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Many people out there grow up believing that wealth and happiness are mutually exclusive, never to be found within sight of each other. But the truth is, becoming rich and happy at the same time is not impossible; it’s all about adjusting your perspective and finding a sense of certainty in the things that you have. Eliyahu Jian is a life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker, and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds, as well as the author of The Laughing Billionaire: How To Become Rich And Happy. Joining Rodney Flowers, Eliyahu discusses how becoming rich and happy at the same time is within the scope of reality. Eliyahu and Rodney have a profound discussion about the natures of both wealth and happiness, and how these two relate well to one another.

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Becoming Rich And Happy At The Same Time With Eliyahu Jian

I have a question for you. How many of you want to become rich and happy? Everyone wants to become rich and happy. On the show, we’re going to be talking about how to become rich and happy. A laughing billionaire maybe, how does that sound? Let’s think about that for a second. What if you were a billionaire? Think about a laughing billionaire. We’re going to talk about how we can do that now. I have someone very special on the show. Eliyahu Jian is here with me now. He’s an author, life and spiritual coach, motivational speaker and advisor to people of all ages and backgrounds. He empowers people to be the best versions of themselves, creates stronger relationships, achieves career success, and create healthier lifestyles by developing a spiritual connection. He has shared his vision and guidance with some of the most famous and influential people in the world and for everyone in his book, The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy. Eliyahu, welcome to the show.

Thank you for having me. It’s such positive energy. It’s unbelievable.

I believe in positive energy because what’s the alternative? Negative energy and that doesn’t sound good at all. I love having positive energy about myself because I feel like there is no other way to be you, show up and there is no other greater energy to have than positive. Your book has a positive connotation to it, The Laughing Billionaire: How To Become Rich and Happy. First of all, I want to say thank you for writing a book with a title such as that because everyone wants to become rich. Everyone wants to be happy. There’s a lot of people out there that are rich and they are not happy. There’s a lot of billionaires out there and they’re not happy. Maybe you can shine some light on how we can be happy and rich. Let’s dive right in. Why did you write a book like this? What’s the purpose behind your book?

The purpose is I’m a great believer that we build to force us to exist in the body and the soul, the body and the spirit or the body has to do with physicality, which is money. Money is not just money. Money is physicality, food, clothing, physicality, home, and car, everything that has to do with physicality, whatever the five senses are connecting to. What is the physicality, the billionaire? Happy belongs to the soul. Money cannot make you happy. It can buy you things that make you a little bit happy, but it’s not going to last. The happiness comes from the spirit and the physical happiness coming from the physicality. If you have a good cake, that’s a physical thing that makes your body happy. Not only make your soul happy. To achieve happiness from the soul, it would take time. It’s a lot of work. When a person to make money, you’re born with the talent, you know how to make money.

Everybody makes money their weight. Some people have more talent, more desire to make money and some people less. To be happy is the goal of every human being. They want to make money and sometimes give it up because they say, “I have enough money.” When they’re 70, they realize they missed the point. They say, “What have I done with my life? I’m a billionaire in a private jet alone and divorced five times. Nothing is going on. What is going to happen?” It’s difficult to find people who have physical fulfillment and maybe I should call it spiritual fulfillment. Those two are not going to go. I work with people for many years.

I realized that I meet many people who wished to be rich or meet people who wished to be happy. This is the wish of the human being. That’s the two desires. The one who has the money said, “I don’t get it. I have all the money. I’m driving around.” See people with money, but they’re happy. The one who drove the car from many years ago, no money. They say, “Look at this guy, he drives a Rolls Royce. He must be happy.” It’s not true. True happiness is the core energy in you. Did you ever unleash that energy? Do the work and positive as you mentioned before, you can bring it out. It’s in you. Unfortunately, we cannot buy happiness with money. It’s impossible.

I want to point out what you’ve laid here for us. This is such an interesting thought regarding how someone who has all the money could be looking at someone who doesn’t have money and say, “I want that. I wish I had that.” The guy that doesn’t have all the money is looking at the cat and look at him. That is such an interesting idea. It happens every day. I’m sure you see that more often than anyone. What’s missing? How can you get individuals to become satisfied? That’s probably the essence of what it is that you do. How do you get the guy that gets all the money to be happy? How do you get the guy who has no money and the desire to be rich and be happy? Whatever the answer to that is, that’s seemingly the key to life. I’m interested in this conversation.

You mentioned satisfaction. I want to say something, if I may. We can drop the level of desire, expectation and be happy, which is, I look at this in the wrong way. We can raise the level of expectation and run on empty. We got to find something in between. Either raising the desire, wanting more for my life and don’t be depressed when you finally have gone empty or let’s try to imagine all of these are like a big cup and small cup. You can buy a small cup and fill it up right away and be happy. That’s not a problem. That’s called instant gratification.

