, an imposter, not good enough, the results were challenging to produce even with those people. Number one because they weren’t fully invested. Most of them weren’t willing to invest the money and the resources so it’s important that, people out there who are reading, you invest in yourself.

Rodney, I know you’ve invested on yourself. You’ve done tons of personal development and education because you had to grow yourself. You’ve also done much physical rehabilitation to challenge your mind and challenge your body. You put yourself on the gauntlet. I give you kudos. To anyone out there who’s like, “I have a problem, challenge, obstacle, opportunity and gift,” the universe has given you a gift. I acknowledge you for showing up and taking that on because for me, I was afraid so I surrounded myself with more powerful people and said, “If they see this light in me, then I get to start believing in it too.” I was talking to someone and he said, “Borrow my belief until you believe it’s in yourself.” That’s so powerful.

You’re an entrepreneur as well. How did these things help you create and develop your business?

Before, I was struggling. I didn’t feel special. I didn’t feel unique. I didn’t feel there was anything that mattered to me. I was still having that self-worth issues and challenges. I felt my mindset wasn’t enough, my offer wasn’t enough, all these problems. I hold a massive container and space for people like yourself who has been on twelve-hour marathons, you crushed it and other awesome guests and human beings who are out there to change the world. I hold such a powerful space for people. I’m reflecting to them that you are a world changer, you’re a game changer. You’re absolutely making the difference in your clients, prospects, communities’ lives.

When I held that mirror up to them, what do you think is going to get reflected back to me because that’s what I’m constantly pushing out and sharing out into the world? I’m constantly igniting that light and that fire within others to burn even brighter. To recognize how valuable, they are. It naturally kept coming back into me to reinforce and remind me that, “Chris Burns, you’re doing some pretty amazing things in the world too.” You get to own the contribution that you’re making and the service that you’re bringing to humanity. It’s truly valuable. That was one of the biggest lessons, owning my value.

GCM 68 | Becoming Your Greatest Self

Becoming Your Greatest Self: If you don’t know your purpose, you are like a wandering driftwood afloat at sea.


What are you standing for now, Chris?

This is my purpose. I stand for each and every person who I come across to help them awaken the power within, to be a contribution, to be of service to them, to awaken that personal power. We all have it within us. We all have the fire. We all have our source, drive, mission and purpose. We should get to remember that it’s within us as we get to remember and tap into it. It’s to awaken the power within each person I meet so they can discover and experience the God, the Source, the Creator, and the infinite potential, whatever we want to call it within so we can experience more joy, love and transcendence.

I stand for people to recognize their power and to live a life by design. That’s my personal philosophy and then as far as helping people to share their message, I dive into three big topics. Number one is the purpose. What is your purpose? If you don’t know your purpose, then you are wandering driftwood afloat at sea. If you know who you are, if you know what you stand for and if you know what’s important to you, then you can have an amazing creative life. The second thing is presence. If you are not present, if you are somewhere in the future or somewhere in the past, hanging on to regrets, you are going to be miserable. You are never going to be here.

You’re never going to be able to experience the miracle that is this moment. I love empowering people to view the gift. It’s spiritual so wherever people are at, I don’t think you have to be religious. You don’t have to believe in anything but I highly recommend you get connected to nature. It’s not like you have to believe something, to believe in nature, in Mother Earth, in your connection, this divine connection. We could dive all in to quantum theory, energy and vibration, and all that great stuff but I fully believe that we are all one at the deepest level. We’re connected, you’re my brother. You’re a reflection of me at some level. I’m a reflection of the earth. I started to recognize that connecting with earth is important. That’s a big part of presence, looking other people in the eyes, not trying to do different things at once and being distracted, and not being on your phone all the time but being with people, being present.

The last one is the platform. A lot of people feel they don’t have a voice. Whether you are a parent, a kid or whatever it might be, you have a community. You have people in your life who you can contribute to. Maybe you don’t want to change the world, that’s okay. Whatever level you’re at, it’s perfect. If you want to affect, influence, empower, uplift your family and be a positive person with your family, that’s great. If you have a bigger community, if you have your local city community, that’s great. If you want to empower your state, your county or the world, then go for it. Recognize that you have a voice, story, message, and you have something that you can stand for. I love reminding people that they get to stand for something too.