What is instant gratification? You’re getting what you want, as you want and when you want it. You become addicted to it. Five minutes later, you need those small cups and again and again. There is nothing we got there. All you can say, “I got to fill up that cup on the way there. I should be happy with my performance and step-by-step, gradually I will get there.” Dissatisfaction, some songs that you cannot get satisfaction. The truth of the matter is satisfaction is at two levels. You can connect to that immediate satisfaction or you can go for what we call a lasting fulfillment satisfaction.

You have to decide which direction you want to choose. Every person is different. Some people are so desperate that they want now to be happy. You reach out for drugs. You reach out for some drink, some sex or whatever it is for the moment and you’re going to become happy. I promise you that but you’re going to become depressed the next morning. That’s it. It’s going to go back to normal. The way to become happy is not by getting what you want. It’s by earning either what you already have or by earning what you’re going to have.

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Earning is the name of the game here. Not getting is the name of the game. Once people are into getting, but did you earn it? Once you earn it, nobody can take it away from you. Nobody can take away from you something that you truly earned. If you overcome an anger issue, you overcome a forgiveness issue, as I wrote in my book in Chapter Two. Forgiveness is a tough thing to do, especially forgive people that you’re right and they are evil and wrong. Can you forgive them? No. What are you getting from them by not forgiving? You make them stuck in your life.

They’re stealing your life. By forgiveness, the people who hurt you, you say, “I forgive you, goodbye.” I’m not talking about right or wrong here because once we’re getting into right or wrong, we’re never going to win. Once we’re going to get happy and sad, we have a chance to win. We got to choose. I always tell people who come to see me. I said, “Happiness and being right never meet each other.” If you want to be right, then say goodbye to happiness. If you’re going to be happy, say goodbye to the need to be right.

I want to go back. We’re going to park back because I want to touch on that. You mentioned something about people’s satisfaction. They set out on a goal to accomplish a thing. The intent and the thought is by accomplishing that thing, it’s going to bring me some level of satisfaction that’s going to make me happy. As you were explaining that idea, what came up for me is that the target is wrong. We shouldn’t be shooting for satisfaction, maybe not even happiness. Those are targets. If you were to think about a bullseye, the center, maybe the outer ring is happiness. Maybe one of the outer rings is satisfaction. There are some other emotions that we can get out of accomplishing a good thing or doing the thing, but the target, the bullseye is fulfillment.

I could end the show right now because to take this away is a major game-changer. When your target is fulfillment, I can’t say that even some of the people that I’ve interviewed on the show, some of the people that I admire, I don’t know if they’re talking, have always been fulfillment. I’m even looking at why I do what I do in some instances. There’s a lot that I do that brings fulfillment. It’s a byproduct. It wasn’t intended that way. I realized I keep doing it because of the fulfillment. I’m being a little vulnerable. It wasn’t necessarily the intent, but when your intent, when you start out fulfillment, that’s the goal. That changes everything. When I think about the guy who has the money, he’s accomplished a certain thing but there’s something missing. You weren’t targeting that in the first place. The guy who has happiness but doesn’t have money, there’s still something missing. You weren’t targeting the right thing in the first place.

Everybody’s busy with what they don’t have. It’s what drives the universe. We are driving after the emptiness. Whatever is empty in my life, if you don’t have love, you don’t see what you have. It’s like a person is who’s lost his shoes in New York. It’s raining and snowing and he’s walking in the street. He’s angry. He turned to the right on 56th Street and 11th Avenue and he sees this guy with no leg. He looked up in heaven and say, “God, forget about my shoes. I’m cool. I’m good. That’s no problem.” It’s all relative. We are looking for the thing we don’t have and that’s the wrong drive. If we see how much fulfillment this universe wants to give you. This universe wants to give you an endless amount of goodness. The point is what drives you? What you don’t have is a desire or what’s out there is as inspiration?

I’ve always felt and believed that we don’t know ourselves as much as we should. It comes from not spending enough time with ourselves. We talk about isolation. A lot of people are afraid of isolation. We haven’t been trained on how to get to know ourselves deeply. The reason why I say that is because we don’t know what brings us fulfillment. We reached with things that we don’t have thinking that it may give us fulfillment. When we get those things realized, there’s still something missing. You won’t reach for that in the first place because if a person knows what will bring fulfillment, that would be a target but they don’t. The media shows us all of these things and we look at and say, “I think that would make me feel good,” and then you get it and it’s like, “I thought that was going to make me this and that.” You realize that there’s something missing. It’s because you don’t realize what will bring you fulfillment. You talk about being a billionaire. We’re talking about fulfillment. You’re talking about in your book, The Laughing Billionaire, what is your definition of a billionaire?

Billionaire, from a physical point of view and a spiritual point of view. There are two things. Everything there’s two things. A billionaire from a physical point of view is very simple. You have the bank account, what’s going on there, whatever it looks on the outside, the private jet, the G6, G5 or whatever it is. The Mercedes comes to pick you up and helicopter to Long Island. It’s the whole nine yards. People like you so much, but they don’t actually. They like your money. They like your pocket because that’s what you accomplished. It’s like a beautiful person. People like you for your beauty, physicality. Why? They like you for your wisdom. They come to preach a certain thing that people expect what you accomplish. They realize you’re not happy because they realize people are not connecting to you. They connect to what you accomplished. That’s a physical billionaire.