When you talk about purpose, I believe that your very existence is for a reason. By default, if you have a purpose, you have a platform. You can’t have a purpose if you don’t have anything to serve. It makes it full circle because I know a lot of people may think, “You’re right,” yet they don’t have a platform. It’s not that you don’t have it, you have to identify them. It’s discovering your purpose. Let’s talk about that for a little bit. You stand for people living their purpose, serving their platform. What would you recommend to someone who hasn’t found that?

A lot of people think it’s some place that you arrive to. You get to the mountaintop and all of a sudden, you have this awakening, this a-ha moment, “This is my purpose.” No, that’s not quite correct. Some other people might believe that but, in my opinion, your purpose is simply every day, waking up and being your best self. If you don’t feel you are connected to your purpose, if you’re like, “I don’t know what I’m here for.” In my opinion, “What is the next step that you can take?” is the best question that you can ask yourself. You can simply celebrate saying, “I’m choosing to take another step towards discovering my purpose.” If you don’t feel you have clarity, if you don’t feel you’re connected to that, simply make the decision. Make the decision that you are going to get one step closer to your purpose.

You must remake that with firm conviction and determination every single day. If you don’t feel you’re there yet, keep making it. I still feel some days like, “Is this it? Is this 12-Hour Marathon what I’m supposed to be doing, helping people with their purpose, platform and presence? Is that what I’m meant to be doing right now?” I check in with myself. Sometimes I have some doubts, I’m human. We have this stuff that creeps in and tries to rob us of our joy, purpose, our presence, all of it. The best thing that someone can do, number one, is make the decision to take another step towards your purpose.

The second thing I’d recommend, getting more tactical, is to write a list of the things that you’re passionate about and the things that you are good at. This is common personal development wisdom is to simply write down what brings you joy in life. What are you passionate about? What subjects? Maybe it’s sports. It’s interesting because a lot of people say, “I wanted to be a quarterback when I was growing up. I wanted to be an NFL linebacker. I wanted to play basketball.” At this point, they’re saying it’s too late, “I can’t live that dream anymore.” Maybe you can’t go and be the athlete who plays on the court but you can still stay immersed in the sport that you love. You can be an announcer. You can build a website that talks about fans and empowers the fans with the sports and gets them all the latest information.

Choose to make every moment your best moment and your best day ever. Share on X

There’s so much room for creativity. You’ve got to say, “I love sports, I’m going to figure out how I can create a career around it. I’m going to figure out how I can add value.” “Where are people hurting? Where are people suffering?” Ask yourself after you’ve taken a personal inventory, “What am I passionate about? What am I great at?” Find out where are people suffering. Where are people having problems? How can I create a service or something that helps them solve these problems? If people are having problems getting their voice out, how can I create a business around helping them to launch a podcast?

That was my biggest thought and biggest a-ha is saying, “There are all these people who want to come on the 12-Hour Marathon and share their message as a celebrity guest. I know there are a lot of them who also want to start their own show. Even if they don’t know how, even if they don’t have technical experience, even if they’re not that clear on their message, I can still empower them to be able to get that message out in the world and make a bigger impact. Figure where are people suffering, where’s the pain and how can you go serve those people who are in pain.

What do you say to people that feel they don’t have anything of value to contribute?

Everyone is different. Everyone has a case-by-case journey. I’m not going to say to someone who’s reading, “You are the same as somebody else.” That’s incorrect. There might be similarities, archetypes and patterns that you fit into to help you shape and craft your story effectively. You are a unique individual. Your journey, pains, sufferings, breakdowns and stuff that you’ve had to deal with through your life, that is your gold. Especially those people out there who don’t think they have a message, you are the perfect person because a lot of people feel they don’t have it.