The non-physical billionaire is a billionaire mindset. Meaning thinking, if we take a billion in mind, are we thinking from the money point of view. When I work with few billionaires in my life, they think from the money point of view. It’s different. They believe there is $20 billion out there in the street and it’s their job to go ahead and collect it. When a person goes to work, they think if I work enough hours, I will make some money. If I ask the billionaire if those people will be rich, they say never. It’s simple, never. It’s a money point of view. When we look from a billionaire mindset and we take it into the nonphysical universe, we need to believe that there is out there, not $20 billion.

There are out there twenty billion opportunities to be happy, twenty billion opportunities to fall in love, twenty billion opportunities to be healthy, and twenty billion opportunities to meet the greatest people you ever met. Things change. You start to attract the right thing to do. The billionaire operates with money. He only operates the one frequency, which is cash, which is money. He’s very good. He can teach us about that. A lot of times, if I traveled with a client in their private jet and I’m sitting next to him or her. I’m trying to help them with whatever they go through in their life.

The money is never a big deal for them. They get it. It was right after 9/11 I was traveling with a person in his private jet to Vail, Colorado. I started talking to him about the mission and everything. I realized something. I said, “The way you think about money if we can change for you to think about everything else, we have a winner here.” If we could spread this message to all human beings and they would understand there are out there all the solutions for all the problems. We have to desire that. It’s not to desire what I don’t have, to desire the fulfillment that’s already there. I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but it’s kind of a concept.

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Let’s break it down a little bit more for the audiences. Maybe someone is in a position where they’re dealing with this particular thing. Maybe they’ve accomplished a lot in their life and they’re still seemingly something missing. Could you break it down in a few simpler terms for us that maybe people can understand?

Let’s say happiness. Happiness is an emotion. It’s a feeling. You can buy emotions with something physical. We all got the feeling when we bought a new car. It is a feeling. You got a new car. You’re happy. It’s a beautiful car. You wash it. Nobody is allowed in. Your shoes are always clean. The first few weeks are unbelievable. After two months, you got a little cookie on the side. After one year, you’ve got a pizza pie leftover in the back seat. The bottom line is the physicality cannot truly make you happy. You have to look for the feeling that you feel safe versus say, “I want money.” I would ask them, why do you want money? Some would say freedom, security, and independence. Anybody would say something else but look at the word they’re using, independence, happiness. Can you achieve independence without the money? Money will not help you achieve it. Can you achieve happiness without money? No. The money could not help you achieve it because money is a physical fulfillment that cannot make you feel something nonphysical within your soul. You need to feel happy.

If I put $100 on your forehead, it’s not going to make you feel happy. It’s on the physical, the thought of what it can bring. In our minds, we have a system that is so powerful. The mind wave that once I understand, there is happiness out there waiting for me to remove it. The first step is to look within me. As I wrote in my book, Chapter Two, forgive. If you cannot forgive people, do not expect yourself to be happy. If a person decides to be miserable, the universe will help you to be miserable. If a person decided to be a Victim.com or Misery.com, we’re going to help you. The universe is helpful. It will send you all the miserable situations, misery because misery loves company. The same thing, if you make a decision, you’ll wake up this morning and say, “I want to be happy.”

You keep saying it, thinking I want to be happy. You’re going to start connecting to different things around you that make you happy. You will feel like things are moving. Not necessarily what I want, but definitely what I need, which is true happiness. If a human being’s purpose in life is not true happiness, we’re missing the whole thing. I work with people who are 85 years old to a teenager who’s sixteen years old. At the end of the game, I love to talk to old people. I said, “Lessons of life,” that’s the first thing I asked them. The second thing I’d say, teach me something I might be missing that I do not see about this life. They all tell me the same thing.

The 85 years old, they all say the same thing. They all say, “Listen, nothing is so important for you to be miserable about.” That’s what they keep saying. They have a problem that you cannot even imagine. I have this friend named Bob. Bob passed away, unfortunately. Bob was 94 when he passed away. He had three types of cancer, four heart surgeries and any disease you can speak about the skin. As much as he called me his mentor before he died, he was my mentor. Bob, whenever we get into the hospital, he would laugh with the nurses, the doctors, and everybody. He’s funny. He makes it not a big deal. He was an example for me, not just a teacher. This guy is unbelievable.

Bob is unbelievable. People judge him because it was sometimes rude but in a funny way. He was like a man that you can look at his eyes and say, “He achieved happiness.” What I’m trying to say to the audience here, find one thing you can be happy about in your life. Can you swallow now? Be happy. Can you breathe? That’s an achievement. Do you remember your name? Some people don’t remember their names now. It’s going to be something. It’s got to be one thing is good. You got to be one. Start with 1, 2, 3, 4. It’s happening. I have a few things to be happy about. I want to make a list of what are those that I’m going to be happy about. That’s going to be long too.