A lot of people feel they don’t have a message. They don’t have anything worthy to share. You are going to resonate. You are going to be a leader. You are going to be a comrade, an associate, a brother, a sister to people out there who feel that same way saying, “I’m not that important. I don’t have anything valuable to share.” There are a lot of people out there who feel they don’t have a purpose in life. They have a mission, a message. They feel they’re a waste of space. Some people think that they might as well end their life because they don’t have anything to live for. It breaks my heart because they haven’t met the person who says, “I know what it’s like to stand in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be hurting, to feel useless, to feel like a waste of space.” You, having overcome that or having to say, “I’m not going to tolerate people out there feeling they don’t matter, people feeling like a waste of space, people feeling they’re alone in their suffering, isolation, and in their lack of desire to live.” Some people don’t have a strong desire to live. That’s the world that we live in.

I’m grateful for my passion to live but I wasn’t always like this. I wasn’t always this connected with my drive. I question, “Do I even need to be here? Is there any reason for me to keep living? What is my purpose?” Some people go way down deep and darker into that rabbit hole. Thankfully I didn’t go deep into it. I know that there are people out there who are questioning, “What is my message?” That’s the most authentic real thing to share with people which is what we need now. I love these people Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, Gary Vee, they’re amazing. They’re powerhouses but a lot of people can’t relate with them. Who gets to be there to help them take their next step? That’s you reading right now, especially if you feel you don’t have a message. Take the next step and say, “I’m going to be a champion for these people. I’m going to be a champion for people just like me.” That’s what I’d say to them now.

Whenever you find out what it is that you’re good at, what it is you’re passionate about, how you can serve other people. At that point, it becomes your responsibility and accountability to bring that forward. You’re right, the people you named, they can’t reach everywhere. Everyone won’t resonate with them. They won’t have an impact on everyone. If you and I, or the person that’s reading don’t step up and become our greatest self, then it’s a disservice not only to ourselves but to those people who could potentially be impacted by what we bring to the table. That’s one of the things that inspired me.

A lot of people may ask me, “Rodney, what keeps you going? How do you stay with it? How do you stay motivated to put your body through what you have to put your body through, put your mind through? You go through all these challenging things in order to be this person.” That’s why, because you never know who’s watching, listening, who you can impact. You never know who’s on the edge. I’m all about making a difference and that’s what is to me when I hear becoming your greatest possible self, it’s not so much you so that you can make a difference. Sometimes I hear people say, “Everyone can’t be their greatest self.” What are your thoughts to that?

Some people say you can’t have the best day ever every single day. I say, “I hear that you say you can’t make every single day your best day ever.” There’s your wedding. There’s the day you had a kid born. It’s different things like that. Those are your best days ever. I see that that is a logical argument. Yesterday is gone. We don’t have it anymore. I can’t choose to bring it back. I can’t choose to re-live that moment. I could do it in my memory, but I’m taking myself away from the present moment and go into the past and tomorrow is not yet here. We’re not promised it. If I left this earth today because my purpose is done. I’d be sad because I have so much fun in life but tomorrow, if I’m not here, why would I be worried about all these different things and what’s going to happen tomorrow, in a week, in a year, in a couple of years? I don’t need to be worried about that stuff. I get to be here and now because all I have is this moment. I’m going to make this moment the best day ever.

GCM 68 | Becoming Your Greatest Self

Becoming Your Greatest Self: How you respond to life, circumstances, and situations is your responsibility and not others.


People say, “What if I can’t become my greatest possible self?” I’ll say, “You are living right now. You get to choose. This is your life. You’re the creator. I’m not here to live it for you. Rodney is not here to live it for you. We are not responsible for you. You are responsible for you.” It’s a kick in the pants. It’s a kick in the stomach. It can hurt to have to say, “I take 100% personal responsibility and ownership of my life.” Sometimes, people’s lives aren’t so great. They have to first be willing to accept and admit that they are the reason that they got there.

For me, why make a decision that is less than my best? Why say, “I’m going to do 99%.” Jack Canfield has a quote. He said, “A 100% is a breeze. 99% is crap.” You don’t want to be at 99%. You don’t want to go almost all the way. You don’t want to stop a couple of inches before the end zone, before the finish line. You run through that finish line. If you don’t, you’re selling yourself short. It’s that little difference, being willing to go the extra mile, being willing to follow through and complete what you started. That is the most powerful thing. Choose to make this moment your best moment, your best day ever. Why would you choose anything less than your best? Choose to be your greatest possible self, that’s my response to that.

If you look at what that means, your greatest possible self. Whatever you achieve, wherever you are, you have to ask yourself, “Is it your greatest?” I always think there’s room for improvement and always think there’s room for more. I always think that there’s one more person that you can talk to and one more person that you can impact. There’s one more thing about you that you could fix. There’s one more thing about you that you can improve on. There’s one more challenge that you can overcome. We keep challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to those limits. I’m not saying burning yourself out or not taking a break. I’m not saying that. Being in tune with who you are, how you’re showing up in the world, what you’re contributing, what you’re giving and holding yourself to a standard of greatness. You’re pushing yourself, allowing to expand and stretch and allow all that there is in you to come forward.

That is so rewarding and a lot of people don’t feel that level of fulfillment in their lives. It is because sometimes we settle for good enough. We settle for that 99%. I’m going to be real, 100%. That’s work. Being great is work. It is not easy. It’s going to require that stretching. You have to stretch your muscles. When you have tight muscles sometimes it’s not comfortable. It’s going to require you to do that but it’s so worth it. I banged up my knee. I sprained my MCL. I was looking at some YouTube videos on how to rehab my MCL. There was a doctor who was talking about how stretching makes a difference in the healing process. He got on this rant about how stretching is so important especially for athletes when you’re performing. He said, “Stretching could be the difference of a fraction of a second in a race because you have that additional flexibility that allows you to cross the finish line a fraction of a second more.” When you think about crossing that finish line or going from good to great. From good to great could be just a fraction of a second. It could be that extra stretch that you bring forward. I love this whole concept of greatness. That’s something that I believe in. I believe in remaining resilient in the pursuit of greatness. It’s such a powerful statement.

I wanted to add to this because you said that fraction of an inch, of a stretch. I don’t know if you heard of this, kaizen. Kaizen is this 1% better, this philosophy that the Japanese used. Basically, it’s every day, get 1% better. How can I get just a little bit better? How can I stretch a little bit further? How can I get a little bit more productive? How can I get a little bit more healthy, happy, joyous, grateful, more connected to people? A lot of people settle for not pushing that extra inch, not pushing that extra 1% to make today better than yesterday.

When you talk about the greatest moment and you’re comparing it to yesterday. Yesterday could’ve been great. It could’ve been the best day that you’ve ever experienced but there’s no greater day than today. Regardless of how good it was yesterday, today is still better. I don’t care how much pain you may be feeling today. Even though you may have been feeling pain yesterday, today is still better than yesterday because today is a new day and yesterday is gone. If we’re still in yesterday, we’re in the past. You have to be in today and see today for what it is and it is such an opportunity. The fact that you made it today is an opportunity and let’s cherish that because we don’t know if we’re going to make it until tomorrow.

A lot of people take this for granted. A lot of people minimize this stuff and when you’re present to it, when you allow yourself to almost come to tears because you’re so moved by it. You’re so touched by the magnificence, the miracle that is this moment. Rather than saying, “It’s no big deal, this moment is like any other moment. I had five billion moments already in this lifetime, what’s another moment?” You were not guaranteed this moment. This life is not guaranteed. Things are not guaranteed. You might be here one day and gone the next. Rodney, I totally agree because every moment is another opportunity to be our greatest possible selves.

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What are some of the greatest changes or differences you’ve noticed in yourself in the way you live your life since before you went through this shift and pivot?

Along with personal responsibility, it’s personal power. The belief that I can be, do and have anything that I desire. Before I went through this rock-bottom moment, I didn’t believe I deserved the woman of my dreams. I didn’t believe that I deserved to be free. I didn’t think I was attractive. I didn’t think any of that. I had zero self-esteem. It was terrible. After working on myself so much, I started saying, “I deserve the woman of my dreams.” I started speaking into existence. Here’s another powerful for anyone who’s reading, “Speak your desires into existence.” Maybe you’re not at the point yet where you can go talk to all your friends and everyone who knows you about your greatest, deepest desires. Maybe you’re not there yet. For me, I’m surrounded by world-changers and I can literally speak anything to them and have them say, “Chris, you go for it men. You are a game-changer, Chris. I believe in you.” I’m surrounded by those kinds of people. Maybe you’re not yet and that’s totally okay.