I can relate to that because I’ve been in a place where I was grateful to open my eyes. I couldn’t move my body. All I could do was move my head and it’s taking me back to those times where I could shake my head and realizing that if I can shake my head, that’s something to be grateful for. If I have to be the best head-shaker that there is, I’m going to do that. It changes the game and the perspective on life altogether. Sometimes we need that. We don’t do that enough. What I mean by that is to put things in perspective. We’re all going over here trying to do this, trying to do that, thinking that, if I could get there, if I can get to this place and not realizing that you’re already here what you’re looking for and seeking, you already have. You just do not recognize the reasons why you should be fulfilled or you should be happy or whatever the case may be. We’re missing the mark and all those things out there are distractions, which takes me to the next question that I wanted to ask you.

I would think distractions being one of the answers to this question is barriers. You’re talking about a spiritual connection. It’s the best way that I can describe what you’re explaining here. There are barriers to have in this connection with yourself or connection with happiness. I can see how forgiveness could prevent you from being happy. If someone is not forgiving. They are carrying a grudge. They’re carrying something with them that is preventing or blocking the happiness and the flow of joy to come into their lives. Different types of distractions could be a barrier to that as well. You don’t see why you should be filled. You feel that you don’t have a reason to be filled because there’s some other thing that’s preventing you from doing that. What other areas would you say maybe we should remove in order to maintain and sustain this type of connection and happiness at all times?

Something to maintain happiness is to share. A person has to find a way to share. Share come in three levels. It’s coming to the level of physicality, words, and mind. Remember, it’s action, words, and mind. The action is giving food, giving money, giving clothing, giving shoes and giving physicality. Hospitality is the physicality of giving. Words are a compliment. Motivate people. Tell them good words and how great they are. When you give, you got to remember, you’re not doing it for them. You’re doing it for you. If you’re not giving, you’re not happy. When a person is in the mood of receiving, eventually depression kicks in, “What about me and myself all day long?” Eventually, that turns into depression, sadness or anger issues.

When I’m thinking about how I can help that person, one of the things, a person is going to nurse to hospital. Do you think about that doctor or nurse or you think about, “What’s going to happen with my body right now?” That’s me. What about the doctor? You met a doctor. Is it possible that the doctor needs you? My wife and I would call the doctors that are taking care of us. We make sure that they’re okay. Usually, they take care of us, “How are you doing? Is everything okay in your life?” We are looking at life. The people who give service to us is supposed to make me happy. The true happiness, if you want to maintain happiness, how can I give? Who can I give to especially this time?

GCM 108 | Becoming Rich And Happy

The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy

I want to do something that inspires people, which will help people but not for my ego. It’s for them. We need to give them a chance to make it and find the potential to make it. Sharing is the name of the game in action, words and thought. The thought is important because you have to think about, “Who can I give? Where can I give?” It’s a start. If you have families, children, wife or husband, relative, mother, father, neighbors around you, they don’t have to like you, but they are in a way a vehicle for your happiness by you giving them.

When you are giving a person, if you do it with no agenda, the reward of it is happiness. When you have a little bit of agenda, that’s less happiness for you. It’s very simple. You’re giving 100%, no thank you letter, no nothing, run away from the place before they find out. You did it, you are happy. Happiness comes from pure giving, sharing and caring about another human being. That’s happiness or as you call it, how to maintain happiness. Forgiveness is out to disconnect from sadness, but sharing is how to connect to happiness.

I know that you are spiritual. Based on the readings of your book, it sounds like you believe in the Creator and having certainty in the Creator. What is this about certainty as it relates to good and bad gifts?

The idea is like that. Sometimes we’re going to meet the wrong people in our life, wrong wife, wrong husband, wrong friend, wrong manager or wrong something. Those wrong things are not wrong. They come to develop us into our next level. I don’t know about you. I went to a lot of things in my life that it seems unnecessary, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me when I looked twenty years later. At the moment if you’re asking me, I’ll tell you, “What is that about? I did everything in my power to do good and that’s all I’m getting in return?”

The Divine or the Creator, as I call it or the Force who created this universe is giving us two things. One is a gift that’s wrapped nicely and one is a gift that dropped in a terrible way from the newspaper. You get for Christmas a gift, which is beautiful, but it’s ugly. The other one the same, but it dropped perfectly. We are very busy with how things are wrapped and how it looks on the outside. That enemy of ours, that negative person of ours, we need to have certainty that those people who came into our lives, the wrong people, the one who took our money, love, who hurt our health, those people are there for us to earn.

Before that I say, earning, you cannot earn when things are perfect in your life. You can only earn when things go wrong. When things go wrong, now the game begins. You can earn. I remember I had to coach two athletes that play football and coach their mind. I had to go to a game, but I don’t fully understand the rules of the game, but I had to study what’s going on. One of them, his job is to take the quarterback down and that’s a big position. It bothered him in a certain situation there. I get him to connect to what I say.

I said what you call the toughest or the worst quarterback that comes, the trick they play on you and they pinch you and they lock it up. That’s the best. I said, “What are you talking about?” Now, you become a real player. It’s your time to shine. If nothing goes wrong, who are you? I said it’s like I’m cutting the cocoon. The butterfly out of the cocoon and I say now fly. The butterfly says, “I can’t fly.” Nothing worked because I wasn’t struggling enough. This is unbelievable. The wrap of the negative thing is positive too.

It’s taken everything for me to hold myself together. I love your analogy about the butterfly in a cocoon. This is my resistance, but the struggle that I have to go through to get out is strengthening my wings enough that I would be able to fly. If you take away my struggle, I cannot have my freedom to fly. We’re going through a crisis in the country with this whole coronavirus. You asked me, “How are you doing with this?” I’m like, “I love this.” I understand that when you are in a situation of resistance, it is the universe’s way of preparing you and giving you the gifts to develop the tools for what you need to advance and be better at some later time. Now, is the time for you to strengthen all of the things that you need to strengthen.

Even those things that you may not even be aware of in preparation for freedom that you may not even be aware of what’s going to be coming. I don’t know how to get this message across, which is why I’m creative. This is why I get up in the morning. This is why I do everything that I do. I won’t quit regardless of the challenges and obstacles that come my way. This has been the driving force in my life ever since I laid out there on the field, being paralyzed from the neck down. I realized the beauty of challenges and obstacles. Everybody wants happiness. Everybody wants money. Everybody wants all of these things and the list can go on and go on. They want all of these things because of some reasons, some level of fulfillment, satisfaction, happiness or whatever you call it.

To me, it doesn’t even matter what it is that you want. What matters is your ability to get there. If you want those things, I feel that the universe recognizes your heart’s wants and desires. He gave them to you. You didn’t create the ability to desire something yourself. You were born with that. If you were born with it, that means there’s some intent. There’s nothing that is created or given that doesn’t have some level of intent. It knows you have desires. You think He’s going to not give you what you need to bring those desires forward. Sometimes those things come in the form of challenge, but we’re not, for lack of a better word, smart or intelligent enough to understand that’s what they are.

It’s beautiful the way you say it. It’s a different form of positive and negative. It’s a different form, but it’s all positive in the end. When I was young and my mom cook in the house, when she mixed different things, it looked ugly in the beginning. When it’s come out of the oven, it tastes good and looks good. Let’s talk about the coronavirus, these isolations, basically everybody stays home and we are missing society. Once this is going to go away and it will go away, we would appreciate society. We would appreciate each other. We would appreciate interaction with people because we’ve been isolated from our own choice before. Everybody was far away from each other. We have Facebook friends instead of real friends. People disconnect from each other. Not like the ‘70s or the ‘80s when people tried to connect. People isolate and what happened?

The universe is helping us to truly desire. How do you desire something, you will take something away? When you take something away, you build a new desire within you and now you want. I did something crazy. The neighbors think it’s crazy. I screamed, “Who wants to meditate from my balcony.” I was proud of that. Twelve guys came, “Let’s pray. Let’s meditate together.” We did something together. Before I went on, they called me and said, “Can we do it again at 6:45 tonight?” I said, “We’re in.” It’s beautiful. We don’t get close to each other, but everybody in the neighborhood coming out of their door and we are standing and say, “Everybody does their own praying, their own religion, their own thing, their own spirituality.” It doesn’t matter. The idea that we form something like that. Let’s do something. It’s reinventing ourselves.

What do you think we need to do in order to recognize these situations as gifts? Why are we missing this? People are fearful. They have so much uncertainty. This is a reflection of what goes on in everyday life. When this situation showed up, I’m like, “Game time.” I realized there’s something for me to improve. There’s something for me to invent. There’s something for me to create. There’s something new. I get it. We’re in this every day. Not everyone has that mindset. How do we do this?

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Let’s talk for a second from the money point of view. I have a few clients work on Wall Street. It’s tough for them. They were rich, famous and everything like that. They asked me a question on Friday, what’s going on? I answered something which is a little bit of a lack of diplomacy, but I had to say the way it is. I said, “The real value of things is coming up. What’s happening now, the value of things from the money point of view was not the value.” You can set a watch that costs $2 to $5,000 because that’s the demand. That’s what people want. Now, the demand is down, that the value goes down and things coming down. The stock market is crashing. Everything is crashing. People are shocked, but the truth of the matter is, do you want reality or illusion? What do you want better? What is important for you in your life? If you want illusion, put your glasses off the VR, play your video game or your movie and go to your illusion life. If you want to remove those glasses and say, “What’s happening?” The picture is not perfect, but it’s my duty to make it better.