Don’t resent what you don’t have but be appreciative of what you do have. That’s how I leveled up my association and got around game-changing people. I appreciated those people. I started speaking into existence what I wanted. I started not judging and filtering who I am depending on who I’m around. I used to be the guy who is people-pleasing, walking on eggshells, wanting everyone to like me. That’s total BS. That’s something that society has sold us on that we have to be liked by everyone. It’s not about popularity. It’s not about trying to pretzel yourself into a way where everyone around you accepts you. Depending on who you’re in, you show up as a different person. No, be you. You don’t have to be rude and tell people, “F off.” Just be you and own your values and know who the people are that you want to surround yourself with who also resonate with those values.

For me, I was tolerating being around low life. I was tolerating being around toxic people. I was tolerating being around people who didn’t have drive, purpose, who weren’t grateful, who weren’t connected to their mission in life. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not who I am and that’s not what I’m meant for in this lifetime. For anyone who’s reading, the number one thing that you can do is surround yourself with more awesome people. If you haven’t yet subscribed to this podcast, Game Changer Mentality, I don’t know what you’re doing. Better subscribe because Rodney is great and he brings on amazing guests for you to learn from, grow with and connect with the people too. Connect with me. Find me on Instagram @IAmMillionaireChris. I’ll share about it later. Find me on Facebook Chris Burns, let’s talk. Have a conversation. Many people are just on the sidelines. They’re not on the courts, on the field, they’re not playing the game of life.

That was me, I was complaining and telling about all excuses, all the reasons why life is not working out for me. When I took personal responsibility that I’m going to stand up for what I believe in. When I took personal responsibility that I wasn’t attractive. That I wasn’t attracting the woman of my dreams, I said, “I get to become the man who actually deserves to attract the woman of my dreams.” That’s what I’m blessed to become. It’s not like I’m being forced to. It’s not a burden. This is a joy, privilege and pleasure because I get to be better than I was yesterday. A lot of people want to make $1 million a year, that’s the big shiny object of entrepreneurs. A lot of people take the million-dollar mark is where that will happen.

Are you the type of person who deserves $1 million a year, $100,000 a month or $86,000? Are you the type of person who has the habits, network, relationships and the mental thought processes to attract that reality? I wasn’t that person. I was totally self-sabotaging, playing small, minimized my worth and there were a lot of blocks in my way from being that person. For everyone reading, ask yourself what is your goal? What do you want? Do you want to travel the world, adventure, freedom, love of your life, spiritual connection, health and wellness? Ask yourself who you need to become to attract that into your life. It’s about alignment.

If you don’t have the results that you want, you are not aligned with it. You’re thinking is not aligned, your behaviors are not aligned, your associations and environment. There is a lot of stuff that could potentially get in the way from you being unaligned so that it’s easy and effortless for those results to show up. When you are aligned with being a millionaire, it happens. The results show up. The money comes in. The deals flow like magic. When you are aligned with having a six-pack, there it is because it’s aligned. It feels good to be that person to attract those results.

Some people have gone through this exercise before and they’ve identified who they have to be in order to produce a certain result but they’re ashamed to be that.

I’m surrounded by people who hold my vision with love and we speak into existence. They’re reflected back to me saying, “Chris, if you’ll have that vision, you’re going to figure it out. I believe in you. You’re resourceful, powerful and more than enough. You’re infinitely capable of creating that reality so I’m going to hold you to it, and I’m going to hold you accountable.” I have people around who hold me accountable to what I say I want. A lot of people out there are not willing to share their deepest desires and have other people hold them accountable or they might be sharing it with the wrong people who don’t hold them accountable. Who don’t believe in them and who talk down saying, “Who are you joking you’re going to get a Ferrari? Who are you joking you’re going to get that model to be your significant other? Who are you joking that you think you can travel the world? You think you can get out of this hometown and go do what you want around the world and have that big life? That’s not you. You’re stuck here.”

GCM 68 | Becoming Your Greatest Self

Becoming Your Greatest Self: The number one thing that you can do for success is to surround yourself with more awesome people.