This is what this universe is about. The Creator could create a better universe. The Creator could do a better job. Why is it not perfect? To give us a chance to end a piece that’s a beautiful part of this world. I’m going to give you 80% done and you’re going to complete the 20% so you can have a good feeling about yourself, so you end something. When you want to educate children, my son when he started walking, what do we do? I let him stand and then I’ll walk away from him. He’d fall and then again, I’ll walk away from him. Why am I making his life like that? That’s how I train him to be independent. The one thing we don’t give people we love is independence. We want them to be depending on us. The one thing we should give the people that we love is independence. How can I teach you to be without me? It’s for all parents. You got to teach your kids to be on their own. Sometimes parents want their kid to belong to them. This is my domain, this is my wife, this is my husband.

The whole idea is again to get into a place where we are truly earning, truly becoming independent, to look at life like this coronavirus is the things that are hurting a lot of people and unfortunately, people are dying. The people will die. If you believe in reincarnation, they will have their second chance when they come back in reincarnation in their next lifetime. If you don’t believe in reincarnation, I can’t convince you to believe in it. The people who stay alive and get sick, hopefully, they can overcome that. It’s all in mind. There is destiny and there is free will at the same time. It’s almost like going to a movie theater. You have ten movies at the same time. You choose what new movie you want to watch. The movie you don’t like, you better get out and choose another one. You can’t change the movie you’re in. Once you get in, the movie kept going.

It’s kept running. Get up, go to another theater and see a different movie. Some people feel their life is like a low-budget movie. Probably you’re right, but what are you going to do about it? Try to fix it. Sometimes you can’t fix the mud. The mud will stay dirty. It doesn’t matter how much I tried to fix the mud, it will be mud. Get out of the mud, then you will not be affected by that. A lot of people are busy with 25 years fixing it. It’s nice that you’re fixing it. You’re a hard worker. Every farmer knows when the ground is not healthy, it will not produce. It’s simple. It’s the same thing with life. If your mind is not positive like you say, it cannot give the production. Your mind is like the earth. Whatever you put there, the seed, that’s what the vegetable that will come out. I’m totally with you on the positive mind thing. It’s possible.

I couldn’t have stated it any better. We want to produce something in our lives or you’re always producing something. If you don’t like the crop that you’re producing, then you have to look at the ground, the dirt, the fertilizer and the field that you’re planting your seeds in. If you don’t like the way the crop is coming up and you feel like you’re getting a bunch of weeds, you might want to think about the seeds that are going in. Because the processor works, you cannot doubt the process. One thing I tell people is to fall in love with the process, number one, and then trust it. If you’re doing your part in that, you’re going to produce good results. What does that mean? That means that what you put in, you get out. If you’re continuously putting good things in and you’re doing it from the right place, you can have the expectation of good things coming out. You can trust that and then love that knowing that you play a part in there. Regardless of the climate, regardless of the heat, the sun, the rain, the stones or whatever, you always make sure that you’re putting the right thing in.

You may have to adjust during those times and those times come to make you a better farmer. A farmer can produce most often in any type of condition when they understand the condition that they’re in. They know what they can produce and they know what type of climate is going to be. They know when they need to plant these seeds, how they need to nurture them, how do they need to cultivate them and all of those things. The reason why that farmer has the ability to do that because they have a good sense of self, in their process, how the process works and they trust it. You can do the same thing with your mind. Don’t be driven and distracted by the conditions. Understand the process and how to adjust and be grateful for them even when you don’t know how to perform in maybe this particular condition because you’ve never experienced it before. When this is all over, because of my mindset and how I approach things, I’m going to know how to be better.

Thank you for saying that. It is beautiful the way you adjust it.

How can people connect with you if they wanted to learn more?

There are a few ways. One of the ways is they could listen to some videos that I did, motivational video and some deep videos that exist in that nonprofit organization called VitalTransformation.org or VT1.org. It’s an organization that my wife and I built for the sake of the people to start this free trial. It’s the only site with Mr. Gorman spirituality for free for everybody to go ahead and read, study, listen, audio, video, everything is there. If you want to work one-on-one, there’s a number that they can reach EliyahuJian.com. They can know more about me and they get a chance to see one-on-one or there’s a group that wants to do a session and stuff like that.

I wanted to touch on the analogy you used about the butterfly a little bit further. In my recovery, there was a lot of struggle. There were times where people wanted to help me with things that they see me struggling with. It was very frustrating not only for me to struggle through it, but it’s frustrating to watch. Let’s bring this frustration to an end. Let me help you. I would deliberately say no and it wasn’t because of pride or anything like that, but that analogy about the butterfly brings back my mindset at that time where I felt that if I let them help me too many times, it would take away my freedom. It would take away my ability and opportunity to get to the other side of a thing.

GCM 108 | Becoming Rich And Happy

Becoming Rich And Happy: Sometimes, we’re going to meet the wrong people in our life, but those “wrong” things aren’t really wrong, per se.


I would deliberately let myself struggled through it. It was painful. It was uncomfortable. It was hurtful and painstakingly difficult. I’m a speaker. I’m opening up with you because this has been such a good conversation. I was talking to my mentor and he was talking about creating videos and content about some of the talks. I told him that sometimes I hold back on some of the things that I give because I don’t know if people can handle the level of the gravity of some of the advice that I may give them about certain things. I realized that not everyone is willing to go through that level of intensity as it relates to struggle or difficulty consistently over a long period of time. Maybe for a shorter time, but that’s the message that I have is there’s beauty in that.

There’s freedom in that and it’s the key. If God or the Creator or whatever you want to call it, it has given you something that you feel is a struggle and you don’t want to go through that struggle. You want the struggle to come to an end and eventually it will come to an end. It should come to an end with you overcoming it. Not someone is taking it away. If you’re not willing to do that, you have to ask yourself, how much do you want the theme or the desire that has been given to you? That became not just a driving force for me, but a responsibility. I’ve taken it as far as a responsibility to overcome. I removed myself from it because there were things I was going to get out of overcoming that. What was more important for me and what became the most intense driving force was the fact that you’ll be able to tell somebody else how to do it and why it’s important that they do it. That you did it and you’re an example that you can get to the other side. When you get to the other side, you’re going to come up even more powerful than you were before. I’m not talking about small things, I’m talking about heavy stuff that is difficult for individuals.

Maybe it’s cancer, maybe it’s a disease or maybe it’s paralysis. I’m talking things that you wouldn’t want to see happen to people, but these things are real. If we can pull out everything good from these situations, you diffuse the situation in and of itself. It has no control over you. If you don’t have this level of mentality to overcome and the reason to overcome is distant from you, but not only that, the fact that if you overcome, you can help bring value to someone else, that’s when you lose. I appreciate your billionaire status. Having a billionaire status is having this frame of mind. When you have this frame of mind, you can wake up every day feeling like a billionaire. We’re all billionaires. We just don’t choose to be a billionaire every day. Being a billionaire is a choice. Society says, “You’re not a billionaire unless you make $1 billion a year.” Sometimes we’re puppets living by someone else, someone else’s standards or society’s standards. These definitions are not set by you. They’re set by society. Why are you allowing society to dictate who and how you are and in the way you show up in the world or the way you wake up in the morning.

That’s a sense of acceptance and approval that we are addicted to. We all need validation. When we’re kids, we need the validation of our parents. When we are parents, we need the validation of our kids. It’s a cycle and we’re always looking for validation as acceptance as I write in my book. The idea of acceptance, you got to understand that if your existence exists because of people’s acceptance of you, when you become famous, basically you become important because of the clap of the hand. All of a sudden, when the clap of the hand ends, no more end to their hands, what yourself feeling is, “Am I still cool?” I’m not sure.

When I worked with a lot of famous people, that’s top of them with a magazine or what they write upon them, what TMZ or these and that and what’s happening but they never build me. What’s beautiful that you said, that struggle is building me and that I was never built because I’m busy for many years on how many followers I have on Instagram and Facebook? How many people love me? I am good because enough people love me. I got to be good. When people stop loving me, I got to be bad. Who am I to myself? Nobody. I am somebody because you say I’m somebody. I never stopped and this is a great time that I can start the show with what you say.

When people are at home, it’s giving them time to do whatever they have. I’m home with my family. We deal with some stuff. We talk to each other and it’s beautiful. We’re looking inside every person, “Where am I?” This is it. You are full. I’ll deal with you and it’s beautiful. You’re finding out, “I can do better here. I can talk better. I can think better. I can share more.” All of a sudden, your mind starts thinking beautiful, but if the person is, “I don’t have a chance to shoot some video to show people how great I am and this and that.” You’re getting into a depression because your value comes for what? From the clapping of the hand of the people. That’s why in the show business, one of the toughest things is that showbiz people don’t understand how difficult it is to be in the show business because those people live off the audience.

What my job there is a motivator and a person who helps people to get them to look at themselves in the mirror and that’s the most important audience they’re going to have. That person that is looking in the mirror and says, “You’re good. You are great.” If you cannot say it and that’s the most important thing, it doesn’t matter how many millions of people follow you and say, “You are unbelievable.” If you sit with a president or you sit with a person in the street and you eat bread, it’s the same because it’s an audience. It’s an illusion of things around you. If you cannot look at yourself and you cannot dance to a funny song like a kid, if you cannot go to the kitchen and cut the onion and laugh about it, then what’s left? How many people are watching it? There has got to be more to life than that.

It is funny how things can happen in life to get you to see that, to bring that to the forefront.

What you went through, that’s a physical example. You are performing a physical example of the mind that has overcome the body. It’s the giving up need. There is a need for giving up because of that negative inner voice in mind. People don’t know that if they never went through that. There’s an inner voice in you screaming. The good voice is only whispering. You cannot even hear the positive. The advertising of the negativity is way better. The positive is like they went bankrupt.