Do not put up with that. You have to be rigorous, relentless, tenacious, perseverant with that dream because nobody else is going to want it for you. Nobody else is going to make that happen for you. You have to be personally responsible and get into alignment with attracting that and sharing it with the right people like Rodney. Send Rodney a message and tell him what your dream is. If you’ve given up on your dream, if you backed off, if you said, “I don’t know if I can actually do it. I don’t know what my dream is,” tell Rodney. Tell him wherever you’re at, it’s perfect. You cannot be ashamed of who you are and where you’re at. Let’s say you’re earning $1,000 a month. If you cannot be ashamed of that and say, “That’s where I’m at, I hate but this isn’t where I’m going to stay. I know this isn’t where I’m going to be stuck for the rest of my life.” It’s temporary moment. It’s an indicator.

Our bank account, our relationship status, our spirituality, health and wellness, and weight are indicators. It’s a non-judgmental, it’s not good, and it’s not bad. Let’s say someone’s bank account is empty, it’s not good and it’s not bad. It’s just an indicator that your habits, your thinking, your vibration and energy has been out of alignment of abundance, of having $10,000 in the bank. Because you treat money well, you have a great relationship with money. You have the financial habits and disciplines to be able to create that reality. Let’s say your weight is off the scale, it’s not where you want it to be. It’s an indicator that you’re out of alignment. What does it take to get back into alignment? What’s the next step? The first step is to share with you what they are going for. What’s the next step? Share with Rodney what your next step is and he’ll hold you accountable or share with me. We’ll both hold you accountable. Double accountability works even better.

That’s what I was going to say. Share with me, share with Chris, share with someone that you can trust that will hold you accountable because you have to level up. A lot of people live for other people. They don’t live for themselves and that is the number one block that prevents people living the life that they truly want to live. Their environment dictates how they go about their day, their behaviors, how they treat money and a lot of different things. They’re so afraid of judgment. They’ve been judged by people who are not leveling up themselves and not taking a stand for themselves.

You have to question yourself like, “Does that make sense for you? How is that serving you? How is that serving those desires when you look at yourself in the mirror?” These things that you want to become, these things you want to do, be, have and like but yet when you walk out of the door, you live and you crumble for people who are not living the life that you truly want to live in. There’s somebody reading right there, right now and saying, “Yes, that’s me.” Level up. Find someone that you can talk to. If it isn’t me, if it isn’t Chris, find someone. If you come to one of us, we’re going to hold you accountable. We’re going to get rid of all of that and we’re going to cause you to up your game and start looking at yourself differently, perceiving the world differently because it will change your behavior.

Tune in to the 12-Hour Marathon every Wednesday. You can get a lot of good information. People don’t know where to start. You can start by listening, filling your mind with good information. You’ll find out how you can change your habits. Things you can do to produce greater results in your life by listening in to things consistently and feeding your mind. Taking time to stop watching so much television, having no discretion about how you spend your time. These things can make a big difference. Early when I got into personal development, I had a mentor say, “You can make a small change.” If a ship had taken off and it had a certain direction it was going, you can make a small change in the direction, this tiny change. It would change the trajectory of that ship so great that its destination will be completely different from where it started.

A lot of people think that you have to do and be these extravagant types of behaviors and task. It doesn’t take all of that. Let’s look at sports. If you’re going to look at some of the superstars, they’re really good at basic things. They start with the basics. The basics is you’re scheduling, getting enough sleep, your eating habits, what are you putting into your mind. These are not hard things to do. These are the simple changes and you can just start building upon them. You’ll look at yourself a year later or two years later, you’ll find that you’re completely different than where you are right now. These are the fundamental things that you can start doing.

Level up who you’re being and how you’re showing up. If you’ve been knocked down in life, sometimes it can be hard to say, “I’m going to get back in the ring. I’m going to get back on the court.” You say, “Get up, get back up and get back in the game,” because if you’re sitting on the sidelines, you’re going to be there. You’re going to be wasting away. You’re going to be criticizing and talking about what other people are doing. You’re going to be watching TV. People watch TV because they don’t have enough satisfaction in their own life. They’re not excited. They’re not building their own dream. They’re not doing something epic that is worthy of being on the TV themselves.