Eliyahu, how can people connect with you? If you can give that information. I know you’ve given it before, if you can give it to them again because you’re a wonderful person to connect with.

It doesn't matter how much you try to fix mud. It's still mud, and it's still dirty. Share on X

If you look for my name, it’s EliyahuJian.com or you can go to VitalTransformation.org. You can get the book, The Laughing Billionaire on Amazon, and you can get my name there. See if you like the video. See if you like what I have to say or what I wrote there. If you connect with me, you feel comfortable, we’ll be more than happy to guide you or help you and motivate you to find yourself out there, find who you are. That’s the goal of everybody.

You mentioned some famous people that you’ve worked with before. Who are some of those?

I work with everybody. If it’s a performer of singing, it is Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and all of the famous lists. The football player I was talking about was Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan, who is a wonderful human being. He’s one of the best with a big heart. He never forgets my birthdays. I appreciate him for that. There are some people who struggle, I don’t want to say their name because she went through some political things. There is a lot of people. People that I can say the name from Forbes like a billionaire that worked in Wall Street. They’re struggling not because they don’t have money but because they’re losing their certainty of the money they have.

My job is to uplift them and see the great things within their life. That’s some of the people I work with and hopefully, all of us can overcome that uncertainty of that whatever we’re going through right now and unified us. From an astrological point of view, I need to tell the audience, it’s a tough time. Those of you in astrology, Pluto and Saturn are not getting along. Pluto wants to destroy everything. Saturn wants to put everything in order. Two of them are not getting along exactly for the next 16, 17 days. This is how it’s going to look like. I need to prepare you. May 15 would be another time similar, a little bit tough. Try to make it to June 1st. Be strong, be positive. You’re going to be fine on June 1st. Give the universe some time to reconnect itself.

Before we depart, I have one more question I would like to ask you, this is such a wonderful conversation. How important is identity, especially on time like this and in general, how important is that?

Identity is not selling in the supermarket. There is no shelf that says, “Is your name, Eliyahu Jian? Get your identity. It’s frozen. Put it in the oven and it’s ready to eat.” Identity is something you have to build. Self-identity is something that you have to overcome. It’s not what you’re getting in life. It’s what you overcome. You’re not getting the gift of identity when you get something. You only get it when you overcome something. Let’s say if you overcome an inner feeling of anger, jealousy and not forgiving someone, your identity grows. You’re becoming powerful. You have to overcome something, overcoming pain in the body. People will do that. They get identity. Overcoming uncertainty about money. You become powerful with what you overcome but you can’t become a powerful identity with what you get.

You can get things in life, but that doesn’t make you strong. In this time, as we go into some tough time, the self-identity development has to be, if you live in your family house with the people, look for the one part about your family or one part about the people around you that’s difficult for you to overcome. Look for that one thing. Overcome that. Meaning to overcome jealousy, overcome anger, overcome some people are too meticulous at that time and that is too detail-oriented. Let go of that for a second and give respect to yourself. Say to yourself, “I let go of that meticulous mind I usually have.” You deserve it. This is a great job. This is what you’re going to give yourself a compliment for. Remember to say it to yourself and I’m going to tell yourself, you did a great job by overcoming anger. You did a great job of overcoming jealousy. You did a great job.

Those things build your identity. I don’t think they can be built by you achieving billion or by you becoming famous. This is good. You did a great job taking the right picture. You look sexy or whatever. The truth of the matter is what are you overcoming? That builds your identity. There’s a storm of what we need to overcome. It’s a global thing for the first time in my generation, at least and we need to overcome something globally. That the global community of 7.2 billion people has to overcome the same thing, which includes fear, uncertainty and I don’t know where it’s going. We have no clue what’s going on. We need to overcome it. One that we need overcome is to stay positive while everything around seemed negative. How do you do that? If you did it day-by-day, say to yourself, that will give you the identity of power.

Thank you for coming on the show. I appreciate it.

I love your energy. It’s unbelievable.

GCM 108 | Becoming Rich And Happy

Becoming Rich And Happy: We’re addicted to acceptance and approval. We all need validation.


Thank you. I will love to connect with you after this is all over. Let’s put that in the book. Let’s make that happen. I have your information. I’ll be sending you some details about how we can make that happen.

Thank you.

There you have it, another successful episode of the show. This was such a rich conversation and the timing of it was impeccable. It’s perfect timing for this. If you have uncertainty and fear, everything that you need to deal with this situation and situations beyond is wrapped up in you and this episode can help bring those things out of you. It can. You are a powerful human being. You are a billionaire. You are everything that you desire. You are that. In this thing that’s happening, this is an expression to help you identify with who you really are. This is something to be grateful for because it’s helping you take a deeper look at yourself, what you have to offer and who you are in the world. Let’s be grateful for this. That’s the first step. The second step is to take the things that we identify and cultivate the heck out of them so that the world can see, the world can know and the world can utilize who you are and what you have to offer. Until next time, peace and love.

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