I want my life on the TV because that’s how epic my life is. That’s my commitment. That’s the bar that I set. That’s how I level up and if I’m not there yet, if I’m not creating that reality and not aligned with that, then it’s time to level up again. It’s time to get even more epic of a life. Wherever someone is at, take the next step. You’ve been knocked down, get up, level up, surround yourself with epic people, subscribe to this podcast Game Changer Mentality, and subscribe to my podcast Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self. You can type in Greatest Possible Self on iTunes, on the internet and you’ll find me. GPS is what we’re all about. You’ve got to use those directions to make sure that you are on the right track. That’s what I’m all about, providing amazing quality information, interviews, inspiration, helping people change-up their own inner game and outer game so they can be their greatest possible self. I love helping people to launch their podcast.

Let me tell you about this one client and we’ll call her Jessie. She had no idea what her message was. She didn’t believe she was ready to start her podcast. She didn’t think the time was now. She thought she had to do more coaching, she had to get her offers and get her business more together. I said, “One of the biggest benefits to me doing the 12-Hour Marathon, doing over 1,000 hours of live streaming, was me figuring out what is my message. What’s the best way to determine who you are and what you stand for? It’s to get up in front of a crowd and speak something.” You’re going to find out what is in alignment with you, your truth and your message very fast. For me, that was one of the greatest values.

She launched her podcast and she’s gotten so clear on what she stands for because she said, “I’m going to go for it. I’m going to launch my podcast.” Maybe that’s you. Maybe you don’t have any idea what your message is then you want some facilitation. You want some exercises and some deep diving to look at your life, your journey, what’s important to you and to find out what’s the message you want to get out to the world. I would love to have you in one of our future podcast launch masterminds. We do zero to launching your podcast in 90 days. You get all the support, weekly mastermind calls, exercise and all the great stuff. I’m happy to help you get clarity on who you are and what you stand for.

Maybe you’re already a coach, author, speaker and expert and you want to get your message out even more like Rodney is doing, like I’m doing, I’m here to facilitate you as well. I can give you the fast track, we do one-on-one coaching to help you launch your podcast. If you want in-depth clarity work 101, I’ll be happy to do that too. You can find me on Facebook.com/th3burns, Instagram @IAmMillionaireChris, BeYourGPS.com, BurnItUpCoaching.com. I would love to hear from you. Send me a message. Let me know what you’ve got going on and I’ll definitely give you some love, send you in the right direction and I appreciate you tuning it. I appreciate you being here now, wherever you’re at, know my heart is here for you.

I want to say you can’t watch and play at the same time. You can’t be a spectator and a player at the same time. If you’re watching, you’re spectating, that means you’re not playing. You’ve got to get into the game. Chris, I want to say thank you for coming up to the show, sharing your wisdom with us, and pouring out your passion. I love your energy. I love what you’re bringing to the world. I’m sure that you are causing a positive impact on the lives of a lot of people. Continue to do that. I’m so grateful that you have found and discovered your passion and purpose. I’m more grateful that you’re taking action on it. It’s one thing to find and it is another to take action on it. You burned it up on my show. I’m grateful for you. Before we depart, any final words, game changer mentality message you can leave with us?

I played so many video games growing up and the one thing that I learned about video games is I am the hero. Someone out there, if you’re feeling you’re not celebrated and you feel you don’t matter, start taking on the position that you are the hero who gets to save people, who gets to add value to people, and who gets to add your love to the world. Be that legendary human being. Be that superhero. You’re tuning in to this and you’re tuning in to the 12-Hour Marathon, I know you want to be great so see yourself as the superhero. Surround yourself with a team of other superheroes. Remember, in life, you make the rules. Whatever you say, goes. Whatever you expect, gets created. Expect wisely, create wisely and align yourself wisely. Be a game changer.

That’s a game changer mentality at its finest. Thank you for coming on the show. For all of you reading, thank you. This has been a fantastic show, another successful Game Changer Mentality podcast. As I always say, “Remember to remain resilient in the pursuit for greatness.” Thank you.

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